WARNING: This ADULT fiction contains sexual accounts between boys





by Graham Day

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Authors note:

  1. This story may contain descriptions of sexual acts between boys and/or men and boys so if this is not to your tastes, please leave now. If you are under age, or if it is illegal in your state or country to read or possess material like this then it is in your own interest to leave now.
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  5. This story is a parody of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs by the brothers Grimm, which is in the public domain, and is in now way associated with any property of the Disney Corporation.
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A term that has been used since the 80's meaning a Geek or a Nerd. A person who is very interested in the trivia and unimportant details of their hobby and does not like to be sociable. An 'anorak' is always male, usually unfashionable and possibly a train-spotter.





Dr. Adonis Prince arrived early for his six a.m. shift at the Codswollop Clinic, on Lower Codswollop Lane, Windsor. There was nothing particularly unusual in this, as Dr. Prince was always early for his shift and usually, one of the last to leave at the end off it. His continuousness had two root causes: firstly, his genuine love of his work and secondly, as a result of his handicap he felt the need to work doubly hard to keep ahead of the other young doctors at the Codswollop Clinic.

The handicap, as he saw it, was not one of the usual ones like impaired hearing or vision, nor was it something that stood in his way, like a clubbed foot or being wheelchair bound, no it was far worse than either of these and far more debilitating. Dr Adonis Prince was heart-wrenchingly, film-star-stunningly, good-looking!

It was not just his classical square jaw; dimpled chin; bright blue eyes; swimmers build and shoulder-length blond hair -- it was the smile, that could melt a nurses knees at fifty paces; his manner, that could turn an elderly matrons heart of stone with one polite comment. Young nurses flocked around him, their nickers almost continuously damp at the crotch; older women staff and patients seemed to constantly be giving him gifts or doing him favours; and Hospital Management seemed to give Dr Prince the best assignments and most challenging patients.

In short, everyone was convinced that Dr. Prince had it easy because he was exceptionally handsome!

As a consequence, his fellow junior medical practitioners were dead jealous! Because of him the men seldom got even close to a new intake of nurses! The odd thing was that when the women compared notes, it appeared that none of them ever seemed to get any further than a platonic pint of beer with Adonis Prince.

Then the rumour had gone around that he must be gay -- after all you could not be that good-looking with out being gay, now could you? However, the few gay hospital staff had all tried, and all failed, to get into his pants.

Dr Adonis Prince was a mystery. A hard-working, contentious and painfully beautiful mystery!

That particular Monday morning, however, Adonis Prince had an added incentive to get in early. A young patient, who had arrived two days before, was being discharged and the young Doctor did not want to miss him, even if it was to bid the lad good-bye.

It had been an odd business all in all. The child had been admitted with concussion, he had been placed under police protection - a burly constable was stationed outside the door to the small ward he shared with an accident victim - and no one would say anything about how the boy came to knock himself out in his bathroom. His parents did not visit him and only a charming old Vicar and a very nerdy looking Chinese fellow seemed to pay any attention to him. What could their relationship be to the pretty boy?

Moreover the lad was beautiful, the kind of unnatural loveliness that could stop your heart. His hair was a bright, almost steely white, and he wore it longish and curved into a natural pageboy style. He was slender, and from what smooth flesh was exposed, seemed to have no suntan whatsoever--flawless snow-white skin. He was short but beautifully proportioned. Probably a few inches under five feet, was Dr. Prince's experienced guess.

A message awaited Adonis Prince at the reception desk of the Paediatrics Section of Codswollop Clinic, advising him that he had a visitor in the family waiting room. This was very early - it was, after all, still ten minuets to six in the morning!

The Visitor, it turned out, was the unprepossessing, rather scruffy, young Chinese fellow that the Doctor had been thinking off only minutes earlier. "Thank you for seeing me, Dr. Prince," the young man began, "I would like to have Snowy discharged as soon as possible. We have along journey ahead of us." Looking him over, Dr. Prince saw a boy of Asian birth, slight of build, with smooth-skinned Chinese features and short, spiky black hair. He wore a larger dirty anorak and jeans. The black-rimmed glasses had been joined together by white tape.

"Ah yes, Master Robert Whyte. You call him Snowy, do you? Yes lovely name, for a lovely boy." The Doctor began. "Oh. Mr... er...? I am sorry I didn't not catch you name..."

"I didn't give it, how rude of me! I am Lon Yang. I am pleased to meet you, Doctor Prince." His face had a shy, boyish charm - but above all, he had a stooped-shouldered, studious look about him. The fellow was unmistakably a nerd!

"Well Mr Yang..." The Doctor paused, "Pardon me, but Yang is a rather unusual name. Well, it seems silly to ask, but I don't suppose you would happen to be related to Lon Yang, author of `The Structure of the Male Chromosome'?"

"Oh that bit of nonsense that was in the Lancet a few years ago? Well, err... yes! I am that Lon Yang... Dr Yang, actually." The poor fellow blushed furiously. He was embarrassed, as he was no longer used to being recognised as a scholarly-celebrity, since the academic rumour-mill had lost interest in him a year or two earlier.

"An excellent work, Dr Yang, I can't tell you how much it helped me through university."

"Personally, I am more proud of `The Male Reproductive Organ - an Illustrated Owner's Manual.'" Doc added almost apologetically. "I had to publish that under a pseudonym.

"My God! That is my very favourite book!" Dr. Prince said as he shook the famous scientist's hand.

He knew the recognised authority on male sexuality was young, but this lad seemed to be between sixteen and eighteen years old. In truth, the seventeen-and-a-half year old lad was an acknowledged genius, having graduated, with every conceivable honour, when he was Snowy's age and he had achieved doctoral qualification at both Oxford and Cambridge.

Dr. Yang, the young prodigy, had seemed assured of a job with MIT, Harvard, Cambridge or Oxford but he had accepted a post doing research for New Reading University into the rather odd field of Sports Medicine and its relationship to DNA and the human genome project.

Returning to the matter at hand, Dr. Prince said: "Well now my patient has been under police protection. Is everything in order to hand him over to you?" The handsome Doctor asked, "You mentioned a long journey, didn't you? The boy has concussion, will he be comfortable?"

Lon Yang handed over a warrant, from which it was clear the entire matter had been cleared with the police and he was taking the boy to a safe place. As Doc still did not have this driver's licence, Reverend Prim had persuaded Mrs Tweedle to surrender the Bentley and her driver for the trip

"Well then, Dr Yang, let us see what we can do to release your young friend and get you on your way?"


If you go down to "The Woods" today, you are sure of a big surprise! If you go down to "The Woods" today, you'd better be wearing you anorak disguise, for today is the day the Anoraks have their picnic. Well, that had been the plan for later in the day: but at six a.m. in the morning, the thoughts of the occupants in the smaller of the two tents, pitched on the Church camping ground known as "The Woods", were not about outdoor meals!

The scent of sex was heavy in the air! Birds sang and the rain must have cleared as they slept. Felix Jollybottom found Dumm Tweedle curled tightly against his body, his leg pressed against the man's sex while the little boy had pressed his own tool on his ginger-furred thigh. Felix heard Cedric and Smyke whispering and he looked over at them. Smyke had his legs wide apart a pool of fresh spunk sparkled on his hard chest and flat belly. He and Cedric had clearly released the pressure from their developing morning glories! Cedric, his beautiful chubby darling, was knelt between Smyke's thighs and he was squeezing the last drops from Grumpy's tool.

The fat boy winked at Felix, seeing his lover had awakened.

"Cedric, it's a bit early, ain't it?" Felix suggested, trying to move without waking the ten-year-old.

"Va early bird catches me worm". Smyke squeezed Cedric's balls affectionately.

"You'd better go to the other tent, Happy, mate. There's a bleeding riot".

In the distance, Felix heard shouts and yells emanating from the larger tent. Cedric said he thought there had been a fight, and so the acting youth leader drew on a jersey and jeans and padded barefoot to the large brown tent.

In the soft light of early morning, Felix Jollybottom gained a better impression of `The Woods'. The Church had, as usual, done itself proud for the grounds covered several acres of pristine heath-land in which wild flowers nodded in the morning breeze. The Reservoir was a major attraction of this region and the valley in which they lay was extremely beautiful. On fine summer days this area is packed with walkers, cyclists, fell-runners and tourists.

Along the eastern boundary a tall, dense hedgerow ensured privacy from prying eyes, while to the west a lake, known as The Reservoir, defined the boundary. The river and a mountain spring fed it and the sweet, clear water was good for swimming. Felix had been told that the old boathouse on the shore of the lake held fishing rods, a few canoes, three sailing dinghies and two sailboards. Miles of hiking ways with stunning views across the water attracted people from miles around to this area. But the dominant feature of `The Woods' had to be Hobbit Hill, the large rocky outcrop that formed the northern boundary to the property. The location was simply beautiful.

Under his feet the ground was cold and dewy and Felix's breath clouded, but looking at the sky, he knew it would warm up nicely later in the day.

The brown tent was far larger than the blue one in which Felix had spent a memorably passionate night. Felix lifted the flap and stepped in.

"What's going on `ere?" Felix shouted. As he looked around, it was evident that there were a lot of very tired looking faces in this tent. Jack Jerker, Billy Bunion Osbert and Dee Tweedle all looked as if they could do with another eight hours of sleep.

Dick Flaunting-Flasher, looking rather foolish in striped pyjamas, was trying to keep order, as Patrick Pratt and Fred Marley, both in T-shirts and boxer shorts, were trying to drag Jock out of his sleeping bag. Fred evidently had a morning glory, which bounced and swung around as they tugged at the Scottish lad's sleeping bag.

"'E won't bleeding get up, Sir!" Patrick Pratt said.

"Something wrong, Jock, mate?" Felix asked. "Does yer feel sick?"

"No I dinna, feel sick," the red-haired boy blushed deeply, "Sir, I'll get up later, Sir."

"Let me guess, starchy shorts, right?" Felix surmised.

"What's vat, then?" Patrick asked, tugging at the man's elbow.

"Oh, back `ome we calls it starchy shorts. You'd wake up in the morning, like, and find yer `ave `ad a discharge during va night". This still didn't seem to make matters any clearer to the boys. "Well, maybe `ere you'd call it a wet dream. You'd wake up with wet shorts and when they dry out, its like they are starched! Am I right, Jock?" Felix asked.

"Oh Naw!" The thirteen-year cried out in mortification - his scarlet face confirmed the truth of the situation. A loud jeer went up.

"Calm down lads! It `appens to everyone, well everyone who can keep `is `and off his todger for more van five minutes, like."

"Did it ever happen to your, Sir?" Patrick Pratt asked sweetly, but clearly the lad was laying a trap. Felix decided honesty was best.

"Not often, Patrick Pratt. I guess I woz one of them lads wot couldn't keep `is `ands off himself. Come on, Jock, up yer gets!" Felix unzipped his sleeping bag and sure enough, a large wet patch had darkened his boxer shorts.

"Wit are ye daein' tae mi?" Jock protested in his charming accent.

"Getting `them off yer, and cleaning yer up, son. There is nothing to be ashamed of. It can `appen to anyone. And va lad wot dares to disagree, is a flipping liar!"

Jock struggled to rid himself of the wet shorts. Felix bent down to help. As the young teen raised his arse off the floor, Felix tugged them off his bum. The discharge must have been very recent as the smell was warm and fresh, and most of his cum was still wet on his white flesh and in his sparse ginger pubic hair. Felix took the shorts, folded them double and mopped up the boy's belly. Then, almost clinically, Felix took Jock' cock in hand and pressed out the last fragrant drops. All this was done in a very matter of fact way. Felix stood up. Fred, the handsome black lad, was squeezing his pulsing morning-glory, evidently enjoying the show.

"Now you lot," Felix declared, " stop kidding Jock of I'll fetch yer a clip `round va lug-hole! Now `ow about yer all `it va showers!" Felix held open the tent flap and sent them on their way.

"'Ere, yer are, Dick." Said Felix handing the mournful-looking nerd the highland lad's spunky briefs. " Won't yer take care of this, for me?" Flaunting-Flasher looked distastefully at the soiled underwear as if Felix had just deposited a steaming turd in his hand.

With the exception of the Tweedle twins, the whole group was all in the communal ablution block when Felix joined them with his towel and shaving kit.

Felix went to the basin and stood between Dick and Smyke, who were both naked. "Glad to see you're `ere, Grumpy. Don't tell me yer turning over a new leaf, and taking a shower?"

Smyke was brushing his teeth with a toothbrush he'd borrowed from Cedric. He nodded wildly. Felix slapped his rump and he and Cedric, laughed at the blue-tent's private joke.

His teeth cleaned, possibly for the first time in weeks, or maybe months, Smyke ran his hand over his thick mane. "I dyed me 'air purple once. Well aubergine actually," Damien Smyke corrected himself. "I wanted to call attention to meself. Funny fing, no-one seemed ta care."

"So your purple hair was a failure?" Young Dopey Pratt asked.

"Yeah, you might say so." Smyke paused and scratched himself. "So then I put henna on me 'air and it turned bright orange."

"Did they notice you then?" Dopey enquired finding this all a bit confusing. Felix thought it a bit alarming that the eight-year-old was so interested in the hairstyles of the young thug.

"Didn't take a blind bit o' notice".

"So orange was also a failure?" Dopey seemed to be having trouble tracking all this detail.

"I woz trying to tell them all I woz different, like. I woz not like other blokes. Deep down I'm really different".

"I think me cockscomb must come shorter," the lad said tugging the lock of hair that ran down the centre of his scalp, "then I'll grown me a brush cut. Sneezy, mate, come give us a 'and".

Felix suddenly understood the strange self-modification Grumpy Smyke kept inflicting upon those around him -- he was trying to define his identity by showing he was different.


Snowy Whyte was awake rather early that Monday morning. It was partly that he was excited about the prospect of the impending camping trip, but the principle reason was something he had spotted, in the early morning light, as his eyes opened briefly while turning in bed.

He had shared the two-man ward in the hospital for the past two nights with a traffic-accident victim, a certain Gill Bobbin. The thirteen-year-old had been riding pillion on his friend Jack's motorbike, when they had been involved in a motor accident.

He had explained it to Snowy thus: "we woz going up the Hill, to fetch a couple of pails of ale for a party, like." He was referring to "The Hill" one of the many local pubs in Windsor, Snowy noted. "When Jack fell down breaking `is crown, and va bleeding motorcycle and I took a tumble, didn't we?"

"Oh my goodness," said Snowy sympathetically. It appeared the that Jack had come off with only a broken dental crown, while his passenger was now in traction, with a broken right arm and a broken right leg, both of which were now suspended above his head, and a broken left wrist. He was a helpless mess, swathed in bandages and plaster casts, which made Snowy feel rather well off with only a bandage on his throbbing head.

It occurred to Snowy that there was something vaguely familiar about Jack and Gill going up the Hill - perhaps he had read it in the papers.

Snowy was less impressed with the tone and content of Bobbin's conversation, which was a constant stream of obscene comments about girls and women. This became worse when his mate, Jack, came to visit as they descended into exchanging graphical anatomical details about female genitalia.

Once Jack was left, Gill started bragging! If he were to be believed, he had bonked every woman under forty in the greater Windsor area, and those he had missed out on, were queuing up to get into the thirteen-year-old lad's underpants. In short, Gill Bobbin was very, very boring company for young Snowy Whyte, which was a great pity as the boy was rather cute.

But in the early morning light, the poor lad half-sat, half-lay on his back with a very prominent bulge under the skimpy pyjamas, which the NHS had provided. He seemed to be helplessly thrusting his buttocks up and down, trying - in vain - to get a bit of friction going against the fabric that covered his hard cock.

Now being an observant sort of lad, Snowy realised that his roommate (with one arm suspended in mid-air, and the other wrist in a wrist-cast) must have a problem doing what most teen boys, at least those of Snowy's acquaintance, needed to do daily: namely, having a jolly good wank!

Without a word, Gill Bobbin lifted the bedcovers over his suspended leg so that no prying eyes from outside could see what he was doing. Snowy, on the other hand, lay in the bed farthest from the door and could see everything Gill did as he squirmed around on the bed.

Snowy sat up higher in his bed to better see Gill try to pull his pyjama pants down with the broken-wrist arm, which normally lay useless on the bed next to him. He managed to hook his left thumb into his pyjama-pants to pull them away from his cock, then gripped his rock hard penis with difficulty between his thumb and two fingers. The realisation that Gill was playing with his penis made Snowy's eyes widen even more and he stared transfixed.

Gill leaned back in his bed, dropping his semi-good arm to his sides and spread his smooth brown legs apart. Too excited to resist, Snowy swallowed and turned to look directly at Bobbin's exquisite body - so slender and yet so taut, perfectly smooth and totally hairless. His erection was now poking out at his NHS bottoms enough that Snowy could see where the head swelled out from the shaft, the entire thing looked to be about five inches long. The soft brown colour of his slender thighs looked exquisite against the bright whiteness of his NHS pyjamas, and his belly looked thin and flat and very hard.

Snowy Whyte looked up into Gill's face and found that it bore a seductive smile, the boy was obviously very much aware that Snowy had been watching his beautiful body. His hard penis moved in perfect unison with his humping hips, as Gill wiggled his pyjama pants down just low enough to fully reveal his pubic area. Snowy Whyte's eyes widened and his breathing grew faster, then his mouth let out a gasp of pleasure, as he finally got a full view of his naked young manhood.

Bobbin tugged the elastic band down further until it was stretched across the lower part of his scrotum, forcing his small hairless testicles-sack to press upward. Snowy now saw that his dark skin grew slightly darker beneath his pyjama pants, and despite his age, young Gill still didn't have even a trace of peach fuzz between his legs! He didn't know if he expected him to have pubic hair or not, but Snowy was certainly not displeased with the bald young cock that emerged.

Snowy glanced nervously at the door to see if the policeman or any of the nursing staff had seen what this youngster was doing to himself, but the way Gill lay in his bed made it unlikely that anyone from outside could see between his legs. Not that they really needed to see - from the way his biceps on his semi-good arm swelled rhythmically as he moved his forearm up and down, and the dreamy, contented look in his big brown eyes, the kid couldn't have been doing anything other than wanking!

The youngster had positioned himself perfectly for Snowy to get a full view of anything and everything he wanted to look at and our young hero was eager to see everything. There was something terribly attractive about a pubescent boy holding down his pyjama pants to rub on his penis and Snowy stared in fascination.

But, judging by the look on his face, Gill had been too eager to give the blond boy a good show and now his wrist was hurting.

Now Snowy was a well brought up and considerate sort of child. He thought it was not right to leave the poor boy in that condition. In fact, it would be downright unchristian! And so Snowy Whyte slipped out from under his own bed cover and pattered his way over to the boy's bedside.

"I can deal with it," Snowy whispered in the boy's ear -- it was, after all, the decent thing to do.

"Right," Gill snarled with a cruel smile, "like I'm gonna let a queer kid play with me dick!"

Snowy was stung and deeply hurt! He looked at the cute boy's face: his eyes weren't smiling; he didn't look in the least bit embarrassed; instead, Gill's eyes were filled with daring and a burning sexuality that made Snowy pant with desire, in spite of his recent rejection.

"Err... I am sorry... I thought you wanted to play with it." Snowy blushed beet-red.

"You can look but don't touch!" The straight lad said softening his tone a little. The teenager was thoroughly enjoying watching the reaction in the boy's eyes.

"Oh!" Said Snowy, relieved that the rejection was not total, "if your don't mind I will take a look." Snowy was well accustomed to the extreme rigidity a thirteen-year-old boy's penis could attain, and young Bobbin was certainly no disappointment. His erection stuck straight up between his legs like a flagpole, pointing directly up.

Although still hairless, the teenage penis had clearly been blessed by the onset of puberty, for its slender five-inch length was larger than most young boys' were that Snowy had seen at such close quarters. His penis head was glorious. It was helmet shaped but though obviously swollen, it didn't bulge as far from the shaft as most boys' did. God, how badly he wanted to drop to his knees and suck him off.

"C-c-could I a-a-ask a f-favour?" The blond boy stammered.

"Sure, wot is it, kid?" Gill said then he hesitated and added: "as long as it ain't nothing queer, like."

"Can I take off your shirt?"

"How come?" The thirteen-year-old asked suspiciously.

"I just want to see your muscles." This seemed to please the teenager, he nodded his assent and Snowy Whyte pulled opened his shirt, it being impossible to get over his head in his trussed-up condition.

Snowy's eyes slid slowly up his abdomen to where a flat stomach rippled with firm young muscles, past a belly button that receded into his body a little, and over his chest. His nipples were tiny and dark and stood erect against the soft brown of his skin. As Gill's magnificently sculptured chest swelled for more air, Snowy could see his ribs pressing out against his completely smooth skin.

Although not broad by any means, his shoulders did widen boyishly. Down from his smooth shoulders, Snowy could now see the hard, beautiful roundness of his upper arms, far more developed than most boys his age.

"Do you like it?" Gill asked.

Snowy nodded. Then Gill brought his left, semi-good arm up and flexed his biceps-muscle.

"Hard as a rock," Gill said, motioning for the blond child to feel. And Snowy did feel it, probably a little more sensually than he intended. Unlike the less muscular Anoraks, with whom Snowy normally played, Gill's arm and chest muscles made his armpit deep and sensuous. A few stray hairs under his arms were dark and shiny.

Snowy Whyte held his upper arm for a minute, feeling the thirteen-year-old rippling muscles beneath his fingers. Then he brushed his fingertips lightly over Gill's shoulder, down onto his chest and his washboard belly.

Gill Bobbin wasn't used to this sort of thing. He did like showing off his body to anyone who cared to see it, but he didn't think it was right for a kid to feel him in that way, but he was flattered to the point of being unusually nice.

"How about you, then?" Bobbin whispered.


"Take off yer shirt, kid."


"Let me see your chest, yer pillock!" Snowy did as he asked, but he was ashamed of his weakling physique. Gill let his eyes drift down to gaze at the boy's smooth, baby soft chest, then slowly down his soft exposed ribs and beautiful abdomen.

"Make a muscle." Snowy flexed his biceps. It wasn't as pathetic as Snowy had expected, but he was no Arnold Schwarzenegger, either. Gill felt his chest, not sensually as Snowy had done, but roughly, as a guy might do to another guy in public.

"Yer got some strength there, kid!" He said. "You just need ta build it up. Would ya believe me if I told ya I looked just like ya when I was your age?"


"'Ow old are ya, then?"

"Eleven." Surreptitiously, Snowy finished exploring the boy's body with his eyes. Gill's thighs were smooth too, and a little dark hair adorned his calves. His balls were hairless.

"I woz scrawny when I woz eleven. When ya gets older it's easier to build muscle. You should do push-ups and stuff like vat." He paused for a minute. "Do I `ave a sexy chest?"

"Oh heck yes!" Snowy responded a little too enthusiastically for Bobbin's liking.

"I mean to a girl, stupid!" Gill snapped.

"I suppose so. I think it's sexy." Snowy smiled rather sadly.

"Shit, I am really horny!"

"Well, I could toss you off..."

"S-s-sure, why not," he said, sounding rather unsure about the whole matter. But apparently the prospect of getting a badly needed wank, had temporarily resolved his concerns about gay sex.

"Okay, kid," Gill said a little more confidently. Snowy started tracing a finger up and down his cock. Gill groaned: "Oh, yeah, mate. Wank me!" Obediently, Snowy took his cock in his young hand, his fingers easily wrapping around his shaft. He started pumping him with sturdy strokes.

He watched each youthful muscle flex, his abdomen now looking so hard and so smooth that Snowy rubbing his hand down it and felt all the excitement sweeping across it. He let his eyes drop to the centre of all his pleasure. The hairless, five-inch cock looked almost painfully hard in the vice-like grip of the blond boy's fingers. The head was fully engorged now - a shining purplish, mirror-like beauty, the tiny slit gaping open and ready to spurt out thirteen-year-old sperm. Snowy desperately wanted to suck on his penis, but he knew that would be pushing the lad too far.

"I've n-n-never d-done this ... " Gill stuttered as his misgivings tried to take over, "w-well not with another b-b-boy." Snowy Whyte's eyes searched his face - the boy was staring directly at him, but his eyes were now half covered by lashes and appeared dreamlike and far away.

"Not even Jack?" Snowy asked.

"Especially not Jack!" The teenager snapped out of his dreamy state and brawled back at him. For a moment, Snowy was afraid he would stop the session.

"It's just like doing it to yourself," Snowy cut him off, "only better." He stepped up his rhythm, keeping his fingers wrapped tightly around his young shaft. It gave him a sort of perverse pleasure to be in control this way of a straight boy two years older than himself.

"Oh, fucking yes, mate," he encouraged. By this time, Gill had reached the point where he seemed almost pathetic; his poor, taunt body was shuddering on the bed, almost tortured from the pleasure in his penis. Gill's eyes were completely closed, black lashes resting against smooth brown cheeks. His face was twisted in ecstasy, his mouth alternating between clenched-teeth grimaces and open-mouthed moans. It was wonderful to watch him.

His smooth chest and belly seemed taut as a drum, the lad bounced in savage rhythmic jolts of pleasure. Snowy was masturbating so frantically and so desperately that he found himself holding his breath, while his hand tried to release the poor heterosexual boy's tension.

"Oh yeah," Bobbin gasped. Regardless of his misgivings earlier, Gill was allowing him to stroke his meat with gusto and soon, Snowy's little hand and slender fingers were nothing more than a blur. Snowy barely dared to breathe; it wouldn't be long at this rate, he thought.

"Oh yeah, yes, yes, I'm almost there." Snowy expertly fondled his balls with his thumb, while working his cock.

Snowy was totally infatuated with the boy-cock; his fingers were still racing up and down Gill's erection like a jackhammer, as his body was wracked with the intense jerks of adolescent orgasm. Caught off-guard by his reaction to his orgasm, Snowy's left hand lost its grip on the NHS pyjama-bottoms, and Gill's testicles, which had been moving rhythmically inside his smooth scrotum, were now being squashed by the tight elastic. This only seemed to heighten his thrill.

"Yesss!" Gill hissed between gritted teeth. He erupted with unforeseen force, arching his back and ramming his full length into the blond lad's cupped hand.

Snowy gasped - in total awe as the shiny purple head suddenly erupted in a divine ejaculation. The young boy's immature sperm squirted several feet in the air. Snowy immediately had the presence of mind to aim his cock back toward his chest, and the slender, hairless boyhood squirted several times - the remainder shot out, not thick and white, but thin and in rather meagre quantities.

"Ohhhh!" Gill grunted his delight once he had unleashed his boiling cum. Despite his uncomfortable position and the fact that his pyjama pants must have cut off the natural flow, his semen sprinkled out across his hard chest, leaving small, milky droplets against the beautiful brown skin. It wasn't a lot of sperm, even for a thirteen year old, but it squirted out with such a brisk force and the straight boy was so proud of it, that it was difficult not to adore him.

"Oh, shit," groaned Gill, once his penis had completed its business and his muscular body began to relax. A very tiny trickle of thin sperm still oozed from his penis head, Snowy had stopped stroking it and allowed the semen to trickle over his fingers. Having gratified his pubescent hormones, Snowy gave the thirteen-year-old body a few moments to recuperate while holding his boy cock as it softened and keeping his pyjama-bottoms away from the sensitive glans.

"Oh fucking `ell, that woz good," said Gill as he lay calmly briefly enjoying the aftermath, then he swallowed nervously and looked over at the blond lad. Snowy sensed the thrill had ended for Gill. He was now just another unpredictable straight-boy confronting the reality of having allowed another boy to wank him off! This was not the kind of thing a straight boy's reputation needed.

Snowy stood next to the bed panting for a few minutes. After a polite interval he let Gill's limp cock slide out of his hand. He felt the straight boy shiver with distress and so he considerately tucked his flaccid penis back into his NHS pyjama and helped the teen mop up the sperm on his chest with the bedding.

Bobbin sank back into his pillows and glared at the younger boy reproachfully. Snowy looked calmly back at him. He could still see two droplets of boyish sperm sparkling on Gill's brown cheek -- deliberately he didn't tell the boy to wipe them off.


Back at the campsite at about that time, Dick Flaunting-Flasher was infuriated and muttered as he walked over to the central building to use the showers and flush toilets. He was humiliated! He hated this place, and he wished everybody there would die of a horrible flesh-decaying disease that involved extreme pain!

To start with, he should die! He -- that disgusting jumped-up, lavatory attendant! The bastard! Who did he think he was, anyway? He was so low-class; so offensively common and to make it worse he was a pervert!

In his hand he still carried Jock Pringle's cum-stained underpants that Felix had dumped in his hand! How dare he? He was Richard Flaunting-Flasher, after all! Was the lout too stupid to know that you don't deposit soiled underwear in the hands of son of the Regimental Sargent-Major?

It was gross! What had the pervert expected -- gratitude?

The communal ablution facilities did nothing to improve his mood. It was as if the Church had planned it to humiliate campers as much as possible. The showers were completely open -- just a single room with six showerheads protruding from and overhead pipe. The only way to shower was to stand there and face the other naked boys and men.

Worse yet were the lavatories! There were no doors to the closets - just a row of six porcelain thrones open to the view of any and all passers by!

The ungainly sixteen-year-old was mortified, but determined to do it -- he needed a shit and a shower and he would do it in public if that were what was needed. He was a Flaunting-Flasher; therefore he wasn't a chicken. He did what he saw the other guys were doing, and he stripped down.

The lanky lad was removing his sock from his left foot when he arrived. As Dick sat naked on the wooden bench, with his legs wide apart, he realised the sick pervert was circling him. He could feel the red-haired man's eyes on the shadowy hint of hair between his buttocks. He saw the man admiring his long legs and the patch of black hair nestling between his pectoral muscles.

Then Felix walked deliberately in front of him and glanced down at his large balls resting on the cheap deal-wood bench, while his enormous cock rested on his leg, as if it were a lapdog.

"Alright, Sleepy?" Jollybottom said.

"Hello, Mr Jollybottom." Dick glanced up with his expressionless eyes.

"Good work on va set-up last night, mate. Reverend Prim said I could depend on ya." Felix commented as he stripped off his jersey and jeans. The lanky fellow gawked at the adult's ginger-fringed cock in the mirror, as Felix tugged off his underwear.

"My pleasure." There was something very up tight about the lanky boy the Felix found very disturbing.

"Sleep well, Sleepy?" He asked Flaunting-Flasher as the lad was shaving, a serious expression on his mournful face.

"Okay." He cleaned his razor. Felix admired his lean bum and hairy legs; the tall lad was well put together but it was his ungainly gait and awkward, jerky movements that put one off.

"Yer `ave a good body, yer keep yourself in shape."

"Thank you, Sir." His pale cheeks coloured slightly.

"What do ya think we should do today, then?"

"Well Sir," Dick paused for a moment, "I thought we might break into three groups and climb that hill. It is called Hobbit Hill. Then we can have lunch at the summit."

"Great idea, Flaunting-Flasher. You organise the three groups, will ya? And get Osbert ta help ya wiv va routes, he is into vat orienteering malarkey."

A trace of a smile spread over Dick's long face, "I'll get you, you sick bastard!" he thought to himself.

Then the tall nerd trudged over to the open closets. Can you imagine, dear readers, what it was like trying to take a crap, while ten men and boys are looking? Then Dick did what he always had to do; he picked up his heavy tool and balls, sat down and flopped them over his thigh!

It was then that he noticed a bunch of lads staring and whispering. No doubt they found this funny, but what did they know about the trials and tribulations of having really big cock? How could they know that the shit splashed up and hit you in a way it never soiled less endowed males?

Then Flaunting-Flasher let forth a loud fart as his bowels readied themselves for a discharge, and most of the lads erupted into gales of laughter! He was dying!

From where he sat, facing the row of showers, Dick could observe everything that was happening in the shower-room; he watched with disgust as Felix called the thirteen-year-old Scottish lad over to where he was undressing: "Jock, come over `ere, mate." The boy stepped out from under the shower and had wrapped his towel round his waist. Felix ruffled his red kinky hair. "Ya okay now, mate?"

"Aye, Sir. Thank ye again, Sir." Dick could pickup parts of the conversation above the hiss of the showers.

"No need to be ashamed of yer body yer know, or its functions." The boy beamed back at Felix. Dick could see the acting youth leader found the boy was appealing because he saw Felix's cock put on a little weight. No doubt the pervert was getting off on his recollections of mopping up the read-haired boy's fragrant love juice. Fucking sick, he was!

"We redheads need to stick together!" the man joked. At that Coconuts, the black Jamaican lad, roared with laughter.

"You tell dem Mister. You tell dem, mon!"

Dick's face contorted in a grimace as he passed a large hard stool, and he missed the rest of the exchange.

Dick's eyes followed Felix Jollybottom as he stepped under the shower. On either side of him were Fred and Dopey Pratt. The contrast between the two lads was jarring: Fred was large for fifteen, black with huge black eyes, plump buttocks and an ample uncut cock and huge balls topped by crinkled black hair, it was evident why he was nicknamed, Coconuts. Dopey, on the other hand, was slim, white, with an almost unnoticeable cut cock and balls, both hairless and sweet. No doubt the pervert had evil intentions, Dick thought to himself, as he sat shitting and watching and listening!

"Want me to wash your back, Sir?" Dopey offered the man in his slow-witted way.

"Sure thing, Dopey, mate." The boy stepped under Felix's showerhead and started lathering his back with his soft boyish hands. The soap worked into every part of his back. His hands moving over the man's skin didn't help Felix to keep control over his stiffening dick. "I don't see Dee and Dumm Tweedle, `ere. Where are they?"

"Couldn't get dat lad outta bed, mon." Said Fred volunteered.

"Up too late, like, I suppose!" Cedric giggled then he whispered softly in Felix's ear, which just confirmed the tall fellow's worst suspicions.

Dopey Pratt's soaping hand went lower and lower until he was lathering the man's arse. Judging by the erect state of Dopey's cock he was greatly enjoying this job. "God," Dick thought, "even at eight years old, he too, had also been corrupted!" The half-wit's hand worked its way deeper up the crack of Felix's arse.

Frustratingly, Cedric and the lavatory attendant had continued their whispered conversation for sometime while, Felix washed off the soap and Dopey returned to his own shower. Then in much louder voice, Felix joked: "Anyway, wot's wrong wiv a small todger?"

Dick was stung! The bastard was apparently having ago at him! "I'll get you, you bastard..." he repeated to himself.

At length, Dick got up, wiped, flushed and slouched his way towards the showers. He had never been more aware of the way his cock and nuts bounced clumsily against his thighs when he walked.

In the shower-room, for a moment, Dick was able to forget his distress under the warm spray, but then he noticed the conversation had stopped. He looked up, and everybody was gaping at him. Then his neighbour, Coconuts, who you would have thought, would have been more sympathetic, pointed at his cock hanging down towards his knees:

"Look mon! Why do they call him Vim-tin Dickey, mon?" How the boys roared!

Then he replied to his one derisive question: "They called him Vim-tin Dickey, mon, because he has dick as thick and long as a Vim tin!" Everybody busted up. They all laughed and Billy Bunion said that Dick's dick was deformed. He wanted to die!

He was their laughingstock for being deformed, and he concluded they were right! Dick suddenly realised that he was looking at a bunch of other guys' cocks, ranging in age from six to twenty-something, and ranging in size from one to four inches and Coconuts was right: he was abnormal, for nobody was even half his size!

Then Dick noticed that Smyke was sitting on the floor with his back to the wall. Cedric Snotfinkel, the cubby boy of the group, had cut Smyke's hair to almost an even level with the stubble on the sides, getting rid of the stupid purplish Mohican-haircut he had sported. The result was not bad. It made Smyke look less like a thug and more human.

"Not showering, Grumpy?" Felix yelled across to him.

"If yer `ad asked me that yesterday I would `ave said - not bloody likely," Damien Smyke said. Then Dick caught sight of the young Yob fondling his penis to give himself an erection. Then Smyke stepped under the shower Fred Marley had vacated and he approached the red-haired man and said: "But this morning I come `ere special-like, to clean up me bum! Never know what I might miss out on if I `ave a smelly `ole!" He gave the acting youth leader a lascivious wink.

To Smyke's embarrassment, the room erupted in applause and giggles.

"Hooray! Smelly ol' Smyke is taking a shower!" A cheer went up from the boys as he soaped his whole body, paying particular attention to his well-fucked arse and stinky genitals.

Then Smyke bent over! For weeks afterwards, Dick would wish that he hadn't done so. At fist Dick thought Grumpy was looking for the soap, but then he parted his cheeks, giving Dick an uninterrupted view of the entrance to his bum. Flaunting-Flasher had never seen anything like it -- the bluish lips were puffy and not unlike like a doughnut with a dark hole in the centre. Dick registered the shocking truth - somebody had been fucking him!

Grumpy sighed contentedly, as he aimed the stinging needles of water on his anus, and poor Dick found he was starting to get hard!

Flaunting-Flasher closed his eyes. He felt like crawling into the drain as the blood raced and engorged his misshapen dong. It felt good showing it off online, but this was different -- the disgrace of getting an erection with only boys around, was mind-boggling. Worse yet, the boys knew he had been looking at Smyke's battered bumhole. He had never been so embarrassed about anything in his life!

He wished that his todger was normal sized, whatever that might be. But if had only four or six inches, like the others, he couldn't suck himself, something he had recently learned to enjoy a great deal.

The laughter cut off abruptly as all twelve of Dick's inches jutted out rock-hard rigid.

Then Patrick Pratt, who impertinently called him a queer, for pitching a boner when he was around a bunch of naked lads, broke the respectful silence. Little toe-rag!

That was too much, he wanted to run out of there, back to his tent, pack his things, call his Dad, and get the hell out of there! It was entirely his fault: that stupid Snowy Whyte! Him and his stupid nicknames -- Dick wasn't Sleepy; he never had been Sleepy; he didn't want to be Sleepy! Fuck him the stupid pre-teen pervert!

"Wicked big, ain't it?" Smyke said in breathless veneration.

Through his shame, Dick wondered at the way the group had been silenced: they laughed when it was soft, but now that he was standing there, legs spread, all twelve inches jutting out from his groin, they all just stared!

He recollected Doc once telling him: "... having a massive tool, like yours makes people stare at it. And if you wish to get laid, it is usually just a matter of whipping it out." What kind of power did his rigid cock have? Just how big was he going to grow? It scared him - but deep down he thought he wouldn't mind having the biggest cock in the world!


"Ah yes, straight boys!" Doc said stoically, once Snowy had told him about his eventful morning with Gill as they sat back in the plush leather seats, in Mrs. Tweedle's Bentley, which glided silently along the short section of the M25 between the M4 and the M1. "You can't live with them, and you can't live without them."

"Sorry, Doc, what do you mean?" Asked the blond lad, who looked very much like an Asian Prince in his turban of bandages, which nice Dr Prince insisted he wore for the next few days.

"Well Snowy, my dear, they give you a rough time when you want to play with them but I suppose we need them. After all, where will the next generation of cute little boys come from if they are not out there making babies?"

Snowy giggled sweetly. "Taking of matters medical," the boy said, " you got on very well with that nice Doctor."

"Yes indeed!" Doc hardly ever spoke about his work. "I think he is my one man fan club! I have completed my current research project and he offered to proof my findings. If Dr. Prince is to be believed, then my new book: `Testosterone Levels; Sperm Count and DNA as Predictors of Sporting Performance,' should be a best-seller."

"Oh dear!" Snowy said looking troubled, " does that mean no more nice sportsmen coming in to wank for you?"

"Well yes, there is that..." Doc said wistfully, "but then I have dreamt up the next research project - I was thinking of tracing the growth of twenty boys' sexual organs and development from birth to age nineteen."

"Oh, you are a dirty old man, Doc!" Snowy laughed. "Golly, how I missed you when I was in hospital. How I missed all my dear Anoraks, I can't wait to see them."

"Well, only a few more hours," said the Asian fellow, "and I think I shall eat Dopey up as soon as I see him, I missed him so much!" Snowy giggled and snuggled up to Doc.


Flaunting-Flasher and Jack Jerker, who were on morning kitchen duty and they had breakfast ready, and were waiting for the campers by the time they were all done in the ablution facilities and had filed into the dinning hall.

The atmosphere was a lot less tense. Dick had regained his composure; Jack was very nearly friendly; Felix saw a few friendships developing; and the, now clean, Smyke was being nice to everyone.

However, Flaunting-Flasher evaded the acting youth leader, which Felix found vaguely troubling. Felix rather wished he could like the adolescent, but he had this awfully off-putting character -- obsequious and cringing one moment then cold and superior the next.

Sneezy once again stood to sing grace. But this time he kept his eyes closed and Felix was spared a repeat of the sexually provocative performance; he had given the night before.

Then Flaunting-Flasher broke them up into three groups and Bashful, who was walking very oddly, almost as if he had a serious pain in his bottom, brought out his Ordinance Survey Map of the area and the teams were assigned routes to the summit of Hobbit Hill.

It was also decided, in view of the possible dangers, to leave the younger lads behind and so the Tweedle twins, Dopey, Sneezy and Pip Pratt would be left to their own devices while the bigger lads went for the climb.

Lunch was packed in a rucksack and they set off. The air was still crisp and fresh, but they would soon be warmed by their exertions.


The trouble really started that morning during the climb, or perhaps it had always been there but only became evident during the climb. Either way, it reared its nasty head and was soon going to hang like a cloud over the camping trip.

Dick had placed himself in charge of a group of three campers who were to tackle the eastern face of Hobbit Hill. He, Jack Jerker and Billy Bunion set out with the rest, but it was soon clear that the two fourteen year olds had been up to something the night before that had drained away too much of their energy and they made slow progress.

If Dick was expecting scintillating or varied conversation he was in for a major disappointment, for the two fourteen-year-old lads had a single topic of discussion -- their sexual conquests and encounters and these were as graphic, as they were imaginary.

"So I says to `er, I says `Shut up bitch and take it, yer still got six inches to go, yer slag. Yer going to beg for more before I'm done.'" Jack Jerker said breathless from the erotic power of his own imagination!

"No, shit mate!" Grunted Billy Bunion.

"Then I bent over and whispered in `er ear, `You're know ya want this. Yer going to come back for more, now ain't yer?' Then I stuck it in even deeper; fuckin' near took me own breath away. Then I tell the stupid cow: `Now you `ave four inches to go.'"

"Cor! Fucking `ot!" said Billy.

Felix turned his attention to the winding path ahead of them. While it might not have been what he had been hoping for, at least the lads were heterosexual. He was glad of a break from Snowy Whyte's tribe and their homoerotic games.

Some time later, it was Billy's turn to regale the boys with his sexual adventures. He told them about a swimming incident that had happened to him while on holiday: "So then we woz talkin' about the tits magazine and this one bitch in it wot we thought was `ot and I said 'are you horny now?' an' `e said `yeah I got a boner' but I couldn't really see it in va water. So I said `yeah I got one too' and `e said `really?' then like 'alf a mo' later `e bleeding sneaked up behind me in va pool and pulled me shorts down an' `e swam away."

Now there was an odd ring of truth about Billy's story, which Dick Flaunting-Flasher found even more exciting that the fabricated bullshit from Jack.

"So what did you do Billy?" Dick asked, and the sound of his voice harsh and rasping with lust surprised himself.

"So I woz like scared an' mad an' excited all at va same time, so I just pulled `em up and he didn't see me dong which woz way `ard, mate. I said `'ey yer wally, vat weren't cool, I `ad me one `ell of a boner!' And `e said `yeah well, so do I' and `e jumped up out of va water and pulled his todger out for a second."

"So then `e asks me `ow far I been wiv a girl. Well I'm embarrassed `cause I never done nuffink much. Anything so I say `well I kissed a girl' but I didn't. So I ask him what `e ever did wiv a girl and `e said when `e woz kissing a girl `e touched `er tits an' she slapped `im."

"Not bloody fair!" Jack Jerker called foul and they all agreed girls could be very unreasonable.

Dick Flaunting-Flasher was smiling now, something the solemn lad seldom did. Even if it was all bullshit at least it was straight bullshit! He found the discussion very arousing, mainly because he realised the two fourteen year olds were very excited and desperately trying to conceal their erections. Dick too was trying to hide his boner as they continued their way up the long grade away from the camp, but as he was handicapped by such a huge bastard of a problem, this was a futile effort.

The way up the eastern face of Hobbit Hill consisted of a number of winding switchbacks. While the three had further to walk that the other groups, it was up a relatively gentle gradient. Dick was making slow progress as he had volunteered to carry the backpack with the load of stuff they were taking for a picnic at the summit.

Then Jack was back at it again: "So then this cow shows me `er bleedin' pubic hair, don't she and it's all was dark and silky, and lush. She `ad obviously just `ad a bikini wax `cause `er hair seemed to be just above `her slit like, and `er fanny lips and legs were bare."

"Oh my fuck, yer lucky shit!" Groaned Billy, grabbing his hard-on through his jeans.

"`Er cunt is like sticking out an' `er inner lips were wet and pushing out. `Er clit was big an' puffy, an' red. As I looked, fuck me if she ain't using `er fingers ta separate her lovely lips and the randy cow sticks one fingertip pushes back above her clit, an' fuckin' shows me va whole works, like!" Jack's face was scarlet from titillation.

"Oh Gawd! Wot did yer, do, mate?" Judging by the expression on Jack's ratty face, he appeared to be close to death from cardiac arrest.

"Well she pushes `er `ips back and tell me she needs me tongue up there! So then I send in va ol' Jack Jerker lips and I suck her clit, slashing me tongue over va tip. I loved the taste of `er. I hears `er gasp and moan."

"No fucking miracle in vat, mate! I bet she'd kill for yer ta fuck `er!" Billy said appreciatively.

Reassured now, that the two lads were as much a virgin as himself, the tall angular sixteen-year-old relaxed even more. Perhaps they could all become friends and they could go looking for girls together. Being a two years older than the pair of straight boys made Dick feel somehow more in change of things. They were a bit vulgar but he would have to cope with that.

For over twenty minutes, they had been passing through the woods on the middle reaches of Hobbit Hill and as the rounded the turn they were just about level with the tops of the trees. Soon they would be able to see the surrounding area.

A few moments later at a junction with a trail coming in from the right, Billy Bunion stopped and said: "Think I'll take a piss." He moved to the edge of the footpath, flipped open all the buttons on his 501's and flopped out his cock. It was about six inches long and pretty stiff.

He smiled, then seemed to reach a decision and leaning forward, he casually said, "See, I almost got me a piss `ard-on."

Jack and Dick both glanced at his prick, Dick tried not to stare, but it was too nice to ignore: it was six inches uncut, slender and pale with a white shaft and a pink head just slightly bigger than the shaft.

Dick was really hard now and he was wondering how he could hide his gigantic erection when Billy said: "It sure feels good `aving it `ang out, lad's! Think I'll leave it out, wotcha say?" Billy Bunion sniggered and stood there with his cock waving back and forth over the precipice below, his urine flowing into the soft mouldy earth below. Then he asked: "Don't ya guys need to piss, too?" By now the lad's dick appeared fully erect, angling up Billy Bunion's thin belly and extending almost up toward his navel.

Jack Jerker said, "Yeah, I really do, mate" and joined his mate Billy at the edge of the pathway snapped open his buttons and flipped his cock out, too. It almost matched Billy's perfectly except for an alarming curve off to the left, and was half-hard, too.

Dick inspected Jack's erect cock, even more closely, as it discharged its golden load. It was of average length and girth for a fourteen-year-old and a bit of fuzzy dark pubic hair suck out of the zip. Jack's thick veined shaft jutted out about twenty degrees off of true perpendicular, due to its strong curve to the left. A thick cum tube ran down the underside.

Jerker flexed it a few times to make sure he had the lanky lad's full attention, then he said: "Look I got me one o' `em early morning piss hard-ons, too."

Jack's casual flaunting of his erection that provided all the excuse Flaunting-Flasher required. He slid in between them and flipped his own very substantial member out. It was fully hard by then: twelve alarming inches standing straight out!

Billy Bunion stared up and down the substantial length of the Flaunting-Flasher youth, before fixing his gaze on the imposing hose that stuck out from Dick's trousers. "Cor blimey! What a huge fucker!" Said Billy appreciatively.

Jack's ratty face bore a smug grin, as he said: "You must really `ave ta go, mate, but `ow do yer plan ta piss when it's vat hard? I never can."

Poor Dick tried to sound nonchalant: "Well, guess I'll just have to leave it out till it goes down a little." The Regimental Sargent-Major's son found himself wondering what trick of nature caused two such ugly, acne-covered lads to have such particularly attractive cocks -- they were so pretty they even caused Dick to start discharging precum.

Billy noticed his condition first, and grinned. After he shook the last drops off his tool, he kept shaking it. Then he started stroking it and said: "Well I fink I'll join yer, mate."

Jack responded, "Yeah, I ain't tossed off since I woke up this morning," and he too began to stroke. Out of the corner of his eye, Jack Jerker gazed at Dick Flaunting-Flasher, or Sleepy, as the anoraks called him. He ginned boyishly as his bloodshot eyes gazed at the man-sized uncircumcised penis - the swollen glans, which peered out from the covers of his fat foreskin, was deep purple and apple-shaped. Pale blue veins bulged along its considerable length and the gangly youth's big oblong testicles hung in a long but soft, slightly wrinkled, brown scrotum.

Dick Flaunting-Flasher revelled in the moment! The boys evidently admired his tackle and now they were all having a friendly straight-lad wank! This was fine -- wanking off with your mates was normal -- even the Vicar said so.

The three of them began stroking in earnest. Billy and Jack were both watching Flaunting-Flasher intently and just glancing at each other. Dick palmed the apple sized cockhead of his hard tool; grasping it with both his hands, letting it go and then reaching back and cupping his large balls, using both hands.

It was about then that Dick looked up.

Over the tops of the conifers on the slope of Hobbit Hill he could see that there was a river beyond the woodland and high hedgerow to the east of the Church property. Their own camp had disappeared from sight behind the tree. The river was wide at this point and beyond it Dick could see a wide beach. Set back from that, was a playing field. A large cabin and numerous tent and caravan sites were scattered along the western edge of the river that divided "The Woods" from the neighbouring campsite.

"Hell," said Dick, looking straight ahead, "look at that!"

"I'm lookin'!" said Jack, gazing at Dick's solid cock while he speeded up his wanking. "Hell yeah, I'm lookin', mate!" Then Jack Jerker realised his embarrassing mistake! He had misinterpreted the question. Jack's small rat-like eyes met the eyes of the huge lad. His ugly acne covered face felt hot -- he was embarrassed to be caught staring at the giant lad, but the sight of his enormous naked erection was almost enough to conquer his coyness and his principals.

Dick looked down at his monumental todger and smiled. "No I meant out there! We have neighbours! It looks like a campground next door."

The two friends looked, and even slowed up their masturbation, marginally.

"They look like little toy people, from up `ere, don't they?" Said Billy Bunion, and indeed, as they looked over the side of Hobbit Hill, they could see individuals and groups down below moving between the tent and caravans or on the beach.

The three wanking youth's began to hear the sounds of splashing water and happy voices. Then tiny adults and even smaller children scattered about on the beach swimming and playing games.

"Odd," said Dick pensively, " it looks like they are all wearing flesh coloured swimsuits!" The truth took some time to penetrate the three boys' consciousness.

They were naked! They were all really naked!

The boys and girls at the volleyball net were naked! The families calling out to each other were naked! The kids were undressed and having fun. Parents and children as they would beat any other camping ground but they were unclothed.

"Fuckin' `ell!" said Jack, who rather summed up the view of all the lads in that one simple thought.

"Hang about!" Billy interjected, "Look, lads do yer see what I see?"

"GIRLS!" Billy and Jack said in chorus.

"Oh... err!" said Dick, who, in spite of hours looking at porn on the Internet had never seen a naked lady before in real life. "There are girls naked too?"

"'Course they are, mate," said Jack with and evil grin, "an' wot wiv being naked an' all they must want a fuck! Stands to reason!"

"Well lads," said Billy happily, "I know wot we gonna be spending va rest of the week doin' -- nailing us some birds!"

Whoops of unbridled, juvenile joy could be heard from miles around.


Jock Pringle was fit and strong and his slight plumpness proved to be no handicap during the climb. His voice was pleasant enough, but his conversation was a bit inane. It consisted mainly of questions or assertions about football (soccer) and pop music.

"Where are ye from?" "What do ye think o' Glasgow Rangers?" "Do ye fancy Michael Jackson?" "I think Windsor Wandered are a bit overrated" And so it went on... and on... and on!

The fact that Felix was still exhausted from the previous night's debauchery did not make matters any easier. The walk, however, was refreshing. The first stretch was comparatively level and they tackled it at a comfortable pace. In between Jock's questions, Jollybottom had the chance to study Jock more carefully. At thirteen he was a good-looking lad. Medium height and broad shoulders - most of his flesh was muscle. The acting youth leader watched him walking briskly ahead of him in his ragged pair of khaki shorts. The legs of which, had been roughly cut into the crotch, revealing not only his pale, strong, almost-hairless legs, but also a good deal of his white bouncing bum. Most important for Felix were the characteristics the lad shared with the man, himself: carrot-red hair, pale freckled-skin and a vivacious disposition.

Watching Jock, and listening to his stream of teenager conversation, gave Felix the chance to think things over; things he had been putting out of his mind - things like Cedric; his randy romp the night before; his upcoming change of work; and where he was actually going with his life.

Felix had been a contented man. Having left the total hopelessness, from which he had previously suffered, behind him. The job of lavatory attendant was something he could do well. He also had his bike; his collection of lavatory wall graffiti; a few acquaintances, whom he called friend; and he had found solace in occasional casual sex, which carried no obligations

All that had changed the day Snowy Whyte had walked into Men's Lavatory at the Parade!

Soon he would be the new butler/house-manager at the St Giles Vicarage and he would be earning more money per month than he had ever thought possible. Now, he had really good friends now - Percy Pratt, Snowy Whyte, the Vicar and the Anoraks, but most of all, he was involved in a serious relationship with Cedric Snotfinkel. Sneezy and his wellbeing demanded his time; his attention and, while he hesitated to admit it, his love.

It was as if Felix Jollybottom had abandoned all the rules, by which he had previously lived, and he now made choices with unexplored parts of his character and he was significantly better off, for it.

Felix and jock had been assigned to ascending via the western face and the second stage of the climb of Hobbit Hill took them through the cool deep forest of conifers, which surrounded the rocky crown of the outcrop. It was steeper here and slippery underfoot from the previous nights rain. They made prodding progress while Felix' continued his reflections.

In the light of this new day, there were new issues to consider, for example, last night's casual, no-holds-barred sex, with the other lads on the camp!

It occurred to Jollybottom that Cedric, his chubby little cherub, was operating like a randy Shakespearean Puck who dwelt on his mind, broke into his daydreams, wove spells and dropped love-potions into his ear. Cedric had him entirely under his spell: the preceding night's events had proved how the little devil could draw others into his sex-web. Cedric had selected the boys for the tent, hadn't he?

Jollybottom found himself wondering if Cedric had also worked his way through the boys in the other tent. In his fantasy he tried to visualise Cedric fucking young Jock's arse or that strong silent and grim, Flaunting-Flasher boy sucking Cedric's little todger.

No, the thought was impossible - unbelievable! Not all the lads could be up for sex -- surely? Certainly young Jock had shot his load in his sleep, but this did not mean he was gay, or bi-sexual, or in anyway available for Cedric's sort of sexy games.

Boys! Yes, he'd let himself in for a difficult week. He'd have to just enjoy the simple pleasures of the day and ignore the moral issues raised by the goings on in the little tent on the previous night.

The third stage of the assent of Hobbit Hill proved to be more strenuous and troublesome than Felix or Jock had anticipated. They were confronted with a rock face of gritstone, which was similar to the gritstone crags, so beloved of mountaineers, which formed the valley in which "The Woods" nestled. Fortunately but Hobbit Hill was a smaller version of these mighty rock edifices.

Jock's ebullient flow of chatter, about soccer and telly, soon died-down when they reached a surprisingly sheer rock face. There were footholds and they would manage, but Felix was beginning to wish they'd brought ropes with them.

They paused to discuss strategy and decided to send Jock up first. Felix could push him up to the first ledge, and then he would give the man a hand up.

"Up yer go, lad." Felix said and slapped his wobbly backside. Jock was breathing a lot harder than when he had started.

Jock Pringle reached his running shoe for the first crack in the rock face. Felix realised he was not going to make it and grabbing the lad's waist, he heaved the boy up. As he passed up the stone wall, Felix's hands ran down the boy's smooth white leg and he grabbed his free-swinging foot, and provided a foothold in his cupped hands, for it.

Something had happened in the sexual chemistry in Felix's brain since the night before and this attractive red haired lad was becoming more attractive by the minute, in spite of him being past the age of puberty.

"Aye, Sir. I'm up." He reached out his hand and grabbed Felix's. Jock's hand was hard and firm and used to the work his builder-father sometimes forced him to do. "Up ye comes." In one movement they stood close together on the ledge. Beads of sweat showed on his Jock's upper lip. Felix had to fight an overwhelming desire to lick it off!

They made silent progress for a time until they reached an even more difficult patch.

"Next move over there, I think?" Felix suggested pointing out a ledge some seven feet up. "Yer gonna need to be pushed up, then `old onto vat tree an' reach down for me, mate."

"I got it, Sir." Jock yelled as he reached up and found a foothold. Once again, Felix had to hold the boy's fair legs firmly while he established himself on this next foothold.

Jollybottom's manly sweat was rich in Jock's nostrils, and if he were entirely honest with himself, he found it rather pleasant. But the Scottish boy was finding Felix Jollybottom was a very tactile person, who seemed to like touching him rather more than a man should touch another male!

"Dinna dae that!" Jock said, a little uncomfortable at the way the man was touching his legs.

"What's that?" Felix missed the point of the lad's objection and grabbing his waist he shoved the thirteen-year-old farther up along the smooth rock face. His left hand reached up and pressed his buttocks in innocent support, and then the man pushed up.

"Dinna dae that!" Jock managed to force out between his clenched teeth.

"Why not?" Felix asked as he heaved himself up after the lad, "it's getting you up, ain't it?"

"Just, dinna dae that!"

"Why not?" Felix asked, "it is getting' yer, up, ain't it?" Looking upwards, he saw Jock was wearing no underwear under the loose fitting shorts and Felix caught a glimpse of his balls in a smallish sack swinging inside.

"It's no right!" The Pringle lad pronounced judgement, after he had heaved himself up. He reached a rather resentful hand down and Felix followed with difficulty, slipping and sliding but eventually reaching the slightly wider ledge. They glanced down, facing each other, they were panting too hard to speak.

"Now what woz vat yer woz saying, Jock?" Felix asked, once he had regained his breath.

"Jist dinna be touchin' ma legs like that, that's aw," He said, there was a pleading in his voice and Felix decided to give up, for the moment.

"Sorry mate," Felix began, he held his hands up, palms facing him and make his body language read, `no harm was intended' as he backed off. "I wasn't trying it on wiv yer." Young Jock looked both relieved and disappointed at the same time.

Felix suggested they rest on the ledge for a moment to get their breath back before attempting the next stage. As he glanced down at Jock's legs, he saw the tip of his cock had crept out. The thirteen-year-old lad had one of those uncut cocks where the foreskin was too short to cover it. The pink glans and piss slit peeped out at the acting youth leader.

Then Jock surprised him: "Did yea mean that stuff ye told ma this mornin' `bout playing wid yer own willy when ya were a wee laddie?"

"Yes, Jock. It's pretty normal for a lad yer age to toss off an' `ave wet dreams. Ya see, I looks at it this way, like: yer body is going through a lot of changes, yer growing from a lad into a man and yer cock is also growing up, like. It seems to get stiff when it shouldn't and you're bollocks are always full o' spunk. Its nature's way of `elping you let off steam. See wot I mean, like?"

"That's disgustin'," Jock gasped, a look of horror on his face.

"Oh it gets worse, Jock, me ol' mate." Felix said, leaning his back against the rock face. "Well, tell me did yer enjoy cumming this morning?"

"Aye, but it's no right!" Jock gasped.

"Well, kid, yer `ad better get used to vat shit, yer got a few years o' it ahead o' yer yet!" Felix grinned and he stripped off his T-shirt, then he wiped his face with it and playfully scrubbed Jock's face as well. "Shall we get going again?"

They repeated the hand-me-up procedure until they reached the plateau, which signalled the end of the difficult stage. It had taken a further hour of lifting each other up and holding onto each other close to reach that point and a half-hour stroll to the summit remained.

Exhausted they fell to the ground on a grass patch.

"Wa made it, Sir" Jock grinned widely up to the sky.

"Bloody `ell, I thought we wouldn't make it! That bleedin' tosser, Flaunting-Flasher, musta given us the most difficult route." Felix found himself wondering why this had been so. The route had been steep and pretty dangerous.

"Ta be sure, he did. Now, we can rest a wee while and have a wee somethin' ta drink".

"I don't plan to arrive looking like this. A rest it is, mate! If ya looks in va rucksack, you'll find some beers. Take two, mate". Jock opened the bag and took out two beers. He handed Felix one and they drank silently, waiting for their breathing to normalise.

Jock leaned his back against a rock, and he was quiet for a long while. Felix could not help admiring his legs - outstretched and wide apart. The neat young cock now peeped out at the world from the other leg of his shorts.

"Sir, can I talk to ye aboot something?"

"Sure Jock, what is it?"

"It's ma fuckin' willy! Its always getting ma into trooble, like." He was blushing deeply. The more Felix looked at the redheaded youngster, the more attractive he seemed to become. "I canna discuss this with the Reverend -- hell, he might put ma on his wanking program." Felix laughed heartily at the boy's joke, helping to break the tension.

Then with a much more serious expression on his face Jock continued: "And me dad would freak out and probably smack me aboot. Tell ma, if ye gets another laddie ta wank ye off, does that make ye a poof?"

Jock's one-eyed snake had started to move. Gently and slowly it was rolling back its pink polo-neck collar and the pretty head jerked forward.

"Well, Jock, mate, let's take `em one at a time, alright? Firstly, yer todger will always get ya into trouble if ya do everything it tells ya! Got a bleeding mind o' its own, `as a man's willy! Secondly, at yer age, this starchy shorts and jerking off and experimenting wiv yer mates, won't make ya gay, just like it wont make yer go blind, neither!"

Jock cast his eyes downwards, showing his pale ginger eyelashes. "It's no just spraying me trousers. I've done other things..."

"With Grumpy Smyke?" Felix was only guessing, but Jock blushed more deeply and nodded. Protruding from his shorts, his willy, as he called it, had reached its full length. Felix Jollybottom was surprised that the highland laddie made no effort to conceal it.

"Aye! Smyke asked ma tae go home wid himself an' Osbert," The boy remained silent for along time then added: "then wa all did things together. I told hem, `ye canna dae that, ye are both laddies, and only lassies kin dae that stuff'."

"Did it feel nice, mate?"

"Aye, it felt right nice!" He said, and sounded almost enthusiastic. "But I still like lassies and one day I wants ta get married and have ma own kiddies".

"Smyke is, basically, a good lad but `e is a bit wild." Said Felix smiling ruefully, yearning to tell Jock what and excellent fuck Grumpy Smyke had been the night before. "I want yer to remember vat gay sex is like eating ice cream. You can take a lick without it turning ya into an ice cream yerself. It's only when you get addicted vat ya know for if yer gay. We are brought up to fink o' people as gay or straight, but there are many, many different types o' people somewhere in between." Jock seemed to be thinking hard.

Felix decided to lighten the conversation a bit. "By the way, Jock, mate, yer dong's about to get ya into trouble again! Yer might wanna get it out before it spits on yer pants."

"I canna ta' it oot here!" He protested.

Then he glared down as if the prick belonged to someone else. "Oh Naw!" He cried, then Jock's face broke into a warm smile. "See wat I mean? Now I gotta toss off before it will go doon". To Felix's satisfaction, take it out is exactly what he did! His hand leisurely stroked his dong and pressed it against his leg.

Felix felt his own cock responding, but he realised he was on thin ice, and so he resolved he should not make the straight lad aware of his own state of arousal.

"Are ye telling ma that there are straight men who sometimes play with other laddies' willies and even push their cocks up these laddies' bum?" Jock's mind had clearly been turning Felix's words over in his mind. "Its no right tae do that!"

"Jock, me ol' son, yer got a lot to learn, mate." He rested his hand on the boy's knee. "I've met men who wanted me to fuck `em while they bonked their wives. I also know lads wot puts their todgers up their girl's bum, when they get tired o' their pussies. And I `ave met lads wot are real tits men, but they go down and sucked me cock dry, before going back to spend va rest o' va evening wiv their girls. In fact, a `ell of a lot of guys like to play it both ways".

"Ye turn me on when ye talk dirty like that tae me!" The lad announced. Felix gazed at the Scottish lad and at the fine young cock in his hand. He wanted the boy badly. Partly because he was horny, but mainly because looking at the young redheaded boy was like looking into a mirror and seeing himself at a much younger age. He had to give it a try.

"Well, mate if yer vat turned on, are yer asking me to show yer wot I done wiv other straight lads?"

Jock flinched and spun round, "No I dinna," he contradicted the man. Had he over played his hand? No, the thirteen-year-old was just out of his depth and has no idea of how to deal with the situation.

The ginger-haired boy was masturbating openly by now. His legs twitched and pulsed. Then he did something odd; he placed Felix's hand on his knee with his free hand, then squeezed his fingers and looked deep in the man's eyes. "Ye can give ma a hand, with ma problem, Sir? Nothing gay, like, just a hand job if ye don't mind?"

Without waiting to reply, he turned his full attention to this young boy and Jollybottom drew off his shorts and settled his naked arse on the grass. The man's own cock strained in his shorts but the lad showed little interest in the adult's sex organ, but plied him with heaps of questions about his sex life. Had Felix ever fucked a woman? Did Felix like big tits, or just the nipples? Had Felix ever tasted a girl's cunt and that's the taste like? Did women in general like to suck a guy's cock? Did Felix like to deposit his spunk inside them and whether Felix was afraid of the girl falling pregnant?

The list of questions seemed endless, but to Jollybottom's satisfaction, he became aware that his replies were exciting the thirteen-year-old. His white thighs gleamed in the sunshine, his freckles spread down his face, arms and legs, but his loins were flawless and Jock was responding well to his practised tossing.

"I'll bet the girls like you," Felix murmured, as took his shaft in his hand and he played with it.

"No they dinna, they just tell me am tae ugly an' run away." He said then as Felix's gently stroked his cock with his hand, he commented on his own cock: "It's far tae small." It was about six and a half inches long, but awfully thin with a neat square head. Felix couldn't see what he had to complain about and told him so! His cock was more than adequate and he should be thankful. Some men only had two or three inches to their name, after all.

"A wish ye were a lassie, fur then ye could suck ma cock," he gasped. That knocked Felix a bit sideways and it must have been visible on his face for the boy frowned for minute then added: "It's no right fur a laddie tae suck cock, is it?"

Even this half-hearted invitation was sufficient for Happy! Felix immediately took advantage of his kind offer and pressed his lips to his tip.

"Ye mustna dae that! That's whit lassies dae!" He protested but he groaned as commenced fucking the man's eager mouth. The red-haired man reached upwards and stroked the boyish chest under the St Giles T-shirt and squeezed his pink nipples between his fingers. Felix's tongue slipped along the shaft of his cock and he licked and sucked the sparse ginger pubic hairs on his small pouch, then he suck each testicle one at a time.

The thirteen-year-old threw his arse up in the air and seemed beyond caring that the man's finger was probing his hairless crack. Carefully avoiding penetration, Felix gave his tight arse hole a good massage with his spit-lubricated index finger.

"Ye better take it oot o' yer mooth fur I'm gonna..." Jock called from somewhere between pain and ecstasy. Felix noticed that he was covered in sweat and his head it thrashing from side to side. With quick efficient strokes, Felix brought his cock to a climax. His arse muscles gripped his finger and held fast. The white sperm was warm and sweet and Jollybottom licked it all off his tool and the lad's young work-rough hands.

"Christ, I've never felt anythin' like it before. It wus magic!" Jock sighed.

"Good! Then the next time I want to suck yer cock I won't need work so bleedin' 'ard to persuade yer, will I?" Felix joked and the couple laughed merrily.

"Aye," the ginger boy grinned, "seeing as ye so keen on ma willy!" He said with a hint of pride in his voice.

His own tool needed relief too, but Felix knew now was not the right time. They lay for a long while, listening to the late summer nature sounds. Jocks tool shrank and Felix helped clean it and kissed it tenderly.

"Seems like ye always cleanin' me up, Sir" He grinned fiendishly. "I had ye goin' there, didn't I," Jock said, squeezing the last drops out and offered them to Felix.


It was a short walk to the crest of the Hobbit Hill. Smyke and Osbert Prim sat squabbling under a tree, while Patrick Pratt and Fred Marley sat waiting for them joylessly, in a little way off in a slight hollow near the crown of the hill.

"What was keeping ya, mon?" said Fred relief registering on his handsome black face, "deze two been at it for hours." He gestured with his thumb toward the other members in his party.

"And I am telling you I had three up!" Osbert spat at his former lover! Smyke gave the Vicar's nephew a sour look and stuck his tongue out to say 'fuck you'!

"Three little boy todgers don't match up ta a full grown man's `ard-on," Smyke snarled and looked for corroboration to a very embarrassed Felix, "ain't vat right, lover boy?"

At that point Flaunting-Flasher, Billy Bunion and Jack Jerker appeared from the eastern side of the hill.

As Flaunting-Flasher unburdened himself of the rucksack that carried the lunch he looked at Felix and asked: "Have a good climb, Mr Jollybottom?"

"Bloody, oath mate, yer sure choose one `ell of a route for Jock and me".

"Wit were ye daein' tae us?" Jock added his voice of protest.

"Our route was fairly similar, maybe slightly easier, but I thought you two would manage well together, Sir." The mournful lad said.

"Oh, yeah, we got on fine".

"Aye! Wa did no thanks tae ye! I was lucky Mister Jollybottom was there, tae give ma a hand," Jock chipped in, "wa redheads stick taegether, ya know!" He looked at Felix with a smile and the man grinned back at the boy.


"And then... what happened?" Dee Tweedle was so breathless he could hardly utter the words.

"Well then, he pushed it in!" Dumm explained, panting.

"Oh cool!" This bit of `kiss and tell' with his twin brother was exciting Dee just as much as it aroused Dumm.

"Right in! I could see it! And only his balls in that nice hairy bag were sticking out!"

"I could not believe it when I saw Mr Jollybottom put his up Smyke's bottom hole either."

"Well I couldn't believe it when Bashful took three up his bum. Three!" Dee exclaimed. He was ever so proud of his hero.

Now one thing about the Tweedle twins they were awfully good at quickly putting theoretical information into practical steps. And it this was this that led Dee to urge his brother to get back to the business at hand: "So are we going to try it the other way?"

In truth, both brothers were equally impatient to get on with their attempt to replicate the anal action they had been so fortunate to witness the evening before.

"OK, shall we try that?" Dumm said, reluctantly disengaging from the rather nice mutual leg humping the twin bother had been engaged in. But the brothers were both anxious to get a move on with this newest game.

Being the older and bolder of the twin's, Dee had volunteered to go first, and so rolled onto his side and pulled his knees to his chest. He reached behind with his hand and pulled his bum cheeks wide apart. He glanced over his shoulder at his brother and shivered as the idea took hold.

"Goodness!" Dumm said, examining his brother in the dimness of the diffused blue light that filtered into the smaller of the two tents. "It looks ever so small! I'll never get my thing into it."

"Well try..." Even as he said those words Dee felt Dumm bustling up behind him. His brother then aimed his thin straining prick directly at the boy's tiny puckered opening. Dee felt a warm presence behind him and he shuddered from either titillation or fright, he could not be sure which. Unlike the enemas, mummy sometimes tried to push up there he really wanted this particular invader inside him, but he felt his rectal-muscles clenching involuntarily.

Then Dee felt the hot touch of Dumm's cock tip against his hole, he gasped and his whole body tensed. Undeterred, Dumm pushed the bulbous head against the tight ring of Dee's sphincter.

Dee's virgin arsehole slammed shut like a castle keep that could have repelled an army.

"Bashful said if you don't relax, it won't go in." Dumm was already sweating from exertion and feeling a bit of pain in his sensitive cockhead. "Your opening is so tight they should employ your bum as a safe deposit box at Daddy's office." He joked, trying to break the tension.

Dee Tweedle laughed and relaxed a little in spite of himself. Dumm's spongy cockhead nosed into the anal opening a fraction of an inch, no more, just enough for the younger twin to feel the promise of the intense heat inside.

"Ouch!" Dee yelped as Dumm, Blinded by lust, decided that he had to fuck his brother's tight, hot arse, and clenching his teeth, he shoved even harder.

"No no no!" Dee sobbed. "It hurts, Dumm it hurts! Please stop!" Reluctantly Dumm backed away from the target and rolled back on the sleeping bags, his impossibly stiff cock pointing upward at the blue tent above.

Apart from Dee's gentle sobbing and Dumm's heavy breathing, the Twins lay quietly next to each other. They listened to the boisterous noises of the football game, on the lawn between the two tents. It was rather nice that the other younger lad's who had stayed behind were giving the twin brothers a bit of quiet, `to sleep in'. The late summer sun was now beating down and the air in the tent was almost stifling, but the heady mixture of heat, stale spunk from last-night's sexy romp, and naked boy was intoxicating.

"But the enema tube goes in..." Dumm had a pleading tone in his voice.

"Enema tubes don't have big bulbous heads, do they?" Dee sobbed Dumm thought Dee was, quiet unnecessarily, pointing out the conspicuous thing about both of their penises!

"I'll bet if you relaxed it wouldn't hurt so much." Dumm grumbled finally, sounding as if he had caught Dee cheating at a game of monopoly.

"We need to make it slippery, like Mummy does with that enema tube."

"She uses Vaseline! And Osbert used some Vaseline as well!" Dumm said cheerily, having perked up at the notion that he may yet get to penetrate that wonderful hole.

"We don't have any Vaseline, stupid!" Dee said and Dumm's heart sank again. "I suppose, we may just have to wait to do this until we are back home..."

"Shit!" Dumm said, not even embarrassed at the rude word he had used. "I'm dying to do it now!"

"Yes, me too," Dee said.

Then Dumm remembered something: "You know what happened last night?" Dumm went on to explain: "at one point Billy Bunion told Osbert: "Spit out some of that cum in me hand, then I can split yer bum wide open!"

"Oh, err... that was very rude!" Dee groaned but from the way he tossed his circumcised cock gently, he was clearly finding Dumm's anecdote very erotic.

"And so Bashful spat in his hand - then Billy made me hold Osbert's ankles and pull back, so that his bum rolled up in the air, then he rubbed spit into Bashful's hole and onto his own cock. Then he rammed it home."

"Spit is rather slippery, isn't it? Maybe we could get a lot of spit all over your willy and my bum and maybe then it would work." Dee had cheered up no end!

"Oh yes," Dumm said brightly, "I can think of a good way for you to get spit on my willy, but how will I get spit all up in your hole?"

"With your tongue, I suppose," Dee replied pragmatically.

"Oh gross!" Dumm snorted. "You can forget that! I'm not putting my tongue where your poop comes out."

"You already put your tongue where my pee-pee comes out," Dee pointed out.

"That's different." Dumm said after a moment's reflection. "There's no wee-wee left over on your willy after a wee, but there's always poop left over after you wipe. And besides, poop is a whole lot yukkier than wee."

"Well, I suppose so..." Dee conceded. "But, we better do something soon, or just give up. It's practically lunch time and those Pratt brothers and Cedric will want us out of bed soon."

A shriek from outside informed them that Cedric Snotfinkel had either scored the first football goal of his short life or he had just had a supreme sexual climax. Either way he was a very happy chubby boy!

"I have an idea," Dee said, which was not surprising, as it was usually he who had the ideas. He lay on his back, kicked off and rolled his legs up over his head until his buttock hovered directly over his enthusiastic face. If his cock had been as long as Mr Jollybottom's he could easily have sucked himself off.

The ten-year-old brother looked at Dee's contorted flexible, little body in astonishment. Dee looked up over his own boy's cock bobbing over his face, then he looked his identical brother straight in the eye and he gave a friendly wink.

Dumm heaved a deep sigh of resignation -- his older brother was usually right and usually got what he wanted. He didn't need to be told what to do, for that magical, non-verbal communication that takes place between twins, directed his actions. He promptly straddled Dee's face with his smooth thighs and, after bending it down severely, the first two inches of his cock were soon getting a splendid tongue bath.

With a hand on each of Dee's smooth, round bum cheeks, Dumm spread the cleavage open. He had to bend over and get pretty close to see the proffered orifice in the bluish-gloom of the tent. Ten-year old nostrils detected a slight shitty odour, but the pungent scent of aroused boy was stronger. Dumm kissed both of Dee's soft white globes, thrilling at the naughty contact with this, otherwise, most private of places. In this position Dee's anus was wide open, and Dumm had a clear view, just inches from the target. He snorted up a copious volume of spittle, collected it in a balloon-like cheek and then dribbled it directly onto and into Dee's gaping bumhole.

"Oh... Err..." Dee tensed a little, but soon relaxed as he came to enjoy the sensation.

"All right, Dee?" Dumm asked, "Shall we try again?"

Dee released his twin brother's three-and-a-half-inch long, spit-coated cock and rolled once more onto his side, tucking his knees to his chest. He could feel Dumm's warm saliva leaking down across one bum cheek. Dumm was behind him in a flash, and then Dee once again felt the bulbous fleshy glans, that topped off Dumm's thin shaft, prod against his arsehole. It felt warm and moist and much nicer, and this time Dee had much better success relaxing his muscles. Dee actually pushed back against Dumm as the boy shoved into him and with surprisingly little difficulty, the boy's fat cock head slipped into the tight hole up to the ridge of his glans.

Dumm's cockhead was in Dee!

"Oh my!" Dumm was thrilled.

"Ouch, ouch!" Dee said not really complaining, but as the shaft shoved deeper into his bowel, there was a sharp pain as the bulging cockhead wedged his arsehole further and further open. Instinctively Dumm paused at this point, giving them both times to get used to the tremendous new sensations.

It didn't hurt as much as Dee had expected it to, but then Dumm had a relatively slim shaft below the chunky head of his cock and the spongy head had contracted allowing access, it would then fill out once more when it was past the guardian sphincter. The real test was yet to come when the rest of his shaft pushed its way in. Dee's fingers gently brushed over his own hole and the short hard length that still protruded from his hole. He was left in no doubt that he had something in his arse.

"Goodness me, Dee," Dumm grunted huskily in his ear. "It's so hot and tight! It feels like my willy is squeezed in a vice. Are you okay?" He raised his eyebrows quizzically, hoping that his brother was enjoying it enough to allow him to go further.

The older twin assessed his condition and answered with a throaty: "Yes, you can go in farther, if you want to." Without giving this brother any opportunity to change his mind, Dumm got a better grip on Dee's hips to force his way past his brother's tightening sphincter.

"Well, here goes," the boy said, and Dee felt the pressure against the small ring of muscle increase slowly. "Oh the insides of your poop-tunnel is sooo soft!" Dumm murmured. Dee Tweedle tensed, trying not to tremble, while his face registered desire and gratification all at the same time. He vigorously fought the urge to resist, willing his hole to stay open.

"Come on, Dumm," Dee gasped, "I can take more." Dumm paused again, but Dee really didn't need the respite. It was relatively comfortable at this point, with only two of Dumm's slim three-and-a-half inches inside him.

"Go on, Dumm. Do it!" It surprised him to realise how tense his stomach and chest muscles were, as he was perfectly relaxed now, no longer afraid, and he felt himself dilate to allow Dumm's pre-pubescent cock to slide home easily.

Dumm he didn't need to be told twice - he showered small, nibbling kisses of gratitude on Dee's neck, cheek, ear and shoulder. Dee could feel Dumm's warm, hairless body against his back as the thin cock resumed its journey up Dee's rectum. The intruder-cock made Dee feel so full and wonderfully contented.

Even though he was only ten years old, Dee somehow knew that being loved by a boy was entirely natural for him. He was meant to take their cocks in every orifice of his body. Then the thin, hard boy-cock slowed and stopped; and he felt Dumm's soft scrotum pressing against his bum - his brother and lover was in him to the hilt.

"Oh, Dee!" Dumm groaned and shuddered. "It's all the way in!" All three and a half inches of the twin's long and thin erection cock were proudly lodged in Dee's bottom hole.

They had done it! They had done the dirty forbidden thing they had seen the night before.

"Dee, Are you okay? Can I start going in and out yet?" The older boy felt hot breath on his ear. Then as a after-thought, Dumm added: " Please!"

"Yes, but go slowly, will you?" Somehow Dee managed to get the words out. Dumm slowly withdrew his prick about half an inch and gently shoved it back in to the hilt.

"Ooooh!" Dee wailed softly as the naughty willy hit bottom once again.

Dumm pulled back a little more this time, and ploughed it back in a little faster this time. Dumm was partly making all this up as he went along; partly copying what he had seen the night before; but mostly he was following his basic instincts. Dumm had to fight back an impulse to pump hard and deep and fast, but he did not want to hurt his brother/lover! But then a moan of pleasure from Dee made him bolder, and he repeated the thrust with greater force as his mushroom-headed cock hit bottom -- hard!

"Yes!" Dee grunted, "Oh yes, Dumm, yes!" There was no denying that it hurt, but it was an amazing kind of pain, and there was a spot somewhere inside of him that produced the most unimaginable sensations when Dumm's dick touched it. He needed Dumm to fuck him deep, to keep touching that wonderful spot again and again!

His own dick, which had gone flaccid during initial penetration, now started filling with blood and lengthening to its full three-and-a-half inches. Dee gently caressed his bluish, circumcised cockhead then he set about stroking the hard slim shaft.

Dumm next thrust, pushing in even harder than before, and as the bulbous cockhead brushed that magic spot again, Dee felt a strange, unfamiliar feeling. It was the faint stirrings of his first orgasm beginning deep within him. He had never even considered that he might be able to cum just like the big boys did last night, but suddenly he hungered for it.

"Fuck me, Dumm, please!" Dee Tweedle heard himself wail. Dumm was surprised, but wasted no time throwing himself into the task. Firming up his grip on Dee's hip and shoulder, the young cocksman pulled out about halfway and banged it home with a brutal grunt, the wave of pleasure it sent through his body far outweighed any discomfort. The physical sensations were incredible. Another, deeper, thrust followed immediately, making him feel full on the in strokes, and miss that fullness on the outward strokes. The thrusts kept burning into his bowel, brushing across that one wonderful spot on every thrust and sending ripples of erotic pleasure in every direction.

Dumm was pumping faster now, grunting in Dee's ear with each stroke. Dee's anus was wide open for him - a smooth, soft tunnel enveloped his cock. Dee was having the best sex of his young life, and it wouldn't be much longer before he reached his first real orgasm.

Somehow, Dee still had the presence of mind to recognise the sensuality of submitting to his brother - of being completely at his mercy. The lad loved the feel of his brother's hands gripping his body so tightly as he pumped his young cock into his arse. Dumm's orgasm was getting close, too. Sweat oozed from Dumm's forehead onto Dee's shoulder and their lithe, clammy bodies generated a sexy heat as Dumm's chest and belly writhed against Dee's sweaty back.

Then, almost too soon, an unfamiliar feeling was building up inside Dee Tweedle. Suddenly his orgasm loomed, and it scared him. Dee's eyes were clamped so tightly shut he saw little coloured patterns dancing in the darkness. The hard thing in his clenching arsehole was driving him crazy -- he felt like yelling and crying.

Deep inside him his impending eruption loomed.

Then with a scream muffled by his clenched teeth, Dee came!

Spasms wracked his hairless frame as the invading cock, with its mushroom-head, continued to thrust. His muscles tensed and his small anus clutched the thin prick in a vice-like grip.

As Dumm thrust harder, his own orgasm overtook him. He buried his cock to the hilt as his hairless balls laboured fruitlessly to shoot a spurt of non-existent boycum. Deep in his bowels, Dee felt the cock pulsing with life; his small body matched every throb of Dumm's cock with the clenching convulsion of his anus.

The twins writhed and rocked together for a long time, savouring their shared dry-orgasms and their brotherly closeness, until their strength finally ebbed and they slumped to stillness.

Dee slowly became conscious of Dumm's damp face, resting on his own cheek. Their legs were now intertwined. As Dee moved a little, he realised his twin's semi-hard cock was still lodged in him. It wasn't unpleasant, and in fact, he didn't want to ever leave Dumm's embrace.

"God, Dee," Dumm was still gasping softly from his exertion, "that was the best thing ever!"

"I know." The older boy said, "I never would have believed I'd like it up my bum!" Dee's heart was pounding and he felt very special.

"Didn't you ever put anything up there before?" Dumm asked incredulously.

"No. Why, did you?"

"Well, yes. When I take a bath I stick my soapy finger up there."

"I never even thought of anything like that." Dee seemed genuinely surprised at his younger brother's adventurousness. "But I rather like the enema Mummy gives me sometimes, but not the way I like this, though!"

"Yeah, it is wicked!" Dumm agreed. Dee felt the thin cock beginning to expand again inside him.

"Dumm, no," he protested. "We can't to do it again. The others might catch us at it!"

"Well, I suppose you're right," Dumm grumbled.

They noticed there was no noise from the footballers: in fact it was ominously quiet. The reality of their compromising situation gradually dawned on the twins. Dumm disentangled his legs from Dee's and allowed his stiffening cock to slide from his brother's soft, hot orifice.

"Whew!" Dumm said as wrinkled his nose very prettily. "Smells like shit!"

Dee looked at his twin brother intently in the blue light of the tent, which had somehow, become much brighter. Was it magic?

"Oh my yes!" Dee said as he rolled away. But Dee Tweedle's heart and mind were full of other, much more tender thoughts. "Err... Dumm..." Dee began haltingly, he wanted to say - `you are my brother,' and he tried to say - `and you have been my best friend all my life,' and his heart cried out to say - ' and this sex stuff only makes me love you more'. But all Dee could manage to saw was: "That was very cool!"

Then he gently took Dumm's face in his hands and their lips met. A few tend, pecking kisses, and then they crushed their tender lips together, ardently, as they wrapped their arms in a lover's embrace.

The kiss lasted a long, long time.


"Arummh!" Snowy cleared his throat, but he was rather sorry to break the spell and disturb the very pretty lovers. He and Doc had arrived at 'The Woods' a good deal earlier and immediately been swamped by two of the three Dumm boys and young Sneezy. After settling in, Snowy asked were the others were and Cedric had said the older lads were up in the hill somewhere and that the slightly sissy brothers had slept in, but it was taking awfully long, in his opinion.

And so they went to wake the Tweedle twins. Snowy and Doc had unzipped the tent flaps and thrown them back, allowing the late summer sun to flood the tent. It was abundantly evident that the brothers were wide-awake and hard at it!

It might have been the sunlight that did it, but something caught Dee's eye. At first, the older of the twins found himself thinking: "where are his wings?" The entrance of the tent framed a blond boy - a vision of loveliness, with golden hair, a divine face and, from what he could see, looking at the figure against the sunlight, the boy bore around his head a band that could only be a halo. For several minutes, Dee thought a blonde angel was visiting them - then reality dawned on him. He broke away from his brother's marvellous embrace.

"Oh no!" Dee shrieked.

"Fucking shit!" Dumm yelped, trying to hide his rather slimy brown cock, and not even pausing to think about the rude word he had just uttered.

Dee jumped up and made a dive for his underpants, as any ten-year-old boy would do, who had been caught with his pants down and his cock up!

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" Dumm wailed. He had been caught doing the very rudest thing possible to his brother and he was now in big, big trouble. He started to cry. Seeing this, his brother rushed to his side and hugged him protectively.

Clinging to each other just a little defiantly, the naked boys looked just like those twins in the horoscope, thought Snowy Whyte.

Seated cross-legged on the lawn outside the brother saw Pip and Patrick Pratt, Cedric Snotfinkel, a nerdish Chinese man in and anorak and the blond boy who they now saw was not an angel but wore an odd sort of turban.

"ATTCHOO! ATTCHOO!" Cedric broke the silence.

"Are they bonking?" Squeaked Pip, in his high-pitched little boy voice.

"Cor, I'll say they are bonking!" Declared Dopey, in his slow singsong voice. "And that were a real big bonk!"

"No it woz a fuck an' a `alf, mate!" Said Cedric, while he rubbed his crotch to signal his approval.

"Where did you two take lessons, Dumm?" Dopey asked, a little jealously.

Thinking they were being taunted, Dumm Tweedle began to cry again.

"Damn!" Dee exclaimed. That did it. Snowy Whyte's emotions got the better of him. He entered the tent, sat down beside Dumm and held him tightly to his chest trying to console him. He had always thought kids other than himself were strong and Macho and would never show a sign of weakness like crying. But clearly he was wrong.

Human nature was telling him this was a ruse, by the boys to get out of any potential trouble they imagined they were in, but Snowy was a trusting soul, and sometimes he was too trusting. Snowy Whyte resolved their distress was genuine and he would do what he could to comfort them.

"Who... who... are you?" Dumm sobbed.

"I am Snowy Whyte," the pretty blonde child said. Snowy imagined the ordeal of getting caught must have been too much for the little boys, particularly the one who had been doing the fucking.

"Come on, Dumm, please don't cry." Said his brother, who was fighting a losing battle against his own tears.

"Yes come on, Dumm," Snowy Whyte said as he hugged him. "Calm down. No one is going to hurt you." He rubbed his hand from Dumm's shoulders to the small of his back, again and again. Finally, the naked boy calmed down and started to relax.

"Yeah, mate!" Said Cedric sweetly, "We are all lads `ere and we're all yer mates!" Dee and Dumm could tell that the blond lad and the assembled voyeurs meant them no harm.

"What are you all doing here?" asked Dee. He had regained his composure and was feeling much better but was still disconcerted by such a large audience.

"I suppose it looks like one o' us `as been selling tickets?" Joked Cedric, and both the spectators and the two star actors in the main attraction laughed heartily!

"Now, tell me," said Snowy Whyte in a much more earnest tone, "how did two sweet little fellows like you, find out about this sort of thing?"

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