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by Graham Day

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Authors note:

  1. This story may contain descriptions of sexual acts between boys and/or men and boys so if this is not to your tastes, please leave now. If you are under age, or if it is illegal in your state or country to read or possess material like this then it is in your own interest to leave now.
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A term that has been used since the 80's meaning a Geek or a Nerd. A person who is very interested in the trivia and unimportant details of their hobby and does not like to be sociable. An 'anorak' is always male, usually unfashionable and possibly a train-spotter.





On Tuesday morning, a sober mood prevailed at `The Woods' and even Felix's announcement that they were all going fishing, did not seemed to lift the camper's spirits.

The entire company had slept unexpectedly well, this being largely due to the total lack of sleep-depriving hanky-panky on Monday night. This was partly due to the fresh country air and the vigorous exercise climbing Hobbit Hill, but the primary reason was that they were all scared to death that Snowy Whyte would have another wobbly attack!

Instead of the anticipated loving welcome from their leader, four of the seven Anoraks were summonsed to Snowy's bungalow, and given a royal bollocking for their brazen and inconsiderate fornication in front of two such innocent lads as the Tweedle twins.

Bashful Prim and Grumpy Smyke were told in no uncertain terms to patch up their differences and stop their "who-can-get-fucked-most-often" competition; Happy Jollybottom got a telling-off for his shameless behaviour; and Sneezy Snotfinkel had a sneezing attack, when he was accused of trying to sexually provoke the entire population of the `The Woods'.

As if it were not enough, that Snowy had thrown all of his toys out the proverbial cot, he then threw the big teddy out as well! If there were any wonton repetition, he said, he would strip the offender of his status as a Snowy Whyte Anorak!

Word of Snowy's reprimands soon spread. Choirboys, Anoraks, and hangers-on alike were consequently all too afraid to put a dick in even the most willing of orifices.

Then, to prevent any recurrence, Snowy ordered all the pre-teens to move their sleeping bags into the bungalow he and Doc were sharing. There, they were to sleep on the floor, but this too, proved to be a mistake. Consumed with guilt for causing all the trouble, Dumm and Dee Tweedle spent the night weeping; Pip Pratt peed in his sleeping bag and needed to be changed; and worst of all, was when Doc innocently nudged Dopey's soft cock during the night, the slow-witted child became hysterical, crying that Snowy was going to strip them both of their beloved anoraks!

Amid all this despondency, the subject of the day's fishing came up at breakfast. The twins submitted that they were rather tired, and perhaps they should say behind in the tent to sleep!

"Yeah, right!" Snorted Sneezy, desperate to avoid another avalanche of Snowy-censure, "we all know wot sort of sleepin' ya planning!" As a single, miserable tear trickled down Dumm's rosy cheek, Snowy knew he had gone too far!

Oddly, it was Jack Jerker, Billy Bunion and Dick Flaunting-Flasher who revealed the only signs of a deviation from the prevailing air of gloom. The two straight lads and the lanky Anorak seemed to be positively euphoric. All agreed, it was somewhat scary seeing Dick smiling. This trio of happy campers was up and dressed before anyone else and they cooked an excellent breakfast, even though they were not on the roster for kitchen duty. They laughed and joked; made a sandwich-lunch for the entire group; did the washing-up, and then said they would forego the pleasures of a fishing-trip and were contemplating a full-day hike by themselves!

During breakfast Smyke stood up and duck-taped a large plastic bag to the wall of the dinning facility. This done, he hand-wrote a sign, then taped it above the plastic bag. The sign simply drew attention of the group's humanitarian obligations, it proclaimed:

Gift 4 the Vicar

Stick your dirty underpants in here!

Remember the dirtier the better!

By order Grumpy

Several of the lads though this was an excellent practical joke, but the anoraks knew better! Bashful suggested they put Jock's "starchy shorts" in the bag as a first contribution, while Dopey volunteered Pip's piss sodden y-fronts from the previous nights `accident'.

The more naive among them just looked perplexed. "But what if there a poo skid-marks on them?" asked Dee Tweedle, anxious not to offend the nice old Vicar.

"Knowin' our Vicar, mate, `e will fink its brown cocaine and try to snort it up!"

Smyke's joke seemed to cheer the lads up somewhat.


"Now, let me be sure I have understood you correctly," said the Reverend Prim as he poked disconsolately at the slice of what the tearoom passed-off as marble-cake. "You have arranged for the good Dr. Whyte to be released into your care, Mrs Whyte and you..." he looked over at Hyacinth Snodgrass, "...in your social worker capacity, will be keeping him under strict supervision?"

"My dear, dear Vicar, I knew you would... understand!" The second Mrs. Whyte said in her most ingratiating fashion.

Their party of four sat in the Thunder Lightning & Rain tea-room and restaurant at 13 Heath Street. The Vicar looked suspiciously at his surroundings. The interior was Scottish Baronial and the Victorian Gothic ornamentation had a touch of a horror film-set about it.

"And you, Poppy, are going to be employed as cook-house-keeper by the Whyte family?" He asked Mrs. Baker, his former housekeeper.

"Well I am certainly pleased to confirm that, Vicar," Poppy Baker grinned, "I am so looking forward to being in the service of dear Mrs Whyte and the Doctor, of course."

The Vicar had no intention making this any easier for the Whyte woman, but he knew he was on shaky ground. The police wished to close the file on the Snowy Whyte abduction. Worse yet, there was no material evidence to link Mrs Whyte with the deranged German, who had given the boy a dangerous electric-toothbrush, in the second attack on Snowy.

"Marvellous!" said Miss Hyacinth Snodgrass, who had acted as mediator to get this meeting set-up. She seemed to be genuinely pleased with herself, as she tucked into he slice of "Lemon Frog's-Spawn Tart" which Lady Beth, the restaurant-owner, had assured them was made with real frog spawn!

"You must believe me, Vicar it is my husbands dearest wish to be home with his family... His whole family." Chrysanthemum Whyte said, emphasising the word whole in a way that included her stepson, Snowy, then she spooned into her mouth another portion of "Chocolate Bat-Dropping Pie"-- the Vicar did not want to know what was in that!

"And you have arranged to have Mrs Baker take over the cooking, have you?" The Vicar went over the details once more. Secretly he was hoping that Sunday Lunch at the Whyte's would soon be restored to their former glory. "And none of this `New Earth Cuisine'?" He knew that his former housekeeper could cook exceptionally well, even if she had been baking these eccentric cakes that they served here at Thunder Lightning & Rain.

"Whatever dear Snowy wishes, will be our command." Oozed Mrs Whyte.

"Oh, and are you sure you are ready for that, Poppy?" Probed the Vicar, "as I recall it, you dislike little boys..." The Vicar recalled the bitter quarrel, which broke out concerning little Cedric Snotfinkel, which had eventually ended to his dismissing Poppy Baker.

Mrs. Baker looked pained and sat rather stiffly in her chair. She looked at Mrs Whyte for support then she forced a smile: "Young Snowy is quiet another matter, Vicar! A perfect little angel, he is." She knew there was no arguing with the Vicar on that topic.

"Well," said the Vicar "I am sure my dear friend, the Doctor, is looking forward to getting back to his practice! I know how much his patients have missed him."

"Good Lord, no!" Exclaimed the second Mrs. Whyte; "I have put the practice up for sale. There will be no time for medicine when the Doctor takes over Whyte Hall."

The three women tuned as one to watch the Vicar's reaction.

"Whyte Hall?" Reverend Prim looked very confused. "But... but... that is his cousin, the Earl of Windsor's place?"

"Well yes, my dear Vicar, it was," said Hyacinth Snodgrass, using much the same voice she would use to address a child, "but the thirteenth Earl died last week." She remained silent for an instant, to allow her words to sink in, then she added: "Doctor Whyte has inherited his title, provided he and his heir take up residence in Whyte Hall with in the next week."

"You do understand, don't you?" Mrs Whyte inquired.

"Oh, yes..." said the Vicar, as a shrewd grin transformed his round face, "I understand completely, but tell me, Lady Whyte, do you?"

The second Mrs Whyte did not like the expression on the Vicar's face one little bit!


From mid-April to mid-October it was possible for visitors to this glorious part of Britain, to enjoy fly-fishing for brown trout, from either the bank or onboard a boat. The problem was that the Reservoir was a popular spot and so the far bank was pretty busy. However the St Giles' lads were spoilt, having a clear run at the trout from their private shore on the private eastern banks of the Reservoir.

After that first night with Smyke and his bit of fun with Jock the previous day, Felix Jollybottom felt oddly pleased with himself -- well, as pleased as an adult male could feel, after enduring a bawling-out from an eleven-year-old!

Felix drew on his body-hugging, red cycling-shorts and headed for the old boathouse on the shore of the lake to see what kind of trouble he and the lads could get up to on such a glorious new day.

In spite on Snowy Whyte's injunction, Felix could not help feeling sexually adventurous! His blood had been roused! Anal sex with Grumpy had opened new horizons to the red-haired man and when he heard that Osbert Prim had happily accommodated three of the other lads up his tight bottom, he wondered what it would take to get a bit of Bashful's bum!

Anyway, much as he loved little boys, he now determined to fuck more bums in future. In fact, he was feeling so stirred up and horny, that he even contemplated taking a quick dip to cool his ardour, but the waters of the Reservoir, proved far too cold!

A weathered sign, dating from a time before this was Church property, still hung on the side of the ancient, grey-wood shack:

ô Guided Fishing Trips ô
Š Safe Swimming Š

"Alright Grumpy?" Felix greeted Damien Smyke, who stood waiting for him. "So, `ow was your night?"

"Bloody boring mate, me hole woz twitching va whole night." Smyke retorted.

"Well, then wot about you an' me make up for lost time, mate?" Happy whispered close to Smyke's ear.

"Fuckin' great plan mate, I'm in yer boat for sure!" Grumpy Smyke gave the plan a grateful thumbs-up.

The remainder of the group sauntered disconsolately toward the shore, as Smyke and Felix dragged out the fishing rods, a few old canoes, three sailing dinghies and they attached the ancient outboard-motors, to two of these craft. Doc busied himself with distributing lifejackets to those planning on using one of the craft.

As Snowy Whyte approached the docks, he saw Felix helping Patrick Pratt and some of the other campers into their boat.

"So, Snowy, mate, wot can I do for you?" Felix asked respectfully and he smiled at the blond beauty that approached him.

"Well I think I will stay here and rest on the shore. My head hurts a bit, but you all go off and have fun will you?" Said Snowy very sweetly, then he added: "...and I do mean fun! All sorts of fun! In fact every sort of fun that you can dream of, and that is a command!" His meaning was clear - even to the littlest member of the group - Snowy had backed down!

"Well mon, said Fred, good-naturedly, "I think dat staying on da bank is a real good idea. You Brits have no idea what fishing is, mon. Fishing is something ya do in da sea, mon, not in a river!"

"Well that leaves more fish for va rest o' us, mate!" Said Cedric as he elbowed Fred out of the way and jostled into the sailing dinghy that Smyke had commandeered for himself and Felix. The pair sat waiting for Jollybottom to join them, while he made final arrangements.

"You black lad's from overseas, ya are all so funny..." Shouted Cedric Snotfinkel, with innocuous, but awful prejudice.

"We're funny alright," agreed Fred Marley, a playful smile wrinkling the corners of his mouth, "sure we Jamaican's are funny: but we don't call our towns Barking, Dorking, The Isle of Dogs and Chipping Sodbury. We island people might be funny, but you won't find me apologising to you if you stand on my toe.

"We foreigner's don't put little knitted hats on our soft-boiled eggs, mon. And we don't call our supper, tea or call our lunch, dinner! We might be funny, but we don't have names like Major Tosspot or Miss Inkwell or Lord Brownless or Lady Buttocks. You do all this, mon, and den you say we are de funny ones!"

Cedric looked a little sheepish following this good-humoured tirade. Snowy didn't like his friends being so thoughtless -- but that was an Anorak for you -- always putting a fellow's back up!

Then Snowy noticed what a good-looking lad the dark boy was. He had such pretty eyes and such a lovely colour. The blond lad followed the black lad with his eyes as he wandered off along the banks of the Reservoir, away from the fishermen.

Fishing rods in hand, the Tweedle twins giggled as they attempted to balance their way into their very wobbly canoe. Felix helped them to push-off, and marched over to join his tubby lover and Grumpy Smyke.

"So Felix, me ol' mate, are we gonna catch us some big ones?" The chubby boy asked, the distance between the palms of his hands, indicating the size of the dick of your average well-endowed horse.

"Sure we are, mates! Let us to `em!" Felix said, then he untied the boat, got in and, taking an ore in hand, he pushed their craft away from the dock. Smyke started the spluttering outboard motor.

Jollybottom was just endeavouring to steer the boat, when Patrick shouted across to him for the other motorised craft: "Oy, `appy, me dad told me va big ones are always back in va north of the Reservoir."

"That's fine then, we will head va other way, mate. Good luck ta yer!" Felix shouted back as the other boat bore Patrick, Jock, Dopey and Doc away.

Felix gave his own party a very meaningful wink and said: "I think we needs us some privacy lads, wot do yer say?"

"Did I 'ear yer proper?" Asked Smyke hopefully. "Did yer promise to give me bum one o' yer special goings over?"

Cedric giggled so much his wobbling was making the boat rock. About ten minutes latter Felix cut the motor when the reached a secluded conifer-lined cove. Best of all it was hidden from the fishermen on the far shore. "Well this looks good an' private, what yer say, Grumpy me ol' china?"

"Well lover-boy, I fink its time yer waved yer big rod about!" Sneezy sniggered merrily.

"Give over, mate! Let's give va lads a chance to let fings settle down, then we `ead off to va bank and we go into va woods for a bit of the old how's yer father. Alright?" Felix proposed.

And so for a time they contented themselves with the type of fishing the Church might approve of.


By the time Jerker, Bunion and Flaunting-Flasher had trudged their way along the entire length of the hedgerow, which divided them from the nudist camp, and deprived them of the opportunity of seeing real naked women and girls in the flesh, they were loosing just a little of the spring in their step.

"We musta bleeding missed it!" grumbled Jack Jerker. "There `as ta be a bleedin' way through and we bleedin' missed it! Now, let's do it again and keep yer bleedin' eyes open lads!"

They set off once again, scanning every inch of the seemingly impenetrable growth of natural thorn, for even the merest chink in the thicket.


"Yes!" Fred Marley exclaimed when, at last, he found a secluded clearing in the woods. His eyes darted in several directions, to make sure no one was watching. The coast being clear, he trotted quickly through the chest-high bracken to the spot he was looking for - a shallow depression surrounded by a wild growth of weeds. Low conifer branches spread overhead, allowing dappled sunlight to filter through, but very effectively screening out any prying eyes. It was as private a place as a fifteen-year-old could hope to find.

The young tenor in the church-choir sank to the ground, paused and listened for a minute. Satisfied he was truly alone, he popped his top jeans button open, tugged at the zipper and wrestled his Levi's to his knees.

A surge of relief ran through him as his young manhood sprang free of its denim constraints, stretching out and half-hard in the comparative comfort of only his white briefs. But it wasn't nearly enough relief, though, as Fred had been anticipating this wank-off session since before breakfast and nothing short of the real thing would satisfy him.

He lifted his broad hips and slid his underwear down as well, exposing his ebony-coloured genitals to the cool air and settling his smooth, bare bum down into the prickly grass. He lay back and lifted his St Giles Choir T-shirt up as far as he could, without actually removing it, leaving his handsome brown body nude from the armpits to his knees.

Though Fred wasn't really aware of it, he was a very good-looking boy. He was blessed with a broad, open face and huge, intelligent brown eyes. His build was robust and strong, being big for his age. He was ever so slightly stocky; his arms were well developed and muscular, as were his thick legs.

It just wasn't something the ever even occurred to him, to think he might be attractive to others. Besides, his grandmother called him "big boned", this was something he hated; as this was Jamaican-shorthand for a big, fat, black-boy!

He lay there, as nature intended, in the dappled shade. Physically Fred was developed beyond the level of other lads his age, which didn't bother him at all. Compared to some of the white fifteen-year-old boys he had caught glimpses of in the showers, Fred was a man, while they were still struggling their way through the agony of pimples and puberty.

While other fifteen-year-olds were praying that puberty would bring them the gift of a serious increase in the size of their cock, Fred Marley had no worries in that department! Fred Marley was very well endowed! His huge long uncut cock, hang over his right thigh, even half-hard it had a length and girth that many an adult male would have envied. His huge cock had a large pinkish-brown head poking out of the foreskin. Most noticeable, his cock was black - jet-black - in contrast with the light chocolate-brown of the rest of his young body.

Fred's legs were parted and his two large balls, hanging low and loose in their sack, nestled on the grass beneath him.

A small neat triangle of fine wiry fuzz above the monster was the only visible body hair. The Jamaican lad had no hair on his balls or on his cock at all. His legs arms and chest were likewise, equally smooth.

With a smile that reminded one of warm day in the tropics, the chocolate-coloured boy closed his eyes and began the ritual he had practised to perfection over the last nearly three years. His left hand gently traced a fingertip across his strong, slightly baby-fat chest until it came to his already excited nipple. A sharp black cone jutted out from his brownish-ebony aureole. He tickled it with a feathery-light touch, relishing the charge of erotic pleasure his little tit discharged. Over the past three years, since joining his grandmother in England, he had spent hours in his bed every night, paying a lot of attention to his ultra-sensitive nipples, even before he touched his dick. This foreplay never failed to help Fred to achieve even greater heights of orgasm.

But today, with all those white boys messing about in boats just beyond the trees, he'd have to forgo that luxury and take the short cut to happiness. His right hand traced down across his prominent belly and pubes he quickly found the long, stiff centre of Fred's universe. He gripped it affectionately between his thumb and four fingertips and eased into the rhythm, at which he had become so accomplished.

He tossed his big cock steadily, shifting his grip slightly as his speed increased. The soft black skin moved easily over the dick's nine-inch length, never quite completely covering the fat purplish-pink head. His loose egg-sized balls oscillated with the motion, and even that contributed to his pleasure. Familiar, happy sensations coursed through his body, overtaking the anxiety he had felt all morning in the company of his choir colleagues.

Sometimes Fred worried about his habit of masturbating, at least once, every single day. White lads made jokes about "wankers" and they said, "tossing off too much made you gay". Fred sometimes thought it odd that the boys, like Jack Jerker and Billy Bunion, seemed to know a lot about both tossing off and the kinds of things boys might do together to earn the label "gay". But they, themselves, would never do any of those things in a month of Sundays!

There had been whispered rumours of things happening in the broom-closet at St Giles, and everyone seemed very secretive about something bad that had happened right here at the Choir-camp -- none of which Fred ever understood much about.

Fred's mother had been fiercely religious and any mention of matters sexual was strictly forbidden. Consequently, as far as sex was concerned, Fred just didn't seem to know anything he was supposed to know. He had discovered the pleasure of stroking his stiff penis shortly after his ninth birthday, long before his mother had died and he had moved to England with, an equally religious, grandmother.

By the time Jack Jerker, Billy Bunion and the rest of Fred's circle of new white friends, had told him that masturbation was taboo, it was too late! By then his nightly ritual was so much a part of his life he could no more have stopped it than he could have stopped eating. What's more, he didn't want to stop. His rapidly growing cock was his favourite toy, and he thought the other kids were crazy to deny themselves such wonderful feelings. It was just another of those odd white-boy hang-ups -- he concluded.

It was odd that when he was tossing off he felt himself transported -- as if he was where he was supposed to be, doing what he was supposed to be doing, and all was well in his world. The fifteen-year-old felt he was in tune with every nerve ending and every fibre in his body - as if every throb of energy in the tip of his sensitive penis went straight to some happy-place in the deep recesses of his brain, filling him with a sense of rightness.

This was not a feeling that he enjoyed at any other time -- no! In fact, a deep and abiding sense of alienation seemed to be constantly reinforced. `An Island boy in a grey, wet climate - what do you expect?' his grandma said.

Take for example, Cedric's silly jest about black boys being odd, it hurt him deeply.

Even the way these silly English boys could become excited about catching some stupid little brown spotted fish offended him. That wasn't fishing -- fishing was done on the open sea and fishing was hooking a marlin; a swordfish; a huge fucking shark or a barracuda! That was fishing!

And yet... and yet... there was, sadly, another side to the coin! For inasmuch as he felt himself alienated by these strange white boys, he found himself almost stifled by sexual desire for their smooth white bodies!

Shadowy images crept into his consciousness, just as they always seemed to do over the last few months -- images of boys -- of white boys -- naked white boys! It was bad! It was wrong! It was unnatural - at least that was what his grandma said!

In his mind's-eye he saw a flash of pink skin - a boy, a nude boy - small and slim, blond and beautiful. The phantom boy smiled at Fred -- then he was gone.

The stocky tenor felt a shudder in his gut, the familiar tension starting in his balls, as his passion grew. At the same time his anxiety grew. Fred continued to massage his nipple as he stroked, feeling the build-up begin deep within him that would finally bring him, at least temporarily relief from the fire in his loins. Alternately, he held his breath and panted in time with the throbbing waves of pleasure that raced inside him. He knew he was getting close. His muscular arse clenched and relaxed rhythmically, grinding his soft brown skin against the rough ground.

Then that damned phantom boy was haunting him once more - the boy's beautiful face was familiar, but before he could identify it, the face was gone again, and Fred felt a longing in his soul, but for what, he did not know.

He continued to pound his cock, desperately reaching for the release that he craved. His right-hand began to cramp and he switched to his left, hardly missing a beat, and then he was back on the fast track to orgasm.

He felt it starting -- his feet in his dirty trainers dug into the sandy earth as his strong legs tensed, lifting him from the ground until his torso was arched in the air, with only his heels and shoulders supporting him. Fred stroked furiously, his hand a blur of motion between his hairless cocoa-coloured thighs. His open face contorted as if he was in grim agony. The pursuit of the ultimate boy's pleasure, had made him loose track of how long it had been since he had breathed, but still he bucked and strained toward the edge of ecstasy.

"Oh mon!" Fred managed to gasp as he came. He thrashed on the ground and continued to pump his raw fat cock as orgasm flooded through his young frame. The first creamy shot splattered on the nape of his neck and ran down either side of his thick brown neck. This was followed by several less dramatic, but equally creamy, volleys on teenage cum! His black, hairless balls quaked and pulsed and he gazed down proudly at the pools of rich fluid on his ample belly. He continued to stroke his dick, but slowing as the waves of excitement receded, until the roller coaster of his orgasm finally came to a stop and the Island boy slumped into the grass, spent.

Fred Marley lay there: eyes closed, blood drumming in his ears, chest undulating from his labours. The breeze was cooling the sheen of hot sweat on his chocolate skin. While he knew he couldn't afford to relax there for more than a few minutes, in the afterglow of his orgasm, he nevertheless found the sound of the wind so comforting that it gently lulled him to deep and well-earned sleep.


At about the time Fred was drifting off to sleep another drama was playing itself out on banks of the Reservoir.

It was the moment of decision! Patrick Pratt's fingers reached for Jock's groin. This was the last thing Jock Pringle had expected from the Pratt lad, after all, Patrick was all boy - boisterous and a school football ace.

The Pratt boy closed his long fingers around Jock Pringle's erection. Pratt was evidently not as straight as he appeared!

"Dinna dae that!" Jock groaned, knowing it was already too late!

"Give over, mate! Yer know yer wants it!" The rugged twelve-year-old whispered - his breath was hot on Jock's face. It struck Jock what an animal-like attractiveness the twelve-year-old Patrick had. He rested his cheek against Jock's red-flushed face. They were both on fire, even if Jock had difficulty admitting it. Pratt pushed the Scottish lad back until his shoulders were pressing against the half-submerged roots of one of the many trees on the shoreline.

Then Patrick swung his body over Jock's strong, slightly plump body and Jock could feel his hard cock pressing against his own. He put his hands on either side of the confused boy's head and gazed down at his pale freckled-skin and carrot-red hair.

"Alright Jock, mate?" He whispered as his groin circled against Jocks own. He felt Patrick drag up his T-shirt, pull it out of the waistband of his Khaki shorts and run his hands over his freckled torso.

"Jist dinna be touchin' ma like that, that's aw," Jock tried protesting, he was having trouble believing that this cocky looking young lad with his handsome face and his - big boned -- solidly-built frame, was making these gay moves on him!

Patrick laughed! "Give over won't ya? Don't be such a bleedin' sissy. All va lad's `ere enjoy a good wank!" A fine moustache of sweat had formed on his upper lip and he licked this off with one sweep of his tongue. He was hot and sweaty from roughhousing with his brothers, Doc and Jock, on the banks of the Reservoir. That was before he had tricked Jock into going off with him on some or other pretext.

Then his hands were at Jock's waist, feeling for the fastener of his trousers. He unfastened the buttons one by one. Jock's underpants bulged ominously, the head of his cock had pushed its way above the elastic waistband. Patrick briskly drew his ragged pair of khaki shorts and underpants from under his buttocks and down his pale, strong, almost-hairless legs. Jock's erection sprang into the cool air. His fingers closed round the shaft.

"Yea canna ta' it oot here!" Jock protested and he looked down the length of his body. Patrick was crouched over his groin, pulling his penis away from his body. The thirteen-year-old lad had one of those uncut cocks where the foreskin was too short to cover it. The glans and piss slit peaked out at the twelve-year-old assailant.

"Wow Jock, me ol' mate, yer foreskin is all snug and tight; it hugs yer knob like! I bet it feels good." Patrick said.

"Oh Naw!" He groaned when he saw Patrick had rolled back the foreskin. The head looked red and swollen.

Poor Jock Pringle watched horrified as Patrick put his lips over the head, then slid his whole length into his mouth! One hand manipulated his balls; the other smoothed the ginger cock-hair on his pubis as his head rose and fell over his crotch. Patrick's tongue slipped along the shaft of his cock and he licked and sucked the sparse ginger pubic hairs on his small pouch, then he suck each testicle one at a time. But Patrick didn't want Jock to come in his mouth, not just yet.

Jock's relief was mixed with more than a little disappointment, when the Pratt boy pulled away.

"Its no right tae do this!" He grumbled and he glared at Patrick. The lad, who was already stripped to the waist, stood up and he unbuckled his belt, unzipped himself and pushed down his pair of cut-off jeans. As they fell to earth, Jock could see the bulge in Patrick Pratt underwear. From the shape of it, it seems he has four very hard inches of rather thick, splendid cock. Jock guessed that the Pratt boy was either circumcised or very excited.

But then something unexpected happened: Patrick was close enough so that Jock could run his hands up his legs, he did not know what possessed him to do it, but Jock Pringle gripped Pratt's underpants and jerked them down to his knees. His cock sprang free. Patrick was circumcised. Jock could see the line of the cut two inches down the shaft. His penis looked like a small torpedo emerging from a few wispy blue-black hairs.

Jock found himself staring at the boy's fat little testicles, wondering if he could produce spunk yet. Patrick's chubby penis was really very lovely - his pubescent balls were fattening nicely; his few hairs were straight and very black, and the exposed pink knob begged to be touched.

The thirteen-year-old Jock lay there, utterly open, utterly exposed, T-shirt up around his neck, Khaki short-trousers and underpants around his ankles, his hair wet with his saliva, his erect penis oozing pre-cum, his balls tight in his scrotum.

Patrick supported himself on an outstretched arm, gripped the shaft of Jock's todger and lowered himself on top of the Scottish lad. As he circled Jock's groin with his own, he caused their erections to brush awkwardly together.

"Ye mustna dae that! But worse was in store for poor Jock Pringle, as the Pratt boy advanced further down his body and began kissing the swelling of his freckled, white tummy. Their cocks were impossibly hot and hard and their breath came in shorter gasps.

The Pratt boy moved his body up, heading for his face then Patrick leant down and, almost chastely, kissed him on the lips! Shocked, Jock turned his head away.

"It's no right fur a laddie tae kiss a laddie, is it?" He hissed.

Patrick pressed a hand between their bodies, took Jock in hand and pumped him fiercely. It was always strange for the twelve-year-old to feel his hand on a prick with foreskin sliding along it.

Jock's eyes were closed, his left hand cupped Patrick's nuts firmly and his legs pumped in a circular rhythm. Their breathing became shorter, shallower, and much faster, as the lads now masturbated each other's very hard looking cocks!

"Ye better leave it fur I'm gonna cum!" Jock called out as his head thrashed from side to side. With quick efficient strokes, Patrick brought the older boy's cock to a climax. Passable amounts of warm cum shot out and made a mess in Jock's sparse bush of ginger pubic hairs.

"Wow... that was cool, mate!" Then without warning, Patrick felt hot tremors race through his stomach and chest. Patrick groaned, his whole body was shaking as the tough lad climaxed again and again, splattering Jock' with an insignificant amount of thin boy-cum. The Pratt boy lay full length against the highland lad' body.

"We gotta do this again sometime. Me lil' bruvers would love a go wiv vat thing o' yours, mate."

"That's disgustin'," Jock gasped, a look of horror on his face.

"Dead right mate! We Pratt's are all disgusting -- it is a family tradition!"


By the time the trio had completed their second, more detailed explorations of the entire lengths of the division between them and the neighbouring nudist colony, Jack's feet were hurting.

He had removed his odoriferous trainers, drawn down his foetid woollen-socks and was gingerly prodding a wretched looking blister on his big toe.

"Ouch!" He exclaimed ruefully.

"But there has to be a way though" Billy Bunion whined like a disappointed four year old.

"And to fink o' all vat toddy, just next door..." Jack pouted.

"Perhaps... Perhaps there is another way..." said Dick Flaunting-Flasher, "what if we walk back to the gate we used to dive into the campground, then hike back to the main road and head east. That way we are sure to find the road they used to get their cars and camper-vans there in the first place." The two friends looked at each other and then looked back at the awkward older lad.

"Of course!" Exclaimed Billy "Go in via the bleeding front door! Why didn't I think o' that?"

"That could be bleeding miles and miles..." Grumbled Jack Jerker.

"Yeah, but fink o' all them naked tits, mate!" Billy's voice had regained some of its earlier enthusiasm.

"Well then, wot we bleeding waiting for?" asked Jack, as he drew his sock back over the blister.


Snowy Whyte really enjoyed sneaking up and spying on Fred Marley. In fact, he was rather sorry that the Vicar had never suggested voyeurism as a suitable hobby for a young fellow to take up, it would have spared him the time wasted on stamps, football and orienteering.

Watching the handsome black boy playing with himself had been as educational, as it had been exciting. Snowy had never seen a black boy's willy before - in fact, black cocks were rather poorly covered in his dad's medical textbooks, which Snowy thought rather a pity.

Snowy sat crossed-legged, a few feet away, watching the black boy sleeping off the exertions of a rather spectacular wank. Snowy had to fight the temptation to touch the black boy; to kiss his velvety skin and to lick up the creamy sperm before it all condensed but he was too well-brought up to do this without an invitation, and so he sat and watched and waited.

Even soft, Fred's cock was thick, sturdy and substantial, and from what Snowy had seen, when it was hard he could probably drive nails with it. Snowy could see thick veins running on the sides of his cock, and he really loved the contrast between the colour of the boy's coal-black cock and the cocoa-brown of the rest of his body.

And then there was the smell! Now Snowy had grown to know and love the smell of fresh teenage spunk, and there was that of course, but there was another, even more exciting smell emanating from the boy -- the smell of aroused black teen! It was a sharp, intoxicating smell, which made Snowy's cock throb in his soccer shorts.


At first Fred Marley thought it was part of his dream -- the boy -- the blond phantom boy from his dreams was sitting crossed-legged next to him.

When the reality dawned on him - Fred was very glad of his black skin, as red did not show up very easily when he was blushing and young Mr. Marley was blushing deeply.

"Oh my God!" Exclaimed Fred, his eyes snapping open. He startled poor Snowy, with the violence of his jerking about.

"I am sorry if I startled, you Fred," said Snowy sweetly, "but you looked so pretty lying there, I thought I would come and take a closer look."

"How much did you see, mon?" His big hands attempted to cup and cover the lovely big willy that the fair lad sat admiring.

"Enough to know that your are very good at it." Snowy giggled, then added: "in fact, if wanking every becomes an Olympic sport, I would say you would make the British team!"

"You are not going to tell, da other I do it, mon?" Snowy saw fear written on his handsome, dark features.

"Of course not, silly!"

"Really? Swear to God?"

"I promise." Said Snowy smiling at the boy, "besides, it was me sneaking up on you. So if there is a pervert about, it would be me."

"Well, thank God you are not, Jack Jerker, mon. He would give me a bad time."

"Yes," Snowy agreed. "I don't really know him but, from what all the guys tell me, he had a big complex about sexy things. Grumpy tells me all he can talk about is doing it with girls, but I'll bet Jerker doesn't know any more about 'doing it' with girls than rest of us." Snowy seemed pensive then added: "Well except for Dick Flaunting-Flasher, he dated my sister a few times, but that only qualifies him to comment on the sex life of pigs, not real girls."

"Jerker's an arsehole, mon," Fred said with obvious distaste. "Just 'cause he has a hairy white cock he thinks he's a big deal."

The Black boy started at the blond boy for some time. His eye traversed from the steely-white hair, wrapped in his turban of bandages, down to his little peak-toe leather sandals. There was no longer any doubt in Fred Marley's mind - this was the boy from his dreams.

Then Fred's roving eye spotted something he rather wished he had not seen: Fred's eyes glazed over and he uttered a very strange sound - at least that what Snowy thought he heard -- a very strange sound!

The last time Snowy had heard something like that was when his dad, the doctor, had a patient in his surgery, and no matter how gently the good doctor went to work, he had put his finger on exactly the spot where the pain was. That kind of low moan passed Fred's lips. Snowy followed the boy's eyes and found them glued to his white soccer shorts, more particularly up the leg to where Snowy's knickers had pulled way from his leg, a consequence of sitting cross-legged.

Snowy blushed very prettily, but made no effort to uncross or close his legs. Fred had never seen anything so lovely!

The juncture between the boys white, white thigh and his taught scrotum would remain etched in his mind for months, if not years, to come. He imagined his new friend, Snowy, removing those soccer shorts. His own dick lurched under his hand, and an old, familiar ache bloomed in his balls.

Knowing that the glimpse of his little cock had made Fred excited, hot and bothered, was an amazing turn-on for Snowy Whyte and he set about playing a little game with the beautiful black youth.

"Gosh I am sorry!" Snowy's apology was rather coquettish. "I know how loose these silly soccer shorts are on me. Well, I shouldn't have worn them. It was very rude of me. People just can't help looking up and seeing right up the leg hole of my shorts, and my underpants are awfully loose, too, and then you can't avoid seeing a little bit of my willy and balls!"

"Snowy," Fred began quietly. All at once Fred knew that this was the one person to whom he could confess anything. "If I tell you something, mon, do you promise not to tell anybody?"

"Yes, okay," Snowy said, appreciating his black friend's serious tone.

"Really, swear to God, mon?"

"Of course, I promise, you silly billy."

"Okay, mon, " Fred said, licking his dry lips, "it is just dat, I got a hell of a bone - from looking at you, Snowy." He looked quickly into Snowy's eyes for rejection of shock, but all he saw was the same compassion and friendship as before and he felt his stiff cock pulse beneath his hand. Fred decided he either trusted Snowy Whyte or he didn't, so he might as well tell all. "I... hmmm... play with mine... sometimes..." Fred stammered.

"You mean you wank off?" Snowy adopted a cautiously non-threatening tone.

"Yeah, mon. I do it a lot," Fred said sheepishly, searching for the slightest sign of disapproval from his friend.

"Every day?"

"Actually, it is more like all the time, mon!" Snowy didn't say anything, but Fred thought the boy's looked puzzled and a bit frustrated.

Fred decided to continue: "And when I do it I think of..." It had been a secret he had held for so long, he could not bring himself to betrayal it.

"If I tell you something will you keep it secret, too?" Snowy asked, a mischievous half-smile playing over his lips.

"Of course, mon," Fred replied, seeing the glint in his new friend's eye.

"Well," Snowy said slowly, "You're not the only one who gets a hard willy, you know. Lots of the lads here on the camp do..."

"Lots of da lads do?"

"Oh heavens, yes," Snowy said with a mischievous smile. "Bashful, Doc and Grumpy -- that's Damien Smyke. Then Dopey and his two brothers, of course, not to mention Sneezy - that is Cedric, you know, and Happy -- you call him Mr Jollybottom, I think. And a bunch of other lads too, I suppose, but I haven't caught them at it... well not yet, anyway."

"No shit?" Fred sighed. "All of dem gets da bone?"

"Not only do they get a bone, my friend, but they do stuff with their willies -- rude things - gay things!" Snowy informed him. "Why, only yesterday we caught the Tweedle twins going at it like bunny-rabbits."

"Wow," Said Fred, exhaling expressively. "Do you think the twins would let me see?"

They were both silent for a while. Fred realised he had said too much. He had to get away somewhere to either die of embarrassment or masturbate his aching meat, which was becoming increasingly difficult to conceal under both of his hands.

Snowy contemplated his next move. The fair lad smiled sheepishly and hesitantly asked: "Fred, what do you see in your sexy day-dreams?"

Fred didn't know whether to answer or not. Then after a considerable time he managed to whisper hoarsely: "When I do it I think of boys -- young boys like you, Snowy!" Fred did not even dare to look at the blond child, convinced the boy would run off screaming for his mother, or the police.

"Me too!" Snowy Whyte said, grinning. "I think of boys all the time when I play with my willy. In fact, I'm just dying to do it right now!"

"You are?" Fred's relief was obvious.

"Oh golly, yes! My willy has been hard since I got here and saw what you were doing."

Fred deliberated, for little more than half a second, then he spoke cautiously: "Okay mon, I will if you will."

"Well, I will if you will." Snow mimicked the older boy's cautious tone, but he was already stripping off his white T-shirt.

"Okay, it's a deal!" Fred said, absolutely thrilled at the prospect of wanking off with his new blond friend. It had never even occurred to him that someone as pretty and innocent looking, as Snowy might do it, too.

Snowy rolled over on his back, and Fred immediately saw the prominent lump in his white soccer shorts. It was definitely not a whopper but a little boy's hard cock - the type he had dreamed about countless times before.

"Let's take everything off, mon," Fred said thrilled at the prospect of seeing the blond child's naked cock. "You got to see me naked wid a bone mon, so now I gets to see you."

"Okay, let's get on with it, shall we?" Snowy said impatiently, tugging at Fred's arm and wishing he would remove his silly hand and expose his burgeoning dick.

They grinned at each other in delight as Snowy commenced peeling off his clothes. The blond lad fell on his sweet little bum, as he tried to pull the soccer shorts and underwear off both feet at once, in his unrestrained enthusiasm.

"That should teach me not to get over excited," Giggled Snowy, but Fred hardly heard his words, as he was watching fixedly as the boy flopped on his back, his stiff little cock aiming at the canopy of trees above. Fred found his mouth had become dry; even if he had tried, he couldn't get a word out.

Snowy had a bit more than three inches, and it was as slim as the rest of him. It was narrow at the base, swelled in the middle and ended in a glorious pink cherry-shaped tip. Snowy was uncircumcised and his surprisingly long foreskin was thick and tender. Tiny blue veins seemed to bulge under the very delicate, translucent-white skin. Beneath his small, rounded testicles nestled in a pleated pouch of his scrotum. The boy was perfectly smooth and without the slightest trace of hair. Snowy's right hand gripped his short hairless tool, already wanking it off like crazy and, in the process, turning poor Fred on big-time!

Shedding his inhibitions, Fred straightened up and removed his hand revealing his fat black sausage. The dark boy was fully erect; he took it firmly in hand and gave it a skilled wank.

"Oh my goodness!" Snowy exclaimed. "Oh, Fred, that looks wicked!" The Jamaican lad's nine-inch uncut cock was rock hard and the large pinkish-brown head poking out of the foreskin, appeared to beg to be fondled. As Snowy had observed earlier, his cock was noticeably blacker that the rest of his body, which was a yummy, light-chocolate brown!

Snowy Whyte wriggled closer to Fred, and both boys were suddenly aware of black and white legs touching, as they stroked their own cocks. The heat of another boy's proximity was wonderful, and fuelled their excitement. They wiggled even closer together until black and white hips and sides were touching, and black and white legs were intertwined.

Soon the two lads were stroking in happy unison, their body's quivering from their movements. Fred turned his head and there was Snowy's pink nipple, standing firm, and only inches away. The dusky youth reached over and began to tweak, twirl and tease the tiny rubbery nipple.

"Oh Fred..." Snowy groaned. It thrilled Fred to know he was giving his new chum a rush of sexual pleasure - still pinching the boy's pointed nipple, Fred turned on his side, faced Snowy and watched him stroke his sweet hairless meat.

Suddenly Fred knew what to do next: "Let me do it, mon..." he said gently, reaching between Snowy's legs.

"I beg your pardon?" Snowy was surprised.

"I'll wank you, mon." Fred said, more calmly than he might have expected, considering he was about to perform his first homosexual act.

Slowly Snowy stopped his stroking, and hesitantly allowed his ebony-coloured friend to have his way. Fred took the slim three-and-a-bit-inches of hot boy-cock in his dark hand and he just held the sensitive member for a minute, his heart pounding as the reality of what he was doing sank in. It was the first time the fifteen-year-old boy had experienced such a thing, and strangely, he wasn't scared, or embarrassed.

"Tell me what to do," Fred said softly, "tell me what you like, mon." The white child's cock felt a lot different from his own and not only because it was less than half the size of his own.

"What you're doing is just perfect, Fred!" The eleven-year-old boy lay squirming with his legs splayed wide, as Fred w sat on his heels between them.

Snowy's long, slim arms were in continual motion, beginning at his sides, then behind his head, then extended as far as he could reach.

Fred increased the pace - stroking faster and faster until Snowy's silky-soft ball-sack was slapping rhythm on the heel of Fred's hand. He could feel Snowy's willy throbbing in his swarthy hand, and he was glad he could bring his chum so much pleasure.

Snowy's skinny legs closed like a vice around Fred's brown legs, intensifying their physical contact.

"Oh, my!" the milky-white boy cried, arching his back and propelling his hot shaft up to meet Fred's strokes. Snowy threw his head back, his turban of bandages had become untangled, during all this writhing around, and it hung all over the place. Fred concentrated on finishing him off.

Snowy's eyes rolled back in his head, he thrust his narrow hips into the air one last time, before a body-shaking orgasm hit him.

Fred was startled and a little scared, but he was determined to keep going until the end, for the utmost pleasure to his little friend. Snowy went rigid again as Fred's flying fingers caused a second thrill to strike home! Fred slowed his stroking down, just as he always did when tossing his own meat, and letting Snowy slowly came down from his amazing peak.

Fred released the softening dick and let it flop onto Snowy's skinny belly, and then the teenager grinned down at his pretty fair-skinned friend.

"Wow, Fred, that was wicked!" Snowy sighed then he looked seriously into Fred languid brown eyes and added: "Oh I am sorry, Fred, you haven't had a cum yet. You must have a humongous boner."

"Well..." Fred said, glancing down his stocky body at the huge, stiff, black cock, which strained skyward. "I suppose it is pretty humongous, mon, but dat's because it really turned me on to wank you off."

"Oh you are very sweet!" Snowy said as he blushed. "Go on! Lie down, and I'll do something for you, now."

Fred eagerly took his place on his back, his smooth, strong legs wide apart and his black shaft angling up his ample belly. Snowy lay next to Fred and, without hesitation, took the nine-inch, hot prick in his hand. Fred gasped, adoring the very first touch of another human hand on his cock.

"Now don't worry," Snowy said, only slightly above a whisper, "I think you are going to like this."

"W-w-what are you going to do?" Fred was confused and worried by this.

"This," Snowy breathed, and leaning down he took Fred's rigid cock deep into his warm, wet mouth!

Fred gasped aloud in surprise and delight! He felt as if he had been suddenly transported into an awesome new dimension. He had heard of blowjobs, of course, but he never thought it could feel this wonderful.

"Oh, Snowy!" Fred groaned. He thrilled at the feel of the boy's slippery tongue caressing his tender cockhead. Fred felt Snowy's eager lips slide up and down the long hard stiffness of his huge cock! His little blond friend emitted a low grunting sound in the back of his throat and began to suck vigorously. There was no way Snowy could take the entire prick into his mouth - even half-hard it had a length and girth that many would envy.

The fifteen-year-old looked down and tried to see his own hard cock buried so fully in his friend's wet mouth, but all he could see was the back of Snowy's head and his untidy bandage-turban. Fred moaned with pleasure as his white friend's lips clamped around the mid-point of the ebony-tool and his rosy cheeks hollowed from his sucking action. When that fair head began to pump up and down, he could feel his ultra sensitive dick was well on its way to orgasm.

"Oh, yeah, Snowy, mon!" Fred heard himself moan: "Oh yeah, suck dat big black cock, o' mine!" He didn't even know where those words had come from, but they seemed to spur Snowy on.

Fred felt Snowy's fingers on his large, hairless balls, kneading them and gently squeezing them, in their soft, loose sack. They were so wonderful - hanging low legs between his hairless, parted legs. The alabaster-white child noticed the neat triangle of hair above the tremendous cock he was sucking, for all he was worth, and he dragged his small fingers through the fine wiry fuzz.

The youngster had been horny all morning; and he had become even more so from Snowy's tossing off, and now he could feel his release building, and he knew it would be only a few more seconds.

"Oh Snowy, get your mouth off me, mon! I am cumming, mon!" Fred warned as he thrust piston-like, into Snowy's face!

Snowy must have sensed his chocolate-coloured friend's impending climax, as he suddenly took in as much of the straining black cock as he could manage and sucked, gently but furiously. The little lad was mischievously squeezing both large Negroid-balls in one anxious, little hand.

Fred's orgasm overtook him, and he grabbed the back of Snowy's head and bucked his hips like a crazed animal. He came long and strong - humping up against his friend's pale face.

At length the energy of his climax began to subside, and Fred fell to the earth beneath in what appeared to be slow motion. Snowy liberated the still stiff young cock. Fat drops of a semi-viscous substance continued to seep out of his lengthy prick and dribbled down onto his velvety black skin.

"Wicked!" Said Snowy.

"Wow," was all Fred managed to utter, as he swayed his way back to consciousness. Fred's big brown eyes fluttered open slowly, shining with pure contentment, and they met Snowy's eyes, gazing up at him expectantly. Both boys giggled softly.

They held each other, smiling, for a long time. Snowy traced one small index finger through the film of sweat and residual sperm on Fred's softly rounded chest. Snowy milked a few more drops of musky fluid from the black boy's softening cock, which fell back onto his flat tummy. A thin rivulet of spunk ran off his belly.

"We had better take good care of this lovely big thing of yours." Said Snowy sweetly.

"What do you mean, mon." Asked Fred perplexed.

"Well if Grumpy and Bashful hear about how big it is, hell they will be fighting over who will be fist to plug it up their bottom!" The new chums chortled at the folly of horny teenagers.

Fred scooped up some of his own cum on his finger and examined it closely.

"It's cold, and slippery," Fred said, sniffing the drop of semen on his fingertip and rubbing it between his fingertips.

"It wasn't when it came out, you know," Snowy said, wrinkling his nose in mock disgust, "it was hot and slippery as snot!"


Several foot-aching miles later, the trio of Jerker, Bunion and Flaunting-Flasher caught sight of a break in the fortress-like hedgerow that it now appeared surrounded the neighbouring campground on at least three sides.

The way had been long and arduous, but the thought of nubile naked women; firm breasts - perky in the cool Peak District air and furry public-areas keep the three going.

As they rounded a bend on the road, they could look up the gravel road that led off the main road to the campground entrance, high wood and wire fences, sturdy gates and above it all a name board that held promise of delights beyond the boys' widest imaginings.

The comrades scrutinised the signage:

Q Bare Breast & Bottom Barracks Q

"Fuck me," murmured Jack Jerker, "look at that, mates! I `ave died and gone ta heaven!"


One of the secrets about the Peak District is the quality of the trout fishing. The Reservoir at Hobbit Hill is one of two large, still waters, which have got to be amongst the best in the country for scenery and quality of fishing. This is the only water in England where you can fish for true wild brown trout. This reservoir has never been stocked since it was built and holds a very good head of genuine wild brown trout. These are best fished for in the age-old manner of 'stalking' your fish with traditional wet flies.

The river fishing in the Peak District is placed, quite rightly, on such a high pedestal, that you would expect none to be available to the visiting angler, however the visitors to `The Woods' had no such problems. The scenery, incidentally, was absolutely spectacular as the St. Giles' lads found out; well, those of them that could look above crotch level!

Coming from hunting-shooting-and-fishing stock, the Tweedle twins started off well enough and they had bagged three large trout a piece before other, more interesting, diversions occurred to them.

The twins had canoed a mile further up the Reservoir, and they were lying in a field, the grasses were high, and Dee lay on his back. Dumm was trying to lower himself onto the boy, trying to fit his brother's cock inside him as he squatted across his flawless hips.

Dumm and Dee were both laughing, between their grimaces, because neither of them had brought Vaseline, cream, or any lubricant, other than their own spit, and they had already kissed all of that precious fluid away!

"Damn and blast!" cured Dumm, "It won't fit"

"I told you it is not as easy as you seem to think." Dee rejoined rather smugly, and so saying he parted Dumm's cheeks and started to explore with his middle finger. It quickly found his younger brother's tight little entrance and before Dumm had even thought about what his brother was doing, Dee had slowly slid his finger into him!

"Well at least I got it up my bottom, using only your gob to make it slippery!" Said the older of the Tweedle twins, proudly. Dee began to finger fuck him, moving his finger in and out of his body, Dumm enjoyed the combined sensations of Dee's finger, his bother's cock pressed against his own a dick, and the pleasing odour of boyhood. It was pure bliss!

"Well maybe you are bigger or I am tighter..." Dumm offered his brother, temporarily forgetting that they were identical. "Besides, we still haven't done it with anyone other than each other." His twin looked up into his face. His eyes were alight with desire. Dumm ran his tongue round Dee's ear and he began to pant as his orgasm drew closer and closer.

"Gosh that Snowy Whyte is a real beauty!" Dee said as he stroked his naked cock happily, "I wonder if he would ever want to play with boys as young as us?" Dee clearly suffered from the serious misapprehension that young boys are unattractive.

"Well maybe if we are nice to him..." Began Dumm, " If... err... if we told him our secret maybe he would make us Anoraks!"

"Don't be stupid, Dumm!" Dee Tweedle snorted. "You know what happens when normal people hear about our secret!"

"Well... I suppose so..." said Dumm disconsolately! So saying the twins gave up trying to fuck.

"You're in a really sexy mood today aren't you Dee?" Dee was soon still.

"Wicked! I always like doing it with you brother dearest!" Lifting his head, Dee wrinkled his nose.

On the shore a delighted voyeur-in-training, Snowy Whyte, emerged from the woods. So, the twins were still at it and they fancied him! For a time Snowy reflected on what on earth the twin's deadly secret might be.

He watched as the Tweedle brothers canoeing their way back down the river - blinded by the sunlight bouncing from the water and by their unsatisfied lust.


Equip three males with fishing rods, put them in a boat for a few hours and you have a recipe for camaraderie, good conversation and pleasure. But, remove one participant and add one Anorak to the party and you have a sure fire boring day for other occupants of the boat, as Anoraks are notorious for their single-track minds and uninteresting conversation.

Now, if you take three Anoraks and put them in the boat, you have a diplomatic standoff! Cedric, the trainspotter, wished to discuss train timetables; Smyke, the football fanatic, would ramble on about post-war football results; while dear old Felix Jollybottom, would discuss the finer points of graffiti in men's lavatories!

But the laws that govern relationships between Anoraks were such that they did none of the above. Instead, they sat dismally in the boat, waiting for the opportunity to nip into the bushes on shore for bit of slap and tickle!

"Not a bleeding nibble!" Groaned Cedric Snotfinkel, throwing his rod aside in disgust. There they were, in a boat in the fucking middle of nowhere -- hot, sweaty and bored. It was asking for trouble!

"Well if it's a nibble yer wants, mate get yer pants down and I'll give yer a nibble!" Grumpy Smyke giggled lewdly. Cedric gave the older lad a shove and sent him falling off the bench they shared and Smyke landed, laughing loudly, with his tracksuit clad bum, on the rather wet floor of their boat. The former football-hooligan's anorak flew open, affording his mates a unique view of the stained and tattered interior of the soiled garment.

"So what are they, then?" Asked Cedric pointing directly at the numerous old stains that blotted the inside lining of the lad's anorak.

There was no doubt in Felix Jollybottom's mind as to what they were, but poor pre-pubescent Cedric could not image what a teen lad produced in copious quantities and for which a teen needed a repository. The ragged lining was stiff from layer upon layer of dried up cum shots and having reached saturation point, the fabric was now only permitting dry, flaky cum deposits to form on top of older stains!

"Well, then..." Cedric demanded an explanation.

"Hummm... errr... well its like this..." It would be several years before, Felix, Cedric or anyone else saw Smyke that embarrassed once more! Then, with a wicked grin, he recovered himself and said: "well, me chubby little mate, vat's me other bleeding hobby, now ain't it?"

"Wotcha mean?"

"Well, see this tear in va pocket o' me anorak? Well me an' Bashful we would go down va park or va river, and while we woz watching va lads, we would zip our anorak closed, push our `and in va pocket; and `ave a bloody good wank! Then spunk va load inside the anorak." He sighed contentedly! "As yer can see, we done it a `ell of a lot! It's stiff with me dried spunk. Cor, them woz va days! `e woz a proper little pervert, woz me Bashful!" The teenage delinquent said showing a sad sort of affection, which Felix had hardly expected to see in the young thug.

"Surely it is time we went into va woods, mate?" Sneezy pleaded as he rubbed his crotch expressively.

"Yeah it is so fucking hot, out here that the stink from me crotch is making me `ead reel. I gotta wank me cheesy todger off!" Smyke voiced his complaint. Indeed the Anoraks wore T-shirts, anoraks and a lifejacket on top of that - it was like portable sauna in the late summer sun.

"Well alright, then..." Felix made a show of reluctantly conceding, "If we must, we must! Anyone for a bit o' rumpy-pumpy, then?" Then just as it seemed that things had quietened down sufficiently for Felix and his two playmates to head off into the woods for the long awaited bit of fun, a canoe turned into the tree-lined cove, where the three friends' dinghy bobbed gently on the waters.

"Bloody oath," Smyke cursed under his breath, "Its bloody Bashful!"

"I wonder what he wants?" said Cedric who had been gently massaging his crotch for the past half-hour and longed to see his willy buried deep in Felix's mouth.

As Osbert Prim paddled his way across the lads, Felix looked at the lad carefully. He was unmistakably nerdish with his forever untidy shock of dirty blond hair and his crooked metal frames glasses hanging off the point of his nose. But Felix saw that, uncharacteristically, the young boy had stripped off his T-shirt and was rowing towards them naked from the waist up.

As Osbert's skinny arms performed the long, sweeping movements with his paddle, Felix's eyes traversed from his smooth chest, down to the soft, flat stomach, then back up to his meagre muscles, rippling from the stroking motion. Osbert's skinny, boyish chest shuddered and his nipples hardened in the cool breeze that came off the waters. Bashful had a fine, if underdeveloped, body for a thirteen-year-old.

As the canoe drew level with the Dinghy, Felix greeted the visitor: "Hiya, Bashful...." He stopped abruptly, his mouth open, eyes nearly popping out of his reddening face. "What the fucking `ell are you doing, naked, mate?" The acting youth leader finally said.

"No time to get dressed, Mr Jollybottom, sir..." Bashful began, surprising himself with his cool nonchalant air "there is an emergency and you are needed badly, so I came as I was!"

"Bloody `ell! Ya bollock naked!" exclaimed Smyke who could now look into his former lover's canoe and indeed the boy was entirely naked. Osbert's few, strands of silky-blond pubic-hair gleamed in the summer sunshine. Then Grumpy saw Bashful's much-loved twitching phallus: five hard inches and Smyke felt his hips jerk involuntarily. "Well, not much vat is bashful `bout you anymore, mate!" Smyke snorted derisively.

"I told you it was an emergency," Osbert said coolly, a naughty smile playing on his full lips, "Mr Jollybottom you are to come with me immediately!"

"Well let me get va motor started and we can all get going," said Felix gathering his wits about him once more.

"Oh no, Mr Jollybottom! You need to come with me in the canoe, as the motor-driven dinghy will not reach the problem, Mr Jollybottom." Bashful added hastily. Felix was unable to take his eyes off the naked boy or move. He stood rooted to the spot, staring at the young nubile figure in the canoe - his naked, smooth torso, and his practically hairless pubes.

"Next `e will tell ya vat `e knows a special way to reach the problem!" Smyke snarled resentfully.

"Yes indeed, that's right!" Bashful mused. "How clever of you Smyke! Have you been taking your clever tablets again?"

"Get the fuck outta it!" Smyke growled.

Smyke and Cedric watched Felix scamper into the canoe behind the nerdish looking thirteen-year-old and then the lads saw Bashful carrying off, their red-haired adult friend with him.

"Did yer believe any o' that shit?" Poor fat little Cedric asked, on the verge of jealous tears.

"Not a fuckin' word o' it mate!" Smyke signed enviously.


In the ten years that Ms. Lobelia Lobotomy had worked as the security guard at `Bare Breast & Bottom Barracks', she had never before seen anything like it!

She was blessed with the nose of a bloodhound at sniffing out voyeurs, perverts and, worst of all, horny adolescent males, and today she had hit the jackpot -- all three categories in one band of depraved-looking delinquents!

The three teenagers arrived on foot at the main gate. They were just about drooling and demanded entry into the private naturist domain that Ms. Lobelia Lobotomy protected.

Then they came up with some cock-and-bull story that they were from the neighbouring Church campground and wished to retrieve their football.

"Get out of it!" Ms. Lobelia Lobotomy snorted, indignant that they thought her fool enough to swallow that line.

When this didn't work, the tall gangly one asked if they could borrow a cup of sugar.

"I'll give you sugar, my lad!" Ms. Lobelia Lobotomy snarled.

Then the ugly one, with the ratty eyes, tried to threaten her. He had the effrontery to suggest that she, Ms. Lobelia Lobotomy, was a repressed viscous old hag who had been a Nazi Youth back in the war.

Lobelia raise two fingers to her mouth, whistled and summonsed her trusted Dobermans, Adolph and Hermann, who promptly saw the juvenile perverts off! The trio fled back up the gravel road as Adolph and Hermann nipped at their ankles.

Ms. Lobelia Lobotomy sighed contentedly and reflected on how much she loved her job!


"It is because I've always wanted you, Mr Jollybottom," the boy said, as he felt a drop of the sticky, clear liquid leak out of the tiny slit at his cock's tip, "I wanted to see you, to feel you..." Bashful stopped, gasping for air, "...to have you fuck me!" He became rather pensive. "Err... Do you want to bum-fuck me, Mr Jollybottom? You can if you want to, you know..."

Osbert Prim was scared shitless of the potential reaction of the red-haired adult to his bold proposition. He positively shook with fear. What if Mr Jollybottom got angry and beat the shit out of him? What if he complained to his uncle, the Vicar about him? Or, worse yet, he told the other guys?

Felix could hardly believe his ears! Not only had Bashful just lured him away from his lover on a false pretext, but here he was also offering his not-so-virgin arse to him. "Well, that'd be fun Bashful, mate, but are yer sure though?"

"Well, yes! I know it's something all gays like to do. Anyway, I have done it with some of the lads!" The boy blushed furiously behind his crooked wire-framed glasses. He had to go through with it; having come this far, he wasn't about to stop.

"Who ya calling gay, then?"

"Well, you are, aren't you? And so am I and Smyke and..." He trailed off vaguely. Still naked in his canoe and, by now, horny as hell, Osbert massaged the drop of precum into the head of his penis and his finger slipped under his short foreskin, making his legs twitch from sympathetic pleasure.

"But what made yer think about doing all this with me then? I `ave `eard about yer doing it wiv Grumpy an' the other lads, but that only lads larking about."

"I must be gay! I am obsessed with men and boys! I've been wanking off thinking about you for ages now, ever since I first heard about you for the fist time. That time you hung around in the bushes wanting to warn Snowy about his stepmother." It was obvious he fascinated the boy, and Felix remembered noticing the awe in the kid's eyes, but never really troubled much about it.

"So you see," The boy continued, "I must be gay. Straight boys don't dream about getting a grown man to do it in his bum." Bashful was openly stroking himself, and licking his lips and looking rather confused.

"Doing sexy shit with me or anyone else don't make yer gay, yer know. It just means that you enjoy being sexy, like!" Felix inspected the rather plain, serious face that gazed back at him. It was not ugly but a bit lifeless, lacking the expression and animation you would expect from a thirteen-year-old juvenile.

Then reaching behind him, Bashful made a sudden lunge and grabbed Felix's cock though his tight red cycling-shorts. It was as if Bashful was in frenzy.

"'Ave you gone crazy, mate?" Felix blurted out, scared and thrilled at the same time, as he felt his hands on his cock.

"Oh yes, I have gone crazy -- crazy for you!" Bashful cut him short, then he semi-turned in the canoe they were sharing, trying to look into the man's reddened face. He grimaced, as if he were experiencing a pain, "Anyway, you do want to bum-fuck me don't you Mr Jollybottom? I know you do really." He blushed slightly but looked at the man eagerly.

"Well ... do you really want me to do it to you, Bashful," He felt himself stiffen. Felix wanted to very much, of course, but felt he must make sure the lad was more than just a little willing, after all, he was the Vicar's nephew! "If you want to try it with me, we can do it if you want to."

"Why not?" Now it was Bashful's turn to sound innocent! By now Bashful had beached the canoe on the banks of the Reservoir and they had clambered out. The naked boys stood coyly hiding his sex in his hand and Felix searched his face.

"Have you never done it with another man before?" Felix asked.

"No, I've never really met any other men before ... I just thought that you might want to do it to me..." His voice trailed off. Bashful had by now convinced himself that he had made a mistake, that Felix Jollybottom didn't want to do it to him and perhaps felt contempt toward him as a result of his very open proposition.

Nothing could have been further from the truth! Osbert was a late starter, the boys at school teased him about that almost as much as they had previously teased him about his stutter and his nerdy appearance. The fuzz on his face hadn't made itself evident yet; his chin and upper lip were bare and smooth. For Felix, the good thing about this was Bashful seemed to be much younger than he was.

"Ok, if yer want to be fucked up yer lovely little bum, I'll do it to ya Bashful." He smiled and nodded his assent. "You're just too sexy ya know, I never thought you'd want to be fucked!"

"Well I do!" Bashful giggled.

"Okay mate, let's try it! I know I will really enjoy it, mate!"

"Great!" Bashful knelt and pulled at the man's red cycling-shorts. The man just stood, dazed, making no effort to stop him.

Felix's cock was magnificent. It wasn't huge or anything like Dick Flaunting-Flasher, though Bashful didn't think so at that time, but it was thick - very thick and surrounded by the bright, ginger curly hairs, the soft, pink tower looked sensational.

Bashful licked his lips as his fingers caressed and toyed with the large ginger-haired balls, hanging low in the wrinkled sack. Felix groaned as he felt his cock pulse and harden as soft fingers wrapped around the hot shaft and he made a weak attempt to push the groping fingers away.

"Yours is really big!" Osbert Prim gasped.

"Not really, I'm a man after all, mate, lots o' men are bigger van me. Hell, I'll bet you'll be as big when yer older." His cock twitched harder and his whole body trembled. The younger boy was perfect -- even if he was not good-looking and not as innocent as he appeared.

"I hope so!" The bashful teenager pressed the man to lay back on the forest floor and started to play with his cock. He could still not believe his luck that the man was allowing him to play out the wicked ideas he had in his mind.

"But it don't matter `ow big it is, mate, it's what ya does wot counts and its me guess vat yer very good at being sexy."

"Don't be disgusting!" Osbert Prim said but he sounded pleased, "Now, how are we going to do it then, Mr Jollybottom? I suppose I should lay on my belly?" Without waiting for Felix to reply, he rolled over, wiggling his pert little bottom at the man in a most inviting manner.

Felix eased him into a comfortable position on the mossy bank. "Well, mate that position is easiest, I suppose," He placed a hand on each well-rounded buttock and started to stroke him delicately, "or ya could sit on me cock, or we could do it with ya kneeling, doggy style." The last suggest seemed to strike the right cord and Bashful quickly lifted himself, moved into position, and once more wiggled his bum provocatively at the man!

"Okay mate, let's do it this way, then. `Ang on a mo' though." He fished around his abandoned cycling shorts and Felix brought out a tube of lubricant. "This should make me cock nice an' slippery so that it will go up yer bum much easier!"

Felix unscrewed the tube and squeezed some of the jelly onto his fingers. Bashful shivered as he felt the cold lubricant make contact with his wonderful bottom-hole.

It was like a dream come true, Bashful was finally seeing Felix's cock, holding it and as the man then lay back Osbert got his cock really slippery. Bashful's sensuous actions soon turning into a slow and very sensuous, lubricated wank - it all came naturally. Felix growled his pleasure, before he reminded Osbert of what they were actually going to do!

"Alright, mate?" Osbert knelt once more, ready for the man's assault. Felix moved round behind him and kneeling up slightly he prised his buttocks apart. The view of that little tight asterisk of his arse was extremely arousing although he could still hardly believe he had asked for what they were about to do. Felix wanted to kiss his arse and even slip his tongue into the young teenager's body but Felix, foolishly, thought Bashful might not be ready for that. How could he know what an accomplished fuck-artist the seemingly innocent boy had become?

"There ya go. `Ow does that feel Bashful? Nice an' sexy?"

"Oh... err... it is cold!" The boy complained as the man started to rub the jelly round his arse, but he stayed in position to let the man get him well prepared. Soon his finger was moving in and out of him without any difficulty at all.

"Please, fuck me Mr Jollybottom...." Bashful said, his voice a mere croak, his voice husky with excitement and showing no sign of fear or nervousness! "Go on then Felix, stick your dick up me!" He sounded keen to fuck him soundly

Felix moved closer and guided his cock to his waiting arse. Then, he lifted himself slightly and, placing the tip of his cock against his hole, he started to push it into him. Felix held back as much as he could, trying hard not to hurt him and trying to get him used to this new sensation. "All right?"

"Push...." Bashful panted, by way of reply, now totally in the grip of blinding lust. He turned his head slightly and looking at Felix in a very strange way.

Felix moved his hips back and then pushing down on Bashful' thighs slammed forward. The tiny arse mouth opened, protesting painfully and the head sank in, and the tight anal lip immediately snapping shut, imprisoning the flared rim of his cock in a vice-like grip.

"Alright, mate? Am I hurting ya?"

Suddenly the reality of being fucked by a real man struck home! This was not Smyke's small thing. And not even Jack Jerker's curved member came close to this. This hurt like hell!

"I.... oh... I can't... take it." The words seemed to be pushed out through Osbert's clenched teeth by his straining lungs as the broad head stretched his tiny slit wider in an attempt to gain entry. In spite of his words, the man could feel his sphincter muscle open to him as his body seemed almost to be sucking him in deeper.

" Are you really all the way up me?" Bashful asked though clenched teeth - he shut his eyes tight and fell silent, as the cock tore further into his arse. The thick girth stretched his colon to its maximum.

Felix's hips gave a final lunge: "I am now, mate!" Felix grunted from his efforts, his eyes shut tight. He shuddered, hearing the whimpers coming from the boy he was now fucking.

Felix reached round to grasp the boy's dick, and as he slowly started to fuck him, he slowly slid the boy's foreskin to and fro, wanking him as he tried to make it feel good for him. He withdrew slowly, relishing every pulse, every throb and then pushed in, as he did so the man began to kiss his neck, fucking him slowly, muttering sweet nothings to him.

Felix surrendered himself to his pleasure. He could still hardly believe how incredible it felt, fucking another male and a much younger boy at that! He howled as his hips started moving more rapidly.

The pair of males were sweating profusely, Osbert's glasses had steamed up and both where grunting. Yes indeed, Osbert was grunting. Felix realised somewhere along the way something had changed. He didn't hear the boy yelp anymore; he didn't feel him jerk or wince at any of the inward thrusts.

"Is it hurting bad, mate?" Felix asked.

Bashful looked round and gave a sly grin, "No! Why should it hurt, it's just fantastic!" Felix realised that the nerdy blond lad was now enjoying this first fuck with and adult man almost as much as he was enjoying delivering it!

"I'm really close, Felix, are you going to spunk up yet?" Bashful whispered rather hoarsely.

"Nearly there, mate!" Felix whispered, as he slammed he adult cock in and out of the boy's body. Felix's rubbing of the lad's cock quickly brought Bashful to a climax and suddenly, he gave a loud groan as he felt the child's sphincter start to squeeze down on him, while still ramming his cock in and out of that wonderfully tight little arse.

Then Felix climaxed! His cock throbbed repeatedly, his hips pushed his dick harder into his young partner, as his sperm shot into him! The boy thrust his back, seemingly urging him to spunk up as deep as possible inside him.

Gradually, Bashful became still, lost in the on-going sensations of pleasure in his tight young arse. The boy knelt there on his the mossy bank, accepting them man's occupation of his rectum, with no complaint. Eventually, he turned his head round and grinned back at the man: "You were really great Felix!"

Carefully, Felix slid his cock from him - his arse seemed to be expelling the man, this was in itself an amazingly erotic sensation! Looking down, he saw that the boy was very messy, but then so was he!

The boy rolled onto his back, exhausted from a resoundingly good fuck. His legs were splayed wide and the arse mouth throbbed. It had pained horribly, but now there was an inexplicable sense of satisfaction back there.

Bashful felt something wet and sticky ooze out of the pulsing arse slit. He reached down and touched the open and swollen lips and felt the warm and slimy liquid coat his fingers. Bringing his fingers up Bashful was horrified to see shit.

"Yer in a bit of a state back there, mate!" Felix said as he watched the youngster and his right hand slowly caressing his thigh.

"An' your cock looks disgusting!" The boy retorted.

"I know! But you should see your bum! Come on, let's go and get cleaned up!" He helped the boy up and led him to the waters-edge.

"How did it feel?" he asked.

"Painful, at first..." Bashful croaked.

"Well, yer asked for it, mate." The man replied.

"And I am glad I did!" Bashful forced a smile. "Dirty old man! It was great when you spunked up inside me and when you made me come as well."

" You woz fantastic mate. I didn't think you'd be able to take me cock up ya like that! But ya did, and ya woz wonderful. Come on, mate, before we do anything else, let me clean ya bum up." Making him lean over the water in the lake, Felix carefully washed his arse.

Bashful became a bit more thoughtful: "You won't tell Grumpy you've done it to me though will you?"

"No, if that's what you want, mate then `e won't `ear it from me!" Felix re-assured him. "Tell me mate where did ya learn all this." Felix finally asked as soon as he got his breath back.

"Instinct I suppose." Replied Osbert Prim sagely.


Billy Bunion was nursing the wound in his ankle where Adolph, the more viscous of the two Dobermans had seen fit to give him a remainder of their trip to the entrance `Bare Breast & Bottom Barracks'.

"You shouldn't have up set yer you half wit!" Gasped Flaunting-Flasher, who lay a heaving, gibbering heap of bony limbs, on a grassy bank just inside the safety of the perimeter of "The Woods". "We could have been in there looking at tits, if your hadn't bee such a smart-arse!" Jack stopped examining the back in his jeans were Hermann had helped himself to a mouthful of denim, and glared at the nerdy know-it-all.

"Fuck you, Dick!" Shouted Jack, as he jumped on their lankier associate. They wrestled around trying to pin each other to the ground, while the wounded Billy Bunion urged him on.

Shouts of "Get him Jack!" echoed around the beautiful natural surroundings of "The Woods" but none of the lads were in the mood for nature appreciation.

"Take `im down. Jack fuckin' big ox!" rang through the small hollow. Evidently, Jack and Billy were closing ranks against the gawky youth with his superior attitude.

"I give, you big ox!" Dick snarled, trying to catch his breath and launching himself at the second miscreant, but he it was a feeble attack, as he, like the others, was exhausted from having run several miles, with Adolph and Hermann in hot pursuit.

"Bloody `ell," said Billy at length, "I'm beginning to fink its easier ta put up with va shit on yer dick, than to go though this type of hell just for a bit o' sex!" Jack grunted his reluctant agreement.

It took Dick a while to understand the implications of Billy's confession, but a look of loathing and disgust spread over his face when the penny finally dropped into place.


Billy Bunion was nursing the wound in his ankle where Adolph, the more viscous of the two Dobermans had seen fit to give him a remainder of their trip to the entrance `Bare Breast & Bottom Barracks'.

"You shouldn't have upset her you half-wit!" Gasped Flaunting-Flasher, who lay a heaving, gibbering heap of bony limbs, on a grassy bank just inside the safety of the perimeter of "The Woods".

"We could have been in there looking at tits." Billy lamented.

"We would have, if he hadn't been such a smart-arse!" Dick thrust his thumb in the direction of Jerker. Jack stopped examining the back in his jeans were Hermann had helped himself to a mouthful of denim, and glared at the nerdy know-it-all.

"Fuck you, Dick!" Shouted Jack, as he jumped on their lankier associate. They wrestled around trying to pin each other to the ground, while the wounded Billy Bunion urged his mate, Jack, on.

Shouts of "Get him Jack!" echoed around the beautiful natural surroundings of "The Woods" but none of the lads were in the mood for nature appreciation.

"Take `im down, Jack! The fuckin' big giraffe!" rang through the small hollow. Evidently, Jack and Billy were closing ranks against the gawky youth with his superior attitude.

"I'll fucking give, you big giraffe you common scum!" Dick threatened, trying to catch his breath and launching himself at the miscreant, but he it was a feeble attack, as he, like the others, was exhausted from having run several miles, with Adolph and Hermann in hot pursuit.


After Happy had left with Bashful, Grumpy and Sneezy had edged the boat on shore, then trudged into the privacy of the woods, the conversation strayed to what the lads did in the tents at night. Which of them was the horniest? Which of them tossed off in bed; and which of them went to the toilet instead, to do what every growing boys has to do.

The two mates had settled down in the shade of a large conifer. Smyke giggled lewdly and he watched Cedric inspecting the dirty lining of his anorak.

"Cor it don't half pong, mate!" Cedric said fingering the numerous old stains that blotted the inside lining of the lad's anorak with his left hand while his right hand toyed with his bulge in his khaki shorts.

"That is some hobby yer got there, mate." The chubby boy said supportively. "You an' Osbert are proper perverts!"

"Sometimes I get so fucking `orny, I couldn't bleeding care..." Smyke left the sentence unfinished. His eyes drop to the bulge in his tracksuit pants. "I mean, all kinds o' shite turns me on. Me an' Bashful we did other stuff, like... rude an' dirty stuff!"

"Wot kind o' stuff, mate." Cedric asked in little more than a whisper, as he unbutton his khaki shorts with his right hand and began to rub the pouch of his underwear.

"Well, we would finger fuck ourselves an' then sniff our stinking fingers, like." Smyke confessed.

"Blimey!" Exclaimed Cedric as he rubbed his crotch with manifest excitement. "So you lads would smell each other's bums?"

"Yeah!" Said Smyke, winking indecently "Pretty gross ain't we?" There was something very thrillingly low about him - something deliciously dirty!

Dirty! Yes, that was the word for Damien Smyke -- a dirty, dirty boy!

"'Ave you an' `appy ever done dirty stuff together?"

Cedric looked at the ground, pondering whether he should confess his perverted experience. Then Cedric smirked knowingly: "Well there woz this once when, I `ad a piss-orgasm in Felix's mouth and... well... I got a bit messy around va back, too." He admitted -- recalling their night of raunchy lust in the vicarage guest-bedroom.

"Cor!" Slowly Smyke massaged his genitals through his tracksuit bottoms. "Fucking hot!" Cedric could see Smyke's small balls pressing tight against his crotch. The hardening flesh of the football thug's cock lay directly over his over his balls, pointing forward - a small one, to be sure, held in check by the fabric of the tracksuit bottoms. As Smyke massaged his young cock, it began to stiffen and erect a little tent in his tracksuit.

"So mate, wots yer arse smells like now? " Cedric teased - challenging the teenager to see if he would actually do something so sordid and unsanitary as this shit sniffing trick. Cedric was making a mistake, but it was too late!

"Well mate," Said Smyke raising to the challenge "I'll `ave to shove me finger up me shitter an coat it, first, like! `Ere goes, then." Then, to his astonishment, Damien Smyke actually did it! The teen stud, placed his dirty Dr Martin's boots firmly apart, leaned back against the trunk of an old conifer, and yanked his tracksuit bottoms and underwear down around his ankles, revealing his hard, muscular footballer-legs and a small, but steely, cock.

Looking down, Cedric caught sight of Smyke's dirty, smelly underwear nestled inside his tracksuit pants. The chubby lad's mouth went dry and his heart beat faster. Smyke's Y-fronts were stained yellow with thick brown skid-marks for good measure. Grumpy must have been wearing them at least a week and clearly he had won no prizes for wiping his bum clean.

Smyke saw Cedric staring at his rank underpants and said, "Yeah, they're pretty messy, mate."

"I'll say!" Said Cedric, "look at them fucking shit stains! "

"I been working `ard on getting me undies good an' stinky for va Vicar!" The pair of lads laughed.

"Bloody oath mate, yer disgusting!" Cedric Snotfinkel said.

Smyke saw the slight tightening of the chubby boy's lips and, below the sensuous curve of his ample belly, how his tiny penis had become was rock hard. Tremors passed through Sneezy's plump breasts, his fat-boy thighs quivered and his wobbling tummy kept rhythm with the rest of him as he stroked and kneaded the thin rod of steely boy-flesh beneath his fingers. Clearly, Cedric found his dirty underpants anything but from disgusting!

"Well? Go on then," Cedric's breath came in hot gasps, "let me see ya smell yer fingers, unless yer chicken!"

Damien Smyke was not particularly well endowed. His cock, when fully erect, was a good deal smaller than even thirteen-year-old Bashful's dick was. The chubby Anorak could really see the swollen head, and the boy's slit gaping open with hardness. Down around the base, he saw the exciting, wiry bush of pubic hairs, which now smelt of sweat and other, viler, things! Then Smyke raised his knees high, pulled his crack apart with his hands, giving his young mate a direct view between the firm, slightly furry, arse-cheeks into his deep, brown-stained trench. Grumpy took his index finger and plugged it through the thick brown coating, and right up his bumhole!

As if his actions aware not sexy enough, Smyke felt the need to give a running commentary! "Oh yeah, me hole feels all tight an' sweaty. I can feel some shit stuck to me bum `airs too. Didn't wipe too good this morning." Grumpy grinned, then he with drew his index finger and offered it to the chubby nine-year-old: "Wanna sniff it, pal?"

"Cor! Yer one hot fucker, Grumpy, mate!" Cedric confessed. "Fuck yeah, Smyke. Ya did it! Yer actually stuck a finger up yer shitter."

A quick examination of his finger made it clear that Smyke needed a crap! It was not just smelly from his arse, nor was it lightly coated with anal-juices - no - his finger had poked directly into turd and it was caked in brown, ladish shit!

"Smell me man-stink, fucker," Smyke growled at the chubby boy. "Smells fuckin' good don't it? Huh? Tell me `ow much yer love me bum stink!"

"Fuckin' `ell!" The nine-year-old groaned, masturbating his hard cock frantically, as he inhaled deeply: "It pongs, mate!"

As they did this, Grumpy had images of Bashful dancing in his head. He recalled the joy of sharing the smell of their bottom holes while they wanked off together. He looked at Cedric hungrily, pausing briefly to marvel at what a pervert he was, getting a nine-year-old to do such dirty things with him.

Smyke asked politely: "Now, will yer give me a whiff of yer bum, Cedric, mate?"

Cedric immediately plunged his fat little finger up his brownish-pink hole, smeared some crud on it, and shoved his finger up Smyke's nose!

Grumpy smiled and said: "Fucking hot, little mate." How he loved the smell of a boy's bum!

This was all too much for Cedric! Starring hard at Smyke's dirtied underpants; he squeezed his stiff, sweaty cock. It was sticking straight out and Cedric peeled back the hood of his foreskin, to reveal one day's growth of ripe cock cheese. Smyke whistled under his breath.

"Looks like me shitty underwear interests you too, mate.' Smyke leered at the fat boy.

"Right, mate," Cedric confessed. "Mind if I... err... sniff `em?"

Cedric sank to his knees in front of the teenage thug and he lowered his face to his stinking underwear. He nuzzled the yellow stains and ran his face along the fabric. Smyke pressed his thighs together, locking the boy's head inside his stinking knickers and Felix had not option but to press his nose into his skid-marks -- the stains were dried shit stuck to his reeking underwear! Little Cedric was surprised by the smell; it was not revolting at all! In fact it was rich and ripe and intoxicating.

With his face trapped in Smyke's foetid underwear, Cedric raised his hands up to the teen's flat hard belly and rubbed it, then his hands moved higher to his hard nipples and he begin twisting and pinching them. Cedric heard Smyke moan and he could tell Smyke was pulling off his lifejacket, anorak and T-shirt to give the chubby lad full access to his lean chest. Cedric Snotfinkel ran the palms of his hands under the youngster's stinking armpits.

As Grumpy relaxed his thighs, Cedric drew his face from the boy's tainted briefs and in a flash he went straight for Smyke's four inches long uncut dick. What Damien's cock lacked in length it more than made up for in thickness! His stinking fat balls in a tight furry sack were dangling in front of Cedric's eyes and he tried to stuff them into his mouth alongside his thick but short, cock with its bulbous head.

Smyke places his hands on either side of Cedric's head and face-fucked the child for a good ten minutes, pressing his nose into his wiry ginger of pubic-bush, which smelt rather anal.

"Oh wow! Vat woz real wicked!" Cedric said as he pulled off Smyke's cock and look into his ladish face.

Smyke supposed he had always been anal. He didn't know why -- perhaps it was one of life's little tricks. And it was another of life's mysteries, which had brought him together with others who shared his dark desires. Damien Smyke sighed and he spread his legs. What was this fascination the he, Bashful, Happy and the chubby Sneezy shared with the male anus and rectum? Why did they all find this dirty orifice so captivating?

Cedric looked at Smyke's small but well-muscled buttocks. Almost unconsciously, Cedric's fingers parted Smyke's bum cheeks, enough to see the pink pucker, so sweet and vulnerable, nestling in the dirt. Cedric leaned his cheek against Smyke's bum-cheek and considered kissing around his anus, but it was rather shitty. Then he settled on another course of action.

Cedric asked: "Can I finger-fuck ya, mate?"

"Sure mate, yer can even get yer willy in back there and shag me proper, like," Smyke said, "but I'm kinda dirty back there."

"I `ad noticed, mate!" Cedric grinned.

"To be `onest, mate, I need to take a crap, but..."

"Well, I... don't mind..."

"Then go for it, mate." Smyke answered, his bum felt a bit cheated by Felix's departure. He needed a cock up there --even a small one, would be better than none!

Grumpy stretched out his arms and pressed his hands against the big tree. Positioning his legs wide open, his arse stuck out high and inviting.

Standing back, Cedric spat drool over the dirty teenage bum, then he worked two fingers deep inside his brown, wet shitter. The pre-teen lad couldn't believe how hot the rough lad was and how much he wanted him.

"Fuck me!" Grumpy growled, squirming on Cedric's lubricating finger, grinding his foul crack back onto the child's fingers.

Now two problems presented themselves: Cedric had a short cock and a big belly! Fucking this way would NOT work!

And so Smyke lay Cedric on the soft ground and he squatted down above him, lining his sweaty bumhole up with the boy's small hooded tool. Then in one downward lunge, Smyke shoved the boys entire few inches inside his steamy, warm rectum!

"Now shag me shit-hole real good, mate!" Grumpy ordered, Cedric held onto his waist, his tiny rigid fucker buried deep inside his arse. Smyke bounced up and down on him- almost pulling it out, then slamming it back in!

Reaching up, Cedric's chubby little hand cupped Damien's stubby cock, and with the other hand the nine-year-old grabbed the fleshy scrotum, that held his balls and began tossing him off, while he continued to give his shitter a solid pounding. The teen bent forward and his fingers played with Sneezy's nipples, pinching and pulling them.

Ploughing the teenage lad's crap-hole, and simultaneously wanking him off, was driving Sneezy seriously close to the edge. He reached between legs and ran his hand down - then he touched the juncture where his little hard cock was fucking into the teenager's shitty hole.

The teenager smelt the lad's sweat and the pure scent of fatty boy reached his nostrils and drove him crazy.

"Oh God, mate yer fucking wicked!" Grumpy moaned! Cedric looked down at his little shit-streaked cock as it penetrated his moist, dirty hole. He was excited beyond belief, rapidly building Cedric's climax, and making this a short, but memorable, fuck.

Smyke took over wanking his own stubby meat as he continued his squatting exercise on the boy-prick. The portly fellow grabbed Smyke by the hips and fucked him one final thrust. His crap-covered cock shook inside Smyke's bumhole and his fat body trembled as he achieved a spectacular dry-cum.

Then Smyke's cock pulsated, and it squirted jets of cum all over the plump lad's naked torso! Cedric groaned lustily as Grumpy's todger deliver its creamy load all over his podgy chest. The pair of them were breathing heavily and the smell of sex and semen was thick in the air.

"That was fucking hot, pal." Smyke said as he squeezed his dripping cock. "Shit! That was the greatest!"


Doc had the average height of a fourteen-year old Asian boy, which was really quite tiny, especially considering he was rapidly approaching his eighteenth birthday. His straight jet-black hair was cut in something that remotely suggested a bowl hair cut, not that hairstyles or any other question of fashion ever even remotely occupied the young man.

Cute, fair-skinned, but just a tiny bit effeminate, Doc was an otherwise perfect specimen of an Asian youth, if you could see beyond the slight acne problem and his ever-present black-rimmed glasses. Those glasses had broken and were now held together by white tape, and they had this manner of casting a shadow on his face, giving him an enigmatic aura.

His body was lithe and pretty thin and Dopey enjoyed looking at him -- he liked looking at the way he moved - fluid movements like a cat. Extraordinarily, there was nothing on the surface of the Chinese boy to indicate the enormous intellect housed in this frail youth's body.

Doc was wearing his usual white polo shirt and a pair of short that were meant for athletes, that was so skimpy that Dopey could almost see all the way up the leg to the bulge at his crotch. This naughty view of his inner thigh made young Dopey gawk and he almost began to drool. The shorts barely covered his buttocks! All Dopey had to do was tug it up a little and he could see a bit of his Asian bum. Of course, Dopey didn't do this straight away, but it did occurred to him.

"You had better let me see it then ... stand still!" Dopey ordered the young Chinese man. The eight-year-old smirked wickedly; he simply loved bossing Doc around.

"That's wonderful you sexy thing. That would be fantastic!" Doc said as the boy slid to his knees in front of the Asian lad. Reaching out, he grasped the youth's shorts and pulled them open uncovering that was beneath. Doc was wearing a pair of incredibly tight, white underpants. There seemed to be no bulge in them at all and Dopey knew that Doc's cock, which was a small one indeed, was probably erect already.

"Okay!" Dopey giggled and without hesitating, pulled the front of Doc's skimpy pants down enough to free his cock! He whistled, playfully! "Wow! That's a big one!" He looked round up at Doc.

"You little tease!" Doc blushed slightly, when his hard penis sprang up, beautiful and uncircumcised. His testicles were tight and he had very little pubic hair. Looking down to his cock he self-consciously slid his foreskin up and down, then he cuffed the side of his eight-year-old lover's head.

"Not really!" Dopey said in his slow-witted way.

"Well? What do you want to do with it?" Doc wiggled his hips, allowing his pants to slither down to his ankles, then he pushed out his hips towards Dopey.

"This!" The boy grinned before turning his head sideways so that he could plant a big wet kiss on the side of Doc's cock - then another! Then, as Doc held it out from his body, the willing boy leaned over and softly kissed the tip of Doc 's cock.

"Go on then ... suck it!" Ordered Doc, "I know you want to, you little cum addict."

Dopey could see Doc's eyes closed in his bliss. Little Dopey slowly lapped his way up his small shaft, and Doc started squirming a bit. Dopey finally reached the head, and licked around it, teasing with his tongue. Then as Doc moaned happily when the boy's tongue touched the red skin at his tip, and when Dopey touched his piss slit. The boy played his tongue all round before sucking all of the hard young teen-cock into his mouth. It was utterly delightful.

Then Dopey slowly took the head in his small mouth, sucking a bit. Dopey took the rest of his Chinese cock in his mouth with little effort on his part and began to suck him, but gently ensuring that it would last longer. Doc tasted wonderful, and the pre-cum was so sweet that for awhile Dopey had the bizarre idea thought he might be made of sugar and not real at all.

Doc began to thrust a little, and Dopey knew it wouldn't be long. But for the moment, all that Doc could do was to slowly fuck Dopey's mouth, amazed that a boy could be so skilled at fellatio, even though he was in some way, almost a professional at it!

"That's nice!" Sighed the young academic, as he started rocking his cock in and out of Dopey's mouth. "Keep on sucking me ... I love it!" Enjoying what he was doing, Dopey then took the whole of Doc's penis into his mouth and started work seriously on it.

Dopey quickly proved that he still knew what to do, his head soon nodding up and down as he wanked the man with his lips whilst sucking strongly and using his tongue all round the sensitive glans. The boy began sucking harder, and the young genius was squealing, grabbing his head and thrusting inwards, fucking his mouth with his lovely teen cock. Stunned, Doc grasped the boy's shoulders to hold him in place, fully realising that Dopey was would be more than happy to continue until Doc filled his mouth with sperm!

Dopey held on to the warm smoothness of his sexy-but-flat, Chinese buttocks, grasping them to hold Doc closer - it was a magical bum.

With a gasp, he came, and after his cock swelled a little, cum sweet as the highest quality honey shot in with such force and volume that Dopey wondered if he ever masturbated on his own. One of his fingers traced the tight little ring that was nestled between his arse cheeks. It felt really tight. Dopey soon moved it out, and after about seven spasms, Dopey let go and he collapsed onto the bed.

"Thanks." Doc replied quite sincerely, his breath came in small, feeble gasps.

"My pleasure!" Dopey said, and Dopey kissed him, letting him taste some of his sweet cum that he had emptied into his mouth.

"You cum is really sweet. Do you eat lots of sweeties or something?" Dopey asked. Doc giggled and blushed.

"Only your sweet thing, my love." Doc answered, and he closed his eyes.


Later in the day, after they had eaten, a very late lunch and taken a swim together, Felix Jollybottom fucked Osbert Prim again, but they were unaware that Snowy Whyte was spying on them and masturbating in the woods. His arse was still in a terrible state and Bashful knew another stretching so soon would make it worse.

Just before Felix was due back at the landing to meet the other boys they finally walked off together, kissing every other step, touching, and fondling each other. Snowy shadowed them, walking in the woods alongside them, eavesdropping on their conversation:

"How you feeling?" Felix asked, giving his shoulder a squeeze. He placed his arm over Bashful's shoulder and they walked on in silence for a while.

"Better...." Bashful said, but he felt numb and he was sure he would not be able to sleep that, partly due to the pain in his arse and partly because of all the memories of the day.

"And `ow's yer arse. I mean.... `ow's the pain?"

"Still painful.... I can hardly sit." Bashful paused, then added: "Walking is also pretty painful."

"I'm really sorry, mate, guess I was too rough on yer." He looked concerned and Snowy Whyte loved his oldest Anorak all the more for it.

"Don't worry, I like it that way. I wanted you to do it hard, really hard." The blond lad replied, trying to make the adult feel better. Osbert Prim could hardly touch himself down there. His stomach kept churning and he could hardly walk. Sitting down was practically impossible. Yet Bashful's cock never went down the remainder of the day! It remained hard and stiff throughout.

Felix Jollybottom smiled and squeezed his shoulder again. Standing him against a tree, Felix crushed his open mouth to the boy's, licking the full lips before boring his tongue into his mouth. The two clung together, moaning into each other's mouth, aroused cocks rubbing as their hands explored every fold and every crevice. Felix humped his new young friend, their lips never parting.

"God, Bashful, ya woz awesome, mate, one `ell of a `orny bastard!' Felix had decided that one or two fucks wasn't enough - he need more boy flesh and soon.

"Shit, man, I can't get enough. What are you doing to me. I love you, I think." Bashful grinned, but he was earnest. He had never felt like this about anybody and it was new to him. Bashful wanted more, pain or no pain, Bashful wanted Felix inside of him! Again, and again, and again! He looked down at Felix and murmured: "I do love you. I do." So saying they promised to meet up again to continue their explorations from where they had left it.

"Oh dear," thought Snowy Whyte, "Things were getting even more complicated."


The final assault on `Bare Breast & Bottom Barracks' took place late that afternoon and consisted of a sneak attack by the crack team -- well as crack a team as a group of the walking wounded could muster, as Billy had been reduced to hobbling around.

Dick and Jack lay flat on their bellies and attempted to leopard-crawl under the hedgerow, just as Flaunting-Flasher's military-trained dad had taught Dick to do.

This proved effective for their first few yards, but then the thicket of indigenous English thorn became more dense and the branches stretched lower and Dick and Jack pressed their upturned bottoms into the final defence of `Bare Breast & Bottom Barracks'.

The yelps of agony could be heard for miles around.


"What was that?" Doc asked.

"How the hell would I know?" Patrick Pratt retorted.

"I thought I `eard someone screaming from pain..." Doc said.

"Probably the fish, dying of boredom, just like the rest of us, mate!" Said Patrick.

"Well it's time we start back." Said Dopey and Jock Pringle starting the motor on the boat.

As they arrived at the landing, the Pratt party saw Snowy, Fred Marley, Sneezy and Happy waiting for them on the small jetty.

"So, `ow did the two of you make out?" Happy shouted sounding somewhat more tired than usual.

"Well," Patrick answered, "we caught absolutely sod all!" Then after grumbling for a time, he added: "What about you lot?"

"Well," said Grumpy proudly, "I caught me a lovely little tiddler."

"Well," added Bashful, quick as a flash, "I caught me an eight incher." Smyke sneered at his former lover angrily.

"And I liked it so much, actually, I think I will have it stuffed and mounted!" If looks could have killed, Osbert Prim would have been in intensive care.

"Well, I caught a big, nine-inch, Black Beauty!" Said Snowy, joining the debate.

"I thought they were brown trout?" Said Dopey, missing the implications entirely.

"Come to think of it," Said Patrick, " I did catch one, but it were tartan not brown!" Jock groaned and went very red in the face.

Their fishing trip might have only produced four fish but they all agreed that most of them had made several fine catches!


As the evening shadows lengthened, Jack, Billy and Dick sat disconsolately on a fallen tree looking out over conifers at `Bare Breast & Bottom Barracks'.

The trio had, slowly and painfully, climbed up to the very point on the eastern face of Hobbit Hill, from where they had seen the Eden, which lay to the east of "The Woods".

The weather had been deteriorating since midday and clouds now hung heavily over the eastern horizon.

"Bloody `ell," said Billy at length, "I'm beginning to fink its easier to put up with va shit on yer dick, than to go though this type of hell just for a bit o' sex!"

"Yeah if them queers can put up with va pain, I suppose we can put up with a bit o' shit!" Jack grunted his reluctant agreement.

It took Dick a while to understand the implications of Billy and Jack's confession, but a look of loathing and disgust spread over his face when the penny finally dropped into place.

Now being nude is all very well and good, but the reality of going nude, in what passes for English summer weather, is quiet another matter. As the weather was predicted to turn nasty, so the nudists found the prospect of rain the coming days were not good for frolicking in the altogether.

The trio saw, to their dismay, tents being taken down, camping equipment being packed up, nudists putting on ordinary clothing once more, and heavily laden cars moving off in the failing light.

"They fucking going!" groaned Billy Bunion "They packing up an' going `ome!" He stroked his painfully blue balls though his tattered jeans.


One might have expected a deal more gratitude but, it seemed, the more care lavished upon the walking wounded among the Barbarians, the more they seemed to resent it.

Felix now realised exactly how exposed and vulnerable they really were here at `The Woods'; there was no telephone, no hospital on the area, and they had no transportation to get them to a doctor.

Doc had done his best with the small first-aid box -- removing thorns from legs and bottoms; doctoring blisters; tending bruises; and strapping up a sprained knee. But the teeth-marks where Adolph, the more viscous of the Dobermans, had seen fit to give one of them a remainder of their trip to `Bare Breast & Bottom Barracks', had proved beyond his skills. Doc had to resort to using his mobile phone to call in the help of a local doctor who stitched up the bite and administered tetanus shots to the unfortunate Billy Bunion.

They made everyone late for dinner and this did not appear to improve anybody's humour. The three Barbarians from the blue-tent sat apart from the rest of the lads whispering darkly between themselves.

Then questions were being asked -- embarrassing questions, which the three lads had little desire to answer. Billy Bunion grumbled into his helping of Irish-stew; Dick Flaunting-Flasher looked more glum by the minute and Jack Jerker snarled and spat at anyone that came remotely in his vicinity.

Things were looking grimmer by the minute in the matter of blue-tent/ brown-tent relationships! Felix Jollybottom wondered what might happen next.

Then Cedric, ever the optimist, announced it was time for the evening sing-a-long and choir assembled -- sans barbarians - for a resounding rendition of Kumbaya!


Young Pip Pratt was a very cute boy and he was growing up rapidly but Pip hated being five years old! It was bad enough being shorter than almost very body and having everyone, even other kids, trying to lord it over you, but then there were the rules!

Rules that didn't apply when you were twelve, like Patrick, or even if you were eight years old, like Dopey. Rules for what to wear; what to do; where to do it; and, worst of all, when to go to bed! He particularly hated this last one -- just when things were getting interesting or TV was showing fun stuff -- he would have to go to bed! He would be six years old soon and he resented being sent to bed early like a baby! It was all so terribly unfair!

He had argued with Patrick, kicked Dopey's shins and told Snowy to fuck off, when they tried to get him go to bed. Pip, who had all the energy of a young boy, had worn all the older lads out, as he had them running around the dinning hall, after him trying to catch him to put him to bed. And so they were forced to resort to the ultimate weapon -- they called in Mr Jollybottom. Pip idolised Mr Jollybottom. He was a big grown-up -- a man, just like daddy! Pip liked the orange fir on the man's forearms. He liked the man's strong hard chest and muscles on his arms and legs. He loved the way the man's skimpy T-shirt and his tight-fitting, red cycling-shorts, which showed off both the muscles and the bulge in his crotch to maximum advantage.

Best of all, tiny Pip loved the trembling in his small belly; weakness in his little knees that he felt when he stared at Mr Jollybottom; in other words his first stirrings of male-lust.

"Time for bed, sports fan, get yer pyjamas on!" Felix commanded. He looked the tiny tot over and took in his loveliness. Pip's skin was so smooth and white - he truly was a heavenly boy.

Pip squealed with mock defiance, disturbing the man's thoughts. "No way, Felix. I wanna stay up to join-in the sing-along."

"Well," the red-haired man said, "I'll just `ave ta carry ya to va Bungalow an' put `em on yer meself." He plucked the child off the couch and slung him over his broad shoulder. Pip squealed and wiggled trying to escape. All the way from the dinning hall across the heath in the cool night air, his wee heart pounded with excitement, as he thought about Felix stripping him naked.

Mr Jollybottom threw the squealing tot down on his camp-bed and started pulling off his T-shirt as the little boy laughed and wriggled around, just enough to play the game, but not enough to prevent Felix from removing his clothes. In a minute, tiny Pip was down to his diminutive Disney underpants.

"Well then, are ya going to get in yer pyjamas now or do I need ta do va business?" Mr Jollybottom asked with mock severity.

"Oy betcha yer can't!" He taunted, but before Felix could react, and Pip jump off the man's lap in a flash, grabbed his cock through his white Disney underpants and headed for the small bathroom, the one-and-only luxury of the bungalow. "Back in a minute," Pip shouted over his shoulder.

Felix waited a few minutes but the child did not return. Suddenly Pip called out, asking him for help. The ginger-haired man walked into the bathroom. Pip stood in front of the toilet, with his Mickey Mouse underpants around his ankles and his hands in front of him.

Then, just as Pip had calculated, the man saw his awesome little cock. It hung between his legs, soft, hairless, delicious-looking and smooth - a wonderful, soft half-inch cock!

"Mr Jollybottom, will you `old me willy, so that I don't pee-pee on the seat?" The five-year-old asked in his little boy lisp. Felix was gob-smacked! He took a deep breath; this was pretty racy stuff.

"Err... don't ya fink yer old enough to `old yer own willy, mate?"

"Please, Mr Jollybottom..." the lad whined.

"Does yer daddy `old your willy for ya?" Felix retorted, but immediately he realised that the boy's daddy was his best mate, Percy Pratt, well-known sex-maniac, who had recently adopted incest as a way of life!

"Yes, of course he does!" The five-year-old sniggered playfully. "And he plays with it and sucks it, too. Will you do that for me?" The randy little sod was making the moves!

Almost like an automaton, the man walked over and gently took the tiny snake into his hand and aimed it at the toilet. The child pissed into the toilet, chuckling at the same time.

"All done", he informed the man. Happy shook off his little hose for him. Slowly Pip pulled up his Disney undies and Felix stared at that wonderful boy toy disappear out of sight behind Mickey's black ears.

Mr Jollybottom picked up his tiny little frame and hugged him close to his manly body. Pressing naked boy-flesh against himself, he carried the child into the bedroom and position him back on his lap. At this point Felix was beyond all pretence and the child was quickly aware of the man's raging hard.

Now when daddy put him to bed, Pip would get Percy to play-wrestle with him. The little guy would wrap his arms around his strong body and inhaling his manly smell. Percy Pratt would let his youngest son climb all over him, but daddy always ended up pinning the tiny lad flat on his back, with a "half-nelson". Although Pip always put up a good fight, he loved the way it made him feel - struggling against the odds, when daddy had him pinned down - Daddy's chest against Pip's chest; daddy's musty armpit against his face; and daddy's solid biceps pressing against his hard boy-cock.

Pip was hoping -- praying - that Mr Jollybottom would wrestle with him, just like daddy did. Even better, that Mr Jollybottom would do things with him - just as they had done that first time, he and Snowy Whyte had met the man in the toilet where Felix had worked.

"No! No! Don't take me things off yer naughty, naughty man!" Pip squealed playfully as he rolled onto his stomach, grasping tightly the waistband of his short trousers and underpants. Mr Jollybottom picked him up in one of his strong arms around his stomach and yanked down both his trousers and his Disney undies with a quick jerk and tossed them aside, revealing his squirming small bum. Pip shrieked his protest, then laughed as Felix sent him sprawling across his muscular thighs, while the man sat on the edge of the lad's camp bed.

Pip looked intently into the man's red freckled face and giggled a lot when he felt the man's hard cock pressing into his back, but he did not say anything.

Felix ogled the boy's smooth, matchless feet for a while - he absolutely loved boy feet! Felix wanted to suck on his toes and lick the soles of his baby-boy feet, but then the very same foot promptly kicked him - smack in the face!

"Cor! Yer a naughty little blighter, is wot yer are," he said with a grin. The squirming, fighting little boy exhibited the level of puppy fat that makes really young boys irresistibly cuddly. Felix's hands moved up and started to slowly tickle his bald underarm, "yer need to a bloody good paddy-wack!"

"No! No! Not a paddy-wack!" The tiny fellow squealed, between giggles, "I don't need to be spanked. I'm a good boy, I am!"

Two paddy-wacks, otherwise known as two half-hearted slaps of his hand on the lad's bare-arse, had Pip twisting his body around to get away. His hand was resting on Pip's bum when he rolled over on his lap and the man's hand was now resting on his cock, which was as stiff as the boy had ever been.

Felix's face had turned a bit red, abashed at his own thoughts. Oh yes! While Felix had recently been having the time of his life, fucking teen lads up the arse, the idea of coupling with such a really young boy turned him on unbelievably. Here he was with a little baby boy with a little baby cock! He loved really little cocks! How he loved boys: little boys with no hair on their cocks.

He didn't, remove his hand, nor move his hungry eyes, from Pip's immature hard-on, in fact, he ran his thumb and two fingers up and down along the one-inch shaft several times, toying with the cockhead, and caressing his little ball-sack. Then Felix grabbed the cute little circumcised cock and kneaded it with one hand, and Felix began masturbating the hard acorn while cupping his hairless little ball sack in the other.

Felix leaned forward, bent over him and kissed him on the lips. Tiny Pip closed his eyes and drank in the delicious physical sensations.

Happy inclined even further and licked the kid's smooth belly button. Yet more giggles emitted from a very happy child as Felix licked circles around his belly button and traced a wet line down to the base of his now hard kiddie-cock. He ran his hands slowly and gently over Pip Pratt's flawless chest and stomach as he began to lick up and down his stiff todger.

"Ohhhh!" Was all Pip could utter, as the handsome man licked his young willy. Felix lifted the child's cock with his tongue and welcomed all of it into his mouth. Immediately he began sucking that perfect cocklet, running his tongue up and down his shaft, licking around the base of his balls and then he took that darling little sack into his fervent mouth.

The beautiful child lasted about two more minutes and then started thrusting his thighs so vigorously, that Felix could scarcely keep the cock in his mouth. His breathing was harsh as the little one started to tremble. All of a sudden Pip Pratt stiffened and groaned. To Felix's astonishment the boy had an orgasm! I sweet, little baby-orgasm!

"Oy, mate, time for those pyjamas!" Mr Jollybottom said as he suddenly pulled his hand away and rolled Pip off his lap. As the man got up, Pip saw, though his very sleepy eyes how Felix reached down to adjust his pants, in an effort to conceal the bulge beneath.

"Goodnight, sports fan" Mr Jollybottom called as he quickly left the room.

Tiny Pip was asleep before Felix was half way though the door, dreaming about things the little fellow didn't yet fully comprehend.


"Dee, this is wicked! We should not be doing it!" Dumm Tweedle hissed. But he knew his objection was futile -- for once his twin bother had set his mind on a plan there was no turning back.

"Don't be such a big baby!" Snorted Dee, as he checked to see that Pip Pratt, the fourth occupant of their bungalow, was asleep. Dee was soon satisfied, and he went back to the other sleeping form -- the real object of the twin's interest. "I think he is asleep..." Dee Tweedle informed his brother in hushed tones as he placed the Snowy's sleeping bag, neatly folded, next to his camp bed. The pair stood looking down at a sleeping, naked Snowy Whyte. They were delighted to find the boy was entirely nude under the covers.

There was a natural and youthful grace about him, but it was his finely sculpted features that struck the brothers most. Asleep, Snowy appeared like a Grecian sculpture.

"Well will be in ever such big trouble if he isn't," said Dumm solemnly, "and we don't even have and anorak for him to take away." He said, alluding to Snowy's threat to punish naughty Anoraks by removing their favoured item of clothing.

"Yes, I suppose we had better do it very carefully or he will wake up." Whispered Dee grudgingly admitting his brother was right. The twins knew that what they were doing was very naughty, and their little bottoms would burn if their mother heard of this adventure. He stood admiring the sleepy boy's pale, almost translucent, skin and fair hair. "Oh my, he is ever so lovely! Look at his white hair."

"Oh... err..." sighed Dumm Tweedle, "you are right he is a real beauty." The younger brother straightened up, shedding his inhibitions and turning his attention to Snowy's penis once more. Dumm's fingers were caressing his own little handful of hardness through his new jeans.

The sleeping boy was fully erect, though his penis couldn't have been much more than three inches long. It was thin and narrow at the base; it swelled slightly before it tapered to a tiny reddish-pink cherry-shaped tip, which was now covered with the thick sheath of an extra long foreskin--Snowy was uncircumcised. The tiny blue veins seemed to bulge under the very delicate, translucent-white skin. Beneath his throbbing hard penis, his testicles seemed insignificant, small rounded swellings in the pink folded pouch of his scrotum. Obviously the full onset of puberty was still a long way off. The sleepy boy's pubic region was rounded and prominent, perfectly smooth and without the slightest trace of hair.

Gently, so as not to arouse him to the point of full wakefulness, Dee slipped his hands down Snowy's thighs and working in toward his round little bum. He moved the blond boy's legs into a rather lewd, "frog-legged" position, so that his crotch was fully exposed, then he lifted them a bit to examine his bum-crack.

"Oh...err..." groaned Dumm, moved by deep emotion, "that is ever such a pretty bottom!"

Dee was really aroused, and so he put his face up to the lovely boy's penis and begin to rub its silken hardness against his face, cheeks, nose, lips, eyes, forehead. Then he propelled Snowy's boner into his hair and put his lips to his sack, and kissed it gently, first the right testicle, then the left. Then spurred on by the sheer naughtiness of what he was doing, he took the whole taut bag into his mouth and swirled his tongue round and around.

The sleeping Snowy appeared to like this; he pushed up a little as if to put more of his crotch into the older twin's warm, wet mouth. Snowy responded in his semi-wakeful state, spreading farther still. He was clearly turned on by this combination of relaxing and stimulating action.

"Oh do be careful, Dee!" Dumm implored, but he permitted his nervous hands to roam across Snowy's hairless belly and up to his chest and neck.

Dee stuck out his tongue of his mouth, around the eleven-year-old scrotum, and let the tip of his little pink tongue wander along the seam where scrotum, torso, and thigh joined. The skin was warm and slick from his saliva, and there is a wondrously pungent odour, the smell of pubescent boy! He spread his legs further apart and slipped his mouth into his sweet crack, licking lightly up and down, touching the back of his balls, nibbling lightly at the base of his spine where the crack began.

"Oh my!" Gasped Dumm, as he watched Dee moved his mouth up, his tongue laving the underside of Snowy Whyte's straining young boner, following the swollen tube on the underside up to the glans, and licking around the head, swirling along the top. Then he slid his head down, his tongue curled around Snowy's erection to lick the back side until he reach his soft, prominent pubic patch where one day hairs would, no doubt, appear.

Heading back around his balls, the older of the Tweedle lad's started licking along the soft skin, leading to his sweet little hole. There, in that most private place behind his balls, Dee found the magical ridge - Snowy's perineum - which he licked up and down. As he did so, the `sleeping' Snowy moved his knees further down, spreading his crotch a little to give the boy better access.

Dumm was deeply impressed with his brother's skilful performance with his mouth. They had only just learned about this sex stuff and it now appeared the Dee was a natural at licking boys' private parts! Not wishing to be left out, Dumm slipped his hands down Snowy's torso and up the back of his thighs, stroking the hairless legs, until he had the back of each knee in one of his anxious hand. Gently, he lifted the sleeping boy's legs, turning the boy bottom up for their viewing pleasure.

His little anus was a beautiful flower ready to bloom; its pinkish puckered lips were set in the whitest, smoothest skin the twins could imagine. His crack was smooth and flawless. Plucking up his courage, Dee bravely licked along the periphery and felt a slight muscular movement, as if the sweet bumhole were drawing his mouth into the folds of his anal tissues. He salivated over it the hole, then rubbed the saliva around with his tongue and passed across the centre ever so lightly. As he did this, he could see the involuntary flexing of the little sphincter as it tried to open for the boy's hyperactive tongue!

After a few minutes of savouring this treasure, Dee opened wide, to take as large a mouthful of Snowy's sweet hairless flesh as he could. Sealing his lips, he created a little suction with his mouth on the blond child's flesh and slid the tongue around then he probed gently, insistently at the centre. As he did so, he felt it yielding, and he heard the `sleeping' Snowy give an involuntary sigh, and knew the lad was ready for a finger.

"Well brother," said Dee, happily wiping this mouth with the back of his hand, "that has got his good and wet. You can try doing it with your finger. You know, like you do to me?" Isn't it marvellous when bothers are not greedy and are willing to share their sweeties?

And so in it went! Dumm Tweedle, quivering with the excitement of this forbidden pleasure, had buried a finger into Snowy Whyte's sweet velveteen channel, he up to his knuckle. He slipped the finger in and out, not merely stroking, but probing into him. He wondered if the pretty, innocent-looking child had ever been finger-fucked before, when alarmingly Snowy's narrow pelvis suddenly twisted and seemed to follow a motion of its own. Stretched out on the camp bed, the natural rhythm from his buttocks seemed to threaten he'd slip off the bed. There was no mistaking it - Snowy was thrusting himself upon Dumm's finger!

As Dumm's fingertip sought Snowy's prostate, even though the twin's had no idea it was called that, they just knew there was this magic button that boys had in their bottom holes, or so Cedric had told them. Although Dumm could never be sure when he had his finger on it, the response from his finger in Dee's bum hand been pretty spectacular to date. After five minutes of sensual penetration, Snowy's flower was completely open and when Dumm finally smiled triumphantly at his bother, he allowed his middle finger to hold it open, and reaching downward, his other fingers cupped and stroked the lad's smooth balls.

Dee was so excited he thought he might die on the spot. He clutched at Snowy's penis, but it was still too small to fit in a fist and so Dee held it between his thumb and index finger, leaving room for him to rub the tight skin up and down. Eventually his little penis head slipped the protective covers of his tight foreskin and was now swollen to its full, youthful size: shining, hard and glowing purple. Dee Tweedle could feel the pleasure in it growing greater with every second, beckoning him onward to greater efforts.

"I think he is going to have one of these cum things, Dumm." Dee said sagely, as he put his head close to his cock and started rubbing faster.

Dee wasted no time, he slipped his mouth down on the sleeping beauty's swollen erection. It swelled up, surprising Dee that it could get any harder, and he felt the veins of the boyish cock bulging and the swollen head throb as his lips formed a small circle when it reached the base.

Dee believed he stroked his mouth on it four times before Snowy Whyte started to come, the pulsing of the boyish boner buried deep in his mouth drove him nearly wild with lust. Dumm felt the child's arsehole milking his finger, as the boy's crotch convulsed beneath his brother's busy, little hands.

Dumm and Dee Tweedle let the boy, exhausted and in his post-orgasmic disorientation, slip from their hands. Then straightened his slim body out on the camp bed, the twins covered him once more with his cosy sleeping bag.

Snowy Whyte was still pretending sleep, when he heard the naughty twins pulling off their own pants, and slipping into Dee's sleeping bag to take care of their own needs. At first Snowy had been a bit indignant -- after all he had resisted the temptation of playing with Fred when he was asleep. But then he was puzzled by the twins' naughtiness. Finally he started enjoying it; he smiled inwardly and thought, "you got me!" If this were indecent assault he wouldn't mind being assaulted regularly every night!


It is a time-honoured, if slightly barbaric, but universally respected tradition, that where there are two tents on a campground, that the occupants of one tent will sabotage, attack or in some way subvert, the occupants of the other tent!

This usually involves good-humouredly loosening the guide-ropes; removing the tent pegs; putting sugar in the sleeping backs; placing soapflakes in the belongings of the campers or in extreme cases dousing sleepers with water bombs. Scout leaders, army officers; youth-leaders and camping specialists the world over will tell you that it builds team-spirit and hell, even if it didn't do that, getting even was the ultimate motivator.

The barbarians, or raiding party at `The Woods' campsite were the occupants of the small blue tent. This, in itself, did not represent much of a threat, because two injured fourteen-year-olds and a lanky, fatigued sixteen-year-old pitted against the eight occupants of the brown tent represented pretty fair odds, even if the barbarians had the advantage of surprise. The devil in this case, was the three cases of cans of lager beer, which Felix Jollybottom had brought along intended for consumption by the older teen lads at the party on the last night of their trip.

Somehow Jack Jerker had stumbled upon them. Following a day of sheer ball-busting frustration, he had stolen a case of the beer. He and the other lads had polished off several large cans each, even before they hatched this dastardly plan. Then they had taken a few more to get up their courage. Consequently by the time the raid started, they were as pissed as an underwater-pub full of proverbial newts!

Jack, stumbled and fell as he entered the tent, falling heavily on top of Dopey; this started the eight-year-old crying, and woke all the brown-tent occupants up. The straight lads' plan of dislodging the tent poles failed when Fred and Jock stoutly defended them.

Next Richard Flaunting-Flasher stumbled over Patrick Pratt who promptly spat at the lanky fellow temporarily blinding him and causing him to drop the soapflakes-bombs he had in his hands. When Dick stood up groggily, he trod on Cedric's foot and this made Felix really angry.

"Yer bollocky bastard!" Yelled Felix, who lashed out at the slab of misery, giving him a fine black eye!

Billy Bunion was carrying a much more lethal cargo -- a piss-bomb, which he had made himself earlier --he missed and emptied this urine filled plastic-bag over Damien Smyke, instead of the more passive Cedric Snotfinkel. This was a really big blunder!

Smyke retaliated and smacked Bunion between the eyes sending him falling on top of Jock Pringle who felt compelled to showed what highland lads are made off, by kneeing Billy in the balls and knocking him unconscious with a swift uppercut!

Then, raising himself like a wounded bull, Jack Jerker rushed blindly at Smyke, in the process standing on Bashful's hand, and causing the Vicar's nephew to yelp in pain, before he went crashing headlong into Felix Jollybottom, briefly winding the acting youth leader.

"Yer `urt me darling Osbert yer flipping pillock!" Roared Smyke, who seemed to suddenly recall the lowest, dirtiest of his street fighting techniques and he rewarded Jerker with a `Glasgow kiss' - a head butting, smack between the eyes! "No one `urts me Bashful baby an' lives ta talk about it, yer mangy shit!"

Jack Jerker dropped like a stone; his nose spread out across his face, as if it were made of peanut butter, then it started fountaining blood. Still not satisfied, Grumpy Smyke viciously kicked the whimpering fourteen-year-old in the bollocks and would possibly have hospitalised him had Felix and Doc not dragged him off.

"No more! No more, I beg you!" Sobbed Flaunting-Flasher, the last of the barbarians to remain standing! A larger dark patch spread in the crotch of his jeans. Dick had pissed in his pants!

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