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by Graham Day

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A term that has been used since the 80's meaning a Geek or a Nerd. A person who is very interested in the trivia and unimportant details of their hobby and does not like to be sociable. An 'anorak' is always male, usually unfashionable and possibly a train-spotter.





Wednesday was a very different sort of day for the group remaining at `The Willows', than it had been for the St Giles hiking party. For one thing, a small animal had played an important part in the day's proceedings.

It was a badger that showed Dick Flaunting-Flasher what Jack Jerker, Billy Bunion and he had been missing. It was appalling to think of all the time they had wasted the day before, trying in vane to get access to the vault full of pussy next door - also known as `Bare Breast & Bottom Barracks'!

Now that he knew about it, it was so blindingly obvious! There was a small indentation in the seeming impenetrable surface of the hedgerow. This hollow led to a small clearing, which appeared to be another dead-end. The badger, however, knew better!

As Dick scampered after the small animal he knew he had won! The beast led him via the indentation to a passageway, which ran parallel with the outer-edge of the hedgerow for about a hundred yards -- long enough to discourage inspection by the inquisitive. It then swerved off to the east, and broke through into the open air and access to `Bare Breast & Bottom Barracks'.

It had been a simple double blind. A trick not unlike that used in a castle maze. How could they have missed it?

As he made his way through the hedge, Flaunting-Flasher had the odd feeling that he was a character in a pantomime - bravely cutting his way through a thicket of thorn, to find his Sleeping Beauty on the other side, awaiting his magical kiss.

When he reached the other side of the hedge, the breadth of the River Dickens, a tributary of the River Story, and the largest river in the Peak District, confronted him. Beyond it lay the Promised Land!

There was the beach on which they had seen young nudists frolicking! There were the tents, caravans and camper-vans that housed the naked visitors. There was also something oddly ghost-town-like about the campground, as there was not a living soul in view! Dick once more had the odd feeling of being trapped in a well-know tale and that it was, in some way down to him to bring life, once more, into this extraordinary land on the other side of the thicket!

But our Dick's heart sank! For our hero Dick could not swim! It now appeared that this gap in his education might cheat him of this chance for finally seeing naked female sexual-parts in the flesh!

The tiny badger, which Dick had been following, stopped at the edge of the water and looked nervously over its shoulder at the big clumsy lummox of an oaf that had been loping after it. Then the small beast did a very odd thing -- it pointed its nose east once more and rushed headlong at the water and skimmed its way across the surface of the water to the other side of the broad river!

Clearly the age of miracles had not yet passed! A Badger that walked on water!

On closer inspection, however, Flaunting-Flasher had discovered that there was a weir at that point and that the badger had been skimming its way across a concrete ledge, immediately below the surface!

Dick followed hot on the heels of the helpful animal's paw-prints and took up position behind a thicket of shrubs, tall grass and trees. Dressed in his camouflage battle fatigues and trusty anorak our hero almost blended in, but not enough to fool the badger, which scampered off in terror!

Before Dick Flaunting-Flasher stretched the grandeur of `Bare Breast & Bottom Barracks'.

Unfortunately, poor Dick was ill prepared for the events, which unfolded before him over the next few hours.


Petal Bonne-Bouche had felt all along, that this year her summer vacation at `Bare Breast & Bottom Barracks' would be the best one yet!

The eleven-year-old Bonne-Bouche girl was the daughter of an itinerant English sweet-maker and a Frenchman, which her mother had briefly met at an Art-school orgy. Petal, her mother and younger brother had been coming to this camp in the Peak District every summer. She well like by the adult nudists and very popular with the kids.

On Wednesday morning that Petal Bonne-Bouche rose later than usual, but she was one of the first to emerge on `Bare Breast & Bottom Barracks' campground. Many other families had left the day earlier when they had heard that bad weather was approaching.

Petal left the camper-van, which she shared with her confectioner mother and her nine-year-old half-brother, Hansel -- same mother but Hansel's father was a Bavarian Hippie. Her mother had been making sweets for years. However, delicious as they might be, chocolate PP's, marvellous miniature reproductions of the erect male-penis, did not seem to be able to break into the M&M market!

Then she turned back to look at the camper-van and its painted sign, which read:

H The Ginger-Bread House H

Bewitching sweeties for bewitching kiddies

The campground was still desolate. Petal stretched and allowed the cool drizzling rain to splatter on her naked body. Petal Bonne-Bouche didn't mind cold wet weather! It had this wonderful way of making her small tits perk up and her nipples harden, and hard nipples made her pussy itch.

Petal Bonne-Bouche had been sexually precocious for as long as she could remember. She spent a good deal of time sliding down the poles on the jungle gym at `Bare Breast & Bottom Barracks' in order to feel the agitation it caused her young pussy and she became recognised among the campers and their children as the leading child authority on such things. Inevitably this exchanging and sharing of information led to games - sex games! Games, that usually ended up with her and the other naked kids participating in all manner of sexual romps!

It was during one such game, Petal had met her friend Oleander Oddball. Petal was seven at the time and Oleander was two years younger and both of their families spent their regular annual-holiday at the nudist camp. Petal had shown Oleander how to masturbate and Oleander had shown her gratitude for the next three years. In fact, Petal and Oleander had shared Petal's first wet-orgasm. By the time Petal was ten and Oleander eight, they would spend summer nights together here at `Bare Breast & Bottom Barracks' camp rubbing, humping, kissing, and licking their way from one sweet orgasm to the next.

Petal was bored. She contemplated the problem of what to do on a wet day, when an idea struck her and Petal went in search of Oleander Oddball. By the time her younger friend had been coaxed out of bed, several of the other younger campers were up and about and frolicking in the soft rain in a pre-breakfast game of naked football.

"Shall we?" Oleander had asked, nearly reading her thoughts. These words made Petal wet and her pussy began to tingle tenderly with anticipation. The friends furtively sneaked off to find a sheltered spot in the woods, out of the rain, for their little sex session.

As they slunk away from the young people engaged in the rather muddy game, they didn't notice Ms Lobotomy, the camp's security officer, watching them with considerable interest.

Ms. Lobelia Lobotomy was curious. She had been observing the young girls for some time and wondered just how close their friendship actually was. Lobelia was rather beautiful in a Ruebensque kind of way, with long lustrous black hair. As security officer, Lobelia was one of the few at `Bare Breast & Bottom Barracks' camp to legitimately be wearing clothing. She had on her usual jodhpurs, brown shirt and tie and her riding crop which lesbian visitors thought made her look like a suitably severe mistress!

She decided to investigate. The detective in Lobelia Lobotomy told her that the young pair was hiding in the woods, to be alone, and behave in a way they had better not do under the prying eyes of adults. Lobelia felt a stirring deep in her pussy, an itch that would need to be scratched! She decided to follow the girls to see what they were up to, although she was pretty sure she was onto their game!

Petal and Oleander plunged into the cover of the conifers on the banks of the River Dickens. Looking back to see if they'd been detected, they were relieved to see nobody looking in their direction. Only Ms Lobotomy appeared to be in their vicinity, but she was bawling out a group of boys who were playing rather too boisterously. Satisfied they had escaped detection; they walked farther into the woods.

Silent and unseen, Ms Lobotomy made her way after the two girls following them to a shady small clearing - the perfect place to have some private fun. Lobelia Lobotomy did not think of herself as a paedophile, but it was as close a description of her complex sexuality as one could find - Ms. Lobotomy longed for the taste of sweet young pussy, the younger the better.

"Do you think anyone will miss us?" Oleander asked.

"No chance! Even Ms Lobotomy didn't see us go." Petal said smugly. "Is yours still sore from yesterday?" Petal asked, recollecting the rather vigorous work out they had given each other's cunts the day before, for the benefit of a paying audience -- fifteen-year-old Ichabod Plum-Pudding could always be tricked into parting with a few pounds, when the friends needed sweet-money.

"Nope. Is yours?"

"No." Petal put her hands on her hips. "Well, what are we going to do?"

"I need to wee..." Oleander said as they stood facing each other, wearing only trainers. "Let's pee at the same time."

Petal agreed until she realised that nobody would be able to look out for intruders.

"Nobody's caught us yet. Nobody ever comes here this is my special place," Oleander argued. "Come on, let's do it."

Petal gave in and squatted next to her nine-year-old friend.

"Not next to me, silly! Go in front of me, so we can see each other."

Petal repositioned herself so she was a few feet in front of Oleander. Now both girls could clearly see each other's young genitals.

"OK, ready? Go!" The two friends took deep breaths and concentrated on their bladders, then started peeing at the same time. Twin rivulets of warm urine ran between their feet and met in a small puddle.

"Look, our pee is running together," Oleander said excitedly. Oleander finished first, but Petal continued to pee a strong stream of urine. "I won, I finished first!" Oleander said with nine-year-old pride.

"No, I won, because I made more," Petal replied. She finished peeing and looked over at her friend. "I'm ready for you to wipe me."

Oleander had wiped Petal's crotch for her ever since the first time they had pissed together and very little girls. Both girls enjoyed it, for reasons they did not quite understand.

"I'll wipe you if you wipe me," Oleander dared her older friend.

Petal resisted, but the idea sounded appealing to her and it didn't take much persuasion from Oleander before Petal agreed. The two girls moved closer together, reached forward and slowly wiped each other clean.

"Are you sure yours isn't sore?" Oleander asked, as she and Petal lay on a mossy bank.

"No, it feels fine, see?" Petal spread her legs and rubbed herself a bit. "I can even put my finger in," she whispered, demonstrating.

Oleander opened her legs too, so that both girls were standing with their feet wide apart. "I think mine is still sore."

"You said it wasn't?"

"Would you kiss it and make it better?" Oleander pleaded.

Suddenly Petal understood. "Okay. Come to think of it, I want to lick yours, badly." Said Petal. She quickly knelt in front of her younger friend and passionately kissed the fat little labia. Oleander sighed and put her hands on her friend's shoulders, rocking back and forth, pressing her hips against Petal's chin. Petal noticed how smooth her younger friend's vagina was. Oleander had no pubic hair, and her lips were still quite taut and pink the same colour as most of the skin on her body. She noticed her soft downy hair was not pubic hair, it felt quite different.

"Stick out your tongue," the little girl murmured. Without thinking, Petal obeyed, and was rewarded with a sharp taste of the young, pink, damp flower being rubbed across her face. Petal kissed her there. Oleander held on to Petal's shoulders and started grinding herself up and down on Petal's face, rubbing her little erect nub hard across Petal's chin and lips.

Petal was not pecking softly at Oleander's genitals, but rather rubbing her face all over them, pressing her chin and nose between Oleander's tender labia. She made kissing sounds, moaned, inhaled the scent, and grasped Oleander's buttocks to force her closer, if that were possible.

"I'm getting the feeling," Oleander whined. "It's going to happen soon. Oh, I can feel it." Petal leaned in and continued kissing Oleander's tiny, sweet slit, wiggling her tongue around inside the pink walls, rubbing her lips and chin all over Oleander's outer labia. "Oh. Ooooh. Ooh, Petal ... Ooh..." Oleander squirmed and squealed with pleasure.

"That certainly beats brushing my teeth, besides, it got rid of the fur on my tongue!" Said Petal with a smile as she surfaced briefly, before plunging back in, but Petal felt a rush of fluid drain across her tongue from within her friend's depths, her first reaction was to pull her head back and suck her tongue in. "Oleander, I think you peed in my mouth!" Petal said, alternately wiping her mouth and spitting while her young friend recovered from a very powerful orgasm.

"No I didn't," Oleander retorted when she was able to. "I emptied my bladder when we peed."

"Well, something came out of you!" Petal said, still spitting.

"Did it taste like pee?"

"No you must have had your first wet cum, my girl!" Said Petal proud of her nine-year-old friend's achievement.

This was the spectacle, which greeted Lobelia Lobotomy as she approached the clearing. She watched busy little hands eagerly fingering sweet, young pussy.

Lobelia's cunt had begun to moisten when she started following the girls; now she began to rub her hands over her body feverishly. The show itself was more than she had hoped for. She longed to join them, but was afraid of frightening the children and causing them to stop their little game. She wanted them to continue more than anything else did, at least until after she herself had cum.

Unbuckling the leather belt of her brown jodhpurs quietly, she pushed her hand down toward the mound that demanded her attention. Lobelia hadn't watched young girls together in an awfully long while, and the vision before her was more erotic than she had bargained for. Reaching in, she began to massage her now soaking pussy mound, concentrating on stimulating her clit. God yes, it wouldn't take her long, she thought, as she burnished herself into a sexual frenzy, as she spied on the girls, toying with each other's pussy.

Unaware of the presence of at least one voyeur, Petals hands began to explore Oleander's developing breasts. Her friend's tiny nipples atop their small breasts hardened as Petal began to knead the puckered nubs. Petal moved her face toward Oleander's titty. The nine-year-old's small breast were barley formed and she had a small pink nipple that young Petal found very exciting. Petal took Oleander's small tit into her mouth and she began licking the small orb of pre-pubescent flesh.

Then the girlfriends kissed. Their tongues entwined, the girls began to kiss with a passion that most preteens would never known.

Then it was Petal's turn and she lay back on the mossy patch and opened her legs, giving Oleander unimpeded access. Oleander crawled over to her friend and, placing her small, cool hands on Petal's thighs, leaned in and gave Petal's vagina a long, loving kiss.

Oleander Oddball's hand moved down to the third and best of the girl's mounds! A few fine strands of light brown hair surrounded Petal's wonderful pussy. The colour of her pussy hair was in strong contrast to the blond hair on her head. These magical hairs seemed to concentrate in a slim line along her slit. Oleander ever tired of playing her fingers through Petal's wispy, recently acquired, pubic-hairs.

Then Oleander's practised middle finger, caressed the slit and parted the soft lips that hid Petal's budding womanhood. Her finger moved in gradual circles, coaxing the tiny clitoris to attention. Tenderly she lanced the girl's pussy with her index finger, while angling her palm across the mound, manipulating the slit to increase her titillation.

Petal and Oleander had been lovers for three years now, and their knowledge of each other's bodies allowed them to gratify each other perfectly. Petal's young girl juices were already flowing, as her friend fingered her cunt.

Slowly sliding her finger inside of her friend's beautiful vagina, the nine-year-old continued to lick and kiss her friend passionately. This was more than enough to drive Petal over the edge! She released a little come as she cried out in absolute rapture.

"Oh ... oh, Oleander..." Petal gasped. But Oleander did not stop until she had given Petal three very strong orgasms. "Oleander, that felt wonderful!" Petal's fingers clutched at the moss beneath her and her toes were curled with post-orgasmic waves of ecstasy.

"Well that serves you right! Now you know how I felt." Oleander smiled and rubbed her arm across her face to wipe away some of Petal's sticky juices.

Now Petal wanted a fresh taste of Oleander's sweet little pussy and she positioned her head at her little friend's hips, en route to gratifying her desire for the fresh taste of Oleander's tiny slit. As Petal Bonne-Bouche did this, she froze! She was utterly terrified to see Lobelia Lobotomy standing there watching them!

Petal was appalled! Ms Lobotomy was well known as a tough, no-nonsense sort of authority figure. Petal Bonne-Bouche was shocked! She contemplated the appalling prospect of what might now happen: the guard would tell her parents; her school; and kick up ever such a fuss at the `Bare Breast & Bottom Barracks' Oddly enough, nudists could be such awful conservatives at times!

Oleander noticed her friend's anguish, from the abrupt change in her body language. Petal had, uncharacteristically, suddenly lost all interest in their little game. Oleander rotated her head and suddenly realised they'd been caught! The younger girl gasped in horror.

Petal was gazing at the shocking sight of the severe looking security guard, with her hand thrust in her pants, rubbing her creamy cunt and her beady-eyes were fixed on the girls' nearly hairless mounds. Ms Lobotomy was masturbating!

"Don't worry Oleander my luv," Petal said indicating the lower parts of Ms Lobotomy's anatomy. "She is fingering her pussy too."

Oleander's jaw dropped, as she saw what Petal was pointing out. The realisation dawned on the girls that Ms Lobotomy couldn't tell on them because they could tell on her!

When Lobelia Lobotomy refocused her eyes, she saw that the girls had caught her! They were contemplating the area where her hand was down her pants, pressure against her mound. A shudder passed over her -- "masturbation while watching two preteen female visitors" - was a dismissable offence!

Assuming her best jolly-hockey-sticks voice, Lobelia said: "W-w-well, m-m-my young f-f-fillies, seems we all threading the old needle -- or in your case the young hairless needle." Ms Lobotomy blushed a very flattering shade of crimson.

"Well, I d-didn't want to interrupt you." Then sensing the girls nervousness Lobelia added with growing confidence: "It's okay, my d-d-dears to do that. Don't be shy! Girls do it all the time. It's good for us girls to touch each other."

"I know, Ms Lobotomy. You scared us though!" Petal smirked. Suddenly, a novel thought passed through the young girl's head -- what was an older woman's pussy like? What would it taste like?

Lobelia strode over to where the young girls sat beneath the conifers. After drawing her jodhpurs and panties down her buxom thighs and she undressed completely and stood nude in front of the girls. She opened her arms and smiled as if to say, `How do you like me?'

Petal just stared at her the security officer's voluptuous body. Lobelia was tall, much taller than Petal's mother, with heavy breasts, which hung down on her chest. She had a slightly rounded belly with a slender, trimmed pubic bush framed by huge thighs and strong legs.

The two girls stared, thrilled by the prospect of tasting their first adult pussy.


"What do you mean, Dopey is a pervert, Pip?" Doc asked, after he'd allowed Pip to wrestle his lithe body to the floor and pinned his shoulders down with his chubby little knees. The little boy laughed and wriggled around on top of the young Chinese man who had become like an older brother to all of the Pratt lads.

Doc was rather glad when the activity had come to a halt, as he had that tickling, excited feeling down in his belly that warned him his cock was dangerously close to the `hard and throbbing' stage. He didn't want it to happen with Pip, well not until he had gotten to the bottom of this `Dopey is a pervert business'.

"Ya got to promise not to tell," Pip said, glancing down at Doc from under his long eyelashes.

"I promise. I'm good at keeping secrets." The Chinese boy's eyes smiled enigmatically behind his black-rimmed glasses.

"Okay." The six-year-old smirked wickedly; he moved his hand to his small crotch bulge and pretended he was masturbating. "You and him do this much too much and he talks dirty. Jack Jerker says it is very rude to do vat kind o' stuff. `E says all boys wot do it are losers and big boys wot does it wiv little boys are sick perverts."

"Let's not talk about Jack Jerker, I am not a big fan of violence but when the other lads thumped him and Billy and Dick, they deserved it." Doc raised himself up onto his elbows and pushed his ever-present taped-together glasses back up the bridge of his nose. It angered him to have Jack Jerker feeding Pip these ideas. The fourteen-year-old Jerker was confusing the poor child, who had a child-like devotion to his sexually active dad and brothers. Jerker's ideas needed to be neutralised. Doc looked up at tiny Pip Pratt and thought how much he loved these Pratt lads and how much he wanted to protect them. "You shouldn't be wasting your time with his type. They are no good!" Doc was forced to smile at his own words - he sounded exactly like a parent!

The camp at the foot of a hill bordering on the Peak Districts National Park was very quiet that Wednesday. What with ten of the lad's off on an overnight hiking trip, the three blue-tent barbarians, brooding and nursing bruised bodies and injured pride, and the lousy weather - there was not much activity at the St Giles choir's campsite.

Doc had found an ancient Monopoly board with most of the components still in tact, but the two youngest Pratt's had tired of that by lunch time. Dopey was away at the fully equipped kitchen and dining room finding things for their lunch, while Doc and Pip remained in the bungalow the three of them were sharing, while the other were away on their hike.

Feeling the need to change the subject, Doc said: "Now Pip, my boy how are you getting on with the plastic on your bed? Do you..." He paused for a moment, then decided to come straight out with it. "Do you still wet the bed?"

Pip lifted himself off Doc and slumped beside him on the floor, his back turned to the academic, and looking a little deflated.

The Chinese boy rubbed between his shoulder blades. "Hey Pip, mate, it's okay. Really it is!"

"No! No." Pip made a fist and shook his head woefully. " No, it's not! Daddy said it would stop soon. Now you probably fink I'm a baby!"

"No, I don't."

Pip glanced over his shoulder at the slightly built, nerdy looking youth, who had done so much for the Pratt family. Approaching his eighteenth birthday, Doc was really quite tiny. His straight jet-black hair, unfashionable clothing, and taped-up spectacles completed the image of an Asian nerd, but even six years old Pip knew under that exterior, there was a heart of gold.

"You have got to promise not to tell, alright?" Pip was full of secrets today!

"Cross my heart and hope to die." Doc made a large cross on his chest with his finger. He massaged Pip's back again. "And it doesn't mean you're a baby either. Did you ever try that machine that wakes you up when you start to pee-pee?"

Pouting, Pip turned to face him. "What machine?"

"Some kids have very deep sleep patterns and the machine helps them wake up. It buzzes every time you have got to wee, and after a while you don't need the machine any more."

"Never `eard o' it, mate." Pip studied him thoughtfully. The ivory-skinned youth and those silly broken glasses had a shadow passing over his face. "Doc?" began the tiny lad. "Did you pee-pee in your bed too, when you were a little boy?"

Doc recalled the relief he'd felt when he, as a ten year old, he had finally learned he wasn't the only boy in the world who wet the bed. He wanted Pip to share that same sense of relief with this tiny boy he loved so much. He nodded.

"Yes, my boy, I used to wet my bed - until I was ten and that's a lot older than you. But that's our secret now isn't it?"

Pip's eyes suddenly widened and a sunshine-smile broke out on his face. "Don't worry, mate, I won't tell on ya." he said. He crossed his chest, emulating Doc's earlier gesture.

Having brought the sensitive business to the surface, his extraordinary intellect told Doc to wait for the boy to make the next move.

"Did vat machine thing really cure ya?"

Doc nodded. "I was one of those kids with a deep sleep pattern and perhaps you are too. If you want, I could get you one of those machines. I am sure your daddy will be very proud of you if your tell him he are doing something to fix it."

"Vat would be great!" Pip grinned. "Then I could join cub scouts, an' all!" The tiny tot squealed, delightedly as he jump on Doc's crossed legs wrapping his arms and legs around Doc's middle and hugging him.

For the next fifteen minutes, Pip barraged Doc with questions. Would he finally be like normal boys? How long would it take to work? Was it messy? Did it hurt?

Doc embraced the boy and felt a wonderful radiance spread throughout his body.

Pip sighed: "I wish you were me brother instead of Dopey and Patrick."

"Think of me as your extra brother, that is how I think of all of you boys." said Doc.

Pip started stroking the back of Doc's hair. "Your hair is nice, Doc!" Said Pip looking up at the Asian lad's straight, black bowl-cut. "It makes you look like a tough kung-fu fighter!"

"Is that good or bad?" Asked the nerd who had never dreamt he would be mistaken for a martial arts exponent.

"That's good!" Said Pip decisively. "You can beat up `em blue tent lads next time!"

That would certainly teach Jack Jerker to fuck around with this boy, but Doc was a lover not a fighter! He laughed.

"I don't think Jack will dare to call you a pervert if ya do Karate!" Pip grinned. "I like ya Doc."

"Oh you like me, do you?" Said Doc, pretending to be surprised. Doc was wearing the same white polo shirt and skimpy pair of shorts that that he had been wearing the day before. He knew they made Pip's brother horny, which was why he was wearing them again, in spite of the weather having taken a turn for the worse! Now he was surprised to find Pip peaking up the leg at this crotch.

Pip knelt on the camp bed next to Doc. "Yes an' I want us to be Sexy-Mates. Can we?" His voice sounded sweeter and higher than Doc remembered it.

"What's that?"

"Well," said Pip, glancing around to make sure no one was eavesdropping. He lowered his voice conspiratorially: "It means we can do secret stuff together - you know, private stuff."

"Oh my!" Said Doc pretending to be shocked. "You... you don't mean rude things, do you?"

Pip giggled gleefully: "Yes, you silly man!"

"Oh no! Not rude things! Not sexy things!"

"Yes, yes! You naughty, naughty man!" Pip squealed delightedly. "So, ya want to be Sexy-Mates?"

"That's wonderful, you sexy thing." Doc grinned and whispered into the little boy's ear. "That would be fantastic!"

"Grand! But don't tell Dopey vat we're sexy-mates. `E might get jealous, like. Okay?" The six-year-old said.

"Okay." The Chinese fellow kissed Pip on the forehead. He could feel his own cock in his short pants beginning to swell out again. This special friendship with Pip didn't feel wrong. How could anything this good be anything but right?

Then Pip pulled off his sweaty T-shirt, revealing a podgy belly that Doc couldn't resist tickling. They were soon wrestling again, and Doc's penis inevitably began to harden.

The six-year-old rolled on top of him, sprawling boyishly upon his stomach, and grasping the waistband of the teenager's short trousers. As the little boy struggled to pin Doc's arms to the floor, his groin slid across Doc's rather well filled shorts. Suddenly he froze.

"Blimey, yer being naughty! Yer got a `ard willy, don't ya!" he said, grinning. He moved his hips back and forth across Doc's embarrassing bulge. "Cor! It's a big one, ain't it!"

"I suppose you think I'm a pervert too."

Pip crawled over his Chinese plaything and hugged him around the neck. "No, I don't. It's okay, mate, I get 'em too, especially when I'm wrestling. Ya should `Ave seen me get a boner when I pinned Mr. Jollybottom down! It means ya really like me. That's wot daddy says when `e gets a `ard one and sucks me pee-pee."

"No kidding, matey?" Confused by his own desires, Doc's face had turned red.

"Sure! It can't be bad? I mean, if I like you and you like me."

"Sexy-Mates forever!" Doc placed his palm against Pip's and they entwined their fingers.

"Thanks Doc, for being me Sexy-Mate." Pip whispered solemnly, his breath was sweet on the older lad's face. He pressed his cheek against the Chinese lad's ivory skin. Then the littlest Pratt pushed him back until Doc's shoulders were pressed against mattress of the camp bed. "Now you `ave to play with me willy!"

"Oh no!" Doc mocked the boy. "You pee with that ugly thing!" Doc shuddered and carefully reached between Pip's legs. His fingers reach his groin. He had reached the moment of decision. Doc hesitated and was lost. Here he was with a little baby boy with a little baby cock! He loved really little cocks!

Pip felt him drag up his T-shirt, pulling it out of the waistband and run his hands over his torso, next Doc's hands were at his waist, feeling for the hook, then slipping it open; next he unfastened the buttons. In a minute, tiny Pip was down to his diminutive Disney underpants.

He slipped the littlest Pratt's trousers and tiny, once-white, Mickey Mouse underpants from under his buttocks and down his legs and with a quick jerk he tossed them aside, revealing his squirming tiny body and the chubby strong buttocks.

Doc kissed the swelling of his tummy. The boy's cock springs free. Pip was circumcised. Doc could see the line of the cut half an inch down the tiny acorn shaped shaft. Doc wanted to kiss his buttocks and lick his pee-pee and turn him over again, kiss him on the mouth again and tell him how beautiful he was.

Pip watched as Doc stood and pushed his shorts down. They fell to the floor. Doc's underpants bulged, the head of his cock pushing its way above the elastic waistband. Doc stood there, utterly open, utterly exposed, shirt up around his neck, trousers and underpants around his ankles, his erect penis oozing pre-cum, his balls tight in his scrotum.

Pretty as the rest of Pip Pratt was, Doc's attention was totally centred on his extraordinary looking organ, a little pickle of pinkish flesh. He ran his thumb and two fingers up and down Pip's immature hard-on, along the one-inch shaft several times, toying with the cockhead, and caressing his little ball-sack. It was the perfect length, Doc thought - he could get the whole length in his mouth.

Pip Pratt watched as he puts his lips over the head, then slide his whole length into his warm mouth. He began to lick up and down his stiff todger. Doc could suck on the Pratt boy for hours, the familiar sensation of a circumcised glans sliding over his tongue, the smooth snake head in his throat - then letting it slip out from between his lips, using his tongue up the length of it and on the dinky crown.

Here he was sucking the cock of a six-year-old boy! He had known he loved little boys for most of his life. This made him gay and a paedophile.

Doc didn't mind labels, he had lived with a label for most of his life: Chink; four-eyes; smart-arse and swot! But he did mind about his boys and their satisfaction. Some paedophiles only want to masturbate their boys, just fondle them, some want to suck their tiny cocks - these are the ones whose chief pleasure is in pleasuring the child, and Doc knew he was one of them.

"Hmmm..." Pip sighed appreciatively squirming and jerking like a jack-in-the-box. Dopey was not as energetic as young Pip. Making love to the little brother of his lover was like trying to snog a writhing snake! His older brother didn't thrust his hips up and down to drive himself deeper into his mouth or lock his legs around his neck or sides, as Pip now did. Dopey would lie back almost sleepily, twitching with pleasure, caressing Doc's arms from time to time, and when Doc looked at him he would smile.

Their breathing was shorter, shallower, faster now. Pip slid a hand between their bodies, taking him in hand and pumping his Asian cock vigorously.

Pip always thought it nice to feel his little hand slide the length of the older man's prick with his foreskin sliding beneath it.

"Daddy doesn't have a skin like vat on `is willy, Doc." Pip says, sounding a bit babyish.

But Doc was too lost in his own lusty sucking to reply. Pip's breathing was harsh and the boy was soon shuddering. Then Pip Pratt stiffened and groaned and the boy had a sweet, little baby-orgasm!

When next Doc looked down the length of his body, he saw Pip was crouched over his groin, pulling his penis away from his body. The littlest Pratt had rolled back the foreskin. The head looked red and swollen.

"Oh my God!" Doc murmured and he sees the littlest Pratt grips the base of his penis and pointed it towards his mouth!

One hand manipulated his balls, the other smoothed the straight black hair on his pubis, his tiny head rising and falling over his crotch. Doc closed his eyes behind his nerdish glasses. The little lad was getting him going big-time! Doc felt his asshole tighten, his balls rise in their sac he new he was close.

"Pip, be careful my baby. I don't want to come in your mouth, baby." The littlest Pratt ignored the warning. "I am going to come now," he yelped, and Pip descended on him quickly, sucking hard for thirty seconds more.

His whole body was shaking as Doc came again and again, splattering his tongue and innocent little face with an improbable amount of cum!

Doc's cock lost its stiffness rapidly; it slipped from his small mouth. Playfully he squeezed it between thumb and forefinger and milked out a tiny pearl of semen. Tiny Pip squealed happily and he ate it, he squeeze for more, but Doc is had no more to give him.

The littlest Pratt crawled up Doc's body on all fours, heading for his face - his mouth -- once again. Pip Pratt leaned down and kissed Doc on the lips, almost chastely.

"I love ya, Doc." Pip whispered. The smell of sex and semen was thick in the air.

"I love you too, baby." Doc answered.


Later in the morning, after all the others were away hiking, or otherwise occupied, Billy stealthily hobbled, into the ablution block, trying not to let Jack know he was sneaking off for another wank and thereby risk another argument about being a `looser'.

As he walked in to the open area with stalls, he found to his surprise the missing member of their three-some, Dick Flaunting-Flasher, and he was having a wank!

Dick was totally out of it: his eyes were glazed-over, his face was pale as death, and his cheeks had an unhealthy flush. He stared at Billy, but evidently could not see him. Billy could not know that the hapless nerd had been vanquished by the disturbing experience of having watched Lobelia Lobotomy offering two naked little girls her fully-grown woman's pussy to pet and play with! It was sufficient to push a sane male over the brink into the abyss of insanity.

It was a screw-up on Billy's part, blundering into the bog like this, but a hell of good one, as things later turned out. "'Aving fun, mate?" Billy asked breezily.

Dick jumped up literally, and jumped out of his skin figuratively! He turned around and there was Billy Bunion, watching him working at his abnormally big cock! The gangly nerd quickly tried to put his massive cock away, and only just succeeded getting his twelve-inch cock back in his camouflage bottoms. He stood there looking embarrassed as a wet patch spread over the front of his battle fatigues.

But it was different type of embarrassment that the usual one he suffered from. He had been sneaking around all morning pretending to be an S.A.S. man, but here he was caught tossing off. You would need to go a long way back in military history before you found an account of another S.A.S. man caught wanking while halfway through an important military mission!

"Is one o' yer family a fuckin' elephant, mate." Billy joked. There was a time he had been worried about being deformed, but not anymore. Dick had found out that he was deformed, and that was not a bad thing! It was sure to impress his Princess; his Sleeping Beauty!

"Were you close to coming, mate?" Bunion asked. Dick looked at the floor.

"Yeah," The lanky fellow mumbled.

"Do ya want to finish yerself off, mate?" Billy asked. Dick Flaunting-Flasher looked down at the bulge his throbbing cock made in his pants and tried in vane to push it down.

"Dunno", Dick mumbled, as he stood there, gazing at the floor, with his hand holding down one of the biggest cocks poor Billy had ever seen.

"Wait there, okay?" Billy said. Dick nodded his head dumbly his eyes downcast, red-faced and embarrassed. Billy checked over the rest of the ablution block, walked out onto the terrace and seeing the coast was clear, he returned to where Dick sat.

"It's alright, mate. Nobody's about." He said. He looked at the gangly lad's cock and it twitched ominously.

"And you won't say nothing to anyone?" Flaunting-Flasher asked as Billy stood in the open doorway of the stall. Dick, still suffered from the sixteen-year-olds greatest fear, namely that Billy might tell his mates that he had caught him having a wank. Billy was just about to walk away when Dick grabbed his arm.

"Will you come in and listen out for me, while I do it? It won't take long!" He asked in a nervous voice.

"But won't you be put off by me being `ere while yer wanking vat weapon?" Billy asked. He walked over, briefly grabbed hold of Dick's massive bulge in his pants and stroked it a couple of times. "My fuck! Yer a big bloke!" Flaunting-Flasher's cock twitched in his hand as he quickly pulled the younger lad into the stall with him.

"Just stand in the doorway and listen out, will you?" Dick said as he stood in front of Billy Bunion and got his massive cock out. He looked at Billy before looking down at his cock, turned and stood by the bog and started wanking and thrusting his hips at his hand.

Flaunting-Flasher wanked violently! He soon started grunting and Billy could hear the spunk on his hardened helmet start to make a clicking noise. He could tell that Dick was getting close as he started wanking faster. Billy slowly stepped to the side and could see Dick's cock as he wanked violently. It was massive, his helmet was foaming with semen, and his hand was covered in spunk that was flicking from his cock as he wanked with speed.

Billy became very randy and slowly got his cock out and started wanking. Dick heard him opening the zip on his jeans and looked at Billy out of the corner of his eye. He looked round and saw Billy wanking and looking at his cock.

Suddenly his voice came from over Billy's shoulder, "Bunion?" Dick Sleepy called as he turned his head back and looked at the wall and slowly wanked himself.

"Wot?" he asked.

"If... if I ask you to do me a favour and you don't want to do it... err, you won't tell anyone what I said will you?" Dick asked quietly.

"No `course not, mate." Billy said.

"Stand behind me and play with my balls, please, it will help me come quicker!"

"Blimey mate, if I play with yer bollocks, me arm might get knackered!" Dick joked, then he laughed lewdly at his own joke, but, nevertheless he stood behind him and started playing with Dick's massive bollocks and slowly moved closer and pushed himself against the lanky fellow gently and put his arm around his waist.

Dick pulled his camouflage bottoms to the floor, put his hand on his arse and drew the lad against him. Billy's cock was pushing against Dick's white arse. As Dick wanked faster, slowly rubbing his slack-bottom against Billy Bunion. He sighed as Billy pushed himself harder against the nerd, and started very slowly and gently bumming him.

"Is vat alright, mate?" Billy enquired nervously.

"Yeah", Dick replied.

"I'm just pretending it's a bird arse!" Billy said by way of explanation. He didn't want Dick to think he was queer.

"Do whatever you want to..." Bunion pulled his jeans down further and pushed his cock between the cheeks of Dick's arse and started thrusting, at the same time he started rubbing the vein on the base of Flaunting-Flashers mammoth cock as he played with his balls. Dick grabbed his hand and put it on to his pulsating cockhead.

"Dick mate, if yer arm is tired, let us wank ya off..." Bunion whispered a friendly offer. But there was an unmistakable tone of desire in there. Billy desperately wanted to do rude things with Dick's huge fucker.

If poor ugly bruised and battered Billy Bunion didn't have enough to cope with he was now in for the shock of his life. As he grabbed Dick's fat shaft, he suddenly felt the nerd's long fingers reach between their bodies, he grabbed Billy's six-incher and place it to his arsehole and he pushed against it!

"Flaunting-Flasher, wot are ya doing!" Bunion exclaimed. He could not believe it! Dick was trying to take his cock up his arse!

"Nothing, just shut up, it's a girls arse, alright!" Dick barked at him, as he became very randy. Bunion grabbed hold of Dick's massive cock and wanked as fast as he could. "Faster", Dick said as Billy felt his cock start to twitch. Dick pushed himself harder on Bunion's cock, which slowly and with great effort, inched up his rectum!

Bunion was not immune to the pleasure of good bum fuck! And if the long slab of misery wanted to get fucked, he was happy to oblige. But Dick had taken charge - he grabbed his own arse cheeks, spread them and started fucking himself on his cock.

Billy started bucking his hips, and pushed the full six inches of his cock inside Dick, randy as all hell now, he fucked him with speed.

"I'm coming, mate!" Bunion said. Dick stayed silent and fucked himself even harder on his cock as Billy spunked up his arse. Dick continued until his cock was almost completely flaccid, then he eased his cock out of Dick's rectum.

"I'm gonna come!" Dick gasped. Bunion dropped to his knees to get a ringside view of this impressive cock spunking up.

Billy continued wanking Flaunting-Flasher, but tried to do it as fast as he could, with his other hand Billy reached over and cupped his balls in his hand and squeezed them gently. That was too much for Dick - he closed his eyes not realising he had accidentally aimed his cock at Billy Bunion's mouth!

He was mortified as the first blast rocketed out and splashed against Billy's leg. What would Bunion think of him?

With a muffled shout, Flaunting-Flasher continued to cum, spewing with unbelievable force, shooting about five or six times. Most of Dick's load spraying directly on his face, but some shot into Bunion's gaping mouth.

Bunion almost choked as the spray hit the back of his throat, but shocked at how good it tasted, he astonished himself by swallowing almost all of it.

"Fucking hell, its all over you", Dick said when his vision cleared, and he could think again.

"'Elp us clean it up, mate?" Billy Bunion asked.

Flaunting-Flasher's immense cock was still fully erect, and it twitched as he wiped off a dollop cum from his fat helmet. A dribble of spunk had shot onto Billy's upper-lip; he licked it off hand once he had wiped it off his face. Dick saw what he was doing but chose not to say a thing.

"Do you like yer own come, mate?" The Bunion lad asked while still on the floor, looking up at him, his cock only inches away from his mouth, and still fully erect.

"Don't be disgusting!" said Flaunting-Flasher rather abruptly returning to type.

"I wanna try some more of yours." Bunion said. He pulled Dick's foreskin forward and dribbled a tiny amount of his come onto his finger and he licked it off of his finger.

"Well?" Dick asked, uncertain what a straight lad says to another straight lad who has been sampling his cum. "Nice, is it?" Dick asked.

"Yeah", Bunion replied shyly.

"You won't ever tell anyone you caught me having a wank?" Dick asked as he got up to leave the bathroom, while putting his cock away.

"Nah, `course not, mate!" Bunion said. This was a bit of a joke, thought Billy, Flaunting --Flasher had allowed him to fuck him - albeit briefly - and then he called it wanking!

Dick Flaunting-Flasher hoped that fourteen-year-old's had a short memories.


Even Dick's wank in the bog with Billy did little to satisfy his sexual hunger. God, how he wished he had never followed that stupid badger. How he wished he had never sneaked in to the woods overlooking `Bare Breast & Bottom Barracks' campground. How he wished he had never seen the naked little girlie emerge from The Gingerbread House caravan. How he wished he had not stayed to watch the two girls and the women engaged in unspeakable lesbian activity only a few inches from his nose!

But he had done all of these things and now his massive cock would not go down! The bad weather did not deter him. He had to go back!

And so on Wednesday evening Dick followed the badger's path and hid once more in the woods.

He knew his Princess' name was Petal. He knew that she lives in the camper-van with her mother and a boy he presumed was her brother. Dick decided that he would wait until he could catch the girl alone. Then he would try to make friends with her and get chatting. If she did not, however, he would just have to threaten her with knowledge of her fooling around with the little girl and that bitch of a security guard.

Dick did not have long to wait. A group of wrinkly nudists with grey hair and woolly jumpers walked by and went back to their caravans when he saw a familiar figure approaching the wood. His Princess stretched as she left her mother's camper-van. She rather enjoyed the cool drizzling rain, which splattered off her naked body.

"Shit" he muttered to himself, he was very, very nervous. What if she said no to his proposition?

Petal Bonne-Bouche went back to the same clearing while the gawky boy headed into the safety of the woods, stopping behind the same bushes that had previously provided his with refuge.

What he saw brought his erection painfully back up to full mast. There before his eyes, Petal lay, naked on her mossy bank. One of her hands was running over her flat chest, while the other was rubbing around her nearly bald pussy.

The nerd watched in awe, as Petal spread her legs very wide. This made her feel very vulnerable but just as excited. She placed her left hand on her mound and let her thumb rest on her clitoris; then his little Princess slid her index pointer finger into her vagina and twirled her finger around several times and pressed up on the upper roof inside her vagina. Waves of pleasure washed over Petal's body. As he stood there groping the front of his army-surplus pants, the object of his desire let her finger drive in and out of her little pussy.

Dick could see how cold wet weather made her tits perk up and her nipples harden.

Not wanting to miss a chance to get her while she was hot, Dick stumbled out of the undergrowth, tripping over an exposed root and falling headlong at her feet.

He saw Petal jump up, and use her hands to cover her flat, boyish chest. He noticed that in her haste, she did not think to cover her smooth pussy. This excited him even more, knowing that he would face her with her bare slit exposed.

"What do you want?" Petal asked as she gaped in shock at this alarmingly ungainly lad in odd-looking camouflage dress

"H-h-hello l-l-little g-g-g-girl." Dick stammered and stuttered.

"What do you want?" Petal repeated. She looked coolly at the gawky looking sixteen-year-old and took in his huge feet; army-surplus clothing; and rather sullen face.

"P-p-please P-p-petal," he used her name and this startled her even more than seeing the boy here where he was not allowed to be. Then he pleaded: "I'm s-s-sorry, I... I just w-w-want... want to t-t-talk to you. Okay?"

"You don't belong here!" Petal said. "And you are wearing clothes!" She added as if this was the ultimate disgrace. Her hand was now nervously toying with the silky hairs on her cunt.

Dick Flaunting-Flasher mistakenly took this as an indication of interest. He pulled open the fly of his pants and exposed himself, somehow thinking this would solve his problems. After a few helping strokes, Dick was standing at his full twelve inches, the foreskin pulled back over the tip. He contemplated wanking himself off right there while Petal watched, however, he decided that this would not be wise.

Turning towards the little girl, his penis jutting over the edge of his underpants, Dick hoarsely whispered: "Wanna touch it?"

"What?" the little girl asked, looking startled, yet amused. "No, get out of here or I am going to call the security guard."

Dick blushed, stuffed himself back into his pants and hurried from the woods. He was nervous and scared. He didn't want her to tell her parents, or the bitch of a camp guard, or he would be in serious trouble. He hesitated halfway through the hedge unsure of what to do next.


Shortly after lunch Pip had to go and do a "number two" and so Doc asked Dopey to take him to the toilet at the communal ablution block. The two brothers reluctantly put their clothes back on, after all it was located in a public place and it was raining, as naughty stuff had been going on at the bungalow since Doc and Pip had started the ball rolling before lunch. When Dopey returned with three badly made cheese sandwiches, the three of them had continued having naked fun - wanking and sucking between bites of lunch!

It was a long walk, in a penetrating drizzly-rain, to the lavatory from the bungalow, particularly if you had short six-year-old legs. Pip Pratt thought he'd poop in his Disney underpants before they got there, but somehow he bravely held it in.

As Pip climbed the ablution block steps ahead of his brother, his baby-bum was at eye level, encased in rain-soaked shorts, which clung to his chubby bottom. Dopey realised that these days, there were new feelings he experienced when he looked at other boys, even if the boy in question was his own six-year-old brother. This new element was lust - although the not-so-bright boy hadn't acquired the word for it, yet. He had been sexually aware for a couple of years, but only since meeting Snowy had his vague yearnings coalesced into real, specific desires. He watched Pip's arse wobble under the sodden cloth and he felt his own little todger begin to twitch and inflate in his pants.

Soon enough Pip was relieving himself into the porcelain bowl of one of the stalls, while Dopey stood where the door ought to have been, watching his baby bother shitting.

Squeezing hard, Pip's pretty little face contorted as he strained. Then he discharged a juicy fart. His arse lips must have flared open and his little poophole released the recalcitrant turd.

In truth, Dopey had always found it unaccountability exciting taking his little brother to the bog. He looked so cute sitting there, screwing up his face, as he pressed out a reluctant stool. For some Reason Dopey found this unaccountably erotic. He felt his cock stiffening.

"Cor blimey, vat woz a big `ard one!" said Dopey, impressed by his brothers exertions.

"Oh it didn't `alf `urt!"

"Well, sometimes it feels nice `aving a good `ard poo..." Dopey he turned his dull, but pretty, face towards his little brother and a slow smile broke out over his face.

"Gee, I suppose so, bruvver!" Pip said thoughtfully. Then he grinned mischievously and added:

"I got a present for ya, Dopey! Look!" So saying the youngest Pratt boy slid back on the throne, parted his legs and indicted for Dopey to look between his chubby little legs.

"Look what I made! All nice an' brown an' stinky!" The little boy giggled wickedly. "Come look, Dopey, it's a big one!" He squeaked proudly: a really little boy could be please with his bathroom business!

Dopey HAD to lean forward and look! His cock was now a throbbing log in his short-pants. A large knotty, smelly turd floated lazily in the water beneath. Dopey looked and it and was forced to rub his willy in excitement.

"Cor yer right bruvver, vat sure is big one!" Dopey said in little more than a whisper, as he unbuttoned his shorts with his right hand and began to rub the pouch of his underwear.

"If something vat big can come out, do you think something vat big can go in?" Pip pondered.

"Blimey, Pip yer shit don't `alf stink va place up!" teased Dopey holding his nose in mock disgust, as the unmistakable smell of little boy excrement assailed his nostrils.

"I don't stink!" Shouted Pip indignantly the he sniggered. "Anyway, it looks like yer likes it - yer all `ard!" Pip smiled and nodded at Dopey masturbating, he had been caught good and proper!

"Look!" Dopey commanded, lowering his shorts and underpants completely and shoving his erection towards his baby bother for his inspection. "I can't even piss me dick is that `ard," Dopey stated as Pip looked over at his brother's hard two and a half inch cock arching up over his tight little balls.

"Cor I'll bet our daddy would enjoy sucking it for you, bruvver!" Pip said. He had slipped his hand down between his legs and he had started toying with his, by now, very hard little acorn. The small boy lay back passively, his eyelids fluttering gently from the pleasure he was experiencing. Dopey could tell from the rhythmic movements that he was not the only excited Pratt in the toilet.

Then, with one of those abrupt changes of mood that little boys are famous for, Pip yelled: "All done!" He jumped off the pan and looked into the water below, once more to see what he had squeezed out.

"I ope me bum `ole closes up again, can you check and see if I am okay Dopey?" Asked Pip a bit worried that his bum was still open like a gaping hole.

Grasping his chubby baby-bum-cheeks in his hands and spreading them apart, Pip revealed his boyish arsehole. It was very small and tainted with residual boy's poo and still winking, as one might expect after passing such a big one, but it was not wide open.

"Oh... Err!" Said Dopey gasping more from excitement than rudeness. "Stinky, dirty bumhole!" He stood next to Pip peering down at his poop floating like a brown battleship in the water below. Pip and Dopey were both gently masturbating their little pee-pees.

"Well done bruvver! Now wipe yer bum an' flush an' we can go back an' `ave another wank."

Then tiny Pip got a nasty little surprise. There was no toilet paper!



"Do they `ave any lav'y-paper in va others?"

"Lemme see if there's any in the other stalls." Pip heard Dopey go check each stall.

"Sorry, Pip. None of va stalls `as any bog-paper. And there aren't any paper towels, just those stupid electric hand dryers. Looks like yer gonna `ave to use yer `and."

"Me `and?!" Pip was disgusted. "Vat's is gross."

"Come on, bruvver. It's not like ya ain't touched yerself there before."

"Yeah, but I woz clean." Pip grumbled. "Wot are we gonna do, Dopey?"

"'ey, Pip there are shower `ere, ain't there? Ya can wash yer bum off there."

"I suppose so." Pip got off the toilet and flushed it. He picked up his shorts and walked naked out of the stall.

"'Ow come ya don't put yer shorts on?" Asked Dopey in his slow-witted way.

"I don't wanna get 'em messy, like." Pip explained, proving once more that he was after all much brighter than his older brother was.

"Come on, let's go shower, bruvver." Pip and Dopey walked from the closets, past the deserted, smelly urinal, and through the strangely silent changing area. It was odd being the only souls in the place where normally there would be high-pitched boyish voices and darker-toned adolescent voices, echoing sharply from the tiled walls and floor. Now there was only Pip walking a bit duck-like and an almost naked Dopey behind him.

They walked into the empty shower room. Six showerheads were mounted on a single, ceiling-mounted chrome pole, which hung above a tiled area large enough to accommodate a group of six to eight men or boys at a time. The Pip stripped off, leaving his clothing on the floor. Dopey turned on one of the showers and Pip got under a jet of hot steaming water.

"Just spread yer bum cheeks and let va shower rinse va crap away." Suggested Dopey.

Pip did as he was told and he felt the water hitting his sensitive little bottom hole. It felt really good and after a minute Pip was rubbing his anus with his fingers.

Dopey saw what Pip was doing and he sighed breathlessly: "Blimey Pip, I wish we woz big enough, then I could fuck ya right `ere. That'd be so `ot." Pip looked up at Dopey and smiled -- the older Pratt was massaging his dick through his shorts, then he hooked his thumb on the waistband and pulled his shorts down to expose his two-inch childish cock.

"Oh... err..." Pip moaned as he inadvertently stuck one of his tiny fingers into his tiny hole.

Dopey started stroking his short cock, moaning softly and muttering rude stuff about fucking Pip. Evidently, Pip was enjoying his fingering so much, that Dopey tried doing the same - manipulating his anal orifice. Soon both little Pratt's were sighing too as they manipulated their holes.

Dopey was keen to join his little brother under the water so that they could play together. Dopey scrambled under the shower, slipping on the wet floor as he went. He fell forwards and Dopey's face bounced off of Pip's bum and he fell backwards, landing on his bottom.

Whoops of high-pitched laughter echoed off the tiled walls. Dopey felt the heat of a blush rising in his face.

"Gee, Dopey," Pip sniggered, turning to see what had happened. "When I said 'kiss me arse' I didn't really mean it!"

"Oh...err!" Dopey blushed and stammered. More laughter erupted, and Dopey was a trifle hurt for a moment, but Pip 's warm smile was worth the slight embarrassment. His small dick was still rock-hard, though, and he still desperately wanted to play with Pip's little pee-pee - this would not be another of those frustrating days, if he could help it.

"Wot the fuck is going on `ere, then!" A deep voice bellowed and the words echoed in the shower room. Dopey froze! Then his slow-witted brain told him the voice came from behind him.

Pip had stopped all of his sexy activity and his tiny cock deflated rapidly. The littlest Pratt looked up in terror to see Jack Jerker gawking at them, and looking very nasty indeed. He was now the owner of two rather spectacular black eyes and his nose was fat and podgy-looking. Dried blood caked his nose and upper lip.

"Yer not allowed to be nude in the showers." This struck Pip as rather unreasonable. "And you're definitely not supposed to be wanking off or touching yerself like vat, yer little perverts."

"I-I-I... we... we were..." Dopey stammered. "Th-th-there weren't any c-c-crap paper and Pip were j-j-just cleaning `is bum."

"Oy, shut it queer! I suppose ya woz just cleaning your pee-pee off, too!" The teenager scoffed.

"Sorry!" Dopey blubbered.

"Do ya fink I am stupid or wot?" Asked Jack Jerker, the self-appointed interrogator.

"Please just let us go, Jack." Begged Dopey remembering Jerker was one of the three crazed assailants the night before. Jack grasped a handful of Dopey's hair and jerked his head back so that he looked up into his bruised rat-like eyes.

"Not bloody likely!" Jerker's swollen eyes derided him.

"Why not let Pip go, then?" Dopey Pratt asked with quivering lips.

"'Cause I fuckin' want `im `ere, ya little prick." Jack released his hair and Dopey's head fell forward.

"I ought to beat yer to a pulp, yer little fairy!"

"W-w-we promise n-n-not to do it a-again."

"I am going to make bleedin' sure of vat." The fourteen-year-old said. Dopey saw a second figure limping up behind Jack and the stopping next to him.

"Alright, Dopey?" Billy Bunion greeted him. Billy's face looked only marginally better than his mate Jack's did. Jerker whispered a brief report of events to his buddy.

Billy looked Jack Jerker in the eye, then he glanced at Dopey, then at Pip and finally and he seemed very thoughtful. "Didn't expect ta see ya lads `ere at this time of day. Ain't yer off walking wiv va other idiots?"

"Please Billy," Dopey repeated his appeal to the nicer of the two fourteen-year-olds. "We don't want to get into no trouble, like."

"Don't worry, Dumbo," Billy replied, "it's okay, we not gonna turn ya in or nufing. In fact, if ya want to finish up, go ahead."

"Really?" Dopey asked.

"Sure, why don't Jack an' I get naked like ya an' yer cute little bruvver there and we'll make sure we don't get interrupted." So saying, Billy lowered the front of his shorts to reveal a fine six-inch cock! It appeared fully erect, angling up his thin belly and extended up toward his navel.

Dopey's mouth went dry as he gazed in awe at the teenager's sparse, black pubic-bush. He had seen many, many cocks before and several much bigger ones, but Billy was looking at him and Pip in a very worrying way.

"Jack, mate, why don't ya go make sure we aren't interrupted!" Billy said assertively.

"I dunno, about vat, Billy." The more aggressive `barbarian' of the two, said nervously. "Wot ya got in mind, Billy?"

"Well? `Ave you kid's seen a fucker as `ard as me cock?" Billy Bunion sniggered.

"Can ya believe it, Dopey?" Pip whispered. This was scary, yet thrilling.

Dopey was very grave when he said: "I fink we are in deep shit, bruvver, we gotta get Doc `ere." He did not need to have an above average IQ to tell that Jack and Billy were up to no good.

They heard a loud click echo through the changing room and realised that Jack was locking up the ablution block.

"`E is bleeding locking us in!" Dopey cried.

"Wot do you think `e wants to do, Dopey?" Pip asked shaking his head rather despondently.

"I think `e wants to Fuck me bum." Dopey said nervously. "Maybe, `e might want to fuck your arse, too."

"He can't! I'm too little!" said Pip stoutly but Dopey doubted this line of argument would have much impact on Jack and Billy.

Returning after having closed the door, Jack winked at Billy and the pair of them smiled and began stripping off their clothing. Dopey saw the barbarians stripping off their T-shirts, soon they were stroking their cocks. They joined the Pratt lads under the stinging jets of water.

Billy's six-incher was pointing skyward, and the other barbarian, Jack Jerker, began to stroke his stiffening rod, with its a ubiquitous curve to the left.

"Do yer like me stud cock, arsehole?" Billy asked.

"I can't believe these little guys are into this, shit mate!" Jack's left hand was now rubbing up and down Pip's back as his stroked his cock with his right. Pip looked up at the teen. He was so ugly, with his battered face, mean eyes and nasty smile.

"Now yer lads better be nice to us." Billy said, his expression was openly obscene.

Jack Jerker put Pip's hand on his teen cock and lifted it into a vertical position. Jack's foreskin was stretched tight over a fat cock head, not unlike a polo-neck sweater being pulled over someone's head. Pip's tiny fingers pulled back his skin until the head slipped free then arranged it around the base. This done, the tiny Pratt began the practised ritual of wanking up and down the shaft - his mission was to pleasure the teenager and perhaps save his brother's bum.

"I can't believe this kid! `ow old are ya, Pip?" Jack was very impressed with Pip's technique.


"Fuck!" Jack shouted, then he shook his head in disbelief. "I'm one sick fuck, getting wanked by a little six-year-old lad."

Jack removed a hand from Pip's waist, and used it to turn Dopey's face toward Billy's hard cock, which arched up above his tight balls and growth of dark hair. Grasping the intention of his mate's action, Billy grabbed the back of Dopey's head and he pulled the slow-witted boy toward his six-incher. He held his cock in one hand and he propelled the soft, fat head of his cock into his mouth, while with his other hand he forced his head down onto it with such forced that the boy gagged. Billy pulled his cock out of his mouth while Dopey caught his breath.

"Come on lad, gimme a suck to get me `ard you little shit!" said Billy Bunion to Dopey, his former friend from the choir! An indecent smile creased his ugly pockmarked face.

"I will suck yer both off, but don't `urt me little bruvver!" Said Dopey withdrawing Billy's dick briefly from his mouth.

Now this was a thoughtful thing for him to offer, however, as any of Dopey's Anorak friends could have told you, Dopey LOVED sucking cock! He was also very good at it, and was practically addicted to cum! But he did want to feel that he was having sex because he wanted to and there was something very unpleasant about being forced into it.

"Stuff it in yer gob! Suck me," Billy insisted with a horny huskiness in his voice.

Dopey took Billy's cock into his mouth once more and repeated what he'd done so often to others. A few minutes into it, he was completely wrapped up in the slobber-job he was doing on Billy's penis that Dopey began to rock slightly with each thrust of Billy's cock deep in his mouth.

Soon Dopey's mouth was getting a little sore so he let Billy's cock slip out and started licking it, like an ice cream cone. Billy was moaning loudly when he sucked on the head, tonguing his piss hole and around the rim. One of his hands was running through his hair while the other stroked his back from his neck down to his crack. Dopey felt Billy's finger brush his bottom hole and he did not like this turn of event at all.

Little Pip looked over at Dopey and Billy and saw how his older brother was sucking on his cock and appeared to be rather enjoying the finger-fucking Billy was giving his.

In his hand, Pip felt Jack's bent cock twitch a little and he thought Jerker might be cumming. Pip let his willy slip out of his grasp and he started to lick Jack's balls instead. He liked to suck Daddy's balls and he thought he might try Jack's for a change. He sucked one into his mouth, let it roll around then took the other one.

Pip went back to wanking Jack's todger. Jack, however, had other plans - he took his cock in his hand, and he rubbed the wet slippery fluid on the glans of his cock between the open lips of Pip's mouth!

Dopey was so shocked that he speeded up blowing Billy, hoping that if he finished him off, quickly, he could take over from Pip and save his little brother's mouth from further violation.

"Oh, fuck," Billy Bunion groaned! "`ere it comes!" The Bunion lad tensed as his cock muscles jerked deep inside Dopey's mouth. Billy held still with his hard throbbing cock buried deep in Dopey's mouth. His tight balls experienced a spasm, as his cum ached for release. Billy straightened his back, his mouth open, and held his breath as he clenched his arse muscles tightly.

"Ahhh fuck yeah, Billy me ol' china... push, mate... give Dopey vat cum!" Jack said spurring him on.

Billy's cock tensed as he momentarily held back the flood of cum. But the pressure continued to build in his balls, as the spunk strained against his clenched arse muscles for release. His hard cock swelled as the head of his cock expanded far in eight-year-old's warm, wet mouth.

"Ahhh fuck! I'm gonna blow me fuckin' load in `is cake-hole!" And so saying, Billy Bunion arched his back, grunted, and Billy's tensed cock jerked deep in the boy's mouth and his clenched arse muscles gave way and the rush of thick white fluid shot up the shaft of his hard cock into Dopey's wet mouth.

Dopey felt Billy's cock jerk in his mouth as several spasms of hot clear fluid coated the roof of his mouth. Dopey could taste the slippery fluid pour from the slit into his mouth as cock juice filled his mouth. Billy had apparently been storing a reserve supply for Dopey who had a hard time taking it as fast as the teenager dispensed. A drop leaked out around the corner of his mouth and hung in a long, pearly-string before falling onto the wet shower floor.

"Fuck yeah!" Jack stated, sexually aroused beyond reason by his mate's fucking of the little lad's mouth. He took another deep breath, Jack knew he couldn't hold his own over-supply of cum back much longer. He knew that as soon as he relaxed his clenched arse muscles, he'd blow his whole fucking load. Jack Jerker could feel the pressure building against his tight clenched arse muscles, as the spunk pushed up the shaft of his boner!

"Christ, I'm gonna cum! Gonna cum in a little boy's mouth!" Jack yelped, as he flexed his arse muscles hard. Jack's face flushed as the hot torrent gushed up the urethra of his cock in a hard continuous force. Jack relaxed his arse muscles as his balls and cock muscles convulsed beyond control. Jack's cock twitched deep in Pip's mouth as a hot stream exploded in Pip's tiny mouth. Jack's thick cock jerked hard in Pip's tight mouth with each explosion of fluid.

Little Pip spluttered, moaned and he breathed heavily, as Jack's spunk filled his inexperienced little mouth and flowed down the shaft of the teenager's cock onto his tight balls. The tiny tot leaned back for a moment struggling to accommodate both a wad of sperm, and a hard cock, in his diminutive mouth.

Finally he relaxed; then, slowly released Jack's cock, which slid out of his cum filled mouth. Still pretty hard, Jerker's bent cock plopped out of Pip's wet mouth with a slopping sound. The hair beneath his navel was soaked and matted with white slippery fluid than ran down the base of his cock.

"Ahhh... man!" Jack muttered as his nasty tool arched down over his wet balls and a thin stream of white fluid oozed from the slit of his swollen red cock head.

Pip's bruised lips spread open, forming a gapping cum-filled letter-"o" from which a familiar thick fluid dribbled.

"Yeah...Billy, I fucked vat mouth like a man, me ol' mate!" Jack complimented himself on his exceptional technique.

"Are ya aright, Pip?" Asked Dopey hugging his little brother.

"Am I big boy now?" asked the little tyke, grinning rather more happily than a six-year-old should after having had his mouth raped.

"We can get dressed and go now Pip..." Said Dopey, sounding rather relieved it was all over.

"And where the fuck do ya fink yer going?" Sneered Jack.

"Yer goin' nowhere till I sticks it in yer bum lad!" Billy said, his expression - openly obscene!

"No way!" Dopey yelped glaring at Billy's bruised face and smug grin.

"Bloody `ell, Billy!" Jack protested, "Yer not gonna do VAT wiv `im?"

"'Course, I bloody am!"

"We talked `bout this before!" He wailed.

"C'mon, you'll love it, too, mate" encouraged Billy, "don't be suck a tosspot! It ain't like they are men! They just are just boys - little boys! Practically girls."

"Just boys little boys! Practically girls." Jack repeated to himself. In some odd way this made sense. There must have been a special entry on boy fucking in the Jack Jerker book on `things it is acceptable for a straight lad to do'. Then he chuckled, suddenly finding the idea funny.

"You never fucked a six-year-old boy before, ya sick pervert!"

"Hey, don't knock it till ya tried it, mate. This kid `as an arse, wot woz made to be fucked!"

"Fuck yeah!" Jack exclaimed with a tone of voice that sounded like pride.

"Ahhh... fuck!" Billy replied in a near apoplexy of excitement at the thought. The hard shaft of his cock jerked up, and a stream of clear fluid poured out of the slit of his cock head.

"Please don't..." Begged Dopey.

"Fuck off, pussy-boy!" Said Jack dismissing his appeals! He held Dopey's arse cheeks spread open, and Billy Bunion positioned himself behind the intellectually challenged lad. Dopey whimpered quietly to himself, so as not to upset his baby brother too much. His swollen rectum-lips hurt as he felt the slippery tip of Bunion's cock pushing its way toward his arsehole.

Poor Dopey was even more alarmed when he looked over to see Jack roll down the foreskin from the head of his still hard cock, beside him. The thick dark curly growth of hair around the base of Jack's cock and the growth of hair down on his balls was wet and flattened against his skin with cum-juice and human-spittle from his baby brother. He prayed Jack wasn't plotting on doing the same nasty thing to Pip's dainty bum.

Dopey spread his legs slightly and Billy bent over his gaping ass-hole. Bunion reached over, and slid his fingers between the swollen lips of Dopey's wet asshole; then he bent over him.

"Ummm..." Jack moaned appreciatively. "Now me ol' son, push back like yer `ave to take a crap, okay?"

So saying, Billy Bunion, assisted by Jack Jerker, prepared to rape the eight-year-old choirboy!

Just then there were disturbed by a very welcome banging at the door.

"Doc! Doc! They `ave us locked in `ere!" Yelped Dopey, as Jack Jerker lunged resentfully at the eight-year-old boy, trying to silence him.

"'elp Doc! `elp!" Dopey screamed at the top of his voice. Pip started to cry.

Then they heard a window being smashed. Dopey grasped Pip's hand and the brothers ran towards the sound of breaking glass.

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