WARNING: This ADULT fiction contains sexual accounts between boys and men with boys AND IS UNSUITABLE FOR MINORS.



by Graham Day

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"Happy" Continued.



"Wotcha, mate!" He said, stepping cautiously into the tent. "Mind if I come in?"

"No," Snowy smiled at Patrick Pratt. Snowy had always thought he was an extremely handsome twelve-year-old boy with black hair and deep brown eyes. He was wearing a pair of white gym shorts and a red tank top, in spite of the rain and the approaching cold of night. He had tucked his rain soaked St Giles' T-shirt into the waistband of his shorts making him look very athletic. His strong footballer-legs were lengthening with the onset of puberty -- they were smooth and almost hairless except for almost imperceptible brown fuzz on his lower calves. The Pratt lad was ever so slightly chubby, but his small chest looked firm and boyishly muscular through his tank top. Snowy could even see the tiny pricks of his erect nipples through the soaking-wet cloth. He couldn't see any hair under his brown arms as he crossed to the sleeping bag and sat down heavily.

"Why did Felix move us `ere together, Snowy?" he asked.

"He didn't!" Snowy shrugged and with a mischievous smile. "I did! I was the one that did all the tent assignments."

"Ya are a sly one, ya are, Snowy Whyte!" Patrick cackled as he scratched his crotch. "Me balls itch like mad that bloody `icking made `em all sweaty, like. So tell me what are ya up to then?"

In the warmth of the tent and out of the incessant drizzle a pleasant boy smell was radiating from Patrick Pratt and Snowy felt his eyes looking over his `butch' young body with growing fascination. His ladish thighs and broad shoulders looked perfectly smooth his skin was as soft and unblemished as a little child's. Snowy could see the healthy bulge in his shorts and he almost reached out to squeeze his penis before catching himself.

"Well," Snowy began rather slowly; knowing his childish voice was coming out weak and awkward because he found Patrick's presence so exciting, "it was rather easy once I got going. There was no way that I could separate Grumpy and Bashful. And Cedric would kick up and awful stink if I put him anywhere other than with Felix. But Felix has the hots for Osbert's bottom and Smyke told me he needed a good fuck so I have thrown the four of them together in the big four-man tent. In the morning they will either have sorted out their differences, or we might need to bury one or more of them!"

"Ya are a sneaky one and no mistake!" Patrick laughed heartily.

Snowy could feel his deep brown eyes watching him as he talked and every now and then the older lad would brush his smooth arm against his own or squeeze his little shoulder with brotherly affection. Patrick's silent, hormone inspired attentions embarrassed Snowy, but he loved them at the same time - Snowy eager to interest him in him; eager to draw his boy eyes to look at him.

"Then the problem was what to do with the twins. Well, when they were separated they got into all sorts of trouble so I decided to keep them together I hope poor old Fred Marley survives the night! He is so shy and such an innocent and those Tweedle's might be late starters but, hell, they are making up for lost time!" The two lads giggled mischievously.

"Well what about the big brut -- Mr Guppy, why did ya `ave to stick `im in with that prissy Jock lad?"

"Yes I did think of that," said Snowy deliberately "Jock can be a bit stand-offish and is very difficult about sex. But then again I have inside information that Jock fancies him something rotten!"

"Yeah put va other one mate its got bells on it."

"No seriously, Mr Guppy told me he fancied boys twelve to fourteen and proper manly lads - so the twins were a bit to effeminate for him. But I caught Jock having a good wank earlier and he was fantasising about that big Lions hero cumming all over him." Said Snowy being uncharacteristically indiscreet.

"I woz bit sorry I didn't get ta see wot vat giant `ad in his pants..." said Patrick a little wistfully.

"Well you never know... You might get a second chance!" Snowy smiled warmly at the boy.

"I thought yer might `ave wanted `im for yerself, like. `Im being all famous and all..." Sid Patrick wondering for the first time why Snowy had put the two of them together in a tent.

Snowy didn't say a word to him as he peeled his T-shirt up his slender young belly and abdomen. If Patrick liked him even half as much as Snowy like the cute footballer in his shorts and tank top, he hoped the boy was sure to be inspired to make a move when he saw him naked. With a happy, excited grin, the blond child stripped out of his clothes, his hairless, prepubescent penis dangling out between his thin legs. Snowy smiled at it lovingly and blushed despite myself. The presence of the boy had partially excited him because his boyhood hung down its full three inches; the pale flesh around the small head was peeking out at the Pratt lad in all its pink innocence.

"So that kind of left the two of us..." Snowy finally added. Patrick swallowed nervously, but nodded, his big brown eyes still gazing into Snowy's with a hopeful expression. He seemed very shy, but he also seemed to be very attracted to the blond child's small body.

Snowy's willy wiggled back and forth a little when he moved, an image Patrick enjoyed immensely but he said nothing. Snowy sniggered at it and twisted his hips a little, watching the young thing swing back and forth. Snowy looked up at Patrick and was delighted to see him standing there without stirring a muscle, his hands holding his wet tank top against his boyish chest and his big brown eyes staring at his hairless penis with pubescent infatuation.

"I... I hope you are not disappointed..." said Snowy though his high-pitched voice was soft and quiet. Oddly enough, Patrick fell silent for a long while.

"As if!" He finally snorted.

"That Mr Guppy was very lucky to get into your pants you know..."said Snowy sincerely. Patrick was so incredibly cute. Snowy couldn't see much of his chest through the tank top, but he could see his arms, neck and legs and they looked as smooth and baby soft as his own were. His upper arms were pressed against his chest almost protectively, causing his biceps to bulge a little. Otherwise, his arms were as smooth and hairless as the rest of his young body, even smoother than his shins with their soft, almost invisible fuzz.

"Thank you, mate," said Pratt demurely.

"Tell me, how did you ever start doing this stuff?" Asked Snowy with genuine interest. "Was it with your brothers?"

"Me uncle taught me." He swallowed and his pale cheeks felt hot. Then Patrick's eyes looked up into Snowy's own, and he saw him smiling at back at him delightedly though.

"Your uncle? How depraved! Was he the first?"

"Yeah me mum would `ave `ad a blue-screaming fit if she found out 'er braver woz doing me, like."

"Tell me about him." Snowy so adored his beautiful young face that he didn't even look down as he felt his penis stiffen into a boner. He could feel it though, felt it rearing its naked beauty, pointing straight out from his pale thighs, soon growing until it pulsed upward, rhythmically moving up and down as if taunting the other boy to touch it.

When he saw Patrick nervously look down at it again, Snowy stole the moment to look too. It was as hard and excited, as it had ever been, the knob looking hard and shiny pink at the end of the skinny, white shaft, surrounded by pale, hairless child skin.

"Okay. But first I have to get out this wet stuff. Do ya want to see me with me shirt off?" he asked half wishing to divert his attention from the, all too attractive, boy he was to share the tent with that night. Patrick seemed very nervous as he tore his eyes from his stiff little prick and turned away to his sleeping bag and fell heavily on his muscular bottom. He lifted off the rain-sodden tank top, tossing it onto the tent and leaning over to untie his mud-soaked trainers.

Patrick Pratt was not short of neither sexual experience nor the opportunity for just about anything. Heck he regularly fucked his dad; he had been much in demand but the older teens on this trip; and earlier that day he had received a memorable blowjob from the most promising member of the British Lions. Usually he was as hot and horny as the next pubescent boy but with Snowy Whyte it was some how different -- he really liked Snowy in the sort of way a boy should not feel about another and he found himself thinking almost continuously about the boy's lovely long foreskin.

How could he help but adore it as much as he did?

"Tell me about the uncle," Snowy said.

"Well, `e was an big bloke, very good-looking, an' all! I thought `e was very old at va time but now I realise é woz about nineteen. I used to watch `im work. I used to like to see `is big muscles rippling under his bronze skin, and the sweat pouring down `is back, like. He was a beautiful man, and I used to watch `im a lot, just standing there like va stupid little kid wot I woz. And of course `e noticed me watching him."

"I'll bet you were cute." Said Snowy, his eyes twinkling admiringly as he watched Patrick's young muscles ripple as he moved. He looked soft and warm, and the smoothness of his skin was driving the blond child wild with ardour. The eleven-year-old stood there naked and throbbing, watching as the older lad pulled off his shoes and socks and bared his overgrown, pubescent feet.

"Uncle Ed thought so, I suppose, because one `ot summer day he took me by va hand and led me down to the men's bog at va end of our street and, well, without saying anything to me just took me pants down and did it."

"Goodness gracious me!" Exclaimed Snowy Whyte. Unable to contain himself any longer, he went over to the sleeping bag and sat down on it beside him. Patrick had the small chest of a pubescent, made to look smaller by the awkward length of his arms and legs. He was both chubby and boyishly muscular, his muscles swelling in smooth mounds beneath two tiny brown nipples.

"Well, he just took me into the lavatory cubical, like as if `e woz taking `is little brother in to do `is business and he sat me down on a stool and drew me between `is legs, like. I could smell `is sweat and the beer on his breath. Then he began feeling me all over."

At first Snowy wasn't sure what to say to him, so he didn't say anything, just slowly reached out his skinny arm and wrapped it across his thin shoulders. Then he added: "Like this?"

"Yes, sort of." Said Patrick Pratt. Snowy could feel his body jerk a little but didn't take his arm from him. The feel of his skin was every bit as marvellous as it looked, exquisitely smooth and warm.

Patrick continued his story: "Then `e undid me pants and I just stood there, afraid and at the same time kind of excited, like." Patrick was smiling a little and growing bright red from embarrassment.

"Didn't you ask him what he was doing?" Snowy asked, the two were so close together that the younger boy could feel his arm rub against the stronger boy's side and felt his shoulder rub against his hairless armpit

"I knew what he woz bloody doing! He woz taking me pants down, and me knickers, too. Then he felt my bum wiv `is big hands. Then he took out his thing, and it was the biggest one I had ever seen. I began to get frightened, then, `cause the way he was feeling my bum I had a pretty good idea what `e was thinking o' doing."

"And still you didn't object?" Snowy was breathless from excitement at both the closeness of the boy and his story.

"No, I just stood there, like." He gazed at Patrick's abdomen, which was noticeably longer than the rest of his torso and he had a little belly button centred squarely on his baby-soft chubby tummy.

"And then `e `ad a little tube of Vaseline in `is pocket. He smeared some on me hole, behind, and put some on `is cock, which was very hard now, with all va veins standing out. He pushed `is finger into me bum hole." Delightedly, Snowy could see a slender bulge poking out at his white gym shorts, throbbing with the same expectation his own had. "Snowy, you're all `ard mate. I guess I shouldn't tell you about me early life..."

"You just go right ahead," Snowy said, "Did it hurt when he put his finger in you?"

"Yes, Snowy, it did a bit." Patrick had long since learned to accept the touch of another boy and a man too from what he was saying, but he react nervously as Snowy sat there holding his shoulders. The young lad sat gazing nervously at Snowy's stiff little hard-on and the mound in his own shorts.

"What then?" Snowy hissed between his clenched teeth.

"Well, `e turned me around and lifted me up and just sat me down right on top o' it. I was too scared to do anything then, and so I just let `im shag me. It `urt a lot, but he put his hand over me mouth and pulled me down on top of `is thing. And pretty soon I felt it going in me."

"Wow!" Exclaimed Snowy Whyte in genuine surprise. "Did you like it?"

"I thought I was gonna burst, like, an' it `urt terribly, but he `eld me tight and raised me up and down on his thing until he woz finished. Of course I didn't know about orgasms then."

"Could you feel him coming inside you?"

"Yeah, but I didn't know what it woz." This information made Snowy's penis feel harder, hard enough to ache a little in eagerness. "Then `e took it out and wiped me off and pulled up me pants and gave me a kiss and told me not to tell."

"Did you tell?"

"No, `course not! I liked me Uncle Ed." It seemed as if Patrick he was having a real attack of nerves at the suggestion he might tell tales.

"Even though he hurt you?"

"Yeah, but afterwards, thinking about it, it felt good and I wanted `im to do it again."

"Did he?"

"Yeah a few times but, he went away soon afterwards. He got done for shoplifting an' `e got banged up for a few years. Sometimes, afterwards `e would suck me for a long time an' 'e told me I was a good little boy."

"How old were you at this time?"


"Five! I don't believe it! He would have ripped you open." Knowing that this seemingly tough lad had been having sex since he was little more than a toddler made Snowy very excited.

"Well, `e didn't, and I really was only five, mate. I guess I was just easy to screw."

"I suppose you were," Snowy said, feeling his cock growing even harder.

"What about your parents?" Asked Snowy wondering what Percy Pratt would have to say about this.

"They never found out. They knew I loved Uncle Ed and that `e loved me. They didn't know how well he loved me! "

"And you really liked it?" Snowy's trembling, nervous fingers finally reached out and touched Patrick's erection; he let out a gasp of pleasure and excitement.

Snowy's hand twitched as if he was about to jerk it back but when Patrick smiled and sighed. "I fucking loved it, mate. Couldn't get enough of it. Uncle Ed used to say I was a natural." Snowy let his fingers move over the bulge encased in the wet, white shorts.

"Do you ever see your uncle any more?" Snowy probed for yet more information.

"Yeah, but we don't do nuffing now. I don't know why. Maybe `e's scared to. But I fink it's because he really likes only very little kids of four or five, va kind wot he can put on `is lap and screw that way."

"Don't you miss doing it with him?" Snowy panted softly.

"Sure. Once I suggested it, but `e said 'e was too busy, like." After a pause Patrick nodded down to his own crotch: "It's really hard, ain't it mate?"

"Yeah, it feels very nice, Patrick..." was all Snowy could say.

"And you, Snowy Whyte, have you been fucked before?"

"No never!" Said Snowy resolutely.

"Will ya ever do it, mate?"

"When the right man comes along... Perhaps..." said Snowy pensively.

"Man! Did ya say man? I thought it woulda been one of yer Anoraks wot would have rodgered yer, mate."

"Oh no, Patrick I really love my Anoraks, but I don't love them that way! No. I think it will be a man, not a teenager or a boy, who does it to me in the poopie-hole."

"Do ya?"

"Oh yes! Nice men make me feel all tingly all over." Confessed Snowy Whyte who spent a minute reflecting on how life and love seemed to be passing him by.

"But then why do ya 'ave all them Anoraks round ya, mate?"

"Now, now Patrick don't go judging people by how they look!" Young as he was, Snowy knew that people, like Patrick Pratt, match their first impressions of a person it to their file of stereotypes. People, like Patrick Pratt groan at, and inwardly delight in, someone else's misfortune or social ineptness.

Snowy knew you would never find Anoraks in the warm, friendly, amusing and genuinely fun-to-be-with lists. Why, Snowy's own troop of Anoraks were typical of the stereotype Anorak. They were male with unfashionable glasses, like Doc and Bashful; bad haircuts, like and Grumpy and Dopey; no dress sense, like Happy and Sleepy; or erratic hygiene, like Sneezy and Grumpy. They were all introverted; obsessed with technology; socially inept; had a very limited sense of humour; and had little interest in arts or literature - except for an obsessive interest in science fiction.

Most of them were real problem cases. Like Dick Flaunting-Flasher, with his unconsciously irritating manner and equally unconscious superior attitude. It had made him a target for bullies who were less intelligent but more socially adept than the Regimental Sargent-Majors son.

"Oh yes, Patrick, they are all odd. They are awkward, socially. Lots of them can recite lists of Star Trek episode titles and plots. They all find it easier to communicate in emails full of sarcasm, jargon, acronyms and smileys, but I can't help liking them and wanting their lives to be better and nicer." Snowy passionately expressed his belief in the value of his misfits.

"But Snowy, mate, they all so manky!" Protested Patrick Pratt. "They all spend their bleedin' lives in Internet chat rooms and newsgroups. Hell Dopey, me own brother, prefers 'is own company, or the company of other Anoraks who are also obsessed with stamps."

Snowy had to admit Patrick had a point. His seven Anoraks were all a bit like Data the android from Star Trek. Data had been programmed to perform all human functions, but he tended to misread social situations, or to take things too literally or he lacked tact. "I am fully functional" - he would say but was he?

"Yes Patrick I suppose you are right, but that are so cute and sexy in an innocent way."

"Well bugger me! Sexy? Sexy!" Grunted Patrick Pratt. "Anoraks are useless at sex! They don't know 'ow to deal with real live women. They think it is a user interface problem, and it ain't their fault, like. They'll just wait for va next version to come out - something more user-friendly, like."

"Yes," confessed Snowy, " I suppose the Anorak's sex life is often limited to computer porn. But they can be fun too..." he said a bit despondently.

"Fun!" Snorted Patrick Pratt, "Anorak jokes are all about bleedin' science fiction and computers. Bloody Doc was just saying: "What if Star Trek was written in Unix" and they all bloody cracked up laughing didn't they?"

Snowy Whyte looked down cast and sad. He so lobbied his Anoraks. He loved their clumsiness he loved their apparent selfishness and he loved their horniness - the horniness of the truly unattractive.

Sensing his outburst had broken the sprit of the moment; Patrick felt the need to make it up "Do ya wants me to take me shorts off?" He asked.

"Oh yes please!" Snowy said immediately.

Nervously, but with surprising swiftness, Patrick stood up. He pulled his shorts down and sat on the sleeping bag once more to pull them off his legs. His penis stuck out rock hard and pulsing as dramatically as Snowy's own had done shortly before their disagreement on the attractiveness or otherwise of Anoraks.

It was astonishingly beautiful in Snowy's eyes. He still had a boy-sized penis, not much more than four inches long and boyishly thick for his age. It was a slightly darker shade than his baby soft belly but looked just as soft and smooth, the skin was thick with no visible sign of veins to mar its beauty. The boy was quite obviously circumcised - the skin along his smooth shaft was stretched as tightly as Snowy could imagine. This left his penis head shining magnificently. Patrick's bright purple willy-head wasn't as spherically shaped as Snowy's own and had the more pointed aspect of an older boy's cock-head with a gaping-slit at the very tip of it. It was shining gloriously, the head fully swollen with erection. God, it looked as if it would make a wonderful addition to the interior a boy's warm mouth!

Even more adorable, in Snowy's view, was the little circle of black peach fuzz that surrounded the junction where his erection joined his body. It grew in no more than a half inch from his penis and was sparse enough to prevent it looking furry. These weren't mature pubic hairs -- nothing more than the first sprouts of blossoming puberty -- downy, soft and straight.

"Can I see it?" Patrick Pratt asked. Patrick's penis was pulsing visibly, moving up and down between his smooth hairless thighs, the young thing pointing up at his face as if pleading with the boy to caress it. He was looking down at it too but was stealing glances at his smaller, less mature erection.

"What?" asked Snowy uncertainly. "You can still look and touch mine," the blond child said "...if you want to," he added bashfully.

But had turned his attention to Snowy's fine cock and its wondrous foreskin. Our blond hero looked embarrassed, and didn't say anything.

The wondrous foreskin protruded over the head of his penis about a half-inch or so, making it look a little longer, but it looked loose. Patrick could see the shape of his penis head through it, with the ridge of the cap, and it looked a little blue as though and the pale skin was almost translucent.

"Our dad told us in they circumcised lads to make 'em less likely to wank, 'cause it makes yer willy less sensitive. Not that it's ever stopped me!" Patrick chuckled, the he added more reflectively: "But I wish I knew wot it feels to not be circumcised."

They two boys sat slightly apart, staring at each other. Patrick's twelve-year-old prick was a generous, thick, circumcised four inches. Snowy too was swollen to three-and-a-quarter-inches, slim, uncut, and very pretty in the department, even if Snowy had to say so, himself.

"Let's just touch tips," the blond youngster suggested.

Patrick didn't say or do anything for a while, but finally said: "OK," and then he croaked hoarsely "I want to..." The pair of friends took their time gazing upon each other. When Snowy came to touch his tip to Patrick's, he raised himself up on his knees.

Their cocks touch! And the tender shock of it caused them both to shudder like leaves in a wind.

"I've heard... it feels good... when you use the foreskin to massage the head." Patrick said hesitantly. Snowy gazed down at his small boyhood, fully inflamed with erection. It looked small and pale in Patrick's young brown fingers, but it felt nice there, too, as if Patrick was well accustomed to masturbating little boys.

"Yes," said Snowy as Patrick reached over and gently held the blond lad's foreskin and pulled it back. The head slid out, and was wet and pinkish-purple looking. Patrick released it and the foreskin rolled back, not entirely covering the head right away. It kind of peeked out for a little - then the foreskin slowly slid further and covered it up once more.

"Is it really sensitive?"


"Tell me, 'ow does it feel when the foreskin moves back an' forth over it?"

"Really good when I have a hard-on."

"Is that 'ow you wank off?"

Snowy looked embarrassed again, and said "Yeah," in a low voice.

Patrick pulled his foreskin back and forth slowly a couple of times, and noticed Snowy was looking a little flushed. "Is this how you do it?"

"Well, after I do it a while I grip it harder. When I'm almost done the head gets so sensitive I have to keep the foreskin from moving on the head too much so it doesn't rub."

Patrick kept doing it, gripping a little harder. Snowy lay back and relaxed. He knew Patrick was going to wank him off to the finish. "Say when," Patrick told him.

"OK." He closed his eyes, and Patrick went to it in earnest. After a couple of minutes, he whispered "Now," and Patrick moved his hand on the shaft of his penis without moving the foreskin more than a little. Patrick got it so the head was just peeking out, and Patrick could see the slit, and there was a drop of pre-cum at the opening. Patrick continued to stroke and gripped a little harder. Soon Patrick felt a jerk in his penis, so Patrick stopped, just moving his hand a little, and he started to come in several sharp spurts. Patrick watched as the white fluid shot out the slit and splattered on his stomach. The last dribbled out over his hand. It felt hot. Patrick just held on for about a minute while he relaxed. When he opened his eyes, Patrick let go.

"Wow, you did that just right, it felt great," and wiped himself off with his underwear, which were laying beside him.

"I tried. Now it's my turn." Patrick rolled onto his back, pulled his underwear down, and started to wank off.

Snowy watched for a second, then said, "Here, I'll do it to you."

Patrick said "OK," and let go. He sat up, moved over, and grabbed his penis. He did the same to him, but of course Patrick didn't have a foreskin to play with. It felt really good, and Patrick came well.

"See," Patrick said, "That's nothing to be embarrassed about. It is useful, isn't it?

Snowy laughed, "Yeah, I see what you mean. I never really thought about it. Did it feel good to you?"

"Yeah, but I'd love to know how it feels with the foreskin. Most of the time I was doing you I was concentrating on rubbing it back and forth."

Patrick asked if he could wipe up with the underwear he had already used, and he handed them to him.

We went to sleep, but in the morning, Patrick woke up earlier than Snowy and looking over at him, Patrick had an idea. When he woke up, Patrick asked, "Can I see what your foreskin feels like?"

"What do you mean? How would you do that?

"Simple. Put ours together, and I can pull it over mine."

He grinned, "Why not?"

It took a little bit of jockeying to get into a good position, then they pushed their penises together so the heads touched. Patrick pulled his foreskin back so his head was exposed, pushed his penis onto his, and pulled his foreskin back toward him, over his penis. It felt soft and warm, and it was exciting to be making contact like that. His penis felt so warm and smooth against mine, and the head was just a little bit wet, so it slid on mine. Patrick moved his foreskin back and forth on the top of his penis, and it felt great. It covered the entire head easily.

"Mind if I do this a while? It feels great." Snowy liked what he was doing to his boyhood too but he took the opportunity to look at his erection. Despite his peach fuzz, his scrotum was still very smooth looking. As he rubbed the skin on his penis up and down, the young skin of his ball sack moved with it and the maturing balls it contained move up and down inside. Snowy was really impressed with this young boy. We were sitting there naked, each masturbating the other, and Patrick seemed to like it.

"No, it feels good to me, too." It was a rare kind of love for him. Most boys got so excited that boy sex became some frantic effort to achieve orgasm. Even as the pleasure in both of us grew greater, the pretty boy just kept rubbing steadily and consistently on his erection and he did the same to his. He was panting happily and he was moaning, but we just kept rubbing and rubbing on each other's young penises and enjoyed the gradual, incessant growth of pleasure in them.

Patrick's rare little cries started to increase showing that he was going to be the first to climax. Despite his growing proximity to orgasm, however, the boy kept rubbing on his penis with the same steady cadence; he didn't rub faster on it and he didn't squeeze the stiff little thing.

The sensation of his foreskin on his head was great. Patrick kept stroking it back and forth. Patrick noticed he was moving his hand back and forth on his penis, too, so they were both wanking off using the same foreskin.

It seemed almost like he didn't let himself get tenser, just kept the pleasure growing and focusing all of it inside his young four inch penis. When the final orgasm seized him, it wasn't the kind of ravaging orgasm he'd gotten used to. Oddly, he felt certain that the boy felt as much pleasure as any other boy did; he just focused it differently. His boyish voice cried out softly and little spasms raced through his young muscles, but the boy didn't jerk frantically like others. Instead, he just sat there on the sleeping bags with relatively mild jolts shooting through him, each one accompanied by a tender flexing all along his young penis.

Patrick was getting really turned on, and when Patrick was close to coming, Patrick said, "I'm about to come."

"That's OK, so am I but I dry cum. Just keep doing it." He said finally in a soft, soprano voice accompanied by a loving caress across his little shoulders.

Patrick took that as a signal to not worry about coming on him, which was the least of his worries now. Patrick was past the point of no return anyway. Patrick began coming inside Snowy's foreskin; spurt after spurt, and it got really slippery. It leaked out all over his penis and onto his hand.

Just a few seconds after Patrick came, Patrick could feel Snowy tense, and he started to experience a wonderful dry come. We both just lay there smearing their cum together, rubbing their penises. Mine slipped out of his foreskin, so Patrick pushed it forward and they both held on as they rubbed their penises together, lubricated by their intermingled cum. It felt great.

All during his orgasm, with the exception of a few brief seconds at the absolute climax, Patrick's fingers kept masturbating his hairless boyhood. The wonderful boy, despite his pleasure, scarcely forgot his own for a moment. As he sat there gasping and regaining his breath, he continued his steady rhythmic strokes on his small penis. He doesn't think the boy opened his eyes at all during the two or three minutes it took before he had his prepubescent dry orgasm. His gentle caresses and the calming example he'd set gave him a whole different appreciation for sex. By the time it climaxed, the pleasure was almost serenely painful, coursing through his young veins and filling his whole body with astonishing warmth.

Patrick, young as he was, held his smaller boy all during his orgasm and he felt like he was they're having it with him. Snowy jerked spasmodically, perhaps not quite so severely as he usually did, and it felt more loving than any of those that had been more intense. As the passion broke, greater soothing warmth swept over him than he'd known in a long time. Even before the full relief had hit, he found his small body cuddling closer to Patrick's, the wonderful boy stroking slower on his penis, instinctively knowing that you can't be too gentle with a boyhood that's just climaxed.

For several minutes we both sat there cuddling, young fingers still gently fondling little penises. God, Patrick was going to make a wonderful lover.

After a few minutes they both rolled back, and looked down at the mess Patrick had made together. Their hands, penises, and bellies were smeared with cum and it was all over the sleeping bag.

The little head flexed a couple of times and Snowy sat and concluded that he was still too young for sperm like he was. The third time, however, the tiny slit opened a little bit and squirt out a thin, milky juice. Little droplets of immature semen squirt all the way up across his firm little chest and he kept rubbing on the young thing, envious again that yet another boy had been given the treasure that he still lacked.

Like younger boys, Patrick didn't have a lot of sperm. He might not have had any, so thin were the greyish-white droplets that appeared on his smooth skin. Nonetheless, a little boy juice was better than nothing, which was still all his boyhood had, ejaculated. It was very pretty on his soft chest and belly and Snowy gently squeezed his small cock until the last of his seeds trickled out over his fingers. The boy didn't open his eyes as the full pleasure of orgasm swept over him and subsided, just sat there panting and crying softly.

"That felt really good, mate." Patrick said. "Your foreskin felt bloody great. I wish I could do that all the time!"

"It felt great to me, too. We can share my foreskin any time," Snowy continued his gentle fondling and he smiled up at him.


"Unfortunately, tempers got high, and one of the Canterbury Pilgrim players got kicked in the head. What came next was more of a physical riot, matey. Luckily, the game had just ended, so tempers did not get a chance to really erupt. I think I heard the world record for f-bombs."

"Just a munnut!" Said the young teenager in his charming highland accent. Jock loved listening to Goliath's rugger stories this was a read mans game played by real men but they boy was cold and wanted to get into their makeshift bed. The redhead peeled off his shoes and socks and his jeans.

"You're gonna freeze your arse off, matey!" Goliath said. But he also took a long look at the boy's short but freckled legs.

Goliath should have had his head examined for agreeing to join this campout with this bunch of strangers. Goliath figured the Peak District in late August would be warm but tonight, it was colder than he had expected and the threatening skies looked as if more rain was install. He should be back at the hotel resting his injured knee not stomping across a lunar landscape in the pouring rains but he looked over at the pretty freckled face next to him and the copper-coloured hair and he knew why he had done it.

Jock sat cross-legged in front of him. "Oh crumbs!" Guppy thought to himself as he gazed down at the bulge in the boy's underwear. Jock noticed and blushed.

"It is all about brains, balls and bladders!" Said Goliath Guppy causing Jock Pringle to giggle deliciously.

The group of boys had drafted Guppy into the camping routine and he had to do the cooking earlier that night. Jock had helped him build the basic fire. They ate cold pies and burnt potatoes and as darkness took over the late summer landscape, they sat around the fire in the drizzle singing songs.

It was nice but Goliath wasn't all that comfortable making conversation with a group of boys he didn't really know all that well. So they talked about rugby, and its comparisons with `Oafball' as Guppy insisted on referring to football. But one on one with Jock Pringle Guppy came into his own.

Jock was a pretty nice kid. He swore a lot and he was pretty impressed with the stories Goliath told him about his life. Ladish and bit tough at first glance but he was little sensitive underneath that. He confessed to Guppy that he wished he were bigger and maybe tougher than he was.

After the fire died down they got up, went into the tent and laid out Jock's sleeping bag. Guppy of course had no sleeping bag with him and so they had been forced to improvise. They had spread Jock's sleeping bag beneath them, and had covered themselves in a blanket loaned from Snowy Whyte.

"Now if you put your shoes and socks and your pants at the bottom of our bed, they'll be warm in the morning, matey."

Goliath followed suit and removed his shoes and socks and he also took off his pants. Jock had already slipped into their makeshift bed and lain down and was even quieter than usual.

He found his proximity to the Man Mountain unaccountably exciting.

What the fuck was wrong with him? Was he sick? Had he caught the queer sickness when Felix had been sucking him off?

"Fuck it! This tent is leaking!" Said Guppy trying to dodge a steam of raindrops directly above his nose.

"Ach aye, some of these tents have been hear since the yar dot!" Said Jock. Guppy tried to move his massive frame out of the way of the leak in the roof of their small tent.

"Whit are ye daeing noo?" the boy enquired as Guppy moved his frame closer to the lad.

"Taking over the nice warm dry part of the tent you have occupied!"

"Ye canna move over futher!" The red-haired boy protested as Guppy shoved even closer to him and he was in serious dander of being squashed. The man-mountain stood six foot four inches tall and weighed a mean 235 pounds and his twin pursuits of rugby and wrestling ensured that every ounce of it was solid muscle.

"Make way wee laddie!" The international rugger star said joking and laughing and readjusted his position so as further invade the boy's space.

"Right ya wee bugger, noo yer in for it," he said, and grabbed the huge man around the neck and wrestled with him on the tent floor. More laughter followed. "You're nae takin' mae place! Now piss off!" the boy squealed but he loved the closeness to the man. They were both striped down to their underwear under the blanket. Guppy gazed rather longer than he ought at the boy. His hair is ginger-red, his piercing green eyes and his cutest button nose.

"Now where was I with my story?" asked Guppy getting back to his rugger tale. "Oh yes! Well rubbish bins were being chucked around and, needless to say, that afternoon the two teams did not share the post-game camaraderie that we rugby players enjoy. This ruck even sent players and spectators to the hospital. The referee, a former South African policeman, said it was the worst act of violence he'd ever witnessed and hell he should know - violence used to be a profession for him!"

The young teen laughed and moved surreptitiously close the large hairy frame next to him.

Jock Pringle asked Goliath about girls and his dating experiences.

Guppy told him what little he could, embellishing his experiences with women for the boy's benefit. When they eventually got around to talking about sex, he realised how little this lad knew. He hadn't so much as had a finger in a girl's little pussy. At first he wasn't comfortable talking about sex with a nearly naked thirteen-year-old in his sleeping but it was the lad that brought it up.

"Well, I didn't either, at your age, Jock." Goliath reassured him. "But I knew Rosie Palm and her five daughters real well, matey." the man added with a laugh.

"Whit?" the boy asked. Goliath expected him to laugh too but he just had a questioning look on his face.

"My hand... lad... my hand!" Goliath curled his fingers around and motioned up and down above the blanket where the join on his legs was.

Jock finally got it. He laughed. But there were other things about which the boy did not seem to want to talk -- he asked the lad casually if he had ever wanked off with a mate.

Goliath was grateful for a soft sleeping bag beneath them that would protect them from this Peak District ground. But it was cold. He moved a little closer to the Scots lad.

Goliath really was cold because he wasn't used to this and he told him the lad wasn't sure he was going to be able to survive.

"I need somebody to keep me company... to warm me up, matey " Goliath ventured. The prospect of warming up next to Jock warmed him for a couple reasons.

"Yea are a proper Jessy! A softie!" Jock joked. "Weel, ma brothers and I used tae sleep together... it IS warmer that way." Jock's eyes twinkled, innocently, Goliath though. Goliath hadn't really thought he would have a chance of doing anything with Jock but as their legs sometimes touched, it certainly crossed his mind.

There was not a hell off a lot of room. Guppy took up so much space but it was cosy so they were comfortable enough but as they lay on their backs, their legs and arms were touching. Jock has brought a pillow from home and they had to share it. This placed their faces very close to one another and Guppy could smell the boy's sweet breath. Goliath Guppy had told him earlier about his experiences with girls but he didn't tell him how much he enjoyed boys too.

Goliath hadn't had a lot of experience but his mate Dylan Ffestiniog had sucked him, and not just a few times. And of course he had only this morning had the joy of sucking off Patrick Pratt.

Goliath lay next to the boy, resting his head on his hand facing each other as they lay there and talked. As they lay Jock let out a yelp. "Ouch!"

"What's wrong Jock?" Goliath asked.

"Ma back is all stiff." Jock replied.

"Would you like me to rub it for you?"

"Would ye, please."

Jock lay on his stomach as Goliath's vast form approached the bed. Jock turned his head so that he could see Goliath as he rubbed his back. As Goliath proceeded to do this Jock started getting an erection. Jock shifted to move his penis to a more comfortable position.

"What's the matter, did I hurt you, matey?"

"No. You're making me feel much better. Ma willy just got uncomfortable. How come ma todger is all stiff?"

"It's normal, just ignore it."

"I noo, but why does it happen?"

"Didn't your parents discuss it with you?"

"Noo. Me moom dinna care tae talk aboot sex."

"Well, it's normal. When two people touch as we are, matey it could give you sensual feelings. The erection is how our body reacts."

" Weel it seems that I get an erection every time the wind blows."

"Ha! That's normal for a boy your age. When I was your age I thought I was deformed because it seemed to never soften. Do you want me to stop the massage?"

"Nae. Dinna stop. It feels so good." After a while Jock turned and asked Goliath Guppy a question. "When did ye first have sex?".

"You mean with a girl?" Goliath didn't even think about the implication of what he had just said. Jock paused -- clearly he had noticed.

"Noo. With anybody." Goliath thought about it for minute.

"Well, I fooled around when I was about nine with a girl but we didn't do much.... When I was about your age... I had a wanking partner. He was my best mate. It was better than doing it alone."

Jock didn't say anything for along while and that worried Guppy. He was very aware that he was here in a bed with and underage boy and both of them were in their underwear. He was now close enough to detect the distinctive musk-sweet odour of an adolescent boy who had recently started to discharge male pheromones.

"Does that bother you?" Guppy asked at length.

"Noo! I had a friend who asked mi if I wanted tae watch him wank off... but I dinna dae it... I told him we canna dae it wi' his faither in the hoose," Jock conveniently left out his recent encounters with Felix and Patrick Pratt.

"You were a little curious, though, weren't you, matey?" Goliath prodded him.

"Aye.... I've thought about it since then."

"Yeah... that's how we started out."

"Ye did it more than the once?" Jock asked.

"Oh yes!"

"Did you guys ever suck each other?" Jock was getting pretty curious. Perhaps more than just a little, Goliath thought.

Goliath continued the massage doing his neck, arms and legs. He decided to see how Jock would react so he reached for his bum. Jock jumped a little but was too relaxed and was enjoying Goliath's touch too much to object.

Then the rugger international star converted his try! Goliath spanked Jock lightly on the bum and said, "That's enough for tonight. We better get to sleep, matey." And so saying Guppy switched off the touch and plunged the tent into darkness.

"Ok, thank ye, ma back feels much better." Said the boy in the darkness.

"Yes... and this little chat has made my cock hard! Are you sure you want to carry on talking about this?" Guppy's honesty sometimes even took himself by surprise.

"Oh noo," Jock managed to say, "wae dinna have to... I'm just curious,"

"Well get some shut eye lad it with do you good." So saying the Man Mountain turned on his side and pretended to drift off to sleep.

Goliath waited impatiently for Jock to fall asleep. His cock was so hard after the contact with the pubescent lad that he thought he would have a serious case of blue-balls if he didn't wank off. After ten minutes, Goliath reached down and tried to masturbate as quietly as possible.

However, Jock did was not asleep. In the gloom he watched the strange movements that Goliath was making on his side of the tent.

After a while Guppy's arousal was beyond reason. Images of Patrick Pratt's cock and this redheads button nose danced before his eyes he turned on his side and listed to the boys rhythmic breathing and satisfied that the lad had drifted off, exhausted by the days exertions.

A great rugger player needs a degree of courage and must be willing to take risks. Guppy as a great rugger player and he could not resist the change to take advantage of and opening on the field. This was a loose maul; like a lineout, only requiring less energy

Jock lay on his back and didn't react when Goliath moved closer to him in their makeshift bed. Goliath wrapped an arm around him and started stroking his body. Jock, remembering the massage from earlier that night, he didn't mind Goliath rubbing his chest and stomach.

Goliath then passed the fifty-yard line! He leaned over and started kissing Jock's neck and ear and this made the Scot's boy jump.

"What are ye doin' Goliath?" Jock yelped. For Guppy this was like being caught off sides in a ruck!

"Oh my God. I'm so sorry, matey." Goliath stammered and started to get up "I forgot you were here. I must have thought that you were somebody else."

"Nae, Goliath, please stay. Whit ye were doing felt good. Ye just surprised mae."

"That's okay, matey." Reassured Goliath snuggled back into the bed and wrapped his arms around Jock.

"Ye were wanking weren't ye? I am Curious. Ma Mom and Dad have told ma never to touch maself down there."

"Well, if you're that curious, we can do more than talk... I don't mind at all."

"That's really disgustin' y'know?" He said stiffening. Then after a few minutes he added rather apologetically: "Well, I'm am just a wee bit shy..."

"Have you ever woken up and had some sticky wetness around your crotch?"

"Aye, a few times." Jock recalled the embarrassments of being discovered with starchy-shorts on the fist morning of the trip.

"Well, sometimes your body will ejaculate sperm while you sleep. Masturbation, when you are sexually aroused, will help prevent that from happening."

"Are ye gonna hurt mi?" The lad inquired.

"No Jock. I'm going to show you what sex is all about!" Guppy replied hoarsely.

"Wit are ye gonna dae t' mi?" Jock asked, fear creeping into his voice.

Goliath Guppy turned onto his side and faced him. The big man reached over and grabbed the boy in the small of his back and gently pulled him towards him. Jock rolled over and they were face to face. Jock was a conventionally handsome thirteen-year-old lad, light green eyes and rather thin eyebrows, high cheekbones, with ginger-coloured hair. A closer inspection of Jock's face revealed a myriad of freckles, which at places practically joined up.

Goliath moved his furry legs and slipped one of his knees between the boys knees, Jock was much shorter than he, then Guppy brought his knee up and the boy had one of the mans knees wedged between his thighs. This felt unbelievably stimulating feeling the power of the man's hard muscles resting gently below the boy's underpants covered cock and balls.

Guppy reached his hand down, found the lad's penis and gave him a little squeeze through his underwear. He was hard. It was sticking straight towards him under his Y-fronts.

"You're not curious, matey... You're hard as a fucking rock! You're ready!"" Goliath sniggered quietly and then he massaged Jock's cock some more.

Goliath breathed in deeply, savouring his boyish smell. The fragrance was a heady compounded of boy breath, unwashed boy-skin and partially evaporated boy-sweat.

Then Guppy reached for the boy's rough, rather red right hand, which still lay at his side and brought it down to his own hard cock.

"Yer aw hard ready." He said as he squeezed Guppy's meat, his hand began to move on a sturdy erection and he started wanking him off.

"That's for sure, matey " Guppy agreed.

"Yer jist beggin' fur it, aren't ye?" Jock said, he stopped playing with the man's dick and ran his hand across the top of his furry hips, his waist and chest and back again.

"Let's get out of these...lift your hips up, mate." Jock did as he was told and Goliath slipped his underwear down onto his thighs. The boy kicked them down and as he did so, Guppy slipped his own jockeys off.

Then the boy threw the covers off their bodies and he stared appreciatively at Goliath Guppy's crotch. He had - thick glossy black pubes surrounding a small but thick cock and big hairy balls. It was throbbing at its full six inches and was beginning to dribble. But Guppy's comparatively small cock looked oddly out of place, and even smaller than it actually did was, on so massive a man.

"God, you're a big laddie." Jock whispered into his ear.

"Not all that big in the cock department." Whispered Goliath Guppy. This was true, but what he might have lacked in the cock department, he more than made up for in his balls. Guppy's balls were large and swung low below his dick with the left hanging some way below the right. Jock reached forward holds man's balls in one hand and wanked him off with the other.

"Take it easy, matey." Goliath said. "Let's make this last." He could see face in the gathering gloom in the tent, but he saw his snow-white teeth and a generous mouth, so he knew he was grinning.

"You look so lovely naked," Goliath groaned and he slowly ran his hand from his freckled shoulder, down his chest, across his bare hip and down his boyish thigh.

Guppy put his free hand on the lads his chest and he put his hand back to his stiff teenage tool. He felt a drop of precum on the end and Goliath made circular motions with it on the head.

"You're gonna cum too fast, I can tell" he said, "let me just rub you all over." He turned the boy over again so he was lying on his belly, while Goliath remained on his side. Drawing one of his furry legs up across the back of his legs and then Guppy proceeded to rub the lad's back and his thirteen-year-old arse, which was very firm, very white and very smooth. As his fingers found their way to the bottom of his crack, he spread his legs out further.

"Wit are ye gonna dae noo?" Jock asked nervously -- he has heard what men what of boys.

"I'm going to finger you, Jock," Guppy said, telling him part of the truth.

Goliath reached down with his fingertips and tickled the back of his hairless ballsac. The boy, sensing what was required of him, lifted his hips and arched his back so to give the giant better access - he took full advantage of this and played with his balls from behind him. Jock Pringle lay there passively sensitive to every touch, which the man ensured were all light and tender.

Jock had to remind himself he was not gay! He didn't want to be queer! He wanted a lassie and babies after all. He had rejected the approaches of Felix Jollybottom, and Patrick Pratt and now here he was doing things with Guppy!

Goliath lowered himself under the covers, and he put his head on the small of the lads freckle-covered back, while he played with his lovely scrotum, Goliath pushed his face further down, pressing the cheek of his face to the cheek of his bum.

In rugby terms it was a touch down - right between the posts! Goliath slowly made his way to the anus.

When Goliath licked the sphincter Jock pushed back. Goliath took this as an invitation and stuck his tongue past the sphincter, causing Jock to moan.

"Naw!" The boy shouted out, trying to escape his own feelings, "yer a dirty bugger. Yer canna fuck me!"

"I am not planning to fuck you, you silly boy!" Said Guppy, pressing his lips to the boy's rump! "Relax and let it just happen!"

Outside the bedding he easily was able to put his face on his arse. Jock's legs were wide apart, one between his strong hairy thighs and the other on the far side of their bedding doublewide sleeping bag. Guppy rubbed his cheek against his arse cheek and continued playing with is balls and inner thighs and buttocks with his hand. How he loved the soft but firm skin of his hairless arse.

Goliath had no idea where these desires and ideas came from he was on autopilot and doing what came naturally. He turned his mouth to his bum now and just made playful nibbles over the round cheeks and nipped at the middle. The boy was not totally relaxed -- no doubt still nervous about this fucking business. He kept his cheek-muscles tightened so that Guppy could only just lick the crack lightly up and down.

Guppy must have grazed his bum hole for he stuck his arse straight up in the air, deciding he liked that. The man was breathing heavily and the air under the sleeping bag was getting stale. So Goliath just gave him one long deep lick, then he paused for a few seconds on his arsehole and then came up for air.

"I dinna believe ye are doing that." Jock said. "But it did feel good!"

"I figured you liked that, matey," he said, "but I ran out of air."

In rugby terms he'd fumbled the ball - or rather both of them!

He made a larger opening at the top and then kicked the inside of the bag, effectively sucking in a fresh air supply. Up and down he expanded the bag so there was an exchange of cool Peak District night air in the bag.

"More?" Goliath asked.

"Aye, a lot more please." With his answer, he went back down to service him. He caressed his back, and his backside. Then he motioned for him to turn over and he did, eagerly. The Lions International put his cheek on the lad's belly with his mouth just inches way from his rock hard thirteen-year-old cock, which was very moist by this time. Guppy massaged the shaft of his dick with his hand and slid his face down the inch or two required to make contact with the end of his square head of the lad's cock with his lips. Goliath danced his tongue across him and the muscles in Jock's groin flexed as if he were trying to make his boyhood even longer.

"Weel, suck ma cock." Jock said, pushing Guppy's head onto his erection. Goliath took his cock in both hands and revealed the head before he put it into his mouth. Guppy removed his hands off his cock and placed them on his hips. As the Man Mountain tongued the square head of it Jock Pringle rocked his hips pushing it in and out of his mouth.

Then Goliath went down on him; wetting him all around then the man sucked on it. Guppy could tell he was enjoying it for he thrust his hips so as to stroke into his mouth.

"Ye look nice like that, wi a cock in yer face," The youth joked. Goliath bobbed up and down on Jock's hard shaft; his tongue licked his balls every now and then.

"Balls beginning to hurt?" The ruggedly handsome man asked.

"Aye!" Jock kept trying to push his cock into Goliath's mouth.

"Do you want to cum, Jock?" Guppy asked, innocently. Goliath continued teasing Jock's cock with his tongue until he felt the boy's cock start to twitch.

"AYE!" He engulfed the cock fully in his mouth and sucked hard.

As Jock came he felt fireworks going off throughout his body. "Ungh, ungh, ungh" was all he could say as seven jets of cum shot into Goliath's hungry mouth. Goliath continued sucking and swallowing until Jock's cock twitched and shot nothing.

"How'd that feel?" Goliath asked with a smile and cum dripping off his lips.

"Oh-oh-oh," Jock yelped as he reached orgasm. "Ah!" Goliath hungrily swallowed his semen and sucked on it and squeezed his dick as if milking it to get it all of his boy juice.

Jock's chest heaved up and down. The boy was almost panting.

"Well lad, it looks as if old Goliath Guppy did you a good turn, matey!" For the next minute or two, he attended to his private places, kissing his softening boy cock, his balls and his plump boyish thighs - warming him all over with his lips and fingers. Finally The rugby star player straightened up in the sleeping bag, slipped his leg back between the boy's and put his arm around him.

This had been one of the best scrums Guppy had ever been in - in fact he was dangerously close to transferring to the rugby team in heaven. Face to face with the young teen he said: "And that Matey, is what they call a good blow job."

"I dinna believe ye did that! Why did ye swallow it?"

"Don't worry its only protein. People swallow it all the time."

"That's really disgustin' y'know? Lads don't swallow!"

"Jock, I actually like swallowing it. Now I have a part of you inside me forever. For some reason I like that. Now, apart from me being a laddie, and swallowing it, did you enjoy it?" Smyke ask.

"Well... It was good..." In truth he had never came so hard in his entire life.

"Guppy knows how to treat you, Matey... its our private little secret... my gift to you," he whispered and then held the boy close.

"I... I dinna think I can dae that to ye." Jock felt obviously guilty that he wasn't ready to reciprocate.

"It's okay, matey." Goliath reassured him. "I'd like you to wank me off if you would...but you don't have to."

"Nae, I can dae THAT...cat least that." With that, Jock's young hand reached down and he worked the Man Mountain's dick as he usually worked his own. He snuggled his face into his dark curly chest hair and thought about how amazing the man's body was.

"Can you... put a finger up me..." The man asked, almost pleadingly.

The boy finger-fuck his hole and continues wanking the giant off with his other hand, watching the ruggedly handsome Goliath's face contort with pleasure.

"Now use two fingers" instructed Goliath Guppy, and Jock was pleased to hear from Goliath Guppy that two felt even better than one.

Jock's hand raced up and down on the six-inch pole of his cock. Guppy felt his orgasm welling up inside him. The man's massive biceps were flexing with the building tension.

When the time came, Goliath fished up his shirt with his feet and prepared for what was a very intense orgasm into his hands.

"Oh fuck!" Jock Pringle yelled out, "Cum all over ma cock an' balls, will ya, Guppy?"

As Goliath Guppy grunted with lust, cum exploded from his rod. The first spurt hitting Jock's freckle-face, and the rest spattering all over his cock, balls, belly and hands.

Jock lay on top of Goliath. He tentatively began kissing and licking Goliath's face and neck.

Goliath drew the redhead back up so that they were face to face. He grabbed Jock's hips and position Jock and himself so that their cocks were touching and then got Jock to move up and down slowly, so that their cocks rubbed together. After a few minutes Goliath sensed that Jock was about to cum for a second time.

"Yea are driving ma crazy, Goliath. Please let me cum." Jock said anxiously. In almost no time, his penis throbbed and he ejaculated in two or three feeble immature spurts.

The young Scot lay back, exhausted, watching Goliath Guppy's erection slowly subside as the titan smiled down on him. The boy surreptitiously raised his arse-fucking fingers to his nose to breathe in the phenomenal smell of the man's body. Th boy eyed Guppy carefully, judging the moment for a question that was troubling him.

"Is it allrit for us tae be foolin' around sexually?" Asked Jock lazily, clearly his parent-instilled morals were still bothering him.

"Well, for me, yes. However, the authorities might think otherwise. Besides, how could I throw a cute kid like you out of my bed?" Goliath joked as he tweaked Jock's nose.

Jock giggled, "Ye pervert."


"So... err... are we supposed to go to bed right away?" asked Dumm irritably. His mood had some justification as all the lads were wet, tired and footsore and in serious need of the comfort that only a night's rest could provide.

The evening meal -- cold pies and burnt potatoes served up with a generous helping of blown-in grit and twigs -- had been cold by the time it was served. Since then the north wind had picked up the almost continuous rain was becoming heavier, soon washing out any desire for a singsong.

"So why, do you think Snowy told us to move in with you?" Dumm groaned grumpily.

"Don't be askin' me, mon!" Said Fred shrugging his shoulders. "We black boys just do what the Whyte master tells us..." A mischievous, mocking smile played on his thick lips.

"But there are three of us in a two-man tent!" Dumm grumbled indignantly, but he was beginning to resign himself to a night of discomfort. "Now we will never be able to sleep!"

"It will be ever such a tight fit," said Dee thoughtfully as he eyed up Fred Marley's handsome face.

"Yes it will!" Groaned Dumm who was clearly not on the same wavelength as his older brother.

"Yes, won't it? In fact I wouldn't be a bit surprised if we couldn't sleep a wink all night long!" Dee Tweedle said searching the black boy's handsome features. Dee realised that he had always rather liked Fred Marley but until recently he had no idea what to make of these odd feelings.

"Well as long as neither of you farts, I suppose we should be all right!" Dumm muttered then he watched the way in which his brother was looking at Fred in a very odd way and suddenly he got the unspoken message as twins often do! "I suppose we will all be very close by daybreak!"

Fred Marley blushed!

"Well mon, I suppose Snowy knows best!" Said Fred, eyeing up the Tweedle twins. The constant evening drizzle had formed a shinny droplet at the very tip of Dee's cute nose and Fred found himself almost overcome by a desire to lick it off!

"Well I am pretty tired, but I suppose we should wash up a bit, get da worst of da mud off our boots and then turn in." Said Fred.

"Oh yes, I stink!" said Dumm taking a sniff of the foetid air inside of his T-shirt, "and I can't wait to get out of these wet things!" So saying, Dumm Tweedle grabbed his toiletry bag and stomped off towards the rushing stream that all of the friends seemed to be using for their evening ablutions.

In the early evening gloom a bunch of the lads were down by the stream, and some had decided to go skinny-dipping not withstanding the cold. Fred hung back, and didn't go in, looking a little uneasy.

"I have blisters and I can't wait to get naked inside my nice warm sleeping bag!" Then he looked at Fred and fluttered his rain-drenched eyelashes and said coquettish: "I'll bet Dumm is sneaking off for a wank!" Dee said as he closely observed Fred's face for a reaction!

"W... w... what do you mean a wank?" asked Fred as he struggled out of his muddy boots.

"Oh you know," Dee made the universal explanatory gesture with his loosely-cupped right hand, "a good old toss off! He is always doing it I can't seem to stop him!"

"Oh, mon!" The handsome fifteen-year-old blushed deeply. "Are... err... are you two really... identical... In every way?"

Dee smiled very sweetly! He knew exactly what Fred was thinking about: "Suppose so, you'll have to compare us won't you!"

Fred asked; he flushed a deep-velvet black, but it was difficult to see as the light was getting worse by the minute.

"Well, I think we should join the others! Oh look!" Said Dee, pointing, "Felix and Bashful have stripped off naked!" The older and brighter of the Tweedle twins had a sneaking suspicion of what Snowy Whyte had in mind if throwing them together with Fred Marley and he thought he would put it to the test.

Some of the lads, their nipples erect with the cold and their skin covered in pimply goose flesh, were already in the stream having a good slash around and calling it bath-time. Fred hung back, making no effort to join the lads in their nude fun.

"I hope you don't mind me getting naked, Fred?" With a playful grin, Dee swung round, pulled his pants right off and reached down to remove his socks. Then, standing up, he grasped Fred's hand and he leapt, like a gazelle, from one grassy patch to the next, missing all the muddy patches, down to the rushing brook to join Dumm.

Dee stood on the banks of the brook for a moment or two before his brother caught sight of him. Dumm smiled when he saw that Dee had stripped off naked too.

"There you are! I was wondering what you and Fred were up to?" Dumm said as the others walked over to the water's edge. Dee wiggled his soft, floppy dick at his brother playfully.

Looking down at the twin now that they were all but alone, Fred saw that the twins had tiny blue pinpricks for nipples and their balls had retracted tightly to their bodies in the search for warmth. But most alarmingly of all, both Dee and Dumm were erect! Not only that but Dumm was tugging rhythmically at it!

"See!" Dee said smugly, "I told you he'd be wanking!" Then, without any warning, he slid over the side of the brook to join his brother, the pair faced each other, as identical as ever even down to their boy-sized erections. They laughed happily, and almost as one, they grasped their cocks and started wanking!

Fred was overwhelmed and could hardly believe his eyes! The two strangely pretty boys, were playing with their cocks, not just showing off in front of him, but evidently keen that he should watch them behaving in such a disgraceful manner.

Dumm was the first to switch to serious wanking, pulling his foreskin right back as he started to move it over the sensitive end of his cock - Dee copied his motion but lacked the requisite foreskin. Soon both boys were masturbating quite seriously, which amused them both, and embarrassed the black teenager's totally!

"Oh I see dere is bit of a difference between you two, mon." Fred said then he as he was rather embarrassed he suggested: "Why don't you just get washed, mon, and leave all dat wanking for later!"

Dee merely turned and confronted Fred directly, and wiggled his circumcised cock at him. "Why shouldn't I have a wank if I want to? My cock needs one now!"

"So does mine!" giggled Dumm, echoing his brother.

"Well mon, I think dat you both need it almost every night," Fred smiled self-consciously, "but... but can't it wait until later? The other might be looking!" He looked up the length of the brook in the failing light, to where other groups of lads stood next in the brook or next to it.

"Why?" demanded Dee, "why don't you get yours out and join in! Go on!"

"No!" Fred exclaimed, then after a few moments of reflection he added: "Tell me, mon, are you always in a sexy mood?" They vigorously nodded assent.

"Of course we are! Get yours out and show us Fred!" Dumm who was nodding in agreement, obviously keen to see what the black chorister had!

"Bloody sex-maniacs!" Fred giggled. Dee's utterly delightful game was now turning into a real act of sexual provocation.

"You crazy white boys might be frozen stiff before we done, mon! You'd better both get washed an' dried and then we'll go into the tent and have some fun. Okay?"

"Deal!" Yelled Dumm and Dee Tweedle - they saw the sense in changing venue it was bloody cold out doors.

"Pass me a towel, will you?" demanded Dumm, "I've already washed." He indicated a towel on the bank, his erection was sticking out impudently from his well-shaped body. Fred held the towel open for him and the younger boy climbed into his arms. Dee had settled down to wash himself, rather swiftly, not wishing to miss out on the fun.

The younger Tweedle-twin felt utterly wonderful in Fred's strong arms. The fifteen-year-old was more than happy to help him dry himself and the young boy lazily allowed him do whatever he wished. Fred did not neglect his loins -- as Fred towelled Dumm's half-hard cock and his gorgeous boyish balls!

"That's better, mon.... nice an' clean now!" Fred turned him round in his arms and as the towel fell to the floor, he allow the lad to recline against him, but before this happened, Dumm's hand had grasped Fred's, urgently pulling it down to his cock. As Fred grasped it, it jolted in his fingers, regaining all its firm stiffness!

Fred made no effort to wank him; he was content to merely fondling the ten-year-old, as they watched Dee having a hurried wash. Soon, Dee was insisting that Fred dry him too. The black teenager complied, and he paid considerable attention to the slightly older lad's genitals.

He hung the towel over Dee's shoulders, then, with a sniggering Tweedle twin under each of his arms; Fred Marley spirited back to their small pup tent. He lit the camping lamp then turned to the shivering boys. Now that they were back in their tent, they fell onto Dee's sleeping bag and, propping themselves up on an arm they began, once more, to play with their dicks. Dumm was still rigidly erect, but Dee had to give his todger a few rapid strokes to make it stand up again.

"Now," Fred told them as, "Let me see something." The Jamaican boy sat on the floor of the tent as he asked, "Stand close together, mon, and show me just how identical you two are."

To tell the truth, other than the matter of a foreskin, they were as identical in the willy department as they were on the rest of their bodies. At such close range, Fred could see that Dumm had an ever so slightly longer one. Tugging back Dumm's quite loose foreskin, Fred was pleased that they both responded by arching their and thrusting their cocks at him, their penises almost brushing his handsome face.

Fred suggested: "Kneel down and face each other, then." Fred knelt by the brook, now ready to join in their game.

Understanding what Fred intended, and without further prompting, they started to rub the bulbous tips of their cocks together. This incredibly sexy vision made Fred's black cock even harder, if that was possible!

"Well, looks to me like your cocks are identical as well, mon." Fred announced his verdict as he reached out to grasp them both, this time one in each hand. Dumm and Dee giggled happily, and quickly turned to face each other, and started to rub their cocks together once more. Fred watched, a tiny bit bemused, but pleased that they were enjoying it as much as he was. For the twins this was a wondrously exciting sexy game!

The Jamaican lad slid his hand between their wet bodies and grasped both three and a half inch cocks. Fred found himself holding two fine specimens! Both were very stiff, both ready for action, and their beautiful owners obviously quite willing for him to give them an earnestly needed wank.

"Dirty lad!" Dumm said as his teeth chattered from the chill. Fred laughed heartily!

"Why do you say dat mon? Aren't you enjoying it?" He asked the brother who still had his foreskin in tact! "Dee is, aren't you, mon?"

"Oh yes! It feels nice!" The brother nodded but Fred had by now noticed that both naked brothers were turning blue from the cold out doors.

"Right then, shall I toss you both off then, mon?" They were both keen and Fred calculated that they might be willing to do him as well! "Yes! Take all your clothes off." The Tweddles were unanimous.

Then came the inevitable demand: "Show us your cock then," Dee said turning away from his brother and wiggling his thin but knobbly cock at the black teen once more.

"Yes! Come on, you've played with ours, show us yours, then!" Dumm added, "Bet you've got a big one, you've got to show us!" Dumm blushed slightly at this emphatic request but he realised that this twin brother was as keen as he was on that score!

"Well, I suppose dat's fair." What could poor Fred Marley do but agree?

"Come on," Dumm ordered, "Get yours out and show us! Is it all big an' black an' hairy?"

"Well mon, it's a bit bigger than yours is. But den again I'm a bit older than you two." Fred told them as he sat down between their outstretched legs. He knew what they wanted so simply slid further between their bodies so that he could reach out and replace their hands with his own.

Dee was entirely happy with this arrangement, but Dumm adamantly pushed him away. "No! Get yours out first, you can't play with mine until I have seen your willy!" Dumm went back to working hard on his wank, doing it regularly with thumb and middle finger.

At that, Dee followed his brother's example and shoved his hand away. "Yeah, show us your dick now!"

"Well," Fred asked, "must I just get it out or must I undress like you two white sex-maniacs?"

"Get undressed then!" Dee yelped. Kicking off his shoes, the black teen stood up, as best he could in the low tent, and started to take off his T-shirt, while the boys lay back to watch, but they proved incapable of leaving their erections alone. The vision of them lying there like that, was a yet greater motivation for stripping off. Fred rapidly pulled off his trousers, his underpants giving them a preview of just how hard he was!

"Well, shall I take these off as well?" Fred smiled.

"Yeah! Go on!" Dumm commanded, his voice sounding rather husky. He was enchanted to see Fred's stocky chocolate-coloured body, his well-developed arms, and his muscular legs, but they wanted his cock! "Let's see your willy now."

Rather amused by the looks on their faces, Fred Marley started to pull his underpants down.

In the mood for teasing the boy's he exposed just some of his springy, black pubic-hairs.

Dee pulled a bit of a face, "That's disgusting! You are all hairy!"

"Ya jealous, mon! Just 'cos you havn't got any yet!" Fred retorted as he interrupted his strip-show.

Fred clutched his pants and with one quick action, drew them down his broad hips, pulling them off over his feet. As he stood up, he was more than happy exposing his magnificent ebony-coloured erection to the twins, and he was about to be even more pleased with their reactions! His huge long uncut cock, hang between his thighs, even half-hard it was a black huge cock! It was also jet-black - in contrast with the light chocolate-brown of the rest of his young body.

Dumm and Dee gasped at the beauty of the black stallion cock jutting before them. "Wicked!" Dumm said in delight. "What a whopper!"

"Shit! That is jolly big!" Dee exclaimed, deeply impressed by what he saw. "Whopper!" just didn't do justice to the black cock dripping its juices only inches from the twin's faces. The bulbous, mushroom head flared forming a perfect crown atop the thick veiny shaft. Dee guessed it had to be had to be over nine inches.

Kneeling on the sleeping bags, Fred grasped their legs and gently squeezed in between them so that the three of them could all cuddle up closer. To Fred's intense pleasure, the twins were keen to do so he soon found a small white hand closing around his cock.

"Wow! That's nice," Dee muttered, "Really hard!" Dumm's hand rapidly joined his brother's. His big black cock fascinated the pair of lads. Now this was utter bliss for a Jamaican fifteen-year-old - Fred happily let them do just what they pleased and he quickly discovered two boy-sized erections in his own hands, which he slowly rubbed up and down.

Soon their playful sexy games graduated to cuddling, and all three choirboys were thoroughly tangled up on the floor of the tent, arms and legs entwined, erections rubbing against each other's bodies.

For Fred, the twins were utterly delightful to play with; their bodies were silky smooth and warm and responsive to his delicate exploratory caresses.

After some while, they disentangled themselves, and relaxed a little. Fred lay on his back with a warm white boy snuggled up against either side of him.

But neither Dumm nor Dee could leave his dick alone! Dumm's hand was polishing the large pinkish-brown head poking out of the foreskin, while Dee was toying between his legs with his two large balls, hanging loose in their black sack. "Will ours be as big as yours when we are older?" asked Dumm, "An' just as hairy?"

"Probably more hairy, mon, we black guys have less hair." The twins could see the truth in this, as a neat triangle of wiry fuzz above the monster cock was the only visible body hair. The Jamaican lad had no hair on his balls, his legs, arms and chest. All were, equally smooth. "And your cocks are only just starting to grow a bit. I'm sure you're lovely cocks will grow as big as mine!" Fred hesitated before asking, "Can either of you shoot spunk yet?" As he'd expected, they shook their heads. Perfect! Spunky or not, both boys had already showed that they loved being played with and when they reached their orgasms, dry or wet, they'd be enjoyed by both of them.

"No! We are still too young!" Dee said sounding rather melancholy.

"Well, I don't matter, mon I bet dat you both have good dry orgasms." Fred reassured them, "In some ways they are better!"

"Why is that?" Dee asked.

"No mess to clean up!" The black teen grinned mischievously at them both. Tell me, have either of you seen any spunk before?"

Dee grinned wickedly, "Of Course! You know Grumpy and you've met Bashful, haven't you?" Fred nodded as they related the tale of their first night at the camp and witnessing the fucking in the tent and shower block.

"Boy, did they all spunk up!" This surprised him - the black teen was rather sad he had not witnessed these sexy goings-on!

"How much do you shoot then Fred?"

With a smile that reminded one of warm day in the tropics, the chocolate-coloured boy said: "Well, mon, if you want to find dat out, one of you'll have to wank me off, won't you?"

"Yeah! Okay I will!" Dumm was unmistakably inclined to do it.

"Oh no! I wanna do it," Dee retorted, as he reached out to grasp him, "and I am the eldest!" Fred couldn't help gasping when Dee's slim fingers closed round him - it was utterly fantastic to have such a beautiful boy playing with him. After giving it a few practice squeezes, he started to stroke him.

"Does it take you long?" he asked.

"It all depends ... if you wank me really well, it won't take me long!" Fred didn't wait to give him time to change his mind, by then the black teen was so aroused that he knew he could come off very quickly! Especially not before they had each enjoyed being wanked off by him. So after a while, he grasped Dee's wrist and held him still. "Cool it sexy, there's no hurry is there?"

"Yeah! Let me have a go!" Dumm intruded, attempting to replace his brother's hand with his own. Fred permitted that and Dumm started to stroke him he asked them. Unlike his brother, Dumm was more interested in wanking well, than talking about it. His steady movement and practised masturbation technique on his hard shaft, was utterly fantastic.

"I bet you'll find I wank better than Dumm does!" Dee said dismissive of Dumm's apparent skill.

Dumm was actually too good! Fred had to grasp his wrist to slow him down. "Not so quick, mon! " Dumm grinned impishly.

Fred wriggled out from between them and dropped to his knees with one black knee between each pair of outstretched white-boy legs, grinning down at them he moved them closer together. Fred own legs felt a little rubbery, from his own level of excitement at all this sexy fun. The kids' cocks were now only a foot from Fred big brown eyes. Dumm and Dee looked so lovely, so white and so vulnerable. A slight jerk of Dee's innocent young body reminded Marley to be gentle with them both.

"That's disgusting!" Dee exclaimed as he pointed to Fred fine cock, which now stuck out in front of them both like a solid black mace.

Fred placed Dee's hand on Dumm's cock an act that Dumm was not slow to emulate. For a moment, the twins simply toyed with each other, but quickly, their actions showed more skill in what they were doing.

"Oh mon! Dat looks sexy!" The black teen said sincerely.

"Smell it!" Fred groaned, slapping his dick across the twin face, his pre-cum wetting Dee's cheek and making his lips glisten. "Smell black cock, white boys!"

Dumm and Dee pressed their noses under the mushroom head and snorted deeply.

"Yeah! Smell dat stinky black dick, mon!" Fred hissed. He resolved to discover the extent of their sexual knowledge. "Tell me, have either of you ever had your cock sucked." Their eager nodding showed the answer. A brief discussion of experiences confirmed they still had amateur status in the cock-sucking stakes.

"Well, I would like to suck both of you! Who's first?" This could prove to be an extremely difficult decision to make!

"Me!" Came their simultaneous chorus of demand!

However, Dee scrambled up and held out his circumcised cock for Fred could do was to lie on the bed. Fred moved his mouth very slowly toward it, sliding his hand up his baby smooth thigh, giving the nervous boy time to accept the close affections of another boy's hand. The head was mostly red, but in its shiny hardness it was showing hints of purple and red. Fred tickled it with a feathery-light touch, relishing the charge of erotic pleasure his little cockhead fired off. Then he started with just a kiss on his erection, before running his tongue round it a few times and then he licked at the little slit, tinkling it from it one end to the other.

When Fred reached his scrotum, Fred very gently let his fingertips caress his testicles in their hairless sack. He let out a little more nervous pant as he felt and watched him do this but, after a moment of tension, his naked body relaxed again. His balls moved gently in his scrotum though the smooth flesh was holding them more tightly than the warm moistness of the room would normally have permitted. Fred barely touched the round base of his penis before letting his lips slide around it. This time though, he grasped Dee's hips and held onto while he gradually took his cock further between his lips so that he could fellate him properly.

Hardly had he started to do so than his hips began to push his cock in and out of Fred's mouth. It showed well enough, that as he had already guessed, Dee was more highly sexed than his twin - not that Dumm was deficient!

However, after a while, he released him so that he asked, "Well then Dee, do you like having your cock sucked then?" The strange expression on his face showed the answer.

"You're both jolly disgusting!" His brother, Dumm told him before changing his tone and demanding, "Do it to me please!"

What a dilemma! Each of the twins clearly needed to enjoy an orgasm so the question was -who to do first! But his Dee prodded his cock at his mouth and solved the problem with the clearly urgent need.

"Sorry Dumm, mon, you're next!" Fred told him before opening his thick lips to take the brother's erection back into his mouth, ready now to suck until he enjoyed his dry orgasm.

As he worked on Dee's willy, Dumm decided to get into the action and he slid down the bed so that he could play with Fred's cock whilst the black fellow was sucking his brother. Dumm was really good at it, placing him in a situation beyond his wildest fantasy, sucking one boy whilst another wanked him!

"Yeah. Work that black cock, mon! Play with ma big, black dick!" Fred said rather unnecessarily as the lads were doing their very best. However, despite the pleasure Dumm was giving him, Fred tried to concentrate on Dee and as he sucked and licked him, he soon felt that his orgasm was about to overwhelm him. Their eyes met for a moment, Dee looking so young and innocent, Fred filled with affection and tenderness. His hair was still wet from the rain now but now covered half his eyes, his rough boyish haircut making him look like the choirboy he was.

Sucking him strongly, he rapidly succeeded in what he wanted to happen. Dee yelped as Fred suddenly felt his cock throb between his lips. "It's okay," Fred reassured him right away.

The first quiver was quite weak but then came three very strong jerks and then a few more gradually weakening ones. His pleasure was his pleasure, increased by the grunts and moans he was trying hard to stifle. All that was missing for him was the magical taste of boy-sperm, but nevertheless, it was an amazing orgasm to give so lovely a boy.

Far too quickly, Dee twisted his hips sideways and pulled his cock from Fred's grip. "Wow! That was jolly great!" Dee swore volubly.

"Do me now!" ordered Dumm, pushing his brother out of the way.

"Ok ... course I will. If you lie in the middle of da tent floor and I can do it like that." He moved into position as Fred slid further down so that he could get his mouth to the waiting child's cock. It looked rather red and aroused already: Dumm had obviously been rubbing himself whilst playing with Fred. So, this was going to be a quickie!

As with Fred brother, he started by kissing all round his dick, up and down his shaft, down onto his balls and making them move about in his silky soft scrotum. Then, Fred held his foreskin back and slid his tongue back up his erection, played it round the tip a few times then let him slide his cock home between his lips. He was really throbbing, Fred's fingers felt every frantic pulse of his heartbeat in the deep confines of his penis. Fully erect, it was obvious that the uncircumcised boy had much looser skin than his brother's, for there was very little looseness along Dee's penis shaft.

Dumm gasped as Fred close his lips firmly, but carefully, round him, his hips pushing his cock even harder at him: he was very worked up and very much in need of his orgasm! So, Fred sucked him hungrily, wanking him with his lips whilst his tongue worked round the sensitive end of his lovely cock.

The Jamaican lad's fingers helped out by closing round the base of his penis, slowly wanking him as he sucked. As always, he wanted to prolong things but and so give him even more pleasure, but after just a short time, he felt him tensing up for his orgasm.

Suddenly, Dumm's hips pushed his cock hard up at him a few times as he grunted noisily. Marley knew the feeling when a part of your body that you thought you knew suddenly blossomed with greater pleasure than you'd ever imagined. Between his lips, he felt his cock throb several times, perhaps much more strongly than even Dee's cock had earlier. More yelps of delight accompanied each throb showing him that his efforts had been much appreciated. My tongue still worked on him as he now held him still, Dumm clinging to be, almost afraid that he might let go before his pleasure was past!

It was, as ever, very satisfying to be the source of such pleasure in such a beautiful boy and he was certain that this wouldn't be the last blowjob he would be privileged to give Dumm -- or even his brother, Dee!

Inevitably, he was far too quick as far as he was concerned to come down from his high, Dumm soon pulling his firm young erection from his mouth.

"Wow! Flaming hell! That was sexy!" Came his husky comment. "Really disgusting!" As he looked up to him, he grinned contentedly at him, that smile showing just how much he had appreciated what Fred had done for him.

"Well, I told you it was sexy, didn't I?" Scrambling round, he managed to get into position between the two boys once more, pulling them close so that he could enjoy the feeling of two warm boy-bodies tightly pressed up against him.

"I could feel your tongue on me," Dumm explained, "Really funny at first ... it sort of made my willy feel all tingly!"

"Yeah!" agreed his brother, "Really sexy!"

"Go on ... suck me a bit and find out what it's like ... I won't spunk up unless you want me to."

"Maybe!" Dee muttered hesitatingly, quickly adding, "You mustn't spunk up though Fred."

"But what's it taste like though?" asked Dumm a bit more thoughtfully.

"Well ... it tastes just like spunk I suppose! And if you want to find out you'll have to suck me all the way ... it's the only way to discover!"

"Dunno!" muttered Dee, "Shall I try it on you?" He looked at him in a strange way, a conflict developed between sheer boyish sexuality and distaste for the idea of Fred coming in his mouth.

Boyish sexuality won and he nodded shyly before leaning over him. Grasping Fred fat black cock, he inspected it closely, as fascinated by it as Fred had been by his own penis.

Then, after giving him a shy, almost nervous smile, Dee muttered, "Ok then, you did it to me! Or will one of you let me fuck him?"

As Dumm sucked on his finger, Dee brought his hand down alongside Dee's and together we squeezed the swollen, thick, long shaft.

"Okay," Dee panted. The naked ten-year-old rolled over and stood on his knees, his hairless, three-and-a-half inch penis sticking straight up from between his legs. He turned to the huge pole standing between Fred's legs and crawled over to the elder boy on his knees.

Dumm watched as Dee straddled Fred's mature, fifteen-year-old body, his hard chest facing toward Fred's feet. Dumm didn't know how they were going to do this. Forget about the sheer size difference between Dee's little bum and Fred's huge manhood; even standing full up on his knees, Dee couldn't get up high enough to clear the swollen head of the black teen's penis. They both seemed to know how to deal with this, however for as soon as Dee was in position, Fred's huge hands gripped him around the waist and lifted him higher as Dee's hands reached down and pointed the teen's cock straight upward. Now this was a sight. It wasn't quiet as thick as the two skinny fore-arm's of the Tweedle boys, but it was positively rivalling them and the thought that a boy would even think of sticking that much meat inside so small a body was totally shocking. Dumm couldn't believe his silly older brother was even going to waste time attempting it!

As his hand accurately guided the head to his bum hole, Dee seemed to realise just how impossible a task he was taking on. His big brown eyes grew wider and the twin boy looked very, very worried. Dumm, still kneeling at the foot of the bed area on the tent floor, grinned broadly and shook his head recognising, just as Dee did, that the huge cock was never going to fit.

"That's ma boy," Fred encouraged, his arms bulging with muscle as they held the hundred pound boy between his legs. Dumm could see them start to lower the boy and saw Dee's face grimace as the huge penis head started pressing at his sphincter.

"Ow! " Dee's high-pitched voice suddenly cried.

"Okay, mon." Fred gasped. "Okay." The naked boy hadn't even managed to take the head inside yet though its pointed end was clearly busy parting the tight fold of his buttocks.

"It's okay," Dee gasped, "I just got a cramp in my toe."

The two boys gave a nervous laugh, but Fred just nodded. In their position, with Dee leaning forward to fully reveal his buttocks, the older boy must have had a great image of his penis head forcing the tight sphincter open.

"Good," he said, his eyes showing that he was staring straight at the boy's tight hole. "It's opening, mon," Fred gasped. "Go ahead and go lower." Dumm had thought that he was baring Dee's weight but could see now that the kid was supporting most of it on his thin, bulging legs, apparently not wanting to go as low as Fred's hands were willing to let him go. Pursing his lips tightly, his face grew red, Dee closed his eyes and Dumm saw more of his weight shift from his legs to Fred's strong hands, his bottom instantly moving a little lower.

Even from his position Dumm could see the penis head slip deeper into the hairless crevice between Dee's legs until just the rock hard, purple ridge was visible outside of the tight, painfully stretched opening to Dee's body.

"Just a little more, mon." Fred urged and Dumm could see his big hands guiding Dee's hips still lower. The last bit of purple disappeared into the child's body and, after a fraction of an inch more, Dee's sphincter tightened around the shaft.

"Oh my!" Dee cried softly. He let go of Fred's ebony penis shaft and pushed his long fingers into the thick mop of his black hair, rubbing his head as his tiny bum got used to the huge invasion penetrating it. Fred closed his eyes and lolled his own head for a moment, his powerful arms patiently holding the small body poised above his huge erection.

Dumm watched as both Dee and Fred prepared to put more of the huge penis inside him.

"Golly goodness!" Dee hissed, his face contorting frantically as both he and Fred let his body lower further. With the sphincter helpless to prevent further intrusion, Fred's cock slid in with shocking ease. No, not like Dee's little body free-fell on the big thing, but Dumm could see the stretched orifice of his bum sliding steadily down the smooth, throbbing skin of Fred's black penis. Inch after inch slid up in this way until almost half of it was sticking up into the young boy. "Okay," Dee panted. The naked ten-year-old rolled over and stood on his knees, his hairless, three-and-a-half inch penis sticking straight up from between his legs. He turned to the huge pole standing between Fred's legs and crawled over to the elder boy on his knees.

Dumm watched as Dee straddled Fred's mature, fifteen-year-old body, his hard chest facing toward Fred's feet. Dumm didn't know how they were going to do this. Forget about the sheer size difference between Dee's little bum and Fred's huge manhood; even standing full up on his knees, Dee couldn't get up high enough to clear the swollen head of the black teen's penis. They both seemed to know how to deal with this, however for as soon as Dee was in position, Fred's huge hands gripped him around the waist and lifted him higher as Dee's hands reached down and pointed the teen's cock straight upward. Now this was a sight. It wasn't quiet as thick as the two skinny fore-arm's of the Tweedle boys, but it was positively rivalling them and the thought that a boy would even think of sticking that much meat inside so small a body was totally shocking. Dumm couldn't believe his silly older brother was even going to waste time attempting it!

As his hand accurately guided the head to his bum hole, Dee seemed to realise just how impossible a task he was taking on. His big brown eyes grew wider and the twin boy looked very, very worried. Dumm, still kneeling at the foot of the bed area on the tent floor, grinned broadly and shook his head recognising, just as Dee did, that the huge cock was never going to fit.

"That's ma boy," Fred encouraged, his arms bulging with muscle as they held the hundred pound boy between his legs. Dumm could see them start to lower the boy and saw Dee's face grimace as the huge penis head started pressing at his sphincter.

"Ow! " Dee's high-pitched voice suddenly cried.

"Okay, mon." Fred gasped. "Okay." The naked boy hadn't even managed to take the head inside yet though its pointed end was clearly busy parting the tight fold of his buttocks.

"It's okay," Dee gasped, "I just got a cramp in my toe."

The two boys gave a nervous laugh, but Fred just nodded. In their position, with Dee leaning forward to fully reveal his buttocks, the older boy must have had a great image of his penis head forcing the tight sphincter open.

"Good," he said, his eyes showing that he was staring straight at the boy's tight hole. "It's opening, mon," Fred gasped. "Go ahead and go lower." Dumm had thought that he was baring Dee's weight but could see now that the kid was supporting most of it on his thin, bulging legs, apparently not wanting to go as low as Fred's hands were willing to let him go. Pursing his lips tightly, his face grew red, Dee closed his eyes and Dumm saw more of his weight shift from his legs to Fred's strong hands, his bottom instantly moving a little lower.

Even from his position Dumm could see the penis head slip deeper into the hairless crevice between Dee's legs until just the rock hard, purple ridge was visible outside of the tight, painfully stretched opening to Dee's body.

"Just a little more, mon." Fred urged and Dumm could see his big hands guiding Dee's hips still lower. The last bit of purple disappeared into the child's body and, after a fraction of an inch more, Dee's sphincter tightened around the shaft.

"Oh my!" Dee cried softly. He let go of Fred's ebony penis shaft and pushed his long fingers into the thick mop of his black hair, rubbing his head as his tiny bum got used to the huge invasion penetrating it. Fred closed his eyes and lolled his own head for a moment, his powerful arms patiently holding the small body poised above his huge erection.

Dumm watched as both Dee and Fred prepared to put more of the huge penis inside him.

"Golly goodness!" Dee hissed, his face contorting frantically as both he and Fred let his body lower further. With the sphincter helpless to prevent further intrusion, Fred's cock slid in with shocking ease. No, not like Dee's little body free-fell on the big thing, but Dumm could see the stretched orifice of his bum sliding steadily down the smooth, throbbing skin of Fred's black penis. Inch after inch slid up in this way until almost half of it was sticking up into the young boy.

"Okay," Dee cried desperately, his face a mask of pain. Still grinning, Dumm politely came up to his brother and slipped pillows in under each of his knees so he could rest his straining legs. To get there, however, Dee gasped and felt another inch of throbbing cock shoving up into him.

"Oh my!" he cried, finally able to support himself on his knees if only he kept his thighs straight. Dumm could see him uncurling his toes as Fred's strong grasp eased. Fred was sweating from the pleasure and pain between his own legs and Dumm watched as he let his hands rub up and across Dee's slender shoulders. He did this so gently and with such affection that Dumm actually felt a little jealous. Tears had actually spilled out of Dee's eyes leaving two glistening trails down his smooth cheeks, mixing with the sperm that was drying on them.

"Are you okay, mon?" Fred panted tenderly.

"Yes." Dee gasped, though his soprano voice sounded strained. Dumm watched the boy lean forward to look and see how much more cock there was to go. Four inches of thick shaft still parted his widespread bum hole from Fred's pubic hair. "Gosh," the boy said sitting up; "I can feel it in my tummy."

"Dat feels great, mon!" Fred panted.

"Yes indeed." Dee agreed, though he still looked racked in pain. Between his own legs, his hairless penis still pulsed out straight and hard, looking tiny compared to the huge one shoved up his arse.

"Does it hurt?" Fred asked.

"No," Dee hissed an obvious lie. Fred either believed him or chose to pretend to believe him. His big hands continued to rub the boy's shoulders and back lovingly. Dee had magnificent boy shoulders -- only slightly broadened but rippled wonderfully from careful training. Beneath his smooth boy skin, the small shoulder blades looked really sweet.

Dee's face twisted again and his slender belly rippled as he allowed his knees to bend and lowering himself still further between Fred's legs.

"Awww," he cried as first one inch, then another shoved up inside him and there were still the thickest two inches of it to go. Dumm gazed up Dee's hairless penis, along his belly and abdomen, tried to calculate how far up inside his body the penis must be. It had to be up even higher than his belly button, much too far to be healthy or comfortable. The boy's intestines were going to be a mess. Nonetheless, Dee Tweedle was no quitter.

"Lay back, Dee," Fred encouraged the boy, sitting up on one arm as the other wrapped around the skinny boy and pulled his shoulders back against his chest. "You are almost there, mon." The black lad encouraged him, hands lovingly petting the boy's thin shoulders.

Dee looked to be in pain that Dumm knew he ought to try to prevent him from going further, but Dumm was a little dizzy with the desire to see if a boy Dee's size really could take a penis as big and thick as Fred's.

Fred's hands took hold of Dee's hipbones and together they managed to shove the last of the inches inside the tight hole. Dee's buttocks finally sitting down on Fred's wiry bush of pubic hair.

Watching that last two inches go in almost made Dumm's own bum hurt in sympathy. "Fuck!" The younger brother cried out.

"Oh Dumm! You said the 'f-word'!" The older brother protested.

Dee lay his head back on Fred's shoulder as Fred's big hand stroked up and down on his soft, muscular chest and belly, tenderly petting the tiny, erect nipples. This left Dee's front exposed, his cock poking all the way up. Dee looked so small and so thin on the young black guy's body.

"You can't fuck me," Dee cried softly.

"I don't need to, kid," Fred panted. "I'm about to cum."

"Wank me off, then!" The ten-year-old begged.

Fred needed no further encouragement and his big hand dropped between the boy's legs where he found the small hairless erection, not much larger than one of his fingers. Stroking up and down on it. Dee moaned softly and Fred turned down to kiss the boy's shoulders and neck.

Watching the man's fingers stroking the lovely penis between Dee's smooth thighs made him feel even more excited and Dumm knew he was going to have an orgasm himself.

"Here it comes, kid," Fred's deep voice announced to the slender boy impaled between his legs. Fortunately for Dee, Fred didn't buck frantically like a lot of over-enthusiastic teenage boys might. Dumm thought he showed considerable self-controlled under the circumstances and the rhythmic tightening of muscles between his legs, each one accompanied by a soft grunt was about all Dumm could see of traditional rutting behaviour. He would hate to see what Billy Bunion or Jack Jerker would have done to his brother's bum under similar circumstances.

Transfixed by the rhythmically flexing of base of Fred's ebony cock, Dumm realised that it was pumping his semen up his big penis and if he produced as much sperm as any other boy his age, the Dee's bottom hole was going to be very full indeed!

Fred let out a long sigh of relief. "Can you feel it?" He asked, kissing Dee's shoulder again.

Dee nodded, his head lolling weakly on the older boy's shoulder. "Rub faster," his high pitched voice said softly. Fred instantly started stroking the young boy's short penis briskly, kissing his neck affectionately and trying to help the used boy have an orgasm.

Fred was stroking the slender young erection very quickly when Dee Tweedle came. But the boy was so exhausted by what had been done to his bum, that he didn't move at all when he reached his climax and merely lay there against Fred's chest as the older boy kissed him while Fred's cock softened.

"I... I think I h... hurt myself." Dee's soprano voice finally confessed a little tearfully.

"Dee I am go get Felix Jollybottom." Dumm heard his childish voice declared rather sharply.

"Are you sure, mon?" Fred Marley asked with some gentleness and a lot of guilt.

"I think so." Dee replied. Tears were trickling down his cheeks again. "It was just too big!"

"Here," Dumm said as he scurried up to the fucking couple before he left on his mission. He reached into Dee's hairless armpits and together he and Fred slowly pulled the ten-year-old up, allowing the big penis to slide slowly out of his little bum. The purple head eventually slipped free and the entire organ failing back against Fred's belly with a slimy slap. Dumm helped his older brother to lay down on the bed and he fell on his side. His little bottom was releasing wet gurgling farts and sperm was oozing out of it.

"I didn't mean to hurt you, mon." Fred almost cried, quickly crawling up beside the poor, naked boy, his hands stroking Dee's hair.

"It was all our fault, Fred." Dumm said, looking just as worried. And so saying de ran naked out into the drizzle in search of the acting youth leader.

As luck would have it, Felix Jollybottom for once was not living up to his Anorak name. Felix was anything but happy!

The acting youth leader sat disconsolately in the streaming rain, next to the remaining embers of the campfire wearing his sunny yellow anorak with the hood up. He had checked the guide ropes four times since the first lads had gone off to the tents to which Snowy Whyte had assigned them.

Felix had no urgent desire to go to his tent. Yes he would love to give Osbert Prim another jolly good fuck; yes he would love to shag the living daylights out of Damien Smyke; and needless to say a night of passion with his chubby lover Cedric Snotfinkel was wonderful - but all three of them? Overnight in one tent? Together? Felix did not think so! The red-haired man had spent hours now delaying the inevitable.

Delighted to have some diversion, he could respond immediately to the desperate appeal from the naked Dumm Tweedle and he was there within a few minutes.

Like a good doctor, Felix Jollybottom didn't waste any time with questions, despite the fact that his patient was farting out sperm like a fiend. Dumm and Fred stood back and let him work. Fortunately his record of top marks on all his first aid courses (a perk of being a Windsor lavatory attendant) came in handy. Soon, he pulled a bottle of some or other concoction out of his rucksack he always carried.

"What woz you guys doing?" he asked, turning a disapproving look on Dee and Fred.

"It was my fault, mon." Fred said at once. "He said he wanted... he wanted a big one." Felix looked at his big brown penis and arched an eyebrow.

Dee moaned and his slender, muscular arms held to his abdomen.

"I shouldn't have let them try it," Dumm said sheepishly. "I knew it wasn't a good idea."

"Hmmm," Fred Marley signalled his agreement with another disapproving look. After a brief moment, he gave him a little smile and wink.

"Will he be all right?" Fred asked, looking like he was going to cry.

"Yes, I think so," Fred Marley replied, returning to his disapproving look. Felix set to anointing Poor Dee's battered arsehole. "Ya could kill a little lad wiv that thing, young man." His superior tone was entirely appropriate. "'Ere we go, me little mate," he said, stepping up behind Dee and poking his finger at his bum hole. The hole opened immediately, even wider than the man's finger required. Felix let it slide all the way up into the boy and started scooping in loads of the ointment into the violated bum hole and his bruised innards. "Fortunately, 'e's a St Giles Boy so 'e won't go telling tales. Will ya mate?"

The lads sat there watching as Dee rolled over on his back, his head still resting on Felix's lap. The older boy tenderly and lovingly pushed the thick black hair from his eyes and his fingers gently caressed the boy's smooth skin. Finally, Dee opened his eyes and looked up at him. "You feel better now?" Fred Marley smiled.

Dee nodded weakly. His deep brown eyes gazed up into Felix's face as if he were looking at an angel.

"Good, now let me tell you something..." Fred, Dee and Dumm all of whom were quite apologetic and quite embarrassed, braced themselves for a serious lecture about boy sex. But all he said was: "No more big todgers, okay?" And so saying Felix Jollybottom disappeared into the night.


Warning to regular readers: This final sub-section of Part Seven, section 16, gets dirty - very dirty and raunchy. If your don't like it don't read it!

When Grumpy made his way into the ancient four-man tent, he found Cedric Snotfinkel laying facedown on his sleeping bag his shoulders heaving, his bulky body wobbling as he sobbed his little, nine-year-old heart out.

"Wot's up, Cedric, me ol' mate?" Smyke asked, as he paused to remove his muddy Doc Martin's and dirty socks then swung his bare feet into the tent

"Aw sod it all, Grumpy," the chubby boy wailed, "why is it everyfing goes wrong for me? I mean..."

"Wot's with ya mate?" Asked the tough lad, his voice croaking with repressed emotion.

"Well ... Uh ... Uh ... ATTCHOO!" Porky the littlest Pig was hugging a pillow and looking like a lost puppy. His face was glazed over with tears and snot, which made his upper-lip glisten like an iced fairy-cake.

"Come on, Cedric. Ya know ya can talk to me about anyfing, like."

"Vat's just it!" Cedric blurted out, through his tears. "After ya run off wiv Bashful, I won't `ave nobody to talk to when somefing's troubling me."

"'ush, `ush! Shhhhh. Don't cry, Sneezy." Smyke said, softly. "I'll do me best to be `ere when ya need me, mate."

"ATTCHOO! I thought we woz mates after va yesterday and va stuff wot we done. Ya know, va dirty stuff?" He blubbered, his vast boyish belly oscillating like a jelly. "It just won't be va same wivout ya, Grumpy."

"Ya still `ave Felix, Cedric."

"Felix!" Cedric Snotfinkel whimpered, drying his tears on the back of his arm. "I can't talk to Felix no more."

"Wot ya mean mate? Seems ta me, like ya got it all set. I mean Felix loves ya and ya got a great bunch o' mates now. So wots va problem?"

"But vats just it, Grumpy! Happy is in love wiv Bashful. An' now vat you and Bashful are together again, Felix is pissed off and where does vat leave me!" The fat little boy grabbed hold of the teenager, broke down and sobbed adding salty tears to the rainwater, which had soaked his T-shirt.

"Just give `im a chance, Sneezy. Happy may be fascinated wiv Osbert's bum at va minute, but `e lives for ya, `e told me so `imself. And vats a fact! Okay?"

"If ya say so, Grumpy." Cedric wailed. "You an' Bashful `ave really grown real close to one another, ain't ya, mate?" The chubby lad remarked.

"We're inseparable, mate." Smyke replied hanging his soaking wet anorak on the tent bar next to Cedric's.

"That's really nice." Cedric said a little downhearted. "I wish I woz like vat wiv me Felix. Close like, I mean." He could see Grumpy's cock pushing out the front of his trousers and he wanted to reach out and grab it, to squeeze it, to feel it throb in his hand, but he was so unsure of himself and so afraid of further rejection that he decided to wait.

"I hear you, mate." Damien Smyke said. "But I'll bet ya it comes right real soon. Ya'll see. Anywise ya an' Osbert and me can be real tight, va three o' us! Like family." Cedric gave Smyke a hug and the tough lad wrapped his strong arms around the fat boy, and for the moment his troubles seemed to melt away.

Then Damien Smyke gave way to the urge he had to lick the boys snotty upper lip! Sneezy's nasal slime was salty and oh so good, he thought to himself. He then kissed him full on the lips. It was along and loving kiss -- exactly what the chubby boy needed.

"Cor vat were a right spit swapper!" Said Cedric when they finally broke apart.

"So wot ya been reading, mate? Asked Smyke picking up the magazine the fat child had been paging through. It read:

Trains in Trouble:

All the action when Trains get into trouble.

Like all true Anoraks the boy studied magazines on his chosen obsession - in this case a train magazine. Anoraks study these publications with the serious open-mouthed adoration of someone reading pornography!

The photograph on the cover shows a dramatic shot of and engine that had tumbled off a bridge -- a magazine devoted to train accidents!

Smyke's tendency was to laugh. What a joke, getting so serious about trains but then again he was just as bad - trawling the press for details about Windsor Wanderers; Osbert seemed to constantly have his nose in "Walkers' Weekly"; and you couldn't get Dopey away from "Stamps Collectors' Quarterly".

But he, Cedric Snotfinkel, was not alone - there were half a million trainspotters in England although few of them are as good or as dedicated as Cedric Snotfinkel. He was a career spotter, a true believer and hešll do whatever it takes to get a good view of the track. Even if it means lying to his mum and staying up really, really late. Outside - in the Dark - by himself.

Snotfinkel, Cedric Snotfinkel - the James Bond of trainspotting! Life for Cedric had become a roller coaster journey in the front carriage of his train obsessed world. From those carefree kindergarten days, bunking off early to watch the trains go by, to his epiphany at Windsor station at the age of nine when he met The vicar and his life changed for ever! Now, like Bond, his life was a whirl of sex and adventure! Why he was even locked in a life-or-death duel with his archenemy Osbert Prim the notorious boyfriend thief. There was romance too... though not as much as he had hoped.

His life had changed radically and spotting had to take a second place to the much more exciting pursuit of making love with older boys and grown men. Armed with his lethal weapons - his preteen willy and his wobbly bottom - he was about to defeat Osbert Prim and reclaim the love of Felix Jollybottom.

Cedric was a boy with a mission - an Anorak of Fire!

"Tell ya wot, I `ave an idea, an' all!" Smyke said, with a wicked grin.

"Wot?" Cedric asked. "ATTCHOO!" Smyke kneeled next to the chubby kid and ran his hand over his chest, his bulky belly and down to his crotch, giving it a firm squeeze.

"'Ow 'bout it, me little mate? Just you an' me, like?"

"Hmmmmm!" Cedric cooed. He stretched out on his back on his sleeping bag and he spread his fat knees wide apart. Then he sneezed violently: "ATTCHOO! Wot `appens if vey come back and catch us at it?"

"Hmmm!" Smyke whispered, kneeling between the fleshy lad's outstretched legs. "Well then they `ad better ask us nicely if they can play wiv us too! Now mate, let's see wot we `ave `ere."

Smyke ran his hands over the nine-year-old's crotch. Then the tough teenager's hand moved down his abdomen, tracing his rotund form as he followed the sensual contours and his fingertips hesitated, then touched the wrinkled, elastic waistband of the "large-boy's" shorts. At his touch Cedric's cock rose to the occasion.

"Blimey!" Smyke whispered. "Getting' nice an' `ard for me. Does vat feel good, mate?"

"Yeah." His mouth opened partially as he sighed deeply. His boyish enjoyment was self-evident and rather satisfying for the punk.

Smyke moved his hand back up, inserted it in the waistband of Cedric's undies, dipped under his underpants, and stroked his naked little cock; it felt so amazing, so smooth, so soft and so warm. He transferred his hand down a little further and found his perfect little balls and fondled them delicately. Cedric Snotfinkel's panting became a little more rapid as the teenager continued searching. The punk's hand came back up to his cock and slowly wrapped around it, rubbing his thumb along the underside till he reached the top. It was finger-sized -- just a little shorter than Grumpy's little finger, and certainly not much thicker than a pencil.

"Let's get yer kit off, sonny." Said Grumpy Smyke hoarsely as he began to undress the beautiful chubby angel.

The boy raised his heavy hips so Smyke could slide his shorts off which he tossed aside. He feasted his eyes on the sensuous curves of the young, fat body. He admired the ample, dimpled bottom; the wonderfully wobbly belly; the large nipples on breasts, which would not be out of place on a girl's chest.

"Gawd," Grumpy sighed, "yer got one `ell of a `ot body! You are a chubby-chasers perfect pin-up, ya know?" Smyke's fingers prodded and pummelled the wonderful jelly-belly, compelling the boy to snigger merrily and his eyes sparkle, his misery was all but forgotten.

Grumpy lifted up his leg to take off his muddy socks. He had removed all of the child's clothing except for his Y-front underpants. He focused on the tenting in Cedric's Y-fronts that which concealed the tiny sex organs. Sneezy quivered he thrust out his hips slightly, as Damien Smyke and slowly, sexily slipped down the corpulent lad's underpants.

He gently played with the skin that covered the head of his willy and very gently worked it back exposing the pink head. Cedric's legs were beginning to stir and his inhaling and exhaling became more rapid.

"Wot about I gets me kit off too, mate?"

"ATTCHOO!" Cedric sneezed excitedly. "Good idea!" The nine-year-old's little fingers fumbled and shook as he helped the sixteen-year-old strip off. Cedric had clumsily helped him remove his soaking wet `Grumpy' T-shirt and jeans, and he too, was down to his soiled underpants, which has provided them with so much fun the day before.

Smyke lay back on the seedy sleeping bags while the weak light, from splits and holes in the ancient canvas of the dilapidated tent, playing over his lightly muscled teenage frame. In contrast to the boy, Smyke had a mean hard little body, all muscles and not an ounce of fat to spare. He grunted in pleasure as the younger boy's lips played over his crotch. He looked down to see the boy crouched on the muddy tent floor, naked as he was, his mouth sliding over Smyke's hard-on. He watched the nine-year-old's face, his eyes closed in bliss, moving down to his balls and beginning to lap at them. He groaned at the feeling of the kid's warm, wet tongue licking his sensitive sack.

"Bugger me! Vat feels good Sneezy! Wicked!"

"ATTCHOO!" Ah, you smell so good, Smyke! I love yer knackers, mate!" Sneezy sucked one into his mouth and played his tongue rapidly around the fat thing. He let it out and sucked in the other, suckling at it tenderly, his pink tongue working over it with absolute dedication. He let the testicle go and slid his face down lower, licking under the older boy's balls.

"ATTCHOO!" Oh, god, it smells so good down 'ere!" He exclaimed, his soprano voice trembling with excitement. "Lift yer legs a little, mate!"

Smyke raised his knees to his chest and let the boy slide his tongue down under his balls, and felt him lapping between his legs, down near his arse crack. He squirmed a little, loving the feeling on the kid's mouth down there on his sensitive flesh. He felt the boy's hair pressing sensuously against his balls as the boy rooted under them, breathing warmly. He could feel Sneezy's nose dipping into his crack. He felt a little self-conscious; knowing Sneezy could probably smell his bum now.

"Sorry if I stink down there..." He said.

"No, Smyke! I like it! It smells real excellent, all sweaty and, umm, uh, like... like a real man should smell!" Sneezy sniffed and licked the bottom of his bum-crack avidly.

Smyke relaxed. He liked the sound of that. He liked that Sneezy thought he smelled like a man! Being a man was important to the teenager and he was flattered. He lifted his knees up a little more and let Sneezy get his face right up to the cleft of his smooth buns. Sneezy was kissing his arse-cheeks now and running his tongue over them, tasting the slightly salty sweat of the older boy's humid arse.

"Come on, Cedric!" Smyke hissed. "Let me cop a feel o' it."

"Who's stopping ya, mate?" Cedric teased, he knew precisely what Smyke had in mind!

Smyke slid his hand down the back of Sneezy's unders and fingered the fat boy's sweaty buttocks.

"Yer nice and wet back `ere, mate!" Smyke whispered.

"Yeah. Me underwear got all soaked in va rain and wot wiv va sweat an' all." It was true the exertion of all the hiking that day had caused the obese kid to sweat copiously and that wondrous, acetone-like, fat-boy's smell hung around him like an intoxicating cloud.

Grumpy brought his finger back to his nose once more. A slight faecal aroma lingered on his finger. It was a boy's smell, Sneezy's smell, a fine, earthy odour. The boy beamed at him wickedly.

"Hmmm! Hmmm! Nice an' stinky!"

"Ya like it?"

"Ya know I does. I love it when yer arse is all sweaty an' smelly!"

The teenager's hand returned to Sneezy's bottom and this time his saliva-moistened finger probed a little harder. Smyke targeted the fat child's arsehole and probed with his index finger. Grumpy felt the slight indentation of his anus. He rubbed the tiny, puckered hole lightly, not daring to push hard enough to penetrate him. He was perfectly content with caressing the minute wrinkles of the puckered entrance.

"Fuckin' `ell, mate!" Cedric gasped. "Yer making me all bonky like, Smyke. "

Suddenly a bit guilty and ashamed that he had titillated the boy, Grumpy started to pull his hand away. "No, Grumpy, please don't stop. I like it there. It feels wicked nice. Ya know what `aving me arsehole played wiv does ta me." Sneezy tittered.

"Yeah. I know." Smyke replied, withdrawing his finger and passing it under his nose.

"'Ow's yours then, Smyke?"

"Why don't ya find out for yerself?"

The boy's quivering; podgy hand now reached underneath Smyke's foul-smelling underpants. He breathed in deeply and was overcome by the testosterone-rich small of unwashed adolescent male. Grumpy's bum cheeks felt unusually warm and Cedric could discern a sheen of sweat on them. This hiking was hard work! As Cedric worked his finger in Smyke's bum trench he could feel the hairs of his arse laden with sweat and the area around his arsehole proved to be even moister.

Cedric began, cautiously at first, to probe the tight orifice. With each gentle jab, Smyke felt his cock jerk and throb and sticky fluid oozed out of his pisshole, wetting the end of his cock.

"It's dirty, right?" Smyke groaned and his cock began to grow and harden even more. "Real dirty!"

"Wot ya mean?" Cedric asked, rubbing his finger in an out of the thug's anus.

"Shitty, mate! Smell yer finger, me little fat mate."

As Cedric withdrew his finger and held it inches away from his now flaring nostrils. A ripe, tart, by now familiar, odour assailed him. The smell did not repulse him but seemed rather to deepen the sexual feelings stirring within him. He knew it was probably wrong but he relished the dark aroma of Smyke's arse residue. It made a tingling sensation spread throughout his entire body.

"Wicked!" Cedric Snotfinkel sighed with satisfaction.

Damien Smyke's breathing became short and raspy, he was gently masturbating his short cock and then he glanced back at the boy sniffing his finger.

"Smell good, mate?" The teenage thug asked. He smiled and winked.

"ATTCHOO!" Cedric sneezed, his nostrils overcome with the aroma. "Want some?" Cedric stretched out his hand.

"Don't mind if I do." Smyke said. "Hmmm!" Smyke sighed, as Cedric passed his rather brown finger under his nose. "Vat's a nice, stinky `ole I got there, ain't it?"

"You really are full o' shit, mate!" Smyke heard a small, boyish giggle. Cedric kneeled next to the streetwise punk, watching as Smyke took one deep breath after another.

"Fuck it! It smells good!" Smyke said, running his hand down to his crotch and giving his erection a firm squeeze.

"Me arse or me poop?" Cedric asked,

"Both!" Grumpy sighed. "I love sniffin' a dirty craphole! It makes me cock rock hard."

"Does poop turn ya on, Smyke?" Cedric murmured, lustily.

"Fuck yeah!" Grumpy groaned softly, "I didn't realise it until a while back but I love it!" Then Smyke took Cedric's finger between his lips into his mouth.

"Can't you tell, Cedric? Me dick is all `ard and dripping for a dirty, bum! Touch it mate! Feel me dick up."

"ATTCHOO!" Cedric sneezed again, as he grasped the lad's genitals and getting himself a feel of the cock that was swelling between his thighs.

"Oh yeah, Grumpy!" The chubby one purred. "Vat feels real proper nice."

Then another voice interrupted the action: "Hmmm, is that any good?"

The pair turned to confront the intruder. Osbert Prim had just ducked his head into the tent he would be sharing with the lads that night. The continuous rain had pasted his dirty blond hair to he forehead and his metal-framed constantly crooked glasses where splattered with rain but not sufficient to blind him to the goings on in the tent.

"ATTCHOO!" Cedric sneezed in alarm.

"'Ello luv!" Grumpy greeted the newcomer. "We woz just sniffing me bum. But you just gotta come getta whiff of this little lad's bum! Fuck `e smells good enough to eat!"

"Hmmm!" Bashful sighed, running his tongue lasciviously over his lips at the thought. The sight of the rough young skinhead doing rude things with a nine-year-old child was enough to get his teenage cock throbbing.

Osbert Prim sat at the entrance of the tent, pulling off his backpack, hiking boots, and socks. He was, as an orienteering-enthusiast, the only member in the group who was well equipped for such an outing. Then he swung his relatively dry feet into the tent's interior. He crawled over to Smyke a placed and wet kiss on his cheek.

He too, hung his dripping wet Anorak up on the pole next to the other two and peeled off his clothing until he stood in only soaking wet T-shirt and Y-fronts. Cedric saw a lean fifteen-year-old, in wire-rimmed glasses. He drew the disorderly wet hair out of his face and pulled it back hard, as if he had a ponytail. Looking down at the underwear Cedric saw his penis, aroused and rampant, forming a ball near the top of his jockeys' pouch.

Cedric's pretty round face was creased in a frown and he rolled onto his tubby-boy belly, his sexual jealousy of Bashful, causing him to conceal his hard-on.

Bashful made his way over on hands and knees to the naked punk. "So do you mind if I join in the bum-sniffing games?" He asked with a disarming smile on his face. Osbert's left hand snaked its way into his underpants and he peeled off his underwear, and was soon as naked as the other two lads.

His left hand loosely held the length of his five-and-a-half-inch member; he lazily began to pump his hand, stroking himself, working at the hardness, milking it slowly. Osbert's body - the fussy soft hair on his legs, a few sparse ones under his arms and of course, those meagre but precious, blond pubic hairs were very interesting to a nine-year-old. The chubby child would have liked to play with his penis and scrotum and those mysteriously exciting hairs... if only Prim was not such an underhanded boyfriend-stealing bastard!

He hated Osbert Prim! The swine had been trying to steal his partner! The fact that this jealousy took the form of torrid and lurid sexual fantasies in which he Felix and Osbert Prim had wild sexual intercourse, only served to make things more complicated.

"My bum hole has been itching all afternoon," snuffled Bashful, rather immodestly for someone with a name like Bashful Prim, "and it needs a finger or a tongue up it badly." Having discovered the foul and forbidden joys that his bum offered, Osbert was quiet happy to admit that anal fun was currently an vital part of his life.

Bashful's appeal for help presented Cedric with something of a dilemma. This was a toughie!

Cedric knew everybody's arsehole itches on occasion. Why, if you watch any group of people passing by, and you would catch someone secretly digging his fingers up his crack for a quick scratch! The distress of persistent rectal itching was not something a lad should allow a friend to suffer from without trying to help. Yet Cedric could not get the idea out of his head that this was the boy that had tried to lure his Felix away from him.

Lucky `Doctor' Damien Smyke came to the rescue. Looking serious he said: "He-he-he, bet ya not been wiping yer bum properly, mate!"

"Well to tell you the truth, Grumpy, I had to take a crap while we were on the hike. So I went behind some bushes. I had no paper with me so I used some leaves."

Smyke snorted derisively. "You'd fink they would put a bog-paper dispenser behind every other bush, wouldn't you?" He said with mock indignation.

"It was no laughing matter." Osbert protested.

"No probs mate! A quick tongue lapping should fix fings up."

"You really want to do that?" Osbert Prim asked, a little startled. "Like I said, I didn't wipe my arse well after I took that crap this morning and it was a big messy shit, mate. It's not too clean back there!"

"It don't matter, mate I can take it! I don't even care, I just gotta see it, an' smell it!" Reaching down, Damien Smyke put his hands on the vicar's nephew's bum cheeks. Bashful's firm legs and bum were well developed.

"Well, okay! But don't say I didn't warn you!"

"Cor! Yer gross an' disgusting!" Cedric Snotfinkel shrieked!

In spite of his feigned disinterest, Cedric could not help being inquisitive, he watched with interest as Damien Smyke's hands spread his pal's arse open before him, opening it wide. The two friends peered into the crack.

"Fuck! Yer arsehole is so nasty, luv!" Smyke groaned. A warm whiff of Osbert Prim's arse-stink rushed out, filling Grumpy's nose. He could see Bashful's wrinkled, brown anus fringed with the sparsest ring of damp hair. Thick smears of yellowish-brown circled the tender bud and spread out over the smooth snowy white orbs of Bashful's buttocks. The smell of his best friend's shit and sweat assailed his nose, but to Grumpy it smelled like a rare, spicy male perfume. He pressed his face into the opening and sniffed deeply, filling his lungs with it and feeling his thin dick bob and jerk with lust!

"Jesus, Grumpy! Does it smell that good to you?" Osbert Prim exclaimed, amazed at his pal's lascivious behaviour.

"Yeah Bashful. It fuckin' stinks, but it stinks great!" Grumpy hissed - this dirty, rough boy turned Cedric on something awful!

The ring of skin that enclosed the entrance to Osbert's rectum was a purple mass of puffy, blood-engorged flesh. This was a shock to poor little Sneezy who was familiar with bum-holes being sweet pink little orifices not ugly. Inflamed and enlarged like this!

"ATTCHOO!" Exclaimed Cedric before he could stop himself, " Did ya `urt yer bum `ole, Bashful?"

"That's what your Felix did to me!" Said Osbert, with just a hint of pride in his voice. Prim's hole had, indeed, been inching the whole day as he fantasised about Felix's cock up his hole - fucking him stupid!

Damien Smyke lowered his lips to the lips of Osbert's arse and gently kissed it. It just seemed like such an intimate and proper thing to do. He began to lick at the insides of Bashful's sweltering arse.

"Cor looks like ya like sniffin' his bum, Grumpy?" Cedric asked in a lurid tone of voice

Damien's face surfaced briefly to reply. "Fuck yeah! I love `is stinky `ole, man!" Smyke mumbled incoherently as he continued sucking the whole rectal area clean, beginning with the outside crevice. He pressed his face more firmly in the crack of his lover's arse and starting at the point directly behind the balls, Smyke fluttering his tongue up the valley to the top of the crack cleansing the outer limits of the stains as he went. He looked down again and saw Sneezy grasp his little tool and begin to toss it off!

At this point, Bashful began to gently shove his arse back on his tongue, as his moaning got louder. Osbert Prim grabbed his own cock and started to wank on it, as he felt his mate's tongue licking, he seemed to be getting a lot of enjoyment out of it actually! God! It felt good - damn good!

The sound of the two boy's wet foreskins slipping back and forth over their turgid shafts, and Damien Smyke's wet licking, filled the tent. Damien Smyke was going out of his mind with horny thrills as he sniffed and licked his pal's arse! He was getting more and more turned on, as his tongue got a taste of Bashful's pungent and bitter shite smears!

He knew what he wanted to do next, what he had to do! He stuffed his face right up his pal's buns, and began to kiss and lick his asshole! He knew he shouldn't be doing this, that it was a nasty, dirty thing to do, but he couldn't help himself. The more he tasted of his friend's bum, the more he wanted to get right into the essence, the source of that spicy, maddening, masculine odour!

Before long, he was running his tongue up and down his whole arse-trench and even began sucking on the pucker of his hole. At that point, Osbert's hole began to soften and to open up, like the lens of a camera or the entrance to a secret, magical cave.

"Fuckin' hell, Bashful, you `ave a great arse on ya. Cor I can see right in!" Squealed Cedric as he humped his chubby thighs against the sleeping bag he lay upon. His fat-boy buttocks clenched and unclenched exposing just how stimulating he found this dirty action was. " So tell me, are ya also into this bum stuff?" The nine-year-old demanded.

"Oh yeah! My body only comes alive, when I have a finger or better still a cock up my arsehole. My darling Smyke here helped me find out about it. Didn't you lover boy?" Reaching out he stroked the ugly thug's brisling hair on his shorn-head. "In the early days we used to finger fuck each other, while wanking or sucking, and sniff each other's fingers. Fuck, I think Grumpy and I are a connoisseurs of the smell of dirty bums."

"And that's a beeldin' fact mate!" Smyke concurred.

He sniggered then an idea struck him: "Cedric why don't your come and sit on my chest and I can suck you off while Grumpy cleans my crap hole?"

"ATTCHOO! Sorted!" Said Cedric Snotfinkel, abruptly mastering his previous reservations about the Vicar's nephew. The portly lad lifted himself up, straddled the nerdy lad's chest then settled down with Bashful's face between his between his knees and chubby thighs.

"Bloody `ell! Vat looks great!" Smyke grinned widely as he expressed his approval. Cedric wriggled as he settled his considerable bulk down, until he felt snug and comfortable on the nerd's chest.

With the fat child sitting on his chest and pressing his small frame onto the tent floor, Bashful wrapped his hand around Cedric's thin cock and squeezed. As he did so, a drop of urine emerged from his piss slit. Opening his mouth as wide as he could, he took the head of Snotfinkel's dick into his mouth, probing his tongue into the tasty pisshole. Then Osbert lifted his head and swallowed his cock.

As Bashful came up for air - he gazed myopically at Cedric's adorable face above him - his perfectly smooth, baby-soft wobbling body moving in rhythm to his thrusts, while his fleshy little hand furiously massaging the base of his cock and his hairless pubic area. He licked the full length of the Sneezy's baby shaft and once again placed his lips and mouth on the head of his young cock.

Releasing his cock briefly, Osbert Prim croaked hoarsely: "Finger your arsehole, Sneezy! Stick your finger in your bottom like Smyke was doing to me and move it in and out."

Then he saw the child's hand moved beneath him to the lovely fat bum, Cedric raised himself off Osbert's chest and he pulled his cheeks apart enthusiastically. Prim groaned as he caught a whiff from the fragrant trench of the chubby little lad's wobbly-bottom. The fat lad leaned back with his legs pulled apart and slid a finger in; it gave him an immediate erotic rush that caused his nine-year-old willy to twitch. As Osbert saw the boy's index finger take aim at the tiny pink puckered hole and he lunged at the boy's dick and lodged it right in his mouth. Osbert's mouth sucked at the pricklet with urgency, his full lips were really flying, swallowing the small hard on to the root.

"Ah fuck!" Smyke moaned as he noticed Sneezy spasm in response to Osbert's playful abuse. Then he encouraged his lover on: "Yeah! Taste vat kiddie-cock, mate!"

"I'm fingering me arsehole for you, Osbert! Me bum `ole feels real nasty, like!"

Osbert removed little Cedric 's cock from his mouth and moaned loudly. "That's a good lad," he sighed.

"ATTCHOO!" Cedric withdrew his dark-chocolate coloured finger and examined it. Osbert looked up as the fat kid held it up for his inspection.

"ATTCHOO! Look at me finger, Bashful! It's dirty, mate! See. It's got poop on it. Me arse is dirty, Osbert. Real dirty!"

"Smell it!" The randy teenager gasped. "Smell your stink while I suck on your cock!"

"Hmmm! Hmmm! Oh yeah!" Cedric sighed, passing his dirty digit under his nose. "Smells like stinky poop, mate! I got some stinky crap on me finger for ya! Wanna sniff?"

"Oh yes!" Mumbled Osbert, his mouth full of little boy cock. He managed to keep the spongy head of the pre-puberty cock into his mouth, all the while licking and sucking on it at a furious pace. He then slowly started to push his head mouth down the shaft, taking more and more of it into his hungry mouth.

Cedric brought his poo-covered finger down to under the whelp's nose. Osbert Prim took one deep breath after another, smelling the aroma of the child's bum hole, knowing that it was nine-year-old crap he was inhaling, the most private of all bodily-functions was being offered to his for his inspection. It only served to heighten his arousal even more.

"ATTCHOO! That's it mate, smell me little-boy poop! Sniff me crap! Smell it while ya suck on me todger! Yer such a fucking nasty bastard!"

Behind them Grumpy became like a hungry wild animal! He sucked and licked; making slurping noises as he greedily ate his lovers arse. He tried to not just shove his tongue, but his whole face up his hole. As he continued to eat Bashful's bum, he was rubbing his steel-hard cock against the soft bedding in a fucking motion. Grumpy began to realise that he and Bashful they were both, very close to cumming.

Bashful Prim looked at the fat boy's glorious anus - it really was about the size of his thumb, and it was beautiful. It was perfectly shaped, unblemished by even the faintest trace of pubic hair, smooth and pinkish-brown.

Now that he had the boy in this position it occurred to Osbert Prim thought that eating the lad's bum hole might be a much more thrilling pastime the sucking on his small cock, no matter how tasty that might be. He knew where he wanted that enchanting chubby bum.

"Oh fuck!" Osbert sighed, as he laid his head down gently on Cedric's chubby thigh. "I can smell your stench!" Bashful panted the he returned his mouth between the child's cheeks and his tongue caressed the beginning of his scrotum.

"Oh fuck!" Osbert groaned in an agony of lust. "Sit on my face, Cedric, push your dirty little crap-hole over my face! Fucking smother me!"

"ATTCHOO!" Called Sneezy.

Cedric Snotfinkel did not wait for an engraved invitation! He raised himself up then thumped down heavily on the young teenager's face, making sure to have his nose hit exactly the right spot! That will teach the fucker for trying to steal his man!

Osbert burrowed his face into his fat-boy buttocks, his nose pressed into his tight boy-sized opening.

"Fuck," Smyke said, very excited, "you and me, Osbert, we're a fuckin' disgusting pair o' perverts!" He could feel the pre-cum running down his shaft. He was really bouncing around by now, as Osbert really got stuck into a good rhythm up the boy's crap hole.

"Fucking stinky, mate!" A smothered groan emerged from Osbert Prim who was losing control and burying his nose into the lad's puckered rosebud. Cupping Cedric's creamy smooth bottom cheeks, Osbert eased the boy onto his face. Prim was by now situated comfortably and was pulling Cedric's sweet bum apart. Blinded by fat boy bum he somehow made his tongue take aim at the hot pink anus. He wasted no time. Instantly, he shot his tongue up Cedric's poop hole and pulled the boy's buttocks back onto his mouth.

Cedric shuddered and gave out a loud gasp. "Ah! He's got `is tongue up me!" Cedric sighed. Bashful was now wrenching his arsehole apart, furiously digging into his anus. Then he found himself relaxing and marvelling at the nerdy teenager's ability to transcend popular taboos and go with his animal instincts!

On and on he licked and sucked the tight little arse hole. Then he worked his pink tongue between the rubbery, outer ring and rim muscle that protected the deep velvety interior.

" Fuck me wiv yer tongue. Shag me please." The child moaned encouragement as Osbert worked his tongue in and out of his pulsating back-passageway.

As Bashful's hips pushed back and rubbed his bum all over his face, it was too much for Smyke! He let out a groan and felt the wonderful feeling of orgasm consume him! Grumpy shot his load all over the sleeping bag beneath him, soaking it in his cum. He thought it was so fucking hot, that someone would that night sleep under his mess!

Bashful, not realising what was happening to his lover, was too busy with the nine-year-old lad's rectum to do anything to help his lover cumming. Damien Smyke held his face in his arse until he was done cumming. Then Smyke collapsed between Osbert Prim's legs.

Meanwhile Cedric began to moan. Osbert's rimming was increasing in both pace and strength.

"Yesssss! Yesssss!" The nine-year-old bucked his hips, thumping his fat bottom on the nerd's face, while his fat little fingers worked frantically at his hard cock, then he experienced the jolts of his childish dry orgasm.

Osbert's stifled breathing was becoming ragged and, from experience, Smyke knew that his lover's orgasm was close at hand. Grumpy spotted Osbert's aching, unattended cock.

He took it in his mouth. This considerate action of his had the desired effect. Grumpy was almost instantly filled with a huge mouthful of Bashful's delicious cum! He was sucking and swallowing for quite a while. Osbert had his eyes tightly shut by boy bum, but in his minds eye he could see everything that was happening, as his orgasm peaked and he could feel himself pumping his white-hot seed deep in Smyke's mouth.

"Oh, Gawd!" Bashful would have pulled Smyke off by the hair, but his head was shorn clean.

After cumming so hard, Bashful lay there for quite a while, struggling to breathe under the fat lad's bum, getting his wind back. Then Cedric rolled off Osbert's face and soon, all three lads lay sprawled naked beside one another. Cedric and Smyke didn't say anything for a while.

Finally, Smyke spoke up. "'Ow was that, mate?"

"Fucking hot, Grumpy! Felt like I blasted a gallon!" Snuffled Bashful still gasping for breath.

"You did," Smyke giggled, sheepishly. "Shit. You practically drowned me, mate!"

"Alright, lads?" Said a voice behind them. The boys all turned to look.

"Well, well, well!" Said Felix Jollybottom poking his redhead through the tent flap. The smell of sex and cum assailed his nostril and told he what had been going on during his absence. "What have we here then?" Asked Felix "the tree little pigs."

"Oink! Oink!" Exclaimed Smyke.

"Ditto!" Echoed Bashful.

"Snork! Snork!" Said the littlest porker.

"I suppose vat makes yer va big bad wolf?" Joked Smyke.

"And what do you plan to do about things?" Quipped Osbert Prim. "Huff and puff until you blow our dicks down?" They all laughed heartily.

"Well, pity! Looks as if I just missed va bleedin' party!" Felix lamented.

"You ain't missed nuffing mate, `cause we can do ya a special action replay!" Smyke grinned. "Come to fink o' it we should sell the rights to BBC we could make bloomin' fortune!"

"Sound good to me mate!" Felix agreed. "But I was finking it if more of a Blue Peter special edition -- ya know `here is one we made earlier...!'" The whole group laughed at this joke about the well-loved BBC kids TV show. Even Cedric raised a grin.

"What kept ya?" Asked Smyke.

"Oh I woz putting va babies to bed!" They all knew he was referring to the increasingly sexually precocious Tweedle twins.

"Bet they got you all hot and horny..." Laughed Osbert Prim but the truth was he was wishing it was so, as an aroused Felix was more likely to shag his bum!

"Well, I'll tell ya mate," Felix squirmed. "I ain't tryin' to start nuffing, but if ya take a peek, in me jean here. These damn wet Y-fronts are bugging the shite out me!" He stood up and pulled the jeans off, then peeled off his soggy underwear. Smyke and Osbert noticed that when Felix pulled his underpants off, Sneezy turned his face away sulkily.

"Fuck me, you been leaking precum like a bloody tap!" Smyke commented

Bashful audibly gasped when Felix's fat cock flopped out. It was semi-hard and it was a mouth-watering piece of meat! The teen lay back on the sleeping bag covered earth, openly appraising Felix's nudity as the red-haired man wandered over to add a fourth sopping-wet anorak the collection hanging at the opposite end of the tent. While the parts that were normally exposed to the elements, were covered with a mass of orange freckles, these private parts of Felix Jollybottom were very white -- almost as white as the skin of Snowy Whyte. His skin was almost translucent - as if it were made of opaque plastic, not real flesh and blood.

"Hmmm... Pretty!" Bashful cried. "Has anyone told you that you have a really pretty cock, Felix."

"Pretty? Blimey! Never thought of a cock being 'pretty'," he laughed, slipping out of his `Happy' T-shirt.

"You're a fucking liar, Felix, mate!" Smyke chortled. "I'll bet you couldn't count the times ya been wanking vat beauty o' yours... thinkin' vat every man on va planet would be privileged just to lick that big, silky knob!"

"So ya both like it?" Felix smiled.

"You got vat right!" Grumpy grinned menacingly.

"And I bet ya know just va perfect place you'd like it buried?" Said the confident pig, who presumably had built his house with brick.

"Sure, Felix, sure," Grumpy and Bashful called out in perfect harmony!

"Ya pair o' arseholes!" he chortled, "and I suppose ya want me to do ya again, Osbert?" Felix smiled, knowingly -- he had a choice of holes to bonk tonight.

"Anytime and all the time, Felix!" Said the piglet-Osbert as nervously as he would if he had built his house with straw.

"An' you Smyke? Want me to shag yer `ot little arsehole again?"

"Any fuckin' time ya want, mate! Just drill me!"

Felix Jollybottom was troubled. "Well, Porky, what do you have to say for yourself?" He asked as he turned and looked quizzically at his nine-year old lover, who lay sullenly, facedown on the sleeping bags.

The fat piglet said nothing.

"What up Sneezy?" He pressed. The boy said nothing. "Cedric?" Felix didn't give a shit about a fuck if he had done anything to hurt his little darling. Sensing the tension Smyke and Osbert looked at each other nervously.

"Say what's that on your finger, mate?" Felix asked the chubby boy having noticed his dark brown finger. Cedric Snotfinkel remained resolutely silent.

"Oh vat? Well `e woz melting `is bar o' chocolate and got `is little fingers all messy like..." Oinked Smyke with an unconvincing grin.

"Cedric! Baby! You're driving me crazy! Stop teasing me, will ya?" Cedric collapsed forward on the sleeping bags and began sobbing again.

"What's up me darling, piglet?" Felix asked stunned at this turn of events.

"ATTCHOO! Its poop!" Sobbed Cedric. "Its me own poop I was fingering me bum, prodding it into me poop and we woz all sniffing me poop..." He sobbed and the mad stroked the back of his head trying to console him.

"Man, this is getting too weird!" Felix started to get up.

"ATTCHOO! I knew it! I knew ya would `ate me when ya find out we woz doing really dirty fings together." The boy's face was contorted in pain and embarrassment.

Felix moved up a bit and whispered into Cedric's ear. "We all suck cock mate! Sometimes we all finger-shag our arseholes! Are ya just crying about that?"

"Well we better tell you it is mainly our fault, Felix, you see Smyke and I introduced him to dirty things like sniffing each other's crap and licking bums." Said Osbert blushing deeply. Bashful put his hand on the acting youth leader's chest and gently pushed him back down.

"Hmmm streaky bacon finger..." said Smyke happily. "Yeah it ain't Sneezy's fault we shoulda thought about it and asked ya if it woz alright an' all."

"I... I see..." Said Felix but the truth is he did not see at all.

"Grumpy and I love the taste and smell of bums and well... We told the little guys about its and well... well we are sorry if it has upset you..." Osbert began. But in truth he loved it more than he could ever admit to anyone! Osbert continued: "Gay guys lick each other's arseholes for pleasure... to give delight and to receive gratification. And they don't mind doing so even if they have the idea that they are probably licking away traces of crap some of the time."

"I...I know!" Felix blushed rather sweetly.

"I think that the crap contributes to the wonderfully mixed fragrance from back there, don't you think?"

"I wouldn't rightly know..." Felix was very uncomfortable with this discussion. As an inveterate rimmer himself, he had to admit that shite did play a role in the unique, deliciously nasty pleasure of licking a guy's arsehole.

"Well ya got all-iffy like `bout lick me bum vat first night in the tent on this trip, when it woz a bit messy. Didn't ya then?" Smyke said confronting Felix with the fact that he had turned down the offer of licking the thugs bum on their first night out on their trip.

But Felix had to admit to himself, at that moment, that his total devotion to Cedric wiped away many of the areas of taboo and disgust that he might experience with another person. Indeed, he had sucked the kids cock while he pissed and then there was that time when the kid had accidentally released a stool during a good finger-fuck and he had ended up masturbating using Sneezy's poop and anal mucus and a lubricant.

"No ya don't understand, mate, I was into really dirty things long before Smyke taught me to snort up poop off me finger and to bonk `is dirty bum." The little boy protested.

"So Cedric luv, are ya going to tell me what's up wiv ya? Just tell me in yer own words, mate." Felix said gently, urging the boy on.

"Well...I love va smell of yer body. I don't know why, I just does! It makes me feel all tingly inside and makes me cock `ard as `ell!"

The acting youth leader laughed. "Well, vat's quite a statement in itself! Go on."

"Ya remember vat night when we woz sleeping over at va vicarage?"

"'Ow can I ever forget it, mate?"

"Well when I woke up the next morning, I was laying next to ya and me nose was in yer armpit. I was breathing in yer scent and me dick was as `ard as could be. I don't know why, but I pushed me nose in farther and then...." Cedric trailed off, embarrassed to admit what was coming next.

"Okay, so ya get off on me man-scent. What did ya do next?" Felix asked.

"ATTCHOO! I started licking va `airs and skin, trying to taste va scent wot woz turning me on." The fat piglet quietly admitted.

"And what did ya taste, mate?" He inquired.

"It tasted kinda salty, but also it tasted like ya. It woz great!" Cedric suddenly enthused, remembering what had transpired that morning.

"Well...I guess I'm glad you like it. Some lad's really do like the scent o' a man's body. It's not all vat unusual, ya know." Felix explained. "But that's not all wot `appened, is it?"

"No. After a little while, it must have bothered ya, me licking under yer arm and all, `cause ya turned over on yer stomach. Vat's when I saw yer bum...." Porky the littlest Pig trailed off again.

"Oh, come on, mate. You've seen me bum plenty of times!" Jollybottom stated.

"ATTCHOO! Yeah... but not like this, mate. I don't know wot made it different, but it woz. It really turned me on looking at it. I got really interested in va line of ginger hairs wot ya `ave running down va crack. I started touching `em and stroking yer furry bum-cheeks. It was then ya must `ave felt somefing, like, `cause ya spread yer legs open, like ya woz giving me permission to touch ya back there."

"Really? Vat's interesting. I woz asleep, so that was purely a reflex action." Felix told the young piglet.

"Well, wotever it woz, I climbed between yer legs and that's when I really caught a whiff of yer bum stink. I woz fuckin' incredible! It made me so bleedin' `ard! I woz, like, lost in it. I really didn't know what I woz doing. Next fing I knew, I `ad me nose buried in yer bum really getting a good whiff and licking the last dried bits of poop off yer `ole."

Felix Jollybottom knew he had to be fire-engine red by now, he was deeply embarrassed by this tale.

"ATTCHOO! I suppose yer hates me now?" Cedric asked. He didn't know what Felix was going to think of him after this! "Maybe I am sick, like. Maybe I need to see a shrink! It can't be normal to want to do some of va things I wants ta do to ya Felix?"

"Cedric, me old darling, it's been a long, long time since anyone woz so turned on by me body. No, I'm still not completely comfortable wiv someone your age doing these kind of fings wiv me, but I understand - I really, really do!"

"There ain't nofing wrong with that. Wot turns a guy on is wot turns a guy on! There's no explanation for it."

"But I knows why, like!" Cedric said. "ATTCHOO!"

"What do you understand?" Felix asked.

"I realise why ya turns me on so much!" The chubby kid exclaimed.

"Ok, Mr. Know-It-All! Why?"

"It's simple." Cedric said. "I loves ya! More van anyone else in va whole, wide world! There's nofing I wouldn't do for ya. There ain't no part of ya wot I don't love. I love yer smell I loves yer stink I'd even eat yer poop and drink yer piss if yer asked me to."

"Fuck I'd do it if `e'd let me!" Snorted Smyke derisively.

"Does yer `eart good to `ear it, don't it!" Interrupted Grumpy Smyke, wiping away a tear.

"You are always there for me, mate. Ya are va one wot holds me. Me Mum wouldn't do it no more! Why wouldn't I want ya dirty bits an' all?"

This was probably the longest declaration of love Cedric had ever given. And he meant every word of it. He had delivered the entire speech looking at the floor of the tent because he knew that if he looked at the man he loved he'd never get it all out. He had no idea, however, what effect it might have on him.

Finally Cedric looked up, and there were tears running down the man's face. He'd never seen Felix cry. He suddenly was stricken with panic! What had he done to hurt him? What had he done to make him miserable?

Felix must have seen the look that came over the piglet's chubby face. He quickly wiped the tears from his eyes and cheeks and picked the little lad up into his arms, cuddling him gently. The warmth of his arms and chest surrounded the wonderfully cuddly child and he knew that nothing was wrong.

"Oh, mate! I don't know wot I ever did to deserve a kid like ya or to earn the love yer `ave for me, but I promise you, I'll always love ya and try to never, ever let yer down!" Felix said, his voice slightly breaking.

They sat there on the tent floor for a long while, just holding each other. Cedric was so happy; he didn't care if they never let go of each other again.

What else was there that needed to be said? Grumpy loved Bashful and Osbert loved his Smyke. Felix loved his Cedric. Sneezy loved his Happy. And Grumpy and Bashful loved Felix's cock. And all four of them loved doing the things they were doing together. What more was there, than that, then?

But finally, Smyke felt compelled to break the silence. "Well I take it vat a bit o' bum sniffing and crap licking is okay with both of ya then?"

"Well I hope you didn't use up all your energy with each other. I've got to do something with this." Felix waved his rock-hard cock at them. His eight-inch erection rising powerfully from the dense mat of reddish pubic hair and his walnut-size balls pulled up tight from the cold night air and rain outside.

"Jeez, it's so bleedin' big!" Oinked Smyke his voice tinged with genuine admiration. Felix's thick pole made his dick look puny. "Come here mate." Smyke patted the bed of sleeping bags beside him.

Felix jumped on the bed next to the young teenagers and big man sat down next to him. His hot naked little lover lay on the other side wide-eyed.

"Wot about us feeling each other up, Sport?" Cedric said nothing, but reached over and wrapped his hand around Felix's impressive rod, feeling the heat coming from it even though it still cool from the night air. The fat child watched the cock get bigger and bigger, forcing his fingers apart. He could see his balls swinging freely in their ginger-haired sack. Felix seemed to sense the questions forming behind their youngest companion's eyes.

"Ya see, Cedric me ol' son, your mates `ere and I have been enjoying each other too. Just like wot ya and me done."

"ATTCHOO! Gee. Like as if I didn't know!" Said the chubby boy a little bitterly.

"We've wanted to tell ya, to include ya an' all, but didn't' want to upset ya mate."

"Guess there was no worry o' that." The littlest pig added wiping a try tear away with the back of his hand.

"Now I'd like to watch Cedric and Osbert suck on Happy's cock." Felix put his hands behind his two playmate's' heads and pushed them down till their mouths were touching either side of his stiff cock. "Lick Happy's prick, lads." The two mates eyed each other suspiciously as they stuck out their tongues and touched them to the acting youth leader's engorged cock.

"This is hot Cedric." Said Osbert Prim. "I've wanted you to join us for so long. Let me see you lick the head." The littlest pig was no longer embarrassed by his arousal; he proudly showed off his slender short hard-on and allowed Osbert to touch it.

Cedric Snotfinkel brought his tongue up to the fat head of his adult lover's cock. Pre-cum was oozing out of the piss slit. He licked up a tongue full and held his tongue out for Osbert to see. Osbert responded by kissing the chubby kid deeply, shoving his tongue in his mouth so that they could share their acting youth leader's juice. They brought their mouths, together, down onto the cock head and began slurping it up greedily. Felix moaned as he watched his two hot lads suck on his cock head.

"Fuck now ain't they `ot and loveable!" Smyke stood up, his long, rigid penis bouncing before him.

"Sure!" said Felix. "So what ya got in mind mate?" "But what if we make a fuck sandwich! I shag you while Felix bonks me then you can suck his cum outs of my arse if you like!"

"Oh yes!" Osbert loved the idea.

"Let's get to it!"

Felix's hand's travelled around Cedric's wobbly waist pulling him closer then continued until he found the piglet's sweaty crack. He pried his cheeks apart and felt for his tight hole. He fingered The littlest pig's hole while he sucked him deep into his throat. The succulent taste of hot, fat, nine-year-old flesh drove the man wild. "Ohhhh! Oh, Felix! That feels so good. Shove yer finger up me `ole." He whimpered as he shivered with delight.

Cedric moved his own hands to his man's muscular arse and found his crack. There was only the slightest ring of ginger-red hair around Felix's pucker. His hole was wet from sweat.

"Do it boy. Stick yer finger up Happy's dirty hole." Felix said. Both man and piglet continued to suck deeply on each other's dicks as their fingers probed their arseholes. The littlest porker found Happy was amazingly pliable. Soon he had three fingers shoved deep into Happy's open hole.

Meanwhile, Felix was gently working his fingers into chubby lad 's virgin hole. He pulled his mouth off the fat lad's cock and pushed him down until he was staring right at his hole. Then he shoved his head right between his fat cheeks and began licking at the puckered opening greedily. The tip of the man's tongue hovered above his puckered hole, then he probed with a gentle assurance that made Sneezy gasp, then tremble with excitement. At first the childish body would not admit his pink tongue, but after a minute or two, it slipped inside him! It slid past the boy's tight, little sphincter without any difficulty, and he shoved his tongue in as far as he could taste nine-year-old's musty poop hole.

Happy Jollybottom got his snout down had soon had his mouth too full of pretty chubby-boy bottom to reply. He never took his mouth away from Sneezy's anal opening. By now the nine-year-old found that something had awoken in his chubby body, and was taking charge of events.

"ATTCHOO! Oh fuck!" Cedric moaned, "eat me arse, mate." The littlest pig's penis was now so hard that its short shaft was rigid and unyielding. He pushed his man's face even further into his crack. The little tyke couldn't believe how good this felt. The piglet whimpered in delight and his plump legs trembled and twitched. His little anus desired more of the adult tongue and his sphincter relaxed and loosened, allowing his tongue to advance relentlessly. Happy's tongue, wriggled and stabbed into the loose, soft hole as he tried desperately to get just a little bit further in and reach his immature, little prostate.

Felix slid his tongue deeper and deeper into the pre-pubescent hole grunting softly. As he pushed his face up the boy's bottom, his nose was pressed firmly into the crack. He opened his lips and fastened them to the pulsing hole, and sucked hard at the tight ring of muscle, as his tongue penetrated the youngest piglet! Suddenly he felt his tongue touching something hard and warm. His brain reeled. It was a stool! Happy had a turd up there, and he was licking the end of it! Felix was surprised that instead of feeling disgust, he was feeling hornier than ever!

Lust pounded in his blood and his inhibitions melted away. He loved it! God, Happy's actual shit! He wriggled his tongue against it, panting with excitement. He knew he shouldn't do it, that it was bad, very bad, disgusting and wrong. But the forbidden thrill of licking Happy's hot turd lodged up his arse was too much fun for him!

It tasted bitter and nasty, but that just made it hotter! He twisted his face into his little buddy's arse and began to flick his tongue back and forth over the end of it, trying to like hell to get more of the enticing flavour! He sucked even harder at the boy's bunghole slurping down his shitty spit, getting lust-drunk on the bitter taste!

The littlest pig didn't know that Felix was licking his shit. All he knew was that he was going nuts feeling that tongue fluttering around up his guts! He beat his cock wildly and bit his lip, suppressing the urge to cry out his pleasure!

Felix backed his face out of Happy's spread arse and looked up at him adoringly, his eyes crazed with lust.

"Oh, Sneezy, mate, you got a big turd up there!" Felix snuffled, astonished at finding a big brown truffle so soon.

"ATTCHOO!" Cedric was suddenly embarrassed. He blushed deeply. "Well 'course I do!" He blustered. "ATTCHOO! It's me shit-hole, for Gawd's sakes, mate! Don't blame me, You're the one who wanted to stick yer tongue up it!"

"I'm not blaming you Cedric! It's OK with me!" He stuck out his tongue at the piglet showing him the brown tip. "Hmmm, it's really tasty! It tastes like you, Sneezy!"

"Say lads," began Smyke "Vat reminds me of a joke - it goes like this: What's va favourite pickup line in a gay bar?" silence followed. "Well mates, its like vis: 'May I push your stool in?' Stool... poop... do ya get it?

Felix pulled his face away for a moment. "But ya goona `ave to pay mate - eat me own arse boy! Eat Happy's bum." He pushed Cedric's head off his cock and toward his dirty musty hole.

The littlest porker willingly obliged. He buried his head in his the red-haired man's and began licking away with abandon. It didn't taste as bad, as he would have feared. In fact, he found he really liked it. Eating arse just increased his lust. The dirtier the hole the hotter it made him.

Then to his surprise Felix let out a fart into his young lover's mouth. Cedric moaned with pleasure.

"Jeez, Felix, ya farted in `is mouth." Oinked Smyke, looking at his perky little mate whose mouth was still locked on their older friend's arsehole.

"Yeah, and look `ow much he likes it." Said Happy as Cedric spread hi arse open and pushed his little-boy tongue in as far as he could. Then he shoved his fingers past his tongue to feel deep into his hole as he licked around the rim. His had felt something firm deep in there. He stopped.

"It's okay Sneezy. Me luv. Ya don't `ave to do anything ya don't want to." Felix had been alternating his fingers with his tongue working Sneezy's virgin hole open. He pulled his face away from the saliva-slick crack, immediately replacing his tongue with his forefinger, sliding it into the piglet's rectum and pressing back into his fleshy belly aiming at where he thought his prostate was.

The child's anus already weakened and loose, did not resist. That was when Happy's finger hit it! His finger made it in, up to the second joint, in one thrust then, he too encountered a firm deposit deep inside Sneezy's hole but unlike Sneezy it hadn't stopped him. It just made him even hotter. The boy's stool's soft texture gave way and the tip of his finger plunged into the tip of the piglet's poop and he eagerly worked his fingers around in Sneezy's shit hole feel the hot sludge sliding coating his fingertips.

"What do you feel up there, mate?" Felix asked as Porky the littlest Pig let his finger push further into him. He wondered how far the boy would go.

"Poop Happy. Yer poop." The littlest porker was confused. Far from making him feel ill, it somehow turned the fat kid on even more! Just like the first time he tried dirty things with Smyke, he felt like he should feel it was gross, but found it wasn't bad at all, that he liked it, he wanted it. And the feeling that he was doing something taboo, something dirty just made him hotter to do it. "It really ain't vat gross."

"Ya know that ya `ave crap up yer arse now too boy. Can ya feel me playing with it?" Felix squished the shit around in Sneezy's arse.

"Vat feels good Happy. You mean you don't mind it? It doesn't gross ya out?"

"No Sneezy. Not from you. Nuffing about ya could be gross to me. I love ya me little luv. But ya don't `ave to do anyfing wot ya don't want to."

"I love ya too Happy. And I want to. It kind of makes me `ot now thinking about yer poop up yer arse." Cedric had moved his fingers back into his man's arse. He was tentatively working them back up toward where he felt the shit. Suddenly he felt it. He fingered the tip of what he knew to be a large turd up his man's arse. This felt so nasty, so dirty. Here he was fingering the shit up his arse. He knew this was what he wanted. "Oh fuck, I can feel a big turd up yer arse, Happy."

"Yeah boy. Push on it. Yeah. Vat feels good. Play with me crap."

Cedric shoved his fingers into the warm mass up his man's arse. He had two fingers from each had in there and was pulling his hole apart, trying hard to look at where his fingers were getting coated in his man's shit. It felt so fucking hot. Felix took his fingers out of Sneezy's arse. They were covered up to the first knuckle in Sneezy's ripe shit. He smelled them deeply and sighed.

"Does me shite smell good Happy?"

"Yeah baby. You wanna see?" He brought his hand down in front of the littlest pig's face. Cedric looked at his man's shit-coated fingers. He sniffed the fingers coated with his own shit. Amazingly it wasn't gross on the contrary it was hot. It was making him so fucking hard.

Felix brought his fingers back to his face. He loved having his hot Sneezy's shit on his fingers. "It tastes good too, baby."

"Really?" Cedric asked incredulously. "Would you really taste it?" He knew his own fingers were well covered in his mans shit up his arse.

"You wanna see me taste it, baby?" Felix was so overcome with lust. He couldn't believe he was actually going to taste little Sneezy's shit. But he wanted it so badly. He knew he had to have it. The littlest pig watched as Felix licked at his shit-coated fingers. His chubby lover' poop was actually rather tangy, it tasted good. Felix had tasted his own shit several times while masturbating. But now he was licking his nine-year-old's poop. This was so much hotter, so much more exciting. He sucked his fingers until they were clean.

Cedric was amazed and totally turned on watching this depraved act on the part of Happy. While his four fingers of his left hand were still far up Happy's arse playing with his shit, little Cedric started stroking his rock hard erection with his right hard. Running his fingers up and down, then working his long foreskin back and forth over the sensitive, bulbous head and driving himself wild in the process, the piglet started to roll the tiny head between his crap-coated thumb and first finger, almost as if he wished to twist it off. He looked at his own cock. The shit he had on his hand was now smeared on his cock. Seeing it all streaked brown with his man's poop made him even hotter. The buxom child shuddered, puffed, and began to hump into his fingers.

The lad yelped in surprised and then as Happy began to stab his shitty finger at his prostate, he suddenly added: "Ohhhh! Vat's so good!" It was easy to tell that Sneezy liked it. A few seconds later he was gasping for air and whimpering as his little-boy orgasm peaked and he let out a squeal of gratification.

Sneezy come down from his ecstasy. Behind him Happy drew the chubby body close to him. The piglet's plump back pressed against his heavy ball sac and the man's ginger-red bush crushed, then tickled, against his soft skin.

"Well, me ol' china, it seems like yer liked vat, huh?" The man teased as he licked his neck and shoulders, then nibbled on his large jug-ears.

Sneezy's young body began to shudder again, right on the very edge of another orgasm. He convulsed with a sudden, painful spasm. As with all really young boys, it passed in seconds but his lover sensed that the piglet was eager for more, as his bottom thrust back at the adult finger.

"Well, so much for Felix being shy about a bit of dirt." Snuffled Bashful with a wink and a very broad grin directed to Smyke. "So who is afraid of the longer virgin Wolf?"

"Yer little buggers..." Felix laughed punching Osbert on the shoulder.

"Why Mr Wolf," said the first little pig in his little boy voice, "What big eyes you have!"

"All the better to see yer tiny willy!"

"And Mr Wolf what big hands you have!" Said the second little pig joining in the game.

"All the better to spank yer wobbly bottom!"

"And Mr Wolf, yer horny shite, wot a big hairy willy ya have!" Said the third and dirtiest little pig.

" All the better to shag yer arse and Osbert's with, mate." Said Felix Jollybottom.

"Oh Happy! I want that so much. Please, fuck me with your big fat cock!" Osbert Prim confided.

"It might hurt ya Bashful, so soon after the last bonk wot I gave ya. But I'll go slow."

"Should I get some lube Happy?" Osbert asked and without waiting for a reply he started rummaging in his bag for his trusty tube of Vaseline.

"Shit!" Bashful cursed under his breath. " It seemed to have gone. Will you look to see if one you has it?"

The three friends rummage through bags and pockets but soon it was evident that the precious lubricant had disappeared.

"This is crazy! Watches go missing, my compass and now my bloody lubricant! Complained Osbert Prim.

"We don't need that Bashful." Smyke said, as he again started to work Bashful's now willing hole, getting it ready for Felix's big cock. "I have the perfect solution!"

"Cedric mate, what if ya..." But Felix and Osbert could not hear the rest of the plot as Smyke bent close the chubby lads ear and whispered to him. The first expression on the boy's face was a look of shock and then the wickedness of the idea took hold and a big lascivious grim spread over his round features.

The littlest pig stood up, then crouched down, turning his back on his friends. The portly piglet now squatted down on his haunches, presenting them with a view of his wide-open fat buttocks.

He leaned over and he started forcing his breath. As he did this he pushed down and suddenly the reality dawned on his friends - he was trying to poop! Cedric Snotfinkel had felt the need to poo for some time and now he could do them all a favour.

Felix Osbert and Smyke all got very hard erections. Smyke kneeled be behind him, pressing his face very scold the fat boyish bum getting a better look at his pinkish red anus. They loved watching the littlest porker poop.

Cedric apologised for taking so long the went back to straining and panting

"ATTCHOO! Okay look now lads!" He called out after a few minutes and The area around his bum started too grow bigger as something was forcing its way out The littlest porker held his breath and let it go with each push.

Then there was a pause and his anus ring relaxed. It swelled up and started to separate into a flabby donut shaped ring.

Cedric was pushing hard no and making a groaning sound but he appeared to shift his weight on his feet and he tried to get better leverage. The friends were dumbfounded and Bashful touched the chubby perfectly round white bum.

Then the piglets saw the edge of a firm brown stool making its way out. Grumpy shot his hand out and held it hovering under the hole, waiting to receive the boy's gift! Their little mate was going to poop on his hand! Felix couldn't believe it -- this was so fucking hot. Right into Smyke's hand too!

"This is so fucking hot." Oinked Smyke. Cedric's bum hole was really very red by now perhaps it was even purple in colour his hard, bare boy cock standing to attention. They watched amazed as Cedric pushed, and out came a really smelly piece of shit.

A large marbled turd came slowly out of the littlest pig's hole. It pushed its way out steadily until it cut off and landed perfectly in Smyke's waiting hand!

When he finally finished and Smyke was holding a fat nicely formed shite about 5 inches long! His hand wrapped around its smelly thickness and his index finger sank into the soft, yet firm log.

Smyke sniffed it! "Blimey mate, yer make a perfect turd! And fuck it is good and stinky!" He held the stool in his hand for the youngster to inspect. It caused Smyke's stomach to feel funny.

The dirtiest of the four porkers sniffed it, and then he drew his hand towards his sex organ and pressed it against his teen balls. It was larger than his erect cock- he liked the feel of it against himself.

"Oh fuck yeah kid I'm gonna get some of yer own shite on me todger, mate!" Smyke lectured them on his new-found perversion. "Chocolate Log anyone?"

Smyke pressed it harder against his cock, and then suddenly the firm stool gave way under the pressure and melded mushily round his cock. Some of it became plastered to his skin.

"Oh yeah now the rest of yer fucking pigs lets get lubed up!" Smyke oinked. "Smear it on yer cock Bashful," Oinked Smyke his voice trembling with excitement, "and Felix spread it on yer cock so `e can bonk yer while ya bonk me!" The three friend divided up the piglets shit between them.

Osbert coated his own cock with the shit rubbing it all over his crotch until it was dark brown. The smell and sight of the shit was turning him on even more. Fuck this was so filthy and so exciting!

"I want to be that filthy!" Said Felix as he reached down and scooped up a finger full of the littlest pig's poop and smeared it on his rock hard cock, covering his crotch and balls along with the shaft. It felt good, really good. Once coated, he pulled furiously on his fat prick.

Pressing the boy's shit between his hands, Smyke smeared it on his own cock too and began jacking off with the nine-year-old's poop. Grumpy turned Cedric around and put him on his hands and knees. His arsehole had a slight ring of shit around it. The young thug bent down and licked it clean.

Smyke the dirtiest porker laid down on his sleeping bag and placed it over his hard cock. He punched his finger through the middle making a hole, then poked his hard cock through the hole, framing his cock. Grumpy slid his cock out of the shit pancake and started to rub his foreskin to and fro.

Watching all the pleasure his shit was giving his friends gave Cedric and real thrill and soon he was playing with his little erect cock, wanking furiously to be honest.

Felix mean time spread Bashful's arse cheeks open and spit into the willing hole. He was so fucking hard and his cock was leaking gallons of pre-cum. With all that, Felix's cock really didn't need any lubrication but the coating of shit drove him crazy with lust.

Smyke directed the positioning. He reached down and stroked the man's cock briefly before positioning it against Bashful's waiting, gaping hole. He teased him, rubbing Felix's shit covered cock up and down the boy's arse crack and around his twitching hole.

"Right then, let's get that big meat of yes up `is shit-hole, mate!" Oinked Smyke to Felix then he turned to Osbert. "Yer want this man's cock up yer arse boy?" Smyke growled. The young thug was getting anxious to get fucked himself but wanted to enjoy this moment and the view of Bashful's hole smeared with little-boy poop.

"Yes, please!" Osbert pleaded.

"Please 'what' boy?"

"Please stick your big fat cock up my hole. Fuck me Happy!" Osbert begged.

"I am going to like this boy. Roasted pork on me very own spit!" said Felix; " Happy is going to take good care of your sweet arse, pork sausage and all."

Smyke gripped the steely rod and helped stuff it into his lover's arsehole. It sunk in immediately! Felix gasped at the warm, moist sensation surrounding his prick.

The red-haired man slowly started to ease his throbbing cock into Bashful's tight hole. His arse cheeks pushed back his ample foreskin exposing the engorged head. When just the fat head of his cock was inside his boy's arselips he stopped. "Are ya okay, Bashful? `Ow does vat feel?"

"It feels great, Happy. I want more. I want all of you in me." Osbert tried to push back to get more of Felix's huge cock up his arse.

"Oh fuck mate! Okay mate, you'll get it - all the fucking way! It's so hot in there!" Then he fell forward to fuck. He slowly pushed more and more of his throbbing prick into the boy's hot willing hole. Osbert's breathing was increasing to almost a pant. He grabbed his own cock smeared with shit and began pumping it while pushing back to get more of that hot daddy dick up his hole. Felix reached for his tits and started twisting his erect nipples, smearing his chest with his shit as he slid more of his brown cock into the boy. When all of his cock was buried in Bashful's tight bum, he slapped the boy's arse leaving a brown smear on his white arse cheek. He reached around with his hand and began playing with Bashful's nipples like he did his own, getting shit all over the boy's muscled chest. "You got it all now mate. `Ow does vat feel?"

"Fucking great! Fuck me. Fuck me hard and you better get used to it, my friend! I'm gonna keep your nuts drained! " Osbert knew he wanted to ride on this stiff piece of meat over and over again.

Smyke glanced back and grinned at the sight of Felix's fat prick stuffed up his lover, Bashful's arsehole, and his resolved to make this a memorable fuck. This was going to be the best thing they'd ever tried! He gritted his teeth and climbed onto the sleeping bags in front of his lover. Situating himself, he lightly, very lightly, ran Osbert's cock up his wide valley.

"Oh Bashful! Take it easy, mate... vat feels too fucking good!" Smyke was moaning and then the positioned his Osbert cock at the lips of his hole. "Go slow, loverboy! I want ta feel every inch as ya put it in. It's wonderful, mate."

"We try our best!" Osbert Prim said and they all laughed. "I am so glad I came earlier, or I'd be over the edge already!"

"Now try not ta come too quick, alright?" Grumpy begged. "Let's make it last!"

Luckily, Felix had been doing his part at the other end. He was just as aware as Smyke at the intensity of their feelings, and the potential pleasure that could be derived if they managed to hold off. The redheaded man slowly pulled his cock back out until just the knob was still in the boy's arse before he slammed it home.

Bashful was I serious difficulty trying to cope with the terrific sensations he was experiencing at either end. He resolved to try to concentrate on what his prick was doing to Smyke bum and not what Felix's cock was doing to his arsehole! It seemed to work. Osbert's habit of taking a long time to come a second time was their only saving grace.

But he couldn't stave off voicing his pleasure. "Oh Smyke, my darling, your arse is so hot and tight around my dick. And mine hole feels like it, has never been filled by anything better ever!"

"Damn that looks so hot!" said Cedric Snotfinkel "I wish I had some poop on my cock to wanks off with."

"Why don't yer poke around Felix arsehole, mate? Ya said it woz fulla shite." Smyke said through gritted teeth.

"Can I please?" The littlest pig smiled to himself.

"Anything for you, lover!" said Felix not fully aware of what he was letting himself in for.

Cedric's little dick sprang into action. It was rock hard, like his mate, his arsehole was twitching. Slowly, silently, Cedric slid his hand down the back of his briefs. The warmth and dampness of his bum trench and the fuzzy hairs lining his bum crack greeted The littlest pig once more.

Cedric's finger hit the bullseye. Felix's hole. Cedric swirled his finger over his puckering hole before probing its juicy depths. His breaths became short and raspy. As The littlest porker sunk his finger deeper and deeper into the man's anal cavity, Cedric could feel the pasty goo within. Cedric scraped his finger along the wall of his bowels knowing full well of what the littlest porker was touching and the ultimate stink that could be deposited on his finger.

Felix, his hips bucking like crazy, was too lost in his fucking of Bashful to notice. Likewise Cedric was grinding his crotch into the boys bum while Cedric finger fucked his arsehole, feeling his bum slime oozing out of his arsehole.

The littlest porker's cock jerked and throbbed with excitement. Cedric could feel that the front of his briefs was made wet and sticky from his oozing prick.

Slowly, Cedric withdrew his finger from the man's arsehole and perceived, by way of a juicy fart, moist warmth spreading between his bum cheeks. Bringing his finger up and under his nose, Cedric took in a deep breath. The familiar stench wafted up his nostrils and his cock twitched in approval. But this time the aroma was more pungent -- stronger and much riper.

As The littlest pig gazed down at his finger he could see that it was coated in a brown paste. Felix's poop! The sharp, raw stink of his slop chute curled up his quivering nostrils.

Cedric gripped his short hairless boy cock at the base and nosed it around Felix's moist opening. He was looking right down the hole, and saw it dilating just as if it was winking at him. At one of the 'opening' parts of a wink, he stuck it in - just the knob. The chubby kid felt and saw the anal lips clamp down around his tiny prick-head and nearly bit his lip, trying to hold back his excitement.

Felix Jollybottom let out an ear-splitting scream! "Oh God! Cedric what are you doing to me?" He howled! He could not believe it the kid was fucking him!

Pressing his fat belly onto his lover's back, Cedric buried his prick all the way up Felix's arsehole. Then he pulled it back, almost to the point of slipping out, and he lunged back in! `Fat chance, sucker!' Cedric thought. `I'm gonna make you cry for me cock! Gonna make ya beg, ya Sonofabitch, until ya admit ya love me!'

Then after a few moments the shock and indignity lifted and Felix he was able to discover the exquisite pleasure that The littlest pig's short thin, intruding willy was causing him. Dammit he wanted Cedric to shag him. But...he just wasn't prepared for it to feel so good!

Osbert Prim then pushed his cock back in until his pubes where brushing the Smyke's arse. He was so fucking hot. He had never had sex this hot before. Here he was fucking hot young punk's arse and the boy loved it and was begging for more. He started thrusting in earnest now, positioning his shitty cock in and out of the tough boy's bum. He pulled out to look at the gaping hole. Then he shoved it back in all the way. Then out and in again. He loved watching the lad's bud pop open when he pulled his cock out.

"Fuck Happy, your cock feels so great! I'm getting so close."

Smyke had to keep his hands off his shit covered cock. He was so near cumming from the assault on his anus. This was by no stretch of the imagination the first time he had a cock up his arse but he loved the bonk he was receiving and he loved even more the idea that his lover's arse was receiving a good shag from Happy's fat cock at the same time! It was as if two cocks were fucking him at the same time.

Felix Jollybottom never imagined his fiends were so fucking filthy and perverted. He knew that Smyke and Osbert always loved sniffing shit but had never thought about getting into crap in this way. Felix had often licked his fingers while fingering himself during his masturbation sessions. He found he didn't mind the taste and that it actually turned him on. He had never imagined, though, that his crap or another man's shit could be such a turn on. The feeling of Sneezy's shit coating his cock was incredible. It made great lubricant. He knew this was something he would be interested in experimenting with more.

The plump lad's frantic energy alarmed the man. He pumped away on top of the man, increasing the rhythm all the time. The piglet moved relentlessly, grinding his buttocks into the man's buttocks. The large red-hair-covered balls slapped against Bashful's bum-cheeks beneath them, and the man's gob-stopper cockhead thumped rhythmically into the nerdy lad's open hole. Porky the littlest Pig humped his chubby thighs, slamming his buttocks into Happy's backside, grunting wildly as he set about determined to make the man cum under his fat body!

"Ah... Ahh... Ahhh!" The pre-teen lad was so in ecstasy! He moaned and shuddered, his breathing becoming frenzied as he twitched and writhed.

Felix was nearly cross-eyed with ecstasy. He worked his prick in and out of Bashful's luscious, receptive arsehole, and felt Cedric's stiff thin tool rammed his own fiery anal lips.

"Oh God! I am going to cum happy" Osbert groaned!

"Me too mate. I'm going to shoot me hot load up yer arse." Felix said as he thrust one more time deeply into Bashful's battered hole.

Felix froze and let Osbert work his anus up and down his pulsating erection, expertly milking each spurt of boiling cum and sucking it into his fiery rectum!

"Oh my god!" He rasped. "I'm, I'm cummin too, Bashful! Ahh! Fuck yeah! I'm cumming, boy. I'm creaming up yer arse." Felix's cock exploded up Osbert's arse. This was the most intense orgasm he had ever experienced.

After an orgasm that seemed to last forever the four of them collapsed on each other in pile on the tent floor. The four lads lay in a pool of cum and sweat and shit, unable to move.

Osbert Prim squeezed his anus onto the lovely big shaft that had been driving his arsehole to the point where he questioned his own insanity. He had matched spasm for spasm what Smyke's anus had done to his own throbbing, bursting prick. The hungry cries, the piggy grunts and animal tempo gradually slowed to a stop.

Felix had the presence of mind to adjust himself so that he could relax without crushing Bashful entirely. He loved the feel of the littlest pig sprawled across his back, like a fat piglet blanket, breathing heavily from his intense orgasm.

"Did you like it too, Felix?" Cedric asked in a little voice, sounding a little insecure.

"Yeah! It was weird, but yeah, it was great!" Sneezy sighed happily, and snuggled against Happy's leg.

Smyke dislodged Osbert's cock from his rectum and smiled down at the three others, his prick bobbing up and down excitedly.

"'Old yer positions, lads!" Oinked Smyke shaking his dirty dick at his friends. "Let me do ya one at a time!" He reached between Cedric's chubby spread legs and up under his small balls. With two fingers around the base of the shaft, he squished the short boyish prick out of Felix's relaxed arsehole and popped the whole slimy thing into his mouth, making the most obscene sounding noises!

"What's he doin'?" Felix gasped, breathlessly.

"Blimey! He just pulled me prick out yer bum and he's suckin' it clean!" Squealed the chubby lad in simultaneous disgust and delight. Soon Cedric was whimpering with delight! The smell of the residue of Felix's shit filled Smyke's flaring nostrils with its powerful stench! His lips twisted into a smile around the shit-covered little cock. Smyke's saliva dripped off his bald ball sack! Drops of it hit the chubby lad's soft, hairless thighs and sparkled in the light in the dusty tent.

"'Oly shite," Felix said, quietly. "He is bloody licking out my shit hole!" Happy moaned spreading his legs wide.

Indeed Smyke had moved on to the redhead's bottom. He forced his face up big pig's sweating bum cheeks and sucked wildly at the shitty hole, cleaning off the flavours with his lashing tongue. He munched it with gusto. The rancid, filthy flavour filled his mouth and went up his nose.

"That's my boy!" Bashful chuckled. "Must feel good. I think your cock's getting hard again!"

"Yeah, I'm thinking about what he's gonna do when he pulls it out your arse!" Smyke was making rapid progress.

The dirtiest pig slapped the big pig on the buttocks, lifted the red-haired man from his lover's back and he separated them at the point they were joined - cock to anus. Smyke licked along Felix's dirty prick, then caressed Osbert's bottom and starred to lick up and down his tender arse crack, licking away the juice that had squirted out. The smell was different. The taste was different. But the excitement was still there. He experienced these dark cravings, as he loved sucking up the tangy juice Felix had deposited in his lover's rectum. Then he began to suck right on the gaping hole!

"He...he's doing it, Felix!" Bashful said as the big pig nestled his head in the blond lad's neck.

"Yeah, mate! He's...aw, jeez! He sucking va bleedin' cum right out yer arsehole! Sucking like mad!"

Bashful gasped, now feeling the long tool being slipped from his squishy rectum. He squeezed it shut to keep the juice inside that he knew Smyke would want soon.

"Oh, man! He's sucking it, isn't he? Sucking all me bum juices off of your fantastic prick! How's that taste, Smyke?"

"Oh, wonderful, mate!" The dirtiest pig sighed, grinning sheepishly. "I could suck a `undred pricks right now if they woz all dipped in yer shit, mate. Not to mention Felix's `ot, buttery spunk flavour!"

"Oh fuck! Fuck!" Smyke grinned impishly, his lips smeared with crap and dripping with cum. The dirtiest pig moaned, sucking Felix's cock and breathing in Osbert's arse smells. "You an' me an' Osbert and va kid - we're four of a kind. We're bum men. We get `igh on bum stink. Dirty, stinking, nasty bum hole! The dirtier va fucking `ole, va better, like!"

"Lads I thinks we better keep this dirty sex stuff just between the four of us." Said Felix, the big pig seriously. "I think it might freak va other lads out don't you?"

"Yeah suppose ya right mate plain vanilla wiv `em and chocolate ripple when we alone!" Said The dirtiest pig and with this bit of lavatory humour the drifted off into a well earned sleep.

"Fuck lads. Yer are va best, most filthy mates I could 'ave `oped for." Felix Jollybottom said sincerely meaning it. "Ya all a troop o' prize porker - champion pigs."

"All pigs are created equal." Said the scholarly pig philosophically. He leaned over and rested his warm, damp cheek softly against the big pig's hairy knee.

"Yeah but some pigs are more equal than others!" Snorted the dirtiest pig before returning to his search for a scrumptious brown truffle up Felix's anus.

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