A bit more of the tale of urban delinquency, based on the kids we see every day.

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"You should be in school!" Mr. Terry spat at me.

I thought on my feet. "No Sir, the Headmaster's given me the day off to -- er -- talk to the police!" I said.

"You're lying, Calligan!" he boomed. "You're a no-good, lying little -"

"I'll tell him you said so, Sir." I smiled. I had the upper hand here, and I was on the start of a roll.

"And as we're all here for the same reason, I think we understand each other a bit better, don't we, Sir!" I said.

"You two know each other? Oh -- he's not from your school, is he?" Simon said, mainly to Mr. Terry, but it fitted me as well.

"Yes." We both said together.

"Arrogant little bastard!" Mr. Terry added. I smiled.

"Oh, that's awkward." Simon muttered.

"I don't think so!" I said, looking Mr. Terry straight in the eye. "I think we have reason to, er, look after each other's interests now, don't we Mr. Terry?"

"Don't blackmail me, Calligan!" he growled.

"I wouldn't dream of it, Sir." I said, grinning my face off. "as my friend Col here is my witness." Like the double meaning? I rested my hand on the kid's shoulder.

"Don't drag me into it!" Colin said. "I don't know him, I'm not getting involved!"

"Oh but you are, Col!" I said sarcastically. "You're here, aren't you? And you've been before, more than once, I'll bet. Mummy wouldn't like to hear about that, would she?"

Both Colin and Mr. Terry glared daggers at me. My teacher went to stand, and I think if he did, he'd have hit me. Hard.

"Now, now, Richard, Colin, lets all calm down here." Simon said.

Richard, eh? I'll remember that. Useful. Richard (hehe) sat back on the settee. Colin pushed my arm off his shoulder. Simon sighed. I smiled.

"I think you've got something Richard wants to see, Colin. Why don't you show him while Simon and I go somewhere and talk, eh?" I said and looked at Simon.


"Oh, right." Simon said when he eventually realised I wanted a private word with him. We walked out of the room and into the kitchen, and I sat on the one empty chair. I heard Richard (I still snigger at that) ask Colin to `Come and sit down' as I left the room.

"Sit down, Simon." I said. "I want to ask you something." There was a large bottle of cola on the table, I opened it, and swigged a lot down while Simon picked up the newspapers, bills and letters that occupied the other chair, dropped them on the floor and sat.

"I hope you're not going to threaten me, Anthony." he said.

"No," I answered, wiping my lips with my sleeve. Cheap supermarket shit, nasty taste, I thought.

"I hope I'm not either. I want to warn you, like I said in there, I've had a visit from the police this morning, about a friend -- ex friend who nearly killed himself with drugs over the weekend. If I hadn't found him, and got an ambulance, he'd be dead now."

OK, that wasn't strictly true -- if he hadn't met me at the school door he'd have gone in and someone would have realised he was drugged up and got him to hospital, but for now, it'd do.

What's that got to do with me? Do I know him?" Simon asked.

"I wouldn't know, yet." I said. "But the police asked if I knew any drug dealers, and your name was amongst those they asked me about."

"As a dealer? No way, I've never given anything stronger than whisky to a kid in my life!" he protested.

"Lets not talk about whisky." I said as my stomach remembered the abuse I gave it Saturday night. "And I didn't think you did drugs, you don't seem the type."

"So how did my name crop up?" he asked.

"There was a woman cop, she said they were watching you." I told him. "They know you like boys."

His face went red and he banged the table with a fist. "Because of my record." he said. "They try to pin everything involving kids onto me."

He was angry now, but I don't think he would have lashed out or anything. He wasn't the physically hurting sort of bloke. I hoped.

"What did you tell them?" he asked.

"That you lived up from a friends' place, and you gave me a lift in your car once." I said. "I told them you seemed an OK sort of man, that's all"

Simon put a hand on mine, as it was resting on the table. "Thanks, Anthony." he said.

"If I find out you're lying, I'll -" I stared to say.

"I'm not, Anthony. Honestly I'm not." he said, squeezing my hand.

"And Richard -- is he really at your school?" he asked a moment later. His hand had rested on mine a little longer than necessary.

"Oh yes, and he's a right bastard too. I couldn't believe it when I saw him, I thought he hated boys -- he certainly hates us!" I said.

Simon laughed. "Don't you believe it!" he said. "That's just a disguise he puts on -- he's more into them than I am!"

I wondered if Colin was giving him what he was there for. "Really?" I said, genuinely surprised.

"I wish you could be more friendly towards him, he's not that bad. I've known him a few years now, and I've never seen him like he was with you in there just. He was like a totally different person."

"Hmm." I said. "I've only ever seen him like that."


"While you're here, is there any chance you and I could -- erm, you know?" he said after my `hmm' sunk in. I smiled at him. "Not for ten pounds like you give Col!" I said. He thought for a moment, then stood up and offered his hand to lift me from the seat.

"OK Anthony." he said. "Whatever you want. You were good, very good!"

"Thirty then." I said. He nodded his agreement, and started.

His hand slid down inside my trackies and found my cock. Small and shrivelled, sex had been the last thing on my mind until then. But it swelled and grew, as we both knew it would.

Simon pulled me to him with his other arm, and kissed my lips. I reached between us and felt his hardness through his trousers. "Suck it for me, Anthony!" he whispered, breaking the kiss.

I dropped to my knees and slid his zip down. He released the waist clip, and the trousers fell around his legs leaving only the thin cotton of his boxers holding him back. I reached up one of the legs and fondled his ballsack, and placed my lips around the bulging cloth. Do I have to be the little boy again, I wondered, but it wasn't necessary.

"Ohh -- hh!" he gasped, and drew a slow breath. I reached up and pulled his elastic waistband down over his cock, then wrapped my lips over it. I loved the power this gave me, absolute control over him, bring him to climax, and I wanted it as much as he did. I gave him what I wanted myself.

I reached a hand between his legs and ran a finger over his hole, bent it and pushed it in. I hoped it was as clean as his cock tasted, at least he seemed to take better care of his bodily cleanliness than that of his house or car. He bent his legs and spread them a bit to let me reach easier, and I pushed the finger right in. Simon held my head with his hands and I pushed my free hand into my trackies, and held my cock tight. His cock grew larger in my mouth as I sucked, he's going to cum quick I thought. Do I want it in my mouth? I thought, I decided not this time, and I pulled away but he held my head onto it, forcing the tip back between my lips. I moved my hands quickly, holding his cock at the base and grasping it, hoping to stop his cum, but felt the shaft pulse as his first wave pushed up it. I resigned myself to a mouthful.

"Holy shit!"

We both jumped at the sound of the voice, and turned to the doorway. I felt Simon's cum splash on the side of my face, and moved both my head and his cock so the next spurts sailed over my shoulder.

It was Colin who'd spoken, at seeing us `in the act'. He stood, naked from the waist down, erect cock standing in front of him, with Richard (I still can't get used to the fact that he actually has a first name!) behind, in only a pair of boxer shorts.

"Erm, sorry, Simon, we didn't know you were in here, only young Colin here wanted a drink!" Richard Terry said, picked up the cola bottle and gave it to Colin, who finished most of what I'd left.

I watched them both and not know whether to be turned on or embarrassed. Spontaneously, I burst out laughing.

"What are you laughing at, Calligan? Me?" Richard was Mr. Terry again, stern and severe. It made me laugh more.

"Yes, I suppose I am." I said, still laughing. "And him," nodding at Col, "And him," nodding up at Simon, "And me."

Richard Terry furrowed his brow, trying to weigh up what I meant. Fucked if I knew myself. I stood up and pulled my hoodie off over my head.

"If we're here for fuckin' sex, let's have fuckin' sex!" I said, almost shouting. "Fuck who I am, and you are, (nodding at Richard) and he is, (nodding at Colin) and he is, (nodding at Simon) let's have an orgy! I don't care any more!" I pushed down my trackies and kicked off my trainers and the pants, and stood naked and hard in front of them all. I had an unstoppable urge, and Colin was my aim. "I bags your arse first!" I said, staring into his eyes.

I ran at him, pushing him past Richard and into the back room. The curtains were drawn now, and the lights on. Colin tripped and fell on the floor, and I dropped to my knees and, lifting his legs with my arms, fell on top of him so my cock, rigid as ever, poked at his arse.

I stopped with my face a foot or so from his, his eyes were wide with amazement. "Do you want this?" I growled at him. I knew I did. "Do you, punk?" I'd watched too many Clint Eastwood films, I suppose.

"Yes!" he gasped back, breathless, although he was fighting me off.

I pushed, or lunged more like, and felt him stretch suddenly as my cock entered him. He was wet, as if already lubricated, or licked.

"Aieeeee!" he screamed.

No waiting, no tender loving moment, I shoved right in. I let my natural desire take control, and shagged him like we were dogs in the street. He shouted, wailed and tears ran down his face, but Colin pushed back to every thrust I made. He was as turned on by it as I was.


I knew I wouldn't last long, I managed a dozen or so thrusts I suppose, and then I held still and my whole body shuddered as I came. I pumped and pumped into him, feeling my foreskin drawn tightly back as I'd shoved in hard the last time. This was the feeling I'd wanted, the lust my brain harboured.

I pulled out before I'd finished cumming, I know I shot two or three times more as I rolled forcefully off him, but pulled him over with me.

"Now fuck me!" I shouted.

"That fuckin' hurt!" Colin shouted to complain, his brow furrowed in anger.

"Fuckin' screw me!" I screamed at his face. Vengefully, he lunged his hips forward and speared me in one go. I felt my dry skin tear as he shoved it in, it must have burnt him too. The pain was so intense, I had to scream out.


He fucked me like there was no tomorrow, like the world would end in three minutes.

"Fuck me!" I shouted at full force, right in his face, and I locked my legs behind his to hold him there, humping right in. I felt my ongoing climax reach its full extent, my cock still pumping cum between us. I felt Colin pump too, deep inside my bowel. I held him tight, deep inside me until our want was fulfilled. My eyes opened, and although my vision was blurred by the tears I was pouring, I saw Simon and Mr. Terry standing over us, wanking furiously. I relaxed my legs, in fact everything, and Colin pulled from me, struggled up and ran from the room crying with pain as they both came, showering our sweat-soaked bodies with their cum. I relaxed even more, and that was the last thing I remember.


I came to feeling very warm and comfortable, except my arse and cock which felt like they'd been rubbed with stinging nettles and chilli seeds. As I woke more, the stinging became pain, real pain. I focussed slightly, and saw I was in a white room, white tiles everywhere. The warmth was water, I was in a bath. My head felt worse than when I was drunk the other day, but the pain in my arse was the worse thing I'd ever known.

"We can't, how would we explain it?" I heard a voice say.

"We've got to, look how much he's bleeding!" another voice said. Simon's voice. I looked down at the bath I was in, the water was bright red. I panicked.

"Where am I? What happened?" I shouted, and tried to stand up out of the water, splashing it everywhere.

"Stay there!" "Don't try to move!" the voices said, hands held me and the pain told me they were right. I settled back into the water.

I looked up at who was there, and remembered the sex. Remembered the pain of skin tearing. I must have been on something to go crazy like that. All I can remember of why I did it was, well, lust I suppose. I remembered that was all I felt, lust for Colin, from the moment he appeared half naked at the kitchen door. Only lust wasn't a strong enough word for it, whatever it was.

"Where is he?" I asked groggily.

"Gone, run off as soon as it was over." Simon said calmly.

"Oh." I said.

"Change the water, lets see if he's stopped bleeding yet." Richard Terry said from behind Simon. He sounded worried, very worried.

"There isn't any more hot water left, I told you before!" Simon said, looking down at me. He looked very worried, and I felt worse.

"Do you think you could get up, slowly, if I help you?" he asked me.

I nodded.

Simon held me under my armpit as I stood, and stepped from the bath. The water was red as blood, and I felt scared.

"God knows how much he's lost!" Simon turned to Mr. Terry and said. "He's got to go to hospital, I tell you."

"No, no, he can't. I can't risk it, I just can't!" Mr. Terry said.

The lights went out, my legs gave way and I started falling, but I don't remember hitting the floor.


I woke up warm and comfortable again, but in a bed. I didn't open my eyes, I didn't want to know where I was. I didn't remember, and I knew I didn't want to. I snuggled down in the crisp clean sheets a little, and heard Mum's voice.

"Anthony? Anthony? Are you awake?"

I smiled to myself. I was a little boy again, just out of the bath and tucked up tight in bed. Mum was there so all was right in my world.

"Anthony? Are you awake? Can you open your eyes and look at me, please?"

A woman's voice, one I didn't know. I opened one eye and looked up, there was only dim light, and I could see Mum sitting beside the bed one side, and a young woman in a light blue -- something -- the other. I wasn't in my bed, that was against a wall one side. I opened the other eye and tried to look around. I saw curtains surrounding the bed, and Mum was in her raincoat. The girl in blue was, I recognised, a nurse. I was in hospital.

"Where am I?" I asked, but my words were slurred.

"St. Saviour's." the nurse said. "Can you open your eyes again, please?"

I opened them and she shone a torch right in one so I clamped them shut. "Try to keep them open!" she said, so I opened them again. She shone the torch in the other one, then leant over me and did something on the wall behind my head. Pressed a call button, I found out later.

She held my wrist and took my pulse, then put something in my ear -- a thermometer, again later knowledge told me.

A man in a white coat appeared at the foot of the bed, and closed the curtain behind him. "How do you feel, Anthony?" he asked.

"Warm and cosy!" I said, and closed my eyes again.

"Do you know where you are?" the man, a Doctor I suppose, asked.

"Hospital bed." I said, conserving my words and desire to sleep. My mind kicked into gear, though.

"What happened? Why am I here?" I asked, keeping my eyes closed.

"Don't you remember?" the Doctor's voice asked.

"No." I said, but then I did remember.

"Ohhhh." I moaned. "Oh no."

Mum held my hand. "You rest now, Anthony." she said. "You're safe here, he won't hurt you again."

"Woken up, has he? Can he speak yet?" a voice I'd heard before, recently, but couldn't place. I opened my eyes again, and it was the plain clothes cop who'd been to the house this morning. If it still was today, that is.

"Not yet, Detective." The doctor said. "I told you I'd let you know when you can speak to him, and that won't be till tomorrow morning at least."

I hadn't noticed the nurse getting a needle ready, and jumped as it jabbed my arm.

"Ow! What's that for?" I said, or should I say, slurred. I felt asleep, even though I was awake.

"Help you rest overnight!" she said, and smiled at me. Then she, the Doctor and the copper were gone. Just Mum, holding my hand, and me. I slipped back into sleep feeling safe and comfortable.


When I woke again it was light, and Mum had gone. The curtains were still drawn round the bed, and I felt hemmed in, claustrophobic I'd call it now.

"Hey!" I shouted. "Anybody there!"

The curtain parted and another nurse came in just as I was about to shout again. "Shh!" she said, finger to her lips as well, "You'll disturb the visitors!"

"What time is it then?" I asked her.

"Quarter to three." She said, looking at the watch pinned to her lapel.

"What day?" I asked slowly.

"Wednesday." she said. "You've been here nearly twenty-four hours."

I began to think about why I was here. What should be hurting, and didn't now. In fact, I couldn't feel it at all. I stretched an arm down and pulled up the gown I was wearing, and pushed my fingers down under my balls to see if it was still there. It was, but there was something cloth-like on it. And I couldn't feel my fingers with it. "Why can't I feel my -- my -" I started to ask.

"Your bottom? You've had to have a little operation down there, and there's anaesthetic cream on it to stop it hurting while it heals. One of us I puts some on every four hours." She said, smiling sweetly.

"You put cream on my -- there?" I said, horrified for a moment.

She laughed. "I am a nurse, you know!" she said. She came to the side of the bed, pulled out the chair and sat down. "I just want to help you feel more comfortable while you heal. There are male nurses if you'd rather -"

"No, I didn't mean -" I quickly avoided the issue there.

The nurse smiled. "Well that's alright then, isn't it. Do you feel any pain?"

"I can't feel anything." I said. "It's as if I haven't got a bum any more."

"Good." she said. "You had a couple of nasty tears, and they had to be stitched."

"Hmm." I murmured, and looked away.

"Do you feel well enough to speak to the detective yet? The doctor said he could see you when you woke up." she asked.

"Do I have to?" I asked her.

"Not if you don't want to, but it'd be better to get it over with. He's been hanging around here most of the day." she told me.

I didn't know what he'd want me to admit, and I'd rather Mum was here, but nice as she was, I felt the nurse was pushing me to see him, probably to get him out of the way. "OK." I said.

She left, and within a minute the plain clothes copper slipped in through the curtains. He did tell me his name back home, but I hadn't bothered to remember it.

"Hello, Anthony, how are you feeling now?" he asked, but without waiting for me to answer, added, "You don't have to worry, he won't be hurting anyone else for a long time."

"Who won't?" I asked.

"Simon Ronson."

"He never touched me!" I said, surprised at what they were assuming.

"Who did that to you then?" he asked angrily, pointing at the bedclothes covering my lower body.

"Another boy, my age." I said, quietly. I remembered what he'd said about being `Only fourteen?'. The copper sneered at me.

"I suppose you're going to say this `boy' drugged you as well, eh?" he hissed.

"Drugged? What do you mean?" I said.

The copper looked at me for a moment, trying to see if I was serious, I suppose.

"The blood test showed you had taken a mixture of benzodiazepine and other drugs, and a small amount of alcohol. It's a mixture known to lower inhibitions, if someone wanted to make you do something you otherwise wouldn't, like having sex. That's why he gave it you, whatever he said."

I was completely stunned. "But he didn't give me anything, I only had a drink of coke while I was there." I told him. "He had some too, the boy I mean."

"Coke?" the copper said.

"There was a large bottle of cheap supermarket cola on the kitchen table. I had a drink before I asked Simon about the drugs, like we talked about at my house. He swore he didn't supply them, and I believed him." I said.

"You would, if it suited you." he said in reply. "And there wasn't any cola there, I searched the place myself."

"Perhaps Mr. Terry took it then. Why were you searching there, and how did you know I'd seen Simon, anyway?" I asked.

"Don't you remember? He brought you here in the first place!" the copper said. "The hospital called us when they realised what had happened to you, and I came and arrested him myself."

"It wasn't him." I repeated.

"Who's this Mr. Terry, Anthony?"

"He's a teacher at my school, and -" And it all fell into place. He'd intended to give Colin the cola, and then -- well, that didn't bear thinking about. Actually, it did -- not with Mr. Terry, though.

"And what?" the copper was in full flow now, I'd given him a lead.

"And if you want to find out who's giving drugs to kids, you'd better ask him." I said.

"And has the boy you say did this to you got a name?" the copper asked.

"Certainly!" I smiled in reply. "I just didn't ask it, that's all!" My grin annoyed him I could tell. Good.

I reached up behind my head and felt for the bell push, and pressed it. The nurse and a doctor appeared at the end of the bed.

"What's the matter, Anthony?" the nurse asked. I screwed my face up, and moved to one side in the bed. "It hurts!" I pretend-cried. "Give me something to stop the pain!"

"You'll have to go now." The doctor told the plain-clothes copper. "Please!" he added sternly when no movement was apparent. The copper stood and gave me a look so sharp it nearly cut my throat. "I'll be back!" he said. It sounded more like a threat to me.