A bit more of the tale of urban delinquency, based on the kids we see every day.

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Street Kids


"I'll get a nurse to put some more anaesthetic cream on for you," the doctor said. "You've got to expect some pain though, with what happened to you."

"It's alright, it doesn't really -" I started, but he'd gone.

A minute or so later, a nurse came in with a tub of the cream. A male nurse. A young, late teens or very early twenties I'd say, rather attractive male nurse with a rather red face.

"I -- I've got to put some of this o-on." He stuttered.

"It's OK, it doesn't really hurt, I just wanted to get rid of, er, my visitor." I said.

"T -- The Doc's said I've got to do it, so I have to." he said. "I daren't upset him again today."

"Upset him?" I queried.

"I'm a student, and I keep making silly mistakes. He's right nasty when he's angry."

"Oh." I said, resigning myself to the fact that this was going to happen. Still, I couldn't feel anything down there, so perhaps it'd be alright. The wannabe nurse (I could see his badge now he'd come closer, `Student Nurse Andrew Stone' it said) lifted the blanket off my legs, pushed the gown up and winced.

"Oh, you poor boy!" he said, very quietly.

What can he see that I can't feel, I wondered, and lifted my head to look down. My cock, small and withered, was all colours. Blue-black with bruises, and red raw in places, not the usual pretty sight at all.

"Can you lift your bottom?" he asked, I did and he slipped a small pillow under my spine, then carefully peeled off a pad of bandage that had been taped to the damaged area.

"This will feel cold." he said, scooping some of the cream onto his latex-gloved fingers.

"It's OK, I can't feel anything there." I told him.

I could feel my skin moving as he gently wiped the cream on, then what I was sure was a finger pushing into my hole. He glanced up to see my eyes open wide with the shock.

"I'm sorry, the tear goes just inside." he said, sounding very apologetic and caring. I did feel his finger though, the anaesthetic was very local to the area of the damage and not beyond. Certainly not as far as he went, and what he touched in there. Something else felt it too, and started to wake.

"Ow! Ow! Ow!" I gasped, as the raw skin on my shaft stretched.

"Oh! I'm sorry! Let me put some -" and he quickly scooped some more cream into his palm and wrapped it around the source of the pain.

"Oh my God!" I called out as it leapt fully erect. Not that an erection isn't nice, but one with raw skin shouldn't be allowed. Even if it does make it more, well, sensitive.  Andrew panicked thinking the pain was severe because I cried out, and rubbed the cream in harder, only three or four times up and down, but that was enough. "Aaaggg!" I gurgled as a shot of cum launched from the end, easily three feet in the air.

"Oh! Oh my! Oh, I didn't mean to -" he gasped, but I just flopped back on my pillow and sighed as two more shots followed.

Andrew stood holding my cock in his cum-covered, latex-gloved hand. I smiled up at him.

"It doesn't hurt any more!" I sighed. "Thanks!" I think I must have been cross-eyed with the pleasure!

"No! no! I shouldn't have -- I mustn't -" his face was bright red now, with a look of having done something terrible.

"It's alright!" I said, because, really, it was. Actually, it was fucking fantastic, an unexpected wank like that, and the anaesthetic cream had dulled the pain to a nice warm feeling -- oh, that is the warmth of his hand! I grin stupidly at the sight.

"I'm sorry!" Andrew says, quickly letting go and standing away.

"No, you don't understand! That was just a mistake, I didn't mean to -"

"Help me -" I said, pretending difficulty in moving and holding an arm up. He leaned over me and slid his arm under my back to try to help me sit up a bit, and I wrapped my arm round his neck and lifted myself suddenly so my face went into his. I smacked my lips on his, and kissed him quickly.

"That was really nice!" I said. "Not a silly mistake at all!" 

I settled back and smiled up at him. I noticed his tightish uniform coat bulging a bit where it covered his trousers and he smiled back. "In fact, you could cream me up every day if you wanted to -- I might need it for some time yet!" I said, grinning. He was tall, handsome -- and looked hot when embarrassed!

"I don't think somebody would like that!" he said, blushing but grinning back. He seemed relieved I wasn't complaining.

"Who?" I asked.

"My boyfriend!"

"Is he a student nurse, too?" I asked, cheekily.

"Yes, he's a student here with me." Andy said. "Danny."

"Well, perhaps he could -" I hinted. Andy just laughed. "We'll see!" he said.

Andy went off, then returned with a bowl of warm water and gave me a bed bath. It felt nice to be clean again, and I settled down in the bed for a rest after, well, you know after what. A painful, quick, but bloody good wank!

"Would you like the curtains pulled back?" Andy asked. "You don't have to be shut away if you don't want." I nodded, and he slid the curtains round to the wall. I could see that I was in the same ward as Rye, who was across on the far side reading something. I settled down and closed my eyes.


Someone shaking my arm woke me, I opened my eyes and it was another young student nurse.

"Would you like some dinner?" he asked.

"Ermph, yes, I suppose so." I said, waking up more. I was starving, but Rye's description of the food wasn't exactly appealing. "What is it?"

"Some sort of mush!" the lad said. I focussed on his name badge. `Daniel Adams'. Another very nice looking young man, I thought. It's got to be Andy's boyfriend, Danny. Lucky Andy!

"They say it's shepherd's pie, but I honestly don't think there are any shepherds in it!" he joked.

I smiled at his humour. "I'll try a bit." I said.

He went to the trolley and ladled some of the grey mush onto a plate. "Gravy?" he asked. "Yes."

"Good idea. Takes the flavour of the pie away!" he said as he brought me the tray. I struggled up and he put the tray on a table thing that wheels up to the bed, and over it. I tried a forkful, and it was pretty awful. I glanced over to Rye's bed, and he was staring in my direction.

"Ant!" he shouted across the ward, "What are you doing here?"

"Trying to eat this -- whatever it is!" I shouted back.

"Do you know Ryan?" Daniel asked. "Would you like your bed moved over there by him?"

Not really, I thought, but he'll only keep shouting across at me if I don't.

"After dinner." I said. So thirty minutes later, having cleared away the dinner stuff -- I left most of it - and got the ward sister's approval, and the visitors had gone, my bed was swapped with some old fellow's and I was next to Rye.

"I thought I saw your Mum last night." Rye said as the move was being completed.

"Now no playing about, you two!" the sister said.

"Fat chance!" Rye said, holding up one of his plaster-covered arms.

"Well don't disturb the other patients." she said. We both smiled our tacit agreement.

"What happened?" Rye asked as soon as she'd gone. I should have guessed an interrogation would start once I was here, and I didn't really want to answer.

"I got injured." I said, keeping it as simple as I could.


"You don't want to know, and I'm not telling you anyway." I said, wondering if it was too soon to ask to be moved back.

"Be like that, then!" he said snootily, and turned away.

Why did I feel like a piece of shit for that? God knows, but I did, and in a way I didn't want to upset him.

"Look, Rye, something happened that I don't want to talk about. I didn't mean to blow you off, but -"

Rye snapped his head round to me. "OK, fine. I know you don't like me, Ant, I don't know why you had your bed moved over here in the first place. Let's just try to ignore each other, OK?"

I reeled from his bark. The second student nurse, Danny, was passing at the time and came over to my bed.

"What's the matter, Anthony? You two haven't had a bust up already, have you? You've only been here a couple of minutes." he said.

"Yeah, he's acting weird because I don't want to discuss what happened to me. How long have I got to stay here, Danny? You don't mind me calling you Danny, do you?" I replied and asked.

"Of course not!" he said as he sat on the bed. "It's my name, after all! I don't know how long you'll be here, until the doc's happy with your wound, I suppose. Two or three days?"

"Oh." I said.

"Remember he's had a worse time than you." Danny said. "He's lucky to be alive. Try to be a friend to him, he hasn't got much of a future when he gets better, you know." I did know, and I felt an even bigger shit.

"Danny, you know the other student nurse, Andy?" I asked, feeling inquisitive.

"I ought to, we share a flat together!" he answered. That killed my next question.

"What's it like, living with somebody?" I asked.

"What, sharing a flat?" he queried back.

"No, you know!" I said.

"Oh, having a -- boyfriend!" Danny said, humorously emphasising the word. I blushed a little.

"Well, it's a bit like you are with Ryan there. You're best friends, and you argue a lot. You love each other, but hate each other a bit too."

"Rye's not my boyfriend!" I said loud enough for Rye to hear and go "Hmmph!" at.

"He's just a friend from school." I explained, keeping my voice down.

Danny raised his eyes. "That's not how he described you a few days ago!" he said.

"Forget what I said!" Rye shouted across at us. "I was delirious then." He was listening.

"Keep it down!" Danny called to him. "You don't want the sister to come and tell you off, do you?"

"- Please herself!" were the last two words of the comment that Rye uttered as he turned his head away from us. Luckily we didn't hear the first four.

I sat, or rather lay, there for ages thinking things through. Just at the time everything seemed to be going wrong for me, it had got worse. I turned to look at Rye, and he was twisted on his side as far as the leg traction would let him, staring at me.

"What?" I asked, trying not to sound displeased by it.

"Nothing." he said impassionately, and turned onto his back and stared at the ceiling.

"Friends?" I asked. Why can't I just ignore him?

"S'pose." Was all I got as a reply. The main lights overhead switched to a much dimmer light, ready for the night. I closed my eyes and tried to think of nothing.


Rye was sitting on the grass in a green field, close to a small river, wearing white knee-length trousers, a white t-shirt with black edges and a large leaf print on the front, grey and white trainers and the sexiest smile his face could carry. I was walking across the field towards him, but no matter how many steps I took, he never got any nearer. In the end I was running in my desperation to get close to him, and he was watching me and smiling towards me. Nothing else was as important as my desire to reach him, just to be close enough to touch, perhaps sit down alongside him and talk, hold his hand, kiss him perhaps, or...

SMACK! I woke with a jolt as something landed on my face.

"Quit snoring, will ya?"  Rye half-whispered as I jumped awake and lifted the comic book off my face, then he turned away. I pulled the lamp on a flexible arm down from behind me, turned it on and read the title.

Superman. Fine. A kid's comic. Over the next hour and a half, I read it from cover to cover. It was still in my hands when I woke in the morning, as Danny, an older woman nurse and the ward sister came round with a trolley containing everyone's medicine dose for the morning.

"Any pain?" the sister asked. Yes, there was. A pain in my heart which disturbed me somewhat. For the first time since being in here, however, I could feel pain in my behind, rather like I'd been cut there with a razor blade. "Yes," I said. "It feels like I've been slashed with a knife."

The sister gave Danny a tub of cream, one I recognised from yesterday. He drew the curtains round the bed, and pulled on a latex glove. I clenched my eyes closed against the growing pain as little Ant woke up to what might be about to happen, and I felt the blanket move and my gown being lifted.

"Nice!" Danny said. My eyes shot open to see him crouching down, looking between my legs, seemingly ignoring the Eddystone lighthouse standing up from my body. "Mr. Crowther's done a nice job there." he said. "The stitches are falling out already!"

Apparently, Mr. Crowther was the surgeon who had stitched up my wound, and he'd used dissolving thread which saved the need to cut and pull the stitches out. Danny also told me that when I needed a crap, to let him or Andy know and they'd put something up there to make it soft, so I wouldn't stretch and tear the wound again. All the time he was telling me, little Ant stood to attention like the good soldier he was, and the raw skin burnt, making him harder still.

"The friction burn is healing well, too!" Danny said, running a finger of the cream over it. I whimpered with the pleasure of his touch. My cock felt like an over-inflated balloon.

"Please!" I begged. Danny looked up at me. "It's too hard!" I whispered.

Danny dipped his forefinger and thumb in the cream, then gently held me with them just below the crown, below where my foreskin had rolled itself back to, that's how hard I was, to the raw skin, and jiggled them up and down a half inch or so. I sucked in a sharply, then gasped little staccatto breaths in time with his finger strokes. He looked up at my face with a wicked grin, then dropped his head and wiped the tip of my cock with his tongue. I only had time to gasp "Aa -" a moment later when his lips encircled my crown, and with his tongue still tickling the slit I blew big time into his mouth. Three big times, to be accurate.

"Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh!" I let my lungsful of air say as I released them.

Danny stood up, wiping his lips with his tongue. "Saves another bed bath!" he said, smiling down at me.

"Did Andy tell you-" I asked, and Danny's smile told me.

"He might have mentioned you had a hair-trigger, and would need cleaning up if I had to use the cream!" he said, grinning like a Cheshire cat. "He does days, and I do nights, you see, and we have to explain patients' special treatment needs when we hand over to the alternate shift!"

He lowered my gown and tidied the bed. "Do you feel more comfortable now?" he asked. I smiled shyly and nodded. "Is there anything else I can do for you, Anthony?" he asked.

I don't know why I would even think of it, but I did, and I asked him.

"You know my friend Rye -- Ryan -- in the next bed? Well, it must be difficult for him, you know, with his arms in plaster and all. I'm sure he must have a `special need' too. Do you think you could, erm, well, help him out in some way?"

Danny smiled. "What a thoughtful boy you are, Anthony. You must care for him a lot!" he said. I wished I hadn't thought of it now, I don't care, why should I?

"I'll try to get time to bed-bath him before I finish. That should take care of things!" Danny said, smiling, as he drew the curtains back, exposing the ward to me again. He gave me a wink as he left. I glanced over at Rye, who was staring in my direction.

"What'd he just do? You were gasping like nobody's business in there!" he asked.

"Dressing a wound." I said, trying to sound serious, but breaking into a grin at the end.

"You bastard!" Rye hissed. "He was getting you off, wasn't he?"

I relaxed back onto my pillows, now propping me up in a sitting position. That Cheshire cat grin was infectious, I couldn't wipe mine off at all. I expected Rye to throw something else at me, but he didn't. He just turned his back to me.


Breakfast was bloody awful, cornflakes that had been soaking in stale warm milk overnight by the taste, and a cup of what was called tea but never was, and almost stone cold. After it was cleared away, Danny came to Rye's bed and drew the curtains round him. I heard his murmured protest at the proposal of a bed bath, then it went quiet. The only sounds were of a washcloth being wrung out occasionally, and Danny asking Rye to `lift this' or `move there'. Then I heard Rye, quite clearly, say "I'm sorry, I can't help it, that happens sometimes -- what are you doing? Ohhhh!" then silence, other than the occasional gasp.

Just then, Andy appeared at my bed, carrying a sheet and pillowcase. "Howyer doing, Anthony?" he asked. I nodded my `OK' although skin was stretching as I listened to what was happening in the next bed, he smiled and slipped behind Rye's curtain. Rye started to say something, than stopped, and gasped loudly. I distinctly heard a muffled "Mmmmmgghh!" then deep breathing. Two or Three minutes later, Andy swept the curtains open and Danny walked off with the bed-bath bowl, and a crumpled bedsheet over his arm. I could see the grin from the side of his face! Andy stepped over to me, ruffled my hair, then walked off smiling.

"Ant!" Rye hissed.

"Huh?" I turned to him, and saw him grinning. "Thanks!" he said. I shrugged my shoulders as if I didn't know what he meant. However, Danny must have told him who'd suggested it.

"Wish it had bin you, though!" he said.

"In your dreams!" I laughed, which reminded me of my dream last night, and the rude awakening.

"Do yer want yer comic back?" I said, picking it off my locker and tossing it onto his bed. "I've read it, got any more?"

Rye picked one from his locker and tossed it to me, I just caught it before it slid off the bed to the floor. "Thanks." I said. the sudden move made me wince, though.

"What happened, Ant?" Rye asked, noticing my gasp at the pain.

"I'd rather not say, if you don't mind." I said, amazing myself with my sudden outburst of unusual politeness.

"OK." Rye said. I opened the comic and started to read, but sensed Rye was staring at me. After a minute or so, I could feel his eyes and glanced over to him.

His lips moved silently. `I love you' I think is what he mouthed. I lifted the comic to hide my face. `Why?' I thought. ` I don't -' I didn't bother to think the rest, I just read the comic.

An hour or so later, the need to crap pressed urgently upon me. I pressed the bell push on the wall behind me, hoping Andy would answer it. Of course, one of the girl student nurses came instead.

"I need to go." I told her.

"Go where?" the silly girl asked.

"Toilet." I answered curtly.

"Oh, there's a bottle in a holder at the side of the bed, you can use that." she said. A real dumb blonde, this one. OK, I know I'm blond too, but the dumbness only applies to girls, right?

"The other end." I said.

She was halfway through saying `the other end of what' when I burst out with "I need a shit, dammit!" as the pressure started hurting where I'd been repaired. "Apparently I'm supposed to have something to soften it up, so I don't rip open again." I told her.

"I'll go and find out." she said, and walked off.

"What did you mean, `rip open again', Ant?" Rye asked. Fuck, I'd forgotten he was there! I tried to think of what to say.

"Were you raped, Ant? Is that what happened? Who was it?" he fired off at me.

"No, I wasn't raped." I said. "Things just got a bit -- out of hand." I said. "Who it was doesn't matter," I said, but Rye was looking, still expecting an answer. "I don't suppose you'd know him anyway, some friend of Key's."

Andy came up then, drawing the curtains round and saving me further explanation. He told me that the capsule he was going to put inside me would soften everything, and he'd wipe some more anaesthetic cream on to help dull any pain I felt. He stayed for the whole procedure, then washed me down there and creamed it again afterwards. I was more then a little embarrassed having him watch me crap, and the fact that it stank like an explosion at a sewage farm, but I don't think I'd have managed without him.

"God, Ant, what died up your arse!" Rye joked, holding his nose when Andy drew the curtains back. I didn't have time to think of a witty answer before that plain clothed copper appeared at my bed again. He sniffed the air, pulled a face, drew out the chair and sat down at my bedside.

"Good morning, Anthony." he said, over-politely I thought. "Thanks for the lead, it looks as if your Mr. Terry is the man we're after. We found the bottle of cola at his house, with a bit left in it, and other drugs too."

"That isn't `Terror' Terry from our school, is it?" Rye butted in.

"Do you know him, as well?" the copper asked across me.

"We're at the same school." I explained.

"Whee-eew!" Rye whistled. "Was that who -- did you?"

"No!" I said loudly to Rye. "But he was doing something with Colin while Simon and I were talking in the kitchen." I told the copper. Dammit, I'd told him his name now. "Then they came in saying Colin wanted a drink, but I'd had most of it, and I suppose that's what made me do what I did."

"What did you do, Anthony?" the copper asked calmly. I gulped, realising I'd already said more than I wanted to.

"Did you have sex with Colin?" he probed. I nodded, and tears started running down my face as I remembered the pain. "And did he have sex with you?"  I nodded again.

"You're sure it was him did this to you? Not Terry or Ronson?" I nodded a third time.

"Did they do anything?" he kept on with the questions.

"Just watched." I said.

"One last thing, Anthony. Where can I find this Colin?" I looked up at him and realised I couldn't tell him. I just stayed silent.

"Look, all I want to do is put this Terry character away for the drugs. I won't ask any more about the other stuff, even if it means letting Ronson go. Please tell me who the boy is."

I was desperate to get out of this. "Have you asked Mason where he got his pills from?" I asked him.

"He won't say." The copper told me.

"Just ask him if it was Mr. Terry." I said.

The copper thought for a moment. "If he says it was, that might be enough." he said. "There'd be no need to involve your other friend."

"Not a friend." I said. "I only met him the once."

The copper stood up and walked away. No `thanks for the help', or sympathy for my injuries, I'd be stupid to expect that, though.

"Who's Colin." Rye asked. I didn't look, I knew he'd be pouting.

"Key's friend." I said.

"And `Terror' Terry, was it really him, doing stuff to you both?" he quizzed.

"Not to me." I said, still not looking at him. I was remembering what I'd done to Colin, and how I'd wanted it so bad. I wondered if Pie had been the same at Dan's when he was drugged up.

"Whee-eew!" Rye whistled again. "It's all been happening while I've been in here, hasn't it?" he asked with an excited look on his face.

"Leave me alone!" I said and turned on my side, away from him. I was sure I'd end up locked away for what I'd done to Colin if he ever spoke to the coppers. The tears started and I quietly sobbed myself to sleep.


`Every fuckin' time I go to sleep, some cunt shakes me to wake me up', I thought as my arm was held and waggled about. I opened my eyes and saw Mum standing there. I smiled, mentally forgiving the rude awakening.

I turned to sit up and got the shock of my life. Standing at the foot of the bed was Dad.

"Hello, Son." he said. He didn't just say it, he said it with the air of `you're in big trouble now'.

"Dad." I said, as polite as I could make a greeting. And as brief. Mum sat on the chair, and Dad on the bed. "Glad you're home, Dad." I said, hoping to please him.

"Glad you're alive, Son." he said back. Rye sat in his bed, watching us all. I reached up and pressed the bell, and the sister came down.

"Do you think I could get up and sit in the day room?" I asked. "We've got some private stuff to talk through."

"Wait a minute." she said, and went off coming back a minute later with a wheelchair. It had a large sponge ring on the seat, like an oversized green doughnut. She helped me stand, wrapped a dressing gown round me, and sat me in the chair. The ring kept any pressure of my injury. "There you go!" she said. Dad pushed me to the day room at the end of the ward, luckily it was empty. Dad positioned me on one side of a coffee table, and he and Mum sat on the settee the other side.

"Well, what have you got to say for yourself, Anthony?" Dad asked. He seemed somewhat pissed off with me, and I can't say I really blamed him.