A bit more of the tale of urban delinquency, based on the kids we see every day.

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Street Kids


Key rode fast, and I only caught him up when he got to his house. We pushed our bikes round the back, and he unlocked the back door to let us in. He locked the door again and when he turned round I could see his trackies were bulging quite a lot. Mine were too!

"Just `cause I do this, don't mean I'm gay!" he said, setting things straight.

"Nah!" I agreed, "Neither am I! Just a bitta fun!"

He grabbed my bulging trackies and wanked my cock with the cloth. I did the same to him. "Let's go up to my room." He said.

He led me to the back bedroom of the old council house, and once inside he turned on the light and then closed the curtains.

"What'cher wanna do?" he asked. I shrugged my shoulders.

"Dunno. Wanna do this again?" I said, and held his cock through his blue trackies, stroking it slightly.

"Yeah!" he said, reaching out and stroking my tented trackies.

"Well let's do it!" I said. "I don't want to ride home with bursting balls!"

We both shucked our trackies down to our knees and started stroking each other's cocks.

"Ever got blown?" Key asked.

"Yeah, `course!" I lied, not wanting to appear `behind' in my experiences.

"What d'ya think?" he asked.


"D'ya think it's as good as wanking, or not?"

 "'bout the same, I guess!" I said. Trick question!

"You ain't been blown then!" he laughed.

I was angry at him duping me. "OK, so I ain't." I said.

Before I knew it, he was on his knees in front of me licking my cock.

"Hey!" I exclaimed, jumping back.

"S'OK!" he said, "I'm just showing you! You don't have to do me, if you don't want."

Oh but I did want! But I'll just let him -- ohh-h-h! that's -- awesome! He's wanking me with his lips, and licking me with his tongue as well! Oh yeah, this is -- oh yeah! Wow, it's never been this good before, I rolled my eyes back so far I thought they might fall down my throat. My cock tingled, every pore was so sensitive, I've never been so hard! His lips slid my skin down and then up again, then slid more over it -- and over the most sensitive part, the head -- then his tongue swiped over the top and his lips slid back down. Over and over again. Every time got me closer and closer -- oh, I'm gonna --

"Key! Stop, I'm gonna cum now!" I warned him. He pushed an arm between my legs and held my ass, pulling me to him. I was right there, holding back right on the edge, when he pushed a finger between my ass cheeks and touched me -- there!

I looked down at him, his baseball cap on backwards, his trackie jacket open, his trackies down round his knees and his hard cock bobbing as he sucked me. My cock swelled at the sight.

I felt it come, sear up my cock and burst from me. He stayed there, sucking it like a lolly, and I filled his mouth. I've never shot like that before, I know. I felt his mouth move as he swallowed, and I pumped more into him. His finger probed, insistent, urging me to relax back there. I did, and his finger slipped in. I just kept filling his mouth, then he touched something inside and I came even harder than before. My body shook, my legs turned to jelly. How I remained standing I'll never know. When I finished, drained, he sat back on his legs and grinned. He opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue, coated with my cum, then pulled it back,  swallowed and smiled. Drained or not, I squirted two more weak shots onto his t-shirt at that sight.

"Oh, man! That was -- oh, yeah!" was all I could say. I was shaking.

"Wank me, Ant!" Key murmured, kneeling up again.

"D'ya want me to -" I started to say, and formed an "O" with my lips.

"Not now, I'm too close. Wank me, quick!"

I knelt down, still in front of him and pushed his foreskin back. That was all it took. He shot hard, five times, before I could move, straight onto my legs and into the seat of my trackies, down by my knees. I groaned in dismay while he gasped at he release.

"Oh, sorry!" he giggled when he saw it. "Take `em off, we'll wipe it up with a wet cloth then you can hang `em on a radiator to dry."

I rolled over from kneeling to sitting, kicked off my trainers and Key pulled my trackies down and off my legs. We went to his bathroom and with an old facecloth which had seen better days, dampened under the tap, wiped the inside of my trackies then hung them over the radiator to dry.

I was rock hard again, and rubbed Key's trackies (he'd pulled them up to walk here to the bathroom) to show him I wanted to give him the same.

"Suck me now, Ant!" he said. "Please, just once, suck me!"

Just once? I'd do it every day if I could!

I knelt in front of Key, pulled his trackies down and licked his cock. He gasped as I sucked it in, I must be doing it right. I wanked myself slowly as I sucked and licked him, then he said,

"Oh yeah! You do it better than Pie!"

I stopped dead and gazed up at him. "Pie did this to you? I thought he was straight!"

The thought that the kid whose pants I'd most like to get into had already got into Key's, and doubtless a few more, hit me hard.

"Pie? Straight? Yeah, like you can't tell?"

A ton weight crushed my heart, really, right there in my chest. Wasn't I good enough? Why hadn't he done it with me? I thought I would puke there and then. I stood up.

"I don't wanna do this. Sorry." I said, in a spaced out way.

"Oh, thanks!" exploded Key. "I give you the best blow job you've ever had, actually the only blow job you've ever had, then you say you don't wanna do it for me. Thanks, asshole!"

I'm angry too, now. I want to scream `Fuck you!' in his face, but I know it's not his fault. I look at him with angry eyes but feel almost as sorry for him as I do for myself. "Sorry." I say again.

I'm jealous, angry, frustrated. Can he tell by the tear running down my cheek?

"You fancy him, don't you?" he asks, calmly. My emotions are as hidden as the stripes on a burberry cap. I nod slowly.

"Well, well! Our Ant fancies Pie!" he says, only half laughing. I'm still nodding. His eyes say he's trying to understand. I know he never will. His laugh mocks me.

I grab my wet trackies, and pull them on. I run to his room and shove my feet into my trainers, and run from the house. Key just stands in the bathroom doorway and watches, his limp cock and balls still hanging over the elastic waistband of his trackies. I grab my bike, jump on and pedal away hard, down his path, and straight across the road, ignoring the deep howl from a bus's tyres on the tarmac as it almost misses me. I feel the bump but don't fall off, just correct the knock to my back wheel, ignore the driver's swearing and a woman inside the bus's scream, and pedal off even harder. Where am I going? I don't know, I don't care. I don't remember how, but the next thing is I'm sitting on the dirt in that spot behind the bushes on the street corner, bawling my eyes out.


"Here, have a drag!" I see a hand holding a joint in front of me. I take it and pull deeply. I hold the breath, and it does nothing for me, so I blow it out and pull on the joint again.

"I would never have guessed." The voice again. Pie. I look round, and he's sitting beside me, watching me smoke his joint. I offer it back.

"Have it, it's yours." He said. I pull deep on it again, it's half gone now.

"Why him?" I asked.

"Because he let me." He replied. "I told him not to tell anyone, either."

I felt the warmth in my brain, the joint was working. My vision blurred as I looked back at him, his voice was blurred too. I suppose mine was as well, but I wasn't listening to me.

"What wouldn't you have guessed?" I slurred.

"Anything. You're straight." he said. I laughed. It sounded like a sneer, but it was a laugh, honest.

"So are you." I said. I think.

He pushed me on my back, hard, tugged my trackies down enough and took my limp cock in his mouth, licking my sack at the same time. Despite my fuzzy brain, or perhaps because of it, I went hard very quickly. I was aware of what was happening, like a memory, or a dream. It wasn't here, now. Or was it? I lifted my arm and saw the joint was still in my fingers, put it to my lips and pulled again. I had no thoughts or feelings. My other brain, two and a half feet below my head, was working overtime on what was happening to me. It just wasn't telling the rest of my body I was enjoying it.


I took the last pull on the joint, laying on my back, and threw the stub away, leaving my arms stretched out from my shoulders. I closed my eyes, I'd given up seeing with them anyway, and let the feeling swamp over me.

That muscle behind my cock slammed and woke me up cold sober. The oceans of the world blasted out of my sore cock, only it wasn't sore until after I'd finished.  It suddenly felt cold, too, as the air hit it, and my lips felt his, pressing, the tongue between them searching, opening my mouth and the warm sour taste of cum filling it. I don't remember any more.


I woke up sitting on his lap. It was dark, and almost cold.

"What time is it?" I asked.

"Quarter past two." He said, without looking at his watch.

"What happened?" my thirst for knowledge was unquenchable. OK, not when I'm at school it isn't, but now --

"You dragged hard on a whole joint, a strong one, and you passed out." He said. OK, I could patch that together, but that isn't what I meant.

"How come you're here?" I wanted to know next.

"Key phoned me. He's pretty pissed off at you, you owe him a blow job."

"Oh. Yeah."

"But he was worried about you. He wondered if you'd gone to my place. When I said you hadn't, he said I'd better go looking for you before you did something stupid."

About then I realised that I was not only sitting on his lap, he had his arms round me.

"I've already done something stupid." I said. "I let him know I fancied you."

"He's pretty pissed off about that as well!" Pie said, chuckling.

"Why?" I asked.

"He does too!"

I drew a sharp breath. The cold air made me cough.

"No!" I managed to say when my lungs regained their appointed duty. "He's straight, he told me so himself!"

As soon as I said it, I remembered what he'd done to me, and realised the stupidity of my statement. "Oh." I said.


"I'd better go home." I finally said, after taking it all in. "I'll be dead for school tomorrow."

"Don't go then." he said. "Throw a sickie!"

"Hmm." I said. "I'll try. Are you going?"

"Not if you're not!" he smiled.



So I stayed in bed Friday morning. Dad was away (he's a commercial traveller, a `rep' to you and everyone else, he goes all over the country selling, oh, I don't know, fridges to Eskimos, battleships to the Swiss navy, that sort of thing) and Mum was just about to go to work when she realised I wasn't up and dressed. I told her I'd fallen asleep in the park last night, and all my mates had left me there, that's why I was late home and I thought I'd caught a cold. I can cough pretty bad when I want to, and she didn't have time to argue.

Just after ten the doorbell went, I slipped down in just my shorts (yes, OK, I wear shorts in bed. Have you ever been caught naked with a piss hard going to the bathroom in the night by your mum? Never again.) and it was Pie. Grinning all over his face.

"What?" I enquired.

"Key!" he said, still grinning like some cat from Cheshire I read about once.

"What about him?" I asked, closing the front door with him inside.

"Been texting me all night, declaring his loyalty to me!" he said.

"What!" I exclaimed, still a question but more in surprise than anything.

"What have you told him?"

"To ask you." He said. I smiled. I jumped. He'd touched me, or rather my shorts, where they tented out.

"Are you pleased to see me," he joked, "or is that a trumpet in your shorts?"

"You'd better blow it and find out!" I said.

"I hoped you'd say that!" he said as I led him upstairs.


Once in my room, we stripped off quickly. His trainers, a tracksuit and t-shirt don't take long. My shorts were even quicker.

We stood and looked at each other. He was hard. I was hard, hard, HARD.

He took hold of it and stroked it fast. I groaned and my knees sagged. This was the feeling I wanted, I'd always wanted. His hands on my -.

I wrapped my arms round his chest and back, he held my shoulders with his other arm. I held him tight: he pulled me more into him. To the side a bit, so he could carry on doing that what I'd always wanted.

I didn't have to whisper `faster', he knew. I felt it start, the tingle, the pleasure, the best part. Just like the first time I ever did it, but I knew what was going to come now. (sorry!) This was better, and I knew it was going to be better still.

His face turned to me, mine turned to him. I kissed him. I closed my eyes and kissed his lips hard, with a passion that had lain buried so deep inside me I couldn't imagine I was capable of it. I felt my cum explode from me, his hand stopping movement except to pull my skin back hard at every blast, the perfect way to cum.

I opened my eyes and looked down at the lines of silvery cum soaking into the carpet. Wow! Had I cum that much? I suppose I must have!

Pie's cock, pink, straight, hard and beautiful, looked up at me. I've never wanted anything so much in all my life. My hand wrapped round it and stroked it, feeling the warmth, the iron hardness, the perfection of it. I sank to my knees, watching the skin ripple as I stroked it, then I covered it with my mouth. Right in, down my throat. I wanted it to reach my stomach, and right through me, like the skewers go through chickens in the chip shop's rotisserywhatnot. I pulled slowly off, licking the underside with my tongue, then lick-circled the head, round and round.

Pie shuddered. "Oh, Ant, Ant, - ohh-hh-hh!" he gasped. I slipped the head between my lips and still managed to lick the head.

Up and down I went, savouring the taste, the flavour. I held him by his legs and gave him the best I could. Up and down, round and round, suck and lick.

"Ohh-hh-hh! -  I'm gonna -- it's -- Oh!" he breathed just before the first blast hit the roof of my mouth and splashed around inside, and the second blast shot straight down my throat. Pie's hands were in my hair, holding my head still as he humped his cock, only an inch or two, in my mouth. I kept licking: he kept cumming. It was the most awesome pleasure of my life.


Pie lifted me by the arms and we kissed again. "Is this real?" he asked. "I don't have to beg you, or bribe you with joints and beer?"

"What for?" I asked, still licking my lips and swallowing the remains of his cum in my mouth. "I've wanted to do that to you since -- well, more or less since I first met you!"

That was all we said. He gently pushed me back to my bed, and apart from the first step, when I trod in my own cold cum, I spent the best day of my life there. We touched, felt, rubbed and stroked every part of each other's bodies. We kissed, passionately. We got hot, we got hard, we got horny. We wanked each other twice, and sucked each other at the same time. Sixty nine, he called it. I laughed as he explained why. The first wank was incredible -- we just watched each other's eyes as we did it, and we showered ourselves with spunk when we came. We mush have poured out pints that afternoon, on our bodies and down our throats.


We dressed shortly before my Mum was due home, and I made a pot of tea for her as thanks for letting me stay home. I told Pie to say he'd come straight from school (after going home to change, of course!), and I say I felt well enough to go out for a bit, as long as I was home before it turned cold. She'd buy that, I hoped. I wanted to see how embarrassed Rye is after the wank off last night, and I want to parade Pie off in front of Key.

Pie guessed the latter motive, and didn't think it a good idea. I still owed Key, and I didn't want him getting heavy with me in school. We all have reputations, and being gay isn't part of them. It does your cred no good at all.

Reluctantly, Mum let me go out for a couple of hours. We rode off to the park. When we got there, Key and Rye were there already, and stopped talking as we approached. Rye kept looking strangely at me and Pie, I guess Key must have said something to him, but what could he say without giving away his own secret?

I touched knuckles with them, our greeting. "Hey!" I said.

"Hey!" they said back.

"Where were you today?" Key asked.

"Bad cold." I excused. "Stayed in bed. I was out late last night, must have caught it then."

Key guessed the lie. "Was Pie with you?" he asked.

He would have known we both were absent today. He can put two and two together fairly quickly, can Key. No larger numbers, you understand, but two and two comes fairly easily to him. "Some of the time, yes." I reply. Pie just shuffled his feet, uneasily, wanting to end this.

"So what happened last night?" he asked, Rye, to change the subject.

"That queer Dan grabbed me and tossed me off!" Rye spat out. "And these two homos stood and wanked each other off watching." He added. "Then he-" pointing at me, "-spunks on my jacket. Homos, all three of them!"

"Don't tell me you didn't enjoy it, Rye, you wank yourself don't you?" I said. Rye sat silent. "And don't tell me you ain't never had anyone else do it for you, `cause I'll say you're a liar if you do." I added.

"That's different." Rye murmured.

"'Tis not!" I said.

"'Tis!" Rye said.

"How so?" I asked.

"I didn't want him to do it then," Rye answered.

"When do you want him to do it?" I shot back with, beating him with his own words.

He sat quiet, knowing he'd lost.

"Or would you like one of us to do it for you?" I threw in as extra.

"Fuck you! Suck my dick!" he snorted at me. I smiled.

"Yeah, OK!" I said. "Come on, we'll do it behind the bushes!" and held out my hand to help him up. He stayed sitting, glowering at me.

"If he doesn't want to, you can do me instead." Key said, reaching for my hand. I blushed, remembering yesterday evening.

"You ain't gonna let him-" Rye started, then as Key stood up he said, "You fuckin' well are! You really are a couple of queers, ain't yer?"

"Listen, you little shit! I ain't no queer! But if somebody's offerin' to suck dick, I'll be first in line to take it up. If yer ain't never had it, you don't know what you're missin', an' your loss is my gain." Key snarled at him. "Come on, Ant, you ain't gonna chicken are yer?" he said to me.

I hesitated. Key made some clucking sounds and flapped his elbows.

"Don't call me no chicken!" I stormed.

"Come on then!" Key said, and pushed his way through the thick bushes.

I couldn't get out of this, and I did owe him, after all. I shot a glower at Rye, who looked away. I looked at Pie, who just smiled. Defeated myself, I pushed through the bushes after Key.

In the middle of the clump of bushes, he was waiting. "Make it good, and don't bite." He said, coldly. I dropped to my knees as he lowered the front of his trackies. His hard-on pointed threateningly towards me.

"I'm sorry about yesterday-" I began.

"Just do it!" he snapped. I opened my mouth to take his cockhead, and he thrust hard into me. I took him all, down my throat too.

I'd only been sucking a few seconds when I heard the bushes rustle, and Rye appeared.

"Fuckin' hell, you are as well! You're doin' it!" he gasped, obviously thinking I wasn't going to do it. Key's hands were on my head, holding me as he fucked my face. "Oh, yeah!" he sighed, several times.

Rye watched us as Key made all the movements, gasping as he got closer. I saw Rye's hand slide inside his tracksuit bottoms as he got stiff at the sight, and he was gasping almost as much as Key. Suddenly Key pulled my face hard onto him, and shuddered as he shot his cum down my throat.

I couldn't breathe, and forced my head away from Key as he was shooting, his last two shots splattering in my face.

I moved on my knees toward Rye, and grabbed his trackies' waistband and hauled it down, then lunged my mouth to his cock. I licked and sucked as best I knew how, and feeling myself hard and close, pushed my trackies down enough to wank, and gave myself the fastest toss I ever had.

I tasted Rye's cum, sweet and thick, as he shook and his knees sagged with the pleasure, and shot my own load hard at the ground.

"Ohh, ohh, ohh!" is all Rye could say. Key was hard again watching us, wanking slowly.

"Fuckin' hell, Ant, you are gay, Aren't you?" Key gasped.

I licked as much of the cum off my face as my tongue could reach, smiled and said "You complainin'? Was it bad then?", stood and pushed my way out of the bushes. When Key and Rye emerged, they saw Pie kissing me hard, licking the cum from inside my mouth. Their jaws dropped silently.

"Yes, I suppose I am!" I smiled as we broke the kiss.

"You can suppose we both are!" Pie laughed, as he pulled me back and licked the remaining cum from my face.