A bit more of the tale of urban delinquency, based on the kids we see every day.

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From ch 2...

..."Fuckin' hell, Ant, you are gay, Aren't you?" Key gasped.

I licked as much of the cum off my face as my tongue could reach, smiled and said "You complainin'? Was it bad then?", stood and pushed my way out of the bushes. When Key and Rye emerged, they saw Pie kissing me hard, licking the cum from inside my mouth. Their jaws dropped silently.

"Yes, I suppose I am!" I smiled as we broke the kiss.

"You can suppose we both are!" Pie laughed, as he pulled me back and licked the remaining cum from my face.

Street Kids


Our smiles dipped at Rye's next comment. "Fuckin' queers!" he said.

He frowned at us. "You'd better keep your fuckin' hands off me, `cos if you think -"

I thought this was weird, considering what had just happened in the bushes. Whatever Rye's guilt ride was, Pie was having none of it. He grabbed Rye by the coat. "We don't think anything about you, yer little shit!" he spat. "I wouldn't dirty my hands on your pathetic little dick if it were the last one in town. If that's what you think about us, after we've put up with your pathetic whining for the last two years, you can fuck off now. Fuck off down East Street and hang out with the crack heads there, `cos you're no better than they are!" and he pushed him away hard, so hard he stumbled and fell on the ground. "And I didn't hear you complainin' about getting' blown just now! In fact, you seemed to like it a lot!"

Rye's face coloured bright red and I swear I saw a tear run down his cheek as he scrambled to his feet and turned to go. As he turned, he bumped straight into Jay, who had been up to then his best friend.

"Hey, Rye, wassup?" Jay asked.

"Fuck off!" Rye snapped, and pushed him out of his way. Jay grabbed his sleeve, as much to keep his own balance as to keep Rye there.

"What's the matter? What's happened?" Jay asked him, glancing over at us as well.

"Ask them!" Rye growled, nodding his head towards us. "Bunch o' queers. Wankin' each other off every night, I wouldn't wonder!"

Jay looked angrily at Rye. "You callin' me queer too, `cos we did that to each other last week?" he snarled. "You were the one who wanted us to do it, so if anyone's queer, you are, Rye!"

Rye and Jay both looked over at us. Oh yes, we'd heard.

"Begged me to do it, he did." Jay turned to us and explained. "Got me in his bedroom when his brother was out, and straight out asked me to toss him off. What's queerer than that?"

Rye stood there, red faced. He seemed to want to run away, but he knew that if he did Jay would add more to the story than there probably was.

"Shut the fuck up, Jay!" he said. It was true then! What a giveaway!

Jay looked crossly at his `friend'. "Squealed like a girl when he cum!" he added. "Really got off on it, he did!"

"You didn't complain! `Ohh, faster, Rye, I'm nearly there!' you were callin' out when it was your turn!" Rye taunted him back, anger in his eyes now.

I imagined the two of them in Rye's bedroom stripped off and wanking each other. I had my hand in my trackies pocket, tweaking my hardening cock at the thought. I've seen Jay's cock in the gym changing room at school, it's fatter and a bit longer than mine -- I wonder how big it gets when hard? Perhaps I can talk my way into finding out one day soon. I look over at Key -- he's watching the argument intently, and there's a distinct point to the front of his jeans -- and as they're loose, it shows more. He must be as hard as me!

Rye had had enough now, and walked briskly off. As we watched him go, Jay asked "What the fuck was that all about?"

"Fucked if I know!" I said. "I just gave him a blow job and -"

"You did what?" Jay said in amazement.

"It's a long story, but we were winding him up and he said `suck my dick' like he does and I said OK, come on, but then he backed out and Key here said to do him instead, so we hid in these bushes and -"

"You really would have blown him? He wanted me to do that too, but his mum and brother came home and we weren't alone again after he asked me." Jay said.

"Well, I was giving Key his blow and -"

"You actually did it?" Jay interrupted again, looking quite amazed.

"Oh yeah, well, I owed him one and -"

"You owed him a blow? Fucking hell, a couple of days grounded and the whole gang's gone cock mad while I'm away!" was Jay's third interruption.

"D'yer want to hear this or not!" I snapped. I get mad when someone butts in to what I have to say.

"Chill out, Ants!" Jay said, waving his hands to calm me down. "Tell me what's been goin' on!"

"OK, well, after Key cums in my mouth I -"

"In-your-mouth!" Jay exclaims, then realises. "Sorry, but this is all -- well, amazing! What have I been missing!"

I frown at him again. "After, I grab his trackies down and suck him off too. I thought he enjoyed it, but then he starts throwing off at us `cos me an' Pie said yes when Key says we're gay. Then you turn up and, well, you know the rest."

It's starting to get dark now, and I must get home soon to save my ears from mum's nagging about staying out so long when I've not been well. I've got another ache in my trackies that needs taking care of as well, so I say that I'm going and hint to Pie to come along too. We leave Key and Jay with assorted "See yer tomorrow"s, pick up our bikes and walk off. We've only gone a short way when Pie whispers, "Hey, look! I wonder what they're up to!", so I turn and see Key and Jay disappear into the bushes. There's no one around, so we drop our bikes and quietly run round to the back of the bushes, and peer in through the gloom. Key's jeans are down on his thighs and his cock is standing up hard. Jay is unzipping his jeans and he pulls his cock out too. It does get big when hard, as I guessed -- well over six inches from what I can see! And it's thick, too! I wouldn't mind --

"Well just toss it off then!" I hear Jay whisper. "and I'll do yours. But it wouldn't choke you, if yer only took the top half in!"

Key muttered "No way, that thing's a monster!" and their hands went to work on each other.


After a few minutes, there's no way they could see us, it was almost pitch dark now, and we could only just make out what they were doing more by sound then sight. We knelt straining to watch and I felt Pies hand rub the front of my trackies. I looked round, and his were down with his cock standing out, he put a finger to his lips to tell me to stay quiet, so I pushed the front of my trackies down and we wanked each other while we listened to them.

"Ant really sucked you both?" I heard Jay say. "I wish I'd have been here, he could have done me next!" I strained to make out what Key said, but missed most of it. "Better than I thought he'd be!" was all I caught.

I felt proud! Praise for my first ever cock suck!

When I heard Jay say "I'll have to get him to do it to me!" the thought of that huge cock in my mouth while Pie was still wanking me triggered my cum, and I gasped as it burst out and splashed the nearby leaves on the bush.

"What was that!" Key jumped, and pulling his trackies up pushed through the branches toward us.

"It's Ant!" he said, catching sight of me. "Spyin' on us!"

"Watcher doin'?" Jay called.

"Err -- I -" I couldn't think of a reason quick enough.

Jay pushed the branches aside to see as much as he could in the dark.

"Pie's here as well!" he said. "They're tossin' off watchin' us!"

I pulled my trackie front up as Jay and Key came out of the bushes.

"Why've you come back?" Key asked.

"To see what you two were up to!" Pie answered. My hand was still on his erection, which gave away what else we were up to!

We stayed silent for a moment, our secrets (amongst other things) exposed, and all I could think of was Jay's thick cock, which was only a couple of feet away from my face.

I reached out and held it. "Can I?" I heard myself say.

I watched it get closer as I leaned towards him, and my lips surrounded it before he could answer.

I stretched my jaw to take it, just the head and a couple of inches, and I stroked the rest with my hand. Man, was it big! It felt as thick as my wrist! I slid my tongue over the hole and felt Jay tense up, then relax.

"Oh fuck!" was all he said as I wanked and sucked it for a few seconds, then he pushed it hard into me, all the way to the back of my throat. I gagged and pulled away sharp, his cum blasted against my face as I heaved from the touch to my throat.

I held the vomit back as he came again, in my hair this time. I must have turned my head as the retching continued, as I felt the third and fourth shots hit my cheek and ear. By the time I'd recovered, he'd finished, and as I looked round I could just make out Pie, still kneeling and looking astonished, and Key, wanking himself like mad.

With an "Oh -- fuckin' -- yeah!" Key came, shooting straight at me. Some hit my face, but most landed on my jacket and t-shirt.

Jay was laughing, and said "What a fuckin' cum slut!"

I was so turned on I didn't care. I felt Jay's and Key's cum on my face, and licked and tasted what I could reach with my tongue.

"Yeah!" I said as I looked up and smiled. They couldn't see much of my grin in the dark, and they certainly couldn't see my cock pumping cum into my trackies! "I'm the cum slut of your dreams!" I sighed.


It was after eleven when I got home, I ran straight to the bathroom and showered.

"Where've you been till now!" my mum shouted as she hammered the door. "A couple of hours, you said! It's nearly midnight now!"

"Yeah, well!" I called back. "I've been at Pete's, we've been watching a film. I didn't notice the time!" There was no reply, mum doesn't like arguing with doors. I sighed. There'd be more later.

I washed the cum from my hair and face, then soaped myself up. A hot shower always relaxed me, and washed away all the troubles that somehow always loomed on my horizon.

Jay's huge cock, I daydreamed. I'd sucked it and brought him off! I realized I was beating the meat again. Well, I usually did in the shower anyway!

I closed my eyes and replayed the events of the last two days. Rye. Key. Pie. Jay. Wow! I slowed my hand and made it a good one. My cock ached, but I just had to come off again -- yeah! It seared inside as I shot, twice, at the wall. I looked down at my red cock, raw from the attention recently, and felt glad to be whatever you'd like to call what I was.

Even `cum slut'!


I dried myself off and got a clean pair of boxers from the airing cupboard, and pulled them on. I rolled up my cum-covered clothes and took them down to the kitchen to put in the washing machine. When I got there, Mum was sitting at the table drinking a mug of hot chocolate, and another steaming mug was on the table, obviously for me.

"Sit down, Anthony." She said. Here it comes.

I stuffed the roll of clothes into the washer, threw in a soap tablet and switched the thing on.

"I'm tired, I'm goin' ter bed!" I said, picking up the mug.

"Sit down." She said again.

Now mum can rant and rave all she wants, I'm immune to it now, but she spoke in that slow quiet way that means far more than `Or else!'. I slid out a chair and sat, a bit self-conscious because I was only in boxers.

"I've spoken to Peter's mother, he wasn't at school today either. What's going on, Anthony?" she asked, still in the quiet mood.

The sweat on my forehead was probably because of my hot shower, but it was also the giveaway that I'd be found out if I lied now.

"He came round to see me. We played Tank Corps on the computer, that's all." I said, hoping that she'd not heard different from Pie's mum.

"Were there any girls here?" she asked, after a sip of chocolate and a moment's worryingly silent thought.

"No, mum. Why?" As soon as I said it, I regretted asking. It was true, though.

"Are you sure, Anthony?"

"No mum. Er -- I mean yes, I'm sure." I hated mind battles, specially with mum.

"Well something's going on. How did Peter know you were at home?" She stared into my eyes, like I'm sure a police interrogator would do.

Oh. Quick thinking time. Something I'm not good at.

"I phoned him on my mobile as soon as you'd gone. I didn't fancy being on my own all day." I came up with.

She kept staring at me.

"Nothing's going on, mum. Why don't you believe me?" I said. As far as I knew, other than us blaggin' a day off school, nothing was.

The mug slammed down on the table. I watched in shock as chocolate splashed out onto the light pine effect surface.

"Because your room stunk of sex this afternoon." She shouted at me.

"I'm not stupid, Anthony, I know what sex smells like, I've been married for fifteen years." She said, a bit calmer. "I went into your room to get your dirty clothes to wash, and I smelt it. Now do you want to tell me who the two of you have had here while I was out?"

"No one!" I protested. "Honest!"

I lifted the mug to my lips and took a sip. Look calm, that's the way.

"So can you tell me why when supposedly only you and Peter have spent the day in your room, it stinks of sex afterwards?" she stared at me with unblinking eyes as she asked, then her head tilted to one side a bit as she realised the meaning of what she'd said.

The hot chocolate was searing my mouth, but I couldn't swallow. I couldn't even put the mug down. I'd frozen.

"Anthony?" she asked, this time with a concerned voice.

My eyes watered. Not entirely from the hot drink burning my mouth.


"Anthony?" she said again, only half a question I think.

"Yes Mum." I managed to say, having scalded my throat swallowing the chocolate drink.

"Are you -"

"Yes Mum." It was easy enough to repeat.

"- and Peter -"

"Yes Mum." I can make it mean whatever I like.

The rest of the question never came. "Oh." is all she said.

A strange feeling came over me. One that I'm not very used to. Guilt.

We just looked at each other across the table, her face expressionless.

OK, I know she has a hard time. It takes both hers and Dad's wages to keep us out of debt, he's not here most of the time and I know I don't help as much as I could. Or should. In fact, I don't help at all. But I've never seen her like this before, so calm.

What do I say? Anything? Nothing? Should I just go to bed?

"Anthony, you know I love you, don't you?"

She's done this before, usually as a plea for me to change my ways. But now, it's different. I can't just diss her by saying "Whatever", as I usually do because this time I know it's true (not that it wasn't before), I can see it in her eyes. And I certainly need it.

"Yes Mum, I do." I say. I want it to mean `And I love you too'. I think she understands.

The chocolate's a little cooler now, so I take another drink.

"Just be careful, Ant, there's a whole world out there waiting to hurt you." She said.

`Ant?' `Ant!' She's never called me `Ant' before! What's happening?

"I think I'll take this drink up to bed." I said. She nodded. I was halfway to the door when I turned, God knows why, and said, "Thanks, Mum."

Our eyes met for a moment, and then I did something I hadn't done since I was a little kid. I went back and hugged my mother. Her arms around me eased all my worries.

"Make sure I'm up in the morning!" I said as I went through the kitchen door towards my room.

"I will!" I heard her reply.


I sat up in bed, drinking the chocolate and trying to understand what was happening to me. I thought about Pie but it was weird, his image kept changing in my mind to Key, or Jay, and even Rye. I put the empty mug down and settled down, pulling my pillow to my chest and hugging it. Their faces kept flashing through my mind, Pie, Key, Jay (and his amazing huge cock!), Silly, irritating little Rye.

I cuddled the pillow thinking about them all, and with a hard-on I was content not to touch tonight.

Knock-knock-knock. "Anthony -- time to get up!" Mum's voice. I forced open an eye and looked at the clock. Half past seven. Urgh.