Stuttering Sammy


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" Let’s go crazy, crazy, crazy till we see the sun
I know we've only met but let’s pretend it's love
And never, never, never stop for anyone
Tonight let’s get some
And live while were young ” -1D


Author's note:
Over the years, many readers have sent me suggestions and requests for which they have been waiting a long time to see the result. I apologize for that. Inspiration can be a fussy thing. But here’s a new slimy one for now. Hope you like it.


     Sammy thought something was wrong with him. Beside the fact that he could not pronounce a sentence without pausing to catch his breath, he woke up every morning with a stiffie.

   “d d d Dammit…” the ten-year-old boy mumbled, leaping out from under the Spiderman sheets, dashing to shut the door.

Dealing with the stuttering was already plenty enough of an annoyance. He didn’t want to chance the rest of the family noticing the small tent in front of his pj pants. On the embarrassment scale of 1 to 10, Mommy seeing you with a boner rated as a 10. He hurriedly gathered clean clothes to bring to the bathroom. There, it would be safe and private. He would get rid of the problem.

But as Sammy grabbed undies and socks, the reflection of his freckled face in the window caught his attention. It seemed like there were less of the teensy blemishes recently. Were they really disappearing? He took a second to inspect himself closer. The fiery orange hair atop his head was a wreck. The unruly mop stuck up like the wig of a clown. He chuckled. And that’s when he saw him again.

Right across from the side yard, in the upstairs bedroom parallel to his, the teenager was parading shirtless, getting ready for school. Ryan Delovitt, fifteen, without a doubt, the weirdest boy on the street.

Most mornings, Sammy didn’t see the curly-haired neighbor. But on the mornings when their gaze met, the tall boy immediately gave him the finger. Then, he strolled to the window, pulled down the front of his boxers and shook his hips.

From that distance, Sammy could only make out a blurry dark patch of pubes and something that looked like a very limp sausage flopping all about. It was a confusing spectacle of exhibitionism. And obviously, Ryan did not have the same boner issues when he woke up.

Sammy often wondered why Ryan did that. They didn’t know each other. They didn’t even exchange a glance when they crossed each other on the sidewalk. What had he done to deserve such provocation? Was it because Ryan hated redheads? Or did he despise younger kids altogether?

That Tuesday, their gaze met. Ryan repeated the same bizarre ritual, a finger and a naked dance. Sammy returned the obscene gesture, lifting his middle finger at the gangly teen. Then, he headed to the bathroom, cursing under his breath, “f f f Fuck k k off.”


   Behind the locked door, Sammy breathed a sigh of relief and took off his pjs. A little bit of sticky white stuff had soiled the crotch area. “spe spe Spermies!” he muttered, throwing the dirty nightwear in the hamper.

His little dick was so hard that it ached. The foreskin had retracted completely under the crown of the reddish head. He touched the slope above his stiffie, checking for hair, nothing. So far the fuzz had only sprouted on his upper lip. Something he was still proud of, considering only a few other ten-years-old boys in the fifth grade displayed the same sign of maturity.

As he approached the toilet bowl, he pulled his boner down and let it snap a few times on his belly. His big sister was already banging on the door.

   “In in IN A MIN…” he began to shout and then gave up mid-sentence to focus on peeing.  

The stream of urine splashed all over the area of the toilet bowl. Sammy tried to aim the piss at the water but it was impossible to control his rebellious little whizzer. He leaned forward, raised his bare butt, managing to hit the seat. Close enough. There were more pressing things to do.

He grabbed a bar of soap, turned on the shower and jumped underneath it. The warm water caressed his delicate skin, running down the nape of his neck, then his naked back, between the cheeks of his scrawny butt, cascading in rivulets on his inner thighs, right down to his dainty feet. He washed himself quickly, hearing his big sister bang on the door again.

   “You’re gonna USE UP ALL the HOT water, LIL’ BASTARD!” she yelled.

Sammy scrambled to scrub all the zones he usually covered. But despite the urgency of the situation, when the moment came to wash his behind, he let the bar of soap linger in the smooth crack of his butt. The sensation of the slippery cake rubbing against his bum hole was so good. With his forehead on the tiles of the wall, he moaned softly, pressing the bar of soap on the opening. The tingles soared and all his naughty parts were fully awake.

Soon, it wasn’t enough. He spread his feet in the tub and bent slightly. His soapy fingers did magical things back there, one at first, deep in the folds of his pucker. Then, he shoved a second one in and the tight ring clamped down on both digits.

Whimpering noises escaped his lips as he stabbed his tiny fingers hard into his anus. Sometimes, he didn’t even need to touch his dick in order to cum. The pleasure would flood his febrile body strictly from the crude stimulation. But that day, his annoying teen sister was ready to kick the door down.

   “I SWEAR I’m gonna KILL you!” she barked.

Sammy expeditiously tugged on his erection with one hand and continued to finger fuck himself. “Unnnghhh!” His legs trembled. “Unnnghh!” His muscles tensed up. Relief came fast. His balls contracted and the wonderful jolts electrified his penis.

Finally, it was softening.


   Sitting at the breakfast table, Sammy manifested little appetite for his bowl of Alphabits. He stared at the little letters floating on the surface of the milk. Some of them he could not enunciate without stammering like 'M', 'D', 'T' or 'C'. The efforts required to say the words containing those pesky throat blockers exhausted him.

He had combed his short hairdo neatly, separating the orange mane right down the middle. Despite this, his mom fixed it. "So have you thought about joining the soccer team?" she asked out of the blue.

  "n n No." Sammy retorted.

  "It would do you good. You could make friends, uh. It would build your confidence. Aren't you tired of being alone all the time?"

The little boy diverted his eyes to his shoelaces. He already cultivated enough anxiety facing the schoolmates who always teased him and called him a dummy because of his speech impediment. He certainly didn't want more kids to gang up on him!

  "I I I'm okkay, m m mum," he said, already panting. "d d d Don't-"

  "-worry?" his sister finished the phrase. The one thing Sammy hated the most. Teenage girls could be such bitches.

  "Concentrate," his mother raised her voice. "Try to think of the syllables before you say them. You can do this!"

The little redhead opened his mouth, but only a strange throaty noise broke the silence. The spoon in his hand started shaking, clacking against the bowl. The nostrils of his button nose flared and his ears turned red. Luckily his dad came to the rescue, deigning to withdraw his eyes from the morning paper.

  "Don't pressure him," he said in a reasonable tone. "You'll make him nervous and it's going to be worse.”

   “Can’t we send me away to a place where they will cure him?” Sammy’s sister butted in. “Maybe they can give him some shots or something?”

Sammy turned to her, silently sticking his tongue out in the rudest way.

The rest of the week was uneventful. Nothing much ever happened in Sammy's daily routine, except for the random taunting that came with being a social outcast. He sailed through the days, content with the monotony of solitude, never expecting life would throw him his first very own curveball.

Coming back from the library for supper, the young bookworm found Ryan Delovitt sitting on the couch. His arm was wrapped around his sister's shoulders. Sammy froze at the entrance of the living room. No way! His sister was dating him?

Noticing his arrival, she unglued her eyes from the TV for the dispassionate introductions.

   "This is my dorky brother Sammy," she declared flatly and turned to the kid. "This is Ryan, my new boyfriend. He lives next door."

   "Hey," the teenager piped up and put a hand on his crotch.

Sammy remained petrified, as if he'd seen a ghost. Ryan ogled at him with his evil beady eyes and that revolting crooked smile of his. This could not be happening? It had to be a nightmare? Sammy trotted away to his bedroom without saying a word, glancing back at the teen couple in disbelief.

From then on, Ryan frequently came around to smooch with his sister. It was odd to have the older boy there, so close. The weird neighbor wore frayed jeans and faded tee-shirts of unknown rock bands. His sneakers were ugly purple Converses. He was always polite and never did anything that would reveal his true personality in front of mom and dad.

But Sammy knew the other side of Ryan. For that reason, he cautiously planned his trips in the house in order to avoid the intruder. Inevitably, they bumped into each other in the hallway. On those occasions, the tall boy would lean over and whisper nasty things, "Your sister was a big slut last night!" or "Did you know your sister swallows?"

It enraged Sammy. He couldn’t talk back because his voice would surely fail him.

With time, he began obsessing about everything Ryan said or did.  He wondered what it would be like if he was his sister? He pictured Ryan kissing him. He could see the naked teenager with his big hairy dick. His hands were touching him, groping his butt and his privates.

One evening, before he dozed off, the fantasy aroused Sammy. His hand snaked under the elastic of his pjs to pull on his stiff little pecker. He masturbated gradually faster. The pleasure was soaring.

Then he stopped abruptly, shaking his head to cleanse his mind of the vulgar teenager. Why did the older boy affect him so much? Sammy shut his eyes hoping sleep would spare him the humiliation of this awful infatuation. But he couldn’t help himself. His fingers returned to his boner, tugging and tugging on the little piece of hard flesh.

The sudden grip of ecstasy paralyzed him on the mattress. “Unnnggh!” he groaned, staring at his crotch where his little dick twitched back and forth. A single droplet of milky fluid formed on the tip of the head.

Relieved, he idly fondled his silky nut bag, taking a moment to float on the peaceful vibes that numbed his brain every time he came.


   Whenever Ryan dropped by the house Sammy’s soul swung between repugnance and attraction. He spied on the teen couple, watching them make out. The curly-haired teen sucked his sister’s face until their lips were red and swollen. They caught him repeatedly and his sister called him a ‘Peeping Tom’.

Strangely, on Sunday, the lovebirds let him watch a movie with them. Sammy sat quietly on the couch next to the older kids, feeling accepted.

In the middle of the horror flick, his sister went to the kitchen to make popcorn. Alone with the unpredictable teenager, Sammy’s hands became clammy. He started to shift uncomfortably on the cushion, fiddling with the hem of his shorts. He stared at his socks, knowing Ryan was glancing sidelong at him. The sudden pain of the punch on his arm shot up like a strike of lightning.

   “Oww!” he cried out, retaliating right away, throwing his small fists at the teen's jaw.

The older boy avoided the meek jabs and chuckled. The next instant, they were rolling off the couch for some serious roughhousing.

   "You're a feisty one!" Ryan commented. “I’m gonna enjoy beatin’ you!”

Sammy growled. His heart was thumping madly. He flailed his short legs, bucking and kicking. After a few good hits, he figured he would triumph. But Ryan easily flipped him over and pinned him down on the floor. Sammy suppressed a scream of pain. He didn't want to alert his sister. He was old enough to take care of himself. She probably would just sneer, anyway.

Ryan's body pressed hard on top of him. The teen's tongue invaded his ear and wiggled there, bathing it with saliva in a most disgusting fashion.

   “D’ya like my version of a wet willy?” Ryan said.

  “Arggghhh!” Sammy growled some more.

Chin on the carpet, he tried to escape, to no avail. The big hands held his wrists tightly. There was no possible way to fight back. He felt the mass move over him. The victor was dry humping him, grinding his groin on his butt. The pressure of the weight crushed his little boner painfully against the floor.

    "g g get off f me!" he whined.

    "Hmmmmmmmm you’re so skinny," Ryan cooed, and with a syrupy hushed voice he added, "You know what? I'd love to fuck you up the ass."

Sammy summoned all the energy he could muster and finally wriggled out of the grasp of the barbarian. He darted away, glancing back to see if Ryan was chasing after him. The teenager rested on his flank, snickering, his tee-shirt bunched up exposing the faint line of hair that went up to his belly button.

   "You'r r re an n ass ss sshole!" Sammy raged at a good distance.

   "Oh, come on. Don't be a pussy. You're such a stuck-up kid, that's why you don't have any friends." Ryan said calmly.

   "That's ss n n not t t true," he countered.

   "Come back, I wanna play with you. I promise I won't rape you."

   "n n n No!"

Ryan chuckled again. "I bet you don’t even jerk off yet. You're hopeless."

Sammy felt the heat of tears rushing to his eyes. He clenched his fists, angry with himself, angry with the world, angry with everything he could not understand.

   "I'm a nice guy," Ryan continued. "I know exactly what could help you make a lot of friends. If you come to my house after school tomorrow, I'll give it to you. Okay?"

   "Wha wha what is s s it?" Sammy asked, prompted by his natural curiosity.

   "It's a secret." Ryan murmured. "All you have to do is suck my dick to find out."


   The room was a cluttered mess and a Peavey amplifier took up more than half of the space. It reeked of feet and pot smoke. Some fast food bags and soda bottles littered the floor. On the walls of the teenager’s bedroom, giant posters of album covers served as decoration. The most original ones, Nirvana’s ‘Nevermind’ for instance and some truly disturbing ones like ‘Butchered at Birth’ by Cannibal Corpse.

Ryan lounged on his unmade bed, wearing only a pair of boxers and white socks, waiting for the kid to show up. He was convinced Sammy would come. If there was one thing he could state as an absolute certainty, it was that men and boys were all horny hogs ready for action.

After all, he had had many encounters with straight guys acting all macho who suddenly morphed into raging cocksuckers as long as they were secure with the fact their secret wouldn’t be divulged. Also, he had had many sexual experiences with younger boys, starting with his six-year-old brother.

The tyke kept pulling down the front of his shorts to expose his stiffie. He would say stupid things, “My weenie is angry, it doesn’t wanna go down!” or “My weenie is telling me to look at the sky!” 

Ryan grew impatient of the small boy’s ignorance. He gladly performed his brotherly duty, teaching him how to yank it and get the most out of it. From then on, the youngster was hooked. He pestered Ryan for more games that made his body feel nice. Within three weeks, the scamp was taking cock in one hole or the other and loving it.

Ryan, then thirteen, couldn’t believe his luck. He had his own real live sex doll to put in practice what he’d learned about sex. Perhaps, the greatest wish of all pubescent boys spinning in their hormonal cyclone.

His folks didn’t ask too many questions when he suddenly changed his attitude and gladly agreed to babysit, whereas before he fussed. They couldn’t possibly conceive a good kid like Ryan utilized that time to have buck naked hardcore sex with the second born in every room of their home.

During those evenings, Ryan never held back. He banged his kid brother’s tiny bottom real good. The tyke craved it and even invited friends over to learn all the joys of sex with his cool big brother. Before long, Ryan became somewhat of an elementary school legend. Over the span of two years, he sodomized at least twenty little boys, most of them half his age.

Things got out of hand. There were so many children coming to the house, Ryan feared neighbors would get suspicious. So he put a stop to it, choosing to take on the frustrating and often fruitless endeavour of dating girls like all the other guys in his class.

He would make an exception just this once for his girlfriend’s brother. The kid was a spaz, a creepy lil’ freak in need of all the help he could get.

When the doorbell rang, he grinned wickedly.


   The steps squeaked as they headed upstairs. Ryan guided the little boy, hands on his frail shoulders, making sure he would not chicken out. Inside the bedroom, he closed the curtains and turned to the kid, “Strip out of your clothes.”

   “n n Now?” Sammy peeped.

   “Yes, of course now.” Ryan snapped back. “I’m doing you a favor here, let’s go!”

With that, Ryan sat on the bed and observed his young guest. The kid kicked off his running shoes and removed his socks. Then he took off his polo shirt. Ryan’s eyes roamed on the little redhead’s thin chest. Sammy was so white. And there was a constellation of beauty marks on him. If it wasn’t for his nervous stuttering, the kid would surely fit in, since he was pretty cute.

The little boy’s eyes were clear blue and a constant expression of inquisitiveness illuminated his narrow freckled face. The cleft in the middle of his bottom lip made his mouth look very sexy. Ryan couldn’t wait to see those beautiful lips wrapped around his cock.

Once nude, Sammy fidgeted on the spot, visibly repressing the reflex to cover his childish package with both hands. Ryan glimpsed at the kid’s limp boyhood. It was elegant and without much foreskin. The pee-slit gleamed in the tiny wrinkled donut of skin. He knelt beside the boy, running his hand softly on the back of his leg all the way up to his perky buttocks.

   “I’ll show you how to do it,” he said, lowering his head to kiss the smooth skin around the pink genitals.

He zoomed in closer and closer brushing against the small boyhood. Once in a while his tongue extended to swipe at the little scrotum. After a while, he locked his lips around the base of the kid’s penis and suckled gently. The delectable little thing throbbed, hardening rapidly.

   “Ohhhmmm hmmmmmm ohhh! Ohh!" Sammy moaned.

Ryan knew the boy was hooked. All little kids loved to have their dicks sucked by him. He bobbed his head, going down until he bumped against the hairless mound then siphoned noisily on the way up. In between his sucking, he flicked his tongue at the rubbery peg now sticking straight up.

Sammy’s high pitched moans were intensifying. Ryan continued for a while, both hands on the kid’s buns, drawing him into his sucking mouth. He didn’t want the kid to cum and stopped to remove his boxers.

   “Come over here,” Ryan called the boy, sitting on the bed and spreading his knees apart.

Much to his pleasure, Sammy obediently got down and crawled to him. Ryan scooted closer to the edge of the mattress, flaunting his hard-on at the boy’s face. Sammy came nearer and paused to examine the six inches of turgid flesh emerging out of a bush of dark wiry hair.

   “Grab it,” Ryan instructed. “Okay, now pull on the foreskin and lick the head.”

Sammy giggled, doing what he was told.

   “That’s it, you’re doing awesome!”

Ryan grinned widely seeing the kid stick his tongue out and twirl it around the bulb of his dickhead. His red lips were glistening with pre-cum.

   “Put it in your mouth and suck on it. It’s easy, uh?” Ryan stated. “You just gotta make sure to keep your teeth out of the way.”

Sammy giggled again before slipping the big boner in his little mouth. The teen groaned feeling the moist embrace of the lips sliding down the shaft. His eyes fixed on the boy’s mouth he surveyed the blow job intently. Sammy certainly wasn’t shy around cock. He slurped on the flesh, and nibbled the mushroom head. All of a sudden, he began to move his head fast, sucking and sucking constantly.

   “Ohhhh shiiitt wow! Yessss!” Ryan raved. “Put as much as you can in your mouth!”

The kid got a steady rhythm going. He leaned over the teenage erection and went down on it fast and furious. Ryan threw his head back, basking in the pleasure, shocked that the little ten-year-old spaz was devouring his cock so ravenously.

    “Ohhh gawd! Keeping going like this and you’ll get my secret gift pretty soon,” he announced, rising to his feet.

Standing over Sammy, Ryan flexed his knees, aligning his crotch with the kid’s chin. At this point, he didn’t need to tell him what to do anymore. Sammy cupped the pendulous ball bag in one hand and fondled it. With the other, he stuffed his mouth with the dangling piece of hard meat, sucking it at once.

Ryan enjoyed seeing the kid kneeling submissively, his narrow mouth full of cock. He pushed a bit, cramming more flesh into the stretched lips. The pleasure was mounting fast, weakening his legs. Sooner than later he would feed a nice load to this hungry little boy! He could feel the sauce boiling in his balls, ready to explode. The relentless stimulation was unbearable.

He slipped both hands behind the kid’s head and locked the little mouth on his prick.

   “Orrhh! That’s it! Yeahhh! Swallow my cum like your sister does!” he blurted out.

Just as the sentence ended, the first blast erupted, followed by the thick jets of gooey sperm that always made his brain turn to mush. He looked down at the little boy. Sammy’s eyes were wild and aghast as he gulped down the abundant spunk clogging the entrance of his throat.

Ryan didn’t care. He held the kid’s head between his thighs, emptying his hairy balls. The firm cheeks of his pale ass clenched with every blissful spurt of cum and the echo of hoarse grunts soared throughout the house. “Urrgh! Urgh! Urrggggghhhhhhh!”


    Sammy raced home and unlocked the front door. He climbed the steps two at a time. In his room, he lowered his shorts and undies to the knees. His fist fervently pulled on his boner. The salty taste of Ryan’s cum still coated his tongue. It had been so exhilarating to be naked with the older boy. It had been so dirty good to touch his dick and put it in his mouth for real!

A few flicks of the wrist and the convulsions of pleasure overtook him. He yelped, collapsing and writhing on the floor, his bare butt springing.

After his bumpy climax, Sammy inspected the bracelet Ryan had given to him. It looked like any other ordinary bracelet. Two leather strings, black and red, braided together. He questioned how the silly wrist band would help him make buddies even though Ryan had said, “Wear this. My little brother has one and he has lotsa friends. Trust me!”

At that moment, it just seemed to Sammy like the teen had fabricated a pretense to get him to suck his dick. Nonetheless, he decided to keep the bracelet on, just in case it might possibly work.

The next day at school, Sammy noticed a couple other boys sporting an identical bracelet. During recess, he moseyed near them but they didn’t even acknowledge his presence. The clock ticked. No one talked to him.

When the bell rang at three, he grabbed his lunch box and schoolbag. For a while, he hung out by the lockers, watching the turbulent crowd in the hallway, hearing their screams and shouts. Everyone ignored him. Sad and dejected, he walked out, alone again.

At the corner of Hemlo Avenue, a boy ran up behind him and tapped his shoulder.

   “Hey Sammy,” he heard the cheerful voice.

Turning his head to greet the boy, he smiled. “Hi, Ad d dam!”

   “Do you wanna come to my place?” the boy proposed with a sly grin. “We can have some fun…”

Sammy beamed, withholding the urge to giggle. Adam was the cutest boy at school. He had shiny blond hair and full lips. The popular kid was older by a few months. He was class president and the only one able to climb all the way to the top of the rope hanging from the ceiling of the gym, somewhat of a heroic feat amongst fifth graders.

    “Yes ss s, sshh shh sure!” Sammy said eager to be with the golden mini god.

On the way to Adam’s house, Sammy’s eyes were aglow as he half-listened to his new friend chatter endlessly about sports and stuff. Inside his bedroom, the blond boy hugged him and started kissing him on the lips. Together they shared a long embrace sticking their tongues in each other’s mouth. Sammy could feel Adam’s hands down the back of his underwear, kneading his buns. No one had ever demonstrated that much sensuality with him.

From the corner of his eye, he scanned the room. There were flags of football teams on the wall and shelves bending under the weight of trophies over a small bed and next to it a bigger one.

Adam broke the kiss and adjusted the front of his shorts. “I’m so horny! Let’s get naked and suck our dicks before my brother comes home from training.”

Sammy shed his clothes quickly and joined the other boy on his bed. They rolled and caressed their vibrant bodies, skin on skin, legs entwined. Sammy was impatient to impress his new pal with his oral abilities. He pounced on the other boy’s dick gobbling it up right away. Adam’s penis wasn’t much bigger than his. It fit entirely in his mouth.

    “Geez, you’re horny too.” Adam remarked.

The blond boy shifted into the sixty-nine position and began slurping as well. Sammy appreciated the concept of working their little hard-ons at the same time. They were united. At times, he licked Adam’s hairless balls lazily, shutting his eyes, just enjoying for a moment, the sensation of the cute boy’s lush lips sliding wonderfully on his rigid little penis.

Adam’s dick was circumcised. The head looked like a tiny helmet. Sammy liked to swirl the tip of his tongue all around it as if it was a piece of candy before suckling it again with his moist little mouth.

Everything was going great until Sammy noticed a shadow on the wall. A yelp of fright squeaked out of his mouth and Adam’s penis popped out. His face reddened when he saw the seventeen-year-old hunk burst in the room.

Adam’s big brother acted like nothing was going on. He removed his tee-shirt nonchalantly, revealing a chiseled chest drenched in sweat.

   “You lil’ horndogs having fun?” he asked.

   “Yeah,” Adam said. “Didn’t think you’d be back this early…”

   “Well I’m here and I got something meatier for you two.” he boastfully said, pulling down his jogging pants and briefs in a swift flamboyant gesture.

Sammy couldn’t take his eyes off the jock. Ethan was a projection in the future of what Adam would look like; a blond stud with tanned skin, thick biceps and a stomach rippling with muscles.

He followed his new pal, bounding to the feet of the statuesque teen. For the second day in a row, he had a big schlong in front of his eyes! This time, the cut dick was simply enormous and it had not risen yet. The fat white appendage hung under a patch of yellow hair along with a huge pair of balls. The spicy odor of Ethan’s manly package tickled his freckled nose.

Adam began rubbing his lips on the side of shaft. Sammy aped the other boy’s initiative taking the other side. Together they licked and nibbled the swelling flesh. Sammy wrapped his fingers around it to feel how heavy it was. He licked the cockhead, running his tongue over the ridges. Ethan hissed with pleasure for the first time when he hit the underside of the crown. He could see the teen’s belly quiver as he twirled his tongue. The huge penis hardened and curved upward.

   "Go ahead, take it in your mouth," Ethan suggested. "All the way in."

Sammy hesitated a moment. Then he leaned forward and swallowed until the dickhead nudged the back of his mouth. There was no way he could take this entire monster. He almost gagged as the mass grazed the inside of his throat. Ethan’s erection was surely eight inches long. He backed off and focused on doing his best to suck the most inches.

   “Oh yeahhh, hmmmmm,” Ethan moaned. “Your friend’s pretty good at sucking cock.”
   “Lemme do it.” Adam squawked.

Sammy let go of the prick with regret. He sat on his heels and played with his stiffie watching the eleven-year-old boy suck his big brother. Adam stuffed more and more meat into his little mouth with each passing minute. It was obviously something he did often.

Ethan pushed his cock further in, holding the back of his brother’s head. Adam’s cheeks started to bulge out grotesquely. His slim neck ballooned like a frog's throat, making room for the massive cock. Excess spittle drooled out the corners of his mouth. Sammy gawked at the scene, amazed that a boy as young as him could swallow a dick that big all the way to the balls, without choking.

Ethan fucked his brother’s face a few minutes. He pulled out of his brother’s throat and they all moved to the big bed where the teenager hopped between their spindly legs to suck their stiff weenies. Sammy thought it was funny to see the wild jock, a hand on both their nut sacs, jumping from one boner to the other.

     “Hmmmm your sweet little dickies taste like cookies!” he said.

The next moment, Sammy was on all four, sandwiched between the two brothers, sucking Adam’s penis again while Ethan took care of his stiff pecker from behind. All the attention he was getting made him feel good like he was tumbling in fluffy marshmallow clouds. Perhaps it was true that the bracelet was a friend magnet?

The temperature in the room heated up. The sounds of their moans mingled in a cacophonous symphony. Sammy bobbed his head on Adam’s erection. Meanwhile, Ethan smacked his bottom gently and sucked his little dick and balls.

   “Damn. Your friend’s ass is so hot!” Ethan commented, pushing his face into the crack of his butt.

Instinctively, Sammy dropped his shoulders on the mattress and clutched a cheek in each hand, prying his butt open, giving access to his hole. The teen ran the flat of his wet tongue in the smooth furrow. He circled his bum hole, teasing it cruelly. When the tongue made contact with the puckered hole, Sammy groaned. A shudder ran through his body.

   “You like this, uh?” Ethan asked.

In response, a mewling sound came out of Sammy's throat. He felt the tongue become more aggressive. It started to drill. He loosened his sphincter in the same way he did when he finger-fucked himself. Ethan was going at it insanely back there, thrusting his tongue in and out like a piston, nose snorting between his buns, mouth slobbering on his hole so much that a dribble of saliva trickled down to his balls.

Dazed by the sloppy assault, Sammy didn’t even feel it when Ethan spit twice on his quivering opening. The teenager also took advantage of his relaxed disposition and pressed the tip of his hard-on on his unsuspecting orifice. The plump cockhead popped in.

    “Unnnnnnnnnnnggggggggghhhhhhh” Sammy let out a long wail. His fingernails dug in the skin of his buttocks as the wide pole sank deeply into him. He winced continually and his toes curled up in reaction to the brusque invasion.

The muscular teen started to thrust into him. At first, a spontaneous resistance overtook Sammy. The thick cock slid downward into his guts. His enflamed passage rippled and his virginal anus gripped the fullness forcing itself in again and again.

   “Ohhhrr! Your shithole’s so fucking tight!” Ethan cried out, swaying his hips. “It’s strangling my fuckstick like crazy!”

After two minutes, Sammy gnawed the bed sheets, panicking. He doubted that he would be able to sustain the pressure of the repeated lunges much longer. Yet, it felt so good to have Ethan’s huge pulsing cock inside him. He wanted so much to please the sexy hunk and not look like a dork in front of Adam. As difficult as it was, he tried to relax. His hole seemed to get used to it faster than he did.

   “Fuck him harder.” Adam said, playing with his erection on the side.

The big hands grasped Sammy’s shoulders. Ethan adopted a faster rhythm, shoving his body forward and pulling him backward by his shoulders. And so Sammy started rocking back and forth with the vigorous pumping. Tingles danced inside his little boner. He thought he would come right then from the enormous stabbing mass inside his rectum.

    “Ooohhh ooohhhh ooohhhh” he hooted.

    “I wanna fuck you HARD soooo bad,” Ethan said. “You think you can handle it?”

    “Yesss.” Sammy hissed.
The intense rutting turned even more brutal. Ethan’s cock pounded deeper, stretching his hole painfully. “Urggggnhhh! Urgghhh! Urghhh!” he grunted.

    “Ohhh yesss,” Ethan bit his lower lip. “Almost there, yessss, I’m gonna stick it all in, Yesss, Ohhhhh!”

Sammy’s entire body stiffened. The teenager’s heavy balls began slapping against his butt crack. His small body was shaken so much that he could only catch glimpses of what was going on when he pivoted his head. Brief peeks of the crazed stud squatting over the small of his back, driving all eight inches of his cock into his little rear end.

   “Geez, you’re nailing him!” Adam remarked, his eyes glued on the action.

   “Ohh, damn that’s good!” Ethan cheered. “Yesss, take my big cock! You like it, uh? You like that big hard fuckstick ramming in your lil’ boy hole?”

   “Yesss,” Sammy screamed. “Fuck my butt!”

It took a few seconds for him to realize his outburst had been flawless. He had not stammered at all. Had he?

   “Fuck my butt!” Sammy said again as if he was hearing his voice for the first time.

   “FUCK MY BUTT! FUCK MY BUTT!” he repeated in loop

A great feeling of joy overwhelmed him. Tears of happiness welled up in his eyes. He was cured! He could speak normally now! How the hell was he going to explain that to his mom?

  “Ohhrr, you’re getting into now!” Ethan laughed.

And for the next minutes, the crisp noise of flesh banging against flesh filled the room. Sammy bit the sheets again. His knees were bouncing on the mattress. His feet were wagging in the air. Ethan roared like a bull, banging his little ass like a mad man. Then, he suddenly groaned, “ORGGHH!”

Sammy felt the first spurt of hot semen gush inside him. He let out a plaintive howl and his legs shivered. As the sauce spilled in his bowel, his little dick twitched. He saw Adam pull on his pecker and climax too. A luminous grimace of pleasure contorted his beautiful face. The three of them were groaning and cumming together.

Time seemed to stand still as they trembled, enraptured by their respective orgasms, each one hollering louder than the other at every higher peak on the ascending curb of ecstasy, then crying like wounded animals during the fall from grace.

Sammy winced when Ethan pulled out of his sore bum hole. A glob of spunk bubbled out of the distended ring. He stretched on his side, his fingers tentatively touching between his butt cheeks, assessing the damages. The sight of his new friends all happy and energized comforted him. They were catching their breaths and smiling grandly.

Ethan patted his chest like a gorilla. “Man, that was a great fuck!” he raved. “What’s your name?”

The little redhead raised his chin proudly and said, “sss ss sss Sam m m my.”


THE END     

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