Summer Adventures
by Sk8r

The following story contains sexual content not intended for those under the legal age. Parts of this story are based on real people and events, but unfortunately, the juicy parts aren't true (I wish).  Many thanks to Clone3 for the original "Hypnotic Night" stories; they are my favorites and I wish more would be written! I'm not attempting to write my own "Hypnotic Night" story, but am just using the idea as a jumping off point. Comments and suggestions are always welcome at

Part I - Kyle

Kyle yawned and rubbed his eyes as he looked at the clock beside his bed. 9:37 AM. It felt good to sleep-in now that 8th grade was finally over for the year. Turning from the clock, Kyle looked down his smooth chest to the slight tent in the sheet that was draped just past his belly button. He brushed his finger tips lightly over his pink dime-sized nipples and groaned softly as the tent in the sheet grew larger. Kyle's thoughts drifted to last night when he was reading some hot stories on the internet about kids his age messing around. He was especially tuned on by the series of stories in the Nifty Archive called "Hypnotic Night," where one boy would fake being under hypnosis and was then be taken advantage of by various other boys. As his hands trailed down his chest and slid under the sheet, Kyle wondered if that trick would work on any of his friends. Would he have the guts to try it out tonight when he slept over at Brett's house?

He didn't have time to finish the thought as knocking started at his door.

"Kyle, honey, you've slept long enough," said his mom through the door. "I need you to mow the lawn before you go out with your friends."

"Okay mom I'm up," giggled Kyle at his double meaning. He gave his hard tool one tug before throwing back the sheets and rolling out of bed.

The 14 year old stood in front of his full-length mirror and looked over the reflection that stared back at him. He was psyched that he had hit 5 feet, 11 inches in height that spring, and with his fast metabolism, he could eat anything and stay at 155 pounds.

His light brown hair was cut short which meant he didn't have to worry about it much in the mornings. His time spent out on the lax fields that spring had given him a bit of a tan and spread a dusting of freckles on his face. Those endless hours of throwing the ball around with Brett, Josh, and Bryan had caused his chest to fill out with some definition and give him the beginnings of a six-pack. He hadn't really realized how hot he was beginning to look until he had been at the town pool last weekend and realized how many people, girls and even some guys, had been eying his hairless chest.

Thinking about the looks he got at the pool caused his dick to stiffen even more than it already had. Kyle fondled his balls and ran his hand up his 5 1/2 inch cut shaft. He liked how he had a small patch of brown curly hair above his dick, but nothing yet on his low hanging balls. He pulled down he shaft so it was pointing straight out and then let go so that it slapped up against his belly. Kyle continued looking down to his solid thighs built from all that running in lax and skating in hockey. And while he had almost no hair on his thighs, there was a light dusting of hair on his lower legs. His feet were a size 13 and Josh had told him that meant he was going to have a donkey dick. Kyle had laughed at his friend and told him to shut up, but secretly he was psyched and had been measuring himself almost daily, anxious for his dick to grow even larger than it was. He knew he loved playing with it now, and figured the more he had to grab, the more fun there would be.

Another call from his mother cut into Kyle's thoughts about his engorged member, so he turned and headed to his bathroom to take a shower. What he didn't see in the mirror as he turned around were the cute dimples in his butt that seemed to wink when he walked.

Jumping into the hot stream of water, Kyle's thoughts again turned to Brett and their planned sleep-over tonight. Kyle had snuck looks at Brett in the locker room whenever he could and it was all he could do not to pop a boner whenever he caught a glimpse of his soft boy cock. Brett's blond hair drove Kyle nuts and he loved the fact that Brett had just a tiny patch of pubes above his cut dick and nowhere else. Despite the lack of hair, Brett had no lack of size and obviously had the biggest dick on the hockey and lacrosse teams. Kyle had seen it soft so many times, but often wondered what it looked like at full-mast. Every once in a while Kyle would notice that it looked like Brett was checking him out too, but both boys were too chicken to go beyond just looking. Kyle hoped that his "hypnosis" trick tonight would be just the thing to take things to the next step, and as he thought about the possibilities, his right hand reached down between his legs and grabbed his balls, while his left hand started tweaking his nipples.

Kyle imagined what it would be like to grab Brett's large dick and jack it slowly while playing with the blond boy's balls. Kyle increased the tempo on his own tool as he pictured Brett's dick start to leak clear pre-cum. A soft moan escaped from Kyle's lips as he stood under the shower-head, closed his eyes, turned his face up to the water cascading down, and continued to slide his hand up and down on his rock hard dick.

Kyle's breathing increased as he imagined what Brett would be saying to his "hypnotized" friend as he jacked his cock for him.

"Ohhhhh yeahhhhh.... ung. Yeah, Kyle. Ohhhh... fuck yeah. Jack my dick, bud. Ssssss... play with my balls too... keep jackin'. Yeah, smear the pre-cum around the tip of my dick, That's it. Oh yeah... fuckin'-A man. this feels so good. I don't think I'll be able to hold on much longer... jack me faster."

Every muscle in his body began to tense up as his impending orgasm built up in his balls. Kyle's chest heaved as his right hand jacked furiously and his left hand reached down and started pulling on his balls. In Kyle's mind, Brett's dick grew even larger and exploded all over his face so that he could taste his friend's boycum; that's all it took to send himself over the edge.

"Oh fuck of fuck oh fuck... ungh ungh ungh ungh ungh..."

The feeling started deep in his balls and sent a tingle up through the root of his dick. Kyle kept jacking as hard as he could and raised up on his tip toes. His skin glistened under the spray of the shower and every muscle in his teen body was taut as he exploded ropes of jism against the tiles of the shower wall. Four, five, six hard shots made splatting noises against the wall and then the next three shots dribbled onto the floor and were washed down the drain with the water.

Slowly coming back to earth, Kyle drew in a deep breath and let it out with a sigh, giving his slowly softening dick a few more tugs to get the last of his boycum out. He sniffed the goo on his fingers and after a slight pause, licked his fingers clean, savoring the sweet, slightly salty taste.

A quick shampoo and a rinse later, and Kyle emerged from the shower dripping wet. He quickly toweled himself off and as he reached between his legs, he realized he was getting hard again. This wasn't unusual as he seemed to spring wood whenever the wind blew, but he hoped that tonight he wouldn't be the only one with this problem...

to be continued...