Summer Adventures
by Sk8r

The following story contains sexual content not intended for those under the legal age. Parts of this story are based on real people and events, but unfortunately, the juicy parts aren't true (I wish).  Many thanks to Clone3 for the original "Hypnotic Night" stories; they are my favorites and I wish more would be written! I'm not attempting to write my own "Hypnotic Night" story, but am just using the idea as a jumping off point. Comments and suggestions are always welcome at

Part II - Kyle and Brett: Kyle Makes his Move

With the lawn mowed, Kyle spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out with Brett, Josh, and Bryan. The four stars of the middle school ice hockey and lacrosse teams had been best friends for four years, and were almost never apart. After throwing the ball around for a while, the four boys decided to head in to Brett's house for a soda.

"Hey Kyle, you should consider moving to defense next year," commented Bryan. "You lay down some wicked hits and the varsity is losing a bunch of long-sticks this year."

"I'll show you all a long-stick," laughed Kyle as he grabbed his crotch and gyrated his hips.

The four teens broke up laughing, but Kyle was only half-joking. He looked over at Brett who was laughing along, but also gave a slight lick of his lips when he looked at Kyle. This piqued Kyle's interest. Did Brett mean to do that? Was it a sign? Would the sleep-over tonight allow him to finally get a close-up look at Brett's hard dick? His thoughts were broken when Josh chimed in.

"Hey Bry, we better get going. My dad is stopping at Mickey D's on the way down to the show for us,"

"Kewl," replied Bryan. "Too bad you two losers couldn't score tix for WWF's RAW tonight."

"Yeah whatever," said Brett. "You guys have nosebleed seats. We'll just watch it on TV tonight and laugh every time they show the little dots of people in the rafters."

"Can you smell what the Rock is cookin'?" yapped Josh, imitating The Rock.

"No, but I can sure smell you," retorted Kyle. "Hit the showers more than once a week you lazy sack a shit."

The boys broke up laughing again, with Josh mock-smelling his armpits. Brett and Kyle headed to Brett's house, while Josh and Bryan headed off in the other direction.

"So whaddya wanna do first?" asked Brett when they got to his house and had flopped down the TV room floor.

Kyle had all kinds of things quickly flash through his dirty teenage mind, and he noticed that when Brett had sat back, his legs were spread open enough to allow Kyle a clear view up one leg of his shorts. He strained to look without being obvious, and realized that Brett wasn't wearing any underwear! He could clearly see one of Brett's low hanging balls, and that image became burned in his mind as his own member started to fill with blood.

"Hello? Earth to Kyle," repeated Brett. "Anyone home?"

Kyle snapped out of his trance and quickly suggested that they order pizza and watch a movie before WWF came on.

After stuffing themselves to the gills, watching American Pie (for the fourth time that month), and not seeing one shot of their friends in the crowd during the WWF telecast, the boys headed up to Brett's room where they were out of sight of Brett's parents.

After making small talk about lax and summer vacation and what high school would be like, Kyle tried to put his plan into action. He had memorized almost everything that had happened in the Nifty Archive stories "Hypnotic Night" and hoped fiction would be made into fact tonight. "Dude, have you ever seem someone under hypnosis?"

"Just the stuff that's on TV, but that shit's all fake anyway," replied Brett. "Why, have you?"

"Well, this kid from that lax camp I went to last spring showed me how to put myself under hypnosis and allow someone else to have total control over me."

"Dude, no way. You're lyin'" said Brett.

"Fuck you, man." said Kyle, pretending to be offended. "He taught me how to do it, but if you don't believe me, then let's just forget about it and hit the sack. I'm kinda tired."

"Chill, dude, I was just fuckin' with ya," said Brett, trying to smooth things over. "Show me dude; I believe you."

"OK, but here are the rules: You will have total control, so you have to promise that you won't make me leave this room and make a fool of myself in front of your parents, and you can't make me do anything that will hurt me," explained Kyle getting excited that his plan was actually going to work. "And I won't remember anything, so I'm trusting you."

Brett agreed and listened as Kyle explained that he would lie down with his arms over his chest and when one arm fell to his side it meant he was under.

Kyle got into position and closed his eyes, counting backwards in his head like he had read in the story on the internet. After he hit 60 seconds, he had slowed his breathing and let one arm drop to his side.

"Kyle are you under?" asked Brett.

Kyle nodded his head slightly.

"Okay then stand up," commanded Brett. "Bow down to me and kiss my feet."

Kyle did as he was told, excited that this was all working to plan.

"Hmmm... okay then, walk around the room backwards. Now do 10 pushups."

Kyle did everything in a slow trance-like state, wishing that Brett would think of some other, more interesting things to do. There was a pause and Kyle wondered what Brett was thinking.

"Ummm... grab your crotch and rub yourself through your shorts," said Brett more softly and unsure of himself. "Are you sure you're under, Kyle?"

Kyle almost couldn't contain himself as his did as he was commanded and then nodded yes to Brett's question.

But Brett wasn't so sure. He wanted to go farther with this little game and had sprung a hard-on the size of a small watermelon. But what if this was all a trick? What if he asked Kyle to do more and then he opened his eyes and yelled "gotcha!"

"Umm... okay lie back down I guess," said Brett.

Kyle got even more excited, thinking that the game was going on to the next step and that clothes would be lost next. So he could hardly contain his surprise when Brett said, "OK, wake up."

Kyle blinked his eyes and shook his head. To Brett it looked as if the boy was trying to wake up from a deep sleep, but Kyle was really trying to figure out why Brett hadn't gone further.

"Whoa, what happened?" asked Kyle, meaning it in more ways than one. "Did you have me do anything?"

"Yeah just some stupid stuff like make you kiss me feet," replied Brett. "But I should have made you kiss my ass!"

"Ewwwww, you sick bastard!" said Kyle laughing, quickly covering his disappointment. "All right, I'm exhausted after that; let's hit the sack."

"I'll give you a sack," joked Brett and both boys stated laughing.

The lights went off and both boys quickly stripped off their clothes by the light of the moon coming through the window, each one trying to get a glimpse of the other in the dim light. Brett silently cursed himself for not taking the hypnosis thing farther, and Kyle wondered if he was ever going to be able to see Brett hard.

"Night, dude," said Brett. "When you're ready to get up in the morning, just smack me a couple of times; I'm a real heavy sleeper and it sometimes takes a lot to get me awake."

"Yeah, whatever. Like I'll want to get up early anyways," said Kyle, a new plan forming in his mind. "Same thing goes for me. I sleep pretty heavy too."

Kyle listened closely to Brett's breathing. After about twenty minutes, Kyle could tell that Brett's breathing had changed. It became slower and more even.

"Brett?" Kyle whispered, hoping not to get a response.

Kyle's cock had sprung to life the moment he had gotten into bed, and now, knowing what he was about to do, it throbbed even harder, in time with his rapidly beating heart. He slipped back the covers and crawled out his bed towards Brett. His cock pressed almost painfully upward, tenting his boxers.

He peeked over the mattress at his friend and shivered as he stared at Brett's hairless chest, visible from the moonlight shining through the window. The sheets were pulled up just past his hips and Kyle stared for a while at Brett's chest rising and falling. Brett's chest was also showing the signs of new muscle mass from his time playing lacrosse, and Kyle licked his lips in anticipation of touching that skin.

He moved his fingertips over his sleeping friend and could feel the heat rising off his chest. In spite of the heat there and throughout the room, Kyle felt shivers running through him again as he lightly stroked Brett's smooth chest. He ran his fingers lightly over Brett's nipples and felt them harden from his touch. He watched Brett's peaceful face for any sign that he was waking up, and seeing none, trailed his fingers lower to his stomach.

Kyle's own cock was straining at his boxers and he could feel a wet spot forming from the pre-cum that had begun oozing from his own tool.

He carefully pulled back the sheet covering Brett and slowly started lowering it towards the foot of the bed. Kyle was shocked to realize that Brett wasn't wearing anything at all, and suddenly he had a clear view of Brett's soft dick. Checking once again for signs that Brett was awake, Kyle then turned back to the prize that lay before him. He slowly reached out and touched the head of Brett's penis. Then he slowly stroked the sparse blond hair above the boydick and fondled the large balls hanging down to the mattress. And while this didn't seem to be waking his friend from his slumber, all this contact seemed to be waking up a part of him at least.

Kyle pulled his hand back as he watched Brett's cock slowly fill with blood and curl out and up until it was pointing back up at Brett's face. It sat there fully engorged, slowly pulsing to the beat of Brett's heart. It had to be over seven inches and really thick. Kyle reached his hand out again and slowly wrapped his fingers around the shaft, marveling at how hard and yet soft it felt at the same time. It was so warm! Kyle trailed his fingers up and down the shaft and then went back to lightly fondling Brett's hefty ballsack. Seeing that Brett was still apparently sleeping, Kyle wrapped his hand around his friend's cock and started a slow jacking motion; with his other hand, he slowly traced circles around Brett's nipples, causing them to stand up straight and hard.

His own dick was causing a serious mess in his boxers, so he stopped for a second to free himself form their confines. After giving his own prick a few quick tugs, he went back to Brett. He had to take the next step, regardless of whether he woke up his friend. Kyle was too overcome with lust to worry about the consequences of his actions.

Sliding up the mattress, he leaned over and grabbed Brett's dick again. He leaned closer and stuck out his tongue so that it lightly brushed against the throbbing organ. He looked quickly at Brett's face, and sensing no change, Kyle stuck his tongue out again. This time he licked a line from the base of the hot prick in his hands to the tip of the crown. There, he licked around the head, silently slurping up the juices that were starting to ooze out of the slit.

That little taste only made him hotter, and Kyle knew he needed more. Grabbing the base of Brett's dick with one hand, Kyle aimed his mouth at the tip of Brett's dick and slowly lowered his mouth. He could feel the shaft sliding down along his tongue and he was careful not to let his teeth get in the way. He closed his lips around the shaft and swirled his tongue around the member in his mouth. He continued jacking the base of Brett's tool with one hand, and started a slow in and out motion with his mouth. He stopped every time the head of Brett's dick got close to the back of his throat and he could feel the gag reflex start to kick in. He'd like to have tried to take the whole thing down his throat, but he wasn't in the right position and figured that might wake his friend up.

Instead, Kyle was content to slurp silently away at the big cock in his mouth, while jacking the base with his hand. He noticed that Brett's breathing was getting quicker, but he was too far gone to bother looking up to see whether Brett had woken up. If he had looked up, he would have seen that Brett's eyes were half open in an indecisive daze. Brett wanted so badly to grab Kyle by the ears and force his mouth down deeper on his hot dick. He had never felt anything like what he was feeling now. But again, he was afraid that if he let Kyle know he was awake, he might stop. So Brett kept his hands at his sides and did his best to feign sleep.

Meanwhile, Kyle was amazed at the feel of Brett's dick in his mouth. It was as hard as steel, but had a soft, rubber-like quality as well. It slid so easily in and out of his mouth that Kyle got into a rhythm without realizing it. He was brought back to reality when he realized that he was tasting something different. Brett's teen cock was not overheating to the point that it was drooling pre-cum and Kyle swirled it around Brett's dick before swallowing down the sweet and slightly salty juices. The taste sent Kyle into a frenzy and he increased his suction and started twisting his mouth around the head of Brett's dick every time he went up and down. With one had he started fondling his best friend's balls and he could feel them start to tighten as Brett's impending explosion built within his body.

It was all Brett could do not to cry out, but he didn't want Kyle to know he was faking sleep. He felt his stomach flutter and his toes curled involuntary as his teen spunk gushed from his rock hard dick into Kyle's mouth. The fact that he could feel Kyle's mouth contract every time he swallowed another mouthful of spunk made Brett shoot even harder and he felt at one point as if he was going to shoot forever.

Kyle was as prepared for the flood as a first time cocksucker could be, as he could feel his buddy tense up all at once right before he exploded. Kyle kept his mouth clamped down on the tool in his mouth and began swallowing the spurts of warm boycum flooding his mouth. One, two, three, four, five, six, times he swallowed, and then the spurts almost seemed to increase in their strength. Finally, after four more strong spurts, Brett's convulsions slowed and the flow of boycream slowed to a trickle. Kyle licked his buddy's dick clean as best he could and leaned forward against Brett's mattress with a soft sigh. His jaw ached, his mind was whirling, and he couldn't understand why the side of the bedspread was wet. He stuck his finger out and dabbed at the wetness and then brought it up to his nose. It was only then that he realized that he had cum at some point without even realizing what was happening. And while that release had temporarily eased his desires, Kyle felt like he did after waking up at the tail-end of a wet dream: there was a slight empty feeling because he hadn't had direct contact on his tool. But at this point Kyle was too exhausted to do anything about it. he grabbed his t-shirt to clean his mess up as best as he could, and then covering Brett the way he found him, Kyle slipped back into his own bed. As he swirled the last bits of Brett's cum in his mouth, Kyle's mind was whirling over what he had just done, so even though he was tired, he couldn't fall asleep just yet.

Meanwhile, in the other bed, Brett was reeling from what he had just experienced and was gathering up his nerves to try and return the favor...

to be continued...