Summer Adventures
by Sk8r

The following story contains sexual content not intended for those under the legal age. Parts of this story are based on real people and events, but unfortunately, the juicy parts aren't true (I wish).  Comments and suggestions are always welcome at

Part III - Kyle and Brett: Brett returns the favor

Despite having just had the strongest orgasm of his young life, Brett could feel his dick already start to stiffen again as he thought about what Kyle had just done to him. He knew that he wanted his best friend more than anything now, so he listened carefully to the breathing in the bed next to him.

Finally, when it seemed like Kyle's breathing had slowed to the point where he must have been sleeping, Brett whispered out to his friend. "Hey Kyle? You awake?"

Kyle, still unable to sleep, froze. Had his friend been awake the whole time? Was he going to call him names now? Beat the shit out of him? He kept his mouth shut, hoping that he would be able to convince his friend that he was asleep.

Brett called out twice more, hoping that Kyle wouldn't answer. When he got no reply, Brett slipped out of his bed and let his hard dick lead the way over to Kyle's bed.

When he got to the bed, he just kneeled down and stared at his friend. He looked at his soft pouty lips and thought about how his dick had been sliding in and out of them just a while ago. Brett had to resist the urge to lean over and kiss Kyle full on the lips. His eyes traveled down Kyle's body to his pink nipples. and then further down his smooth chest. Brett's dick strained upwards as he stared at Kyle's obviously bulging dick underneath the sheet that was pulled up to his waist.

Kyle meanwhile could tell that Brett was leaning over his bed, but kept his eyes shut so that his friend would think he was sleeping. When Brett leaned over to get a closer look at his chest, Kyle could feel his warm breath on his skin and shivered slightly. He could feel goose bumps spread out all over his chest and his dick got even harder.

Brett, ready to take the plunge, reached out and started to lightly stroke Kyle's nipples. They instantly got hard to his touch. Brett stuck his fingers in his mouth to cover them with spit and then went back to rubbing Kyle's nipples until they shined with his spit in the moonlight.

Brett then trailed his fingers down Kyle's stomach, feeling the ridges of the beginnings of a six-pack, and then slowly moved the sheet down his legs to reveal Kyle's pulsing, rock hard dick. Brett noticed that a tiny drop of pre-cum hung on the tip of Kyle's dick and he had a strong urge to see what it tasted like. So he slowly reached out and dabbed his finger at it, causing Kyle's member to bounce in the air. Brett brought his finger to his nose, and not smelling anything unpleasant, licked the juice up. The sweet taste only made him hotter, so he reached out and lightly grasped Kyle's teen dick with one hand.

Kyle groaned inwardly at the touch and couldn't believe how hot Brett's hand felt on his dick. His brain was buzzing from all of the sexual contact of the evening, and it was all he could do not to call out and buck his hips into Brett's hand.

Growing bolder, and not caring whether his friend was really sleeping or not, Brett started jacking the hot dick in his hand, and leaning closer, started rolling Kyle's hairless golf-ball sized nuts in his other hand. More juice started oozing from Kyle's dick, and Brett decided he needed to taste his friend again. He leaned forward, and gently lapped at the tip of the dick with his tongue. Liking the sweet taste, Brett opened his mouth wider, and instinctively curling his tongue over his teeth, he wrapped his lips around the tip of Kyle's hot cock.

Brett couldn't believe how cool it felt to be slurping on one of his best friends' tools. Kyle's dick just seemed to glide in and out of his mouth like it was automatic. Each time his sucked in, Brett would let a little more of Kyle's dick enter his hot mouth. All the while he continued to stroke the shaft with one hand and play with Kyle's balls with the other.

Kyle couldn't contain himself any longer and reached out to stroke Brett's bobbing head. "Ohhhhh yeahhhhh, Brett. That feels sooo fuckin' good, man."

Brett let Kyle's hard dick slip out of his mouth and looked up at his friend's face. "Well, I guess I had to return the favor after you sucked me off. Man that was so hot, but I was too scared to let you know I was awake the whole time."

"Well, now we're both awake," said Kyle. "And oh my god, I need to let loose a load. Keep sucking me man! Your mouth is so hot on my dick!"

Without another word, Brett went to town, slurping down Kyle's already wet tool. He tried to suck in as much as he could, and could almost get his nose into Kyle's light coating of pubes. Then he got into a rhythmic up and down motion, letting his tongue lick and slurp all over the shaft. When he bobbed up, Brett teased the tip of Kyle's dick with his tongue, licking all around the base of the crown.

"Ohhhh god. Fukin'-A man you're mouth is so hot," moaned Kyle. "Move up here on top of me, Brett, so we can do each other at the same time. I want your dick in my mouth again."

Psyched that he was going to get sucked off again so soon, Brett moved his slim body up onto the bed and kneeling over Kyle's head, leaned back down to take his friend's dick back in his mouth. Brett could feel hot breath on his dick as it swung over Kyle's mouth. Feeling a hand grab his shaft and direct it into Kyle's warm mouth only made Brett suck harder on the tool in his own mouth.

Moonlight was the only thing that illuminated the two boys as they slowly humped their 14 year old dicks into each others' mouths. Slurps and moans were the only sounds that were audible apart from the gasping for breath in between sucks.

Brett let Kyle's dick fall from his mouth and leaned over to suck on the hairless balls in front of him. He took each one in his mouth and rolled it around until it was glistening with his sweat. Kyle moaned in appreciation and could tell that it wouldn't be long before he unloaded his load.

"Ohhh Brett man that's awesome. But I'm about to blow my load, please suck me more, man."

Brett complied, starting at Kyle's balls, licking his way up the shaft until coming to the head. Swirling twice around the head, he the plunged down the shaft as far as he could go and then started a rapid up, down, and twisting motion with his mouth. Meanwhile, he continued to fondle Kyle's balls and could feel them start to tighten.

Both boys were now glistening with sweat and Brett could feel his stomach sticking to Kyle's smooth chest.

"Awwww fuck, yeah baby, I'm about to cum. Ungh. Suck me harder Brett," growled Kyle after letting Brett's dick slip momentarily form his mouth. "Oh yeah.... yeahhh... Ahhhhhh... Ungh, ungh, ungh, ungh, ungh, ungh," Kyle moaned as he unloaded six strong blasts into Brett's waiting mouth.

Brett kept sucking and swallowed as fast as he could, but some of Kyle's boycream slid down the shaft and onto Kyle's balls where Brett continued to rub. Brett kept sucking as Kyle's orgasm slowed to a trickle, and at that point the whole experience was too much for Brett and he felt his dick start to explode. With his mouth full of Kyle's dick, Brett didn't have time to warn his buddy about what he was about to receive.

Kyle could tell he was about to get another load however, as he felt Brett's muscles tighten and his balls pull tight to his body. Kyle kept sucking, but kept just the head of Brett's dick in his mouth. He loved the feeling as Brett's dick pulsed and throbbed as it unloaded another gallon of sweet cream into his mouth. Kyle kept stroking Brett's dick as it spurted over and over again, and as Brett groaned and moaned in pure sexual ecstasy.

"Ohhh fuck yeah Kyle," sighed Brett as his tool stopped drooling and slipped from Kyle's mouth. "That was the best fucking night I've ever had."

Kyle licked his lips and agreed with his friend, who flipped around and lay down next to him so they were now face-to-face.

"Yeah that was amazing all right," agreed Brett, who was still licking the cum from his lips. "I hope we can do that again sometime!"

"Oh I have a feeling we're going to be doing a lot more sleepovers," laughed Kyle. "And do you think Josh and Bryan would be into this?"

To be continued...