Summer Adventures
by Sk8r

The following story contains sexual content involving consenting teenage males. If you aren't supposed to be reading stuff like this (whether because of your age or your location), then leave now. This story is based on real people, but unfortunately, the juicy parts aren't true (I wish).  Apologies for how long it's been between installments, but I've found it hard to make time for writing recently! Many thanks to all those who wrote to me with feedback.  They will note that I used many of their suggestions in this new chapter! More comments and suggestions are always welcome at

(From part III)

Kyle licked his lips and agreed with his friend, who flipped around and lay down next to him so they were now face-to-face.

"Yeah that was amazing all right," agreed Brett, who was still licking the cum from his lips. "I hope we can do that again sometime!"

"Oh I have a feeling we're going to be doing a lot more sleepovers," laughed Kyle. "And do you think Josh and Bryan would be into this?"

Part IV - Josh and Bryan: Wrestling

Josh and Bryan were still excitedly reliving every slam to the canvas they had witnessed that night when they trooped through the door of Bryan's house. Bryan's dad just shook his head as he marveled at how his eighth grade son could remember every single event he had seen tonight, but couldn't remember enough to pass a few math quizzes.  He said goodnight to the boys, reminding them not to stay up too late and not to break anything and then headed upstairs to join his wife in bed.

The two teens went and raided the kitchen before heading downstairs where the basement had been turned into Bryan's bedroom and weight room.

Josh immediately went over to the free weights and started doing some curls, while Bryan flopped onto the couch still rambling on about how the Rock would never get beaten in the ring.

"Man it is always so much cooler to see that shit in the arena than on TV," continued Bryan. "And I'm ready to have a little rumble myself."

"Kewl dude," said Josh, dropping his weights to the carpeted floor. "Let's do our normal 15 minutes of lifting first to warm up.  I'll be ready to drag your ass to the ground better once I've got my guns nice and tight."

"Ha! You could lift those weights all day and you wouldn't be able to match the size of these pipes," retorted Bryan, tightening his right arm to show off his tight bicep.

"Whatever," said Josh. "Just shut up and get ready to get your ass kicked. And then, your ass will be mine."

Bryan just snorted in return, and both boys shut up as they slowly began to peel off their clothes. Neither teen could remember how they started getting into this routine, but it was always the same: Start by lifting for about 15 minutes in front of Bryan's full-length mirror to get their muscles good and hard.  The workout would usually get the sweat rolling, which then made it easier on the skin when they started to wrestle, but harder to hold on when they tried to grab each other.  Then, it was just a simple game of pinning the other to the ground for a three-count... and the loser had to do whatever the winner wanted.

Josh looked over at his friend and watched as Bryan pulled his T-shirt over his head. Josh admired the way Bryan's chest had natural definition even before he started lifting and wished his own stomach had more of a six pack.  Small patches of hair under Bryan's arms was one of the signs that he was in the full throes of puberty, but the rest of his chest was smooth and tanned.  As he pulled the shirt right off, Bryan's short cropped brown hair was barely ruffled and suddenly Josh realized he was caught looking right into his friend's deep brown eyes.

"Like a deer caught in the headlights, eh bud?" taunted Bryan. "My bod getting you hot already?"

"Aw, fuck off," replied Josh. "I was just planning how to pin your ass to the ground."

"Whatever, dude," said Bryan. "Hurry up will ya?"

Snapped out of his trance, Josh pulled his shirt up over his head and it was Bryan's turn to stare.  At just under 6' tall, Josh was a bit stockier and a bit taller than Bryan; but unlike Bryan, who had hair under his arms, Josh was still smooth everywhere.  It wasn't like Josh hadn't hit a growth spurt or anything, as he had grown in all the right places, but for whatever reason, he had little hair any place but the short mop of brown hair on top of his head.  Josh still had a bit of baby fat on him, but by no means was he chunky.  As he pulled his long sleeve T-shirt over his head, his blue eyes locked onto Bryan's, and both boys smiled as they kicked off their sneakers and reached for the buttons on their jeans.

Josh undid the buttons on his pants and slid his jeans over his hips and down past his plaid Old Navy boxers. He kicked his smooth legs to get rid of his pants, and stood there in just his boxers and his low-cut white Nike socks. He looked at himself in the big mirror hanging on the wall and noticed that even though his dick was fairly soft, he could see the outline of it swaying between his legs through the material of his boxers.

Using the mirror to avoid openly staring, Josh glanced over at Bryan to watch him lower his jeans. Bryan's slim waist and tiny ass meant that his pants basically dropped off him when he undid his fly. Bryan's boxers were navy blue, with sports logos all over them and the outline of his slightly bigger dick was also evident through the material. Bryan reached down and pulled his jeans past his calves, stopping to run his hands though the light brown hair that was starting to fill in around the lower part of his legs.  Throwing his jeans to the floor, Bryan straightened up and looked at his image staring back at him in the mirror.  He too had kept his socks on, but they were a pair of long white soccer socks pushed down and bunched up around his ankles.

Without another word,  Josh and Bryan grabbed various weights and began toning their upper bodies.  The only sounds for the next 15 minutes were the clanks of weights being dropped to the ground and rhythmic breathing in time with the pumping arms. The late June weather had already made the basement warm and humid, so it wasn't too long before both boys were bathed in a fine sheen of sweat.

Bryan was the first to stop, dropping his weights and running his hands first through his hair and then across his chest.  He noticed that his nipples were already rock-hard as his body anticipated the close contact that was about to occur.

"You ready, dude?"

"Yeah, ready to lower the People's elbow on your head," retorted Josh as he dropped his weights and struck a couple of poses in the mirror, showing off his tight teen-boy muscles.

"Llllet's get ready to rrrrumblllllle!" crowed Bryan with a smile, crouching low and leaning forward on his toes, getting ready to strike.

Josh leaned in as well, and soon dove for Bryan's ankles to try to twist him on his back.  Bryan was too quick though and pounced on the bigger boy, spinning around and attempting to grab him from behind. But Josh was not about to be put in a hold in the first few seconds, and used his edge in strength to wiggle enough so that Bryan just had him by the ankles.  Back and forth the boys went, lunging and grappling.  The sweat on both of them built up, making it harder to hold on to each other, and the only sound that could be heard was heavy breathing, occasional grunts, and the slap of flesh when the boys made contact with each other.  What couldn't be heard, but both boys could feel, was the hardening of both boys' dicks as they wrestled around.  But for now, both teen studs just enjoyed that sensation in the back of their minds and stayed focused on pinning their opponent.

Finally, Bryan could feel himself tiring, as Josh's bigger size began to take its toll.  On the one hand, his teenage pride kept him pushing as hard as he could, but in the back of his mind, he was also thinking that he really didn't mind taking the "punishment" of losing this particular battle.  As that thought was going through his head, Bryan lost concentration just long enough for Josh to flip him over on his back and straddle his stomach, pinning his arms by the wrists.  Bryan used his head and neck muscles to keep his shoulder blades off the basement carpet, thus avoiding the pin, for the moment.

"You're pinned, dude," taunted Josh. "You ready to pay up?"

"Not so fast punk. My shoulders ain't on the mat yet. I still may have a trick up my sleeve," retorted Bry.

Both boys stayed in that position, panting, trying to catch their breath to get ready for the final battle.  A bead of sweat dropped from Josh's face onto his friend's face below him, and Bryan could feel his dick strain as the droplet splashed near his parted lips.  Josh kept his hands firmly on Bryan's wrists splayed out above his head, and adjusted his hips to keep Bryan's body firmly below him.  As he did so, his ass rubbed against Bryan's throbbing cock.  Josh's own teen dick throbbed even more and the head thrust itself up and was poking out of the waistband of his boxers.

In his prone position, Bryan had a bird's-eye view of his friend's member and could clearly see a drop of pre cum form at the tip. Involuntarily, he licked his lips.

At that point, Josh made his move, leaning forward with his upper body to keep his weight on Bryan's wrists while sliding his hips forward so that his bent knees pushed down on Bryan's shoulders... and this conveniently placed his crotch right in front of his friend's gaping mouth.

Bryan exhaled deeply as his strength gave way under Josh's weight and his shoulders fell to the carpet.  Shivers ran through Josh's body as Bryan's hot breath blew through his boxers past his swinging balls. Inching forward so his crotch was right up against Bryan's chin, Josh pulled one leg hole of his boxers open so his plump hairless balls slipped out onto Bryan's chin. Josh swayed his hips around so that the balls slid around the outside of his friend's lips. Bryan's soft breath sent goose bumps through Josh's body and he couldn't wait any longer.

"Put 'em in your mouth, Bry," whispered Josh. "It's time for you to pay up."

Bryan's tongue snaked out and lightly lapped at the balls hanging in front of it.  Josh sucked in his breath when Bryan then took one of the soft globes into his warm mouth and started rolling it around his tongue.  Bryan could see Josh's dick leaking more fluid above his face and he knew that it would soon be dripping down the  shaft and into his hungry mouth. He released the ball and took the other one in until they were both coated in his saliva. Releasing that ball, his licked at the base of Josh's dick, lapping up the sweet pre cum that was slowly oozing down the shaft of his friend's engorged cock.

Josh's head was buzzing and he needed more than just his balls licked.  He lifted his hands off Bryan's wrists and pulled his dick down and through the front opening of his Old Navy boxers and pushed it down towards Bryan's waiting mouth.  Bryan moved his hands forward to rest them on Josh's smooth thighs, slowly rubbing his buddy's legs as he waited for his mouth to be filled with hot cock.

"Quit teasing me, man," said Bryan. "Gimme that hot dick of yours.  You won fair and square."

"You got it, Bry," grinned Josh. "But you've got me so hot already I'm not gonna last long!"

Bryan leaned his head forward and stuck his tongue out to lap at the head of Josh's dick.  He lapped up the juices slowly oozing out of the tip and savored the sweet, slightly salty taste,  Josh sighed loudly and closed his eyes as the sensation of Bry's tongue on his dick sent shivers through his body.  Josh's nipples were rock hard and he lightly ran his hands over his chest to send even more chills to his already oversexed brain.

Bryan continued licking the head of his friend's dick and slowly worked his lips around the flared head, taking more and more of the member into his mouth.  When the awkward angle of his neck made it impossible for his to swallow any more, Bryan swirled his tongue and let his head fall back, letting Josh's dick slowly slip out of his mouth.

"Dude, get up on the couch so I can do you right," said Bryan.

The boys moved up off the floor with Josh lounging back on the sofa with his legs spread wide and his pulsing cock pointing up at his chest. Bryan ran his hands up Josh's smooth legs as he moved his head between his thighs and headed for his prize again. Starting at the base, he licked his way up the pulsing shaft, and then slurped around the head. Josh moaned softly and tweaked his own nipples again.

"Ohhhhh, man, Bry. That feels so fuckin' good," said Josh. "C'mon man, suck it all down.  You know you want it."

Without a word, Bryan slowly pulled the shaft down so it was pointing at him and wrapped his lips around the head.  With one hand playing with Josh's balls and the other resting on Josh's thigh, Bryan slowly sucked in more of Josh's six and a half inch cock.  He felt Josh's hands on his head as he twisted his mouth back and forth a little as he went down.  Before he got to the base though, he pulled back until just the tip was in his mouth.  Then, after teasing the tip with his tongue, he plunged back down until his could feel his nose resting against the few soft hairs the were spouting above Josh's smooth cock.

From there, Bryan started a slow up and down motion, letting his tongue go side to side along Josh's shaft.  Bryan's own dick was pressed up against his stomach in his boxers and he began to slowly hump against the couch in time with the motions of his mouth.  He could feel the wetness of his pre cum oozing down his shaft, and he knew it wouldn't be long before he exploded in his shorts.

Josh's hands tightened on his friend's head.

"Awwwwwww... fuck yeah, Bry," panted Josh as he began to gyrate his hips in time with his buddy's mouth. "I'm getting reeeeaaaaal close."

Bryan increased his speed with his mouth, drooling spit down Josh's shaft and onto his hand that was massaging Josh's nuts. His own tempo against the couch increased and he could feel the tightening in his groin that signaled an impending explosion. As he continued to impale his mouth on his best friend's rigid cock, Bry looked up and caught Josh's eye. He had a glazed look of pure lust, but gave a little smile when he saw Bryan looking up at him. But then his eyes squeezed shut and Bry could feel the dick in his mouth expand and seem to get hotter.

"Ungh, ungh, ungh, ungh, oh God, yeah, yeah, yeah, uhhhhhhhhhhhh," was all that Josh could mutter and sigh as he unloaded his cum into his friend's waiting mouth.

Bryan kept his lips clamped shut on the tool in his mouth and swallowed as fast as he could. He loved that sweet but almost nutty taste of Josh's sperm, and as the first splash hit his tongue, he felt his own orgasm take over his body and he unloaded six strong spurts into his boxers and through onto the couch.  He blasted in time with Josh's orgasm in his mouth, and Bryan was overcome with the power of experiencing both orgasms at once.

Finally, as both boys began to come down from their high, Bryan let the softening tool slip from his mouth and just rested his head against Josh's thigh, too exhausted to do anything else.  Josh kept one hand on his friend's head, slowly stroking is hair and wondering why he was seeing stars.

"Shit man, that was the best yet, Bry," sighed Josh. "I'm gonna owe you big next time.  Did you get off or do you need a hand?"

"Nah man, I blew all over my shorts already that was so hot," responded Bryan as he lifted his head from his buddy's thigh and sat back against the couch. "Can you lend me a pair of yours for the night?"

"Yeah dude, no prob. I'm gonna jump in the shower.  Wanna join me?"

"Yeah just gimme a minute or I don't think I'll be able to get up," said Bryan. "I'm gonna sleep good tonight!"

"Me too. And remember we planned to go hang out at Brett's tomorrow," responded Josh. "Go swimming and spend the night."

"I almost wish we could bag out on them so we could be back here again tomorrow night," said Bryan with a grin.

"Yeah, well, who knows?" said Josh. "Maybe we could set it up so Brett and Kyle could join us."

"You think they'd be up for it?" asked Bry. "We'd have to find a way to bring up the subject without getting our asses kicked if they weren't into it."

"Yeah, well, let's hit the shower," said Josh.  "Maybe something will 'cum' to us while we're in there!"

To be continued...