Summer Haze


When I look back on that summer, it seems like a dream. However, all the details still come back to me at the appropriate times. Matt was a classmate of mine. Our mothers (his mother was a librarian) decided we should get to know one another. I was polite, quiet, and friendless. He was one of the most physically developed guys in our grade. He was a little too confident, so he put off many people. But, not me.

Matt was dark-haired, blue-eyed, tall, handsome, and having lots of veins in interesting places. I was still a kid, one head shorter than he was, and I had dark hair and hazel eyes. I guess people considered me handsome, but they did not talk to me much. Thus, I had become somewhat of a loner.

It was hot outside, but (being boys) we had to play outside come hell or high water. We were making our way down a little trail in the woods when Matt decided: "It's getting too hot. I'm going to take off my t-shirt. You take yours off too!"

We were already sweating through our shirts by this time anyway. Though, I was not used to taking off my shirt or being around anyone that did. Matt smiled, "Come on!"

I felt stupid pulling my t-shirt over my head. Matt had already gotten his off in record time. It did feel better without my sweaty t-shirt on. We wasted no time in looking each other over, as subtly as possible. I knew this kind of thing happened at sporting events, but I was not into sports. Maybe I should have been.

I had noticed sometimes that he scratched himself below the belt. That had given me something to think about. Now, I could freely see the dark hair protruding from under his thin arms. Strange how that little bit of hair can make one feel so sexy inside. Girls were cute, but Matt was pretty much a man. And, that was hot. No matter what anyone said.

Pretty soon Matt started complaining that he needed to go to the bathroom. I said there was a clearing coming up, and he could pee there. He said, "Oh, no. You and I are both going to pee." I watched as he went to the edge of the clearing in the woods, and proceeded to unzip his pants. His long, thick dick was soon in full view, pulled through his fly. The thought of measuring that monster crossed my mind, but that seemed really gay. Matt looked at me: "Well?" I quickly pulled mine out too, feeling very nervous. I hoped he would not make fun of it. It was much smaller and shorter than his. Fortunately, he did not make fun of my size, and we had a nice pee (except when Matt tried to cross streams). I was seriously afraid I would get urine on my clothes. That would be a hard one to explain to Mom. We shook off and continued on our way.

We walked down to the pond. We looked around. There really is a lot to see around a real pond. "You ever skinny dip?" Matt asked with a big smile. I had to admit that I had not. "It's no big deal, but it feels great." I would never believe that part about not being a big deal in a million years. Two guys naked together? Something might happen. Boy, did I want something to happen!

I guess I looked pretty frightened, because Matt added, "We're both boys. We have the same equipment. If you were in sports, you would see more of that kind of thing."

"That kind of thing" was quickly giving me an erection. I hoped Matt would not say thing. A glance down there told me he was having the same "problem."

"Boy! I hate clothes!" cried Matt as he proceeded to strip the rest of the way in front of me. Now, Matt had a beautiful, somewhat hairy body. I hoped I was not watching him too closely. But, the chance had presented itself; and I might never get another chance!

He was pretty white all over, granted. But, with his dark hair, he looked sort of exotic to me. Nice blue eyes. A patrician's nose. Good teeth. Nice pectorals. Thin. Somewhat hairy. I guessed that's how girls saw him, and I did too.

And, then, there was his dick: a thing of beauty. Long enough. Thick enough. His pubic hair was dark and curly. I think his dick was bigger than my dad's! Matt did a little dance, then he moved slowly out into the murky water. "You aren't chicken, are you?" he called, briefly allowing me to see all of him before it went under the water.

Well, I just had to prove that I was not chicken! Those are fighting words, especially when you are a boy! I carefully folded my clothes as I took them off, leaving them folded on the bank in a safe spot. Then, I entered the water as quickly as I dared. I caught Matt watching my nude body as I rushed into the water.

Skinny dipping feels a lot different than swimming in a suit. Matt laughed at me for getting in the water with a full blown erection showing, but he did not say anything more about my being a chicken. We even played this weird game where one of us stood up, and the other swam through the other's legs. Of course, this gave us a chance to touch each other down there. His dick was all floppy. I bet he did this a lot. He was not even erect yet. My dick stood at attention, despite my attempts to keep it flaccid. Mental pictures of the suffering in Ethiopia somehow did not help to calm it down this time. Matt was just way too hot.

We played in the water for some time. Matt had started a game of "grab ass." I do not think that I could have been harder, and Matt kept laughing at me.

"Wanna do something REALLY fun?" asked Matt.

"Sure, what?" I asked, wondering what he had in mind.

"Let's get out of the water first."


"Now don't be a chicken, and don't tell anybody about this. You'll see why in a minute. Have a seat on the bank."

I did. Naked and wet and being warmed by the sun (sweat beginning to return).

Then, Matt did the most amazing thing! I was scared at the time, because I had no idea what he was going to do. So, I waited nervously for him to do something. This was as far as I had ever gotten with anyone. Ever.

And, then, he pounced upon me. I was not ready for this. I felt certain that he was attacking me. He knocked me to the ground, and (then) he went straight for my groin. The most wonderful pleasure I had ever felt occurred right then. Matt's warm, wet mouth went around my dick. I saw stars. Never had anyone been so intimate with me.

At first, I had no idea why he was going up and down on my penis. But, my dick became erect, and I realized that there was nothing but pleasure coming to me. Matt was giving me pleasure, and my member was getting harder and harder in his mouth.

Matt took a short break and asked me, "Do you like it?" I was too busy moaning. He took that as a signal to continue. "Matt! I'm about to spew!" I said urgently. He got even faster! I could not believe the feeling! How often did boys do this to one another?

And, of course you guys know exactly what happened next. The white stuff erupted out of my penis into his mouth. He kept going, even though I was becoming sensitive down there. He swallowed it all! I had never thought about that happening. Matt confided in me much later that an ancient neighbor had taught him all he knew about boy sex. And, this is what had happened to him after a few visits with that old guy. He never told another soul; so, he told me that I should never tell anyone else either. He had me swear. Normally, I would never do such a thing; but, I thought it would be okay, as I hadn't planned to tell a soul about it anyway.

Oh, and that is not all that happened to me that day. It seems the neighbor man had done other things to/for Matt. "Unhh! Let's stop for a bit!" I cried softly to Matt. He took his hot mouth away from my dick. I immediately regretted having him remove his mouth from my dick. Now, there was a sense of loss: an emptiness and a realization that that might never happen to me again. Oh! But, the pleasure I experienced when I finally came was miraculous. That is what all the older boys called "shooting off."

But, he had no intention of letting me up. Instead, Matt did the strangest thing next. He flipped me over gently and applied his wet tongue to my arse. I had no idea that that would feel so good. I writhed good naturedly as he applied his tongue to and around my sweaty hole!

He kept it up too. I had no idea such pleasure could be obtained from just having your rear licked by another person. I was not in danger of ejaculating, I did not think. I had already spent my load a few seconds ago, so it was nothing but pure pleasure. "You like it, hunh?" he smiled. "We can do a lot more things together."

At this point in life, I barely knew what guys and girls did to one another. I really had no idea what guys did to each other. The mechanics seemed more complicated; and, yet, more simple at the same time. But, what did I know? I had never been with a boy or a girl before this. My imagination could barely contain the notion that some boy wanted to do this to me for real. What else was there?

Well, I was in for a surprise. Matt was insatiable! He went over to where his clothes were on the bank. I thought we were done. Instead, he pulled a small container out of his pants' pocket. Upon further inspection, I noticed it was a small jar of Vaseline . Maybe it was the travel size. I had no idea. I did not know that they made them that small. Matt smiled a crooked smile. I grew just a shade more fearful. What did he have in mind?

"You know how guys fuck girl pussy?" he asked tentatively.

"Ummm, sure," I replied, hoping to sound more grown up than I felt. Girl pussy? Who knew more about it than I did? Right. Though, I did not think he was much into girl pussy, the way he was liking me so much!

"Well, guys can do the same thing with guys. And, guys never get pregnant!" he said, chuckling a little, as if it was quite a joke.

Well, I knew guys did not have to worry about being pregnant. I could not say why exactly, but that was a time-honored truth that I knew pretty well (or thought I did).

"Go ahead. Get hard again. I know you can," coaxed Matt to my red face. Well, I knew I could get hard again. Young guys always can, but I wondered what he had in mind. He did not have a pussy. That was some kind of hole thing in the front of a girl. He had a dick. A very big dick that looked like a man's, and it was definitely not a hole.

"Help me for a minute. Rub this stuff on my butt," said Matt. I did as he said.

"No, inside my butt. In my hole," he cried in exasperation. Well, I didn't know any better! I had never been with a boy like this in my life! He showed me how to lube up his hole. I found the whole thing kind of gross, but he apparently loved it. It was kind of sexy, in a dirty way. I didn't like the idea of licking all that Vaseline off his butt, but . . . . .

"Now, put it in." I thought about it a minute, not wanting to look stupid again so soon.

"Put what in?" I asked slowly, hoping he would not hit me for being so stupid.

"Put your dick in my hole!" he cried.


He shook his head a little. I moved closer to his hole, and I finally put it in (wondering the whole time if I was doing it right). He made a grunt of satisfaction. I just kind of hugged his shoulders, making sure my dick did not pop out or anything. It sure was gooshy in there. I was erect, but it kept popping out kind of. He finally helped my by holding it and putting it in his butt for me.

Then, as I was kind of paralyzed by ignorance, he rode up and down on my penis like a he was riding a mechanical bull! I was kind of surprised. I know he had done this before, but I did not think he would be so . . . experienced! It did feel good. He was kind of loud, but I took it as a compliment. He couldn't exactly do this without me, after all!

Matt was definitely enjoying this more than I was. He made all these sounds. Not sounds like you make when you are going to the bathroom. But, sounds that people make when they are doing it! Unfortunately, I was afraid the whole time that I was not doing it properly. What's more: even though it felt good, there was no way I was going to come again. So, I just sat there; and, I tried to pretend that I was having fun too. I could not begin to make the sounds he made, but I don't think he cared. He was too busy riding my dick, back and forth. I'm not sure whether he came or not, but he really did enjoy himself. There was no doubt about that. And, it felt pretty good too.

We finished after some time. Matt turned around and smiled as big as I've ever seen him smile. I smiled back, as it was expected of me. Then, he almost scared me when he grabbed me in the biggest bear hug I had ever received from another classmate. It was probably the only bear hug I had received from a classmate, but it did feel nice. I hugged him back, trying to match the pressure he had used. I think it is hard not to feel something for someone who is earnestly hugging you tight. And, Matt was just down right sexy too. No doubt about it.

"Remember, don't tell anybody," he said with some kind of a half-threat in his voice. Well, I never did. Until now. It was a long, hot summer. And, Matt was very free with his love. I enjoyed him a lot. Yeah, I felt a great sense of regret when he started dating girls in high school. We finally stopped doing boy to boy stuff. I think he felt a sense of regret too, but he had to date the girls to keep up appearances. That seems more important to some boys than others.

We have never said anything more about our . . . summer activities. And, (though it was time to grow up, I suppose), I knew I never wanted to date any girls; partially because Matt had shown me that there was something better out there. I missed him, but I was able to make up for lost time in college!


Some years later, my parents cut out this article in the paper for me about Matt and his blushing bride. She was pretty. He seemed happy. I kept the article. I guess my parents wanted to suggest what I should be doing. I never got with a girl. And, Matt divorced the woman a few months later. I had to wonder. But, he had chosen his path. And, I, mine.

I have never seen Matt again. I do not think it is because I was mad at him. I wasn't. But, there had just been too much water under the bridge between us for us to go back to saying, "Hi," on the street of my home town and his. He had gotten married. He had turned his back on gaydom. Not really anyone's fault. Still, he had not even shown up to our first reunion after high school. That said volumes. Still, I can never forget those sultry summers we had. I bet he hasn't forgotten them either. Such is life.