All of the usual disclaimers and things apply. If you have gotten this far from the home page then you know where you are and probably what you are about to read. If not, this is an adult oriented story about the experiences of youth between a teenager and his best friend.

This story is based loosely on my childhood. The names have changed and a lot of the details have been smoothed to some extent. Most of the information is fairly real and if you happen to be sitting there reading this and you think that this looks really familiar, hey maybe it's about you. If the phrase "Up your butt with a coconut" rings a bell and so does the story than odds are it is you. If so, "George" drop me a line -- you've always held a special place in my heart.


I should have realized it was happening at the time, but how could I have known. Ok, let's go back to the beginning. It was several summers ago (more than several but who's counting). Mississippi. Hot & humid. Temperatures in the mid-90's. My best friend, George, and I had been hanging out for years. He just lived across the street in a house that looked like every other house on my block. George lived with his dad and sister. Several years before his mom had been killed in a not so random act of violence by his step-dad.

This was the summer that our friendship turned into something more than just friends. Now I had always thought that he was really cute, being well toned and tan. He was one of those outgoing people that you either loved or hated. He was into sports. Almost every day of the summer he was out at the community pool. He was on a swim team and this was back when everyone still wore the traditional Speedos. I used to jump at the chance to go watch his swim meets. His dad would wander over to our house on Saturday mornings and tell my parents how great the team was doing this summer. Then he wanted to know if I could go sit with him and cheer on George. Of course my parents always said yes just so that I would get out of their hair for several hours on Saturday afternoons. During the week, they would have practices really early in the morning. Literally from 6:30 - 8:30 every morning. It was summer for crying out loud. What was up with all the early mornings?! As it turned out, several times he would come bounding over to the house usually shirtless and in a pair of cutoffs after his morning practices. I would usually be curled up in the recliner eating away on my cereal and watching some stupid show or the other (remember Today's Special on Nick?). I would hear his dad's brakes squeal when they pulled up in their driveway and a few seconds later I would hear a tap on our carport door. At first it was just an occasional thing but after a while his dad would just drop him off and keep going. I would leave the carport door unlocked for him to bound in and usually I would leave out the cereal with a bowl and spoon for him.

You know how you had your favorite chair when you were a kid? Well, my dad's recliner was mine all day until my dad got home. I would always sit in it and watch television. Well George always wanted me to swap it out for the sofa so that he could sit in the recliner. I always refused and so he would sulk off to the sofa or the loveseat. One morning he had his cereal bowl and walked up with the usual request. I refused so he proceeded to sit on me! We play wrestled and ended up getting covered in cereal and milk. While I was up cleaning up his mess he stole my recliner and kept pushing me with his feet until I gave up and laid down on the sofa. This went on several more times until one day I had the bright idea that we could share the recliner so that we would both get to sit in it. I said, "Hey why don't we just share the recliner?...Look there's enough room." He looked at me and said "ok" and plopped down next to me. We now had a new routine that I was really getting to like but now we had a new problem. Since George was always coming from the pool, he always seemed to have on wet shorts. Therefore I was getting wet every morning and not in a good way. So this one morning I decided to say something about the wet shorts. "Hey, why do you always have on wet shorts? You should change or something before you get here." He said "stop complaining!" and with that he stood up in front of me with his back to me. he bent forward while sliding his cutoffs down his legs. Here I am in my dad's recliner with my best friend standing in front of me with his ass, clad only in these super tight black Speedo briefs, right in my face. He would already be shirtless when he came over and now he was short less too. I popped a boner instantly.

You see, I had just started going through puberty and all those wonderful changes that it brought along with it. George was just two years behind me but oh what a difference it made between our two bodies. Over the course of a few months I grew thirteen inches taller, developed in other areas and had a major voice change. He was about average height for his age but because of the swimming and a lot of soccer as well he had a very tight, toned body. So here I am with my best friends ass wiggling around in front of me while he steps out of his cutoffs and I have a full boner. I turned really red and shifted enough in the chair that I could cover it up. My mind wanted to be able to watch his ass all morning but I knew that that wasn't going to happen. He sits back down in the chair and immediately tells me that he's cold. I'm like, "no duh, you don't have any clothes on except those skimpy little things." He didn't respond but instead lifted the blanket that I had in my lap and crawled under it with me. Needless to say I had a HUGE wet dream that night.

The next day or so he came over, walked past me to the kitchen in his shorts. When he came up to the recliner, he pulled back the blanket and crawled under in his Speedos. "What the hell happened to your shorts?" to which he replied "I didn't feel like listening to you bitch about them being wet again." All I could come up with was "oh." This scene went on for several more days and one day I had a brilliant idea. When I heard his dad's brakes squeal, I jumped up and removed my shorts. I quickly threw them into the laundry room and ran back for the recliner in my t-shirt and tighty-whiteys. Just as I covered up with the blanket he came through on his way to the kitchen in his shorts. A few minutes later he appeared in his Speedos and pulled back the covers. He immediately said "where the hell are your shorts?" and I replied, "what?" "Your shorts do-do, where are your shorts?" I said "oh yeah, I must have forgotten them, I just got in here, I woke up late." He slid into the chair without another word. So there we were, I in my underwear and t-shirt and he in only his shiny black Speedos. Both of us just sitting in my dad's recliner shoulder to shoulder, hip to hip, and bare leg to bare leg.

Half way through some stupid show or another I realized that there was a slight pressure on my leg. So what, we were sharing the chair, "it's just your hopeful imagination" I told myself. No, wait, there it was again. It was his hand and it was half way between my left knee and my left thigh. It wasn't moving really, just resting there. I stole a sideways glance toward him and he was watching the show paying me no attention. "It must be he just doesn't realize where his hand is at," I told myself. Well, he must because all of a sudden it started to barely move and then he did the unthinkable. He stretched and moved his hand off my leg. Now I really knew that it had to have been an accident. Oh, now what. When he finished with his over exaggerated stretch, he ended up with his right arm over my shoulder. When I asked, "what are you doing," he replied "just getting comfortable." Now the true test came. Again there was a pressure on my left leg but his right hand, the one that should be casually hitting my leg was actually wrapped around my shoulder. I waited while pretending to watch the show. I was in fact doing everything but watching the show. I was trying to control my breathing so that I didn't hyperventilate and I was counting trying to keep my heart from bursting in my chest. Ever so slowly his hand shifted positions and with another move, he rested his hand on my thigh with only the tighty-whiteys separating our skin. I froze, I didn't know what to do and all I could think of was that I once again was sporting a boner and this time I had no where to hide it. If I shifted too much then the blanket would move and then it would really be obvious.

I didn't have to wait long. His hand very, very slowly slid over my thigh and towards my crotch where my boner was standing proudly. I cleared my throat and waited. His hand stopped. I saw from my peripheral vision that his head had turned towards me so I turned and looked into his brown eyes. I couldn't tell what he was thinking until he grinned. With that, he slid his hand over my crotch and lightly rubbed on my boner. Still smiling, he whispers, "what's this" and gives it a little squeeze. My reply is "what's what?" Again he gives it a little squeeze and says, "this." I smile at him and said "I don't know." He takes his hand off of my crotch and uses it to throw back the blanket. Again he squeezes my crotch and says "you don't know what this is?" I decided if he could be this brave then so could I. I reached over to his crotch, grabbed his dick and said "no, maybe it's one of these." This was the first moment that I realized he was hard as well. He started to rub my dick some more while my hand was still resting on his. He did this for a few minutes and abruptly stopped. I thought that this had gone as far as it would go but was I ever wrong. He took my hand that was on his covered crotch and began to rub it around, then went back to work on mine. I wasn't doing my part of the job apparently.

So there we were, two best friends just laying around in a recliner on a summer morning playing with each other's boners through my underwear and his Speedos while watching Today's Special. I sat there marveling at how cool the shiny fabric felt under my palm as I palmed his erection and his balls. I squeeze the balls ever so slightly, then the shaft and finally the mushroom head. I was fascinated. I had not seen this yet but it felt wonderful. Ironically it was not the first nor the last time that a friend and I had fooled around, it's just the first time that George and I had and I had never expected it from him. Then something changed. I heard it before I felt it. There was a snap like the sound your waist band makes just before it slaps into your stomach. Then I felt my hand hastily being moved. The little shit had tried to lift up his waist band and it slipped but in only a second flat he had lifted it up again and immediately thrust my hand in fingers first into his Speedos. I was lost before I even felt it. I couldn't have pulled my hand out of there if his dick had been on fire. My fingertips brushed that mushroom head first. In hindsight I wouldn't say that he was well endowed for his size or average or what because I really don't know and really don't care. It was perfect in my fingertips at that exact moment and that's all that matters to me. If I had never ran my fingers along the shaft of his dick I would have been just as happy. His head was so soft and squishy and hard as a rock all at the same time. I would have been just as happy rolling the head around all day. He doesn't waste any time though because while I'm still leaned back in the chair fondling his mushroom head, he's already slipped his right hand down into my tighty-whiteys and started fondling my boner. I decided to just go for it and said "take these off" while tugging on his Speedos. He obliged then I started to stroke his cock. He immediately went rigid and started panting, "oh, what are you doing?" I replied "I thought that this is what you wanted?!" He said "All I've ever done was rub it before, I've never done that to it ... It just feels so good!" "You've really never, done this before? . . .here sit in my lap and let me show you something." He hopped up and stood between my naked legs and oh that really cute ass was right there in my face. You see all that swimming in those damned Speedos had given him this REALLY really cute tan line. As in, his body was a beautiful golden brown but his ass was neon white. Anyways I reached up to his hips and pulled him back into my lap so that my boner was nestled in the crack of that beautiful white ass. I then leaned him back against my chest and pushed back into the recliner so that the foot rest would come up and we could recline. I then asked him if he could cum yet, and he said "what's cum?" . . . "You know when the white stuff comes out of your dick." He told me that he guessed not since he didn't know what I was talking about. I then proceeded to give him his first hand job.

He not only had a really cute ass but he had a really cute dick as well. It wasn't like mine where when it got hard it just stuck straight out into the air, but instead it curved up towards his belly. You actually had to pull it away from his stomach in order to jack it off. Anyways, he laid in my lap while I stroked his dick and it was just awesome to feel him squirm and tense up in my lap while I was giving him his first hand job. I wrapped both arms around him and jacked him off with my right hand. My left hand wandered all around his stomach and chest area. I then did something new for myself and smelled his hair. It really reeked of chlorine but it was in that instant that I realized how much I had grown accustomed to smelling that chlorine smell on him every morning. Shortly after all this his legs started shaking and he told me I better stop cause he thought that he needed to go pee. I told him to just wait that that was the cum. I was right and I was wrong. He didn't pee but he didn't cum either. Instead he just started thrashing around and wounded up kicking me in the shin. As he came off of this dry cum he laid there sweating and panting on my lap. I was just about to ask him if he was going to do mine for me when he hopped up and said that he had to go home. He gathered up his Speedos and pulled them on followed by his damp shorts. In the blink of an eye he was out the door. I looked out the window after him as he ran over to his house and through his front door. Reality started to sink in . . . my best friend and I had just crossed a boundary. He had then darted out of my house. What had I done. I'd lost my best friend. And, after feeling that dick with that wonderful mushroom head, I couldn't imagine not ever touching it again. Well, touch it again I did but that'll have to come in the next part.


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