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Summer in a Speedo -- Part 3

Several weeks had gone by and George and I had been pretty much jacking each other off every morning.

Being summer and all, my parents and his dad were always letting us spend the night with each other. For various reasons though we had been unable to do so since our little games had started. Finally it looked like we were going to have a sleepover. The funny thing is that we had had many sleepovers in the several years that we had been friends. This said, I had seen him in his underoos many times as well as tighty-whiteys and speedos. The deal is that I had never really thought of him in any real sexual way before that morning several weeks before when all of our games began.

Sure, I had always thought that he was really cute. Like I said before, he had a great little tight body. I had always loved the energy he seemed to bring with him. A quick history lesson on my part. I've had a problem with my knees since birth which you would never know it if I didn't tell you. My parents, being the overprotective people that they were and some how still are, would never allow me to play sports. Hell I spent years dressing out for gym only to be forced to sit in the bleachers because I had a permanent doctor's excuse for not running, jumping, etc. The irony here is that my parents bought me a swing set, a swimming pool, and a trampoline. And do you think that I just looked at them all day?! Hell no! So in some ways I was jealous of his great athleticism and the lack of my own which basically drove my addiction to his body. That's why I never thought that anything sexual would ever happen between the two of us.

So it finally comes time for the sleepover. Both of our parents ask us which house we want to stay at for the sleepover. Without any hesitation we both agreed without any discussion that he would be spending the night at my house. Once again I immediately knew that we were going to be getting little sleep because we were going to be up to something. You see, I had a queen sized bed which I always shared with my friends when I had overnight company. George on the other hand had two twin sized beds on opposite walls from each other. I loved staying at his house but if something was to happen than it had to happen in my own bed. Plans were made. We didn't even give our parents a chance to say anything else to us as we ran out the front door of my house heading over to George's in order to get his overnight stuff. Five minutes later we were back in my room playing Nintendo -- Legend of Zelda.

"What do you guys want for supper?" asked my dad.

"Pizza of course!!" was my answer between grunts at the Nintendo.

"Why do I even bother to ask?" he muttered as he wandered off back down the hall.

Once the pizza gets there we headed into the living room to watch TV with my folks and eat our pizza with some popcorn. After a while we head back to my room to continue the game that we had paused. I may not have been very good at sports but I was the master at Nintendo. On almost any game you could imagine, I could whoop his butt. After a while my dad came to my door and knocked.

"Boys, it's almost midnight, you guys might want to head to bed soon," he said.

"Just a few more minutes dad!" was my reply.

Well, you know young boys, a few more minutes turned into another hour when finally George looked like he was about to fall asleep sitting up. I finally just reached over and shut off the machine. We both stood up about the same time and started to undress for bed. My eyes were riveted to his body as he pulled off his clothes. I marveled at his back muscles as he tried to pull his shirt over his head. In a very muffled voice he asked me to help him because he had gotten it stuck. I obliged and pulled it off the rest of the way for him. I then left him again to start removing my clothes while still keeping a watchful eye on him. I was starting to get another boner from watching him undress. I realized that his tighty-whiteys were just as tight as his speedos on his pert little ass. To my dismay, I caught a look at his face and realized that he looked more sleepy than I thought. For the first time it hit me that there was a strong possibility that nothing was going to happen that night.

I was partially right. He crawled into bed first and I followed behind him. Before I could even get the lamp turned off he was almost asleep. In this sleepy state he rolled onto his side and fell asleep. My heart was deflating and my boner raging. I reached over and flipped off the lamp. At that time my bed was under my bedroom window and just outside that window was a really annoying street light. Until that night I had cursed the city for ever installing the damned thing because it was always putting light into my room. That night however I was silently thanking the mayor of our small town for giving us that wonderful security light. Now you may label me as a perv but so be it. I pulled back the covers, hell it was hot anyways, and ran my eyes up and down the backside of my best friend. The tighty-whiteys shone like a beacon in the night so it was really easy to see what part was his ass. I reached out and gently touched his ass. Now I was really nervous. After all we had been fooling around for several weeks at this point but this was different. There I was about to fondle my best friend while he slept. Talk about some internal conflict. I lay there with my finger tips just barely touching his cloth covered ass. The I got a little bolder and started to gently stroke one of his ass cheeks. I did this for a while until he moaned in his sleep and rolled over onto his back.

I took this as a sign that it was time to go to bed and to stop molesting my best friend in his sleep. I gently pulled the sheet back over us and lay on my back next to him. After a while he moved around in his sleep and his hand fell down onto my hand. While still being "asleep" he takes my hand and pulls it onto his cloth covered dick and just lays it there.

I looked at him in the dark and could see a smirk on his cute little face. I called him a shithead and moved my hand back down between us and rested it on the mattress. He shifted around for a moment or two and then grabbed my hand, once again moving it to his cloth covered dick. Only this time there was no cloth! Only dick! He lays my hand on his bare cock and expects me to fondle it. I leave my hand where he left if and do not move. He then reaches over and starts to rub mine through my briefs. A few minutes of him gently fondling my dick and he reaches back down to his own and starts to move my hand around some more since I'm am still not moving it. I've decided since he was playing possum (faking being asleep) then I was going to play hard to get.

Of course that's what I thought. He immediately pulled his hand off of my crotch and removed my hand from his. He then pulled his underwear out from under his balls and covered up his crotch. With that, he rolled back over onto his side. Dammit!!! Now what?!

I reached back over to him and rolled him back onto his back, took his briefs down in the front and tucked them under his balls. I then started to fondle his dick this time like there was no tomorrow. He started to giggle.

I froze. "What's so damned funny?!" , I whispered in the dark.

"I knew you couldn't resist!!" he said.

"You little shit!!!" was my only response as I carefully went back to stroking his cock.

He reached back over to my cock and went back to his manipulation. We laid there fondling each other forever or so it seemed. He jacked on my cock and I jacked on his. It was so perfect. We explored every inch of each others hardness. I fondled his nearly hairless balls and he fondled my slightly more hairy ones. His flaring mushroom head and shaft amazed me.. Like I mentioned before, he had a curved dick that hugged against his stomach leading up towards his navel. Mine on the other hand stuck straight out in front like it was getting ready to lead a parade. The funny part is that he was amazed by mine because it was so straight and I was amazed by his because it was so curved. Another thing that amazed me was his actual shaft. Mine was almost perfectly round. His on the other hand was very wide but flatter than mine. His was almost in a squashed oval shape, making it feel really great in the palm of my hand. Finally he started to tense up just a bit and I could feel his balls pulling up so I knew that he was really close. I sped up my ministrations on his cock and snuggled up a little closer to his side so that I could feel his body quiver as he began his dry cum. This one seemed to be even better than the last few that we had done in the recliner. When he came down off of his cumming high, he reached over again and sped up his hand on my dick. He jacked me off to a complete eruption. Several ribbons of cum flew up and onto my chest. He got some on his hand this time since he actually finished me off. He just looked at it in the dark and then rubbed it into the bottom bed sheet at the edge of the bed. We both fell asleep soon after.

The next morning I woke up to my mom tousling my hair. She kissed me on my forehead and told us to behave and to have a good day. She then left for work and we once again had the house all to ourselves. Since George had stayed the night with us, his dad had told him that he would not have to go to swim practice that morning. Therefore we were in no hurry to get up out of bed. After a while George got up and said that he had to go pee. I decided to test the water and go with him. Both of us saddled up to the side of the toilette and pulled out our dicks. He finished peeing before I did and after washing his hands he went into the living room to turn on the TV. I followed shortly after finishing in the restroom and headed for the recliner. George was laid across it sideways from arm to arm covered up with the blanket and just looking at me.

He said, "Come here."

So, I walked up between his legs on the side of the recliner. He leaned up in the chair and poked at my crotch with his index finger while smiling up at me.

I said, "What? Do you want this or something?" As I pulled down my briefs in the front.

He said, "Maybe" and pulled back the blanket to reveal he was naked!

He fondled my dick for a little while and then got up. He told me to sit down in the chair because he wanted to sit in my lap like we had done several times before. This time however I pulled off my underwear so I was naked and then had a naked George sit down in my lap. I then pushed up the footrest and leaned back into the chair so that it would recline with us. We watched several shows on TV that morning with me idly fondling his cock while periodically smelling his hair. It was a perfect, relaxed morning. On more than one occasion he would have to get up and each time I would just gaze lustfully at that perfect white ass of his. It was one or these occasions when I began to wonder what it would be like to fuck that little ass. When he came back to get into my lap I made sure to pull my boner towards my stomach and while gently gripping his hips, I set him back in my lap so that my cock was nestled in the crack of his ass. And with that I went back to fondling his cute dick. The rest of the day went pretty much like that, but unfortunately we had to get clothes on before the day was up. After all, my parents would be coming home and I'm not really sure how they would have felt about having their naked son fondling his best friend.



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