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Summer in a Speedo -- Part 4

Throughout that summer, George and I learned many things about each others bodies. We had been jacking each other off for over a month with me wondering more and more what it would be like to get to fuck my best friend. It didn't take long to find out either. However, something else would happen before I would get to fuck his pert little ass.

One afternoon we were playing around at my house. We had been dry humping each others legs for a while. At some point we ended up in my room wrestling. Being the rambunctious boys that we were, we ended up all over the place. I can remember slamming into my stereo cabinet. Jolting the television around in the entertainment center. Knocking the mattress askew from the box spring. You know, just basically being two boys rough housing. All of this effort seemed to have brought up a light sweat between the two of us so I proceeded to remove my shirt. George followed suit and removed his shirt as well. Now we were two slightly sweaty boys but both shirtless. Every time I thought that I had George he would literally slip out of my grasp from all of the sweat. Now I wasn't really into the sweat aspect as in it was not a fetish for me or anything. It's just that at that moment it was really hot to see him shirtless in a pair of Umbros without any shoes or socks on. On top of that his hair was matted to his forehead. I could've creamed in my shorts if it hadn't been for the challenge of the wrestling distracting me.

Now for the oddball info. He had brought a cassette tape over to my house that day that I to this day have no idea what in the hell was the song or who was the group. It was basically in the early days of rap. The lyrics went like ". . . that bitch sucked my dick and licked my balls night!...her name was Tonya." That said, we were wrestling around with this really long song playing on the stereo's tape player. At one point he pinned me to the floor with a winning pin when all of a sudden he let me up.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"It's too hot! I gotta pull these off" he said as he proceeded to pull off his Umbros. "Why don't you pull yours off too."

"I guess so, sure why not." I replied.

By this time he had already pulled his shorts off and was standing there in his tighty-whiteys. As I was practically drooling while looking at him I proceeded to remove my own shorts. The second I was out of them he practically tackled me to the floor. There was no pinning this time, only the tackle. As I recovered, I realized that I had landed spread eagle with him going across my midsection at an angle. Basically our crotches were about the only thing touching at that given moment. He quickly humped into my crotch for just an instant, then regained his original fervor to pin me. Now keep in mind that that really odd song was still playing in the background. In a flash he spun around and landed with a knee on each side of my head. Therefore placing his crotch directly into my face. Let's say it was a 69 position but without any of the benefits. For the moment he was still attempting to pin me for the count but I was fighting with all of my worth. Now for the fun part. With all of my struggling I was just about free so he had to redistribute his weight to keep his winning position. He ended up using his upper body to push up and driving his hips downward. Now if you realize where exactly his crotch is still located by this time then you have already figured out that I had a face full of boy crotch. I that one defining moment I realized two things. First, I was about to loose because I could no longer focus on wrestling. Second, I was about to cream in my shorts because of all of my panting I was taking in boy crotch smell at full volume. It was like becoming dizzy on a roller coaster. I instantly knew that it was something that I really thought that I wanted but I scared to damn death to get it.

George maintained this position and went through those seconds of counting before he declared himself the winner. Instead of getting up though, he proceeded to scoot forward onto my chest and once again spin around to face me. That's when I got caught. Here I was with my best friend's crotch right in my face with his gorgeous ass clad only in his tighty-whiteys plopped down on my bare chest. To make matters better or worse, I've never really figured that one out, he was showing really good signs of a really hard dick. I know that we had been fooling around for over a month at that point but it seemed somehow different to have all of this sexual energy right there in my face. After all I was the older of the two of us and here it seemed that he was taking control. In some ways he was slowly becoming more and more aware of his sex and becoming the dominant one.

I just lay there panting with him seated on my chest. He was still trying to catch his breath when I realized that he was studying my face. I have no idea how long he had been watching me because the truth is that I have no idea how long I had been staring at his engorged crotch less than six inches from my face. This all seems like hours but it was all in fact less than ten minutes. I know this because that damned song was a little over nine minutes long and we had turned it on just as we were starting to wrestle. And, since it was still playing at this point, I can sort of give you a time line for this event. Now I will never know what came over George but while he was seated on my chest he seemed to have let his mind really go into overdrive. While never looking away from my eyes he reached down and slid his right hand down into his briefs. With my eyes riveted to this, he slowly gave his dick a few short strokes. It was almost as if he just wanted to be sure that it was still there and that I was still paying attention. I think it's needless to say that an earthquake wouldn't have pulled me away from this little scene that was unfolding in front of my face. I didn't really know what to expect at that point but I was really hoping that it would be something great.

Still without a single word, our eyes never leaving each other's, George pulls the front of his tighty-whiteys down and tucks them under his hairless balls. He sits there for just a moment before he starts to scratch his balls with his left hand. While he's still tending to his balls he brings his right hand up and wraps it around his shaft. He begins to slowly stroke his pre-teen boy cock only an inch or so above my face. I'm not really sure when it happened but I slowly became aware that I had pulled down the front of my own tighty-whiteys and was stroking my own teenaged cock with my right hand. It was pure will and determination not to cream at that moment. After all, the object that I had been so fascinated with for over a month was now right in my face and I could only hope that he was about to do what I really wanted. He stroked it idly a few more times while keeping eye contact and then he grinned. Without a single word, yet still stroking, he leaned a little forward and tilted his cock slightly out from himself. Seeing that his cock was usually curved up towards his belly button, this wasn't as easy as it sounds. Anyways he playfully tapped the tip of my nose with the tip of his boy cock and then he bounced in onto my lips. Then he laughed. I snapped out of my fascinated stare and decided once again that I would play hard to get so I turned my head to the side. This didn't deter him in the least. He proceeded to bounce his cock up and down on my ear for a little while. Then he reached down, turned my head so that I was face up again and then rubbed his cock head back and forth across my lips. I cannot even put this into words but you know how they also say that the cock was so hard yet soft. Well, that's exactly what it was. It was like a really hard pipe or something with a really soft lining on the outside of it. And when that wide, flaring, spongy head hit my lips, I knew that I was going to suck it. I parted my lips and let the head slide in. I made a few simple motions on it just to get the feel of it being in my mouth. I then proceeded to lick the under side of his shaft. All the way down to his balls. I hesitated and for the first time George spoke.

"Lick `em" he said.

"Huh...?" I mumbled while still licking the shaft. I was thinking to myself, "what's does it look and feel like I am doing?"

He replied "My balls...Lick my balls."

So with that I started to lick all over those hairless things hanging between his legs. While I did this, I was stroking my cock literally behind his back and he was stroking his over my face. After a few minutes of this he shifted slightly and started to slide his dick into my mouth again. I was getting really close to cumming at this point and I picked up on the fact that his breathing was getting a little faster. I decided to make a challenge out of sucking his cock and wanted to see if I could bring him to an orgasm, even though it would be a dry one, with just my lips and tongue. He got into the spirit more than I thought he would because when his breathing started to become erratic and his balls started to pull up, he started to fuck my mouth. He didn't just slide his cock in and out of my mouth, he reached down and grabbed my head with both of his hands and started to slam into my mouth. The faster he went the more it hurt but at that moment I was ready to rip my own teenaged dick off. I was pounding away at my crotch, he was fucking away at my face and we came at the same time. He had an awesome dry cum while I sucked him. There is something awesome about having a hard quivering cock in your mouth when it bursts, even if nothing comes out of it. And my wet cum shot out of my cock head in a couple of long bursts. I actually got some onto his upper back and down near his cute little ass. The rest landed on my stomach between my crotch and his ass. After we both came off of our sexual hi, we got up and I led him into our bathroom where I ran a warm wash cloth over his back to clean off my spunk. I followed this with a large fluffy towel to dry him with and with that we headed back to my room. In lickity split he had pulled on his underwear and Umbros and flipped on the Nintendo. Just like that, he didn't say a word about what we had just done. He never even mentioned that night when he slept over again.

And that was the night that he let me fuck that adorable little ass of his for the first time.


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