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Summer in a Speedo -- Part 5

The wrestling match was awesome. My very first taste of George's cock was unbelievable. That was one of the biggest thrills of my young life. We played with that Nintendo until our eyes had totally glazed over and we could no longer see. And, it was about that same time that afternoon when my parents both came in from work. Actually my dad got home first so he had us help him to clean up around the house a little bit. Oh it had it's price. Two boys, one a teen and the other a pre-teen, had to be wooed into cleaning up the house. And as usual the bribe was pizza. We both loved pizza more than life itself and my dad had figured out early on that in order for me and my friends to get anything done, we had to be bribed with pizza. Our house was spic and damned span by the time my mom got home from work. We even had time to run and get cleaned up for dinner. After we all said our hellos to my mom we headed out the door to head off to that wonderful place called Pizza Hut. Believe me, in the early to mid-eighties, in the south, that's about the only pizza chain that we had any access. Best of all, we weren't doing carry-out, hell no!! My parents were actually going to let us eat in the pizza joint. I was ecstatic and the video games were music to my ears. There's something about a damned video game that even though it's not as good as your home owned Nintendo, it still had it's special place. We basically sat in our chairs long enough to order some Cokes and then didn't grace my parents with another appearance until the pizzas arrived. And, in true boy attitude, we inhaled our pizza so that we could play more video games before the parents said that it was time to go home.

Only this time it was different. There was this go-cart type place right next to the pizza shop and I was never allowed to go over to it, until then. Remember my parents were the extremely over cautious type so I didn't get to enjoy things like that very often. Of course even this had it's price with my parents. This wonderful little track had two types of cars. The best of the best was the one-seater that was just that, a one-seater. The other type was for a child and parent or for an older child with a younger child. Guess which cart we had to ride in. I made my usual pleas about being treated like a small child, but to no avail. After turning red of embarrassment and being threatened in front of everyone that if I didn't act my age then we would all go home, I relented. Hell, I would rather ride in the two-seater than not at all. At least I was allowed to drive most of the laps. After all I was the oldest and they were my parents. My mom's logic was that they had forgotten to ask George's dad if he could ride the carts so they were only letting him drive like every third or fourth lap. Of course I thought that they were idiots because he had his own damned four-wheeler that he had gotten for that past Christmas. I mean, HELLO, the thing was three times bigger than George was for crying out loud.

So there we were, two fellas crowded into this small two-seater with an oversized mower engine wailing behind our heads. I think that we were both in hog heaven. The space was so tight that our legs were always pressed against each other, in our Umbro shorts I might add, and the passenger had to always keep his arm around the driver otherwise there wasn't enough room to steer. You couldn't have asked for a better situation to send boy hormones into overdrive. Between all the rubbing and "hugging" we were doing along with the vibration of the go-cart itself, we were boned up for almost the entire time we were racing. Every once in a while when we were on the back stretch of track and no one else was around George would steal a quick feel of my dick while I was driving. I in turn would do the same while he was driving. We even got pretty good timing to keep us spaced from the other drivers so that they wouldn't be able to see what all we were doing in our private cart. This little bit of excitement didn't last very long. My parents being the super goobers that all teens think their parents are decided to hop in their own go-carts and join in the fun. Where was it ever written that if you're parents are going to enjoy some of the same activities as you then they should be right under your ass the entire time and suck all of the fun out of it for you. Around nine they decided that it was time for us to head home. It was summer and all but it was also in the middle of the week and they had to go to work the next morning. We headed back over to the car and started heading home.

Home was only about ten or twelve minutes from the pizza place and track but that was ample time for the two of us in the back of the mini van to get into some hot little grope sections. This was really easy because all we did was what any self respecting young adult would have done and put as much space between ourselves and the `rents as we could. We practically leapt over the middle row seat landing into the back row seat while my dad was steadily telling us to settle down before one of us ended up falling through the window. Yeah right, like that would ever happen. Needless to say that our testosterone was at it's highest level by the time we reached home.

"Don't forget to take your baths boys!" mom yelled as we plowed through the front door to my house and headed to my room.

"Aww mom, we'll take `em in the morning," I yelled back.

"I don't think so young man!! You will BOTH take one tonight!" was her only response. Now here's the best part, she headed into the den to call her sister out west since it was two hours earlier out there.

My dad came to my room and said, "I know you boys are tired but you really need to take a bath. You guys really stink!! Phew-ee," he said while laughing and holding his nose.

"But dad!!!!" I whined.

"Hey, your mom will be on the phone for an hour or more. Why don't you guys just take one together and it'll go a lot faster."

"" was all I could stammer as a response.

"Come on kiddo, while you bathe, George can soap up your hair and while he bathes, you can soap up his. Besides, you've been naked around each other before so hop to it," my dad replied as he winked and turned to leave. Then as an afterthought he added, "and no horsing around in there, I don't want you to slip."

And I swear as he shut the door he mumbled, "save it for when you go to bed."

When I turned around I saw George had dropped his shorts and doffed his shirt.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"I'm doing what your daddy told me to do. I'm going to wash your hair for you and I expect you to do the same for me."

And with that he headed out of my room and into the bathroom. I stopped to get us clean wash cloths and towels from the pantry and when I got into the bathroom there was George in all of his naked glory. And he was playing with his dick!

"What are you doing?! The door is wide open!!" I whispered very urgently.

"Cool it, your mom's in the den on the phone and your dad is outside putting the garbage on the street."

With that he stepped over to the tub to adjust the water and then hopped in. I followed behind him after hanging the towels on the rack and pulled the glass shower door shut behind me. Once in the shower I started to wash George's hair while he bathed. He had his back to me the entire time so I kept getting a full view of his pert little ass. I realized as I was finishing up his hair that he was having trouble washing his back.. I took the cloth from him and started at the top of his shoulders working my way down to his hips. It was at this point that I decided to get really brave so I just let my hand slip down to his ass. He didn't budge or pull away so I started to gently wash his ass cheeks. In fact instead of pulling away, he was actually leaning back into my body. I decided to stop and when I pulled my hand away he turned his head towards me with this really pouty look on his face.

I just looked at him and said, "Your turn."

With that I handed him the bottle of shampoo and started to kneel down in front of him.

He looked at me and said, "Why are you getting down on...?"

"Because I'm too tall for you to wash my hair. Besides I wanted to do this..." I replied and with that I rocked forward on my knees and sucked his cock into my mouth. He immediately started to grope at my wet hair to steady himself. I looked up at him with his entire boy dick in my mouth and winked at him. I made several strokes using just my lips, then made several more using a swirling motion of my tongue. He continued to hold onto my wet hair for dear life.

I pulled off long enough to whisper, "George, you have to use shampoo while you try to wash my hair."

With that he regained some of his thought patterns and reached over for the shampoo bottle. He poured a little too much onto my scalp and started to grope with his fingers again. Each stroke I made he would just about tug my hair out of my scalp. I sucked on his shaft like it was the best popsicle I had ever had. Then I sucked on his young balls like they were a pair of the fattest grapes. I pulled them both into my mouth and rolled them around with me tongue. I also stroked his dick while I nibbled on his ball sac. It was softest thing you could imagine.

We did this for a while until I heard the door knob rattle, then the door opened just a crack.

"Hurry up boys, your mom is almost off the phone," my dad said. Several seconds later, more than five or six, he shut the bathroom door followed by the sound of his bedroom door shutting.

Now the glass door on the shower was not clear, but frosted. However the bathroom door opened into the wall mirror and that in turn faced the shower. With the color of the tile walls in the shower and the tan bodies with the hot white asses in front of that tile wall, the frosted glass didn't cover up as much as you would think. You could really see more in that shower than my young mind realized. Actually if I had stopped to think about it long enough, I had spied on my dad in the shower several times when he had left the door ajar. All I did was put my eyes to the crack from the hallway and I could see him in the shower every time. So thinking back, he probably saw more of my kneeling and sucking George's dick than I thought.

We stepped out of the shower, lightly ran the towels over each other, then wrapped them around our waists and headed into my room. Once there we finish drying off and put on our night clothes, which consisted of tight-whiteys and a t-shirt. We piled onto the floor on ours stomachs to play a few rounds of Nintendo. After Mom and Dad went to bed we decided to head to bed as well. George pulled his shirt over his head and as usual got hung up in it so he couldn't get it off. With a muffled cry for help I reached over playfully stroking his nipples with my left hand while my right hand reached down and started to grope his quickly hardening dick. He totally stopped fighting with the shirt and just stood there with it wrapped around his head. I decided to become really bold and leaned in to kiss where his mouth should have been. It actually was just a quick peck so that he didn't even know what I had done. After that I helped him pull off his shirt and then pulled off my own shirt. He had climbed into bed while I was undressing. I walked over to the edge of the bed deciding that instead of walking around to my side I would simply crawl over George's nearly naked body.

Halfway over I reached down groping his hard dick asking, "what have we here? Looks like a lolli-pop, I wonder what flavor it is."

"Why don't you give it a few licks to see for yourself," was the reply that I had been waiting to hear.

And with that I leaned down and started another blow job. This time I worked his fleshy, spongy knob over ever so slowly. I wanted this to last and last and last. I decided to add something new to the mix so I reached under the edges of his ass while I blew him. I grabbed a hold of each ass cheek and as I blew his yummy cock I would pull his entire waist up to meet my lips. I was in turn face fucking myself by guiding his hips for him. He figured this out quickly and started to take over the thrusting for me. This freed up my hands so they no longer had to hold his hips but instead were now fondling his wonderful ass cheeks as well as running up and down his soft hairless legs. I was in complete lust at that moment. I could have shot my load with all of the sensory input I was going through. I was now running my hands all over his ass cheeks and into the crevice between them. Somehow he shifted enough so that there was even more room between those beautiful cheeks. I started to run my finger lightly back and forth while slowly slipping it deeper into his crack. Then a wonderful thought occurred. I slipped my finger into my really moist mouth and wetted my finger really well that it was almost dripping in saliva. Then I took his dick back into my mouth while reaching under his ass to glide my finger along his crack once again. Shortly it started to rub against that wonderful little pucker of flesh. The excitement alone was enough to send me into orbit. How in the hell I didn't cream at that moment is beyond me. Anyways, with a little pressure my finger started to slowly go into his puckered little hole. He gasped and clenched down so I just held it still while still sucking his dick. After a moment or two he relaxed and I went back to sliding my finger into his ass. Again, he clenched up around my finger. We went through this process several times each time getting a little tiny bit deeper into the pucker. Finally I had the first inch or so of my finger in his pucker so I slowly started to finger fuck his ass. He started to moan at some point and I whispered to him to not make so much noise.

"But it feels so damned good!" he replied. "Oh, damn..."

I finger fucked him for at least five or ten minutes when all of a sudden he blurted out, "I want you to put your dick in there!"

I didn't know what to say so I told him that he was going to have to turn onto his stomach. I'm not sure how it ended up the way it did but instead of him being flat on his stomach, he wound up on all fours. In the near dark you could see this pure white ass right there in the air. Wiggling. Anticipating. It was ready to suck in a dick for the fist time ever. If the way it felt wrapped around my finger was any sign of the way it would feel wrapped around my dick then I already knew I wasn't going to last for very long. I got up on my knees behind that sexy little ass and lined my dick up for it's journey to the center of George's being. Now, as far back as I can remember I've always been a heavy leaker with my pre-cum and that night was no different. I used it to spread around the head of my dick and even squeezed enough out to swipe around the edges of his little pucker. I slowly started to slip the head into his asshole. If I thought that the finger fucking was slow going then was I ever in for a shock. It took almost twenty minutes before I ever got half of my dick into that ass. Every time I thought that he was going to tell me to quit he would tell me to put some spit on it and try again. He was such a horny little trooper but he never gave up. We finally got it to go all the way in. I wish I could say that we fucked for hours and hours but that's not how it happened. I got a good fifteen or twenty strokes in and made the mistake of reaching under him to stroke his cock. About the second stroke and he went into a dry orgasm. This caused his pucker to clamp down so hard on my thrust that it sent me over the top and I began to cum. Now this sudden sensation of him cumming and my first shot going into his bowels caused George to collapse onto the bed. With that sudden movement my quaking dick pulled free after only a single shot of cum up his ass so the other several shots went all over his ass cheeks and lower back. In my aftermath of cumming I collapsed onto his back so dazed and tired I almost passed out. Luckily we still had the damp towels from our mutual shower to clean up with. And after rummaging around a moment or two trying to locate our underwear, so whichever of my parents came in first in the morning wouldn't find two butt naked boys, we slipped back into bed. Both of us laying our right side, spooning. Just as I was about to doze off I felt George shift a bit and then felt his breath on my face. Then magic. He placed his wonderful lips against my lips and gave me a gentle kiss before quickly rolling over and backing his tighty-whitey clad ass up against my tighty-whitey clad crotch.


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