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Summer in a Speedo - Part 6

The more I thought about that kiss the more I realized that I couldn't sleep. I lay there trying to think of anything and everything to get that kiss out of my head. I wanted another one. Would George give it to me? What would he do if I tried to get another kiss? All of this seems so straight forward now but at that given moment I was in complete turmoil. I decided to let it ride. I pulled up as close behind him as I could while we spooned and buried my nose in his hair. Ahh, the wonderful smell of pool water. As I've said, even today that chlorine smell sends my mind into overload.

As my eyes were slowly opening I realized that it was morning. Something woke me up but I wasn't really sure what. Then, the sound of my mom's car starting made me realize that she was heading to work. That meant that we had the entire house all to ourselves. I was facing the outside of the bed so I rolled over to see if George was awake yet. He wasn't there. I decided to leave my t-shirt off and just wander around the house in my briefs. You remember how it was growing up. You never passed up a chance to wander around almost naked in your own house especially if you knew that your parents were gone. I headed into the kitchen to see if George was fixing breakfast for himself already. He wasn't. I went to check out the living room, but again, no George.

"Hey, George! . . . Where are you?" I called


"Hey Duffus, where are you at? I tried again.


"Ok shit for brains, I'm not looking for you!" came my final try.


Maybe he went home? Again that young paranoid mind went into overdrive. Maybe he was upset that he kissed me? Maybe he was afraid that I would be mad at him for kissing me. Surely he knew me well enough by now to know that I would be totally ok with it. As I'm pondering all of these thoughts I realized that I had to go take my morning piss so I headed towards the hallway bathroom. By this point my bladder has really done a number on me and I just about couldn't hold it any longer. Now let me explain the bathroom once more. The door opened into the bathroom mirror which was one of those builder's slabs of mirror meaning the damned mirror was almost as long as the wall to which it was attached. This mirror reflected the shower not only to the doorway but to where someone taking a piss at the toilette could also look into it. Now in my rush to get to the toilette to take my piss I noticed the shower door was slid open but I really didn't take the time to look into the shower. Now as I stood in front of the toilette with the shower just behind me I saw movement reflected in the mirror. As my healthy stream was hitting the bowl I looked up from the toilette bowl and into the mirror at the movement that had caught my attention. And what was it? A very naked George wiggling his ass and mooning me!

"Hahaaahaaaha!" he laughed.

"Oh you think you're pretty damned cute don't ya ya little shit?!" I replied back.

He replied, "I hope you think so," as he flashed me a really cute but bashful grin.

Here he was butt ass naked and wiggling his ass at me while I'm taking my morning piss all the while he's turning bashful on me. Apparently he really cared what I thought about him at that given moment and to tell the truth I was really getting wrapped up in him. He and I had been best friends for quite a while but then it was so much different. The strangest part to me was that it didn't really feel that much different until the kiss the night before. That really seemed to have been the turning point for me. I had been content with being best friends but after that kiss I wanted so much more. It was either now or never. I walked up to the shower door and stepped in. I was once again face to face with George. I began to lean forward and all of a sudden I burst out laughing.

A very crestfallen George looked like he was about to burst into tears, "what's so funny? . . . did I do it wrong? Are you making fun of me?"

"No!!! I never want to hurt you ..." I tried to explain.

"But you just did! You were . . . "

I cut him off. I couldn't handle it any longer, "George, shut up and listen, I Love YOU!"

And with that he broke out into the biggest damned grin you've ever seen. Hell I didn't know that he had that many teeth in there!

"I love you too!" he quipped. "But why did you laugh at me?"

"Because I was so nervous, I didn't know what you would think if I tried to kiss you and when I leaned in to do it you were just so damned cute! You closed your eyes and puckered your lips but baby when you stepped up on your tip-toes I just couldn't keep a straight face."

"I like what you just called me." Again, he had that quiet, bashful smile on his angelic little face.

I was caught by surprise. I had no idea what I had just called him or at least nothing stuck out in my mind. Apparently while I was processing his comment I was chewing on my lower lip. He caught this very subtle act and decided to end the suspense.

"You called me `baby' "

With that, everything melted away and all of my thoughts were put on hold. I leaned in and placed my lips firmly against his for a moment or two just feeling the warmth and total softness. As we pulled away from each other he asked if we could use our tongues like they did in the movies we had commented on so many times.

"Are you sure you really want to try?" I asked all giddy inside.

"Well they always seem to enjoy it in the movies so we won't know until we try," was his very "big boy" reply.

As I turned away from him I quickly added, "Hurry up, let's brush our teeth so we can do it right!"

He about knocked me into the floor of the shower trying to get to the sink before me.

After we finished the chore of brushing our teeth we decided that we didn't' want our first "real" kiss to be in the bathroom. With that I followed him into the living room where led me over to my dad's recliner. He told me to pull off my underwear and sit down so he could sit in my lap. I pulled the blanket over both of us and pushed back in the chair just enough to give us a little spreading out room. When we were at a good angle George rolled over onto his stomach on top of me so that we were laying face to face. He once again leaned forward pressed his lips to mine. I reached up with my left hand and put it on the back of his head. As I did this I parted my lips and ran the tip of my tongued across his closed lips. Like a key to a lock his lips parted and granted my tongue access. I had reached an all new high at my young age of thirteen. I quickly got into the moment and started to dart my tongue in and out of George's mouth. He did the same to my mouth. Soon we were tongue wrestling. I even let my other hand get into the action by grabbing and massaging that wonderful ass. I couldn't take it for much longer before both of my hands were massaging his ass cheeks, spreading them apart and playing with that little pucker.

"I love you so much!" I whispered into his mouth.

"Love you more!' came his muffled reply.

Once again all of the dirty thoughts came into my head and I knew that I once more wanted to make love to that perfect little white ass. While still holding onto and kissing him, I eased up in the recliner until we were both sitting up. Then I closed the footrest and slid both of us down to the floor so that I was on my knees. I gently laid George on the carpet and proceeded to kiss down the entire front of his body. I worked my lips over his forehead, cheeks, nose, lips, neck, shoulders, nipples, arms, even his hairless little armpits. I worked down his stomach where he would later form these wonderful abs. I worked my way to his crotch, then bypassed it. I kissed his thighs, upper legs, knees, lower legs. Hell I even kissed his beautiful boy feet. I was so horny by that point that I couldn't help it.

He was a trooper but he giggled when I got to his feet. He was squirming so much that I decided to have pity on him. I immediately moved from his feet to his beautiful cock. I started licking just under the balls working my up the under side of the shaft. Remember he had one of those really arched cocks that stayed extremely close to the body so that it hugged up towards his belly button. I licked my way up to that spongy top and then sucked just the mushroom head into my mouth. It was wonderful. I swirled my tongue around and around that head until I finally sunk my mouth so far down that my nose was pressed against that smooth patch of skin where the shaft of his cock exited his perfect little body. This went on for several minutes until he suddenly pulled free of me. With a sudden movement he flipped over onto his stomach and pushed his ass into the air.

"Markie, I want you to fuck me." He purred.

All I could say was, "Anything you want Baby!"

With that I started the slow process of working my teenaged cock into that tiny little ass of his. And, once again, it was all I could handle not to cum just trying to get into it. After several attempts and lots of spit, we got into a really good rhythm. After a while he wanted to try it flat on the floor instead of on all fours. I had no problem with that. I let him get settled on the carpet only then deciding that we would both be more comfortable with a blanket spread out under us. After that was all settled he lay back down on the floor holding his cute little ass cheeks open for me. I ever so slowly proceeded to lay down on his back while still rocking onto my knees. Kind of reminded you of the way the girls used to do their push ups in P.E. Only every time I did a "sit-up" I was sliding my dick in and out of a very warm and inviting hole. At some point during this slow fucking I wrapped my lower legs up in his feet to give me better leverage. I could go in deeper than seemed possible with that added leverage. And every so often I would kiss the back of his neck while sliding in and out. Finally it was time to cum and this time I had him pinned to the floor while my cum flooded into his ass. After I settled down from my climax I pulled out of his ass and rolled him over onto his back. Leaning over his crotch I once again sucked in that wonderful dick. This time sucking him off to a dry orgasm. We resettled into the recliner after cleaning up a bit and flipped on the TV. He wound up letting me fuck him several more times that day. Each time was as good as the first. What a wonderful age it was when you could cum more than two or three times in a single day. That meant that between the two of us, one of us was always horny and like any true male, it only takes one horny one to get the other one horny as well.

This continued on throughout the rest of the summer. It was getting closer to time for school to go back in and we knew that we would not be able to spend as much time together as we had been but we were trying to make the most of it while we could. Now, at that given point the place where my mom worked had some really cool owners. The were always having swimming pool parties at their really cool house. It was a kids dream house. There was an actual cabana at the pool with a built-in bar in the pool. You could actually swim up and sit on underwater bar stools! How neat was that?! Anyways, these really cool people had all of this really neat stuff at their house but the really, really cool thing was that they also owned an ocean front beach house in Fort Morgan, AL. Now it wasn't necessarily the greatest place in the world but to our young eyes it was the most awesome place. Each summer they would let my mom and dad borrow it for a week. This year we were finally getting to take George with us! Oh man I just couldn't wait.

It was a Thursday night. Both of my parents were home from work and we were packing the car. All of a sudden George comes grunting up the driveway with a suitcase that seems bigger than he does and without missing a beat I blurt out, "dude, they got a kitchen sink so you can leave yours." Apparently my dad thought that this was a the funniest shit he had ever heard because in mid throw, he dropped their suitcase onto the ground just as my mom came out the door.

"Honey!! Be careful my blow dryer is in there!"

As my dad mutters to himself, "Yeah, along with our kitchen sink!"

I cracked up over that one because I was the only one heard him. Now being the very brainy child that I was, I had strategically been placing all of the luggage into the center seat of the mini van so that George and I would have to sit all the way into the back. Since we were driving down at night we had almost complete privacy in the back seat. After we got onto the road pretty good, we slouched down into the seat so that we could whisper back and forth. At one point I leaned over and gave him a peck on the lips.

He pulled back quickly and blurted, "Your parents?!"

"Relax Baby! They are all the way up there and with all the luggage there is no way they can see us. Hey, they'll probably think that we've gone to sleep!"

Without another word he leaned back over and proceeded to shove his tongue down my throat. Now since we had only been on the road for about half an hour and I knew that the whole trip down took almost four hours, we were safe to assume that we wouldn't be stopping for quite a while. Ceremoniously I began to slide my hand up the leg of his Umbros while still tongue fucking his mouth. He returned the favor. Like homing pigeons we found the other one's already hard dick about the same time and began to fondle them while we kissed. We never seemed to tire of kissing. At one point I heard my mom tell my dad that she thought that we must have fallen asleep, but little did she know we were in fact fully awake in more ways than one.

After a while I decided that since it was safe enough to make out with my "boyfriend" and fondle his dick in the car then it would probably be safe to pull out our dicks for some "fresh air" so to speak. At first we just pulled our dicks out the legs of our Umbros but after awhile of fondling George's dick I whispered to him to pull them down. He was reluctant until I pull mine along with my underwear down to my ankles and then pulled them off all together. With that he pulled his all the way off. Now I did something that I knew I wasn't supposed to do but I pulled off my seatbelt and slid down to the floor in front of us. There wasn't really a lot of room but there was still enough for me to fit between our seat and the one in front of us. I piled up our shorts and underwear so that I would have something to kneel on. I then pulled George's legs apart and crawled up between them so that I could have easy access to not only his dick but those wonderful balls. I once again took that so soft spongy head into my mouth and sucked it for all it was worth. I licked the shaft. Suckled the balls. I even got into jacking him off with one hand while I sucked his balls and jacked off my own dick with my other hand. All of a sudden his hand was gripping my the top of my head.

He whispered, "Markie, I think I'm about to cum."

Oh, and I wanted him to have his orgasm so much. I loved the feeling of that wonderful little dick quivering in my mouth for all it was worth. I remember stroking my dick in time with my sucking of his dick. His grip on my head became even tighter to the point that it almost hurt when all of sudden,

"Ughhh" and then he totally relaxed. Now I was still pumping away on my cock when it hit me.

I thought, "the little shit jus CUMMED!" And that's exactly what I meant. Don't get me wrong, there wasn't much to it but when I moved my tongue over the head of his cock still in my mouth I realized that there was the slightest little glob of salty solution clinging to the tip. As I pondered this and the wonderful taste of it all in the instant of a split second mind you, I came. I didn't even realize that I had been that close but as I realized that I had just caught my newly formed boyfriends VERY FIRST cum in my mouth, I just totally lost it. I came.

"Hey Markie, you just came on my leg!"

"Oh," was all I could say. I will never really know what came over me but I pulled back from him just enough to pull his leg up as much as I could. At this new angle I leaned forward and proceeded to lick my own cream off of my boyfriends smooth, completely hairless leg. I cleaned up every bit of myself off of him. Then proceeded to kiss him with my fresh cream still partly in my mouth. As our tongues danced back and forth I realized that I had a new formed love of cum. I had just taken what little load George could give me and came. Then I had sucked my own load off of his smooth leg. If that was any indicator, we would be happy and horny for a long time. We finally pulled our clothes back on and decided to take a nap for the rest of the trip down.

I was so excited about getting to go to the beach with my not only best friend but now my true love.


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