All of the usual disclaimers and things apply. If you have gotten this far from the home page then you know where you are and probably what you are about to read. If not, this is an adult oriented story about the experiences of youth between a teenager and his best friend.

Summer in a Speedo -- 7


You know the feeling you get when you first wake up and you are unsure of where you are? Well that's what I was feeling at the moment I woke up. I was laying in a small cramped space in the pitch dark. Something heavy was laying on top of me and something extremely hard was shoved into my stomach. As I reached up trying to move whatever was on top of me off, I realized with wonderful delight that it was George! Oh, and of course that extremely hard object shoved into my stomach was none other than his perpetually hard cock. Once a horn dog, always a horn dog.

"Baby, I think it's time to wake up. The car's stopped moving." I whispered into his ear as I gently lapped at his earlobe.

"Hmpfff..." was the best reply that he could muster from the land of dreams.

I decided that until we just had to get out of the van, I would let him sleep just a bit more. And that bit more was not very long. You know how parents can be so caring one minute and then flip on your bedroom lights at like two in the morning for no real reason. Well that's the way I felt as they threw the sliding door open on the mini-van and caused the tiny little bulb in the ceiling to seem to come on as bright as the sun! Groggily, George and I grabbed our back packs of junk and shuffled up the really long flight of stairs to the landing that held the door to the beach house. You see, if you have never been to Fort Morgan, AL then you probably don't know most of the beach front houses are up on stilts to protect them from high tide or seasonal flooding and of course those nasty boogers called hurricanes.

Being the middle of the night my parents decided to be lenient on us and unpacked the car all by themselves. My mom basically ushered us into the house and up to the top floor where our bedroom was located. You see this wonderful little beach house had one of those small upstairs rooms with a widows walk all the way around the top floor. However the room was furnished with bunk beds! Mom told us to go on to bed. Can you just imagine my horror?! I couldn't be separated from the love of my life in a damned bunk bed!! What was my mom thinking?! Didn't she know that we couldn't be separated?! At that age you know how much drama your mind could put on you. Well enough of the drama, I started pulling off my clothes when I realized that George, who had sat on the edge of the bottom bunk, had fallen asleep while still sitting up. Peeking down the steps to the main floor and listening for my parents I realized that they were still outside unloading the van. Then I remembered that no one and I mean no one could sneak up those stairs because they were so squeaky and clunky that even a mouse sounded like a buffalo coming up them. Maybe the bunk beds wouldn't be so bad after all, I mean who was going to know if we actually slept in one or two anyways. Okay, so first job is to mess up the bedding on the top bunk so it appears that someone had slept there by the time morning would come. Now I just had to get George to wake up so he could get undressed for bed.

And how silly was I to not figure this one out sooner. I reached over gently pushing on George. He flopped backwards onto the bed still completely asleep! I reached up for the waistband of his Umbors. Gently pulling them off I just stood there admiring his tighty whitey clad hips. And of course I immediately threw a boner. I pulled up the front edge of his t-shirt so that I could admire the smooth belly that lay underneath it. He was still sound asleep. Mine as well go for the whole thing. I reached up to the waistband of his briefs, slowly sliding them down his hips to join his Umbros around his ankles. Leaning over his now naked crotch I slowly licked his soft cock from the base to the soft head. Slowly it started to react to the stimulation and began to harden. While I was slowly suckling it I became aware of some very slight movements from above me when suddenly I felt a pair of hands shoving my head further down onto the dick that I was slowly sucking. George was awake.

After sucking, licking and fondling his privates for a few minutes I reluctantly pulled off so I could finish getting ready for bed. As I started to slide into bed in my briefs it dawned on me that when George slipped under the covers he had appeared to be completely naked! Pulling the covers in the air while taking a peek under them, I was rewarded the beauty of a very naked George.

"Are you planning on sleeping like that?" I asked.

"Why not, we'll hear your parents coming long before they get up here. Besides it's not like they ever look under the covers to see what we are wearing!" he replied.

Well I guess he had quite a point there. They had seen us asleep many times and had never checked under the covers to see what we were or were not wearing. I shucked off my briefs shoving them deep into my backpack so that they wouldn't be laying out on the floor in the open. I slip in next George, reached over shutting off the table lamp and snuggled in face to face with the love of my young life. We kissed a little. We fondled a lot. We licked each others nipples. We kissed each other's necks. We played grab ass. We whispered back and forth. We giggled about this or that. Then, we did it all over again. We weren't just two little guys having sleep overs anymore. Nope. Now we were young lovers with our entire lives ahead of us. At some point we drifted off into the land of dreams.

The next morning we awoke to the smell of coffee, YUCK!, and pancakes. Now that's the proper way to wake up two healthy and growing young guys. Jumping out of bed we didn't bother to throw on any clothes but instead started to rummage through our suitcases that my dad had left outside our door. That's funny, we never heard him bring them up. I'll have to think on that some more. Anyways, we finally located our swimsuits, yanked them on as fast as we could, then raced down the steps to the kitchen on the floor under our private floor.

"Boys!! Stop running before someone gets hurt!" my dad yelled as we flew past him in the downstairs hallway.

"Yes, Dad!" we yelled in unison as we continued to run past him towards the kitchen.

Our little eyes went wide. My mom, really, MY MOM, the woman who never seemed to cook and always had food on speed dial for crying out loud had cooked pancakes! Not only pancakes, she also fried up some thick bacon, scrambled some eggs, fixed some fresh squeezed orange juice and some other stuff. Now this was a hog's heaven. We ate until our little bellies were pooched way out.

"We're going down to the beach to jump in the water!!" I yelled as we bolted for the door.

"Oh no you're NOT!" Mom yelled while blocking the door.

"But MOM?!?!?!" I pleaded. You know thirteen is that wonderful age where you are growing up but you can still whine just a bit and sometime still get your way. That is except for this time.

"You two just ate half a super markets worth of food, now you know our rule about eating and swimming."

"Yes ma'am," we replied in stereo as we walked over and dropped down onto the sofa to watch whatever crap was on that my dad was watching.

Almost exactly thirty minutes after we finished eating and were refused the right to head down to the beach my dad looked at his watch, then looked up at us with a wink.

"Ok boys, GO!"

At least I think that's what he said. Before he finished with "Okay" we had already bolted out the door before he would have a chance to change his mind or for my mom to override him. You know how parents can be when they both tell you to do something and then try to override the other one. As you can imagine we ran down those steps two at a time totally skipping the last three or four as we leapt for the soft sand below.

Since my parents and I had been going down to this same beach house for several years, there was this nice old couple that would come out and set up a type of shelter with these awesome lounge chairs for us. They usually set the stuff up the night before so it would already be there whenever we were ready for it. George looked at the big beach tent set up exactly half way between the back of the house and the water.

"Oh cool!! Who's is that?!" he peeped as we ran past it.

"Oh that?! It's ours for the whole week we're here." I replied.

"Awesome!" he yelled just before running head on into the ocean.

I hadn't really thought about it before but upon questioning him, he told me that although he had seen the ocean before, he had never actually been in it or even near it for that matter. I came up behind him and said,

"Well in that case don't freak out when the fish swim by ya ... there's one" as I reached out and grabbed the back of his leg.

"Hey!! Don't do that Markie!" he actually looked like he was going to cry.

"Baby, what's wrong?!"

"Well my dad told me to watch out for sharks! I thought that maybe one had gotten me." He replied. I felt like a real heel.

"I'm sorry Baby. Besides we don't worry about sharks around these waters. The dolphins keep them away from the shore."

He immediately brightened, "there are dolphins in these waters?!"

"Yeah! LOTS of them! It's too early to see them right now but they usually start coming by in the next hour or so." I beamed.

How in the world had we forgotten to tell him about the dolphins. Oh shit! If we forgot to tell him about them then we probably forgot to tell him about the stingrays.

"Baby, there's something else that you'll see a lot of out here."

"What's that Markie"

"Stingrays!" I told him.

"Like the one's in the zoo last summer?" he peeped.

"Yeah only these come out in large groups. You may see ten or twenty or as many as thirty at one time!"

"Awesome!" was his reply just as his face became very perplexed.

"What is it?"

"There's a really big shadow in the water, look!!" he whimpered.

"Don't worry, that's the stingrays. They are awesome just hold very still and they will swim right around us."

And just as I had said, the giant shadow that was gliding towards us in the water got within ten or so feet from us when all of a sudden the formation separated and half of the group went to our left while the other half went to our right. And, about ten or so feet past us the two groups reformed into one.

"That was so awesome Markie."

In all of the excitement we had both totally missed my parents coming out into the ocean to join us. We also didn't realize that they had heard George call me Markie. They didn't make any comments on this nor did they ask any questions. At least not then. We swam around for hours, or so it seemed. We jumped waves. We caught little minnow sized fish and let them go again. Finally we ran out of the ocean onto the shore with the intentions of making a sand castle. Instead we ended up sitting in the awesome beach chairs under the tent out of the sun and just watched the water. My parents were jumping waves looking like they felt as young as we were. I had stopped watching the water and at some point had started to watch George. He was having a ball. Not to mention that I was getting horny as hell watching him. I decided I had better look away from him unless I wanted to form some of my own driftwood. At that moment I caught a sudden look of awe on his face.

As I turned to see what he was looking at, he yelled, "Look!!!!"

And there they were, one of the most graceful creatures God placed in the ocean. Our dolphins had come to make their very first appearance for the week. The look on his face as he watched the dolphins swim by, occasionally making a jump or two, was worth the entire trip. After a while we all finally ran up to the house to get a bite to eat for lunch. My parents told us to come up in five minutes that way they will have already had use of the outdoor, downstairs shower. We made our way to the underside of the beach house and headed over to where the shower had been built near the steps. It was a simple wood structure that had been built like a squared off conch shell. That meant that once under the shower head you had complete privacy. Now most folks didn't take a literal shower in this thing but instead would either rinse off the sand and salt water or pull off their wet swim suits like a changing room. All we were supposed to be doing was rinsing off the salt water. Well I decided to do a taste test of George's dick to see if he had all of the salt off.

"What are you doing?! Someone might see us!" he whispered.

"Like who, a sand crab?! I have to see If you got all of the salt off your dick and this taste test is the only way." I shot back.

I only gave him a few short strokes with my lips and lapped at his balls for only a moment. After all I didn't want to get caught. So, after just a few short moments I pulled off of his now hard dick and proceeded to rinse the salt water off of myself. As I leaned back into the spray to rinse my hair I all of a sudden felt a tug on my waistband and George's hand went around my way too hard dick. I smiled down at him as he stroked it a few times and then went back to rinsing my hair. Now I almost jumped out of my skin when I felt teeth moving around my shaft and looked down to see that little black haired beauty with my dick in his mouth for the very first time.

"Baby, watch your teeth." I said between pants "Oh yeah baby that's it," I cooed.

I was so excited that he was sucking my dick that I didn't realize just how excited I was. Without being able to give him any warning I fired off several strands of cum into his hot little mouth. He was a trooper and sucked me clean as a whistle.

"I'm so sorry Baby! I didn't mean to do that ... It's just that you were so good ... "

"Markie, shut up and kiss me!" he peeped at me with a bemused smile.

I leaned toward him proceeding to kiss him on the lips. As I did this, George shoved his cum covered tongue into my mouth. I instantly boned up again. I was just about to tell George that it was time for us to go up before we got in trouble when my dad yelled down to us.

"You boys hurry up down there. Lunch is on the counter," as he proceeded back into the house.

We both pulled up our swimsuits, shut off the shower, grabbed our towels and headed up the stairs. We ate at the breakfast bar running between the kitchen and the living room while jabbering about anything and everything that we could think of.. Dad ate in front of the TV which was his usual spot and my mom ate while standing in the kitchen opposite of George and I. Every once and awhile she would glance at us and seem to hold her focus on us for longer than usual. Once or twice I looked up in time to see her watching us. She would just smile and turn back towards her lunch.

The rest of the day went like any day at the beach would go. We built sand castles. We jumped waves. You know the usual stuff. Hell we even got enough sand in our cracks to build another sand castle. After the sun set we grabbed our flashlights, our nets and our crab houses and went up and down the beach looking for a crab to put into our little crab houses. Of course we let them go before we went back to the house. We just wanted to see one up close since they run off as quickly as you find them. Now it had gotten late and was time for us to go to bed but my parents were going to stay up for a bit longer. I saw mom pull the wine coolers out of the fridge so I new that they were going to sit out on the deck and listen to the waves crash for a while longer. We went out to tell them goodnight when my dad reminded us to take our shower. Notice I said shower and not showers. But that's exactly what he told us to do. To go and take our shower.

That's exactly what we did. George and I headed into the house. We stopped in the laundry room which was next to the bathroom and threw our swimming trunks into the dryer so they would be dry for in the morning. The laundry is also where the towels were stored. Never have figured out why the towels were not in the bathroom but hey, it wasn't my house. So we grabbed our towels and wrapped them around our naked waists then proceeded into the bathroom to take that shower. I wish I could say that we made mad passionate love in the shower but really and truly we were both tired by this point. We helped each other bathe, giving a grope here and a fondle there but for the most part we just bathed each other. With that task accomplished, we wrapped our towels around our waists once more and headed up to our private floor. With the top bunk still messed up to look like one of us had slept in it, we crawled into the bottom bunk together. We lay face to face and cuddled. Just like the night before we simply laid talking and kissing. There was nothing overly sexual about it even though we both had boners and were both groping the other one. But that's all we did that night. Now the next morning was a different story.

I awoke to the most wonderful sensation on the planet. A very hot little mouth was wrapped around my very swollen dick. Only this time he wasn't just sucking on my dick, he was trying to launch it. His head was moving toward and away from my hips with lightning speed. I really believed that he was trying to get my cum out of my body.

"Baby, you better slow down. I'm really close to cumming!" I urgently whispered.

George pulled off long enough to mumble, "What do you think I want?!"

"Oh...oh...well...ok...ohhhh," was about all I could muster.

You know how it is when you are really close to cumming. It seems that all abilities for you to continue to speak just seem to stop all together. Instead all intelligent conversation comes out as grunts and moans. Once again, the cum was building in my balls and seemed ready for a speedy exit. With one more ignored warning to the bobble head in my crotch I grunted. Then I groaned. Next I grabbed both sides of his head and started to fuck his mouth. I was no longer letting him suck it but instead was forcing it in. When I came I thought I was killing him. He started to cough so I released my grip. He didn't move though. Instead he kept his mouth all the way down on my cock catching every last drop of cum I could give him. When my orgasm finally stopped he pulled off with the hugest grin on his face. Once again he pulled up to my face and shoved his tongue into my mouth. And again he shoved my cum into my mouth as well.

He started trying to snuggle up next to me for a cuddle when I broke the silence.

"Baby, stand up beside the bed."

I got out of the bed and sat on the floor while leaning back against the bed. I had him place his feet on both sides of my hips so that his crotch was right in my face. I leaned forward and under just a bit so I could suckle on his balls that were a little larger than grapes. I rolled them around on my tongue while he held onto my shoulders for support. I followed his balls up to the base of his hard shaft. I licked up the underside of his shaft to that spongy head. As I looked up into his angelic little face, he smiled down at me and told me something that I will never forget.

"Suck my dick bitch!"

I was beyond floored. I didn't have any type of response. I was completely speechless. The only thing I could do with a hard dick in my mouth was exactly what I had just been told. I sucked it. But as I watched the twinkle in his eyes I knew that he didn't mean anything ugly, he was just mimicking something that he had heard from somewhere else. But where on earth had he heard that I wondered. I sucked that cock and using my hands while cupping his ass cheeks, fucked his dick in and out of my mouth. It didn't take long before his legs started to quiver and then I felt his balls tense up under my probing fingers. It was almost time for him to cum and I was going to do everything in my power to make it as good as I could. I continued to suck it until I felt it spasm in my mouth. The difference was that this time I actually felt his cum land on my tongue. Granted there wasn't much of it but it was there none the less. Rather than swallow it this time, I pulled off of his dick and pulled him down into my lap. Grabbing the back of his head with one of my hands I shoved his cum and my tongue into his mouth. We kissed for a bit too long and had to stop when we heard my dad coming up the stairs. Luckily we got our briefs on in enough time.

So far the day had started off pretty damned good. Hopefully the rest of the day, and the trip for that matter, would go just as well.


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