All of the usual disclaimers and things apply. If you have gotten this far from the home page then you know where you are and probably what you are about to read. If not, this is an adult oriented story about the experiences of youth between a teenager and his best friend.

Summer in a Speedo -- 8


There was a slight knock on the door as my dad asked it we were decent. I thought to myself, "if you only knew..."

"Yeah dad, we're decent" I yelled back to him through the door.

He opened the door wandering into the room then stopped and gave us both a once over.

"I guess your idea of decent includes being in just your little briefs huh guys?" he muttered as he turned to look out the window.

"Yeah dad, I guess so. What's up?"

"Well your mother wants to go back to the grocery store and pick up more food since you two seem to be eating us out of house and home. I'm going to take her now before it gets too crowded, so you boys will be by yourselves for a an hour or two. Do you think you guys will be alright?"

"Yeah dad, we're not babies anymore." I scowled at my dad.

"Yeah I can see that...well ummm ok, so you boys try not to get into any trouble while your mom and I are gone. Okay?"

"Ok" we said in unison.

Dad headed back down the stairs but left the bedroom door open. I creeped over to the door and peered down the steps to make sure that Dad didn't make a u-turn on them. As he left my line of site in the hallway on the lower floor I turned and looked at George.

"So Baby do you thing we can find something to entertain ourselves?" I asked.

"I don't know Markie, but I got a toy over here if you want to play with it." He beamed back.

"Baby," I said as I walked up to him "where's this toy at?"

"It's right here," he responded as he pulled down his briefs.

Without another word I dropped down to my knees and started to suck the head of his hairless dick. I stroked up and down the length of it and still tasted a little salt even after the outside shower rinsing the night before and the inside full blown shower as well. Just as he moaned and started to run his hands through my hair I heard my mom yell up to us that they were leaving and for us to behave ourselves. I yelled something back but don't really remember what. What I do remember was thinking if she had only saw me at that moment with George's little 11 year old hairless dick being fucked in and out of my mouth. I decided to pull off of his dick and very ceremoniously pulled his little tighty whiteys back into place. Talk about a crestfallen little guy.

"Don't worry Baby, we're heading downstairs to the living room." I told him with a grin.

Eagerly but shyly he followed me down the steps to the downstairs hallway and across to the living room. I gently shoved him down into the recliner that was facing the panoramic ocean view and squatted down in front of him on the floor. With as much gentleness as I could muster I started kissing the love of my life starting at his ankles and working my way up his hairless legs to his knees and then further up his legs to his hips. I kissed his yummy sides and across his flat little tummy to his belly button. I even tweaked his little button with the tip of my tongue. I licked my way up to the bottom of his chest and then crisscrossed from one nipple to the next. I then worked my way up his chest to his beautiful neck and cheeks. The entire time I was beyond hard in my tighty whiteys but I never touched my own dick. I eventually reached his mouth and fucked my tongue in and out of that warm hole just as his tongue did the same to mine. At times we had to stop long enough to take a breath for fear of passing out. At some point he worked the front of his briefs down so that his hard little dick was curved up towards his bellybutton. I'm not really sure when he did this because I hadn't noticed his dick was out in full view until I felt a little hand on the back of my neck silently urging my hungry mouth down onto it. And of course I gladly accepted this invitation. Once again I had that perfect spongy head in my mouth savoring the absolute fleshy feel of it. I alternated between sucking the head, the shaft and those perfect globes slightly larger than grapes. The two of them were just perfect for rolling around in my mouth. I was having the time of my life when George started to ask...


"Yeah Baby?" I replied.

"I want you to ...ummm" he stammered.

"What is it Baby?"

"I want you to fuck my ass." He said shyly.

"Baby you don't have to get all shy on me. At home you usually just grab it and sit on it when you want it."

"Yeah I know, that's not all though." He grinned back at me.

"Well ok, what else do you want?" I asked perplexed.

"I want you to get behind me while I kneel down on the floor...but I want to do it in front of the patio door so I can see the people down on the beach." He beamed. Hell he was only eleven years old and already an exhibitionist in the making.

"Ummmm that may not be such a good idea Baby." I replied. I'm all for some loving but that patio door went out onto the covered deck and looked out right over the beach. Not to mention that it was broad daylight. And as if reading my thoughts...

"But Markie, you can't see into the house from the glare outside. Remember when we were in the ocean?" he quipped.

Well hell he had a point there. For most of the morning there would be a glare across the entire backside (ummm that's ocean side for you guys that didn't get that) of the beach cottage. And he looked so damned cute with those big ole puppy dog eyes. What was I supposed to do. It's not like I could phone a friend or wait and ask for my parents permission.

"Ok Baby...on all fours"

And just like that he hopped out of the recliner, dropped his briefs onto the floor and got down on all fours in front of the sliding patio door. I knelt behind him and just looked at his pucker. Oh it was so damned cute. His gorgeous tanned little body with those gleaming white ass cheeks calling to me. Pulling them apart almost made me cum without even putting it in.

"Baby I want to try something," Without waiting for a response I lowered my head down to his sexy little ass while parting his cheeks and quickly ran the tip of my tongue across that beautiful little rosebud. Needless to say he almost came up off of the floor.

"Hold still Baby I know that you'll like this..." and with that I started to slather saliva across his hole to slick things up a bit then started to push the tip of my tongue into the center of the rosebud. With a little more cooing and a few gentle strokes up and down his hips and legs, I got him to relax. In the blink of eye, or I guess you could say the wink of his ass, my tongue slipped in considerably more. I waited only for an instant and then started to bob my head while keeping my tongue outstretched. I was now officially tongue fucking my boyfriend. It was awesome!!! There are no words to describe this. There is no way to explain how in the world I decided on a whim to do this. But I did. I tongued that hole for much longer than I had ever thought I would want to do that. He panted and ooohhhh'd until again I almost came. I was getting as much out of doing to him than he was from actually having it done to him.

I finally pulled off and asked, "are you ready for me to fuck you with my dick Baby?"

"Oh please Markie...please fuck me!" he cooed back.

Since everything was really relaxed and well moistened by this point I slipped the head of my thirteen year old dick into the wonderful fucking rosebud ass of his. Now I am sure that the two of us had to have been a site. He was on all fours in front of the sliding patio door with his legs slightly apart overlooking a stretch of beach where moms and dads and boys and girls of all ages were sunbathing and playing. I was knelt down behind his per little ass with his outspread legs going down the outside edge of my lower legs while watching these families lay and play on the beach. I had a firm grip on his hips and once he and I were in rhythm I would push him away from me as I pulled out and then pull him into me as I thrust back in. We got into the really good fucking motion. I would lean over and lick his spine from time to time or just pelt it with little feather light kisses. Other times I would reach under him and fondle his hairless cock and balls while I was fucking his ass. Several times I even grabbed him around the waist and pulled him up into a kneeling position like I was in. Once in this position I could kiss the back of his neck, nip at his shoulders, lick his ever so soft earlobes. I could go on and on. I alternated between and fast, pounding fuck and a much more slower, gentler fuck. He seemed to enjoy both of these and never seemed to be uncomfortable. He like me was pretty much game for anything. When it finally came time to cum I panted out that I was getting really close. George surprised me with a request...

"Markie, are you about to cum...?"

"Yeah Baby are you okay?" I asked concerned.

"Yeah Markie. I think I'm about to cum too." He peeped.

"Ohhhhh Baby...come on baby you can cum for your Markie..." I started to coo.

I put my left hand in the center of his back to help steady our fucking motions then reached down with my right hand and started to fondle his cock and balls. I soon realized that he didn't need me to fondle him into an orgasm, it was the fucking that was causing it to happen. I got really excited and put my hand just under his goodies and sort of cupped the head of his dick in the palm of my hand. I then sped up my fucking motions to which he grunted and groaned even more. As his ass muscles clamped down around my dick I knew that he was about to blow his load into the palm of my hand...just where I wanted it.

"Come on Baby, cum for me ... I want you to cum in my can do it..." I cooed.

With a few more grunts his ass clamped down so hard it almost cut off the blood flow to my cock and I felt this warm wonderful spasm in my right hand as he came. The was so hot to me that I started fucking him with great furry. Then when I was just about to lose it, I pulled out of his ass and started to jack off over his upturned ass and lower back. The beauty of this is that I was using his fresh cum in my right hand as lube to finish off myself. It only took a very few strokes at this point before my cum started to fire out of the head of my dick onto his upper back all the way down to the top of his ass cheeks. I was so fucking horny at that point that my cum came out in ribbons that stretched the length of his little body. After I finished cumming I had one final bright idea and ran my hand covered in my young lovers cum across his back through my own cum. I then leaned over his back and started to lick at the puddles of cum that had formed. I slowly licked up each puddle before moving onto the next one. When I finally had all of the cum up I swallowed and licked my lips. George slowly rolled over, still on his cumming high and looked up into my blue eyes saying...i love you.

With that I leaned down into his face and kissed him softly on the lips. Then spreading his lips with my tongue I worked my way into his mouth. We wrestled tongues for quite a bit longer until I finally broke it off and pointed out that we needed to get a shower before my parents got back. We headed up and took our shower together and believe it or not we actually went through another quick round blow jobs in the shower. Granted there was no cum blasting orgasm this time but we did reach that happy feeling. After that we finished washing and drying we wandered naked down the hallway to get our swimsuits off of the dryer. As we hopped from foot to foot wiggling our bright white little asses in the air I heard newspaper rustling behind us.

Trying not to show my absolute shock I just said, "Hi dad! When did you guys get back?!"

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