All of the usual disclaimers and things apply. If you have gotten this far from the home page then you know where you are and probably what you are about to read. If not, this is an adult oriented story about the experiences of youth between a teenager and his best friend.

Summer in a Speedo -- 9


After we finished bathing and drying off, we wandered naked down the hallway to get our swimsuits off of the dryer. As we hopped from foot to foot wiggling our bright white little asses in the air I heard newspaper rustling behind us.

Trying not to show my absolute shock I just said, "Hi dad! When did you guys get back?!"

"Oh about ten or fifteen minutes ago. I was beginning to think that you boys may have fallen in the shower," he replied with a wink returning his attention back to the newspaper he had picked up while they were at the store.

We both blushed and giggled, then ran towards the kitchen to see what was for lunch. The dilemma here was that we were hungry but we also wanted to go swim in the ocean. And, if we ate then we would have to wait at least thirty minutes before we could go out and play. That part really sucked. But as healthy, growing boys we decided it would be best to eat lunch and then go play.

While Dad had been at the store, he had bought a couple of Frisbees and some other stuff. So, after our lunch had settled in our stomachs, we headed down to the sand to toss the Frisbee for a while. From time to time, the dolphins and the stingrays made a couple of passes while we were outside. They were all a sight to see.

The rest of the week went like any good vacation should go. We ate too much, got too much sun, and had way too much fun. Soon enough it was time to pack up the van and head home.

Somewhere on the north side of Foley, AL we stopped and ate lunch on the way home. After that it would be fairly non-stop until home. Now the trip home was in broad daylight, but with the ever so wonderful factory window tint on all the rear windows, George and I had almost complete privacy. We piled up everything that we could in the middle seat between my parents and us so that they would have a very limited view of the tops of our heads when we were sitting up in our seat. And like any good, horny boys we took this opportunity to fool around. Without a word, I reached over to George's lap and began to fondle his crotch. Quickly enough it lumped up under the palm of my hand and he quickly started doing the same to my crotch. In the blink of an eye George lifted his sexy little ass off of the seat and pulled his umbros and undies in one pull down to his ankles. While spreading his legs he grinned at me while I replaced my hand on his now bare dick. After a few moments I realized that he was tugging on my shorts so without any hesitation I pulled mine down to the floor as well. Now leave it to me to have a bright idea.

"Mom, are we stopping anytime soon?" I yelled up to the front.

"I thought you boys went at the ..." She started in on us.

"Mom, I just wanted to know if we could take off our shoes now?!" I quipped back at her.

"Oh...sure honey. We'll be riding for a long while now. You boys should try to take a nap to pass the time."

Man if she only knew what I was thinking.

"Hey mom, can I take off my's kinda hot back here." I yelled back

"Me too!" yelled George.

"Sure boys, whatever ya'll want to do is fine." Mom yelled back and without missing a beat my dad yelled,

"Just don't go mooning any of the truck drivers as they pass by!" and started laughing.

"Honey!" my mom snapped as she popped my dad's arm playfully.

We both giggled and yelled back that we would try not too.

And that's all that it took. George and I quickly pulled off our shoes and socks. And since our shorts were already around our ankles anyways, we took them off as well. Followed by our shirts. Now if I lost you somehow, George and I were now completely naked in the backseat of the family mini-van except for our wrist watches and my contact lenses. George turned in the seat and leaned over into my lap and took my hard cock into his mouth. I just laid my head back on the back of the seat and shut my eyes like I was taking a nap. Meanwhile George's hot little mouth was doing wonders on my hard dick. I reached up with my right hand and ran my fingers through his jet black hair while helping guide his head up and down the shaft of my cock. With my left hand I gently stroked his back and neck. Occasionally I would reach under his chest and tweak his nipple. While he was sucking on my dick he would slowly jack it with his right hand and use his left hand to play with my nuts. Once in a while he would drop his finger down to my ass crack and run the tip along the crack. I wasn't ready to come yet wanting this to last as long as it possibly could so I convinced him to pull off of my dick and let me take a turn.

At first all I had planned to do was suck his dick as well. Just a few minutes into sucking that hairless, eleven year old steel pole, I realized that I wanted to lick his ass again. After all, it was on this trip that I did that to him for the first time and we had done it several times on the trip by this point. I reluctantly pulled off of his wonderful dick and pulled his head up to the level of my mouth still low enough that my parents couldn't see us from the front of the van. I kissed his neck and up to his face. I kissed hit cute little nose, his cheeks, his forehead, and finally his mouth. Without any hesitation he shoved his tongue into my mouth and kissed me as hard as he could for several minutes. Finally I broke the kiss and whispered into his ear that I wanted to tongue his ass again. Quickly he laid back on the seat bottom and flipped over. Just as quickly he lifted his ass ever so slightly in the air so that it wasn't quite as high as the back of the seat in front of us. With all of the stuff in that seat I would still be able to move my head around without anyone being the wiser.

I placed my left hand on his smooth back with my right hand fondling his balls and dick. I leaned forward, first kissing his left ass cheek, then his right ass cheek. His hips wiggled a little in anticipation so I stroked my hands around until I had a firm grip on both ass cheeks pulling them slightly apart. There it was, the pinkest little pucker you could imagine. I lightly grazed my fingertip across it and watched it twitch. It was at this moment that I realized I was hard as a damned rock and leaking precum everywhere. Now I had my really perverse moments and sometimes I simply surprised myself at that age. Some of the things that I would try and to this day, some of the things that I still really love to do. I reached down and got a big glob of precum onto the tip of my finger. I reached my tongue out to George's puckered little hole for a taste test. Just wonderful is all I could say. Then I took my precum coated finger and stroked it across his pucker. I followed that with another lick of his pucker. I've never really been able to put a finger to it and to this day I get told that I tend to "go to town" on a dick or a pucker after I've spread my precum on it. Apparently I learned that little trick early in life with George. Anyways, I licked my tongue up and down that crack and darted in and out of that hole. And each time the salty taste lessened, I would just add more to it. I worked myself up into a good tongue fucking movement and reached up into his crotch in order to stroke his cock and balls some more. A very short time later, George pulled away from me and rolled over onto his back.

"What's wrong Baby?" I cooed into his ear.

"Nothing Markie, but I want you to fuck me!" he whispered back.

"Baby I don't know if that's a good idea or not..."

"I don't care, you have to fuck me right now Markie!"

How could I argue with that? After all he was part Italian and had a stubborn streak. So once his mind was made up he wasn't very likely to change it back.

Okay so if we fucked in doggie style, that would look a little odd from the front of the mini van. If he laid on his stomach and I simply laid on top of him, that might look a bit odd as well getting into position and finishing up.

"Baby, how far back can you bend your legs without your feet sticking up too far?" I asked.

"I's this?" George asked as he laid on his back and slowly pulled his knees up to his chest.

Okay, he's got his position down. Now what was I to do? If I got up on my knees then I would be really visible to the front seat. Hmmmm...what to do?

"Why don't I flip over? Then I can squat down over your dick." He whispered up at me seeing my dilemma.

"Let's try it," I said to him.

I scooted back against the side of the van piling cushions up to the side of me blocking the view up the passenger side from the front seats. I leaned back so that I was almost reclining. George go on his haunches (that's a squatting position) with his back to me so that my dick would have easy access to his pucker. I really wished that I could have watched his face while I was about to fuck him but in the space provided it just wasn't going to happen like I wanted it to happen. I helped guide his ass as he leaned back and lined my mushroom head up with his little rose bud. Quickly adding plenty of saliva to my dick, I slowly pushed up into his hole while he was slowly pushing down. After a moment of two he was fully squatting over my dick with all of it buried in his ass. He leaned forward as much as he could so that his head wouldn't pop up over the seat back and started to rock his hips back and forth. With some sort of quick signal from George I had the go ahead to start fucking. At first I raised my hips up in the air slightly then reached up and held him in place as I settled my hips back down. Thus slowly pulling some of the length of my dick out of his ass. While still holding him up, I reinserted the full length of my dick back into his ass causing a fucking motion. Now for our first problem.

"Mmmmmmm...ohhhhhhhhhh" moaned George.

I froze perfectly still as I heard my mom and dad say something to each other. Dad had been driving and mom had been reading her book so they hadn't said anything in quite a while. So with my ears perked, listening to my parents while George was naked and impaled on my dick while I was also naked, I heard enough bits and pieces that my mom thought that one or both of us must have finally fallen asleep and must be dreaming. I began to relax as my dad turned the radio up a little more and my mom seamed to have gone back to reading her book.

With all of the immediate danger passed I quickly began to fuck in and out of George's tight hole. Since my legs were up on the seat, George had leaned forward and had a really tight grip on each of my calves. With each thrust he would grip even tighter and give out a slight whimper. At first I was worried that I may be going too fast and hurting him so I tried to whisper my concerns. The only thing I got out of him was the word "faster" as he began to bounce up and down on my dick fucking himself with it. That was all the encouragement I needed as I began to really fuck that tight ass. It didn't take long though before I was ready to blast a load into that sweet ass. With some quick warning I gave him a heads up and before I could blast anything into him I felt a warm dribble land on the inside of my thighs. The little shit had come while I was fucking him. That was all it took, the thought of knowing that he came from my fucking, I tensed up and shoved my dick up his ass as hard as I could to bury my come as deep in his bowels as I could go. We laid there for another couple of minutes when he eased up off of my slowly deflating cock. I realized that he was about to clean his cum off of my thighs and his cock so I stopped him. I reached down and scooped what I could off of my thighs, sticking my now damp fingers into my mouth. Once complete I pulled him towards me as I sat up and leaned forward so that I could suck whatever was stuck to his cock head off of it. We slipped on our shorts and undies and laid over in the seat to take a nap together.

Some time had passed when I awoke and realized that the van had come to a stop. I looked out and saw that we were at a rest area so I woke George up so that we could go pee. Pulling on our shoes without our socks, my dad was opening the door about that time and saw us with our shirts in our hands.

"You guys can leave your shirts off, there doesn't seem to be very many people around."

"Thanks Dad!" we both yelled.

No need for a lot of detail here but this was a really small, really quiet rest stop in Alabama. This was in no means a welcome center or anything similar to that. Hell I think it was lucky just to have a bathroom at all. George, my dad, and I all piled into the bathroom. There were a couple of urinals and at least two stalls. I ran up to a urinal because I had to piss really bad but I didn't realize that the other urinal was broken. So, Dad and George went into the two stalls to piss. Moments later with empty bladders we all washed up and exited the bathroom. We caught up to my mom and got disapproving looks from her regarding our absent shirts.

"Relax honey, there's no one around's no big deal." My dad told her.

That's when I saw the guy sitting on the picnic table rubbing his crotch ever so slightly while pretending to read a book. Course I don't know how he was reading that book because his eyes never seemed to have left mine or George's little bodies while we walked back to the van. I subtly nudged George and pointed the guy out to him. George just grinned at me and whispered that he had a secret. Now that really peeked my interest because up until we stopped to pee, we hadn't been apart so where in the world did he acquire a secret?

Back in the van we piled back into our little seat in the back and buckled up waiting to pull back out into traffic. I glanced over at George a time or two and he just grinned at me. I finally couldn't wait any longer and leaned over towards him.

"What's the secret sexy?" I cooed in his ear to which I got a response that I wasn't prepared for...

"Your dad's dick is huge!" he peeped with a twinkle in his eyes.

"What?! in the hell do you know that shithead?!" I asked while poking him in his ribs.

"Back there in the bathroom/" he stated.

"But you didn't go in the same stall dipshit, you couldn't have seen it!" I retorted.

"Uh-huh!" he grinned.

"Okay, I give, HOW?!"

"Well while I was standing there peeing I saw movement so I looked over at the wall to see what moved. When I did there was this hole in the wall between the stalls and it was almost at my height since I'm still short. But when I looked in the hole to see what was on the other side I realized that it was your dad and that's when I saw his dick, and it was HUGE!" he grinned.

"And why are you so interested in my dad's dick?" I asked almost getting jealous that he was so enthused with another guys dick. It was my dad but hell in my mind it was ANOTHER guy's dick and I didn't want MY boyfriend looking at it.

"I'm not interested in your dad's dick but if you got his gene's then I've got a LOT to look forward to!" he smirked his answer at me then leaned forward and pressed his soft lips against mine, parting them with his tongue.

As we pulled apart, he whispered, "I love you so much!"

To which I replied, "I love you more!"


Sorry this took as long as it did this time. Now I know what keeps all of the other writers tied up. You think that you are going to get another chapter out sooner than the last one but life doesn't stop or take breaks no matter how hard you want it to. So alas I have to write in the time I have available. Thanks to all of my friends and email buddies out there who have patiently waited on this chapter to finally make it to print so to speak. This chapter is dedicated to my friend "Chris" who has been joking with me about playing "interstate" on long road trips. That joke helped form the horniness for these two this go round. I hope that I'm not spoiling this for you guys reading this patiently but the next chapter or so is going to start these two leap-frogging a few years here and there into older ages. I don't want to bog down with every single year of their growing up together but I do have a direction that I want them to go into together so in order for that to happen they have to grow up sometime. Don't sweat it yet, it'll come gradually enough.

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