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By Jesse Wynd

Chapter 3: My Turn

   My hand slapped the small of my back as the little vermin buzzed away, heavy with drops of my blood.  I sleepily shifted my weight around and heard a moan from my lumpy mattress.   My cock jumped as the memories of the night before rushed to the surface.  I smiled and stared down on my new lover.  He looked so peaceful.  His hair laid back behind his head in a halo, darker then the sand around it.  My legs were tired and a bit stiff from holding the same position all night.

   I extended first my right leg then my left and was rewarded with a stirring from Paul.  His eyes fluttered open.

   "Morning," he sleepily muttered, his mouth gaping open in a yawn.  I quickly covered his mouth with mine and cut his yawn off.  He giggled into my mouth before wrapping his arms around me again.  I could feel his cock growing and jumping.  I snuck a quick look across the water and saw that most everyone was gone and only two or three vehicles were left.  I also saw Max looking around camp.

   "What's he looking for?" I wondered to myself.

   "Who?" Paul asked.  I pointed with my chin.  He lifted his head and looked across the water.  It was still pre-dawn, but you could see the other side clearly.

   "Max is looking for me I think," I said.

   "Awww," Paul whined squeezing me tighter, "let him look for a while longer."  His hands snaking down to my tender ass.  I moaned and started moving with his rhythm.  My body instantly responding to his touch and the feel of his hardening cock.  I quickly wanted him back in me.  His hands slowly parted my cheeks.  One finger gently sliding between them.  My breathing increased as I ground my hardening cock into his stomach.  Very lightly he found and pushed against myno longer virgin hole.  My cry echoed off the surrounding cliffs.  It HURT!  My god!  I've never felt something so burning in so private an area.  His hand covered my mouth.

   "Shhh, baby, what's wrong?"  He asked, panic racing across his face.

    It took me a few breaths to be able to speak.  I told him it hurt, as a single tear rolled down my cheek.

   "Oh, Jess, I hurt you!"  He whispered fiercely, tears forming in his eyes.

   ", don't move!"  I gasped through clenched teeth.  He was trying to get out from under me and the movement made me tighten every muscle from my stomach down and caused another round of burning.  He froze, allowing me to relax.  After a few heartbeats, I rolled off to one side, hissing as the movement threatened to start the burning all over again.  Once I was off him, he quickly sat up and jumped over me.

   "Hold still," he commanded as I started pull away from his touch.  I let him pull my cheeks apart.  It hurt a little, but nothing I couldn't manage.

   "Well, you're not bleeding...and it doesn't look like we tore anything," he said with obvious relief in his voice.  I let him look me over for a while, then he suggested going into the water for a while to see if the cool water would help.  He had to help me stand.  I gingerly stepped into the water.  Gradually I made my way out as far as it took to get my hips under water.  I could feel the cool water run between my cheeks and ease most of the burning.  I sighed in relief as Paul waded out to me.

   "Let me clean you, you're covered in dried cum" he whispered.  I nodded my head, not trusting myself to move, let alone speak.  He went behind me and gently pulled my cheeks apart again.  My whole body relaxed as the cool water did it's magic.  I don't know how long I stood there just letting him wash my body.  Cupping his hands and gently rubbing and rinsing my chest, sides, and stomach.  I slowly started doing the same to him.  All the while I never met his eyes, though I knew he was waiting for me to look into them.  I slowly lifted my face, smiling at the concerned frown on his face.  I giggled, tiptoed and kissed his lips.

   "I'm ok, really, it's just gonna take a while to get used to it."

   "You sure?"

   "Yeah, I'm ok"

   His face relaxed and settled into a smirk.

   "God, you scared me," he said, kissing me back slightly. We held each other, letting the water lap at our hips.  I let my hands wander and they eventually found his semi-hard cock under the water.  I gently started to fondle him.  My cock started getting hard again.  He started to slowly thrust his hips, sliding his shaft through my fingers.  I felt his hand close around mine and firmly squeeze it.  I felt an entirely new sensation.  My hole contracted, sending new waves of lust throughout my body.  I moaned loudly.  Therewas a new tingling feeling in the base of my cock.  It grew until my legs spread and my hole kept contracting more and more.  I suddenly realized that I wanted him back in me.  Sensing my need he quickly turned me around and pressed up against me.  His shaft gently was pushing my cheeks apart.  My back arched as I pressed back against him.  He reached around and started stroking my cock.  I started whimpering as I felt his shaft pass over my aching hole again and again.  His thrust grew faster.  I matched his rhythm.  He held his hand still as my thrust did the stroking for me.  We were lost in the moment when he squatted down more in the water, letting his cock head press against my tortured hole.  I moaned and pressed back.  The burning sensation returned only not as sharp.  He pressed in more and the pain increased.  I cried out.

   "Babe, we cant do that until you heal," he whispered, pulling his hips back and turning me around.  I nodded.

   "Besides we should get back to camp."

   "Hehe, looks like Max found us."

   I turned around and saw my cousin waving at us from across the lake.  I waved back and then dove under the water.  My anus was still stinging but it was fading.  I came up about fifteen feet from Paul.  He chuckled and turned back to the shore.  I swamaround for a bit.  I heard the unmistakable sound of Max, the Thunderfoot, come running around the edge of the lake.

   "You punks!" he yelled breathlessly.

   "Hey Cuz!" I answered from the water.

   "Don't `hey cuz' me, Bitch. Where the hell did you guys go last night?"

   "The party got too boring so we came across to get some sleep,"  Paul said, emerging naked from the water. Max took it in stride.

   "You should have found me and told me you were, I would have joined you."

   "I thought you were getting laid?" I asked.

   "Oh yeah, but it didn't take all night." He complained.

   "Hehe,  oh I knew it wouldn't take long, Mister Three inches!" I taunted from the water.

   "Oh that's it, Bitch, you're dead. Just you *mphf* ... I'm gonna drown you!" he said nearly ripping his clothes off.  Once his briefs came off he bolted for the water.

   "Yaaahh, Jesus!  You could of told me that it was cold!"

   "Hey?  Mister Three Incher, I didn't know you could make it smaller!"  I said then dove under, coming up twenty feet further out.  I couldn't see him.  When he popped up it was right where I was a few seconds ago.  He looked around, saw me and grinned evilly at me then dove under again.  I stood up trying to see him under the water, but he was already too deep.  I waited a few seconds more then swam further out.  With a splash, he leaped out of the water and tackled me from behind.  We went under and I pushed my feet down to the bottom standing up.  He quickly caught my arms and snaked his legs around mine, hooking my shins just below the knee.  I tried to arch my back to dislodge him, but only succeeded to pull him tight against my back.   His flaccid cock was pushed into my butt.

   "Now I have you!" he whispered fiercely into my ear.  "Mr. Three inches, huh?" he growled as he thrust his hips against me.

   "I'll show you `three inches'!"

   The suddenness of his assault caught me off-guard.  The pressure he used caused my hole to spasm as his soft package was ground into my tender hole.  My body tensed as a low moan escaped my lips.  He leaned back, using his body to force me to arch more, driving his crotch deeper.  I nearly cried out, but was saved as he was wrenched away.  I heard a startled yelp as I spun in time to see him fly through the air to land with astinging slap some five feet away.  Paul had come to my rescue.  Using his larger size he had grabbed Max and thrown him.  He was laughing, but looked back at me with concern.  I smiled and nodded.  Max surfaced and glared at Paul for a second and then splashed us both and took off, laughing as we gave chase.  We played around for another hour or so.  I swam to the shore and climbed out.  I had to sort my clothes from Paul's.  Max came out of the water next to me and glanced down at the pile.  He had a puzzled expression on his face.  I tried to look innocent, like it was an everyday thing.  After a few seconds he put on his cut-offs and sat on a nearby boulder to sun himself dry.  Paul quickly scurried over to his clothes and put on his Bermuda's.  I bent over to put mine on and quickly stood up again, trying desperately to hide my sudden hiss as the pain returned again.  Paul saw me, and quickly got Max's attention by asking him about his night with Bets.  While he was bragging away, I gingerly pulled my shorts up.  I kinda dreaded having to hide this from Max when Paul wasn't around later.  I hoped that the pain would recede before then.

   "So when do you guys wanna head down?" Max asked, flipping over to warm his flat belly.  I glanced at Paul and shrugged. Paul looked up at the sky and then at the lake.

   "I guess now's about as good a time as any."

   "Kewl!! Cause I'm starving!!" Max crowed.

   I giggled and started putting on the rest of my clothes.  Soon we were walking back around the lake.  The pain didn't flare up very much except once when I had to jump over a little drainage ditch.  I had to pause on the other side to get it back under control.  Max kept giving me strange looks.  I pretended not to see them.  The last thing I needed to say to him was that my ass was sore from a wild night of sex.

   The camp was abandoned when we got back around to the other side.  I started picking up the trash and bottles.  After a few minutes I stopped and faced the weird stares that they both gave me.

   "What?" I demanded.

   "What the hell are you doing?" Max asked pointing at the bottles I had in my hands.

   "I'm cleaning up," I said, shrugging my shoulders.

   "--uhm--Jess? They have people that do that here," Paul said, gently.

   I bit my lip in embarrassment, having grown up in unattended wilderness where it was common practice to clean up after.  I glanced down at the mess.  I couldn't just walk away and leave it.  I shrugged them off and continued.

   "You damned Tree-hugger!" Max complained, "I knew you were gonna do that".  He sighed and started to pick up too.   Paul chuckled, picking up a crushed bag of chips.  Not long after we were bouncing around in Paul's jeep laughing about the night before.  I sat in the back so Max couldn't see me wince ever time we hit a bump, and to give me an excuse to be sitting at an odd angle as I leaned forward to hear and talk to them.

   Max's parents were home when we got back and they laughed at how dirty we looked.  My hair was dried by the sun and wind on the way down, and was doing it's best medusa imitation.  I went into the bathroom to have a look and didn't notice who it was who followed me in.  I felt very familiar arms wrap around my waist and a gentle kiss on my neck.

   "How are you?" Paul whispered, gently nudging my butt.

   "Ok," I said, arching back enough to kiss him.  He turned me around and kissed me fully on the lips, driving his tongue deep into my mouth.  I swirled my tongue around his and gently sucked on it.  We were interrupted by a loud knocking.

   "What the hell are you guys doing in there!" Max yelled, loud enough for the whole neighborhood to hear.  He burst out laughing.  I looked up at Paul with a frustrated expression that turned evil as a wicked thought surfaced.  I quickly opened the door and yanked him in and shut the door, Paul grabbed him and held him, I smiled and grabbed the hem of his shirt and lifted it, exposing his nipples.  He tried to squirm away from Paul, but he was trapped.  I saw him take a deep breath.  Paul cupped his hand over our prisoners mouth.  I traced a small circle around his dark little nipple, pausing when I heard his muffled yell.  I looked into his eyes and grinned.  Slowly closing my thumb and index finger around the nipple, I watched the panic in his eyes grow.  He started to shake his head and squirm more, but Paul's hold was just too much for him.  Ever so slowly I closed my fingers, gradually building up to a full pinch.  He started to scream.  I paused and looked back into his eyes, they were fierce so I continued, slowly twisting them. I laughed when his eyes clinched shut.  I leaned up and whispered, "payback's a bitch, huh?"

   Paul let him go, but because of the closeness of the bathroom, he collapsed against me.  For a brief moment I felt something hard press against my hip.  But he was out the door, swearing eternal vengeance on both of us.  I giggled and turned back to Paul.  Taking a chance that someone might walk passed the door, I leaned up and kissed him quickly before I followed Max.

   Paul went home not too long after the bathroom gang up on Max.  I took a shower and brushed out my hair.  That was an experience in pain. About halfway through I was so tempted to just cut it all off.  I heard the shower again and knew that Max was in there. The phone rang. I let Jake, Max's dad answer.

   "Jesse, it's for you," he called up the steps.

   I picked up the receiver. "Hello?"

   "Hey Stud!"


   "Oh good guess"

   "Oh I'm sorry, I didn't know it was `Bitch'"

   "*hehe*, uhm, do you guys wanna spend the night over here?"

   "Both of us?"

   "Yeah," he said, just as disappointed as I was.  He said that it was because he didn't want anyone to get suspicious of us.  I reluctantly agreed. I banged on the wall of the bathroom.

   "Hey Punk? Ya wanna spend the night over at Paul's?"

   There was a slight yelp and a hasty, "Yeah! Go ask my parents!"

   They said yes, but that we had to do the yard in the morning. I said we would. Paul said to come over at about seven and they would have grilled burgers waiting for us.  I hung up after making kissy noises on the phone for a while.  Max came into our room dripping water with a towel wrapped around his waist.

   "What'd they say?"

   "Yeah, but we gotta do the yard tomorrow."

   "Damn, couldn't you negotiate better then that?"

   I laughed at his outraged expression.  He started laughing after a few minutes and went over to his dresser and got some clothes out.  Facing away from me he dropped his towel.  I don't know what came over me, but I found myself staring at his ass.  It was so cute.  Forming a little heart shape every time he moved.  I didn't notice my breathing increase until my cock stirred.  I bit my lip, trying to cover it up before he noticed.  I nearly lost it when he bent over to put on some briefs.  His little anus flashed into view.  I had to turn away.  After a few seconds I glanced back to see him looking at me.

   "You alright?" he asked.

   I nodded, not trusting myself to speak.  I was confused.  I had seen him like that many times, but this time was different.  It was like my body was taking over and I wanted nothing more right then to touch him there, to put my now aching cock into him. To hear him moan and cry out into my ear.  To feel his body tremble with lust and pleasure.  I felt both so aroused and yet so guilty for desiring that of him.

   He got dressed fully and started talking about nonsense things that we always talk about.  I kept up my side of the conversation, answering when appropriate, but my mind was still on my sudden lust.  I was saved when his dad called us down for lunch.
The rest of the afternoon was spent playing games and riding bikes around the neighborhood.  My soreness faded to a dull memory, but every so often a twitch would remind me of how I got sore in the first place.  It kept me in a steady state of arousal all day.  Max was no help, constantly wanting to wrestle and be in physical contact with me.  At first I welcomed the distraction, but after feeling his body tense and squirm against me I would start to put him into positions that would allow me to press my cock or ass against him.  I had to stop on many occasions.

   Paul met us at the door and ushered us into his room after yelling that we were there.  His mom said ok and that the burgers would be done soon.  I sat on his bed and suddenly blushed as I caught his scent surrounding me.  Max was oblivious to me as he started asking Paul what we were going to do for the rest of the night.
I closed my eyes and was forced to remember the night before in every pleasurable detail.  I was so horny that I wanted it now, pain and all!  My eyes snapped open when Max slapped my forehead.

   "Sleeping already?" he demanded.  Paul was blushing, he knew what I was thinking.  I just laughed it off.  By then Kathy, Paul's mom, called us to eat.  We went out into the back yard and helped set up the table.  She put a big platter of burgers in front of us and we dug in, eating as only growing teens can eat -- very messily.

   We spent the evening watching movies with Paul's parents and then goofing around in the back yard.  Around eleven we headed up to his room.  His mom had laid out a big sleeping bag as a mattress and a few blankets and pillows for Max and I to use.  I took off my shirt and kicked off my sandals and sat down on the sleeping bag.  Max wasted no time, leaping on me and driving me down.  To my horror so did Paul, as I felt his familiar hands grabbing my hips.  Max was holding my arms using his body to hold my chest down and staring manically into my eyes.  Paul was leaning over and laughing with Max, but what Max didn't see is what Paul was doing to me.  I could feel his strong hands cupping my balls and his steel hard cock grinding into my butt.  I kept Max busy by cussing him out and promising immediate vengeance if he didn't get off me right then.  Of course this only stirred him on, just as I knew it would.  We continued to wrestle around, Paul and I constantly rubbing against each other at every chance.  After about thirty minutes, Paul's mom asked us to keep it down.  We separated and just started talking, still being the new guy around there, they told me all kinds of horror stories and bad jokes.  We talked into the night.  Both Paul and I waiting for a bit of privacy from Max.  We got a few seconds when Max went to the restroom.

   "After he goes to sleep--" Paul whispered right before he buried his tongue into my mouth.  I wanted more then a kiss.  I pulled his Bermudas down and sucked his member into my mouth.  Sucking hard and fast, stopping only when I heard the toilet flush.

   "Ok," I whispered finally, settling back down onto the floor as he quickly pulled his shorts back up.

   Max was starting to get on my nerves by about two in the morning.  Each time I was sure he was asleep he would start laughing or talking again.  Finally I lay down and pretended to fall asleep.  With my eyes closed I could hear the disappointment in Paul's voice.  I opened my eyes enough for him to see that I wasn't actually asleep.  He grinned for a moment and then lay back in his bed and slowly pretended to fall asleep too.  Max lay down and tossed and turned for god knows how long.  After what seemed like an eternity I heard his unmistakable little snore.  I quickly sat up and patted Paul on the leg.  He got up and quietly tiptoed to the door gesturing for me to follow.  I was out of there in a flash.  We snuck down the hallway to the stairs and he quickly showed me what steps to avoid.  We made our way silently to the living room and closed the door.  He led me over to the couch and pulled me into a hot kiss.  My hands dropped to his shorts.  Somehow we both knew that we didn't have much time.  I quickly pulled his shorts off him and swallowed as much of his cock as I could.  He turned us into a 69, sucking hard.  I had a lot of trouble holding my moans in. After a few minutes of sucking, he pulled my cock out of his mouth.

   "I want to try something" he whispered.

   I pulled away from him.  He quickly stood me up beside the couch and took some of the cushions off and put them on the floor.  I was standing there watching him.  After he was sure of it, he turned and sucked me back into his mouth, but instead of the blowjob I was expecting he was coating my cock with spit.  He then lay back and pulled me over on top of him.  He spread his legs wide and pulled his knees up a little.  My four inch cock was then guided to his opening.

   "Lick two fingers and push them into me." He whispered.  I quickly did it, gasping when his hole clutched my fingers.  After a few pumps, he grabbed my wrist and pushed it away.  I instinctively pushed my hips forward, just as he guided the tip to his opening.  We were both shocked when I sank in to the root.  He gasped and I felt his hole close around my shaft.  OH .. MY .. GOD!  The feeling was the most incredible thing I've ever experienced.  I tried to pull back, but he suddenly grabbed my hips.

   "Not yet!" he gasped.

   I waited for him to get used to it, it was the hardest thing I've ever done.  His hole kept fluttering around my shaft and each time I moved he would moan.  But I stayed still.  After what felt like hours, he relaxed his grip a little.  I started to slowly pull out. He would gasp and flinch but let me do it.  Then the same as I slowly went back in.  I loved it, it felt like his hole was trying to suck me back in as I pulled out and like it was trying to push me out when I went in.  I started to move a little faster.  He started to moan softly as I pushed in.  Something primal took over, I pulled back nearly all the way out.  I reached up and put my hand over his mouth as I thrust as hard as I could.  I felt his body arch up and a loud moan tickled my palm.  I did it again, and his legs went wider still.  I dropped my hands to his chest and used it to balance myself.  Resetting my legs I started a strong rhythm.  Pumping him as hard as I could and as fast.  My smaller hips slapping against his lower pelvis, his balls sliding forward and back, his cock bouncing and slapping his stomach.  I felt his hole getting hotter the longer I did it that way.  It only made me more excited.  I found my balance on my other hand and leaned down and sucked his nipple in to my mouth, nibbling the tip.  But that took coordination that I didn't have, so I stopped and went back to ramming my four inch cock in to him.  I felt a burning from my hole the shot out to the tip of my cock. I moaned and tried to stop myself from cumming to soon.  I reached down and grabbed his thighs and used them to ram as hard as I could into him.  He cried out, I did it again, feeling myself even closer.

   "I'm going to c--cum!"

   "In--in me!"

   I rammed him twice more before my  world went completely white, it felt like lightening was going through my body. I felt my hips hit him again and again hard enough that the slap actually stung a little.  Each thrust ending with a mini explosion that rippled through my spasming body.  It just didn't stop!  Over and over again.  I was gasping for air and was still not getting enough!  Paul closed his legs around my body and trapped me against him.  My orgasm slowly ebbed until I was just shuddering against his chest.  I felt his hard cock pressing against my chest.  I leaned back and sucked the tip into my mouth and sucked.  An amazing thing happened.  He went completely rigid, nearly crushing me with his legs.  My sensitive cock was trapped inside him.  I felt his cock expand and then a strong hot pressure against my tongue, he shot three times before my tastebuds recognized his cum.  He thrust his hips forward and grabbed the back of my head as he pushed down my throat, his cock throbbing as he shot his load.  I felt each shot expand his cock head slightly in the back of my throat.  He held me there long enough that white dots started to appear in front of my eyes.  He let go of my head and my mouth popped off his cock.  We lay like that for a few seconds before he let go of me with his legs.  I pulled my pleasantly aching cock from inside him  He pulled me up to his face and kissed me softly, sliding his tongue into my mouth.  I returned his kiss, letting him taste his cum.  I rested my head against his shoulder for a few seconds before he patted my back.

   "We better get back up there." He whispered.

   I nodded, not moving right away.  He tried to lift me, but gave up.  We lay there for about twenty minutes just cuddling and kissing.  We got up and put our shorts back on.  He was moaning each time he moved.  I felt a little sympathy knowing what he was going through.  I led him over the slightly opened door and peeked up and down the hallway before opening it all the way and heading back up the steps, he held on to my hips as I climbed in front of him.  Right before we went back into his room, he turned me around and kissed me deeply.

   "I love you," he whispered into my ear. He opened his door and led us in.  I quickly lay down next to Max and covered up.  I was suddenly exhausted, but I couldn't go to sleep yet.  I struggled up into a sitting position.

   "I love you too, Paul," I whispered so softly.

   I lay down and covered up and quickly drifted off to sleep.  Sometime during the night, I dreamt that Paul was grinding against me and licking my neck.  I pushed back and spread my legs.  Then I drifted back out, smiling at his high pitched moan.

   The morning sunlight across my face woke me.  I stretched and rolled onto my back.  The world seemed different somehow, glorious and changed.  I watched the early morning wind shifting the leaves through Paul's window.  It was opened slightly.  There was something about that that tickled the back of my mind.  I rolled on my side and looked at Max's smiling face.  There was also something about that too.  I let myself wonder for awhile.  I glanced at the door -- staring at it for a second.  My heart jumped!  THE DOOR!!!!  Last night after we got done, the door was slightly open!  I closed it -- I know I did!!