Summer Smoothies - a short story

By Mr Malaprop

This is a piece of fiction, the characters and events depicted are purely the products of my imagination and no similarity is intended to any real events or persons. Any such similarity is completely coincidental.

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Summer Smoothies - a short story

By Mr Malaprop

I was 15 and horny as a dog with two dicks, just your typical 15 year old! My friend from down the road had invited me to go on holiday in the West Country with him and his family - well, his mum had asked my mum and she agreed. Chas was a year younger than me, we’d been mates since I was 9 and he was 8. I hadn’t seen him much the last year as he’d been away at school most of the time; his folks must have been the richest on the street and they sent him to a boarding school up Blackpool way. I missed him at weekends as we always used to wank off together at least once a day every Saturday and Sunday. I still wanked off with schoolmates during the week but those weekend wanks with Chas filled a gap; we’d been doing it together since we were 12 and 11 and we were sort of used to it. Just before he went off to school the previous autumn I'd been introduced to sucking by a schoolmate so I’d done it to him a couple of times. He didn’t want to do it back but that was okay.

It was a long drive down to Devon. His mum and dad were in the front, Chas and me and his two younger sisters were in the back. His two older sisters said they might join us for a few days some time, they were both quite grown up and had their own lives. As he was the only boy in a thick girl sandwich they liked to take a friend of his with them - I don’t think they knew or even suspected that we were closer than just friends at the time. We were heading off to Devon to collect their new boat from Salcombe then after a night there the professor (Chas’s dad), Chas and I were going to sail it across to the Helford River in Cornwall whilst his mum drove the others round by road. Yeah, looking back it was really sexist but it was the 60s and things were a lot different back then.

When in Cornwall all but Chas and I would stay in a cottage they had rented whilst Chas and I would live on the boat. I was excited to see it, it wasn’t very big but it was cute. A traditional clinker built 28 footer with four berths, a little head (toilet for the uninitiated), tiny galley and a Stuart Turner twin cylinder diesel.

That first night, after we had all seen the boat and the prof had finished the paperwork they all stayed in an hotel; Chas and I ate with them then rowed out to the boat and spent the first hour or two “getting re-acquainted”.

The next day’s crossing of Plymouth Bay was quite uneventful but as I’d never done anything like that before I loved every minute, I was even allowed to steer some of the time. The highpoint was passing Eddystone Lighthouse way out in the middle of nowhere.

By the time we got across to the Helford River and found our mooring Chas’s mum and sisters had got the cottage organised and everything unpacked and a meal was cooking. All we had to do was row ashore, walk up the hill and wash ready to eat!

It was a great cottage, quite big too with three bedrooms. Chas and I would only be eating and bathing there, the rest of the time we would be staying on the boat.

The cottage was on a farm and Chas already knew the farmer’s two sons, Kevin and Michael, from previous summers - Kev was 12 and Mike was 9. Kev had a friend staying for the summer who went by the unfortunate name of Dick - well unfortunate at that age anyway! He was 13 and dead cute! By the end of the first week Chas and I were spending a lot of time on the farm helping out with all sorts of stuff. We’d even get up early and row ashore to “help” with the milking! Looking back I wonder how Kev’s parents tolerated us.

One day Dick and I were up in the hayloft together, we had been flirting for days but now I wanted to make it more than innuendo; I wanted, desperately wanted, to get my hand on it, two if possible, and my lips if he’d let me. We were both in baggy shorts, sprawled out on the hay so I started with a hay stem and ran it up his calves and thighs and into the leg of his shorts. He smiled up at me. “Use your hands, it’ll be more fun.”

So I did. He did me, too. I didn’t try sucking him that time, I thought I’d leave that for later. Afterwards we lay there half cuddled together in the afterglow.

Do you and Kev do it together?”

Yeah, when we can but sometimes it’s not easy with Mike about. How about you and Chas?”

Yup, for about three years now.”

I only taught Kev last year when I was here, but we usually get a chance once a day at least. He doesn’t come yet but that doesn’t matter, he still enjoys the feelings!”

A couple of times we all went out on the boat together, taking Kev and Mike and Dick with us - it was good fun. And Mike got on really well with Chas’s little sisters. So it was a great opportunity when the prof and his wife were going to take the girls over to St Ives for the day with Mike as well, Chas and I didn’t want to go so it was agreed that provided we didn’t go beyond the river mouth we could use the boat and that Kev and Dick could come too. Woohoo, this was the moment we had been waiting for!

That morning we waved them off then the four of us got in the little dinghy and pulled out to the boat, climbed aboard and tied the painter of the tender to the stern. We got the engine going, cast off the mooring and headed off to quieter waters a little upstream, we knew just where we were going. In those days there were a few stretches of the river that were still undeveloped and had rough woodland running down to the stream. We were aiming for one of those so we could anchor up and have some four-way fun. We were already down to swimming trunks, no speedos in those days but these were all pretty skimpy and Kev and Dick, sitting in the aptly named cockpit soon had theirs off whilst Chas piloted us out and I stood by in the fo'c'sle ready to drop anchor when the time came. It was only twenty minutes then we were anchored in deep enough water and swinging gently with the current.

By the time I got back to the cockpit Chas was naked as well and the three of them were feeling one another up. Not wanting to be left out I dropped my trunks and joined in as we stood there, well-sheltered and let our hands roam. I’d seen all but Kev’s dick before, he was still completely hairless and quite small as well. But it was the hairless bit that got to me, it looked so darned sexy!

Hey Chris,” said Chas, “why don’t you suck us all?”

What do you mean?” said Kev.

Chris sucks me ‘til I come in his mouth, it feels really great! You’ve got to try it.”

The three of them sat down on the benches and I got on my knees on the deck. I did Chas first then Dick, I wanted to leave Kev until last. Dick tasted a bit sweeter than Chas, maybe because he was younger - he had a lot less hair as well. Kev’s little cock was just gorgeous and because it was hairless I licked all round it as well, which really got his toes curling. He said it was his best one yet.

Why didn’t you lick all around ours?” Chas again.

Because you’re all hairy and it doesn’t feel nice. And anyway no hair looks so sexy, too.”

Yeah, it does, doesn't it?” said Dick, “the worst thing about growing up is the hair, I hate it!”

I've got my shaving stuff downstairs in the cabin,” I joked. I didn't really need it, I only shaved every couple of weeks and could easily have gone three, I reckon I was posing to myself when I packed it.

We all looked at one another. As we did we all got hard - well, I was already hard, I hadn't come yet.

Should we?”

Do you want to?”

It would be really sexy!”

Go on,” said Kev, “then you'll all be bald like me!”

I went and got my toilet bag - we were all really worked up as I fitted the blade in the old style safety razor.

Who first?”

Do yourself first, we'll watch.”

I got a good lather all over my pubes (I only had hair above my cock, my balls and arse were still smooth) and set to shaving it off. It felt great and really, really hot with my mates watching. When I finished and rinsed off by jumping into the river naked and climbing out again, it looked great too. The other two were still deciding who was going next so I lathered up my underarms and shaved them as well. That felt sexy too. When I'd finished they all wanted a feel so I had three pairs of hands running all over me which ended up with Kev wanking me off - I came a heck of a load, more than ever before.

Okay,” said Dick, “I'll go next, and you can do my underarms as well.”

He didn't have much to shave so it didn't take long - he was hard the whole time and the way I held it out of the way probably didn't help him go soft! Chas went last but wouldn't let me do his underarms. Whilst I was doing him the other two were kissing one another. Chas and I had never kissed but Kev and Dick were really into it. After Chas had rinsed off I managed to get him to snog a little bit but he wasn't that keen, he said he'd only really do that to a girl - I knew he was probably going to grow up straight but I was already pretty sure I wasn't - I didn't want to, either.

We had the picnic lunch we brought then we had more sex - amazing how many times teenagers can come in a day! I sucked them all off again and this time licked them all over and around their dicks and balls as well, now they were smooth. This time Kev joined in, he wanted to give it a try so he sucked me, he even swallowed and sat back with a big smile on his face afterwards. It was a great day out!

It was a couple of days before the itching started; where the hair was growing out was so uncomfortable! It was Dick who by chance discovered that talc cured it. The next week, our last, the four of us had another day out and another shave - it was still a really sexy thing to do.

Sadly the holiday ended far too soon and we headed back up to the north. The night before we left I gave Kev and Dick a big kiss and a suck each in the hayloft. We promised we'd keep in touch but, of course, we never did.

I let my hair grow out again before school began but never forgot how sexy it felt; as soon as I was free of compulsory showers the razor came out again.

© Malaka/Mr Malaprop 2005