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All the disclaimers apply. This is Nifty after all.

This is a fictional story that could have easily happened.

By Larkin, All rights reserved. Jet2larkin at (geemail . kom )


Super Food Mart.


He trailed along behind his mother in the Super Food Mart. He was so bored. 

His mother made matters worse by taking her sweet time examining every single item that she considered buying. 

"Dennis, do you like lamb?"

Without looking at her, he shook his head no. She tossed the meat packet back and moved on to the hamburger. 

Dennis's nine inch long blond hair needed washing and so did his face. His mother had long since given up trying to keep him clean. In spite of all this his warm brown eyes demonstrated a youthful and serious beauty. He quietly starred down at the undone shoe lace that he was trailing. Having just turned ten, Dennis was deep in thought. The strange thing was he wasn't exactly sure just what it was that he was thinking of. His mood suddenly took a peculiar turn.

His oversized tee shirt, sweat shirt tied by its sleeves around his waist and cargo shorts concealed an incredibly stiff erection that seem to come up out of nowhere. 

What was it? In spite of his confusion, he could not believe how good it felt. It had the effect of almost completely overwhelming him. 

His cock, having risen to an intensely erected state was not so large that it couldn't be easily cloaked behind the tied sleeves of the sweat shirt that went around his waist. He continued to follow his mother somewhat distantly in a meandering way. 

Even so, the thought that anyone might notice that he had a boner in his pants gave him a distinctly warm feeling. After all, he wasn't doing anything wrong, or was he? 

His pants were loose enough for him to slip a hand down into his underpants and touch his compact scrotum and his penis with his finger tips. It made his boner twitch up and down. It sent waves of pleasure from the tip of his penis down between his legs and it even seem to radiate out from his boy butt. He could not believe how intense it was.

His mother placed large plastic bottles of soda into the cart and then steered towards the chips. 

His three inch penis remained twitchingly erect. Reaching his hand back into his pants, he retracted his foreskin so that the sensitive penis head would rub back and forth on the inside of his pants as he walked. 

The sensations from his cock became more and more pleasurable. He strayed farther from his mother for fear that she might engage him in dumb conversation when he really wanted to concentrate on his glowing penis. 

He stood in front of a thousand of cans of red beans pulling on the length of his stiff penis through his pants. It felt so good that he did it again. He did it again and again. 

Dennis's solitary pre-teen erotic state did not go entirely unobserved. It did catch the attention the stock boy who was arranging jars of pickles. The stock boy was working to save money for school. He was about 16. He knew exactly what the grubby little kid was doing and the thought of it caused his own much larger cock to fill his pants and stiffen. He squatted down to place jars on the bottom shelf. 

Dennis turned to notice the stock boy staring at him. They looked each other in the eyes and realized a shared experience. For just that moment they were alone in the isle, the stock boy turned, rose up on his knees and faced Dennis and then traced the shape of his much larger cock in his pants. He remembered the stock boy gave him a smile full of crooked teeth. Dennis never imagined that a boner could ever be that big. 

Suddenly Dennis's Mother turned into the isle, pushing a cart and cackling like a giant chicken. What was going on between the two boys went totally un-noticed to her. He trailed his mother, but kept looking back at the stock boy who continued to display himself in a way that only Dennis would see. 

The incident would forever stick in Dennis's mind.