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Subject: Sweet Love Chapter 2. Young Friends

This story contains various sex scenes between boys so please if you are offended by this please do not read it

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After that long night Nick was tired, he met the most wonderful boy in the entire world, he was sweet and cute and by the looks of it the boy was in love in him maybe, it was already morning however Sam was still asleep while Nick was already in the kitchen preparing breakfast, Nick really wanted to impress Sam , he really wanted for both of them to be friends.

When Sam woke up he left the bedroom searching for his Nick around the place.

“Oh hi Buddy good morning” said Nick calmly to Sam while he prepared hotcakes for breakfast.

“Oh Good Morning Nicky” Sam said almost laughing at Sam for saying that last night

“Could you please stop that Sam “ I know, I know, I called him first Sammy but I was worried about him besides he was crying, it just slipped my mind and now, well is better this way I think.

“But you called me first Sammy”

“I know , I know but please can we forget it I mean please Sam we are friends right”

“Well could I call you Daddy instead?

Now he is trying to call me Daddy, I was shocked I mean what is going on first he wants to sleep with me and then he wants to call me daddy, I must admit it myself I really like the boy he is so cute but we just met yesterday however I        needed to answer him so I cool down and answer the best way I could.

“I would prefer Nicky instead of Daddy Sam” I was nervous as well, can you imagine yourselves in this situation with a boy trying to call you Daddy I mean what would you do, this was the best choice I could have picked and I don’t regret it.

“As you say Nicky” Sam said laughing and blushing himself to death.

“I hope you like hot cakes Sam “

“Yeah I do so don’t worry Nicky”

We ate breakfast without talking much instead we were focusing on eating personally I was hungry and well I was nervous , I didn’t wanted to said something offensive to him lucky for him after we finished Sam just started asking me questions you know about hobbies, likes, friends , we were knowing each other however things just got out of control and well this is what happened.

“So you do see porn right Nicky” Sam was calmly looking at Nick’s computer while he saw his search history, Nick by the other hand was stressed after seeing this , is normal for guys to masturbate and Nick was no exception but having Sam look at it made Nick blush and be ashamed of himself.

“SAM Please can you stop seeing that “ said Nick almost shouting to Sam, Sam by the other hand was laughing so hard.

“Sorry Sorry Nicky just give me one more minute with it and”

“I don’t think so Sam now STOP SEEING THAT” Sam was obviously teasing Nick and by the looks of it he was enjoying it.

“Alright Alright as you say Mister I have a fetish with feet”

“Seriously Sam STOP”

Sam was laughing to death, he was having so much fun with Nick , until he received a call from his grandma then the fun ended and thing went back to normal.

“Sorry Nicky I need to go my grandma wants me to go home right now”

“Is okay buddy do you need a ride home? “ I must admit it myself I do like like the boy said Nick to himself however he is just a boy and we just met yesterday, sadness took over his body as he thought this was the last time he would see the boy.

“Is ok Nick my grandma house is only a pair of blocks away so you don’t need to worry about it “

“Sure ?” said Nick with his voice almost breaking up but he needed to control himself in front of Sam.

“Yeah don’t worry , thanks a lot for everything Nicky I really enjoyed it “

After that Sam threw himself at Nick giving him a hug and a small kiss in the cheek, then he left leaving Nick alone in his apartment.

Day after day Nick missed the boy even more, his cute little smile, his blond but beautiful hair, his eyes which look like the ocean, he tried calling him several times but everytime he tried his body paralyzed himself of fear, fear that the boy had already forgotten about him and moved on with his life.

Everyday and every second of his life was thinking about the boy, the boy had changed his life and now he couldn’t live without him.

Sam arrived with his grandma and he explained all his bruises to her, he went directly to his room and fell asleep still thinking about Nick , Sam was in love with him, he was his first friend ever and well he was falling in love with him, He was so nice to him and so cute, his green eyes were like emeralds, along with his body which was so sexy to his eyes, his parents returned the day after and school came after that, every day in every class he was just thinking about him, he was just perfect, but again he was scared he was scared that Nick had forgotten about him ironic isn’t.

At the same time after a week has passed both Sam and Nick decided to beat his fears, so when they arrived at their respective homes they just called themselves at the same time being Nick’s call first .

“NICKY “ said Sam sounding excited and happy and well he was, he was so happy to hear Nick’s voice

“Sam I’m so glad you answer I thought you have already deleted my number and “

“Nick I would never forget your number, in fact I thought you would do that “

“What no never I was only scared “

“Me too, I was also scared”

“Ironic isn’t “

Now they were both laughing at each other while they talked each other on the phone.

“Hey Nick can we see each other again”

Nick was so happy to hear that, he missed Sam so much and he was glad and relieved to hear that.

“Yeah sure why not, are you free this Friday “

“Of course Nick “

After the call they were anxious to see each other, Friday came, Nick got out of working at the supermarket and headed directly to his home where he would meet up with Sam. Sam was spending the end of the weekend with Nick so they would have a lot of time for spending with each other.

After Nick arrived at his home he found Nick waiting at the door while he looked at his phone.

After that Sam jumped directly toward Nick hugging him so hard, and without thinking he kissed Nick, he just loved Nick that much, Both were shocked but Nick didn't pushed Sam back he was enjoying himself while Sam pleasured  him with his tongue . They kissed for at least five minutes in front of the door.

“Sam ahhh that was amazing but why?

“I just love you Nick you are so handsome and you are always so nice to me “

“You are also handsome Sam besides your blue eyes make me crazy “

They stared at each other, they gave each other a look of pure love followed by another kiss.

After that they entered Nick’s apartment, Sam was excited but at the same time nervous, he just kissed Nick the boy he liked and now he was taking his hand leading him to his room, both of them were excited and when they reached Nick’s room Sam sat in Nick’s lap saying the following.

“Nick I know I just met you but but I would like to be your b-b-oyfriend”

Nick’s mind went blank, he loved Sam more than anything in this world , his blue eyes , his blonde hair , even his scent made Nick drool over him .

Nick’s voice faded away, tears were falling down his face, he couldn't believe what was happening, his heart rhythm started increasing more and more every time, he was fading away from reality but he needed to answer Sam with the most sincere answer of his entire life.

“Yes Sam I would love too yes , yes, you are the most amazing person in my entire life”

Nick threw himself to kiss Sam, he was the most happy in the person in the entire world, he enjoyed kissing Sam more and more, his taste made him crazy, from now on Sam was going to be his entire world, he was going to live for him from now on.

Sam’s hands starting moving to their own exploring Nick’s upper body caressing his well formed pectorals reaching down to his waist, Nick’s body was numb, he was in shock he couldn’t believe what was happening, his crush Sam was touching his body so much , his dick was at his limit however a harsh and sudden feeling came to his mind breaking the moment they were both having.

“Sorry Sam please stop is just I can’t do it I can’t really”

Nick pushed away Sam and let himself cry for a moment , what was he doing, Sam was just a kid, this was wrong on so many levels.

“Nick why , WHY “ Sam asked sounding both angry and sad at the same time, he loved Nick so much so why , why why was he doing this “

“I love you Sam but, but , this is illegal in so many ways so please please “

Sam tears fell down while he tackled Nick giving him with all the love he had a kiss, Nick’s mind went blank, he was paralyzed by all the feeling coming from his heart, he lay down almost fainting.

Sam continued kissing Nick’s body with passion reaching once again his dick, licking, sucking it like a lollipop Nick came like an avalanche, spurt after spurt covering both of them in sticky goo.

Both of them were panting exhausted after all the adrenaline rush their bodies just had, feeling numb and dizzy both Sam and Nick started  laughing, both of them were feeling love for each other and finally they have accepted it.

Sam started licking all his lover juice while Nick couldn’t stop panting , when Sam had licked all over Nick’s body he kissed him giving him all his love in one kiss.

“I love you Sam”

“Me too Nicky”

 “Hey wanna go see a movie Sam “

“Sure I would love to “

“Great but first we need to bathe ourselves “

“Can we bath together “

Sam asked being again a little nervous but at the same time excited, “

“Yes , Yes I would love too “

And with that Nick grabbed Sam and carried him to the shower where they started washing each other's bodies, touching each other smooth skin, soft as silk, caressing all the hair both of them had and even playing with each other bodies,this was destiny both of them meeting that day on the arcade, they needed each other in their lives and now finally they could be together.

They finished bathing and after getting dressed up both of them, Nick lending Sam some of his old clothes, leaving for the cinema, the whole movie they were hugged, cuddling with each other looking each other at their bright and clear eyes where there heart met over and over again making them fall in love with each other even more.

The movie finished and Sam and Nick left to eat something before going home where they could cuddle all night long with each other.

“Hey do you want to eat some burgers and fries before leaving home buddy”

Nick said to Sam hoping that Sam would agree to his offer but he not only accepted,in fact he became too excited to even contain his emotion.

“Yes, Yes , let’s go to Johnny Rockets please, please Nick I beg you”

He was jumping all around the seat and that made Nick so happy, his heart was melting with love and passion.

They arrived to Johnny Rockets one of the best places to eat burgers in all America, they ate a lot and I mean a lot both of them ordered at least 2 burgers along with 2 order of fries and to top it all up they finished with a vanilla milkshake each along with a milkshake flavour kiss.

“What do you want to do after arriving home “

Asked Sam to Nick wanting to spend with him more time before going to sleep with him

“Why don’t we see a movie or play videogames together while we eat some popcorn or chips with an onion dip.”

“I know let’s watch a movie on Netflix while we cuddle”

The feeling of cuddling with Sam made Nick’s heart melt in love, after leaving the restaurant he took Sam’s hand and walked with him until he reached his car giving now an innocent kiss to the boy he loved so much.

They arrived home and after cuddling with each other and eating some popcorn they slept, only with his boxers hugging waiting fot the next morning to arrive.