Taking Care of a Bully

****Warning, this story contains scenes of boy on boy sex, involving diapers and piss. If gay boy diaper love and lite water sports is not your thing, then it is suggested that you leave now. If however you wish to read such a story, then I hope that you enjoy. I would very much like to hear from you, hear how you liked the story, so please email me at erich5748 at ymail.com. Thanks as always for taking the time to read my stories, please enjoy.****

“It's all set, they're taking off for the weekend.” Dawson said excitedly to his best friend Nathan Tuesday morning as they saw each other first thing at school.

“What, really, they've finally decided to go away again?”

“Yeah, finally, and I get to stay home alone again, but I got them to agree that you could spend the weekend with me, as long as we have no wild parties. Yeah, like that'd ever happen, she knows just how popular we are. It's like we have the fucking plague or something.”

“Wicked. So, are we gonna do it then?”

“Oh yeah, after all the planning and scheming we've been doing, we're taking care of that asshole this weekend, once and for all.” Dawson said vehemently.

“Good, I hoped you wouldn't get cold feet again.”

“Yeah, well that was before he publicly humiliated me, outed me to the entire school, told them I was gay and had to wear diapers. I'm so gonna kill him, figuratively speaking of course, although I have thought about physically as well.”

“Yeah, well it wasn't just you he outed as well though, he outed me at the same time, but I guess he never mentioned my name directly, but by the next day, they all knew anyway.”

“I know, at least I'd already been okay with it, but you'd just barely accepted it yourself.”

“Yeah, you said you knew I was gay since we were in grade four, when you realized you were, but you just had to wait until the end of grade seven for me to figure it out for myself.” Nathan grinned.

“Well, you never were very sure of yourself, and at least we're pretty sure my parents won't freak when they find out I'm gay, yours you think will freak, probably with a capital 'F'.”

“Yeah, having an openly gay uncle who spends a lot of time with your family does make it easier for them to be receptive to the fact, it must be nice to know that they won't hate you like I know mine will.”

“Whatever, we'll be together, so we'll be fine, and if they can't love you for the awesome baby boy you are, then that's their problem. So, my parents are leaving Friday morning, so they won't even be home. It's perfect, we'll make our move Friday at lunch.”

“Awesome, sounds good to me.”

That was a couple days ago now, and the boys were getting excited. They had it all planned out, they were going to finally take care of the bully that had been tormenting them both since they were in the third grade together. Butch the bully as he was called by most of the smaller boys, or just plain Butch to everyone else, tormented the boys to no end.

The three boys had just started school for the new year once again, but the last year had not ended on a good note, and that had followed the boys through to the new school year. It seems Butch had found out somehow that Dawson was gay and had to wear diapers now full time due to a failed bladder. That had happened early on in the seventh grade, but no one had found out until Butch managed to find out, and then spread it all over the school.

The entire summer, Dawson and Nathan had schemed and planned, planning everything out so that once they had the chance, they were going to teach Butch the lesson of his life, one he would not soon forget. They had all that they needed, and they were going to use it. Now all they had to do was put their plan in action.

“Butch, before you start picking on me, I think you need to see something?” Dawson said softly as Butch was undoubtedly coming to take his lunch money, yet again.

“Just give me your money fuck wad.”

“Uh uh uh, not this time. Now, look at this picture, isn't this your bedroom, and isn't that your stack of Underjams on your dresser?” Dawson asked softly, menacingly.

“You got in my bedroom, how, I'll kill you if you show that to anyone!” Butch growled. For obvious reasons he did not want that particular secret to be let out.

“How doesn't matter. What we'll do to you however should you ever threaten either of us again though does, and this is only the tip of the iceberg. Now, you know where I live, you live right down the road, so you're to meet us at my place after school today. Make arrangements with your parents that you're spending the weekend at a friends house, do it or else. And given how much you've tortured both me and Nathan, I'd do it if I were you, because we'll make what you did to us seem friendly if you don't listen to each and every command we give to you. Am I making myself perfectly clear?” Dawson asked in such a deathly calm voice that Butch was actually frightened for the first time in his life, at least while at school.

“Yes, I'll be there.”

“Good, that's the smartest thing you've ever said in your life, and given how stupid you are, that's an accomplishment.

“Why you....”

“Uh uh uh, not this time, remember, the picture is only the tip of the iceberg as to what we have on you. How you treat us from this moment on determines what we do to you this weekend. Now, be a good baby boy and fuck off until this afternoon.” Dawson growled.

“Wow, you're evil.” Nathan giggled as soon as Butch was out of hearing range.

“I know, and you know what, it felt good.”

“Yeah, it did.”

“I can't wait for this day to end so that we can go home.”


The day did finally end, and Butch had made the arrangements, and met up with the boys just as they were getting to Dawson's house.

“Good boy, you listen well once you have good reason to. That'll make your life a lot easier.” Nathan said this time.

“Yeah, well you didn't give me much choice, did you?”

“That's what I meant. And trust me, the picture of your diapers was the least incriminating of the evidence we have on you. Now, no more speaking 'til we get to the house.”

They walked the rest of the way in silence, Dawson and Nathan leading a dejected and scared looking Butch. Had anyone actually paid attention, they may have wondered what was going on, but as previously mentioned, the other kids at school ignored Dawson and Nathan almost totally unless they could not avoid it.

“Okay here we are. Now, sit in that chair right there and we'll get this show on the road.” Dawson said, pointing to a good sturdy chair that he had placed in the center of his room, facing the computer and TV that Dawson had.

Butch sat down, and then quick as could be, both boys grabbed his hands behind his back and tied them, and as Butch struggled, they caught his feet and tied them as well. He was screaming at them the entire time, and they just told him to shut up and accept it, or they would hurt him a great deal.

“There we go, now we have you secured, that way you won't try and escape.”

“I wasn't gonna go anywhere anyway, you have too much on me.”

“Actually, once we really got into what we're planning for you, trust me, you'd have wanted to escape.”

“What are you gonna do to me?” Butch asked fearfully.

“Now that's a surprise, but no more questions or we'll gag you as well.”

“Fine.” He said, defeated.

“Okay, now we know obviously that you wet the bed, we clearly saw the evidence in the picture we showed you earlier. How long have you wet the bed?” Nathan asked.

“Forever.” Butch whispered, hating having to admit it.

“Oh yeah, and all those kids you teased for wetting the bed any time you found out about them, including me, was for what reason?”

“Don't know.”

“Hmm. Interesting. Okay, if you'll direct your eyes to the TV please, I think I have something interesting to show you.” Dawson said.

He turned the TV on and pushed play on his DVD player, and instantly Butch's bedroom came back into view. This time Butch was in there, and he was wearing a diaper. To look at it you would not question anything except he had gotten ready for bed. There were a few things though that clearly showed this was not the case. The date stamp at the bottom of the screen said just after three thirty in the afternoon, and it was still nice and bright and sunny outside. Butch was sitting around in his room, just relaxing mostly and watching TV, but twice in the hour video they all watched as Butch wet himself. He also put his hand right onto his diapered crotch and felt as he wet, so you knew he liked it.

“Please, no more.” Butch whispered, absolutely horrified at having been so totally caught.

“Oh Butch, there's so much more we have to show you and tell you. Trust me, this is only the beginning. So, how long have you loved wearing diapers, and let's try being honest for once in your life?” Dawson whispered.

“I don't know, few years now I guess.”

“And how often do you wear diapers around the house?” Nathan whispered as well.

“I can't answer that.”

“Why, because you don't know just how often you do, or because you don't care to answer it?” Dawson asked.

“Kinda both.” Butch answered, a few tears actually leaking out.

“Well, we do know, we have dozens of hours of footage, but we won't show it all to you, it'd get pretty boring actually, but there's still plenty to see. From what we can tell though, your mom works the night shift somewhere and you spend pretty much all your time at home all alone. It seems you make good use of that alone time though and wear diapers as often as you can. In order though to not arouse suspicions with your mom about your wearing diapers, you also did this.” Dawson said, and then started the player again on a new track.

All that could be heard was an oh god from Butch as the new video started, showing that he was now wearing a super thick cloth diaper, covered by a nice thick pair of rubber pants. This time he was in the living room watching TV, and he was sucking a soother. By the time the video ended, Butch's very thick diaper was very soaked.

“How?” Was all Butch could say when the video stopped.

“Well, now you see, we've hated you for along time, and we wanted payback, so we did something that we knew was wrong in order to do so. And even though we told you no more questions, I suppose we could answer just that one for you. We'd been doing surveillance on you for months, trying to find out anything we could, when one day we saw that you'd forgotten your house key, so you went to your back yard and we saw where your spare key was hidden.”

“Before that we had very little, you'd go home and not leave again 'til the next day. You were very nearly a recluse, you did nothing else, you hardly ever went outside or anything. There was one day though that you did go outside for a few minutes, and we almost missed it, but we saw that you were wearing a diaper. A few days later we hit the jackpot though when you forgot your key. We knew we had to get into your house and really see what you were doing.” Dawson started.

Nathan then took up the tale. “So, knowing you were up to something, and we could tell nothing because you keep the window coverings in your house very tightly closed, we had to get inside and see what you were doing. Well, you may or may not know this, but I have family that owns a spy shop, and let's just say my garage is packed full of excess stock that doesn't quite fit or is old. I borrowed a few things and wired your house for video, and I also tapped into your computer and had it filter everything and send the information to me as to what you were doing. As you're undoubtedly aware, Dawson and I are more than just a little smarter than average, and I'm really good at computer hacking, but Dawson is wicked at sneaking.”

“So, we had a bunch of cameras in your house, showing us everything you did for the past almost three months, and once summer hit, man did you ever get into your diapers. You almost never left the house, you almost never got out of diapers, and there's more, oh so much more, I think you know what we know now.”

“Oh please, can I go now?” Butch said, full out crying now.

“Oh no. I said you were staying for the weekend, trust me, you're going nowhere.”

“I'll do anything, just please no more, I know what's coming, and I can't stand it.”

“Oh no, we vowed we'd fix you even if it killed you. We know you'll do anything we say, because you know just as well as we do that we have absolutely no reason whatsoever not to out you in the same way you outed us. We have nothing more to hide, but the same can't be said for you, now can it mister cucumber.”

“Oh god, please no.” Butch said, but before he even finished, Dawson started the next video.

This video was interesting to say the least, and both boys had watched it more than a few times, as well as the other videos in the same series, because they were pretty hot. Butch however sure seemed to be gay from what he happened to be doing with the cucumber, and right through his soggy morning diaper. This particular video had been taken during the summer, Butch had waken up, his mom had already left for work, and Butch must have felt more than a little horny. He was seen to have left his room, but moments later he came back with a rather large vegetable, and from there he proceeded to fuck himself deep and long. It took more than half an hour for him just to fuck himself, and not once had he touched his diapered dick.

Once Butch seemed to be satisfied, he then pulled the cucumber from his ass, stuck his hand inside his diaper, and jacked off, not once, not even twice, but three times in a row, and every time, he pulled his hand out and licked off all the mess that had collected on his hand. The funny thing was that more often than not, he was moaning Dawson's name, possibly the reason Butch had not wanted to see what he knew was coming.

“So, the reason you picked on me especially, when I can so clearly see that you liked me, wanted me, was for what reason?” Dawson asked softly.

“I don't know.” Butch cried openly now.

“I see. How many hours do you think we have of you fucking yourself silly, either dreaming of me, or a few other boys, including Nathan.”

“I don't know.”

“That's more than likely because of the amount you did it, you have no idea how often, well we do. In three months we have nearly a hundred hours of video of you fucking yourself with whatever you could find. Sadly I'm not nearly as big as even the smallest item you used, so you'd be sorely disappointed even if I did fuck you. Granted, there's porn stars not even as large as what you seem to like. One or maybe two might just be, but that's a stretch. Actually, let me change that, because I doubt it's a stretch for you any more. How long have you been fucking yourself with whatever you could find?”

“Since I was nine.”

“Ah, so you knew you were gay even then?”

“I've suspected since I was seven, admitted it to myself when I was eight, and started fucking myself a few months later, just after I turned nine.” Butch sobbed out, knowing it was pointless to lie now.

“Wow, even I didn't realize I might be gay 'til I was eight. Nathan didn't admit it to himself 'til last year. So, how did you find out we were gay and that I wore diapers?”

“Please don't make me answer that?” Butch begged.

“What do you think we'll do to you if you don't answer every question we want answered Butch? Put that tiny mind of yours to work for once and think about it for just a minute.” Nathan growled.

“You'll show everything, won't you!” He sobbed out.

“Well, not entirely everything, but yeah, that's about the gist of it anyway.” Nathan grinned happily.

“So, are you gonna answer us?” Dawson asked softly.

“Yeah, just please, don't show anyone anything, I'll do anything.”

“We know you will. So answer it, how did you find out?”

“I've had a crush on you Dawson since grade four, you're quite hot, but you just wouldn't even acknowledge me. It was like I wasn't even there. Anyway, last year, just before the end of the year, I snuck to your house in the middle of the night, I knew where your bedroom was, and I peeked in the window. I saw you and Nathan in here, and you were wearing a diaper, and Nathan was saying he should probably get his diaper on for bed as well. You told him not to, and then you two started talking and you told him that you knew he was gay as well and that you wanted to play a bit. At first Nathan was upset a bit, and you guys ended up sitting and talking for a while, but in the end, you ended up kissing and then sucking each other, and then you fingered each other, and then you fucked. I was so mad, I wanted you for me, but no, you loved Nathan instead, you hated me, I had to get back at you. I know, I'm an asshole, I know I deserve all this, but please, don't hate me too much.” Butch bawled his eyes out as he explained himself, pouring out his soul.

“Thanks Butch. I knew that must have been how it had happened, or something similar anyway. Now, can you think of one reason why I wouldn't have looked at you, acknowledged you in any way?”

“Yeah, I was a bully, an asshole.”

“Exactly. Why were you so mean, why are you so mean?”

“It was what I knew. It's just me and my mom now, but that's only because my dad was sent to jail almost two years ago. I never told anyone, no one knows anything, but he was an abusive mean drunk, he showed me affection by beating me at least once a day. If I didn't have a fresh bruise, he said he obviously wasn't giving me enough love and attention. My mom could do nothing, because he was worse to her. At least he hadn't broke any of my bones, like he had to her. We were so scared of him, it was horrible. I had no idea how to show what I felt for you, and once he was sent to jail and we were free, I tried, really I did to show you that I wasn't like that any more, but you just spat in my face and cried and ran away. That crushed me, so I just kept doing what I knew.”

“Why didn't you tell anyone, at least once your dad was in jail, maybe someone could have helped you?” Nathan asked in shock, neither had had any idea.

“I didn't know how to ask for help.”

“You said you started fucking yourself when you were nine, how did you do that if your dad was around?” Dawson asked.

“Easy, I still had as much alone time then as I do now. My mom had to work then to support us, my dad was usually without job, and was normally out at nights, so I was alone a lot. I've also not only done it to myself. The first time I was fucked was from one of my dads friends. I had to go to his house for the weekend, my parents were going to be away, so I stayed there, and he caught me looking at him in only his boxers, his dick had flopped out and I liked the looks of it. He made me suck it, and then he sucked me and fingered me, and then sat me on his cock and fucked me hard. Ever since I've liked em big. While he made me suck him, he asked me if I was gay, and I said yes, so he knew he had me.”

“Wow, and you never told anyone?”

“Of course not, and lose the only affection I ever felt, he may have been rough, but he sure the hell loved me a lot more than my own dad did.” Butch said with strong emotion.

“Oh. What happened to him?”

“Unfortunately my dad caught him and I fucking, and that's the reason my dad's in jail, he killed him, right in front of me.” Butch said, full on crying now.

“Oh Butch, we're so sorry, so the one who killed your ability to love killed the person who was trying to teach it to you.”

“Yeah.” He sobbed.

Dawson then went and did something that they had not planned on. He went and untied Butch.

“Now Butch, I untied you, but I don't want you to leave, not yet. In a few hours, if you still want to leave, you can, but I think we need to talk.” Dawson said softly, hugging Butch.

“Thanks.” Butch whispered, using his shirt sleeve to wipe his eyes and nose.

“I think that we should get you into a diaper as well Butch, you've wet yourself quite a bit. Would you like that?” Nathan asked softly.

“Yes please, then can we just sit around in diapers?” Butch asked hopefully.

“Sure.” Nathan and Dawson answered happily at the same time.

“Do you love diapers as well Nathan?” Butch asked softly.

“Yeah, I do now. My loving boyfriend showed me how good they were. I've never had to wear diapers to bed, I haven't wet the bed since I was four, but Dawson always had, and more than a few nights I wore them with him as we grew up, but just before the end of last year, I started to realize I really liked them. Now I wear them as often as I can, but my parents don't know anything about that.”

“Mine neither. How about you Dawson, how come you wear diapers?”

“My bladder never grew, and it's now officially pretty much dead. I never feel it, I just dribble all day. My doctor told us it would happen, that I'd eventually lose all control, and it happened near the beginning of last year that it just gave out. I'd had to wear guards my entire life, for just in case, and always diapers to bed, but at least I didn't have to wear diapers full time. Granted, by the time I was nine, I realized I really liked them anyway.”

“Oh, I wish that had've happened to me.” Butch said.

“Me too.” Nathan grinned.

By then Nathan was back with all the diapers they would need, so urged Butch to hop up on the bed, and he and Dawson stripped him fully, and then cleaned, creamed and diapered him nice and thick. Dawson and Nathan then went about diapering each other as well.

“Wow, I've never met another diaper lover before, you guys really do look hot in your diapers. I like these ones as well, they're really thick and soft, but they're not the ones I saw you in before?”

“These are my night time diapers, I wouldn't have been wearing them yet, I have thinner ones for the days. We get these from a medical store downtown, I asked them to bring them in for me specially, and now they carry them all the time, because they're really good. I'll give you a few for at home. Where'd you get your rubber pants and cloth diapers though?”

“That would be awesome, thanks. I got them online, and while I prefer the disposables, they're certainly good, if a bit on the hot side.”

“How'd you get it online?” Nathan asked curiously.

“As you know, I'm home alone a lot, and I just went to the money store and got a prepaid credit card and ordered it. It was really easy, my mom never knew a thing. I only just got them just before summer, so you probably caught my first time wearing them.”

“Cool, we'll have to try that.”

“If you let me go home, I'll bring mine over, I've ordered four more since then. Also, if I don't go home, my mom might wonder, because of my bed wetting, I never said anything, just that I was going to a friends for the weekend.”

“We'll go with you.” Dawson said softly.

“Okay, but what about my clothes?”

“You can wear some of my sweats, they'll cover your diaper just fine, we'll wear the same thing.”

“Okay. I've never done more than go out in the backyard in a diaper though.”

“Nathan hasn't either, but I go out all day every day, don't worry. No one ever notices a thing, even if I am wearing a night diaper.” Dawson said encouragingly.

Butch just nodded, and Dawson went and grabbed three pairs of pants that they could all wear easily, and they all got dressed. As soon as they were ready, they headed over to Butch's house to collect the diapers.

“We may as well collect all my uncles cameras and stuff while we're here.” Nathan said.

“Good idea, no point in coming back another day to do it, and you said he had asked about the missing pinhole camera.”

“Yeah, no idea how I'm gonna explain that when it turns back up though. Maybe I'll just keep it, he just thinks he must have grabbed it some other day.” Nathan laughed.

“You may as well. Handy little thing.”

“I'll say. How the hell did you hide them in my house, anyway?”

“You'll find out.”

They went about collecting all the cameras, there were only six of them, but they were all hidden so well that Butch was amazed. While Nathan was collecting them, Butch went into his closet and came out a few moments later with his stash. It was, as the boys already knew, in a box in his closet, but they had no idea where or how it was hidden.

“How did you hide that away from your mom?”

“She never comes in my room, so it was just in the corner, and the box is marked with comic books, so she would probably never have looked into it. If she had have, then I would have been toast.” Butch laughed.

“No kidding.” Nathan said.

“Well, was that everything Nathan and Butch, or is there anything else you wanted?”

“I think that's it.” Nathan said, and Butch nodded.

“Good, let's get back to my house then and we can strip back down to our nice thick baby diapers and go from there.”

“So, what all had you guys had planned for me then?” Butch asked as they were walking back.

“Well, we were going to continue showing you things, even all the data we collected from your computer, to show you that we knew pretty much everything there was to know about you, even though I admit, we never suspected your past, you never even hinted at it.”

“Yeah, well with a past like that, would you even whisper it anywhere?” Butch asked sadly.

“No, I guess I wouldn't have either. Neither of us blame you for that, but you certainly should have tried to channel it better, but even then we understand.” Dawson said softly.

“Thanks. I wish I could apologize enough for all that I've done to you guys, but there's simply no way I ever could. I'll promise this though, that from now on, you'll never have to worry about another bully, because I'll take care of them for you.”

“That won't be necessary Butch. After this weekend you'll owe us nothing.” Dawson said softly.

“What if I just want to?”

“Then that's your choice, but we don't suggest you do. We'd rather you as a friend, not a bodyguard.” Nathan said this time.

“You mean it?”

“Sure. We're all alike aren't we, we all like the same thing, and the two of us even like the same boy. We'll get into that later though.” Nathan said, and Dawson started giggling.

“Pervert.” Dawson laughed.

“What, that's not what I meant at all, and not like you wouldn't like it anyway.” Nathan laughed.

“Huh.” Butch said in confusion. He was not sure if it was just his thirteen year old hormones or not, but he could have sworn it sounded like he was eventually going to have sex with the two hot diaper boys.

“No worries, you'll find out later.” Dawson smiled.

A few moments later they were back to Dawson's house, and as soon as they made it back to Dawson's bedroom, they all stripped down to just their diapers.

“Hey guys, I just realized something, but we've actually sorta missed dinner, and I'm getting pretty hungry, so let's go get something to eat.” Dawson said once they were all comfortable.

“Okay.” Both boys said.

They headed down to the kitchen and all three of them helped to make dinner. Nathan and Dawson had had this planned a little differently in the beginning, but things worked out faster and better than they had originally planned upon, so that was good. Once they had dinner made, they all sat back and ate it.

“So, what should we do now?” Nathan asked.

“I don't know, I haven't a clue what's going on here.” Butch said.

“Well, since you cracked a lot faster than we had anticipated, we don't really have any plans now. So why don't we just go sit back and relax and watch a movie?” Dawson asked.

“Okay, as long as I'm not the unknowing star of the film again, I think I've seen enough for now, although I think I want copies.” Butch grinned.

“You got it.” Nathan laughed.

Dawson just grinned and hopped up, grabbed a movie at random from the shelf where the comedies were kept, and put it in the player and turned everything on. A few minutes later the movie started and they all sat there enjoying it, sitting in nothing but a diaper.

“That was real nice guys, thanks for doing this for me.” Butch said honestly.

“You're welcome. Once we knew what you were really like, we knew we had to get you to see a few things.”

“So, do you guys know of any other gay baby boys by chance, seeing as how I can't have the one I've been dreaming of since grade four?” Butch asked shyly.

“No, at least not yet, but we do have our eyes on someone who we think might just be a lot like us.” Nathan said conspiratorially.

“Who, do I know him?”

“We know you know him, but we're not telling you who just yet, not 'til we're certain, but that's already in the works.”

“Why won't you tell me?”

“It's a surprise, don't worry.” Dawson smiled warmly.

“Now, before you say anything else, we now have a surprise for you, and since we're all nice and soggy, it's time to go do something that I think you've wanted for a long time.” Nathan said.


“Don't worry about what, let's just go to the bedroom.” Nathan grinned.

“Okay.” Butch said.

They headed to the bedroom, and Dawson laid down on the bed. Nathan urged Butch to get on the bed and to kneel down, and that he promised Butch he would not hurt him. A few seconds later, Nathan had a hole poked in the seat of Butch's diaper and was fingering him.

“Not that I'm complaining, but why are you fingering my ass?”

“Well, so that it's easier to fuck you of course.” Nathan said softly.

“Oh god, you guys are really gonna have sex with me?”

“Oh yeah. From what we saw, you've got a pretty good sized dick, and we both agree that you'll feel good deep inside us, but we're gonna fuck you first.” Dawson answered this time, starting to poke a hole in the front of his diaper.

“Oh fuck.” Butch sighed.

“Not yet, but soon though.” Nathan giggled as he added a second finger to the boys already sloppy ass.

“Oh god, that feels so nice. I haven't felt anyone in me in so long, god I missed this.” Butch sighed deeply.

“Good. Make sure and tell us if we go too fast for you though.”


Nathan just continued fingering Butch, and a few minutes later he added a third finger. As Nathan was doing this, he was slowly fisting his own erection, which was poking out the front of his soggy diaper, and Butch was watching and drooling as Dawson did so. Of course Dawson knew what he was doing, he wanted Butch so horny that he would be able to take anything.

Almost ten minutes later Nathan added his fourth finger and really started working Butch. He only moaned lowly and gave a light grunt, but then he sighed a few seconds later, and Nathan was able to really finger him deep. In fact he was getting seriously close to just being able to slip his entire hand inside the boy, but he did not care to do that, at least not yet.

“Wow Butch, we knew you had an amazing ass, but wow, Dawson and I've never gotten four fingers that far into each other without causing too much pain.”

“Thanks. I like it big remember, and my ass just seems to be able to take it, you hardly even hurt me at all, just a tiny bit at first.”

“That's great. Go ahead and sit on the dick you've wanted buried in you for almost four years.” Nathan said softly.

“Are you guys sure, I know you're boyfriends?”

“Sure we're sure. We know you need this, and we're close enough to know that no one else is ever gonna come between us, but we both wanted to try it with another person or two, or maybe even ten if the opportunity arises.” Dawson said this time.

“Really?” Butch asked in amazement.

“Sure. We love each other, but we also want raw sex as well, we want an awesome orgy, we want it raunchy and kinky. We've talked a lot about this over the summer, and once we found out what you were into, well let's just say we couldn't wait to get you in this position, now ride my baby, and then I think you'll realize just a little of the surprise we have waiting for you this weekend.” Nathan urged gently.

“Oh god yeah.” Butch said, and moved forth and sat upon Dawson's proud thirteen year old erection, sinking all the way down, until he could take no more. Butch sighed so deeply you would think that he needed nothing more in life but that to live.

Before Butch could even really start, because he had stopped the second he hit bottom, so as to back away from orgasm, Nathan, who had quickly poked a hole in his diaper and pulled his erection out, slipped into place and slipped his dick inside Butch at the same time.

“Oh fuck me, you're both inside me.” Butch moaned even deeper still.

“Oh yeah, and it feels as good for us as we're sure it does for you.” Dawson moaned.

“Oh yeah.” Butch moaned more. “Go ahead though and fuck me raw, I want it rough and hard and raw, just give it to me.”

“You got it.” Nathan said as he started pumping hard into the boy below him, which really started making them all feel real good.

As Nathan pumped, he drove Dawson's dick in and out of Butch's ass just as well as he was fucking Butch. All three of them were moaning and groaning, panting and sighing, as well they were grunting, since they were really putting a lot of effort into their fun.

“Oh god, gonna cum.” Butch gasped.

“Me too, can we cum in you?” Dawson grunted as well.

“Oh god yes, please, and then piss in me if you can?” He almost begged.

“I haven't stopped, but Nathan's been saving his for at least the last hour just for you.” Dawson panted, they were all fighting to hold on for a few more seconds.

A few seconds later of the pounding that Nathan was putting them through was all it took for them to all explode. They all almost screamed in ecstasy from it, but it came out as more of a strangled cry. Dawson and Nathan spewed forth their last four days worth of cum into Butch's clearly talented ass, and Butch exploded a good sized load into the front of his diaper.

A few seconds after coming down, Nathan was finally able to let go and let his load of pee go deep inside of Butch. Butch moaned lowly, feeling himself being filled up nice and full, just the way he liked it. Once Nathan finished, Butch figured he would pull out, instead Nathan started thrusting again, this time even deeper, but going a little slower.

“I hope you don't mind, but we have no interest in letting you go so quickly.” Nathan grunted.

“Oh god no, don't you ever stop, this is amazing.” Butch panted out happily.

They lasted at most ten minutes this time, given that they had just ejaculated huge loads, before they just had to release another load. This time though Nathan just did not stop at all, he just kept right on thrusting, really fucking Butch hard and fast now.

“Oh god yeah, use me, abuse me, make me your bitch.” Butch groaned.

“Oh yeah, your ass is amazing.” Dawson grunted.

“For sure. I don't know how much longer I can go for though.” Nathan added, really working hard to even talk he was fucking so hard.

“Me neither.” Dawson said.

“Oh, fuck me all night long for all I care.” Butch sighed.

“We'd love to, if we could.”

They continued fucking away merrily for the next nearly fifteen minutes before Butch came again, which in turn caused the two boys fucking him to go along with the ride, and they filled him up with one last good load of cum, probably the last they had to offer.

“Oh wow, so good.” Nathan sighed a few moments later.

“Oh yeah.” Dawson said.

“For sure.” Butch sighed out, deepest of all.

“I'm gonna pull out Butch, squeeze as best you can, so that you don't leak all over the place, and then pull off of Dawson and try and hold it all in. As soon as you're off, lay down on your back so that I can diaper you.” Nathan instructed once he was sure they were all ready for it.

“Okay.” Butch said, clearly not happy that his fun and games had to end.

A few seconds later Butch was laying on his back with his legs up and out, so that his diaper could be changed. What Nathan did though was not what Butch expected. Nathan grabbed a nail file that was nice and pointy and started poking a whole bunch of holes in Butch's diaper. Butch almost asked what that was all about, but Dawson gave the shush signal and Butch did not bother. He did have his suspicions though.

Once Nathan was finished with poking holes in Butch's diaper, Dawson passed him a fresh diaper and Nathan took it and put it onto Butch. Then changing the plans slightly on the go, Nathan grabbed a pair of the rubber pants that Butch had brought over and put them on Butch as well.

“There you go baby, how does that feel?” Nathan asked.

“Wicked. I've double diapered myself a few times, just putting my cloth over my Goodnites or Underjams, but never like this before, this is awesome.” Butch said happily.

“Aren't you glad you agreed to come over now?” Dawson chuckled.

“Fuck yeah, not that you gave me much choice, so thanks. Had I've known you guys were gonna do all this for me though, I would have come over ages ago.”

“We've had this planned for a couple months now, we just had to wait for my parents to take off for the weekend again. They do it every month or so, figures they'd take nearly three months since the last time though.” Dawson said.

“Wow. Are you guys gonna get double diapered too?”

“Like we'd let you have all the fun. You get to help do us now, diaper that is.” Nathan grinned.

“Shame that.” Butch said sadly.

“Don't worry, our hot baby bums will be made available to you soon, you're not the only one who gets to have fun this weekend, and we love getting fucked almost as much as you do.” Nathan said.


Butch then helped the other two to get nice and thickly diapered, just the way they all liked it.

“I think I'm gonna like hanging out with you guys.” Butch said happily.

“Same here.”

“So, when will I find out about this other boy?”

“If all goes as planned, he should be here tomorrow some time if he reads the signs correctly.” Nathan answered.

“Huh?” Butch asked in confusion.

“Well, let's just say we hacked into his computer, found out that he has been looking at the same things we're all interested in, so we set up a bit of a riddle type system for him. If he answers all the questions correctly, and agrees to a couple things, then he'll be knocking on the door no later than noon tomorrow.” Dawson smiled.

“How the hell did you do all that?”

“It's probably better that you don't ask that.” Nathan warned.

“Ah, I see.”

“So, how do you feel now that you're all full of hot cum and piss, seemingly again?” Nathan asked.

“Excellent. It's been so long.”

“So, the man you had, he peed in you too then I assume?”

“Yeah. I told him only a few weeks after the first time he fucked me that I was a diaper lover and that I wanted him to fuck me through a diaper. He already knew I had to wear diapers to bed, and apparently he loved seeing me like that already, but after that, any time we were together, I was diapered, and he bought me awesome diapers. He fucked me through my diaper that first night, and then the next night he told me he was gonna really fill me up good. I didn't understand it at first, but about fifteen minutes later I sure did, and I was hooked.”

“Awesome. We've wondered what it'd be like to have a man or men fuck us, but as you know, we're sorta shy, and we didn't know how to approach anyone.”

“If I can help you two in that way any way, I will, I'll try and find us all a man or men to fuck us silly.”

“That would be awesome.” Both boys said as one.

“Anything to repay you guys.” Butch smiled.

“Trust me, repayment is not needed, what we just did was more than enough for us. So, I think I speak for us when I say we're pretty tired, and tomorrow might be a really long day, so let's say we go to sleep.” Dawson said.

“Okay.” The other two said as one.

A few minutes later they were cuddled up in Dawson's queen size bed, sound asleep.

“Oh man, it wasn't just some fantastic dream, was it?” Butch sighed as he came to the next morning to find that both Dawson and Nathan were watching him.

“No, it was better.” Dawson grinned.

“I couldn't agree more.” Butch sighed.

“Same.” Nathan said.

“I have something to tell you guys.” Butch said.

“What, nothing's wrong is there?”

“No, more just something I want you two to know. My name's not Butch, it's my nickname more than anything, but I hate it. It sounds so rough, so mean, and I don't want to be like that any more. My name's actually Casey, could you please call me that from now on when we're alone. At school I think I should keep Butch, it makes me sound tough, whereas Casey sounds, well gay, not that that's not who I am, but my dad always told me that Casey was a girls name, and that he only accepted it because his mother told him he had to, but he never called me that, just Butch.”

“Oh, then Casey it is when by ourselves. If it were me though, I'd have given up that nickname in a heartbeat, I think Casey sounds so much more friendly.” Dawson smiled.

“Yeah, I probably should have, but no one else knows that about me. Even my mom doesn't call me Casey, I'm known as Butch at home too.”

“It's your choice as to when or if you decide to go by Casey, we'll try not to screw up and call you Casey other than at home, but we make no promises. Now, I think our diapers should still be good for a bit yet, so let's go get breakfast, and then come back here for some fun.” Nathan grinned.

“I say let's skip breakfast, staying here and having fun sounds better to me.” Casey grinned.

“I'm sure it does, but we're definitely gonna need the energy, so let's go, no arguments.” Dawson smiled.


They all hopped out of bed and headed to the kitchen, got themselves some much needed breakfast, and ate it all before giddily heading back to the bedroom.

“Do you like cum?” Nathan asked Butch.

“Uh, yeah, I thought you'd have figured that part out by now.”

“We know, but I meant in your mouth.”

“Let's put it this way, I haven't wasted a drop since I started, I eat all that I possibly can, I love sucking cock and eating cum, I'd do it all day long if I could.”

“Then we'll see just how long we can go. We're gonna fuck you from both ends today 'til we can't give you any more. How about pee in the mouth?”

“Not bad, I've drank it more than a few times, but I'm not a huge fan.”

“Okay, then I won't pee in your mouth, just your ass, but you know when Dawson face fucks you, you'll undoubtedly get some.”

“That's fine, it won't be lots. You must like it though if you suck him lots.” Casey grinned.

“Yeah, I love his flavor.”

“Cool. I can't wait to try it myself. I assume I'm to be on my hands and knees then?”

“You got it.” Both boys smiled.

“Good. And are you gonna fuck me through my nice double thick diaper?”

“You bet.” They both grinned.

“Awesome. I hope you plan to leave yours on as well?”

“We do.”

“Oh god, so nice.”

“Not as nice as it's gonna be.” Dawson grinned, and from there all talk ceased, because they got started on their fun and games.

They all removed their rubber pants, since they would only get in the way, and then Casey got into place, and Dawson took his head, while Nathan took his ass. They both poked the necessary holes, and then they both pulled out their dicks and slipped them into their chosen holes. Nathan hoped that Casey would still be loose enough from the night before, but when he found his hot hole, he found it nice and sloppy, and when he pushed, he slipped right in.

Casey would have sighed deeply, except Dawson's dick was slipping into his talented throat, which of course blocked out almost all the sound. Nathan and Dawson, once they were fully embedded, leaned forward, over Casey's back, and started kissing each other deeply and tenderly. As they kissed, they both started thrusting their hips, fucking Casey nice and deep, but going surprisingly slow.

Their first morning loads were too quick in cumming, but that did not matter to the boys five minutes later when they exploded. Dawson had pulled so that only the head of his dick was in Casey's mouth, so that Casey could get the full extent of his load, and he enjoyed it a great deal. As soon as both boys came down, they pulled out, against Casey's wishes, but they traded places and slipped right back, and all was good with Casey once again.

Once again the boys reached over Casey's back and kissed each other, but this time they were taking on a much faster and passionate pace, so their kissing of course followed suit. This time they lasted almost ten minutes before they came, and Nathan too pulled almost all the way out, so that Casey could get a full taste of his sweet and delicious cum.

Before Casey could even realize what was happening, because this time he too came at the same time, the two fucking him pulled out and traded places again. As Casey was coming down, they started a nice moderate pace this time, kissing once again the same way that they had been.

Three more times they did this to Casey, and even though he had not cum quite as often as the two fucking him, he was almost as worn out as if he had cum twice as much, because each one had been so powerful. Finally Dawson and Nathan had cum all they could cum, and when they pulled out their final time, it was to collapse.

“Oh, don't pull out Nathan, you promised me you'd pee in my ass.” Casey groaned.

“I still will, just before we change each others diapers, don't worry. I can't sit back up yet though, just gimme a minute.”

“Oh, okay. By the way Dawson, you do have pretty good tasting pee, I almost always tasted it coming out of you.”

“Thanks. I wouldn't mind tasting yours either.” Dawson grinned.

“That could be arranged, in like a few seconds if you wanted.”

“Maybe later. I don't care for the taste all that much, but if you're having sex at the time, then it's not too bad.”

“Oh, okay, then you'd better get my diaper changed real soon, I don't think I can fill it any more without it leaking huge.”

“Okay.” Both boys said.

Nathan hopped up and grabbed all the diapers they would need, while Dawson got down to removing all that Casey was wearing. He cleaned him up and slipped a fresh diaper underneath him, and by then Nathan was more than ready to go pee, so got into position and pushed in almost all the way, both boys sighing, and Nathan peed. It was difficult to do, considering how hard he went, but after a few seconds of concentration, he was able to go, and both sighed again.

“Mmmm, that was nice, thanks. How often do you guys do that for each other?” Casey sighed out.

“At least once a week I fill Dawson up, but sadly he's never been able to do the same for me, so you'll have to fill me up later.”

“Oh goody. You'd better get my diaper taped up, I can't hold it all in much longer.” Casey warned.

Nathan quickly pulled out and pulled up the diaper and taped it up nice and snug, and Casey sighed again, but this time from getting to let it all out. Both Dawson and Nathan smiled, and then they laid down and changed each others nice soggy diapers as well.

“This is the best weekend of my life.”

“You're welcome.” Nathan and Dawson said together with a warm smile.

“We better go get some lunch, 'cause I'm starting to get pretty hungry.” Dawson said.

“Same.” The other two said at the same time.

Just as they were about to sit down to eat lunch, the doorbell rang.

“Oh goody, he figured it out. Gimme a minute guys, I'll be right back, but go ahead and start eating.” Dawson hopped and said happily.

Dawson ran to his bedroom and grabbed his robe, threw it on, and headed to the front door, just in time to hear the second ring.

“Yanni, you made it?” Dawson smiled brightly when he opened the door to find the cute younger boy at the door.

“Dawson, it was you who set me up?” Yanni asked timidly.

“Yeah. I sorta suspected that you were gay a year or so ago now, but ever since everyone found out I had to wear diapers, you've always tried to catch glimpses of me in my diapers, haven't you?”

“You know I like diapers and boys already, or I wouldn't be here, not from how you set me up like you did. Didn't you?”

“Yeah. I was hoping I was right. Come on in, I hope you made the arrangements to stay the weekend.”

“I did.”

“Good.” Dawson smiled brightly.

“Will I, really you know, get to wear a diaper, and fuck you guys and you fuck me?” Yanni asked curiously, sounding more than just a little horny.

“Oh yeah, all that and so much more. There's so many surprises for you in store, you won't believe it. We were just about to eat lunch, come join us, I doubt with the nerves you've more than likely been feeling, that you were able to eat anything all morning.”

“You got that right.” Yanni grinned and followed Dawson into the kitchen.

As soon as they made it to the kitchen though, Yanni squeaked and backtracked as quick as he could.

“Don't worry Yanni, I assure you that Butch's okay, although around here we call him by his real name, which is Casey by the way. Now come on in, and meet the gang.” Dawson said softly.

“Are you sure, he's so mean to me?” Yanni squeaked out.

“Yanni, I know I was really bad to you, but look at me, I'm sitting here wearing a diaper, I'm a gay baby boy, and the way it sounds, we're a lot alike. Come on, I promise I'll never hurt you or anyone ever again.” Casey called out softly.

“It's okay Yanni, we promise.” Nathan added.

Yanni slipped out from behind the wall that he had been hiding behind and crept into the kitchen, not looking at any of them.

“Here, sit down and have some lunch with us Yanni, then we'll take you up to the bedroom and get you nice and thickly diapered, just the way a little baby boy such as you deserves.” Dawson said softly.

“Okay, but how did you know?” Yanni asked softly as he headed to the table, where a bowl of soup and the tray of sandwiches was slid to him so that he could dish up.

“Well, I've had my suspicions, and Nathan was pretty sure as well that you were gay. It was a simple matter of hacking into your computer once we were pretty sure of what we knew so that we could know for sure. What we couldn't know though was how far you wanted to go with that, so we devised the riddle for you to work through. Had you have not wanted to be here, you never would have been able to figure it all out, and you would have just deleted it. You're here though, which pretty much tells us we were right.”

“I'm not even sure I wanna know how hard and or illegal all that really was, you make it sound far too easy. What about Butch though?”

“Nah, it wasn't that hard, we're pretty good. As for Butch, which like I said is actually Casey, well now he's a special case, just like you.”

“What do you mean by actually Casey?” He asked curiously as he was eating.

“Just that. His real name's Casey, but his nickname his useless waste of space father had given to him to make him sound more, well more boyish was Butch. In friendly company though he'd prefer to be called his real name, it's really more who he is.”

“Okay, and I don't mean to be rude here, but how the fuck could you guys have invited him here, he tormented you both more than anyone else, how could you be friends with him?”

“Ah, now there's a good tale.” Nathan giggled.

“A fun one too.” Casey laughed.

“For sure.” Dawson said, and then between the three of them, as they were eating their lunch, they told Yanni the tale of how Casey became a good boy.

“Wow, really, you really did all that?” Yanni breathed out.

“Oh yeah, and you'll get the chance to fuck the bully that fucked around with you, of course the way you'll be doing it is far more fun for everyone involved, and hopefully you'll have forgiven him already of his past mistakes.” Dawson said softly.

“For sure. Can I go get diapered now please, I've been dreaming of it for so long?”

“Of course, come with us, and we'll get you nice and thickly diapered. We just finished having sex though, so we're not gonna play around quite yet, we'll wait a couple more hours before we start up again.” Nathan said.

“That's okay.” Yanni said, but the other three could clearly tell he was lying, and they knew that when they diapered him that he was going to be very hard.

“Lay down and we'll take care of everything.” Dawson said as soon as they made it to the bedroom.

“Okay.” Yanni said half excitedly, half nervously. No one had ever seen him naked and hard before, and he was so very hard right now.

As soon as he was laying down, all three of the boys started stripping him, until he was totally naked, and they all took a moment to admire him as he laid there naked and pulsing hard. Finally a diaper was grabbed, as were the cream and the powder, and they properly diapered him, all this with hardly a sound. Although when Dawson patted the front of Yanni's diaper as soon as they were finished, it seemed that Yanni had had all that he could take, stimulation wise, because he started squeaking and quaking in what appeared to be a really good cum. The other three giggled as he was cumming.

“Wow, that was intense.” Yanni sighed when he came down.

“You're a pretty good size for twelve, plenty big enough for us to enjoy. Did you add any wetness to your diaper when you came though?” Dawson asked.

“Thanks, but no, not really. I get a tiny bubble of precum now when I jack off, but I've never actually cum yet.”

“Oh goody, then one of us might just get to taste your first shot, because we're gonna work you hard to make you truly cum, every emphasis on hard by the way.” Nathan groaned.

Yanni was actually a year younger than the other three, but was in the same grade, owing to the fact that he was brighter than average. Said move though had been difficult for him, hence the reason both Dawson and Nathan had point blank refused to do so, the bullies already had a hay day with them, and Yanni had been no different, especially with Butch, who seemed to love tormenting him about being a brainy freak.

“Maybe. I've never been fucked before, I'd really love to feel that before the end of the weekend though, more than I want anything else?”

“Oh, you'll get your little baby boy pussy stuffed full before too long, have no fears there.” Dawson grinned.

“Good. So, what are we gonna do now?”

“Let's go play a game.” Nathan suggested.

“Okay.” The other three all said, so they headed to the kitchen. Dawson detoured though to grab a game, and he decided on Monopoly

For nearly two hours the four of them played and had fun, talking a lot, really getting to know each other properly, although the real learning was going to take place soon.

“Are you wet yet Yanni?” Nathan asked.

“Yeah, I'm getting pretty soggy.” He answered after reaching down and giving himself a squeeze.

“Good. What's the point in getting fucked through a diaper if you can't do it when it's nice and soggy!” Dawson grinned.

“Oh goody, you mean I get to get fucked, finally, and through a soggy diaper?” Yanni asked excitedly, going harder in said soggy diaper than he had ever been before.

“Yep, this next round is all about you. Each one of us is gonna fuck you, one right after the other, 'til we can't cum any more.”

“Wicked. Um, if any of you has to, you know pee, while fucking me, I kinda want for you to do it in my bum please?” Yanni asked shyly.

“Awesome, I knew you really were one of us, you're such a perv.” Dawson smiled brightly, the other two looked as if they were happy with that too.

“Really, you all like it too?”

“Oh yeah.” All three of the others said as one.


“I'll go first, because I'm probably the smallest, not that there's really that much difference between Nathan and I, and Casey's only just a tiny bit longer than we are.” Dawson offered.


“Have you ever had anything inside you before, will you even be able to take us?” Nathan asked.

“Yeah, and oh yeah. Let's just say I enjoy my vegetables a great deal.” Yanni giggled.

“Wow, us too.” The boys all giggled too.

“Dirty fuckers.” Yanni smirked.

“Damn rights.” Nathan grinned.

“How do you want it, on your hands and knees or on your back with your legs up?” Dawson asked.

“On my back I think, more fun.”

“Then, on your back bitch.” Nathan commanded.

“Okay.” Yanni said far too excitedly for such a command.

The boys all smiled brightly as Yanni practically jumped onto the bed and landed on his back. Dawson grabbed the lube and dove into place as well. He quickly poked a hole in the seat of the horny boys diaper, and then added a lube coated finger to the mix and started fingering him gently at first.

“Oh fuck, quit toying with me, just stick more in so that you can start fucking me properly.” Yanni begged.

“Okay.” Dawson sighed, and added another finger.

For just a few seconds Dawson used two fingers, feeling right away that three was called for, because Yanni was taking it more easily than he had figured. Yanni only sighed as Dawson's third finger slipped deep inside his hot moist hole. As Dawson was fingering Yanni, getting him ready, his boyfriend was already making Dawson ready for the fun times ahead, and had already poked a hole in the front of his diaper, pulled his dick out, and he was softly toying with his boyfriends erection.

“Do it, do it now please?” Yanni begged.

Dawson knew they were both ready for it, so pulled his fingers out and crawled up Yanni's body, going until his dick was poised right at the entrance. He used his hand to guide himself into the diaper, and then center himself on Yanni's hot wet hole. With only just a light push, Dawson slipped inside and slid all the way in.

Both boys sighed deeply all the way in, but the sigh that Yanni made was possibly the most satisfied sigh any of the others had ever heard. Little Yanni had been dreaming of this for so long, and it was so good. So much better than he had ever imagined.

Dawson took only a few seconds to allow Yanni to adjust before starting a nice moderate pace. Yanni was already moaning and panting after only just a few seconds, and he was enjoying himself a great deal.

Casey and Nathan were sitting there watching the action, and as hard as they were, and as much as they wanted to reach over and stroke each other, or something else, they did not, because they wanted Yanni to get all their loads, and they wanted to fuck him only as well.

Dawson lasted not even five minutes before he came, spilling as much of his hot teen cum into the younger boy as he had to give up. Yanni started his dry orgasm not even a second after Dawson did, and it sure sounded hot to the two boys who were watching.

Hearing and seeing the toys boys explode nearly set the other two off as well, but they managed to hold off. Nathan though got started on getting himself ready to get sloppy seconds in a fresh ass. As soon as Dawson slipped out, Nathan took his place and pushed himself in fully and completely.

Having not even come down fully from his first orgasm, and having the most awesome feelings invade him once again, Yanni moaned deeply, saying just how much he loved what was happening to him in just that one nearly continuous moan. Nathan lasted almost five minutes before he came as well, and once again, Yanni followed him only a second later. As soon as Nathan pulled out, Casey, who had already prepared himself, slipped in in his place, and fucked Yanni good and proper.

Casey took the longest and slowest pace out of the three of them, and Yanni was moaning non stop now. It was feeling so good, poor Yanni was not used to having this much good happening to him, he was burning up, he was tensing up, he was nearly passing out from holding his breath. Never before had he felt so good.

Casey lasted longest out of all of them, at nearly ten minutes, yet Yanni could not hold on for that long, he lasted at best eight before he exploded again. How Casey managed to continue on, neither of the other two knew, but it sure looked as if it were really difficult for him to do so.

He was quaking and shaking even more than Yanni had been, he was going bright red with the effort of holding his orgasm back, and he was not even making a sound. That however was more than likely because he was also holding his breath. Finally when he did cum, he screamed out, exhaled deeply, and then passed out.

“Wow.” All three of the other boys said as one, because even Yanni had been down from his cum, only just, and he felt the cum surge inside him from Casey cumming so hard. It was definitely the best thing that had ever happened to him.

“Care for another go, I have at least one more load in me before I'm done?” Nathan asked.

“Fuck yeah.” Yanni said brightly, and pulled away from Casey fully, to give Nathan all the access he needed while Casey woke up.

“Good. Can Dawson and I try fucking your ass at the same time?”

“Sure, why not, I'm pretty sure I can take you both at the same time anyway.” Yanni said after a seconds though, trying to figure out if he could do it or not.

“If it's too much for you, just ask us to pull out, okay.” Dawson warned.

“I will, don't worry. I don't want to tear myself again, I did that a month or so ago, wasn't all that fun.”

“No, we know all about that. I'll lay down then and Nathan can fill you up second.” Dawson smiled.

Yanni nodded, Dawson laid down and Yanni hopped on, and then as soon as he was good, Nathan lined himself up and started slipping in as well. The fit was more than a little snug, and Yanni did groan a couple times and asked for Nathan to pause, but he begged him not to pull out. Finally Nathan was all the way in and Yanni had given the nod to say he was good, so Nathan started thrusting.

“Oh wow, no wonder you guys like this, this is so fucking hot.” Yanni grunted as Nathan was pounding him.

Not even a few seconds later Casey finally came to, and he got up on shaky legs, watching the action for a few seconds.

“Mind if I join the fun?” Casey asked.

“Sure, go ahead, I have another hole you can fill up.” Yanni grunted.

“I was looking more at Nathan's hot ass.”

“Nope, not yet, mine and Dawson's asses are for tomorrow.” Nathan grunted out.

“Okay.” Both Yanni and Casey said.

Casey then headed towards Yanni's more than willing mouth and slipped his erection all the way in. Yanni started doing something with his throat muscles that made Casey groan in ecstasy, so Yanni did it again.

All four of them were rising quickly once again towards an amazing orgasm, but it was Yanni who slipped over the edge first, it was just so good, and he could no longer hold it all in. Not even a few seconds after starting though, Casey, who was the last to do so, also exploded, and Yanni enjoyed tasting him. After filling Yanni up with all the cum he could give to him, Nathan also added a nice big load of pee. They all sighed deeply as they came down.

“Well guys, I think that's good enough for now, let's say we get nice and thickly diapered and go do something else for a while.” Dawson sighed out.

“Okay. Do you by chance happen to have a nice big butt plug you could slip up my nice sloppy ass, that'll help hold in all the cum and piss in me?” Yanni asked.

“Sure. Casey, since you're only in his mouth, why don't you grab one, just go with the biggest one I have, it's in the back of the bedside table drawer, then as soon as we pull out, you can slip it in.”

“Okay.” Casey said brightly and pulled all the way out of Yanni's mouth, who had latched back on as soon as he had stopped speaking.

A few seconds later, Nathan and Dawson pulled out of Yanni., and Casey removed Yanni's ruined diaper and immediately slipped the nice big butt plug deep inside the willing boys wide open ass.

“Ah, much better, thanks. Do you have any more, so that you guys can wear as well?” Yanni sighed.

“Sure. Choose them and you get to slip them inside all of us.” Dawson smiled.

“Wicked.” Yanni grinned brightly and did so.

He went and grabbed the three largest ones in the drawer, and slipped one into each of the other boys' asses as soon as they were presented, which they did so quickly. Once that was done, they all helped to diaper each other nice and snug, and then they went for a snack and to watch some TV until dinner time, which was going to be soon.

“Wow, what a day it's been so far.” Yanni said happily as they were sitting down to eat some dinner a little while later.

“Tell me about it, but you've only been here today, you should have been here yesterday as well.” Casey said happily.

“I only received the riddle yesterday, so there's no way I could have, but I sure wish I had have been.”

“We made it that way, we figured it'd take longer to break Casey than it had, and he needed the time with just us first, and then if you had have come so soon when he wasn't ready, it might have backfired on us. Granted, knowing what we know now, we could have just had you come yesterday as well, but how were we to know that then.” Dawson said.

“Cool.” Both boys said.

“So, what was on this riddle anyway?” Casey asked curiously.

“All sorts of questions really that I had to work out the proper answers to in order to go forward, but I guess from what you needed to know, that had I not answered at least a good portion of them correctly, it never would have told me to come here.”

“Exactly. And given that you had no idea which answers were required, we knew you'd only be here if you really truly wanted to be. We just hoped you wouldn't freak at the personal nature of the questions.”

“I almost did, I almost didn't answer them either, but it promised that to answer could mean good things for me, so I decided to trust whoever it was that was giving me the test.”

“Good. That was really the only thing we were worried about, but it worked out well, so that's all that matters.” Nathan smiled.

“True.” Yanni smiled back.

“So, what should we do after dinner then?” Dawson asked.

“I say we hold off on sex 'til bedtime now, so that we can all build back up, because I'm still pretty worn out.” Nathan suggested.

“I can live with that.” Yanni said and Casey nodded.

“Okay, that tells us what we're not gonna do, but it still leaves what to do now.” Dawson said.

“Let's watch a movie.” Casey suggested.

“Okay, but you get to pick it then.”

Casey headed into the living room to pick out the movie, while the other three got some drinks and popcorn ready for them all for the movie, and they all met back in the living room as the credits were starting to the movie that Casey had picked out. For the next two and a bit hours, the three of them sat and watched the most excellent science fiction movie playing, all the while they were munching on their popcorn and drinking their drinks.

“Ah, much better, now I think I'm ready for at least another hour or two of the most amazing sex.” Nathan said as soon as the movie ended.

“Me too.” All three of the others said as one.

They all headed to the bedroom, and would you not know it, but Yanni was on the bed first on his hands and knees, wiggling his hot soggy diapered bum so enticingly.

“Casey on the bottom please, and then Dawson and Nathan, can you just keep trading places on top of me?” Yanni asked huskily.

“Okay.” All three boys said as one.

Casey laid on the bed and started poking a hole in the front of his diaper and pulling his dick out. Dawson poked a hole in the seat of Yanni's diaper for him and removed the butt plug. As soon as that was done, Yanni moved into place and sank all the way down onto Casey's ample erection. Nathan too had poked a hole in the front of his diaper and as soon as Yanni was ready for him, he slipped into place and slid all the way in as well. Yanni only letting out the tiniest of groans as Nathan slipped in. Dawson was last to get into position, but only a second after his boyfriend, he too had a hole in the front of his diaper and pulled out his dick, and was soon feeding it to a very hungry Yanni.

As soon as Dawson was in place, Nathan started a nice moderate rhythm, pulling all the way out before slipping all the way back into Yanni, all of them with a grunt. Also, once they were all in place, Nathan and Dawson leaned forward so that they could kiss. That was the one and only thing they would not share with others, almost anything else was a go, but they only kissed each other, they only loved each other, and they loved each other a great deal, as their kissing very clearly showed.

Given that all of them were already getting tired, they were already well drained from earlier, and they were going so slow, they rose quite slowly towards their orgasms. It took nearly fifteen minutes for their first cum of the night to take over their minds and bodies, and as it did, they squeaked and squealed, grunted and panted, and they loved it.

As soon as they were able to, Dawson and Nathan traded places, and both slipped right back in and restarted, almost as if they had not stopped and traded places at all in the first place. The only way to tell, other than Nathan and Dawson were in different places of course, was that they were now going roughly half the speed. Dawson though was still pulling all the way out before slipping all the way back inside.

Another fifteen minutes later they all came, and Dawson and Nathan traded places yet again. Going almost half the speed again, this was the slowest they had ever gone, and it was driving all the horny boys mad with lust, mostly because it felt so good, but they were not rising near as fast towards another mind bending orgasm. All that of course coupled with the fact that they were all getting very tired, and all three boys that could cum were pretty sure they were now dry.

They lasted almost twenty minutes for their final ride of the night before they came, and as suspected, all four boys were as dry as if they were all pre pubertal. They all ended up slumped down in one pile of bodies, it was raw and sexual, it was the best thing any of them had ever experienced, and even though very tired, they could not wait until their next time.

“Oh god, that was amazing, but you'd better all pull out of me and get me diapered, I'm gonna pee, like real soon.” Yanni finally broke the mood and said.

“Yeah, same here.” Nathan and Casey sighed as one.

They all pulled apart, all of them having a hard time moving, and they paired off and diapered each other. The boyfriends together, and the future boyfriends together. As soon as they were all diapered and ready, they got up and headed to the kitchen to all get a nice big drink and a snack, because they all needed both, a great deal.

“Well guys, I think I'm about ready for bed.” Nathan sighed.

“Same here, even though I wish this day would never end.” Yanni sighed as well.

“Same.” The others all agreed.

They headed to bed though, they all knew they needed their rest, or they would not be able to go on for as long as they wanted. They all piled into bed, curled up into each other, and fell fast asleep only a few minutes later.

Sunday morning found all four boys cuddled up, just coming awake all as one just a little after seven. As they all came to, they sighed, it felt so nice to wake up all cuddled up as they were.

“Well guys, as nice as this is, I have something far nicer in mind before we get out of bed. So far Nathan and I've fucked both of you, but neither of you've gotten to fuck us. Well today it's all about us, our hot sloppy slutty little baby boy pussies are yours to use and abuse in any way you so desire. We are yours to fuck and fill to your hearts content. Just remember, like you, we like it through our nice soggy baby diapers, and we can take almost as much as you care to give us. One thing we're not into though is pain, so please if we say too much, or stop, do so. I know I don't need to say it really, but I thought I should anyway. Now, how do you want us?” Dawson asked only five minutes after waking up, they had said nothing up until then.

“Awesome. I say lay over the beds side by side and we'll fuck you. Sound good to you Yanni?” Casey asked, going almost instantly hard in his diaper from the proposition.

“Oh yeah.” Yanni groaned, he too going almost instantly hard in his diaper as well.

“Good. You know the position boys, assume it.” Casey said, hopping out of bed, Yanni at best half a second behind him.

Dawson and Nathan also hopped up and out of bed, and then promptly laid themselves over the edge of it, wiggling their cute little asses seductively, like they really needed to mind you. The boys that were about to fuck them were about as horny as any teen boy could be.

Yanni took Dawson, while Casey went to Nathan, and they both poked nice big holes in the backs of their diapers, and then the fronts of theirs. They pulled their nice hard erections out, and then pulled the boys' nice big butt plugs out. Both made a grunting sound as the toys were removed.

Once ready, both Yanni and Casey lined up and slipped in. Both had now become accustomed to fucking someone else, so they were at least a little used to it, but still, they wondered how it could possibly be any better than this.

As soon as they were both buried all the way inside, they stopped to let the feelings subside a little, so that they did not cum too soon. A minute later though they started, and they started a nice moderate pace, but both were pulling all the way out before slipping all the way back inside.

“Oh fuck me, it's so good, I can't hold on too much longer.” Yanni panted not even three minutes after starting their first course of the morning.

“Same here. Let's try and cum together though.” Casey grunted out, also trying to hold back.

“Okay, but I only have maybe thirty seconds left.” Yanni warned, letting Casey know he was real close, but it was his voice that said it more than his words, it was really strained.

“Same here. Try and hold it as long as you can, when I say go, go for it.” Casey grunted out almost as much.

“Okay.” Yanni growled, showing he was getting closer and closer by the second, and showing that he was really having a hard time now holding it all in.

The two boys under them were not nearly as close as the other two were, yet, but they were raising rapidly, yet they both doubted they would cum when the two fucking them did. They too were enjoying themselves though, and were happy to finally be being filled up like the sluts they loved to act.

“Go, I can't hold it.” Casey grunted, and they both exploded.

“Oh fuck me, that was awesome.” Yanni sighed a few seconds later, coming down enough to do so.

“Oh yeah. Let's try a different position now.”

“Okay, what did you have in mind?” Yanni asked, slipping out.

“I think you'll like it.” Casey grinned to Yanni. “Guys, get up and lay back on the bed with one of your asses just hanging off the edge of the bed, but on your back this time, and then the other get into a sixty nine, so that you can suck each other, and then we'll fuck you from either end, and you'll get to watch and play with each other as well.” Casey grinned.

“Ooh, sounds fun.” Nathan sighed.

“Oh yeah.” The others all agreed, and a few seconds later they were in position, just pulling the fronts of their diapers down so as to suck each other, and Casey and Yanni were back in their places as well. Yanni was standing on the floor, now in Nathan, and Casey was kneeling on the bed, now in Dawson.

This position afforded the best of all possible worlds to the boys getting fucked. Not only did they have an amazing view, but they got to suck each other at the same time they were being fucked nice and deep, well as deep as the two young boys could at any rate. Casey and Yanni went with a slightly faster pace this time, and were only pulling out about half way before slipping right back in. It was a wondrous sound hearing all four diapers slapping together like they were, and then there were the moans and sighs that the boys were emitting as well.

“Oh guys, I'm gonna cum again, real soon.” Yanni grunted, once again reaching the plateau first after probably five minutes.

“Me too, hold off again okay?” Casey groaned.


They continued on in their feverish rutting for not even a minute later when Yanni had had all he could take. He said just one word, and Casey knew it was time, and let go with his orgasm as well.

“Wow, that was nice. How do you want us next?” Nathan asked a few minutes later when they all came down, because the two boys getting fucked had also cum well at the same time. It had been so good for them that they too could not hold off.

“Well, I think I like this position, so I vote for the same way.” Dawson sighed.

“I can agree to that.” Yanni smiled.

“Me too.” Casey agree instantly.

“Okay, then fuck us good. And remember, if you have to or want to, fill us real good.” Dawson grinned.

“Okay, I think I can fill you up real good after this next one, which sadly might be the last 'til after breakfast, I'm already starting to get worn out. It's been a pretty long weekend.” Casey said sadly.

“Know how you feel.” Dawson said and the others all agreed.

They all slipped back into position and started having some more fun. Casey and Yanni though were now going very slow, as slow as they could possibly go. They were going all in, grinding their hips for a few seconds, and then pulling all out, then they tickled both boys' ass lips for a second with their dick heads, and then slipped all the way back in, just to repeat the process over and over again. All four boys loved this, it felt amazing.

This time they all lasted just about fifteen minutes before cumming, they had all held on for as long as they possibly could, but eventually they just exploded. Casey and Yanni stayed in place though as they came down, because they both did need to pee very bad, and both Dawson and Nathan wanted it inside them, so as they came down, they were still mostly hard and stayed inside the boys, they relaxed their bladders as best they could, and then once able to, let go and filled both boys up fully.

“Mmm, so nice. Once you're done, grab our butt plugs and slip them back in us will you please?” Dawson sighed.

“Okay.” Both fillers said as one.

As soon as they were empty, Yanni and Casey grabbed the tossed aside butt plugs and as they pulled their dicks out, they slipped the plugs in. They then grabbed fresh diapers and proceeded to change the boys' diapers, because they needed it. Yanni and Casey then laid down for their much needed diaper changes as well, and Dawson and Nathan were more than happy to do so.

“What a way to start the day.” Casey sighed.

“I'll say.” the others all agreed.

“Who wants breakfast now?” Dawson asked.

“Me.” They all answered.

“Good, let's go.” He smiled and they all headed to the kitchen and grabbed a nice filling breakfast.

“So, what time do we have to leave by?” Casey asked as they were eating.

“No later than noon. My parents will be home by about five, but we need to make sure you two are gone, because I'm not allowed to have anyone other than Nathan over. So you guys need to be gone early just in case they come home early. Once you guys leave, Nathan and I'll take care of all the cleaning, but before you go, you'll get to fill us at least once more.”

“Okay.” Both boys said sadly, neither liking the sounds of leaving.

“It's okay boys, we'll make sure that this weekend isn't the only such weekend, trust us. We loved this every bit as much as you did.”

“Good, glad to hear it.” Casey smiled.

“Same.” Yanni smiled brighter.

They finished breakfast a few minutes later and cleaned it all up, and then they went and curled up on the couch together and watched TV for the next few hours. Once they were close to the time that Casey and Yanni had to think of heading home, they were all recharged enough for at least one more session, so they headed to the bedroom one last time for the weekend.

It was decided that the same position that they had so enjoyed that morning was once again to be used, since they all liked it so much. Once Dawson and Nathan were in place, Yanni and Casey poked all the necessary holes, pulled their dicks out and then the boys' butt plugs. They then lined up and slipped in.

With moans and sighs all throughout, they started a nice gentle fucking, same as their slow session earlier. It was decided that they wanted it slow and tender, to try and make this last as long as humanly possible. Given that all four boys were starting to get more than a little tired, as well as well drained, they were able to hold off for this first session nearly fifteen minutes.

Other than a few grunts and groans though, they hardly made any sound. Also, without hardly even pausing, they just kept right on going. Casey and Yanni did slow down just a little more though, they wanted this to be their best round ever, and they knew it was going to be the last of the weekend as well, because they were starting to burn up. Dawson and Nathan sure seemed to be okay with all this though.

Just a little over twenty minutes later, they all came again, and both Nathan and Dawson also got filled up with just a tiny bit more pee. Then they all slumped down. They were still almost attached the same way they had been, just now in one big pile.

“Wow. That was incredible. You boys better get off us though and put us into some nice dry diapers, but no butt plugs this time.” Nathan sighed out a few minutes later, not wanting to say so, but having to.

“Yeah.” The others all agreed just as sadly. None of them wanted this weekend to ever end, but end it must.

Dawson and Nathan were diapered, and then Casey and Yanni were laid down, their butt plugs removed, and then they were cleaned up fully, and Dawson and Nathan were just going to leave them naked, so that they could get dressed in their clothes that they came in.

“Can you diaper me please, I really want to wear another diaper, even if I have to wear it home?” Casey asked.

“Me too please?” Yanni asked.

“Okay, if you're sure.” Dawson said, and then both boys were diapered.

“There you go babies, but now you have to get dressed. I hope your clothes will fit over them and not show your baby diapers underneath, but if they do, then I suppose we could lend you some clothes.” Dawson smiled warmly.

“Thanks.” They both said.

They went to put their clothes on, but realized their pants would not even do up with a thick diaper underneath, so they chose to wear a pair of sweat pants instead, with a longer shirt as well to hide the bulk. Once done, it was difficult to tell what the boys were wearing.

“I guess this means we have to get going then, huh?” Yanni asked, tears clearly visible in his eyes.

“Yeah, but only after we feed you guys some lunch.” Nathan said softly, sadly.

“Thanks, but if I don't go soon, I won't, so I better go now.” Yanni said truthfully.

“Same here, so I think I'll just head home now and get some lunch there.” Casey said softly.

“Okay. We really enjoyed the weekend guys, and we hope you did too?” Dawson smiled warmly.

“Oh yeah.”

“And you don't mind us taking care of a nasty bully in the way we did?” Nathan asked Casey.

“Oh god no, I only wish you had've done it sooner.” He grinned.

“We tried, but it only worked out now, finally.” Dawson grinned as well.

“And I wish you guys had've invited me over sooner as well.” Yanni smiled.

“We didn't want to 'til we had everything else worked out, it was supposed to be a foursome from the start.” Dawson grinned.

“Oh. Were you two somehow thinking that the two of us could become.......friends or something?” Casey asked, pointing between he and Yanni.

“Why, the thought never occurred to us. Would it be bad though if maybe you did become.........friends?” Nathan grinned cheekily.

“Definitely not.” Both boys grinned brightly, looked to each other, and then before anyone knew it, they were locked in a deep and passionate kiss.

“Could this weekend have worked out any better?” Dawson said happily, tears unashamedly flowing down his cheeks.

“Nope, not at all.” Nathan said, happy tears coming down as well.

“Wow, I never knew kissing would be like that.” Casey sighed deeply once they separated, almost five minutes later.

“Me neither.” Yanni sighed deeply, contented.

“We're glad for you guys. We'll see if we can arrange a get together again real soon, but in the meantime, you guys could maybe have a sleepover, or something.” Dawson smiled warmly.

“We'll definitely have to work something out.” Yanni said happily.

“Yeah. Well, I guess we should go. Thanks so much guys, this weekend was so awesome, it was the best thing to ever happen to me, and I love you so much for it, but not in a boyfriends way. You're definitely my best friends in the world now.” Casey said happily, tears also unashamedly flowing down his cheeks.

“Thanks Casey, it means a lot to us. See you in school tomorrow guys.” Dawson smiled happily.

After a few more minutes of tearful goodbyes, Yanni and Casey left. They walked together for as long as they could before Yanni had to turn off to go to his house, and Casey just went the few houses more to get to his.

“Well, I think this weekend went really well, don't you?” Nathan smiled.

“The best ever. Come now baby, let's clean this place up and air it out, it smells like a brothel, and I'm sure my parents don't want to smell that.” Dawson smiled happily too. All was good in four gay diaper lover boys' world.

The four of them shared many a special weekend together, having fun and filling each other up as much as they possibly could. They did not only spend time together having sex though, after that first weekend, they also went out and did things and had a great deal of fun together as the friends they had become. The four of them stayed friends for life, and the two couples stayed as such as well for the rest of their lives. When they moved out in fact, they all moved in together, it worked out great for them.

They never did find anyone else to join in on their fun and games, they decided what more could they hope for. They did however get a few more boys together, and even found a few other diaper lovers and they were all friends, but never did they have sex together.

That very afternoon, Casey told his mom that he was gay, a diaper lover, and that he never wanted to be called Butch again, for some reason she was not surprised by any of it, only smiled softly and said okay. While shocked, he was pleased. Even at school the next day, he told everyone there that he was not Butch anymore, Butch was dead and gone, that they were to use his real given name, and that he was gay. He never told the kids at school that he was a diaper lover, but from the bulge that he sometimes sported, they knew, but given he was still very strong, they never teased him for it.

Yanni also went home and told his parents that he was a gay diaper lover, that he wanted diapers, and that he now had a boyfriend. To say they were shocked with the revelation of Yanni being a diaper lover, would be slight, but they had already known he was gay, so they took the news fairly well. It took a few days of convincing before they bought him diapers, but eventually they did, and from that day forth, he too was never out of them, and even joined Casey and Dawson in wearing them to school.

Only Nathan did not wear them to school, at least not right away, but eventually he did. His parents he never did tell that he was a gay diaper lover, he knew it would be a mistake, and when he was twenty and they asked him if he was gay, and he said yes, he knew his decision to never tell them was correct, because after that, they hardly ever spoke to him again. He never breathed a word of diaper love to them though, he new they would never speak to him if they knew that.

Dawson of course had to wear diapers anyway, no matter what, and his parents already knew that he liked them, so he never bothered to tell them he was a diaper lover. He did tell them that he was gay, but like he knew already, they knew already. They were happy for him and Nathan, both of them knowing that they had been boyfriends for quite some time. They were also not surprised the next weekend when Yanni and Casey were invited over to hear all four boys having fun together, and just smiled and let the boys have their fun.