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This series of stories are merely recollections of happy times from my schooldays and I share them with you now, as a result of several conversations with others who enjoy sexy briefs and shorts. If they excite you, ( and I hope they do !) feel free to email me at the above address and share your own experiences. If for whatever reason you don't like them, then please search this site for a story which is to your taste.  


Like any typical boy there were times when I played silly games, and my favourite was the spanking game invented by my friend Peter. He was in the same class as me at school, and we became very close friends, but until this day had never explored each other sexually.

That all changed when I went round to his house one day and caught him playing this simple game with his older brother. I didn't know it then, but they had been wanking each other off for some time.

I went up to Peter's bedroom and found him in there with his older brother. He looked rather flustered, and I couldn't help noticing that his jeans were partly undone. His brother owned a rather special pen which had been given to him on his birthday, and they had made this the focus for a rather interesting and sexy game.

They would sit and talk, with the pen on open view on the bed between them, then suddenly Peter would grab it, causing Ray to chase him around the room in an attempt to get it back.

That much I could understand, for it looked like any ordinary game, but what surprised me was that when Ray caught him he dragged him down onto the bed, so that his bottom was facing upwards, then sharply smacked him. At first I thought it was real, then I realised that after a few sharp slaps which were obviously not hard enough to really hurt, but merely tantalise, Ray would briefly fondle Peters bum before letting him go again. And some short time later, the game would begin again. My first thought was how attractive Peter's bum looked when clad in tight jeans, so curvy and round. Then, when Peter stood up, I also noticed his face looked a bit flushed, and there was a slight bulge in the front of his jeans which hadn't been there before.

I watched carefully as they played another `round' with Peter creeping up on his brother from behind, then taking the pen, and ending up once more on the bed. This time I noticed a large pillow placed under his hips, which not only raised his jean-clad buttocks into the air, but also left a small gap between the bed and the front of his trousers, into which Ray had inserted his left hand so he could touch him, while the right was used to spank his bum.

With mounting excitement, I saw Ray discreetly fondle Peter through his jeans, making his bulge a bit larger, before letting him go. I instantly felt jealous, and when Peter saw the look into my eyes, he asked if I wanted to join in the game? I was only too happy to take part, and it wasn't long before I made a grab for the pen. I tried to make my escape out of the room, but Ray caught me and led me back to the bed, dragging me over the pillow so that my buttocks were presented and accessible to him. I felt a sharp slap on the seat of my jeans, then, it was followed by several more. As I had suspected, they weren't hard enough to really hurt, in fact they had the opposite effect - I found myself starting to get turned on.

After each slap his hand would rest on my bum for a moment, his fingers digging into the muscle and also seeking out the tell-tale elastic lines of my underpants.

There was a strange feeling in my penis, as his other hand explored the front of my trousers, and by the time he had also fondled my bum, I began to get an erection. Obviously we both enjoyed this, and it wasn't long before the game moved on to the next level. After he had spanked us, Ray would fondle our little cocks through our jeans, and then on the next round I saw him work Peter's zipper down and actually push his hand inside. I couldn't wait to have my turn, and I felt so sexy when Ray first put his hand inside my trousers and touched my growing penis through my underpants!

Part of me wanted him to go much further, I wanted to feel his hand actually creep inside my pants; or even better, to take my jeans and white briefs down so that he could play with my exposed cock!

Unfortunately at that point, their mother called them to dinner and I had to leave. I was very disappointed at having to stop there, but my heart was lifted when Peter told me to come back the following afternoon when there was no one else in the house. He also told me to make sure that I was wearing shorts, but didn't say why!

Time seemed to pass so slowly the next day, and I couldn't wait for the afternoon. Finally school was over, and after going home to change into a pair of navy blue shorts, I rushed over to Peter's house, hoping that we would get an opportunity to play the game again.

Fortune smiled on us, for when I got there the house was empty apart from Peter and Ray, and they explained that we had two hours before their mother came home. Naturally it wasn't long before Peter suggested playing the game again, and we both eagerly agreed, going upstairs to Peter's bedroom again. Once there, Ray got his pen out at the game began, but it wasn't long before Peter made a grab for it.

I soon realised that today was going to be different, when I saw him bending over Ray's knee in his grey school shorts, with the flimsy material stretching tightly over his bum and showing the outline of his underpants. As Ray's hand rose and fell, Peter wriggled, and I realised with delight that he was deliberately holding his legs apart, giving me a nice new up the leg of his shorts.

By leaning forward slightly, I could just see a glimpse of his white underpants, and it got even better. On the next round, Ray pulled Peters shorts to one side, and I saw his fingers slip inside, touching Peters bum, then stroking his balls. When Peter stood up again, there was a prominent swelling between his legs and it was obvious that his little boy-cock was growing stiff, like mine.

Desperate to experience this for myself, I grabbed the pen and tried to outrun Ray without success, hardly resisting as he drew me down onto the bed in front of him. The first few smacks sent a tingle between my legs, and when I felt his fingers worming their way inside the leg of my shorts my penis started to stiffen even more, in anticipation. I loved the way he ran his fingers over the gusset of my briefs, lightly touching my heavy testicles, and making me long for more.

I knew Peter felt the same, and we smiled at each other, when Ray announced "you have both been bad and the spanking isn't working, so now the next boy who steals my pen is going to have his shorts pulled down and will be spanked in just his underpants!"

I felt a surge of desire, and reached for the pen, but Peter beat me to it, and took it first. Hardly even trying to get away, he was made to stand by the bed, and then I watched with mounting excitement as his little grey shorts were unfastened button by button. Then Ray took hold of them and slowly eased them down Peter's thighs, before letting go and watch them drop to his ankles.

I looked at my friend, standing there wearing a pair of pure white slip briefs and a smile, then he bent over and when I looked at the thin white cotton stretched tightly over his bum, the elastic holding them tightly to his thighs and waist and showing every crease of his desirable body I felt my own penis become fully erect inside my pants.

After a few slaps on his little peach of a bum, Ray began to fondle him, running a finger up and down his crack and then massaging his little testicles through his pants. When he stood up, I could see the outline of his stiff young penis inside his underpants, and the look on his face told me how excited he was. So I wasn't surprised when instead of pulling his shorts back up, he calmly stepped out of them and sat down facing me, wearing just his T-shirt and briefs, with his stiff teenage cock tenting the front out in that delightful way which only excited boys can do.

It can only have been a few seconds before I grabbed the pen, not even bothering to try and get away I was so desperate to feel Ray's hand rubbing my cock. Closing my eyes, I felt his hands unbutton my navy blue shorts, and when they fell open I held my hands above my head as he smoothly pulled them down, revealing my bright red underwear. I was wearing a pair of little red briefs with white trim at the waistband and thighs - what they used to call A-line style, and when I saw both the boys looking at the bulge in the front of my pants, it made me feel so sexy I quickly lay down for my punishment, spreading my legs to give Ray easier access to my secret parts. He squeezed my buttocks before working his hand down to fondle my testicles and anus through my underpants. I responded by thrusting my hips as if I were humping the bed, and when I got up again there was a small wet patch between my legs, where some pre--cum had leaked from my throbbing cock.

Like Peter, I didn't bother to pull my shorts up again. Instead I stepped out of them and stood next to Peter, proudly displaying my little red pants, with the head of my very erect penis sticking up above the elastic waistband!

As I looked at Ray, I could see the outline of a giant erection bursting out of his jeans, and felt a sudden desire to touch it. It was obvious that the game was almost over, for we were all so highly aroused we needed to cum. Ray looked over at us, two horny schoolboys with firm young cocks bulging inside our tight underpants, clearly eager to be revealed, and he said "right, the next boy to do something wrong will get his knickers pulled down, and will be spanked on his bare bum."

Straightaway Peter and I made a simultaneous grab for the pen, and he laughed before catching Peter and swiftly pulling his white cotton briefs down to his knees, giving me my first look at my friend's erect penis!It looked smaller than mine, with an upward curve on the end, and the foreskin partly pulled back to show a few drops of clear liquid oozing out of the small slit in the swollen purple head.

While he played with Peters cock, I reached out to finger the bulge in Ray's jeans. He didn't seem to mind, so I unzipped him, and he helped me pull his jeans down. Underneath he wore a pair of dark blue Y-fronts with white trim around the front opening and waist, and I could see the attractive outline of his swollen penis inside.

He was slowly stroking Peters cock, and from the way his body trembled I guessed it wouldn't be long before his climax, and wondered whether we would get into trouble for making a mess on the bed by ejaculating over it.     .

Ray must have been taking the same thing, because he whispered "I want to make you cum, but we can't make a mess in here. Come in to the bathroom." The three of us trooped quickly into the bathroom, Ray and I still in our underpants, but Peter was naked, having pulled off his T-shirt and white briefs in the bedroom and left them there, on the floor.

Ray got us to stand in the bath, then I felt him take hold of my bright red underpants and pull them down. I stood there motionless as he removed my underwear and shirt so that I was now naked like Peter.

Then he took hold of both of our boy-cocks, one with each hand, and began to masturbate us simultaneously. The feeling was indescribable, derived from a combination of looking at my friend's gorgeous cock and feeling Ray's warm hand on my own. We climaxed almost together, shooting two streams of hot teenage sperm into the bath. I saw Peter close his eyes, and his knees tremble just before the spunk squirted out of his penis, and seeing my friend being exposed so intimately made a deep impression on me. It was a wonderful sight to see this cute boy, standing there nude with his long pink penis standing proudly out from his body, enjoying a wonderful climax.

As soon as we had both finished, my thoughts turned to Ray, standing there with his big prick sticking out of his pants. I just had to touch it, so I pulled his blue Y-fronts down, freeing his long hard shaft, and began to wank him slowly. It didn't take long to reach orgasm, and when he muttered that he was about to shoot, I pointed his penis towards my naked body, already dripping with my own sperm, and quietly asked if he would like to spunk all over me?

He quickly nodded, and I wanked him off, pointing his shaft my legs so that his delicious white boy spunk squirted all over my cock and balls. I loved the sensation as his warm love-juice splashed all over me, and it got even better when Peter's hand reached over to rub it all in.

As he massaged it into my cock and balls I soon got hard again, and without a pause he began to masturbate me, taking a firm grip on my long prick, and sliding his hand rapidly up and down in an effort to make me cum again. Both boys watched with delight as I reached my second climax of the day, shooting more sperm over my already glistening body!

After we had cleaned ourselves up, we all got dressed again, and as I pulled my shorts and underpants back on I thanked Peter for introducing me to such a wonderful game, and asked if I could play with him again?

Standing there with his shorts still undone, he smiled as I pushed one hand playfully down the front of his sexy white briefs and quickly stroked his cock, before removing it again, he then he told me I could play anytime!

Is anyone out there interested in knowing what happened next between me and Peter's brother? About how we met in the park and he tried to get into my pants again.

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