I must preface this story by saying that it is pure fantasy.  As you might know, I don't always write fantasy.  Sometimes I write fact disguised as fantasy. It's up to you to tell the difference.   I avoid the usual disclaimers because, I figure, why are you here in the first place?  Wouldn't you like to be surprised for a change?

by Larkin, ....  jet2larkin (at)  gmail  (.)  com
July 2012


We were left alone again and as we always, whenever we were, I pulled down Juan's pants and continued with his education.   I had been admonished by a nosey adult and warned not to do it, but I was intoxicated with the process and I could not seem to resist it.  Neither could Juan.   He was warm and dark, beautiful and more Indian than Spanish.  He was also smaller and like me, had a hairless and  had uncircumcised cock.  Even after I had taken off all of his clothes, leaving on only his dirty socks, he was still excited and agreeable.  His cock was entirely erect with his balls clutched neatly at the base. 

Parents and protectors had all gone elsewhere and we lay out on my messy bed.  Except for shoes, I was still dressed but that was ok.   Juan was immersed in his own body and my devotion to it.  I don't suppose he gave a thought to my boner hidden in my underpants or if he did he never let on since he was involved in the prospect of his own approaching orgasm.  I lifted his legs up and pushed them back making his butt hole completely exposed and accessible.  He gave me an astonished gape while I licked all around his hole and probed it with my tongue. 

It was Benny who taught me how to do all this stuff because he had done it to me.   At the time, I puzzled as to why someone would want to lick my dirty butt hole.  He told me that I tasted good and it made him want to fuck me.... which he did shortly thereafter.  

I was older than Juan by 3 years and Benny was older than me by 4 years and that made him 16.  Unlike me and Juan, Benny was already a man with a big hairy cock, big balls and an urgent need to get off.  It was Benny that taught me and now I am teaching Juan.  

There was a noise and fearful of getting into trouble,  we both sat up and looked.  I approached the window next to the bed and pulled the shade slightly aside.  It was Benny and he was hot.  From outside he looked at me and I saw longing and intense desperation in his face.  I opened the window and he climbed into my kid bedroom and lay out between us on the bed. 

Juan's  heighten erotic state did not diminish with the intrusion of a stranger who was so familiar as to silently join company the of two boys, one dressed and one naked.  Benny was not a stranger to me and I climbed on him and undid his belt and together, we tugged down his pants and tossed them away.  I pulled down his moist, humid and stretched out underwear and released the biggest boner we had ever seen.  It popped out and stiffened up until it lay hard and straight, twitching over his stomach.   From the start, I could not keep my hands off of it.  Climbing on him with his cock in both hands, I directed it into my mouth.  Juan watched with total fascination as a drama unfolded in front of him.  Everything had suddenly become about Benny.    

Dressed only in a thin undershirt, Benny got up on his knees.  Being more mature the strong scent of his underarms hung all around us and its bitter sweet smell erected my cock and making me open and accepting to anything that he wanted to do.  He quickly took me over molding me into an object for his selfishness.  Holding my head in both hands I felt his cock go all the way into my mouth and down my throat and then out, and then again.  I liked it and I wanted him to do that but Benny was just getting started.

Now it was Juan that helped Benny strip me of my clothes and prepare me for what was going to happen.   I liked that Benny wanted me and I learned how exciting it was to lose myself and become all about him.  We had done it enough times before and now I wanted him to fuck me and I wanted Juan to see it happening.  Probing me with fingers and spit and seeing his swinging and bobbing cock was the biggest thrill of my life and Benny knew it.   My legs were pushed up and back in the position Juan was just a little while before.  It was then that Benny began to push his cock up my butt.  With wide eyes and opened mouth, I stared up at him and grunted and gave myself to him. 

Juan came in so close to see that he was essentially part of it.  He was amazed to see Benny's cock go it's full length way up and into me.  Benny ignored everything except the increase of speed and the depth of thrust.  He was going so fast the everything on the bed violently rocked but then not wanting it to end too soon, he's stop abruptly and wait until the tide subsided.  It was then that Benny took time to study Juan's face and small naked brown body.  Juan looked up and him. It was plain to see that Juan was just learning how to jerk off.

Then his penetration of me began again, slowly at first, but soon building up speed, becoming an act of  chaotic intensity.  I don't know how many times this cycle repeated itself but eventually Benny reached the point of no return.  My insides were flooded again and again leaving Benny heaving and breathless. 

The dust in my little bedroom finally began to settle and soon, Benny sat up and began to dress. "Sorry little dudes, I gotta go."

He went out the window he came in from and curiously Juan and I moved on to other things as if nothing had happened... Nothing at all.


The next day, I saw Benny's car pull up across from the corner store.  Then I saw Juan come out of the store, run across the street and hop into Benny's car.. They drove off together.

On this day, I learned a new emotion... Jealousy.



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