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One day I was taking a bath and I looked down and suddenly understood the beauty of my youngboy penis. I love it like I love my dog. But I need another boy to close some sort of circuit of sacred energy and I met Kyle and he's so beautiful and we wrestled and we slept over and we sucked the first night and now I get to touch him so gently with my lips on his sack. And he bounces, so tenderly. And his penis swells and blossoms and my heart is filled with love and admiration and a driving burning itch of horniness that demands the touching of him with my lips and the loving buzz in my lips from his bone and the sucking and the joy of his hardness held sweetly cherished between my buzzing lips as his clearjuice slides across my tongue and fills my heart with the gladness for the love that I share with him each day as we awake and touch and reach to bring to our lips and suck with a sacred, praying gratitude for the blinding beauty of you and the perfectly succulent complete fullness of your child's penis skin. And the tiny line behind your balls. I must touch you now.


My sack is filled from the back with a buttery-warm sweetness that reaches into the core of my inner world and fills it with intolerable ecstacy, which pours out thru a tear in the world, into my penis and is torn from me by a joy that makes it leap of its own accord to be consumed in the annhilating flame of inevitability, and strips away all the hurt and sadness as it goes, giving us heavenly relief. I scream in rapture and my eyes blast Jimmy with the fullest intensity of the love and the trust I have in him and the joy to surrender to him and to be one with him in tender, joyous boy loving. His heart is so sweet I weep when I permit my thoughts to dwell on the blinding sweetness of his boy soul.


The tenderness is sticky warm and builds in my dick as it sweeps through me and my head buzzes and my mouth waters and my world is filled with the coppery too-strong joy of letting my virgin sweetness erupt for love of Jimmy and the touch of his hand and I'm so smooth and he tastes so good. Big soft sweet dick. Jimmy. Time to sleep.