Disclaimer: This is a complete work of fiction. Any similarity between this story and anything resembling real people, places or things is merely a coincidence. This story contains consenting sexual activities between teenage boys. If you are not 18 years old or if it is illegal where you live to read material of this kind, stop right now.

To those qualified to read on, this is chapter four of twelve. If you haven't read the previous chapters, you may want to go back and read them (or fast forward through) to understand.

Chapter 4

The campfire cast a flickering glow in the night that illuminated the small open field. Kevin, Jeremy, and Dale sat around the fire watching the popping embers. Some may find it odd the way the fire, sparks, and smoke can capture ones attention for so long. Hours could pass without the slightest hint of boredom by simply watching the flames dance upon the lumber. This was a joy of summer, a fire not for the sake of heat, but a calming mystifying pastime able to soothe the most active minds. But, on this night, the boys’ minds were still far from any state of relaxation. Playful insults and friendly shoving replaced any indication of a peaceful evening. Kevin must have broke wind at least a dozen times, each one followed by him saying, “There’s one for ya, Dale.”

Jeremy had his acoustic guitar on his lap strumming chords while waiting for his next song to come to mind. Kevin had just requested the Johnny Cash song, “Walk the Line” but had replaced the lyrics with “I keep my pants up with a piece of twine. And now you’re mine, please pull the twine.”

Oh, oh, oh,” cried Kevin. “Jeremy, play the Preparation H commercial called “Ring of Fire” by Johnny Rash. Because it burns, burns, burns.” Dale and Jeremy still chuckled at the joke even though it had to have been the twentieth time they’d heard it.

Dude, you need some new material,” said Jeremy.

Dale suggested Jeremy try to make it all the way through “I’ve Been Everywhere” by Johnny Cash.

I need the lyrics for that one. I can’t remember them and then I just start mumbling.”

That’s why I don’t sing,” said Kevin. “When I do I start to mumble and then I ssstart to ssspit when I sssing.” Kevin had turned to Dale and slobbered with each word.

Gross, pig,” said Dale wiping his face. “You’re a hog, ass.”

Okay, guys,” said Jeremy. “I have a new one I’m working on. Check this out.” Then he broke into the song by Pink Floyd called “Mother.” By the second verse, all three boys were singing along in harmony. Kevin couldn’t resist grabbing his crotch at the perfect time during the song.

After they were done singing the song, Dale gave his complements to Jeremy. “Dude, it is amazing how quickly you can pick up a song and then play it well. Well done, impressive as always.”

That was sweet,” said Kevin. “Ya gotta love Floyd.”

Jeremy, how do you find the time to learn all of these songs?”

Kevin giggled, “He just takes a break from jerkin’ off.”

I don’t…” started Jeremy but Kevin quickly cut him off.

Oh, don’t tell me you didn’t have a pull of the noodle with my babes!” he cried. “I could tell the pages were a little crustier when you gave it back to me this morning.”

Jeremy decided against arguing or hiding from Kevin tonight. He had spent a lot of time thinking over the last time the boys hung out at the cabin. He had been challenged by Kevin, as usual, and lost in a game of dare. Jeremy decided that this evening, although he wouldn’t suggest anything, he would not let Kevin out score him. “Yeah, I jerked off with the magazine. So what?”

How was it?” asked Kevin.

In the most casual tone he could muster, Jeremy responded. “It was great. I was lying in bed and I blew it all over my chest. Wiped it up a sock.”

Kevin pumped his hands in the air. “Yes! Way fucking cool.”

Too much information for me,” said Dale.

Jeremy smiled. “Well the last few drops just sort of oozed out and landed under my belly button.”

You horny dog!” said Kevin. “Sounds like someone really enjoyed himself.”

Oh so what,” said Dale. “He blew a load and wiped it off. Big deal. It’s not that creative.”

Both Kevin and Jeremy looked at Dale for a few extended seconds, neither saying a word, but smiles growing on each of their faces. Jeremy started to giggle while Kevin had to ask the question. “So, Dale, you get 'creative' when you masturbate? Oh, please, do tell, do tell.”

No way, but yeah, I do. But it’s my personal information.”

No fucking way, dude,” laughed Jeremy. “You have to tell us. Come on.”

No,” smiled Dale and also starting to chuckle with his friends.

Maybe we should play a game of truth instead of dare tonight,” suggested Kevin.

No,” said Dale. “I don’t care; most of the answers in truth are still bullshit.”

What about you, Kevin?” asked Jeremy. He knew this was a little challenge for Kevin but so far Kevin had not volunteered his own information.

Well,” said Kevin, sitting up a little, “it’s very similar to you, Jer. I was on my back and I blew a load on my chest. Except I had my leg lifted up and I was fingering my taint.”

Your taint?” asked Jeremy.

You know,” Kevin replied. “That area behind your balls where it taint your nuts, and it taint your ass? The taint.”

Dale and Jeremy laughed at Kevin’s perfect description. “Dude,” said Jeremy in between gasps for air. “You put your finger in your ass?”

No, dickwad. I said my taint.”

Why would you do that?” asked Jeremy. “I mean, that’s sort of weird.” But after Kevin flashed him a look of caution, he added, “You know, in a different sort of way. I just never thought of that.”

You should,” said Kevin. He stood up next to the fire and shoved his hand down the front of his shorts. He reached deep between the legs, obviously getting his fingers to the “taint” area. He then started to comically wiggle his hand around and making faces of deep pleasure while trying unsuccessfully not to smile. “Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah!”

Dale and Jeremy broke into another round of laughter, Jeremy doubling over in his lawn chair. When Kevin pulled his hand out of his pants and started to chase Dale with his finger, Jeremy was again on the grass laughing and holding his stomach.

Smell my finger! Smell my finger!” cried Kevin as he chased Dale around the fire. After a few times around, he jumped on Jeremy who was lying on the ground. He straddled his waist, sitting on his pelvic area which knocked even more air from Jeremy’s laughing lungs. Then the two best friends got into a struggle as Kevin tried to put his finger in Jeremy’s face while Jeremy tried to push him away.

Kevin stopped arm wrestling with Jeremy but continued to sit over his stomach. Jeremy started to calm down from his giggles, exhausted, putting his arms above his head on the ground.

Kevin looked up at Dale. “You going to tell us how you do it or not?”


Okay then,” said Kevin with his hands on his hips. “I call for another round of Dares.”

Oh for the love of God,” cried Dale. “You’re such a perv!”

And you’re a closet perv,” replied Kevin. “With your kinky jerk offs. You probably shove your jizz up your ass or something.”

Wow,” said Jeremy, having a hard time laughing with his friend on his stomach. “Now there is an image. Totally gross.”

Kevin flipped his middle finger at Jeremy while he stared at Dale. “I won the last round so it’s my call for the next round.”

Dale crossed his arms. “Fine, but no dares to blow each other.”

Fine, that’s your loss,” Kevin replied casually. “Dale, throw me my flashlight.”

Jeremy put his hands on Kevin’s thighs. “Okay, get up so I can play.”

You just stay where you are. I won so I also get the first dare.” Kevin caught his flashlight out of the air as Dale tossed it over the fire. “And if I recall, you owe one blowjob.”

Fuck you,” said Jeremy. He brought his hands into Kevin’s chest trying to push him off. He also tried to roll to his side, but Kevin was too heavy. Even though Kevin was slightly smaller than Jeremy, he was stronger and quicker, squeezing his legs and shifting his weight. Jeremy also knew rolling over would only cause him to be on his stomach with Kevin over top of him with all of his weight.

Relax, you’re not going to blow me,” said Kevin. He lowered the handle end of the flashlight over Jeremy’s face. “You have to pretend my flashlight is a dick and suck on it.”

Dale stood with his mouth hanging open.

Kevin,” said Jeremy. “That’s dirty.”

So’s my dick. Take your pick.” He lowered the flashlight to an inch from Jeremy’s mouth. Jeremy had stopped struggling, moving his eyes from the light to his friends smiling face. His mind started to race. He had figured Kevin would want to play again during this campout, and he had tried to come up with the best dares he could. But every time he tried to think of something really cool, he would always come up with dares which were either lame or just too, well, daring.

Don’t choke me.”

That’s why I’m using the flashlight.”

Jeremy stuck out his tongue and opened his mouth wide to take in the end of the flashlight. The end of the flashlight forced his tongue back into his mouth as Kevin gently slid it forward. It was bigger than he had anticipated, feeling a sense of strain on his jaws. He quickly grabbed his friend’s wrist.

Don’t worry,” Kevin whispered. “I’ll be gentle.”

He did not get more than two inches of the end of the flashlight into his mouth, his tongue stuffed nearly into his throat. Kevin grinned as he began twisting the phallic object, bouncing it every so slightly up and down, bumping it against Jeremy’s teeth.

You suck like a pro, Jer,” smiled Kevin. Jeremy returned the complement with his free hand by flipping him the middle finger close to his face. Kevin giggled and then started to twist the flashlight more vigorously. He also started to moan through his deep smiles and snickers. “Oh yeah, oh yeah.” Suddenly, Kevin slid his butt up Jeremy’s chest and put the other end of the flashlight against his crotch. “Oh, fuck yeah!”

For all the noise he could make with a flashlight stuffed in his mouth, Jeremy cried out, grabbing with both hands Kevin’s waist, trying to push his friend back, away from the humorous humiliation he was receiving and the totally perverted sight that Dale must be watching from standing five feet away. He twisted his head to the side which caused the flashlight to come from his mouth but not after it smacked hard against his teeth and pulled his cheek to an incredible length. He clenched his fist and slammed it into Kevin’s chest. “Get off me, you asshole!”

Kevin rolled off his friend laughing. He didn’t think Jeremy was mad at him, and judging from his expression as he lay on his side rubbing his face, he wasn’t. He didn’t hit him very hard, just enough to know the joke was over and thanks for playing. “Sorry, Jer,” he laughed. “I couldn’t resist.”

No problem,” replied Jeremy. “I enjoy getting my teeth knocked around, my face ripped off, and total humiliation all at the same time. I really love that. But once again, I get the shitty dares with an added bonus from Kevin.”

What do you mean?” Kevin asked.

You spit on my ass last time you douche bag!”

Kevin and Dale both laughed.

That dare wasn’t even that bad, Mr. Crybaby,” said Kevin. “Come on, you had three days to think up some better dares. Give Dale your worst! Try ending the game even before it gets started.”

Jeremy sat up looking at Dale standing with his arms folded in front of him, defensively, and his mind went blank. He had all the time in the world it seems to come up with a dare, and when the time came to hand one out, nothing came to his mind. It was bizarre, as Jeremy was without a doubt the most creative of the three when it came to their music, lyrics included. But the only dare that kept coming to his mind since jerking off was to ask Kevin for a blow job. Just the thought of it made his nuts and belly tingle and his mouth a little drier. He couldn’t bring himself to say it, and it wasn’t his turn to dare Kevin anyway. He couldn’t say it to Dale. It was also a sort of revenge and challenge just for Kevin. So his mind went blank.

Dude,” said Dale breaking Jeremy’s thoughts. “Are you going to give me a dare so we can end this or just stare at me?”

I can’t think of anything.”

Then you loose your turn,” said Kevin. “But that’s pretty retarded.”

Okay, okay,” said Jeremy. He looked around the campsite, at the cabin, the picnic table, the fire, the supply of snacks and soda, his guitar, the pitch black woods beyond the firelight. He even looked up at the clear summer sky filled with countless stars. The fire gave a sudden pop. “I dare you to walk around the cabin, blindfolded, with your pants around your ankles.”

Kevin rolled onto his back with disappointment. “Argh, I was expecting so much better from you, Jer.”

It’s fine with me,” smiled Dale. “I can actually do that one.” Dale walked over to the door of the cabin where he took off his shirt and quickly tied it around his head as a blindfold. Then he quickly pushed his shorts to his ankles and with one hand on the cabin as a guide, started to walk his way around the small building. As he reached the back of the cabin, all Dale and Jeremy could see before he went around the corner was his butt covered tightie whities glowing in the darkness. Kevin shouted out for him to be careful and not to trip, obviously in a sarcastic tone. Dale completed the dare with ease, putting both his shirt and shorts back on.

Ok, Dale,” said Kevin. “Hit me with something really daring. It’s just us guys here. Come on, up the ante.”

Dale leaned on the picnic table, brushing dirt off the front of his shorts. “I’ll up it. Kevin, I dare you to streak around the cabin.”

Kevin jumped into the air yelling at the top of his lungs. “Yeah, baby! That’s what I’m talking about. Get naked!” He quickly pulled off his shirt while kicking off his shoes. He danced on one each foot as he pulled off his socks. He threw them into the grass with his shirt by the picnic table not even trying to make any neat pile. He hooked his thumbs into the side of his shorts and in one pull, dropped both his shorts and underwear to his feet and off his body. He held them triumphantly over his head, completely naked in front of his friends, wearing nothing but a smile. It wasn’t the first time Kevin or any of the boys had been naked in front of each other. They had all had to change for the pool at school. But there, with modesty and humility, the most anyone ever saw was a flash of ass or the flip of a dick as it was quickly tucked away. Kevin had been known to make an occasional run around the locker room in the buff.

Dale and Jeremy both grinned at Kevin. Dale was even shaking his head. They watched their closest friend and his naked body literally dance to the cabin. Kevin had a well developed body in his muscle tone. His flaccid three inch dick flopped around between a patch of light brown pubic hair and hairless nut sack with also swung with each step. He made his way to the side of the cabin, comically high stepping, chanting, and cheering the entire way.

You’re supposed to be streaking, dip shit,” yelled Jeremy. “That means running!”

Dale broke out into a sudden giggle. “Jeremy, look at his ass in the dark. It’s so pale; it’s glowing as if he still has his underwear on.”

He’s crazy.”

Kevin had no sooner disappeared behind the cabin when he suddenly shouted out in pain. “Fuck!”

What happened?” asked Dale. Neither he nor Jeremy actually got up from where they had taken a seat at the picnic table.

I stepped on a fucking pine cone!” he shouted. “God damn, that hurts.” Kevin came around the corner of the cabin, but this time he was walking, favoring his right foot. His face would wince with every step he took. He had one hand behind his back as he hobbled over to the picnic table. “Dale, Dale, Dale,” he said, coming over looking as if he needed assistance. “Can you help me?” Jeremy started to grin. Kevin stopped beside Dale and suddenly turned around pushing his naked ass towards his face. His one hand was pulling his butt cheek away from the other. “Can you tell me if I have any toilet paper stuck back there?”

A slap of skin on skin could be heard as Dale shoved the pale moon away from him. Kevin laughed as he held his nuts in his hand. Jeremy and Dale also giggled as they looked at each other. But when the laughter died down, Kevin was still standing there with his soft dick exposed for all to see.

Are you going to put that thing away?” asked Dale pointing at Kevin’s dick, causing Jeremy to snicker even more.

I don’t know. I’m enjoying the freedom,” said Kevin taking in a huge breath of air with his hands on his hips. “I just feel free, ya know. Like no rules or something. Like everything is cool and nothing is wrong and there are no worries in the world. Or at least my world, right now, right this very moment. Way cool.”

There was an awkward silence between the boys, neither Dale nor Jeremy knowing whether to laugh or agree. A look of puzzlement crossed their faces as Kevin continued to stare off into the darkness.

What?” said Dale. “What the hell does all of that have to do with being naked?”

Kevin looked at Dale as if he had asked a stupid question with an obvious answer. Except, Kevin knew his explanation would make about as much sense as the words he just stumbled over. “I don’t know, you just have to try it to know it. It’s freedom. I’m sure there is a song in there somewhere, Jeremy.”

I’ll get right on that,” said Jeremy.

Kevin took a seat right next to Dale who jokingly asked him not to leave a naked fart on his family’s picnic table. “It is a bit chilly thou,” Kevin commented after a few more seconds. “But maybe Dale can warm us up with a tale of your mystery and intrigue.”

Dale again looked at Kevin with a confused look, “Again, what? Are you smoking dope?”

No,” replied Kevin. “I dare you to tell us how you jerked off last time in your, as you put it, creative way.”

That’s not a dare, that’s a truth. And I’m not playing truth because you can make up anything you want and it’s all bullshit.”

Hey, if you have a problem with bullshit, don’t shovel any out,” said Kevin.

Which is ironic since you live on a farm,” Jeremy added.

Yeah,” continued Kevin. “So just tell us the truth. You’ll feel better about yourself in the morning.”

Dale slouched forward on the table. “There is nothing to tell really, and it wasn’t that creative.”

You must have done something,” asked Kevin.

Dale looked back and forth at his friends’ faces. He sighed and rolled his head from side to side. “My god, I have pervs for friends.”

Horney pervs,” said Kevin. “Get it right.”

Horney? You’re not going to pop wood right next to me are you?”

If the story is good enough.”

Dale stuttered a short response but decided to just move on with what he needed to do. “Alright, all I did was I pretended my mattresses were a pussy. I kneel down beside my bed and slide my dick in between the mattresses, like I’m fucking a girl from behind.” He left out the part about the complete humiliation he felt when he realized his dad had caught him and saw his son’s naked ass in the mirror.

That’s it?” asked Kevin. “Man, I thought you got creative, like put on a clown suit or some shit like that.”

That would be fucking silly, Kevin,” said Jeremy. “But yeah, Dale. We were expecting something a little more creative. Granted, I’ll have to try that some day soon, but…”

I told you it wasn’t, you guys. But, that means a lot coming from you, Jeremy, you know, being the one who always comes up with the best of the best dares.” Dale got up from the table and walked over to the knapsack by the cabin. He pulled out the 2-Liter bottle of Pepsi and some plastic glasses which the boys had brought along. It was warm; there was no ice; but that’s what you get when you camp. They could have brought a small cooler, but no one wanted to carry it all the way back from the house, and Mr. Holister was too busy with the horses.

As Dale quietly set out the cups and started to pour, Kevin asked, “Are you suddenly our maid for the evening?”

No, you can get the next one yourself. I’m just getting the next dare ready,” said Dale. He quickly followed by telling Jeremy not to drink his yet. He sat down, once again, beside his naked friend who had started to drink his foaming beverage. “Kevin,” continued Dale. “You asked me to tell you about my last time. That doesn’t mean it was my only time. So yeah, I do get more creative than that but that wasn’t what you asked me. So there.”

Jeremy couldn’t help himself. “Oh, those poor goats.”

Kevin howled with laughter and had to give slap hands with his lead singer across the table.

Dale had long grown tired of barnyard sex jokes from his friends and offered little appreciation for the joke. “Yeah, keep it up, phlegm wad, because your dare is next. I dare you to stick your bare dick as far as the little worm will go into your Pepsi and then drink it all. We have to see it for it to count.”

Jeremy stared at his friend. “You got some fucking balls!”

Kevin literally started bouncing on the bench. He slammed his hands down but saw the three drinks almost spill over. It was then Dale’s turn for Kevin to give a high five to for his creative dare and probably the best dare so far. “You really are a kinky little son of a bitch.”

Dale moved Jeremy’s plastic cup to the end of the picnic table. Jeremy got up and walked to stand in front of it. Looking at the foaming bubbles he silently wished to himself that he would not get hard. But right now, he was simply way to nervous for that to even being an issue. He looked at Kevin’s smiling face who was staring back with a shit eating grin, nodding comically at the cup. Then he looked at Kevin’s bare shoulders and naked chest, as he sat there so unselfconsciously, enjoying every moment of not so much his friends humiliation, but the gradual breakdown of their inhibitions. Truthfully, Kevin sitting there with his naked parts just below the table top made it easier for Jeremy to do what he was about to do.

Once he started the dare, he moved quickly to finish it. With one hand, Jeremy pulled the front of his elastic shorts out and down along with his underwear. His flaccid four inch cock was stuck to his bare balls beneath a sparse nest of jet black pubic hairs. He hooked his shorts beneath his nuts and pulled his dick away from his nut sack.

Oh, it looks sweaty,” said Dale.

Damn, dude,” said Kevin. “You got a big dick.”

Shut up,” said Jeremy. “You’ve both seen it before. You just never stared at it like now, you pervs.”

Kevin nudged Dale in the side, “Horney pervs,” he whispered.

Jeremy grabbed the cup of Pepsi and lowered it in front of his dick. In a quick movement, not letting it linger in the dark foaming liquid for too long, he dunked his penis in, feeling the lip of the cup hit right where his dick and scrotum connect. He pulled it out and quickly snapped his shorts back over his cock. He brought the cup to his lips and quickly started to chug the Pepsi, or as fast as carbonated drinks can go down. His friends gave him a round of applause, but Jeremy was thinking of the cool feeling he had felt on his dick. It was not only the carbonated bubbles, some of which felt like they stayed on his dick, but the cool wetness he felt around his dick head, that brief instant when the cool breeze he didn’t know was there gave him a chill on his wet dick that he’d never felt before. He would definitely try it again when he was alone. He slammed his empty cup on the table.

How’s your dick taste?” asked Kevin.

It didn’t change the flavor if that’s what you’re asking,” replied Jeremy. “But Dale, I bet you put that into some jerk off ritual because that sort of felt kind of cool.”

That would be none of your business,” Dale smirked. Truthfully, Dale did not believe he was creative or kinky. He did fuck his mattress and a few acts with other objects. He was just really enjoying the idea of his friends thinking of him as kinky rather than his usual uptight self.

See, Jeremy,” said Kevin. “That’s how you give a dare. Now, come on. Hit me with a good one.”

But Jeremy, who had sat down across from him stared back with apologetic eyes and slumping shoulders. He grinned and bit his lower lip.

Oh, for the love of…” cried Kevin, throwing his hands in the air. “You are not that dense. Come on, tell me what’s on your mind right now. Say it!”

Jeremy blurted out a word. “Liberty Bell.”

What the fuck?” said Kevin, running his hand over his short strawberry blonde hair and pulling the rat tail in the back. “No, you idiot. You just had your dick in your Pepsi and you’re thinking about Liberty Bells? No, no, no. Say it, you shit heap. I’m giving this game to you on a silver platter! What are you really thinking about?”

Jerking off.”

Dale, who was also sitting across from Kevin, slammed the table. “You can’t dare people to jerk off! That’s just gross.”

Give me a good dare and I’ll claim you winner just for finally saying one.”

Hey, I thought the lap dance was a good dare in the last game.”

Good for you, Dale,” said Kevin who was now leaning over the table, his pubes pressed just below the edge. “Say it, Jeremy. You have one shot to make it good.”

Jeremy tightened his lips and leaned towards Kevin, feeling the challenge before him. Kevin had beaten him last game by giving a dare that could be considered out of bounds. Now he was challenging him not with a dare to do, but a dare to give. Jeremy had been talking himself up to doing any dare that Kevin could do, but had not expected to lose on the challenge of simply coming up with a dare to give. A curtain fell away in Jeremy’s mind.

I dare you to lay on the table and show us how you play with your taint.”

No one said a word for at least five seconds. Kevin and Jeremy continued their stare down with their faces only inches apart, both now with a wide grin. Kevin was the one who finally broke the silence.

You win.”

Jeremy jumped up from the table and ran around the campsite yelling and screaming. His voice echoed through the valley. “Yeah, I got you! Ha, ha, Mr. “I’m the ultimate dare champion”.” He circled the fire proclaiming his victory, a feeling of relief that would be short lived.

Kevin shouted loud enough for Jeremy to hear him. “I’m still going to do the dare.”

Jeremy stopped his parade. “What?”

I’m going to do the dare. There isn’t a dare I won’t. But I told you if you came up with a good dare, I’d claim you winner. And that’s a good dare.”

That’s not how you win,” said Dale. “And why do you get to say who wins? I don’t think so.”

Yeah,” said Jeremy. “That doesn’t feel right. I don’t want to win just because you say I do. That’s like you being the player, referee, and the king shit or something.”

Look, guys,” said Kevin. He jumped up from the table and walked over to the low glowing fire which cast red flickering light against his naked body. “I’m still in the fucking nude here, and I don’t care. I’m not bound by whatever rules are holding you guys back. I’m naked not because of a dare but because I want to be. You guys know me. We’ve been best friends for years now. Except for singing in front of a crowd, I can’t think of a dare either one of you can give me that I won’t do. Why? Because it’s just you guys, and I trust both of you with everything I have. And that feels like freedom to me. I mean, fuck man, this is like some sort of bizarre bonding moment. I would do this goofy shit only with you guys. If it were anyone else, I’d beat the living fuck out of them. But us, our crew? Where are we going? You guys are fucking great players. We have so much talent and we can do some awesome shit. And if you guys want to be great, you had better be able to take some risks too.”

Another awkward moment of silence passed. Jeremy who was standing the closest to his naked friend put a hand on his shoulder. “Dude, you could seriously work for Hallmark Greeting Cards.”

Kevin turned and punched Jeremy in the arm with an anger that boarder lined a blip of rage. “Fuck you, Preston!”

Jeremy’s arm went instantly limp, his muscles throbbing and for a brief moment not wanting to move. He chuckled to cover the pain. “I’m sorry.”

Seriously, dude. Don’t fuck with me like that!”

I’m sorry.”

Dale came over to the fire pit and stood in between his friends. “Okay you guys, knock it off. And Kevin, don’t hit anyone. I totally understand your naked guy by the fire speech. A little unexpected, but yeah, I think we get it.”

Kevin stood looking out into the dark woods, avoiding the eyes of both his friends for a few moments. He turned and pointed a finger at each of them. “Okay, with that being said,” he began in an authoritative voice. “I want both of you over to that picnic table because you are both going to watch me play with my taint!”

Both Jeremy and Dale insisted that he did not have to go through with the dare, but Kevin said that a dare is a dare and he had to complete it.

But I don’t want to watch that,” said Dale. “It’s more torturous for me than it is for you, Kevin.”

I have to it, you have to watch it!” said Kevin.

But we eat on this table.”

Kevin sat up on the end of the table with his legs dangling below as his two friends took their places in front of him to watch the show. Kevin grinned a playful grin, and again pointed his fingers at his friends. “Fucking got you both. Check this out.” He rolled onto his back as his soft nut sack lay against his leg. He twisted slightly sideways and pulled left leg up to his chest exposing his complete ass, as well as the tight pink anus to his friends who looked on in disgust and bewilderment. With his right hand he pulled his scrotum up and away from his leg, exposing the area beneath. He lifted his head to watch the expression on his friends faces and to be sure that they were indeed watching the Kevin McCarter show.

Kevin’s asshole, like his balls, was completely hairless and wouldn’t start growing hair for some months to come. He ran his finger below his balls. “See this area right here,” he explained. “This, gentlemen, would be your taint. And when you rub it nice and easy it feels sooooo good.” With his middle finger, he began to trace small circles over the tiny bump of skin. Kevin began to moan with each pass his finger made. “Ohhhh,” he said in a sarcastic tone. “And what do we have here? It looks like Kevin’s taint has friends.” He grabbed his tightening balls with his hand. “Oh, this is taint’s friend who’s name is Dale. He’s a little nuts and gets uptight from time to time.”

Jeremy and Dale laughed at Kevin’s antics, neither believing what they were seeing nor the fact that they were both watching.

Kevin moved his hand further south. “Oh and lookie here. This is taint’s other friend and his name is Jeremy.” He had placed his finger ever so close to his anus. “Sometimes he can be a real asshole and not think before he speaks.”

Jeremy smiled and shook his head.

Maybe,” said Kevin who still had his fingertip right next to his anus, “if we shut him up…” He moved the tip of his finger onto his anus and pushed the tip inside. His middle finger popped inside his anal ring to the first knuckle.

Oh, that’s fucking gross! I’m out. I don’t’ care anymore. Jeremy can win, I don’t’ care,” shouted Dale who turned and ran away from the show. Jeremy had also snapped his head away covering his eyes with his hands.

Kevin broke into laughter. “Okay, okay, I’m done. I’m not doing it anymore.” He let go of his leg and lay on his back on the table. His dick had not become hard but he noticed it had become a little thicker as it lay amongst his pubic hair. He sat up which caused it to fall back against his balls.

I can not believe I just saw what I saw,” said Dale pacing by the cabin door with his hands on his face. Smiling at Kevin he said, “You seriously need help. Do you know that?”

That was funny, Kev,” said Jeremy who had walked over to the fire. “That nut and asshole thing was pretty cool. Maybe there’s a song in that.”

Hey,” said Kevin. “Let’s do one more dare.”

No,” replied Dale. “We now all agree that Jeremy won.”

But just this one more dare to end the night.”

What is it?” asked Jeremy.

Nothing gross and disgusting, I hope.”

No, Dale,” said Kevin. “Or should I say, Mr. Nut Sack? This is not a gross and disgusting dare.” He looked at both of his friends for their reactions. They stood there silently waiting, Jeremy with his usual grin of anticipation and Dale with his cautionary scowl. But he could tell, even with Dale’s complaints, they would both be in, all together. Kevin smiled. “I dare all three of us to stand on this picnic table and sing the national anthem. But we all have to do it in the nude.”

A fine salute to our country,” said Dale, “three dicks swinging in the breeze.”

Let’s do it.” Jeremy had begun walking over to the table away from the fire. It was a pile large logs of embers at this point since they had stopped tending it when they started to play the game. The campsite had become darker but their eyes had adjusted. The stars and moon gave the camp a bluish nighttime glow. He pulled his shirt over his head and kicked off his shoes.

Dale walked over to the table and sat beside Jeremy as he talked to himself silently. “Why? I don’t know. Because I’m goofy and we’re goofy and we do goofy things and according to Kevin we are going to do great goofy things. I thought it would be in the field of music, but I suppose I life in porn will be just as rewarding.” He pulled his sneakers and socks off along with his friend who was snickering beside him. After he had removed his shirt he stood up with Jeremy, each looking into each others eyes. As if on the same count, they both pushed their shorts and underwear to the ground.

Jeremy stepped naked up onto the picnic table. Kevin, who was still seated on the table, also stood up beside him. Dale was about to step up when he looked up at Jeremy’s ass. “Damn, dude. Your ass like glows compared to the rest of your body. Looks like you still have your underwear on.”

Jeremy had skin that naturally tanned well, and he usually kept most of it throughout the winter months. But even just a few hours in the summer sun would give his skin a bronze hue which caused a deep contrast next to the whiteness of his paler buns.

You should get some sun on that thing this summer,” joked Dale.

Kevin looked down at Jeremy’s ass. “You got that bubble thing going too, dude. Little bubble butt!”

Stop staring at my ass!” said Jeremy who tried to cover it up with his hands.

Okay, we’ll look at Dale’s dick,” said Kevin.

Dale made no attempt to cover himself as he stepped onto the table. His three inch flaccid dick bounced with each step against his recently turned fourteen year old hairless scrotum. “Go ahead and take it all in, you horney pervs.” He pushed his pelvis out; his brown pubic hair seemed grayish in the moonlight.

The boys stood there silently for a few seconds facing out into the dark woods. Jeremy stood in the middle. They gazed at the field and the dark row of trees, an impenetrable boundary that sounded their circle. The night sky over the trees held countless stars and a slight glow from the town several miles away. Everything was quiet except for their breathing. Not a sound of crickets or even a gentle breeze could be heard through the trees. Softly, Jeremy’s angelic voice broke through, followed by two deeper yet youthful tones from his friends, as they stood, naked, and sung out into the night in a sweet harmony.

End of Chapter 4