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To those qualified to read on, this is chapter seven of twelve. If you haven't read the previous chapters, you may want to go back and read (or fast forward through) to understand.

Chapter 7

The week carried on with a few rainy days which canceled the boys practice sessions. Their parents didn’t believe it was safe to play with that much electrical equipment when it rained, lightning or not. Kevin argued that he could still play his drums, but was simply told by his parents it just wasn’t going to happen. They could still get together and hang out, but they usually took the time to be alone. Jeremy would hang out in his bedroom writing songs and playing on his keyboard. Dale would usually work on the seemingly endless list of farm chores. Kevin, always staying active, would lift weights in his basement or shoot basketballs in the garage. The days were boring for the most part, but a necessary break. Mr. Nun had even instructed them not to play everyday, just most of the days. Playing should be a habit, but if they felt it had become routine, they may become bored and complacent.

But these few rainy days apart did increase each of the boys’ desires to return together, to try that one piece of music again that keeps slipping, and to share their new stories of private pleasure. Kevin had the opportunity to try Dale’s suggestion, but didn’t have an old Atari joystick lying around so he found a substitute. He couldn't wait to tell his friends about his new found enjoyment. Jeremy deflowered the side of his bed with plans on making it a new habit. Also, after hearing his friends’ comments about his ass, Jeremy checked himself out in the bathroom and his bedroom mirror whenever he had the opportunity. As he twisted and stretched for a better view, he just couldn’t get what his friends had seen. Even though his friends didn’t come out and say he had a nice ass, he felt that the attention given to it was all in the positive. To Jeremy, if he did have a nice behind, he couldn’t see it. To him, it was just his butt, one he had been stuck with all his life.

The weather had finally broken on Thursday, allowing the boys to get back together again. After two days of no rehearsals, Kevin and Jeremy made sure they arrived early at Dale’s farm. All morning they ran through the three songs they had been assigned by Mr. Nun. To say the practice sessions were strictly about music and improving their skills would be a far cry from the truth. Although most of the time they did spend playing, they took long breaks to discuss anything and everything. They would also climb the hay bales, jumping from stack to stack in a loose game of follow the leader. Often it would develop into a quick fantasy game as they imagined the bales were castle walls under siege by a five headed dragon.

As the morning faded to early afternoon, the temperature in the shed rose as well as the humidity from the last two days of rain. The boys, with grins from ear to ear, quickly lost all of their clothing down to their underwear. Kevin couldn’t resist a few moments of walking around with his underwear pulled down under his ass. He walked around casually, waiting for his friends to make some comments. It didn’t take Dale long, upon seeing his friend’s small and firm ass, to yell at him to show some fucking respect.

Jeremy had informed his friends that he was working on a new song in which the lyrics included running around in underwear. He said it was far from finished, but it seemed to have promise. He played a few chords and sung a small part. Dale was never sure what to tell Jeremy when he first introduced a new song, whether it was good or bad. His first reaction was that it sucked, which of course at an early stage of development, many songs do. So usually they would give Jeremy a few words of encouragement.

But I don’t get it,” said Kevin. “Is the song about us in our underwear or some aliens?”

Jeremy could tell his friends were patronizing him a little. “I don’t know. It needs work. I’ll work on it.”

It’s a start,” said Dale. “But I like the basic melody. Catchy and I think I can add a bass to it pretty easy.”

Kevin shouted, “It’s gonna be the next number one fucking hit in America! And all the girls are gonna want a piece of your sexy Jeremy body!”

Jeremy smiled, “Fuck both of you then.”

Appreciate the offer,” said Kevin, “but I’d rather have lunch. Dale, did your mom leave us anything today?”

If she didn’t, we now know it’s a sign your dad’s coming home early,” said Jeremy. “Did he suspect something or ask you anything after we left?”

My dad is pretty good at picking up on stuff and knowing when I’m lying,” said Dale.

Kevin interrupted, “No, you just suck at lying.”

I do not!”

Yes you do,” said Jeremy as if stating the obvious. “But he didn’t think something was up?”

No,” said Dale. “He didn’t ask me anything. I thought he would because I’m sure he could sense I was nervous as hell. See, that’s why we don’t do stuff like that here. If he would have caught us, you could kiss this whole summer good-bye.”

I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to have my dad catch me jerking off,” said Kevin.

Yeah,” said Jeremy, “especially with two other naked guys.” Jeremy and Kevin laughed while Dale walked over to the refrigerator to hide his blushing face. It wasn’t too long ago when his dad did catch him jerking off, or at least what could be seen as jerking off. It’s hard to tell if someone is just kneeling naked against a bed.

There were six sandwich bags filled with sliced ham and cheese sandwiches and individual cups of pudding. There was also a large supply of soda, string cheese, pepperoni slices, apples, and a large bag of chips on top the refrigerator. From the amount of food it looked like Mr. Holister wouldn’t be home early for a week. Dale said his mother probably missed making lunches and went a little overboard.

Are we going back to the cabin?” asked Kevin.

It’s such a far way,” said Dale.

We ride our bikes. It’s not like we’re carrying sleeping bags,” said Jeremy.

Yeah,” said Kevin. “And I have stories for you, Dale.” He said this with raised eyebrows and a wide grim.

The boys rode back to the cabin on their bikes along the dirt path along the perimeter of the corn field. They each held their lunches in one hand and steered with the other. Jeremy thought that if he had a basket on his bike may be useful, just like for Elliott in E.T. But then thought that it would definitely look way too queer and anything placed in there would be thrown out on the bumping country roads.

They dropped their bikes in the far corner of the field and started the walk to the cabin. They had each put all of their clothes back on, but their shirts came off immediately went they stepped off their bikes.

Jeremy,” said Dale to get his friends attention. “Tell your mom that my mom said it was alright to have your birthday party at my house.”

You’re having your party here?” asked Kevin.

Yeah,” said Jeremy. “This Saturday, it will be cool.”

But why not have it at your house?” asked Kevin. “I mean, it’s your party with your family and all.”

My parents are fine with it,” said Dale. “My mom loves playing hostess.”

It’s bigger and better here than at my house,” said Jeremy. “We’ll have more space, spend it all outside, and maybe even play a few tunes for them.”

Are you inviting any girls?” asked Kevin.

Just my cousins and sister,” said Jeremy.

Missy and Jennifer? Good enough for me,” said Kevin. “Your cousins are hot. So are mine, but I don’t feel weird thinking about your cousins. But then, Missy sort of scares me because I think she is the only girl who could beat my ass.”

That might actually be fun,” said Jeremy with a smile. “But I also thought of inviting Dale’s cousins. Now they are hot!”

Don’t even mention their names,” said Kevin. “I will cream in my pants right now.” He gave Dale a shove in the shoulder. “How someone as ugly as you can be related to those two girls is beyond me. You must have been adopted.”

Dale ignored Kevin’s comments. “Happy Birthday, anyway.”

Thanks,” said Jeremy.

Kevin stopped walking. “I thought Saturday was your birthday.”

No,” said Jeremy. “Saturday is the party, today is my real birthday.”

Kevin’s mouth hung open for a few seconds. “Fuck me! I’m sorry, I wasn’t thinking.” He dropped his bagged lunch and threw his arms around his friend, slapping him on his bare back. “Happy Birthday, Birthday Boy! Welcome to fourteen.” He left red marks across Jeremy’s tanned skin. “Well, we have to do something special today.”

We were all just going to wait until Saturday,” said Dale.

For the regular party, yeah. But we can do something to celebrate today.”

That’s okay,” said Jeremy. “I really don’t like birthdays anyway.”

Oh, bullshit,” said Kevin. “Let’s have fun anyway. It’s just us.” Before picking his lunch back up, Kevin grabbed his shorts and pulled them down along with his underwear. With his clothes wrapped around his knees he threw his fists in the air. “Birthday suits!”

Dale looked at Kevin’s naked dick rolling and bouncing against his bald nut sack. There was a line crossing his pelvis where his tanned and pale skin met. “Kevin, it’s Jeremy’s birthday so I think it should be his call.” But Dale saw out of the corner of his eye that Jeremy had also pulled his shorts and underwear down to his ankles, balancing to try and pull them over his sneakers.

It’s not even dark out!”

Kevin was naked except for his socks and sneakers. “So what. No one can see us.” He picked up his closes and lunch and resumed walking to the cabin.

Dale gave a cautious scan of the horizon back towards his house. It was completely out of view over the rising corn field and several rows of trees. “I can’t believe we’re doing this.”

Jeremy had resumed walking. “I sort of like it. I think it’s cool. It’s like total freedom, yet a private party that only we are invited to.”

Yeah,” said Kevin. He stopped and purposefully swung his hips back and forth causing his dick to fly up and down with a slapping noise against his lower stomach. “It’s freedom at it’s finest.” He looked back at Dale who had now also taken the rest of his clothes off and was jogging to catch up. As he jogged however, he cupped his balls in his hand to keep them from bouncing.

Fuck,” said Dale. “Running hurts. How do those native people in Indiana Jones do it all day?”

I suppose you get use to it,” said Jeremy. “Maybe all that bouncing toughens the scrotum.”

Kevin looked down at his nuts, pulling his dick to the side. “Mines all bunched up, right now. I guess I’m all up tight.” This caused all the boys to give themselves a self exam and comment on how their testicles were hanging. None of the boys had hair growing on their nut sacks yet. And both Jeremy and Dale’s were hanging loose on the hot early afternoon in June.

They’d put their lunches on the picnic table, and Dale started to make a fire. He said he just had to do something to take his mind off the fact that he was walking around naked, outside, for the first time ever in his life. “Honestly, it’s like one of those things that I sort of always wanted to do, but never did it. I suppose I could have done it alone, and maybe I will. But actually doing it with you guys is kind of cool.” He knelt down and lowered his head to light the paper in the fire pit.

Hey, I see your asshole!” yelled Kevin jokingly pointing at Dale. “Nice taint!”

Jeremy had taken a seat that the picnic table. “You guys know if we are going to be our own little nudist colony, we should have some respect for each other. Like be careful where you bend over or brush up against somebody.”

Well, excuse me for bending over!” shouted Dale. “At least I didn’t make you guys watch, for God’s sake.”

Jeremy laughed. “I wasn’t specifically talking to you, Dale. I didn’t see your asshole and I don’t care to. I’m just making a general suggestion.”

The boys sat at the picnic table enjoying their lunches. They threw their paper bags and napkins into the fire when they finished. Sitting at the table as they were, they could actually tell no difference that each of them were naked. In fact, after a few minutes of eating and talking, they sort of became oblivious to it. They could only see each other from the chest up, except for Dale and Jeremy who were seated next to each other. But they would both have to lean back and look down at the same time to see any private area. One would have to take a step back away from the table to know there were three naked teenage boys relaxing with each others conversation. Their naked butt cheeks pressed against the gray wooden bench with just a small portion of their butt cracks showing from behind.

After lunch while they were still at the table, Jeremy brought up a previous conversation. “So Kevin, what adventure did you have to share with us today?”

Kevin jumped as his mind shifted completely off whether Speed Racer could ever be made into a cool movie onto what he had planned to tell Dale before. “Oh, right, oh, shit, Dale, my man,” he stuttered. “I totally tried it out and it was fucking unbelievable. Way fucking hot.”

You stuck something up your ass?” asked Dale.

Oh yeah,” said Kevin. “At first I felt sort of weird and gay, but I did promise you I’d do it, and I did it and it felt way cool.”

What did you use?” asked Jeremy.

Kevin stopped and folded his arms in front of him. “This is a Kevin and Dale experience we’re sharing. Unless you have something to share to, then you don’t get to ask questions.”

Well, I did it, too,” said Jeremy. “And the bed thing. I did both.”

Awesome,” said Kevin. He offered to slap hands with Jeremy over the table in celebration and Jeremy slapped back.

Okay, here it goes,” said Kevin. “And don’t get all grossed out because no one will ever use it again. But I don’t have an old Atari game at my house so I got a hold of one of those travel cases you put your toothbrush in and used that.”

Whoa,” said Dale. “Those are bigger than what I used. Did it hurt?”

Yeah, you fucker. You never told me you need to lube it up first, you bastard.”

I thought I did tell you.”

Well, for future reference, don’t leave details like that out again or put more emphasis on it. Fucking hurt, but anyway,” continued Kevin as Jeremy and Dale muffled their snickering. “So I go in the bathroom and I stand up on the toilet and sink with my butt towards the mirror, because I want to see this. I don’t have any mirrors like you have in your house. I first get myself all worked up by jerking off in the mirror, watching myself. I was home alone, of course, so I used a lot of hand lotion. It was all over my dick and balls and I’m rubbing it all over. Like, I have a boner that just won’t quit. So I lube up the toothbrush holder and turn around so my ass is towards the mirror. My foot is on the sink so I have a pretty good view of myself. I put the thing up to my ass and push on it. At first it didn’t go in, but then it sort of like popped in like an inch. From there I could slide it the rest of the way in.”

How far did you go in?” asked Dale.

I think about four or five inches, I’m not sure. But after it slid in, I just wanted to cum so bad I couldn’t help it. I started to slide it in and out, but I just couldn’t help myself. With my other hand I was jerking off, and I came in like thirty seconds after that. I shot it right onto the bathroom floor. I mean I wanted to stop and do it in the sink, but it felt so fucking good, I couldn’t stop. Jesus himself could have walked in that room at that very moment and I wouldn’t be able to stop.”

Holy shit,” said Dale.

Wow,” said Jeremy. “Mine wasn’t that exciting.”

What did you do?” asked Kevin.

Well, I did that bed thing that we did in Dale’s bedroom. While I was doing that I took one of those black Sharpie markers and used it. It was sort of cool but not that great.”

You need to use something bigger,” said Kevin. “You can’t feel a little marker like that.”

It’s about the same size as Dale’s.”

So are you going to do it again?” asked Dale.

Fuck yeah,” said Kevin. “Maybe not every time, but I will do it again. But there is something missing. Like, remember how I asked you what you were thinking of when you did it? I couldn’t think of anything except myself shoving a plastic tube up my ass. That’s not really sexy. Like when I’m jerking it, I think of a girl’s pussy or mouth on my dick. Girls don’t have anything to shove up my ass!”

Maybe a girl has a strap on dick?” said Jeremy.

But that’s still a dick,” said Kevin.

What if my cousin Rachael was blowing you while Stephanie was fingering you?” said Dale.

I’d be fingering Stephanie,” said Kevin.

You could finger each other,” said Jeremy.

That would be so hot, like all of that at the same time, yeah,” said Kevin in a whisper. He looked at both of his friends’ faces who had become quiet. They were all leaning in on the table with their heads only a few inches apart and whispering. His friends seem to be waiting for what he would say next. “Are you guys totally boned up right now?”

Jeremy and Dale were grinning and passed looks between each other. Without a word or even a head nod, they each knew the other was sporting a hard on, or now had the permission to and knew the others were having one as well. Kevin leaned back on the bench and looked down at his stiff dick. He smiled at his friends and then stood up to present his rod above the table so his friends could see it. Even though they had all jerked off together twice before, this was the first time they had ever seen a stiff dick other than their own.

Dale and Jeremy glanced at each other with a quick look down into each others lap. Then they also stood up at the picnic table presenting their stiff erections. Each of the boys had a respectfully sized penis when erect. Kevin and Dales each were a little over five inches while Jeremy’s was very slightly larger. They stood there for several seconds, not even touching themselves, while they examined each of their friends’ tools with their eyes. Kevin was the first to move again when he cupped his sack and started to massage his balls. This caused the other two to start rubbing their own bag of nuts slowly and gently.

Wanna compare?” asked Jeremy.

Quietly the boys stepped out from the confines of the picnic table benches and slowly came together to form a small intimate circle. They each held their own hard dicks and pointed them straight out towards each other. In turn and in total silence they held their cocks close to one of their friends. As they stood close they could hear and almost feel each others breaths, deeper and quicker for some reason. They looked at each others shafts, the lengths and thicknesses. They looked at the colors of their skin, a pink and reddish hue. They compared the size of their dickheads, the mushroom cap at the end of their shafts. They looked at each others smoothness and where they could see the veins pulsating against the sides. Quietly, without saying a word, for what was only a few minutes but felt like several, they visually examined and compared each of their friends’ erections to their own.

After a few moments, Kevin took his cock, and while holding it at the base and sort of pushing his hips out, slapped it on top of Jeremy’s. Jeremy quietly said, “hey,” and tried to slap his own back at Kevin’s. Kevin had pulled away briefly but came back taking little swings at Jeremy’s. Kevin and Jeremy continued for a very brief moment of hitting their dicks together before they included Dale in this game. Kevin pretended to yell, “Cock fight!” while still being very quiet. They stood with their hips almost touching as they playfully bumped and rubbed their hard cocks against each others. They started with quick movements and quiet giggles. But soon their subdued laughter stopped and they could listen to each other breathing again. The hitting became more rubbing and slow sliding.

They each held their own cocks at the base with one hand. Their other hand was held behind their backs. Jeremy held the tip of his hard dick on Dale’s, sliding it up and down his shaft and underneath it. They would each at different times look up at the faces of their friends but only to find them looking down at the three teen cocks rubbing together. Dale was biting his lower lip and moved his hand from his back to his thigh.

Jeremy then put his other hand into the circle with the palm up, cautiously. Ever so slightly, Kevin tipped his hips toward Jeremy’s hand. As if watching a movie, surreal, they watched Jeremy’s finger tips rub against the underside of Kevin’s erection. When the ground did not open up and pull them under, Jeremy’s fingers continued and wrapped themselves around Kevin’s stiff member. He held it for a brief moment, feeling its natural warmth, before gently sliding against the skin up and down the shaft. One more hand entered the circle and another rose off a thigh. They released their own and reached for the one next to them. Eventually, with only their soft deep breaths and the movement of their bodies as signs of approval, they each were touching or grasping both of their friends erections. One of them began to rub the balls of another which then also allowed for more areas for their hands to explore.

This is awesome,” whispered Kevin.

Yeah,” said Dale.

The most,” Jeremy agreed.

They continued to play with each others for a few more minutes. Kevin broke in with a hushed voice. “You guys want to jerk each other off?”

Dale nodded and Jeremy said, “Bop it.”

What?” said Kevin quietly.

Dale nodded again and Jeremy said, “Yeah, we can.”

Kevin shook his head as if to shake the dust out of his ears. “No, you said ‘bop it’. What the hell does that mean?”

Jeremy looked up at his friend. He’d never used the expression out loud before and was now wondering if he misspoke. “Yeah, bop it, like to jerk off or,” he stuttered his next word with a little embarrassment, “masturbate.”

The boys continued to play with each others cocks and speak in hushed tones. Kevin continued, “I never heard that before.”

Yes, you have,” said Jeremy. “In that song by Cindy Laupner, She Bop? It’s about playing with yourself.”

No, it’s not,” said Kevin. “It’s about dancing, I’ve seen the video.”

No, fuck-tard,” said Jeremy. “I’ve looked at the lyrics. She’s fingering herself to a magazine.”

That’s “Darling Nikki” by Prince.”

Dale whispered in, “Will you two shut the hell up?”

Kevin and Jeremy snickered and then looked down to resume their task in hand. Without discussion, each of the boys used their right hand to jerk off the one to their right. Their left hands where playing with the testicles of the other boy. They each rubbed the shafts, holding the skin and moving it up and down. They had stopped all conversation at this point while they massaged each others cocks. They moved their feet and shifted their weight, feeling increasingly weaker in the legs as the closer they came to their climax.

Dale, who was jerking off Kevin, stopped and brought his hand up to his face. “Excuse me,” he whispered, and spit several times into his palm and on his fingers. He then resumed rubbing his hand up and down Kevin’s shaft but this time with his own saliva for lubricant. His hand was able to slide easier and faster which had an immediate reaction to Kevin.

Kevin’s legs almost gave out as he let out a moan of pleasure. “Oh, thank you, Dale,” he said. His right hand had almost stopped on Jeremy’s dick as his body and brain gave into the sensations that Dale was providing. They each watched Dale’s hand rapidly slide up and down on Kevin’s shaft. “I’m going to cum,” said Kevin and Dale and Jeremy stepped apart, releasing each others touch but continuing on Kevin. Within seconds, Kevin was spouting globs of white cum onto the grass. Dale pointed Kevin’s dick slightly downwards as strands of goo dripped from the cock head.

Whoa,” said Jeremy.

Fucking awesome,” said Kevin and immediately spit in his own hand and resumed to jerk off Jeremy. The circle came back together as Dale was careful not to step in any of Kevin’s seed. Jeremy also spit in his hand and used the lubricant to jerk off Dale. Dale had released Kevin’s cock as it slowly became softer, but Jeremy continued to play with his balls. Jeremy was the first to cum after Kevin, but he didn’t stop jerking Dale as his climax erupted. Dale was quick to follow with his blast which made Kevin quickly move his foot out of the way before he was hit. After each of them shot their wad, they released each other but no one stepped away from the circle.

Are you guys cool?” asked Jeremy.

Their voices were still held low. “Yeah, that was great,” said Kevin.

It was a lot different than doing it to yourself,” said Dale.

But we’re all still cool?”

Yeah,” said Kevin. “What do you mean?”

Well,” said Jeremy. “Sometimes I get this guilty feeling right after I, you know, cum.”

Kevin rubbed the short strawberry blonde hair on his head. “Yeah, I sort of feel like that too, sometimes. But I figure that I’m coming off of the most wonderful feeling in the world. So anything after that must not be as good. It’s cool.”

It’s a natural high that doesn’t hurt anybody. Enjoy it,” said Dale.

Kevin reached over and grabbed Jeremy’s soft cock and balls in one hand. “Happy fucking birthday, birthday boy.”

*** End of Chapter 7***

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