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To those qualified to read on, this is chapter nine of twelve. If you haven't read the previous chapters, you may want to go back and read (or fast forward through) to understand. This chapter picks up the moment chapter 8 ended.

Chapter 9

Uncertainty flooded Jeremy’s head, mixed thoughts flashed through like the faces of so many girls he would jack off to. It would feel good, oh yes it would. Kevin was his best friend along with Dale. But is it gay? Was it gay to want this or even to ponder the possibility of such an action? And if it was gay, did it really matter between friends, a secret never to be let out, to be taken to the grave? Where had this summer come from, these feelings and sexual explorations? It all seemed to be speeding up, feeding upon itself, and growing into something beyond childhood play. This would be something special, a memory forever.

Do you think we…,” said Jeremy in a soft voice. He didn’t finish his sentence.

I’m staying out of this one,” said Dale as he repositioned his fist gripping his cock.

Kevin continued to look at Jeremy. “It’s up to you. I’d do it, but, I mean, it’s your call.”

Jeremy paused, looking from Kevin’s erection and then to his face. “Would you do it too?”

Yeah,” said Kevin. “I mean….” He looked at the ground, thinking, his forehead tightened and relaxed. “Yeah, I’d do it too, right after you. I mean, I’ll go before you too, but you can go first, or we could….” Kevin stumbled his words but found his footing after a pause and a deep breath. “We’ll both promise to do each other.”

Kay,” nodded Jeremy.

Kevin looked at Dale. “Are you in this too?”

Dale was staring at Jeremy who still had one of his hands between his butt cheeks. A mental image passed through his mind about what he was about to witness. Part of him wondered if he should watch at all, and if he did would he need to participate in the action in some way. Dale also felt that what was about to happen was special. To not be apart of it would make him feel somewhat distanced from his other two friends. A stronger bond of something shared would somehow lessen his friendship with them, sort of an odd man out. Was he being pulled in against his will? No, he didn’t think so, because a part of him also wanted this bond, a feeling he felt but could not yet understand or verbalize. “I’ll watch, but yeah, I guess so.”

How do you want to do it?” asked Kevin.

Jeremy didn’t think it was possible but his mouth had become even drier. “Get off the table,” he roughly whispered.

Kevin and Dale pushed themselves straight up so the pegs slid out their asses. Jeremy walked over to the table and pushed the coat rack into the middle. He picked up the bottle of lotion and squeezed some into his hand and then passed the bottle to Kevin. He reached between his legs for his ass and pressed the cool cream against his anus, even working some inside with his finger. He watched as Kevin wiped the hand lotion over his cock which seemed to be growing in size, but he remembered the shovel which he had taken so many minutes ago. Without speaking, Jeremy turned to face the end of the picnic table and put both of his palms on its smooth wooden surface. He adjusted his feet slightly apart.

Kevin, while stroking his cock, took a few steps over to stand behind his friend. He felt his heart pounding in his chest as he looked down at Jeremy’s smooth pale bubble butt. Holding his throbbing erection out in front of him, he slipped it between Jeremy’s legs. It was soft. “You do have a nice ass, Jeremy,” whispered Kevin.


Kevin bent his knees and tried to aim his cock at an upward angle, searching for the target. He thought he had it once but when he pushed up, his dick head slid against Jeremy’s taint and into the back of his hanging balls. “You’ll have to guide me,” said Kevin.

Jeremy reached between his legs and found his young anus with his fingertips. Keeping his ring finger on his ass, he lightly guided the head of Kevin’s fourteen year old dick to its mark. He felt Kevin’s hands on his hips. Once he had the soft mushroom where he wanted it, he began to push it upward. He twisted his left foot out, his body becoming warmer. He felt himself open up and soon his fingertips could no longer feel the tip of Kevin’s cock which was now past his anal ring. He slid his fingers down the shaft, gently tugging it to his hole. As with the shovel, he felt a slight burn but not as intense. A little more slid into his body. “I think you’re inside me,” he whispered.

Kevin had never felt the sensations on his cock before like the ones he was feeling at that very moment. “Yeah, it feels good,” he whispered. He felt like saying “you feel good” but stopped short for an awkward feeling. He could feel Jeremy’s tight ring gripping the head of his cock, its warmth giving the shaft of his penis a sensation of coolness by comparison. This only increased his desire to be completely within Jeremy’s soft ass. “Can I put more in?”

Wait,” said Jeremy quickly. “It hurts a little.”

Want me to stop?”

No, no,” he replied. “Just hold still for a second.” Jeremy with one hand slid two of his fingers up along the shaft of Kevin’s dick until he came to his anal ring. He gently rubbed the ring with some cream on his fingers, massaging the edges of his tight opening. He pushed his butt and waist back towards Kevin and felt the shaft slide across his fingers and deeper into his body. It slid past a certain point and the rest slid in easily. Jeremy could feel very little shaft extending out from his ass as Kevin’s balls came to rest against his fingers.

Kevin gripped Jeremy’s waist tighter and let out high pitched grunts as his dick was surrounded by the warmth of Jeremy’s body. He could feel Jeremy’s insides squeezing against his six inch member. “Oh my God! Nobody fucking move,” he said. “Just nobody fucking move.”

Are you okay?” asked Dale.

Jeremy, this feels so incredibly awesome, dude. I swear to god if we move right now I will totally cum right now. So don’t move.”

Jeremy kept his butt sort of sticking out as he straightened his back slightly. He still had a raging hard on of his own sticking straight out in front of him bobbing up and down. The pain and burning feelings were slowly easing. One of Kevin’s hands came around and stopped on his stomach.

Dale was standing to the side looking at his two naked friends in their sneakers. Kevin’s pelvis pressed firmly against Jeremy’s round ass as he leaned against the picnic table. He knew Kevin was in but he felt his curiosity build. “Can I look at it?” He didn’t wait for an answer before getting down on the ground and crawling in between Jeremy’s legs. He looked up at the paused action. Jeremy and Kevin’s hairless balls hung inches apart. In between them, in the flickering light from the fire, he could just make out the base of Kevin’s cock stuffed into the butt cheeks and then into Jeremy’s hole. The two friends were connected.

Dale crawled back out from under his friends. “I wonder if pussy feels like that?” he asked.

It must because this feels so fucking hot,” said Kevin. “Are you okay Jeremy? You haven’t said anything.”

I’m fine,” said Jeremy. “Just resting like this is getting me use to it. Fucking hurt at first but it’s getting better.”

That’s cool,” said Kevin.

I was just thinking too,” said Jeremy. “Like, your dick is inside of me.”

Yeah, it is,” said Kevin.

No, I mean,” and he paused. “Your dick is inside of me. And that’s cool because it’s you. Like we’re just feeling good but it’s cool because it’s us.”

Yeah,” said Kevin.

Do you want to move it around a little?” asked Jeremy.

Kevin slightly brought his hips back and pushed them forward. The sensations in his young dick intensified instantly. With slow and very short motions, he began to rock against Jeremy’s spongy butt cheeks.

When Kevin’s began his movements, Dale’s mouth dried and his body temperature rose. Unconsciously he began to message his balls with his left hand as he put his right on Kevin’s shoulder. “You can do me next if you want,” he whispered.

Kevin quickly turned his head and met Dale’s eyes. “Really? You sure?”

Dale nodded.

Kevin looked down at Dale’s stiff cock touching his hip. “We’d better do it soon because I’m about to splooge.” He stopped his motions against Jeremy. “Do you mind, Jer?”

No,” said Jeremy quickly. He could understand but maybe not put into words what he thought Dale was feeling. He then felt Kevin’s member being withdrawn but it left a tingling feeling as if he still remained.

Dale grabbed the bottle of lotion and started to get himself ready. He positioned himself beside Jeremy at the end of the picnic table, shoulder to shoulder with him.

Are you nervous?” asked Jeremy.

No, I’ll be fine,” replied Dale as he stared at the glowing flame of the lamp on the picnic table and waited. He heard Kevin’s footsteps in the grass behind him before he felt his hands grip his waist. He then felt Kevin’s dick bouncing between his inner legs.

You’ll have to guide me in,” said Kevin.

Dale repeated Jeremy’s motions and reached between his legs. He pointed it against his hole and told Kevin to push gently. Kevin pushed in a humping motion, still excited from what he had been doing in Jeremy. But Dale quietly corrected him by telling him to only push forward. Once Kevin was partially in Dale bent forward more and rested his elbows on the picnic table.

While they waited, Jeremy watched from the side. Kevin was looking down at his own dick, the shaft still visible while the end was lodged in Dale who was completely bent over resting his head on his forearm on the table. Kevin’s hands were gripping the tops of Dale’s thighs. Dale gave the word and Kevin pushed forward. Jeremy watched as the shaft disappeared and Kevin’s pelvis pushed against the softness of Dale’s hairless ass. Dale lightly slapped the table as he took in deep breaths.

I’m inside you now, Dale,” whispered Kevin.

Yes, I know,” said Dale.

You cool?”


Can I move it?”


Kevin began the short soft humming motion, his hips never leaving contact with Dale’s pale cheeks. “This feels so awesome.”

Jeremy watched his two friends perform the act that seconds ago was being done with him. “You know guys,” he said softy. “This isn’t like sitting on the peg. We’re like… fucking each other.”

Kevin stopped and he and Dale both glanced at Jeremy. No one spoke or moved for a brief moment. The campsite suddenly felt smaller and closer. The surrounding woods were darker. Each of the three boys’ naked bodies glowed in the firelight.

Kevin pushed his pelvis against Dale. Dale pushed his ass back to meet Kevin’s thrust. And with that, Kevin began his soft bumping motion against Dale.

Dale?” said Kevin.


Can I cum inside you?”

Dale paused before answering with a yes.

Kevin’s thrusts became quicker as did his breathing. His leg muscles and butt cheeks tightened as he worked his dick inside of Dale with more of a purpose. Within fifteen seconds of asking the question, Kevin was having his first orgasm inside one of his friends. He stopped his motions holding Dale’s ass tight against him.

I can feel it,” said Dale. “Eww, I can feel your splooge.”

I’m sorry,” said Kevin.

No,” said Dale. “It’s my ass, I really don’t care you did that in there.”


Jeremy walked over to his place beside Dale. “Dale, do you want to put your cum in me?”

Dale was already hard and only needed to lotion himself up. Kevin had pulled out but his cock was not going limp. Once Dale had a generous amount of white cream on his hard dick, he stepped behind Jeremy leaning on the table. With one hand he pointed his dick at the waiting butt crack while the other tried to pull one of the cheeks aside. He eagerly pushed his dick between Jeremy’s legs only to find fingertips ready to guide him to his target. Jeremy pushed the pulsing cock head to his lubed hole and held it firmly in place.

Just push a little,” said Jeremy and Dale gently pushed his hips forward. With little effort or resistance, the six inch cock slid into Jeremy’s ass, burrowing until it could go no further. The tingling that had been left by Kevin’s dick could still be felt by Jeremy, but now having a replacement satisfied his itch. Jeremy felt his body warm.

Oh, wow,” whispered Dale as his body flushed with chills. “Jeremy, this is so awesome.”

Holy shit, it just slid right in,” said Kevin who was lying on his stomach in the grass away from his friends.

Dale didn’t move after sinking his member into his fellow guitar player. He savored the heat and the throbbing he felt from Jeremy’s body on his dick. He was motionless for as long as he could stand before his desire to slide his cock around became too much for him. “Can I move it around?”

Yeah,” said Jeremy turning his head to look over his shoulder. “Just tell me when you’re going to cum.”

Why?” asked Dale. “I won’t if you don’t want me to.”

No, I just want to be ready for it.”

Dale began to push his hips against Jeremy’s cute ass. But Jeremy told him that he could do it a little harder if he wanted to, and that it didn’t hurt as much any more. With those words, Dale brought his hips back, an inch away from the skin, and pushed forward again. “Wow, that’s even hotter.” He leaned his shoulders back and tried to spread Jeremy’s butt cheeks apart with his thumbs. He could barely see the shaft of his dick in the shadows before he would push forward again. His breath became heavy and after ten strokes he mumbled some words and shot his seed deep in his friend’s rectum. “I came.”

Yeah, I can tell,” whispered Jeremy.

Dale waited a few seconds before sliding his dick out of Jeremy which for some reason to Dale felt sort of gross. Without touching his penis, which had then started to point downward for the first time in awhile, he started to walk towards Kevin still lying in the grass. He took no more than too steps before he felt wetness rubbing between his legs. His immediate thought was that he was bleeding from his ass, but after quickly wiping his fingers across it he realized what it was.

Eww, your fucking jizz is running down my leg!” Dale danced in place with his legs apart and his dirtied hand extended out in front of him. Kevin laughed as Dale had then quickly dropped to the ground wiping his hand off in the grass. He then sat and dragged his bare butt across the ground making sounds as if he were totally grossed out the entire time. “Your cum is leaking out my ass.”

Kevin continued to laugh. “Where did you expect it to go? Upstream?” He slid his body over to his friends and volunteered to wipe the rest off with his hand before he cut his ass on a rock or something. As Dale rolled onto his back and spread his legs, Kevin used his hand to remove any cum that Dale hadn’t reached. “Now just find a smooth patch of grass to wipe your dick off on.”

We should have brought more paper towels,” said Dale.


There are some in the cabin,” said Dale.

Well get those you fuckin’ retard,” said Kevin. “Even one would be better than using the grass.”

Dale went into the cabin and brought out a very small roll of paper towels. He handed one to Kevin and then to Jeremy who had taken a seat on the cool grass. He had his knees at his chest in case anything was dripping it wouldn’t get on him.

After each of the boys had cleaned themselves off, they threw their used paper towels into the fire. Dale added a few more logs since it was getting fairly low. They stood around the fire pit gazing at the flames licking its new food. The temperature had dropped a few degrees as well and the heat felt good against their naked skin. There boners had subsided, even Jeremy’s who hadn’t spent his load yet that evening.

Are you ready to give it a go?” asked Kevin towards Jeremy.

I didn’t think you wanted to anymore,” he replied.

Why would you think that? I promised you I would.”

Well, after I cum I usually feel like totally uninterested in it. Like I almost tell myself I’ll probably never do it again. So, I figured you wouldn’t be in the mood anymore.”

Are you in the mood?” asked Kevin.

Not if you aren’t. I mean I haven’t gone yet so I could like get in the mood real quick.”

Honestly, after I went, I really wasn’t in the mood at all and was sort of hoping to give you a rain check. But as I watched you and Dale, I was getting totally boned up again. I could probably even cum again myself, regardless of how gay it looked.” Kevin chuckled half halfheartedly.

That was like the ultimate gay,” said Dale. “But like we said, this never leaves this camp, ever.”

People would think we’re gay,” said Jeremy.

Not that I give two shits what people think of me,” said Kevin. “But if they thought that, it would totally put a damper on my chances with girls.”

Yeah,” said Jeremy, “But just think of all the boy pussy you could have.”

Kevin pretended as if he was going to hit Jeremy in the shoulder with a cocked back fist. “Given the choice between your ass and a pussy, I’m going with the pussy every time. Tonight was just a lack of options.”

Aww,” said Dale grinning. “But Kevin, I heard you tell Jeremy he had an awesome ass.”

Fuck you! Anyway, you said it too. And actually, fuck yeah, it felt awesome. Better than anything I’ve ever done. I can’t even imagine what a cunt must feel like, probably easier to slide into and just as warm and tight. Oh, I can’t fucking wait to get laid.”

Neither can I. Dale, throw me the lotion,” said Jeremy. “Kevin, get ready, I can’t not do this, and you have to be part of this club too.”

Kevin smiled and clapped his hands. “Alright, lets fucking do this.” After a brief discussion, Kevin wanted to try it in a different position and got on his hands and knees in the grass. He spread his knees apart to allow Jeremy to kneel in between them. He then rested his forehead on his arm on the ground. He reached between his legs and spread a generous amount of cream over his hole.

I can almost see it from this angle,” said Jeremy as he lined the tip of his erection up with Kevin’s puckered anus. Once his mushroom head made contact, he gently pushed forward. He recalled how much it hurt and burned when it was being done to him, so he tried to be as careful as possible. He was kneeling almost with his knees beneath Kevin’s body, bring his dick toward him in an upward motion. He leaned back with a hand on the small of Kevin’s back and another grabbing his own right ankle. From this angle and brighter light of the fire, he could almost get a perfect view of his cock pushing against Kevin’s hole. Jeremy applied more pressure as his erection bent and suddenly slipped away from its target. He realigned it and tried pushing again. He watched his cock not enter Kevin, but just push heavily against his asshole.

It’s not going in,” said Jeremy.

Well whatever you’re doing, it fucking hurts,” said Kevin.

You have to loosen up,” said Jeremy as he playfully slapped the side of Kevin’s ass with his hand. Kevin’s butt cheeks were tight and round, seemingly more muscular that either Dale’s or Jeremy’s. They did not have much bounce to them however they did have a nice form and definition, rising from his toned back and ‘v’ shaped lumbar muscles.

Hold on,” said Kevin and reached back between his legs. Jeremy sat on his ankles as he watched Kevin’s hand. He could hear Dale’s breathing a few feet away. Kevin pushed on his asshole with his middle finger until it sunk in up to the first knuckle. He then worked it around before trying to slide his index finger in along side it. “You better enjoy all this work I’m doing for you,” said Kevin as he worked the two fingers around in his ass. “Okay, when I pull them out, you slip in, okay?”

Jeremy lifted his butt off his heels, his erection never missing a pulse as he waited to have it enter his friend. He put his cock head right next to Kevin’s fingers, almost touching them in anticipation. To his amazement, when Kevin pulled his fingers out, his ass didn’t close up immediately but in sort of slow motion. He didn’t pause long before he thrust his hips forward toward the tightening ring. Again, he was met with resistance, but he saw Kevin’s fingers grip the side of his erection, pulling him towards his ass. Jeremy felt tightness around his cock as Kevin pushed his hand against his leg.

Okay, okay,” said Kevin quickly. “I think you’re in. Just give me a moment.”

Jeremy leaned back again and could see that the head of his cock had entered Kevin’s ass. He looked in amazement as the shaft of his cock, as he was use to seeing the entire dick, was missing the mushroom head which was buried inside his friend’s ass.

Whoa, this is so cool,” said Jeremy.

Let me see,” said Dale as he moved right next to Jeremy, gripping both his shoulders as he looked on. “That is cool. Feels good, doesn’t it, Jer.”

Oh, yeah,” said Jeremy.

I’m so glad you two are enjoying the show,” said Kevin with his face in the grass.

Sorry, Kevin,” said Jeremy. “Are you okay?”

Feels like I gotta shit,” he replied.

A jolt went through Jeremy’s body and he almost pulled himself out. “For real?”

No, not for real,” said Kevin. “At least I don’t think so. Sort of feels like I have to pee though too. But I don’t think I could.”

It probably just feels like that because that’s what your body’s use to,” said Dale. “It felt like that to me too. It will go away and you’ll be fine.”

I’m not going to lose control of my ass, am I?” asked Kevin. “I’ll never be allowed back in the community pool.”

You’re killing the mood, Kevin,” said Jeremy.

Okay, sorry,” said Kevin. “Just passing the time. Wait a few more seconds and see if you can get more in.”

Jeremy counted to fifteen in his head. He was going to push on ten, but wanted to be sure Kevin was ready. Still leaning back, he pushed his hips forward. Jeremy, in all of his fourteen years, had never seen nor felt anything as amazing as watching the rest of his six inch erection slide into Kevin’s ass.

Sweet Jesus,” said Dale. “I might nut again.”

Jeremy knelt up and put both of his hands on Kevin’s upper back. He pushed forward as he felt Kevin pushing back, getting his dick as deep into his friend as he could, feeling the body warmth and the gripping of Kevin’s insides. He dragged his fingers down Kevin’s back, feeling goose bumps rising and the muscles in Kevin’s shoulders tightening. He stopped his hands on Kevin’s waist, running his fingers along the crease of his legs and pelvis. After Kevin gave him permission to start moving it around, Jeremy used short strokes but still tried to push as far into his friend as possible.

Jeremy, dude, your ass dimples when you push in,” said Dale.

Jeremy put one hand on his own ass, rubbing his butt cheek as he bumped against Kevin. The tight grip of Kevin’s anal ring felt amazing. With all the stimulation, Jeremy didn’t last long before his dick shot his sperm deep inside Kevin.

Oh,” said Kevin. He could tell his friend had just finished as his thrusts which had been quickening, slowed to a stop. “I think I have some Jeremy juice inside me. Now all the girls will be so jealous of me.”

After Jeremy had pulled out and was wiping his dick in the grass, Kevin asked him how his ass felt. He replied it was the best orgasm he ever had.

The boys did not bother to get dressed for the rest of the evening. They sat around the fire, drinking sodas and eating chips, telling stories, and laughing about everything in the world, even things only they could understand. They did have one more round of jerking off which they did by the fire. They each jerked themselves off, collecting what little cum they had in their non-jerking hand. Once each of them had a palm of boy juice which they simultaneously threw it all into the fire, listening to it sizzle. It was a beautiful night and a beautiful birthday celebration between the best of friends.

*** End of Chapter 9 ***

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