The Bare Bum Boy


This story is a complete work of fiction and contains sex between teenage boys



He's there again, stretching and getting ready for his workout, he's a boy of about 13/14 he's naked and his back is to the window of his bedroom in his apartment opposite mine, he has the most beautiful bum I have ever seen, I look at mine in the full length mirror I have and I am not a patch on him, I am 14 and called Jeremy, but prefer Jez and I go to Richard Graham High School not far from where I live, upwards of 500 boys go there as well and I think this boy goes there too, but I can't find him, I can't very well go up to boys and ask them to drop their school trousers and underpants to check.


As you can guess I am gay and still way into the closet, I just about manage to get through PE and the showers after without popping an erection, although I have seen boys who are very close to a full one, back to my bare bum boy as I call him, I have only ever see his bare back and bum, he uses hand weights at times and I see him workout with those, I don't know the size of his cock or whether he is cut or uncut, there are a couple of lads in my class who are and I quite like glancing at their bare helmets when we shower, I call myself a professional wanker, I just can't leave it alone, my 5 inch hard uncut cock is always hard, mostly when I don't want it to be, but right now as I kneel naked on a stool by the window with just my curtains open a crack, its rock hard and dripping juices, I am pounding it so hard it hurts, but I don't care I want to shoot a good load before I go off for my run, I see my boy flexing his back and bum muscles and then he bends forward touching his toes and that is it!. I shoot loads of my thick cream into the towel I am holding in my left hand, my bare chest his heaving as spurt after spurt hits the cotton, my eyes flutter and I close them briefly, opening them I see his curtains are now closed and the show is over, for now that is.


After cleaning up and having a rest I decided to take a run, it was spring break and the weather was good, I changed into my PE shorts and trainers and grabbed a tee shirt and as I passed through the kitchen grabbed a bottle of cold water from the fridge and slipped it into my back pack with my phone and headphones, being on the edge of town it was only a few minutes run and I was in the country, I had a steady pace on and was really enjoying my run, I liked to keep fit, I worked out at home and had the very good beginnings of a six pack, earlier this year at school a boy had died because of a undiagnosed heart problem, he just dropped at PE, so the school set up ECG scans for all boys 14 and over to have, my mum came and I had to strip to the waist and lay on a bed and have electrodes attached, my mum says she was impressed by my obvious fitness and the nurse was too saying that I was an Adonis, the scan was all clear as well, later this week I was going to have a full health assessment at a private hospital, paid for by my mums firm as she was now on full insurance and health checks were compulsory for all the family.


I was bouncing along nicely when all of a sudden somebody flashed past me, it was a boy also in PE kit, he turned and grinned and sprinted off in front of me, immediately I recognised him, the shape of his bum gave it away, he was the Bare Bum Boy, "Oh god!" I thought, it's actually him, the boy I used in my wanking fantasies, I hadn't a clue what to do, so I just carried on running at my pace to where I usually stopped and had a drink and then turned back for home, Bare Bum Boy was way in the distance now and depending on how far he was going I would probably meet him when he was on his way back.


Thinking about him was giving me an erection and as I wasn't wearing underpants as the shorts had an inner brief my cock was pressing hard in them, 15 more minutes pounding the lane I was going up and I turned the corner and there he was sitting on a small wall sipping water, he grinned when he saw me "took you long enough, maybe you need more practice?" he said as I approached, slightly angered at his comment I replied "I don't need more practice, I could have taken you if I wanted to, I am just out for a leisurely run, not a race" he laughed at that and too another swig as I positioned myself a couple of feet from him on the wall "I am surprised to can run at all after the hard wank you had earlier" he quipped, I nearly choked on my water and I went as red as a beetroot at his comment and was speechless "it's okay we all do it, just because I have my back to you when I workout that I can't see you, I have a small high resolution cam attached to my computer that is in turn attached to my television, the cam is positioned on the window sill so it can't be seen and it's zoomed in on your window and I can see your hand flashing up and down your cock, nice cock by the way" he went on.


I felt a bit sick now and didn't know how to respond, he saw my predicament and said "hey don't worry, it's okay, we are alike and I will never tell anyone" I smiled weakly and murmured my thanks, we sat and drank our water, his bare leg rubbed against mine and I could see he had erected in his shorts after a while I spoke up, "so what are we going to do about our perversion then?" He grinned and replied "well why not exercise our so called perversions" I grinned back and said "okay what shall we do then?" He took my hand and led me through a small gate into the field behind, part way in was a small copse and we headed for it, parting the bushes he led me in and I saw it had a small trail through to a patch of grass, we were completely hidden from the road now, we both sat down on the grass and he leaned over and kissed me on the lips, we parted and he spoke up "I'm Harry by the way" I replied that I was Jeremy, but preferred Jez, we resumed kissing and Harry ran his hands over my bare chest and tweaked my erect nipples, I groaned as he did this and he took my hand and placed it on his right nipple and I tweaked it for him, we then felt each others firm erections, Harry stood up and removed his trainers and socks and told me to pull his shorts down, I hooked my fingers in the waistband and tugged them down, like me he wasn't wearing underpants and his erect cock slapped up against his lower chest, he was about the same size as me but circumcised, his bare knob was bright red and I reached out and fondled his balls, he groaned as I grabbed his cock and rubbed it up and down, he had no spare skin so my hand ran over his circumcision scars.


I stood up and removed my trainers and socks and slid my shorts down and let Harry feel my cock and balls, he skinned back my foreskin and rubbed it up and down and got me fully hard. He dropped quickly to his knees and took my hard cock into his mouth

"Oh god!" I moaned as he sucked my knob and then swallowed all my cock down to my pubes, I held his head as he sucked me and I moaned and groaned, I was on tiptoes and ready to shoot my sperm and told him so, he didn't pull off, I grabbed his head and growled out loud and shot my cum into his mouth, he squeezed my balls to get every drop and then pulled off and caught his breath, he grinned and said "Mmm you taste great Jez". "Bet you taste better Harry" I said as I dropped to my knees and took his bare knob into my mouth and fondled his balls, I gave as good as I got and had Harry squirming and moaning in ecstasy "Argghh Jez, it's cumming, Argghh ohhh" he moaned and I got spurts of his boy sperm hitting the back of my throat, I did my best to swallow it all, but some did escape and run down my chin, he scooped it up and tasted it "Mmm yeah I do taste good don't I?" he said and we both laughed.


We rested up a bit and drank some water and then got dressed and started to jog back home steadily and chatting as we went and made arrangements to meet later, before we hit the main road we stopped and Harry leaned in and kissed me and then pulled off "I really want to do more Jez" he said and I replied "so do I Harry, your so sexy" We set off again and were soon back outside out apartment blocks "well see you later" Harry said and set off into the lift, I turned and set off to my apartment block and into the lift, when in the apartment I went and stripped off and got into the shower and had a good warm one and thought of Harry and the fun we were going to have.


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