The Box

by Larkin

Fictional Story, sexual content, male/male Copyright Larkin 2006

The Box
by Larkin

I raced down the hill on my bike and purposely crashed into the large bush on Peter's lawn. I left my bike where it landed and went into his house as if it was my own. I ran passed his Mother and into Peter's room.

I heard her call out to me,
"Hi Jimmy!"

Peter's room was even messy than mine. He shared the room with his younger Brother, Marky so that made double the junk. It was all mixed up so no one knew what was what.
Peter was reclining on the floor so I joined in. In the middle of the floor there was a large cardboard box just sort of sitting there.
The box was taped closed and he had poked some holes in the side as if he was keeping and animal like maybe a dog or a cat trapped inside. He was thrilled that I showed up and was acting as if he had the greatest secret to share with me.

I dropped my knapsack on his Brother's bed.
"What's that, Meerkat Manor?" I joked

He said, "Well you're sort of right, except that it's a wild animal, but it's not dangerous."

He looked down through a small hole he had cut in the top, and then he started giggling.

I went towards the box to look but he stopped me, "No, not yet, it's still a secret. You have to guess."

I started guessing, "A squirrel?"

He shook he head no.

"A possum?" He started giggling again. I was getting irritated.

"Come on, tell me" I guess the secret was just too good.

I guessed again. "I know, a dog, a cat? Um, a raccoon. Guinea pigs? Hamsters?"

Peter, still looking mischievous, said, "I'll give you a hint."

There was a hole on his side of the box just large enough for him to reach his hand inside. He was still smiling and looking at me while he was moving his hand around inside of the box.

I said, "Don't get bitten or clawed cause you might get rabies."

He brought his hand out and put it up to me, "Here, smell my finger."

I did and immediately pulled away and covered my nose with my tee-shirt.

"Eeeuw! It smells like shit, get away from me!"

Peter could not stop giggling. By this time his face was red. I came forward to carefully look into the box. I leaned forward and looked into the ragged hole cut in the box. I saw a smiling face looking back up at me. It was Peter's little Brother, Marky enclosed in the box. He was completely naked and looked perfectly happy. I saw Peter's hand feeling around inside of the box with Marky. Marky raised his leg and let Peter stick his finger up his butt hole. Now all three of us were laughing uncontrollably.

When we recovered, Peter said, "No, wait, look at this."

He got up on his knees and opened his pants. To my surprise, he took out his four inch cock and put it in a hole on the side of the box. He stood there like that, not moving and staring up at the ceiling. When he pulled his cock out, it was standing straight up and was wet with spit. A look of astonishment must have covered my face. He was proud of his accomplishment.

"Here, you try it."

Of course I did. When you think about it, who could resist? As soon as I did I felt something pulling on my cock then it felt wet. Then it began to feel really good.

Peter was impatient. "Come on, it's my turn."

I was irritated because I was doing it for only about thirty seconds and it was his box and he could do it anytime he wanted.

"Not yet, I just started! Cut another hole in the box."

I guess Peter figured that was a good idea and he started looking around for the knife.
It was a good thing that I had my back to the door because it suddenly opened and Peter's Mother walked right in on us. I managed to hide my stiff dick back into my pants before she saw it.

She surveyed the room. "Peter, I left that box in here so that you and your brother would clean up this room and get rid of some of this junk. By the way, where is Marky?"

We both shrugged our shoulders and looked at each other, mystified. She shut the door and we went right back to what we were doing. When Peter poked the knife in the box, I said "Hey be careful, you don't want to stab him."

Peter looked down through the hole and continued to cut. "Marky, move your ass, move you leg."

Now Marky could suck one of us and J.O. the other, then take turns. I looked down through one of the hole at Marky sucking on Peters cock. I have to admit that it was very exciting to see something like that. I stuck my cock back into the box. Marky immediately started blowing me. I like to think it was because mine was bigger than Peter's. After awhile, I think Peter was getting jealous because he began to threaten Marky.

"If you don't suck my dick, I'm gonna pee in this box."

I heard high pitched cries from inside the box and I burst out laughing. Peter got his way.

After a bit, I was feeling neglected. "Marky, can you hear me?"

I never realized how high his voice was before. "Marky, if you don't suck my dick, I'm going to pee into the box."

He started his high pitched pleas again and went back to sucking me. I knew this was so unfair. After all, Peter and me were having all the fun.

I looked across the box at Peter. "Peter, maybe you can put a hole in just the right place so that Marky can blow me and you can butt fuck him. Does that seem fair to you?"

Peter thought about it and then said, "Yeah, that seems fair, ok let's try that."

Our fun lasted only a few more minutes before his Mother barged in with a list of dreary chores.

She looked down at me. "Jimmy, maybe it would be a good idea if you come back later, ok?"

In other words, get lost. I got the message.

A few hours later, I was lying on my bed playing Nintendo. My door opened and my Mother looked in.

She said, "Jimmy, you have a visitor. I think it's Peter's Brother."

From behind her a timid little Marky came into my room. He just sort of stood there looking at me. When my mother disappeared, he climbed up on my bed and then, without saying a word... he climbed on top of me.

This was to be a much more rewarding experience for both of us. As it turned out, we didn't need a stupid old box.