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 The story is about a boy who inherits a castle from his departed uncle.


He moves from the U.S.A to England.


The boys are named below.


Toby 13

Jackson 13

Dick 12

Harry 12



The last chapter ended with;


"That is what older brother are for, I wish I had an older brother, all I have got is a ugly fucking sister who hogs the bathroom all fucking day." Kent announced. "So do you and Jackson fool around?" Gilbert asked me. "We do, we are boyfriends so yes we do things together." I replied. Jackson has said that it is ok for me to say that he and me are boyfriends when asked.


"Cool, you fuck and suck?" Kerry wanted to know." "Well that might be private' it depends on what you all do in bed." I said. "So how about we all show and tell tonight?" Wilbert grins. "I am up for some fun." Kent replied. The others also said they would give it a go. I am so happy that all of my friends want to fool around tonight.


Chapter 16 Knight Night.


As you all know we live in a castle in Nottingham England. All over the U.K are castles. Some made around the 13 century and some made in the 16th century. Our castle is a round castle with a big moat.


Now this month all the castles around the U.K are holding a Knight of Knights. It is when knights come to your castle and re-enact wars during those times. Like medieval times. Dad said that a local group of knights wanted to use our castle to re-enact a Knight of knights and there would be tents and camps on our back yard.


The re-enactment would be held over in three days. It is a long weekend. So the Knights would arrive on Friday afternoon and begin to start building their structures and set up camp. Our suits of armor would be on show in the cases we used when we went on tour of the states.


All of us boys would be wearing the small amour that we found hidden in the walls of the castle. "So Jackson, are you wearing any boxers under your suit." I asked him. "Yep, I don `t want my balls rubbing on that cold metal." Jackson sniggered. "Well I am as well. Not wanting my junk to get cold you know." I grinned. "Toby, are the road signs been put out?' My dad asked me. "Yep, we all put them out a few hours ago so the knights know where to park their cars." I reply.


"Knights didn't have cars back then. They had carts and horses." Dick remarked. "I know that." I reply. We all had our chores to do. That way we could earn some money that long weekend.


My mom had made a ton of cakes and sweets that the knights would have eaten in those days and we would be selling them to the general public who would be attending the medieval weekend.


"I hope all the guys come dressed in their medieval clothes." Harry said as he sat down ready to eat some dinner. The drive way is slowly filling up at the back of the castle. Dad is out there making sure that the people who are attending the medieval weekend are going to the right part of the camping area.


We had the local scout troop come over and help out with assistance dealing with the public. They would get some cash as a donation to their troop. "It sure looks like we have sold a lot of tickets this week.' My mom said as she checks what tickets are left. We knew that some people would come on the day without a ticket.


That night we all slept in our beds with our special friend s next to us. I knew that Jackson loves to be close to me and that Harry loves being close to Dick. So we cuddled together and then fell asleep. In the morning we all woke up hearing a lot of horses making a lot of noise.


"Bloody horses." Jackson moaned as he got up and walked to my bathroom. "Must be hungry." I remarked as I walked to the toilet and began to unload my bladder. I let out a long fart that made a strange noise. "That was a right quirkily fart Toby." Jackson sniggered. "It was all that fudge I ate last night." I replied.


"Boys time to eat' we will be busy all day so get a move on." Dad yells out. He is now in his chainmail and looks the part. Mom is wearing a dress that would have looked like in the 16th century. We all are just in our boxers. Our suits of armor would be put on after breakfast.


"Good morning to all, I see you are dealing with breakfast." The director of the Knight of nights said as he entered the kitchen. He is staying in one of the guest rooms. "Hi Fredrick, want some breakfast." Mom grins. "I would love to try your waffles please." Fredrick said as he sat down and sipped on his coffee.


"It looks like we will have a full day today and for the rest of the weekend." Dad announced. "Yes the lads are all excited about putting on a display' they sure work hard to make it life like." Fredrick remarked. The lads are all men who re-enact medieval times and have all the armor and swords and horses that are set up as in medieval times.


I feel that I am ready to show my swordsman skills as I have been training with Jackson and our brothers as we are putting on a display with full armor. That will happen after lunch. "I would tell your boys to put on some thin long johns on so that the amour won't chafe their skins." Kenton said as he arrives to the table for breakfast. He's the organizer of the Daily shows and has been a loyal medieval performer for many years.


"I think it will be cool enough to wear them." Fredrick announced. "Ok, we have some that we use when it is cool at night in winter." Dad quoted. We all finished eating our breakfast and then headed to our rooms where our armor is on the seats. "That is an awesome sword and shield." Harry said to Dick. "Yep, dad checked the area and it's the official shield the Knights would have had on their shields." Dick remarked.


"I like my lion on my shield." Harry grins as he starts to put his amour on. In half an hour we all were dressed ready for the show. All of our friends have now arrived and all are in their medieval clothing. Some are naves and jesters. All of our friends are so happy to be a part of the medieval times show.


`Good morning everyone, welcome to the medieval times and we hope you all enjoy the shows we will put on." Fredrick said into the mic. All the public yelled and shouted that they are all ready for the show to start. Most of the public had dressed up in re-enactment clothing.


"Let's show them our skills Jackson." I said we walked to the stage that was built and we had a huge round table on the stage and all of us boys began to act out like we are Knights of the round table. A friend of ours acted like he was a drunken knight and we kicked him off the table. All the guests loved it and we then finished our first show of that morning.


Then the pros began to show off their sword fighting skills. That made the crowed yell and scream as the dark Knight fell to his knees as he had just lost his head. A few horses then took him away with ropes attached to his body. He is dragged to the end of the grounds.


"I think it is time for a break." I told the guys. I took off my armor and sat on a chair while we sipped on iced tea. "Hey, you are Toby' I go to the same school as you." A boy said to me. "I didn't know him as he was in a lower class and he looked a bit younger than me. "Oh Hi Willy' nice to see you here." Jackson said as he waved to Willy.


"Hi Jackson, it sure is fun here." Willy said as he sat down next to Harry and Dick. "Wait till we have the medieval dinner, it will be a blast." Dick said. "Oh, I won't be able to attend' my dad couldn't get any tickets for it." Willy muttered. "We can bring you to the dinner, you can sit with us." Jackson told Willy. We did have a few extra tickets for special friends.


"Oh wow, thanks." Willy grins. "I would love for you to come and be with us." I said. I still didn't know him but Jackson did know him though. We rested up and watched dad and his friends in a mock fight. Jackson's dad is a bad guy and my dad is using his skills to fight Jackson's dad with a maze.


"They look like they are really enjoying it." Jackson said as he watches his dad hit my dad with a long pole. "Our dads have been practicing all week long." Harry quipped. A large group of knights then started a fight scene with large batons and lances. Horses would ride by with knights charging with big clubs.


The day ended with a drink and some food. Locals would check out our mom's stand and a lot of the local men would head to the mead stand to taste what knights drank in that era. Then all those who paid £30 for the feast of the knights are now heading to the big marque. Pigs on big spits are almost ready to eat. Lamb and chickens are all laid out ready to be served.


"Over here guys, we can grab what we like." I said as we headed to the buffet style lineup. Now we are wearing normal clothes again we can sit down and relax. "Looks yummy." Willy said as he licked his lips. I had to ask Jackson who this kid is and why he's here. I grabbed Jackson while we tool a quick pee break. "So Jackson' who is this kid Willy, you seem to know him but I don't have a clue to who he is?" I said as I peed into the portable urinals.


"He's the younger brother to Wane, he's in our class, he's a great chess player and has helped my game improve." Jackson replied. "Ok, when have you been playing chess then?' I asked him. "I started up a few weeks ago, been going to see Wane and his brother when you were at your cooking classes.' Jackson said.


"Oh wow, I never thought you were a chess player." I gasped. "Well, I like eating food, but for cooking it I leave that to my mom." Jackson giggled. "I know what you are saying, I wanted to learn how to cook as I want to be a chef when I get older." I told my lover boy.


"Ok, so I now understand who this kid is." I quoted as we returned to our table and finished eating our Knight's dinner. We pigged out and enjoyed our meal. All the guests sure filled up,. We had two huge boars on spits and they were both quickly eaten up. Two large lambs and 30 chickens are now just carcass.


"That is it for the night everyone, please come back tomorrow as we will have more entertainment for you all." Dad yelled as he waved a red flag around announcing that the dinner is now over. As we headed back to the castle I noticed that Harry and Dick had Willy by the arms and bringing him to the castle. He had a sack over his head and it looked weird that our brothers had this boy tied up with a sack on his head.


"Dick, Harry, what the fuck is going on here?" I yelled out. "Oh Willy here is our slave for the night, he's staying over and he's going to be our slave." Dick said as the three boys head to Dick's bedroom. Willy is 11 years old and has a nice bubble butt. I wondered if our brothers would have Willy on the bed naked and ready to have some fun with him.


"Hey guys, we know all about Willy, he's been looked after by your brothers." Mom told us. "The way we spotted Willy, he looks like he might need some help." Jackson sniggered. "Oh the boys are just fooling around' you know slave and master thing." Mom grinned. "Well, we will keep an eye out for young Willy." I said as Jackson and I headed to my room.


All the knights are now in their tents and after a good swig of mead they all soon fell asleep. Our guests are in their rooms that were away from our rooms so they could not hear all the sex we did during the weekend. "I think our brothers have your chess friend naked on the bed ready to be plugged." I told Jackson.


"I didn't think Willy is gay." Jackson told me. "Doesn't matter if he is gay or not our brothers will have him squealing all night long." I chuckle. I undressed and sat on the bed. Jackson is just in his boxers and he soon turns the light down so that we can snuggle on the bed. `Want to have a few sucks on my yummy wiener." Jackson said as he whips his wiener out of his boxers.


"Get it on dude." I grinned as my head lowered down to Jackson's wiener and in seconds I was licking under his foreskin. I knew he is clean under his hood as he does take care of keeping his hood clean and sweet. I felt all over Jackson's knob as I have had a few cut wieners in my mouth and feeling my boyfriend's helmet wiggling between my lips told me that Jackson still has his hoodie.


"Oh fuck here I cum." Jackson grunted as he filled me with a few squirts of his load. I gulped his load and licked the drops of cum off his knob. It was then that Jackson told me to stop as his knob is now so red that it can hurt him. So I stopped and let his wiener drop out of my mouth.


"We have to get a move on and get some sleep." I told Jackson. He asked if I wanted to have him suck me off but he said he was worn out. Well I was worn out and asked him to jerk me off. He did and I cummed and thanked him for a nice wank.


"Get on the bed, and take all of your clothes off young man." Harry said in a deep voice. "You have been asked if you want to do these things as payment for staying here so nod your head if you want to continue being our servant." Dick said to Willy.


Willy nodded his head and began to undress. In minutes he is naked and has a boner. He is uncut and has a short looking foreskin. His knob sticks out of his foreskin so his pee slit is always poking out of his hoodie. You could say he has a slight circumcision. Harry's foreskin has a small nib on the end of his hoodie that points to the left.


"I see you are uncut, well it looks like you have a hoodie." Dick sniggers as he plays with Willy's pee slit. "I have a foreskin Dick, it's not like Harry's but it's a foreskin." Willy responded. "Ok, get it stiff for us to see how big it is?" Harry said as he sidles his own foreskin. Willy is now hard and has his eyes on Dick's cut pink tipped helmet with no foreskin. Willy has only seen photos of cut boys and has not been this close to a cut boy.


"I see you are checking my wiener, yes I am cut, my dad is cut and my brother Toby is cut." Dick said as he held onto his helmet and showed Willy his pinkish knob. "You want to suck on the end of it Willy, I know you want to suck it and feel it in your mouth." Harry said in a sexy voice. "Oh no, I am not gay." Willy mumbled. So Harry moved his head towards Willy's wiener and sucked it all the way to Willy's balls.


"He likes it Harry, he has not removed his knob out of your mouth." Dick said as he sees the look on Willy's face. It was all over in seconds. Willy moaned as he fucked Harry's lips and grunted as he shot out hos small load of cum into Harry's mouth.


"Now that you have felt how a head job feels you have to do us two now." Dick said as he held his wiener in front of Willy's mouth and waited for Willy to suck Dick off. Willy looked at the button mushroomed knob that is now close to his face. "I don't know' is this safe to put in your mouth?" Willy asked as he stared at Dick's wiener. "Hey Willy, we just sucked your wiener and we are all still alive so get your lips around it." Dick said as he moved his wiener closer to Willy's lips.


Willy decided to open his mouth and waited for Dick to slide his cut wiener into his mouth. In seconds Willy was sucking his first wiener. He didn't know what to do but soon had his lips wrapped around Dick's wiener and felt Dick moving in and out of his lips.


"He's liking it Dick." Harry grinned as he slid his foreskin back and forth getting off seeing the younger boy on the end of his boyfriend's wiener. It was not long before Willy tasted his first load of cum. "Now gulp my cum down young man." Dick quoted. In seconds Willy licked the cum off Dick's member and then pulled off Dick's wiener.


Harry was next and Willy felt Harry's foreskin slide back as he licked all around Harry's knob. He never had a foreskined boy's wiener in his mouth and now he is a cock hound.


The boys soon fell asleep with smiles on their faces. The next day we all woke up and headed to the kitchen for our breakfast. Our guests are already eating as both men had to be u[p early to get todays events ready for all to see. "Boys, we are going to open the castle today so all of you will be needed to guide the guests around and show them all the public areas." Dad informed us all. "When is that happening dad?" I asked him. "The house will be open after lunch for three hours so that will be long enough for the visitors to check the castle out." Dad quoted.



Breakfast is quickly eaten. I did see that Willy is looking a little flushed when he arrived to the kitchen. "Hey boys, your chain mail will be ready just before your stage show starts." Kenton the director remarked. "Cool. I can't wait to try it on." Dick squeaks. "You all will look so smart in your chainmail." Fredrick quoted. "I have to take a photo of you all in your chainmail." Mom Grinned as she wiped her hands on a tea towel.


"The boys will be on the stage in one hour so you can grab your camera and head there to see them fight.' Dad told mom. "I will be there boys." Mom smiled as she served us a cup of tea. Then after we had finished eating we all headed to the grounds where all the knights had set up their fight scenes. Cameras from T.V shows arrived and so did the local and state newspaper reporters.


"Welcome to the second day of our Knight of nights." The announcer said as Knights of all sizes and ages began to walk onto the arena. We all walked to the front of the stage and bowed as best we could and then horses flew past the stage with knights on them all. In our chainmail we had a boy stand in front of us with a dagger in his hand and he had to try and poke us with his dagger. He did strike Jackson but the boy's dagger just dragged on the chainmail and Jackson felt nothing.


"As you can see that the knights of old were safe in their chainmail." The announcer said as we walked off the stage. Then we changed into our normal clothes ready for the tours of the castle. We ate quickly and then headed to our stations were the visitors would be told about the part of the castle we had on tour.


"So this is where all the secret room was found?" A boy asked me. "Yes, over there is the secret rooms that all the armor was found." I said. "Is that were the skeletons were found?" The boy asked me. "Yes, there were about 3 skeletons there." I remarked. "Cool." The boy grins as we continue the tour. It was time to end the tour and I returned to the start ready for my next tour. In total we had four tours to show off our castle.


"It's time for a rest.' Jackson muttered as he walked with me to the snack bar. A few guests asked us how we lived in a castle. I said it was just like living in a house but bigger. Then the time for the knights to pair off with a lance and a horse. In an area roped off we had two horses and two knights pairing off to lance off with each other. Both knights would ride their horses and then try to knock off a knight with a long wooden lance.


"I bet the black knight wins this round." Willy said as he tips the dark knight on the winner's board. A 50p bet is given to the bookie who gave you a ticket to win on the dark knight. The white knight had more bets and then the race began. The dark knight jabbed the white knight but his lance didn't hit the white knight with a full force and dropped off his horse and fell onto the ground.


"The winner is the white knight." The announcer said as people cheered the white knight. The dark knight challenged the white knight for another round and the guests go wild cheering the white knight to top the dark knight. It was time for both knights to ride their horses facing each other with their long wooden lances and in seconds the dark knight's helmet is rolling down the grassed track.



"Now that is how you pin your man." The announcer giggled as the guests yell for the White knight. The show ended for that day and all our guests then checked out all the stalls that sold things dealing with the knights. Like you could buy fake armor, fake swords and other things like that.


Mom was busy selling her jams and pickled onions that were grabbed by the box load. Dad is helping out some knights with their armor as it is so heavy to take off. "That was a great show you boys put on today, can we take your photos please and have a short interview." The B.B.C reporter asked us guys. "Sure, we can stand over there as that will be the best spot to do an interview." I told the reporter.


We all stood by the wishing well we had dug and waited for the reporter to interview us all. "Now boys, how did you get involved with the knights of old?' The reporter asked. "Simple, we found a lot of old things that deals with the knights in our castle. Dad asked if we wanted to see if we could get the armor to fit us and that is what we did." I said. The reporter then continued to ask us questions. Dick told the reporter about our tour of the states showing off all the things we found hidden in the castle and how we ended up living in a castle. My uncle's face would be used in the report.


The reporter had us all stand with our smaller swords high into the air and yelled like the white knight.


That was it and we all thanked the reporter for putting us on the news. "I hope we get to see it." Harry questioned. "They will show it Harry, why ask us if they won't put it on the TV.' Dick replied. "I am going to change as its getting hotter now." I muttered as we all headed to our large tent and changed into normal clothes again. It was now time for the last medieval dinner and that will be a busy night for us all.


Roasted meat is almost ready to be placed on top of the large wooden tables. Roasted vegetables are placed into large wooden bowels and it sure smells awesome. The guests are having a few homemade Knight ales and my dad said that the ale tastes like real beer. Jesters are keeping the guests busy while waiters are setting up the buffet tables.


"Please be ready to eat." The announcer said as the three large roasted pigs head towards the main table. Everyone cheers as the pigs are laid out and soon the dinner guests are going to dig in. "I love these types of dinners." Harry grins as he licks his lips.


"You think with your tummy Harry." Dick said as the boys wait their turn to head to the server and hold onto their wooden plates. "Grab the crackling Toby, it's the best I have ever seen." Jackson remarked. I did and it was crunchy and yet chewable.


"The lord has now waved his hand so please everyone dig in." The announcer said as we all got stuck into our dinners. "Love the pig meat, its real juicy." Most of the guests said as they ate their meal. The food went down well and all the guests thanked all those who helped make the Knights of nights a great night.


"I am ready to hit the bed." I told Jackson. "Yeah, just have a nice shower and then cuddle with my teddy bear." Jackson quipped. `I hope that you enjoy cuddling your teddy bear." I sniggered as I dropped my boxers and headed to the bathroom. Jackson follows me in and we are soon under the hot water washing off another long days' worth of fun.


"Soap my back please Toby." Jackson asked me. I grab the soap and wash Jackson's back and all the way to his bubble butt. I finger his little hole making sure he is clean there. Then it is my turn to have my back washed. "Oh here we are' a little brown butt hole that needs cleaning." Jackson grins as he slides his middle finger deep into my hole and gives it a wiggle or two.


I felt his finger slide into my hole and it was ok, not that pain was involved. Jackson did try not to hurt me. He finished washing me and I turned the water off and then we both dried off. "I want to dock with you Jackson' I love your yummy wet foreskin." I said as I got onto my bed and lay on my side so that Jackson is able to aim his foreskined knob onto mine.


I watch Jackson peel his hoodie back seeing his reddish knob appear from its wet hidden place. "Get ready to cum into my hoodie Toby." Jackson told me as he closes his foreskin over my cut dry knob and I feel the heat of Jackson's foreskin warming my helmet.


Well that's it for now. Maybe I will continue this story in a few months time.


Thanks for reading it.