The Boys in Gym.

Part II
Truth or Dare

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When Saturday finally rolled around, I was pretty anxious about what would, and could happen in the day. I got dressed, and got ready for work. As I finished, I kicked my drunk ass mom on the side, trying to wake her. She was so smashed. All she ever does is drink. I am never going to be like her. Hell, I am already not like her. I have to pay the rent half the time anyways...

I got off of work at noon, because I only had a half shift. I like to have my weekends pretty free. I drove straight to Jake's House. I would go into a long explanation about how magnificent his house was...Greek columns, Hardwood floors, antique furniture, blah....We have all seen a big house. They have all these Catholic stuff, Crosses, you know the ones that are kind of creepy with the nails going through Jesus' hands. His mom was crazy religious.

"Hi, Welcome to our home." His mom said.
"Oh, hey how are you doing? Thanks for allowing me to come over."
"Hey, guy its no problem....So, What are you boys going to spend your evening doing"
"I am probably going to watch a movie, or something, you know. We don't really have it planed out, and I don't know about Jake, but I like to live my life from moment to moment, take each bit as it comes."
"To each his own, I guess", I don't think I hit it off real well with Jake's mom. She has to think there is something fucked up about me if I am 17 and still in Middle School. I mean, I didn't tell her that, but I did drive here. Jake standing by his mom waiting for us to finish our conversation. We exchanged glances, then he led me up the cool winding stairs, down a hallway, and into the media room. Nothing too exciting happened for a large majority of the evening. We watched movies and played video games and stuff. We ate dinner, and it got dark. I made a decision.

"Hey Jake"
"Let's watch a scary movie, do you have any?"
", I don't think so."
"Follow me," I ran out the door and slid down the wind staircase. That sounds like it would be really cool, but I almost fell off and died. Anyhow, He tried to catch up. I took him to a movie story. We got the new exorcism movie that is based on a true story and all that crap. It was a good movie; I had seen it. I figured it would be especially scary to him, since he was probably somewhat religious.

When we got back I had to make up some Bull about what movie we got to his mom. I didn't want her to have a heart attack or anything. I also did not want her coming up stairs and saying the Lord's prayer or nothing like that. She said she was going to bed, because she had to be up early for mass and all. She said not to stay up to late, and told us goodnight. She gave Jake a kiss. He got all embarrassed and stuff; it was pretty cute.

Jake and I got back up stairs, and being the cynical guy I am, I had to give him hell for getting embarrassed. I patted his dark chocolate colored hair, and said, "awww, did mommy make you blush?"

"Shuudap.... man," he sounded whiny; "Do we have to watch it?"
"Of course we do. It is a good movie with a good ending, and if you get to scared you can come sit by me."

And at that he stopped with all of his complaining. He didn't sit next to me immediately; it was when the first scary part happened that he came over. I was sitting on the far-left side of the leather couch. He just came and sat by me, shoulder to shoulder. As the movie got progressively more scary, he started to look more scared, so I put my arm around his shoulder, and he seemed to be okay again. What I have to wonder, is if he planned on all of this touching was going to happen, or if he is just wingin' it like I am. I guess either way, it doesn't really matter. The movie finished, and he looked kind of tired.

"So what do you wanna do know?" he asked.
"I don't know, but I am sick of play video games and watching movies."
"We could uhhhhh...."
"hmmmmm...Let's play truth or dare."
"Oh....I don't know."
"Oh come on, you only live once."
"Sure I guess we can," he said, shying away.
"The first thing is first, we have to make up a punishment for if someone does not complete a dare they commit to."
"Like what"
"Well it has to fit the person, something they would definitely not want to do."
"Give me your car keys."
"What, why?"
"If you do all of your dares, and we finish, I will give them back. If not, then you are gonna have to walk home."
"Okay here...but if you do not complete a dare, I will glue devil horns to your mom's giant Jesus statue in the living room," there was no turning back, because he already had my keys.

"Can I go first?" he inquired.
"Truth or dare?"
"I dare you to...go moon someone"
"Who? Who would I moon at this time of night."
"I don't know, figure it out." This guy was a tricky. Luckily, I am like a Ninja. I crept into his parents room, and mooned them; they didn't even wake up. Jake was laughing so hard, but he wasn't happy...

"That doesn' count, they were asleep."
"You didn't say, 'go moon a conscience person.' Now, Truth or Dare?"
"Truth," ...that wimpy bastard, I knew he was going to say something lame like truth, I'll get him.
"That one day after school, when we were both next to each other in the bathroom, and I had a boner that you clearly saw, why did you look up at me and smile..."

Dead silence...He turned so red. He just put his head down and then finally..."Because."
"Because what?"
Hesitation..."It was so big and I guess I was curious to see what it looked like, and I was just surprised."
"Your turn"
Another pause..."Truth or dare?" he uttered quietly. He must have been ashamed.
"...Can I see it, now, when it is soft?" Ironically, just the thought of pulling it out in front of him made me hard. I stood up, I have trouble keeping it hard when I stand up. I pretended to have a hard time making a decision so that I could lose my hard on.

".... sure, I guess. We are both guys, It's nothing you don't already have." I unzipped my jeans, revealing my boxers. Then I grabbed the band of my underwear and pulled down underneath my massive balls. My plan kind of back fired. Now I was standing with nothing covering my dick, in front of the hottest, curious guy sitting only a foot away from my dick. Luckily, I have a pretty good resistance to getting hard when I want to, just like in gym. Still, I was sporting a half stock. I was probably over 4 inches in length at the moment, but not over 5.

"It's so big, can I.... touch it?" I nodded my head. He put his tiny little hands which could barley make it all the way around my dick. He wrapped them around the base, and squeezed a little. It was very intense, My cock pulsated. My wang is pretty strong so it moved his hand, and extended to its full 7-inch length. Two and a half inches closer to his face. I started leaning forward; I wanted it to touch his lips. I got close enough to feel is breath, then...

"It's you turn, I choose dare."
"I dare you to open your mouth, and leave it that way until I say so, " and as soon as he opened his mouth, whether it was to say something or to complete the dare I didn't know. I didn't care either. I just put my dick in his mouth. He started making noises like he was trying to say something, but I didn't try to understand. I just pushed my monster further down his throat. There was only a couple of inches that were not in his throat. I had my hands on the back of his head. I started pumping in and out, with no concern for the condition of his throat. He started making moaning noises like he was trying to say something.

"Yeah, That's the way I like it Jake. Take that big man cock." I started pulled my dick all the way out to give him a sec to get a breath. He inhaled deeply so fast, that it kind of made this high pitch noise. I shoved my penis back in, and started pulling it out and pushing to the back of his throat and he kept making these gagging noises. It was turning me on a lot. I wanted to finish

I started jacking off with my right hand, and my left hand was holding Jake's head so that I could mouth fuck him. It was more of a fucking my hand and his mouth, while kind of jacking off kind of a thing. Occasionally I would move my Jacking Off hand away and just fucked his mouth back and fourth really fast for a few seconds. I started getting close.

"You want me to stop?" he nodded.
"Then lick my nuts," and he put his head right under my nut sac and starting pushing his tongue around everywhere. Holding his head at my nuts, I started jacking off like crazy. I started to finish. I release my grip on his head and moved back a little, to gain access to the rest of his face.

"Open your mouth wide," I exploded my jizz all over his face, it was like a machine gun. Hundreds of little drops that covered his entire face only a little bit got in his mouth. I rubbed my dick all over his face, and put in his mouth one more time. I pulled it out and...

"You can shut your mouth now. " He threw me my keys, and walked to his room. He will probably be thinking about this all the way through mass, I though to myself.

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