The Boys in Gym.

Part III

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I didn't realize how easy it would be to do stuff with Jake. I mean, it kind of wasn't that fun. Don't get me wrong, it felt really good and all, but I think he got kind of sore about it is all I am saying. I would of like it better if he didn't get all sore. He doesn't talk to me as much now in gym. He doesn't play all those silly games we used to play, so I don't know what the deal is.

Anyways, I liked what happened and wanted it to continue. Since Jake hadn't spoken to me for weeks I decided to go for some easier prey. There is this guy named Kyle. He is a 13-year-old, in seventh grade. He is a pretty cool kid and all, but for whatever reason, he likes to hang out with this big flamer, Ryan. I figure they are probably doing stuff already. Flamers are so fake. They just pretend to be gay; half of them are only gay to be popular or because they are too insecure to hit on chicks or something. Especially this guy Ryan, he even likes fashion and all this other superficial crap. I want to punch him in the face or something. He disgraces everyone by calling himself "gay". He is the kind of guy that carries stereotypes, and helps them live.

Enough about that loser. Kyle is this cute fair skinned boy. He is quite a bit shorter then me. He is very open with his body. For instance, I will be sitting on the gym floor, and he will tighten his gym pants right in front of my face, where my face is eye level with his abs. The only thing about his appearance that I have ever heard anyone complain about are his teeth, he has kind of a bad cross bite. It isn't like an ugly cross bite, like the kind where teeth are coming out of the gums and stuff. It is kind of cute, I think, gives him some character; besides, he has a nice smile.

He is a very reserved guy, until you let him talk. Do Not ever let Kyle start talking, and if you do, then interrupt him. He talks for twenty minutes, about something totally ridiculous, like tying his shoes, and his strategies of doing it, and the type of shoe lace he has, then his different shoes, and then he will talk about socks, and how they are made; the point is if you ask him anything, he will tell you everything. That wouldn't be so bad in itself, but the guy's got to talk so quietly that you can barely hear him. Then if you ask him to speak up he gets mad. It's Crazy!

I ran up to him and picked him up and threw him over my shoulder, "GOTCHA BITCH!"

He got pretty upset, "PUT ME DOWN ASSHOLE!"

"Why should I, huh Kyle, Give me one good reason," then he bite my upper back pretty hard, I thought I might be bleeding at first, "Damn, Kyle. Are you half vampire?"

"You picked me up," you could tell he was a bit upset.

"Really?" I said in a sardonic kind of way.

"You're mean," he punched me square in the gut, knocked the air out of me a little.

"You're gonna get it!" As he was running off, I behind him, and put my hand out to grab him. I picked him up again and swung him around. I started feeling his ass. It was really nice. Not to muscled, not too skinny, not to fat, but a good balance of all of the above. He didn't say anything. He didn't say to let go, to stop, to continue, nothing. I took this as a distinct sign that he was interested in doing something.

Later at lunch, where he normally sits across from me, he was talking to that stupid flamer kid, Ryan. Today Kyle sat next to me, and across from Ryan, which was pretty normal, so that they could talk. Kyle got up at one point and went to talk to girls that were behind Ryan. Therefore, Ryan could not see what Kyle was doing. When Kyle was talking to these girls, he had bent over big time. He arched his back and everything. He had on a red sweater, and some athletic pants that were kind of revealing. I knew from gym that he had on some briefs. It was was pretty hot. Anyways, later he was telling Ryan that he needed a ride home from school, because his mom was in Rehabilitation hospital; Ryan was saying he had cheerleading practice, and that his ride was picking him up an hour and half after school got out.

"I can give ya' a lift if you need one."

"ummm...yeah, sure, I guess that would be all right," and Ryan trying to stab me with a death stare, but since he is so effeminate, it was kind of funny and not really intimidating at all, so I just started laughing.

"What's so funny?"

"Nothin'... don't worry about it."

I pulled my car around to the front of the school to get him. He got in, and put his stuff in my trunk. Apparently he played French Horn, in the school band.

"You play the Horn?"

" is kind of boring. I do not really like it; I mean I kind of do, but I don't. It is really just that it is kind of fun to play, but the Horns never get the fun part, and especially me, because I do not really practice. I don't really practice, because I would rather get my homework done, or hang out with friends. Plus my parents never help me with my school work, like most..."

"Oh yeah, I know what you mean, totally. My dad died a long time ago, and my mom is an alcoholic. Isn't your mom in rehab? What is she in for," I knew it was dumb to ask him question, because he would just go on forever, but oh well.

"She is a suffering," then he got too quiet to hear.

"She is a suffering, WHAT?"

"Sex addict. She is always bringing all kind'sa guys over, and you can hear them, they are so loud. She is such a bad example; I am Never gonna be like her. She is sucha.... Where are we going?"

"Oh, I just need to make a quick stop on the way," He told me where his house was at lunch; he didn't live that far from me, but I need some extra time for what I had in mind, "I know what you mean though. My mom is an alcoholic, she isn't exactly a friggen role model either."

"Hehehe, yeah, I guess that is one things we have in common, where is this quick stop that you have to go to," Luckily we lived in a small town and there were a lot of people who still had farm land.

"I need to pick up some tools for this hammock I am building, " it was all totally bullshit, but what ever; if I wanted to, I could build a hammock.

"Oh, That's cool. One time, when I used to be a Cub Scout, we were building..."

"Here we are, come on lets go"

"Can't I just stay here?"

"It's gonna get hotter than hell, and it may take me a sec, you should at least wait in the shade.

I walked him into the woods. He got kind of curious, then I explained it would be faster to go around to the back of my friend's land to pick up his tools, than to go to the front, and go through his farmland. It was my friend's land, that much was true. We got to the middle and there was this old tree house that my friends and me built, a long time ago. No one ever comes anymore; sometimes I sleep here, when my mom gets all angry and drunk.

"This is so cool"

"I built most of it"

"You must be real good with wood."

"I'm probably worth a dime."


He didn't understand that I was mimicking his structure, his rhyme. He also did not get that I was insinuating the double meaning of what I said. Maybe was just playing dumb. We climbed up the tree into the tree house.

"Oh man, You were right, it is getting hot out here," and he took off his shirt. This behavior had been repeated by many of my friends, and I saw as completely platonic, however I did enjoy in a kinkier sort of way. He kicked his shoes off, and laid on the sleeping bag I had in the house for when I spent the night.

"This is so comfortable."

"Yeah, I put a couple of inches of foam underneath it."

"This is like the coolest place ever."

"You're probably right," we laughed.

He got on his knees and hands in front of me. He arched his back a little, and tiled his neck to look at me, "It's really hot in here," his right hand stayed down, with his head tilted on that side. With his other hand, he pulled his athletic pants down, revealing his tight, white briefs, which were displaying his ass beautifully. It was like a piece of candy waiting to be unwrapped, to be tasted.

He was definitely teasing me now; I was way too turned on to control myself. I grabbed the waistband of his briefs, and slowly pulled them down. The sight of his bare ass gave me the biggest boner. I spread his butt cheeks a little, to reveal his hole. It was slightly used, probably by that flamer's cock, which I over heard from the nosey girl, wasn't so big. I figure I could probably fuck him though. I touched around his asshole, and he started moaning a little. Yes, A screamer, I thought to myself.

I put my head to his ass, and thrust my tongue into his hole. He started moaning all over the place.

"Yeah, Lick my butt, yeah...ooh...slap my little ass," man this boy was wild. The four play was fun, but I wanted to continue. So, from my pants, I pulled some lube, which I had originally bought to use on Jake, but oh well. I then pulled my dick out of my zipper, I did not even want to take it all the way out, I did not want to waste that much time. I just pulled my dick through my boxers, and through my zipper, and got it all nice a lubed up.

"Ready for a real dick?" he nodded. I rubbed my dick back fourth down his ass crack, teasing him a little. I pushed right on the outside of his asshole. The moaning went from a low volume to a moderate one right about here. Then I slowly pushed my dick into his ass, but only to the first sphincter, you know that first muscle that blocks you from going all the way in. Then I pulled out and rammed back in a couple of times to this spot, teasing him just a little bit more. I kept doing it for a while. Then the moaning got above a moderate level. He was still saying the same kind of stuff. Then I barely pushed past the first wall, just slightly into the real part of the ass.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm, Fuck me, Fuck me please, Daemon, Fuck me in the ass!" he was begging now. I kept moving far enough in to go pass the muscle, but only the slightest bit; then I pulled all the way back out. Finally, I pushed in to that length and completely and abruptly stopped. To this point I had controlled the pace. Nothing happened for a few seconds; I flexed my dick really hard, and moved it forward just slightly. He arched his back, and started pushing his ass into my dick. I really wanted it bad. We were doing it doggy style, and he was pounding backwards, riding my cock on all fours. He was beating off like crazy as he did this. He had a little pubic hair above his wang, but that was about it.

I started to get close. I grabbed his hips, and I shoved my cock into him in a perfect counter-rhythm. It basically doubled the speed at which we were fucking. This is where he went from moaning loudly to basically screaming. Not even words anymore, just animalistic sounds, with maybe the occasional, "Don't stop." I was getting way to close.

"I'm about to cum," What he did next shocked the hell out of me.

"All over my face," he pulled me out of him, turned around and immediately put my dick, which was bulging, veiny, and pretty lubed-up from fucking him in the ass. I put it all the way down his throat. Then he started jack-off sucking me which is that jacking off and sucking at the same time combo. As soon as my cock throbbed from being so close, he pulled it out of his mouth, and continued jacking me off. I spewed way to many to count shots of cum all over his face; he licked all of it off of my dick. He had came when I was fucking him in the ass, right before I pulled out to get sucked off.

If I knew anything, It was that Kyle had to be as much of a sex addict as his mom. I intend to fix that.

© 2006 Daemon Ampericion