The Boys in Gym.

Part IV
The Tree House

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I did a lot of thinking about Kyle and his sex addiction, and while it turned me on a great deal, I did not really want it to have control over him. I knew if he was ever going to get control, then it would be early in his sexual experiences. I wanted to give him that control, that discipline, and hopefully the judgment to decide who and who not to have sex with.

On the day after the event at the tree house, I went to gym to talk to Kyle. We were running track that day and I jogged up beside him.

"Hey, I had fun yesterday. How about you?"

"Yeah it was really fun; we should do it again sometime!"

"You think so, like when?"

"When ever you want to..."

"What if I pick you up after..."

"Hey" Jake interrupted us.

"Hey Jake, how are you?" I inquired.

"Oh, I'm good, better than you!" he said excitedly.

"Yeah, it would be fine," Kyle said, out of place in the conversation.

"Hey, Kyle and I are going to hang out after school. You wanna come with?" I asked.

"Who would want to hang out with you?" Jake sarcastically asked, looking directly at me.

"All kinds of" I was distracted thinking about why Jake accosted me and could not finish my thought.

"Like no one, maybe." Jake said, mocking me. I was wondering why he decided to talk to me all of the sudden. There was a look of confidence in his mannerisms. Maybe he got over whatever made him not want to talk to me. As I was driving the two of them and myself to the tree house...

"Where are we going?" Jake wanted to know.

"A secret place," Kyle said, in a way to make it sound mystic and scary.

"Yeah, pretty much, I think you will like it," I stated in a dull contrast compared to the way Kyle spoke.

I put a cd in; the rest of the car ride was all spent listening to metal. When we got there, I asked if Kyle could just go up and relax and wait for Josh and I. As he went up the makeshift ladder, he was sticking his ass out a lot, he was fighting Jake for my attention. It was kind of flattering and kind of annoying; At any rate, he was winning the fight.


"Uhhhhh, Yeah, I want to talk about Kyle for a second," I said; he kind of sighed when I said that, "He has this problem. He is addicted to sex. I know that sounds lame, unimportant, pathetic, or insignificant, but I know a lot of people who have been fucked up because of sex. I used to be in group therapy for shit like this." I did. It is because my dad used to beat my brothers. A lot of the people in the group had been sexually abused. I wasn't so unlucky, but still.

"So what do you want me to do about it?"

"...I want to tempt him as much as we can, you know do the kind of stuff we did at your house right in front of him, and its gonna be his job not to touch. The more he touches, the more clothes we will put back on, and the less sex we will have." When I said sex he kind of looked down at the ground. "Jake, Do you feel bad about last time?

" Kinda,but...Yeah, I do."


"Because I looked it up in the bible, and it said that two men are not suppose to lie with each other in bed." I tried to think of a way to explain this to him without imposing my carefree attitude towards organized religion.

"It does say two men, doesn't it? Well, by law you are not a man, or an adult, until you are eighteen. We are minors, we are children, we will be forgiven." It was kind of ironic to think one guy needed me to tell him that sex is not his responsibility to have him help me teach the other guy that it is his responsibility.

"Yeah, I guess you are right, that is what it says." -- the funny thing is I was not really sure what the Bible said, I looked it up once a long time ago because I was curious, but I didn't remember or much care.

"So do you have it in you to do this, or not; if you don't I totally understand, I can drive you home, or we can hang out here and not do anything, it's up to you."

"ummmm...I think I can."

"Are you sure, cause I don't want to do it unless you are sure?"

"Yeah, I am sure.'We will accomplish this with steadfast determination and unity.'," he said the second part in a George Bush accent. It was pretty funny, so I started laughing.

"'Don't mis-underestimate the steadfastity of this union.'," Jake said very seriously. I told him once that George Bush made up the word "mis-underestimate"; Bush has been a joke ever since. We laughed again, together.

"Come on be serious. We have to put our game faces on now. If we want this to be really hard on him, then we will have to be as seductive as possible. So what I need you to do, is work with me. We can't talk very much for logistics. When you are having sex, language is not spoken, Ideas are stated with the body, touches, and looks. For instance if I wanted to turn you around I would just do this," I put my hands on his hips, and gently pushed his left side forward and his right side to me, causing him to do a 180.

"That's weird"

"I know it is...It's kinda like dancing, I guess; so I will lead. Just follow my hands, let them sculpt you into the shape I want."

"Sounds pretty gay," he smiled a sly smile that made me want to give it to him right then and there. With that we headed up the ladder up into the tree house. Once we got to the top we kicked our shoes off. I always tell everyone to kick their shoes off, because its all dirty, and I sometimes sweep that tree house, but you can't really clean it, so, yeah.

"Kyle, remember how you said you are never going to be like your mom?"


"Well, Jake and I are going to test your control over yourself. Well, Wha'daya say?"

"Yeah...I can do that...just like keep my hands to know just keep them by my side and not tou..." he trailed off and kind of mumble some garbage, the way he does, you know.

"Yep, and every time you can't manage to, Jake and I will go one step back and put more clothes on. But, if you make until the end, then I will," I wanted to say let you have sex with me, but then he might just control himself to have sex, which isn't quite what I was going for, "...let you beat off up here before we go. Now sit down on the bed"

I looked down at Kyle, and he looked nervous. He was eye level with my crotch area. I peeled my shirt off, revealing my toned upper body. I don't look like superman or anything, but I have some chest muscles and a six pack. Kyle's eyes darted up for a second, and he looked excited, then he got this real focused look like he was trying to concentrate. Jake came over and started rubbing my hips and the muscles in between them, you know the ones right below the abs, but not quite to the goodies yet. Jake slowly unbuttoned my jeans, and then unzipped them. He started pulling them down, and as soon as he pulled them pass my dick, it popped out and almost hit him; Kyle kinda chuckled. Jake was smiling as he put his hands on the goods. He put his face between my nuts and the side of my leg and he started breathing. At this point my dick was very rigid, and even starting to get a little leaky. I started moaning just a little, the deep "mmmmmmm, yeah" kind of a moan.

I walked behind kyle. I lipped "strip" the Jake. He understood. Jake took off his shirt with ease, and he didn't spend time trying show off any of his upper body. I went up behind Kyle and started sucking on his neck...

"What the heck, I thought we weren't going to touch each other"

"Dude, calm down, it's cool. I said you can't touch us, we can touch you though," I stated.

"But...that's not fair, how am I supposed..."

"Just resist the urge to touch back," he started mumbling something as per usual, to silence him, I went back to his neck.

"Ahhhhhh, mmmmmm," he reached down and started rubbing the outside of his pants.

"You can't touch you either. Not until the end, like I said," then he looked mad.

Jake bent over big time, with his hands on the shelf on the wall. Kyle's eyes were aligned with Jakes lower back, so he had a really good view .I knew, because I was still pleasuring Kyle's neck and ears; my head was right next to his. Jake took one hand and put it on the bottom of his back, and slid his hand down until he got to his pants. He kind of pushed them down with one hand, but I knew he was going to be able to with one hand, so I thought he was going to make himself look pretty silly, but what he did was pretty seductive.

"Hey, Kyle, Can you give me a hand?" Jake leaned over and grabbed Kyle's hand and put it on his right hip. Kyle slowly rubbed down, and lightly pinched Jake's ass; I smacked Kyle's hand back down. I got on my knees back over by Jake, and I yanked his pants down, and vigorously massaged his ass cheeks. I ripped Jake's underwear off, and I bit his ass cheek. When I did, Jake moaned his little soprano moan, and I heard some noise from Kyle, but I couldn't understand what it was. Jake was a little surprised at my brutishness, yet he still enjoyed it. I put my hands, which were completely spread out on to Jake's ass. The easily covered the entire thing; I spread his cheeks as far apart as I could. It exposed his little boy hole right into Kyle's view. I looked at Kyle and smiled, and then I put my face in Jake's ass, and started licking up and down everywhere. Jake went crazy.

"Ahhhhhhh yeah, ohhh...mmm," he started jacking off.

After a couple minutes of that I stood up and pushed Jake by his head down to my boxers. The shelf was behind Jake and I now, and we were standing face to face, more like crotch to face, with Kyle. I put my dick maybe an inch away from Kyle's face, and undid the button in the front, and pulled my dick out through the gate. Jake licked the side of the tip of my dick, which pulsated and got even closer to Kyle, whose look of anger had long since been gone, and now there was a blank look, like he was trying to move his mind somewhere else. I hit Kyle in the face with my dick a couple of times, and that got his attention. Jake tilted my cock in his direction a little to get it away from Kyle's face, and put the tip in his mouth. He sucked a little, but he was really just lubricating. He let my dick go back to its position, which was right in front of Kyle's mouth, and he started beating me off really fast. It was so fast and so lubricated that spit from Jake's mouth was flying off of my cock onto Kyle's face.

I leaned down, hitting Kyle in the face with my dick. I grabbed his shirt and took it off. I stripped him down to nothing. He was really horny. I pinched his nipples and licked his neck near where his Adams apple would be if he were older. I went from there to his collar bone. Meanwhile, Jake was basically giving Kyle a lap dance. Somehow Kyle was managing not to touch us, but he was really getting a kick out of this.

"Kyle, face the bed." I said. I went on to the mattress and I pulled my boxers off really quickly. Jake came over, but he looked somewhat confused. I laid down; I positioned myself so that my head was pointing in Kyle's direction. Jake was still standing there; I put my hands on his ass and pulled it to my face. He got it half right, but I also had to push head down for him to understand he was supposed to be sucking me off right now. I again spread Jake's ass and this time, I put my tongue all the way into his tight little boy hole. And just when Kyle and Jake thought I had my tongue all the way inside, I pushed it further. Jake's moans grew to an almost uncomfortable volume.

I got up and pushed Jake's head all the way next to Kyle's. I started beating off real fast again, but I wanted lube, so I put my dick up to Jake's mouth, and he let it in and got it all nice and wet. I started jacking as fast as I could. I pushed Jake's head to my nuts, and he started licking them everywhere.

The millisecond before I started to cum, I said,"You can touch now," and then I spewed jizz all over both of their faces, like one of those sprinkler's that spurts in like ten different times and at ten different angles to cover an area. Before I could finish, Kyle grabbed Jakes head and pulled him closer. They started kissing, completely covered in my spunk. Jake wasn't going to finish, because he was too young. Kyle was already getting close. He started beating off as soon as I said he could touch himself. He and Jake were really getting into this whole kissing thing.

They looked so passionate. It made me kind of happy for them, and sad for myself. I put my clothes on, and went down the ladder. I sat in the makeshift swing, which was really just two ropes and plank of wood. I swung back and fourth, wondering what I was going to do with myself.

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