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It was the summer of 06; I had been thirteen years old at the time; Zack (my partner in this story) was having a birthday next week and then he too, would be thirteen.

Before we stumbled upon our life changing obstacle; i would describe him as a handsome individual, Medium beach blonde hair that swept across his face, A tad short for someone of his muscular build and age. but if we could jump fourth a few weeks, following his birthday.. I can begin our story and tell you of a much greater feat, that altered our lives forever.

'NOAH!!' my mom screams while poking her head out the back door. I turn to look. 'Yeah' I answer in question. 'Zack's on the phone' reveals my mother. I jump to my feet, running to the screen door, tearing it open. 'it's on the table sweetie' my mother adds. 'hello?' I say, talking into the mouthpiece. 'Hey Noah, My mom says I can venture further off into our woods, now that I am older.. she say's she would still like a friend to go with me, want to go exploring?' he suggests. 'Uh, yeah.. give me half an hour and I will get mom to drive me over' *click* I rush to get ready, even though I don't dress to impress guys, I still like to look presentable around other people.

*Jumping forward a bit more to delve into the realm of what was about to happen*

'What is it?' Zack asks, while staring into the entrance of what appeared to be a cave. 'I don't know, I think I have some matches in my hunting knife, if you want to make a torch and check it out' I said, while I hoped he had been up for it. 'yeah, for sure!' exclaimed my excited friend. After getting our sticks properly dressed with pine needles and vines, we ignite a single match and within moments, smoke filled the air. The cave had a crisp, cool, clean feeling about it. it was not musty smelling like most caves that are exposed to inclement weather, just fresh, clean air. cobwebs blocked any further advancement into the cavern, but with the fiery torches in hand, we was able to clear a path. a circular room filled our vision, almost entirely stone. Then, we felt it. Passion filled our emotions as we walked deeper into the stone room, I began to wonder if my friend Zack had felt it to, the instance of love toward the other; the need to hold my friend, and never let him go. I decide against mentioning anything, for awhile that is. But when I could hold back no longer; without warning my mind began to control my lips. I nudged my friend on the shoulder and told him the only words I could muster.

'Your beautiful, you know that?' I tell him, without blushing. he stares at my eyes for a good minute at least, and then like a rainstorm in the jungle, something unexpected happened. His torch went flying into the only patch of dirt near, sticking up as if it where still being held; and the next thing I know, Zack has his tongue halfway down my throat, moving so fast; I could have easily mistaken him as having a seizure. But no, this was something else. Oddly enough, I wanted it there. I wanted his wet, warm saliva trickling down the back of my throat. I didn't have time to drain him of much more, because he revolted and was now ripping my clothes off like they where on fire. My hard penis flipped up and hit me right below my bellybutton, the elastic waistband propelling it upward. I can't believe what was happening. Zack, now fully nude; lowers me softly to the floor, sits on top of me with his butt toward my face, and arches his body down toward my throbbing stick. Explosions of wetness and warmth rain over me, My friend was now sucking on the most forbidden part of my body. I felt useless, He was giving me all the pleasure and I hadn't shown my appreciation one bit. There was only one thing to do. I raise his bottom slightly higher, revealing a beautiful set of hairless, hardly dropped balls. they where gorgeous, so tight, so firm. I raised my mouth up toward them, until I too, was licking a forbidden zone. I cannot even tell you how orgasmic the feeling was, nor can i explain the texture of his jewels, But if I must describe the smoothness ; I would tell you to go lick an unpeeled banana. My spit had been oozing back down onto my face, which I simply just re-used for an even wetter experience. More, I said to myself, I wanted more of this tasty young friend of mine. My tongue slides down past his balls, and into the crease of his bum. sweat, and a boyish bitter sensation fill my mouth; hardly stopping to breath, I licked and licked at his boy-hole. While doing so, I move my only free hand around his legs, searching for his uncut cock I had only visibly seen before. there it was, his rock of a cock, feeling to be nearly 4 and a half inches in length. I copied what he had been doing with his mouth, only I was using my hand. I slide his foreskin back and fourth over his perfect nob; listening to him moan as my tongue is still lodged in his hole. I was near cumming, and so was he by the way his penis jerked. 'Immma.. ima bout to bust' I manage to scream quietly. he sucks harder, faster. somehow managing to release himself of my constriction, he lunges to a position in which his cock is reachable to my mouth. I consume it. Not much longer now, I mumbled. He came a second before I did; feeling my mouth with his luscious ejaculation.

Before his salty, sweet cream of near liquid consistency is finished shooting into my mouth, I feel his with the same thing. He is moaning loudly now, gulping as he swallows what felt like my third dose.

A few weeks later, Our relationship had remained the same. Kissing when discretion had been available, doing more on the nights we had sleepovers. I had been over at his house when I got an idea. 'Isaiah!' I scream to zacks eleven year old brother. 'yeah Noah?' he asks curiously. 'would you like to go exploring with your brother and I'?