Warning: The following is a work of fiction and does not relate to any real person or event. It describes explicit sexual activities between very young boys. If this is not what you are looking for, you have no excuse for reading any further. If it is, then enjoy.






My little dickie was always going stiff. Far as I remember, it was stiff pretty much all the time. I didn't always know why. I just knew that it went stiff even when I wasn't touching it. Sometimes it went stiff because I thought about the other boys at school. Especially if I saw a boy I liked the look of, like Kevin. It went super stiff when I saw Kevin. In fact, I only had to think about Kevin and my dickie was instantly stiff. Now, Kevin was much older than me. He was one of the big boys that played in the school yard next door, away from us little kids. Our yard was separated from theirs by a really high fence, but sometimes Kevin would hang around by the fence and if I sat really close, I would get to see him and his friends through the fence, running and shouting and getting really wild. It looked like those older kids really had fun. Us little kids weren't allowed to run and scream like that. It was so cool to see Kevin playing ball and rough-housing with his mates. They hung around together in a really chummy way, and I could tell that Kevin was the leader of his little group. He was always telling the other boys what to do. It was him who always dictated what game they would play and who would get to go first. They all hung onto his every word, and you could see in their eyes they way they all looked up to him. He was so popular. And he was bad, in a cool kind of way. He smoked cigarettes and used swearwords and he probably kissed girls and everything. The other boys would whisper into his ear confidentially, and sometimes they got to hang with him, real close with their arms around his shoulders, like they were really privileged to know him. Sometimes Kevin would take his shirt off in the yard and run around bare-chested, showing off his cool boy body -- he really loved doing that and he knew that it looked awesome. His jeans hung so low around his hips, you could see the waistband of his boxers underneath. I wondered how come his friends didn't all get stiff little boners like me when they saw him like that, especially as they were able to get so close to him.

Kevin was really beautiful too. I know he was older than me, and much bigger than me. But he was so handsome. He had quite long black wavy hair that was always flopping over his eyes when he played soccer, and he had a really nice face, with dark mysterious eyes and brown skin which I felt like I wanted to lick. Secretly I wanted him to be my older brother. He was big and had really strong arms which he could wrap around me and protect me from the other kids who picked on me. Kevin was my hero, and his face was so cool. I often thought that if I could look like any boy in the entire world, I would have chosen to look like him.

It was just such an afternoon, when us little kids were out in the yard playing. But no one wanted to play with me. I was always on my own. My teacher said it was because I was a dreamer. Always daydreaming, she said, always had my head in the clouds. I wasn't sure what that meant. She wasn't being very nice when she said that. I think she meant I was doing something bad. But I liked daydreaming. It made me feel nice when I daydreamed. In fact, it made me want to daydream even more. One day my daydreams were going to come true. But that's another story. For now, I sat by the fence daydreaming, peering through at Kevin running around with his mates, and of course my dickie was as hard as ever in my tight little shorts. I remember this afternoon really well because it was the first time Kevin ever spoke to me. He and his friends were playing with a tennis ball, and one of them kicked it really hard. It came whizzing over the fence and landed in our little kids yard. Kevin trotted up to the fence and saw me there.

`Hey squirt, can you throw that back?'

I hesitated a moment, afraid to move because I knew my little boner was sticking out in my underwear, almost painfully pressing against the front of my tight shorts. But I was also momentarily frozen in awe by the fact that Kevin had actually spoken to me.

`K,' I said, and went after the ball for him.

I retrieved the ball and threw it back, making sure that I threw it as hard as I could to get it back over the high fence. Well, it was high to me.

`Thanks,' Kevin said, and started to go after the ball.

He watched the ball land some distance away and, before he had even gone a few steps, he stopped and looked back at me.

`Nice throw squirt,' he said, smiling, and went to rejoin his friends.

That made me smile. I remember the way he looked at me and thinking how good that felt, that he had taken the trouble to look back like that and said something nice. In my lonely little life, it was probably the nicest thing anyone had ever said to me. My favourite boy in the whole world had actually spoken to me. And he called me squirt. How cool!

Of course, Kevin had seen me around. He probably recognised me in the same way that you recognise all the kids you go to school with. I didn't know all their names. Probably never spoke to most of them, but recognised them all the same. So I was sure Kevin had seen me hanging around by the fence before, and may even have noticed me hanging around at the school gate watching him and his friends go past as I waited for my ride home, as usual with a little boner in my pants.

So that was the start of it.

The next time I saw Kevin I was sitting outside on the stoop daydreaming, as I usually did, until it was time for supper. I sat on the steps in my little cut-off jeans, with my elbows on my bare knees and my chin resting in my palms, and Kevin and Tommy rode past on their bikes. They had really cool big boys bikes, with big wheels, that went really fast, and they had racing handlebars and multicoloured streamers. It was Kevin who spotted me, and as Tommy rode on, up the street, Kevin turned around in a big arc and rode back towards where I was sitting.

`Hey squirt,' he called out, no doubt having recognised me from school.

I smiled, squirming bashfully.

He continued riding his bike nonchalantly in a big circle in the road in front of me, sitting upright in the saddle, barely touching the handlebars. He turned his head to look at me as he rode round and round. It was really cool the way he looked so natural and comfortable on that big bike and the way he was able to steer it with no hands.

`Whatcha doin'?' he asked me.

`Nothin',' I replied, wondering why he was taking a sudden interest in me.

At this point Tommy arrived on the scene. He had ridden up the street and probably realised that Kevin was no longer with him, so he had turned his bike around and rode back to see what Kevin was doing. Tommy rode his big bike up really fast and came to a sudden halt right in front of me, neatly skidding the bike sideways. He put his long legs down on either side of the big bike, so he was standing astride it, and he waited, leaning forward on the handlebars, just watching.

`Summat you want kid?' Kevin asked me, still riding around in circles.

`No,' I said, emphatically, not sure what he was leading up to.

`Well you're always looking at me,' he said, challenging me.

`He's got the hots for you,' said Tommy, laughing.

I didn't know what that meant.

`Cute though huh?' said Kevin.

`Kinda,' Tommy replied.

`Say kid, you wanna go for a ride?' Kevin proposed.

`I can't,' I said, `It's nearly time for my supper.'

Both Kevin and Tommy burst out laughing. I felt silly. They were big boys. I was only little. Probably they didn't eat supper. Maybe that was something only little kids did.

At this point Kevin stopped and dismounted, laying his bike down flat on the sidewalk, and marched over to me purposefully. He stood looking down at me with his hands in his pockets, and I noticed he was wearing a really cool leather jacket.

`Say kid, why you always got one hand on your wiener?'

Until he said that I hadn't actually realised that I was doing that, but after he said it, I could hardly deny it.  I looked down and saw that my little fist was indeed grabbing at the front of my faded denim shorts. It was obvious now that he had pointed it out to me. My face flushed and I felt very hot. I hung my head down, feeling very shy.

Kevin tried to reassure me.

`Hey, it's OK kid. We all get boners you know.'

I looked back up at him, unsure.

`You do?'

`Sure kid.'

He was leaning over towards me, looking really concerned, and for the first time I saw his face close up. His eyes were really big and clear and bright and his long dark hair was flopping over his eyes. His skin was kind of brown, like caramel, and I knew it was because he spent a lot of time in the sun. But he meant me no harm and I trusted him.

`Sometimes it gets real hard,' I blurted out plaintively, almost tearful in my appeal, rubbing my crotch even harder, `It gets so hard I don't know what to do.'

I emphasised the last word DO and he blinked, almost taken aback by that. He stood there looking at me in wonderment, staring into my eyes, a little perplexed.

`Christ kid, you really got it bad.'

At that point, he reached out and gently took my little hand, moving it away from my crotch where it had been grasping my little boner in my shorts. He looked down at my shorts and it was clear that my stiff little dickie was trying to poke through.

`That's real hard wood you got there. We'll have to do something about that.'

I watched his face as he said it, and he looked up from staring at my crotch.

`What's your name kid?

`Pauly,' I replied.

`OK Pauly,' he said, making sure he got my name right, `Say how old are you anyway?'

`Six,' I replied, `...and three quarters.'

He and Tommy both laughed at the three quarters bit.

`Christ,' he said again, and turned to look at Tommy, `a little young.'

Tommy was still astride his bike with his feet firmly on the ground, watching. I liked Tommy. Kevin was very much the leader of these two, but Tommy was nice too. Tommy had really light blond hair, like mine, except his was long and straight, not curly and floppy like mine. But he had a little light smattering of tiny freckles across his nose, and really blue eyes.

`I'm twelve,' said Kevin, `and Tommy's eleven.'

`Cool!' I said, genuinely impressed.

The difference in our ages seemed vast to my childish little mind. To me they were practically adults.

`So whadya say Pauly? Wanna go for a ride?'

`What about my supper?' I asked him.

`I'll buy you a burger later. I promise. Come on. It'll be fun.'

Thinking nothing of it, I got up off the stoop and went with him, suddenly all happy and excited. I saw Kevin and Tommy exchange glances, smiling knowingly at each other. I could tell they liked me. My favourite boy in the whole world had stopped and talked to me and now I was going to go for a ride with him. He was going to take me out on an adventure with his friend Tommy. How cool was that?

Kevin helped me hop up onto the cross-bar of his big bike, and put my little hands onto the handlebars.

`Now hold on squirt,' he warned me.

I liked the way he called me kid and squirt. I knew he used those names affectionately and it made me feel all warm inside when he said them.

When Kevin mounted the bike, he leaned over and took the handlebars, with me sitting there between his outstretched arms, and I felt totally safe and totally in his care. I could feel his hot breath on my cheek as he leaned over me, and I could also smell the distinctive scent of his leather jacket. It was a great jacket. It had a motif on the back and lots of little silver studs on it. I wished I had a jacket like that, but only older boys wore jackets like that.

We rode on down the street picking up speed, and I could feel Kevin's powerful legs propelling us along. I felt so privileged and safe perched up there with his strong arms either side of me. Behind me, Kevin was breathing hard and we were going so fast that I could feel the wind in my little face and I sat up with my eyes squinting against the cool rush of air. Tommy followed on behind us on his bike, sometimes drawing up alongside, other times falling back and letting Kevin take the lead. As I sat there, high up on that cross-bar, I was able to watch the world flash by, as my new friend powered the big bike through all these unfamiliar neighbourhoods, which I had never ventured into before. I don't think I had ever been so far away from home.

Kevin signalled Tommy when it was time to stop, and they pulled up their bikes on the corner of a busy intersection. I didn't know this part of town at all, but evidently they did. They both dismounted, slightly breathless, and I loved the way their exertions made their chests puff in and out like that. They were much bigger and stronger than me. I hopped off Kevin's bike, wondering what we were doing here.

With a minimum of formality, they took their bikes and wheeled them around the corner, behind a convenience store, where there was a little alleyway, cut off from the general commotion of the intersection. It was a dead-end street, with lots of service doors, surrounded by high walls and littered with trash cans and empty boxes. Kevin and Tommy laid their bikes down on the narrow sidewalk of the alleyway and sat down on a big pile of flattened cartons. It was just the right height to sit comfortably with their feet on the ground. When I joined them, I had to hop up, and my little feet dangled over the edge.

Sitting between Kevin and Tommy, I watched as Kevin dug his hand deep into the diagonal pocket of his leather jacket and brought out a packet of cigarettes. It was so cool the way he flipped open the top and withdrew a cigarette with his lips in one swift gesture. Then he offered the box to Tommy. Next, Kevin produced a box of matches. Cupping his hands around the box he expertly stroked the match towards him and it hissed into life, flaring up in his palm.

They both lit their cigarettes, and were sitting there blowing smoke rings, Kevin forming his lips into a perfect O and the whispy smoke rings rose up diagonally into the air. That was so cool. Just then, an old guy in overalls came out of one of the service doors, pulling it to behind him, and headed for the street. He glared at Kevin disapprovingly as he walked past.

`Take a picture, why don'tcha?' Kevin shouted after him.

Kevin liked to taunt people and answer back. I could tell he even got a kick out of it.

`Here, wanna try?' said Kevin, offering me his cigarette in his upturned palm.

I looked at it, and then up at him.

`Go on,' he urged, putting the cigarette to my lips for me.

As he held it there, I sucked on it pretty hard and of course started coughing and spluttering almost immediately, my lungs feeling like they were on fire. Kevin and Tommy were laughing.

`Guess that's one thing you won't be puttin' in your mouth for a while,' said Kevin, laconically.

That made Tommy laugh even more.

For a good few minutes I coughed pretty hard. When my coughs became fewer and shorter, they waited for me to recover and then Kevin slapped me on the back.

`You OK kid?'

I nodded bravely, hoping he wasn't too disappointed in me.

They stood up to finish their cigarettes, eventually throwing the spent butts down and tramping them into the gutter. They both stood there watching me still sitting on the pile of flattened cartons. Then Tommy leaned in, cupping his hands around Kevin's ear, and whispered something to him. Kevin smiled at that. I liked the way they had this understanding between them. You could tell they were good friends and were comfortable with each other.

Kevin walked over and leaned towards me.

`You ever been touched before Pauly?' he asked me.

`What do you mean?' I asked, genuinely confused.

`No one ever done anything with you, y'know, down there?' and he jerked his head towards my crotch.

I looked at Kevin blankly. I could see Tommy standing behind him, watching from a short distance.

`Christ, I think this kid's never done nothin',' Kevin said, talking to Tommy, `And so cute an' all.'

I smiled to myself bashfully. It was so nice he thought I was cute.

Tommy came closer, still standing a little behind Kevin.

`You ever had a boycum kid?' Tommy asked me, joining in.

`What's that?' I asked, fascinated.

Kevin turned around and looked up at Tommy.

`I tole you, this kid's as green as they come.'

`I'm not green!' I protested.

They burst into laughter.

`You're funny,' said Tommy, and I could see from his expression that it was a compliment.

`You wanna have some fun kid?' Kevin asked, `Wanna see how big boys play?'

I nodded slowly, wide-eyed and with a serious expression, half fascinated, half scared. I didn't know anything about big boys games, but my dickie was getting harder and harder at the thought of it, if that was possible. I squeezed it tightly and I could see their eyes were drawn to my little fist clutching at my crotch once again. I just couldn't help it.

`Christ, you need it real bad, kid,' said Kevin.

As he said it, I could see Tommy put his hand on the front of his jeans and was groping his crotch. Gosh, maybe he had a boner in there as well. A big boys boner! He was watching intently and I knew that he was getting excited about what was going to happen next.

Kevin reached over and pulled my t-shirt out of my shorts, lifting it up a little at the front, exposing my tummy and my little innie belly button. Then he started to unfasten my cut-offs. He stripped open the front of my little shorts, exposing my underwear, and pulled open the front of my tighty-whiteys, peering in. I let him. I leaned back slightly, watching in fascination, waiting to see what he would do. The cool air around my privates was so exciting, and my dickie was extra hard because this was the first time another boy was looking at it -- and it was Kevin, my favourite boy in all the world! He peered over the waistband of my underwear and whistled, sounding really impressed.

`Phew! That's a magnificent little boner you've got there.'

I didn't know what magnificent meant, but I knew from the sound of his voice that he liked my little dickie. That made me really proud. And with that he was about to put his hand in and touch it. I gasped.

`Don't!' I said, shocked, `That's naughty.'

He stopped, hesitating for a moment, and looked up at me with a sly and knowing grin.

`Naughty... but nice,' he said, slowly, and plunged his hand into my underwear anyway.

I winced from the sheer unexpected pleasure, and the shock of someone touching my little boner. No one else had ever touched it before. I had to close my eyes. When Kevin squeezed his hand around it I squealed really loudly in my little high-pitched voice, and I fell forward, almost collapsing onto him from the feelings he was giving me. For a moment it was as though someone had sucked all the air out of my lungs. I couldn't breathe from the sheer pleasure of it. It was so cool.

Kevin took my shoulders and gently pushed me back up, letting go of my underwear.

`Did you enjoy that Pauly, me touching you there?' he asked, glancing down at my crotch.

Bashfully, I averted my gaze.

`Yeh, it was real cool,' I said, quietly.

`Well, imagine that but a thousand times better,' Kevin said.

My eyes widened, unable to conceive how that was possible.

`You wanna do stuff with me Pauly?'

`What sort of stuff?'

`Boys stuff,' he said, cryptically, `Stuff that will make you feel real cool.'

`Naughty stuff?' I asked, in hushed tones.

`Amazingly naughty. More naughty than you can imagine,' said Kevin.

My little boner was so hard it was trying to pop through the front of my tighty-whiteys, and I gripped it instinctively, not quite able to imagine what could possibly be that naughty, yet wanting to do it real bad.

With that, Kevin leaned in over me as I sat on that pile of cartons, and he looked into my little face, real close.

`It'll be cool and make you feel real good. You wanna do that with me kid? Huh, you wanna?'

`K,' I said, nodding emphatically.

Kevin smiled and got up. Tommy was staring at him gravely, and they fell in together and walked a few steps away. They sort of turned their backs to me and were whispering conspiratorially. Amongst their hushed whispers I could see Tommy turning to look over at me, chiding Kevin, evidently not happy about something.

`He's so small!' he hissed, `You'll hurt `im. You wanna get into trouble?'

But Kevin wasn't concerned. He brushed off Tommy's complaints and suggested we go to the drug store. That caused another round of hushed whispers, during which Kevin punched Tommy on the shoulder. As usual he got his way, which resulted in both boys digging into their pockets to compare how much money they had. They started fishing out handfuls of coins and counting them out on their palms.

At the drug store, Tommy stayed outside to watch the bikes and I went into the store with Kevin. I stood some distance away from the counter and let him go up to the clerk. He asked for a jar of Vaseline, and I knew that Kevin wanted it because he was going to use it on me. I knew that he was going to do something to me, and I didn't really know what it was, but I just knew that thinking about it made my dickie harder than ever. It was so hard in my tighty-whiteys that I just wanted to rub it and it made me feel dizzy every time I squeezed it, like I was flying, just like when Kevin had squeezed it earlier. Kevin knew what he was doing. He was a big boy and knew so much more than me. After all, he smoked cigarettes and used swearwords and probably kissed girls and all that. Being with him made me feel so excited because he was going to do something with me which he said I was going to like, and he told me it was going to be cool and make me feel real good. That was why he needed the Vaseline. But I also knew that it was something secret, something naughty, and maybe it wasn't so good for the store clerk to know what he wanted the Vaseline for. So I was all the more perturbed when he started questioning the clerk about how much it cost and really drawing out the process of buying it. At one point he asked to see the larger jar, the family size one, and the store clerk was getting a bit tetchy. But I really think Kevin was enjoying this. When the clerk handed him the family size jar, he studied it carefully for a few moments, really deliberating, turning it around in his fingers. As he had it in his hand he turned around to me, still standing behind him, and looked at me. Then he looked at the jar and back at me again, as though weighing up how much he was going to need. Gosh! Was it conceivable that he was going to need the whole jar? Just then, as he was looking back at me, I could see a sly little grin on his face, which the clerk couldn't see, and I knew then that he was just having a bit of fun. I giggled. But it didn't stop there. He handed the jar back and finally settled on the standard size jar, causing a puff of annoyance from the clerk. He then insisted on paying for the Vaseline in quarters, and stood there counting out the coins from his pocket one by one as a queue was forming behind him. He also insisted that the clerk put his purchase in a brown paper bag and was quite specific about asking for a receipt. As we both left the store, I could see Kevin grinning from ear to ear. You know, I think he really got a kick out of being awkward on purpose. He was so naughty and I found that really exciting. I was starting to really like Kevin more and more.

After we left the drug store, Kevin said we had to go somewhere secret, somewhere hidden, and they knew a place where no one would find us. It was towards the edge of town, far away from where we started out. There was a quiet road that led out towards a river, and a stone bridge that didn't look like it got used very much. The boys left their bikes in the long grass that was on the side of the road, and led me down a steep grassy embankment to the edge of the river. It was more of a stream really, which you could easily cross if you used some of the stepping stones in the shallower parts.

I saw that, as we reached the muddy edge of the river, you could follow the river bank underneath the bridge, where you could be completely hidden from the road and anyone crossing the bridge. It was the perfect secret place, and it added to the air of excitement and mystery that I felt with these two big boys who knew so much more than I did about everything.

When we finally reached our destination, the boys led me under the bridge where it was shady. The grass was cool and slightly damp. Just then, they stopped and suddenly everything seemed to take on a strange sense of urgency. They were jumpy and excited and generally fumbled about, almost clumsy in their boyish anticipation of what was going to happen.

The first thing I liked was that Kevin took off his jacket and laid it down gallantly on the grass, inviting me to sit on it. I made myself comfortable on his jacket, and I could feel under my bare legs that it was still warm from where Kevin had been wearing it. I stretched out my little legs, propping myself up on my outstretched arms.

Kevin had been watching me intently, and he had a really strange look in his eyes. I knew it was because we were going to do something naughty. He came over to me and kneeled down beside me, speaking ever so softly.

`C'mere,' he said, `Let's take a look at you.'

First he helped me pull off my little t-shirt by lifting my arms up in the air. It got stuck around my neck and for a few moments I couldn't see anything. Kevin pulled it off me, finally getting it over my head, and I found my little torso exposed. I could feel the chill of the evening air against my bare skin and I shuddered, crossing my little arms across my chest. I shivered a bit, but this was so exciting. I had never been naked outside before.

Kevin leaned back on his haunches and admired me for a few moments, cocking his head this way and that, as though sizing me up. I could feel his sparkling eyes roving all over my little body, and he was smiling, looking at me approvingly. I could see that Tommy was hovering around in the background watching all this.

`Christ kid, you're pretty hot, you know that?'

He made me really blush when he said that. My little face was all red, and I looked away, shuffling my little feet in the grass nervously.

Kevin took off my little sneakers and socks, one by one. He was so gentle, with calm, calculated movements, and all the time he was looking at me, smiling reassuringly. Then he stood me up and undid my cut-offs, this time yanking down my shorts and tighty-whiteys together. My little boner sprang free, naked and exposed. The sense of freedom I felt from releasing it from the confines of my tight little shorts, was overwhelming. I almost gasped with the relief. He took off my shorts completely, helping to pull them off me as I raised one foot and then the other, and at last I was standing there completely naked. This was so naughty. Here I was with these two big boys, out here on our own, and I was showing off my little boner to them, which was sticking straight out like a little flagpole.

I sat back down on the jacket, cross-legged with my dickie still pointing up insistently in my lap. Then Kevin and Tommy looked at each other, as though in perfect synchronisation, and they both began to take their clothes off. Within seconds, their sweatshirts, jeans, boxers, socks and sneakers were all lying in a crumpled heap on the grass. I watched in utter amazement as they revealed their boy bodies to me. It was quite the most awesome thing I had ever seen. My little jaw was hanging open in disbelief and my eyes were as wide as saucers. I liked the way their smooth butts flexed as they were undressing, and how they even had some muscles on their chests and arms, and the beginnings of little six packs on their tight tummies. They were so tall and slim compared to me. Kevin's body was brown all over, except for the tell-tale white areas on his pelvis, where his shorts had covered him from the sun. There was a well defined line running down the centre of his chest and stomach. He had some fine downy hairs on his calves, and there were even a few thin hairs around the base of his dickie. His dickie was much bigger than mine, longer and fatter, and it was already getting stiff. Tommy's body was whiter, smooth and milky, and he had incredibly long, sturdy-looking legs. He had hairs on his forearms which looked almost translucent. He didn't have any hair around his dickie, but it was still big. Not as big as Kevin's, but still much bigger than mine. Gosh, they were both beautiful, and I felt so privileged to be sitting there at this moment with these two older boys. I was so excited by all the naughty things that they were doing and how all three of us were now naked together!

Still sitting there on Kevin's jacket, the leather was becoming warm and sweaty beneath my naked butt. I was looking up at them as they stood in front of me facing one another, and their big boy boners were sticking out. I gasped when I set eyes on them for the first time. They were so big! Much bigger than mine. They stood there with their boners pointing at each other and they had this really strange, faraway look in their eyes. Just then, as if they had rehearsed the whole thing, they stepped closer together, each reaching for the others crotch at the same time, their other hand on each other's shoulder, and they locked their lips together. They were kissing! Gosh, I didn't know boys did those things. It was so naughty. Quite the naughtiest thing I'd ever seen, and my na´ve little mind was well and truly blown. Of course, my hand was still absent-mindedly rubbing my little boner, which was so stiff by now that it was beginning to hurt. I was squeezing it so much that it was getting sore.

Slowly, both boys sank to their knees, their lips still locked together, and still massaging each other's boner. They dropped down like this right in front of me, and for the first time I saw the size of their big boy boners close up. They looked huge! Compared to my pencil thin little dickie, theirs were much thicker and longer. And I was amazed by the way that they could move the skin up and down, and saw how red and shiny and swollen they looked. I wondered if mine would ever get that big.

They stopped kissing as abruptly as they started, let go of each other and turned to focus on me. Still on his knees in front of me, Kevin was massaging his boy boner up and down.

`That's what big boys do,' he said, `You like that kid?'

I was speechless, still mesmerised by the sight of his boner which was now within touching distance. I was staring at it fixedly, and he scooted closer. He grabbed his big boner by the base and pointed it at me.

`Wanna touch it?'

Tentatively, I reached out my little hand not quite believing that he was going to let me do that. But he did. As I raised my little hand, he grabbed it almost impatiently and put it on his boner for me.

`Go ahead, it won't break.'

I touched it lightly with my fingertips, and I could feel how hot and hard it was, much hotter and harder than mine, and I was fascinated by its sheer size. I squeezed the head between my delicate pink little fingers, and Kevin moaned, throwing his head back in ecstasy. That encouraged me to grab it further down and I wrapped my little hand around the thick shaft and jacked it up and down clumsily.

`Christ kid, that's so good,' said Kevin breathlessly, looking like he was about to burst into tears.

`He's a natural,' said Tommy, with a tone of amazement.

I stared up at Kevin wondering if I was doing something wrong.

`You OK?' I asked, concerned.

Kevin looked right at me, fixing me with a deep and serious expression.

`You sure you never done anything like this before?'

`Uh uh,' I said, shaking my head.

Kevin reached out and cupped my face in his palms.

`You're so fuckin' cute,' he said.

I gasped. He swore!

Kevin thought my innocence was quaint and smiled at that.

Kevin and Tommy sat on either side of me and Kevin told me to relax. They were looking at me with really intense stares. It was a bit scary. But then Kevin reached out and stroked my chest and tummy, running his hands down my little body. It felt nice having my body stroked like that. I saw the love and admiration in his eyes as he did it, and I wasn't afraid.

Without warning, Kevin leaned in, putting an arm around my neck, and kissed me fully on the mouth, just like he had done with Tommy. His big wet lips totally enveloped my little mouth, and some of my chin. At the same time, he tilted me back, laying me down flat on his jacket, pressing his mouth into me real hard. I closed my eyes, totally in his power. It was like a charge of electricity all through me which made my heart drum away really fast in my chest. I could feel his big boy tongue probing my little lips and filling my mouth, licking my tongue and all over my teeth. Gosh, it was the most exciting thing ever! I laid there under him, overwhelmed by the way it made my chest breathe in and out so fast. I felt all floppy and slightly dizzy, totally compliant, totally in his power. When Kevin pulled away, he took a deep breath, his face hovering above me, only inches from mine, and he looked down searchingly into my eyes.

Tommy went over to their pile of discarded clothes and retrieved the jar of Vaseline, still in its little paper bag. He brought the jar over and handed it to Kevin. Kevin popped open the lid and stuck two fingers in, scooping out a thick glob of the greenish-yellow contents. Then he reached between my legs and pressed his fingers under my little balls and smeared the cold, greasy substance all around. I winced in shock. No one had ever touched me there! That made Kevin smile. His fingers continued to probe and press into the soft flesh between my legs and his fingers even went into my little hole! I gasped really loudly. Gosh, I didn't know that could feel so good. My little dickie was harder than ever, and it even jumped a few times as it was laying flat against my tummy. I drew my knees up and spread my legs to give him better access, exposing my dickie and little balls completely. When I did that I turned my head to one side and I could see Kevin glance over at Tommy and they smiled at each other. To me it was a natural reflex action. To them it was an invitation and an indication that I was ready for more.

Kevin was gentle, but firm. He continued to probe his fingers around my little hole and pressed harder and harder until I could feel a distinct stinging. He kept his hand there for a long time, not moving very much, but slowly sticking his fingers further and further into me. It was hurting a little, but not enough to worry me or make me squeal. All the time he was leaning over my little body and looking into my eyes, smiling and breathing in quiet little gasps, and his big boy dickie was still hard all the time he was doing this.

Then, very skilfully, whilst he had one hand between my legs, sticking his fingers into my little hole, he brought his other hand up and grasped my stiff little dickie between his fingers. Once again I winced with the sheer pleasure of it, which felt so good I had to squeeze my eyes tightly shut and I felt like I was falling. I was dizzy and couldn't see, and my whole body was floating. It was so cool.

When I opened my eyes, Kevin still had my stiff little dickie between his thumb and finger and was rubbing it up and down. I could see Tommy moving in closer, watching what he was doing and he had his hand around his big boy boner and was rubbing it up and down with his fist. Gosh, it was just too exciting! In no time at all I started to feel a very strange sensation in my dickie, which started off feeling like an itch. But it was an itch which grew in intensity and for a while there I felt like maybe I had to pee, but it was better than that -- much more pleasurable than that -- and it soon grew more and more insistent, as though my little dickie was growing bigger and fatter. Kevin carried on rubbing it between his fingers up and down faster and faster, and as he was doing that he started to breathe faster as well. With him on one side, playing with my dickie like that, his other hand still pressing his fingers into my little hole, and the sight of Tommy playing with his big boy boner on the other side, my dickie felt like it was going to burst.

I don't know what happened next, but I felt my whole body suddenly go very tight, consumed by a gradual wave of ecstasy that grew and grew in intensity and suddenly took over my little body and made my dickie go out of its head and start to jerk really wildly, pulsing away between Kevin's fingers. I almost sat upright -- arching my back and lifting my head off his jacket for a moment with a loud high-pitched squeal. It was a squeal of exquisite pleasure, and I thrashed about on the ground uncontrollably for a good few seconds, completely overwhelmed by the power of this unfamiliar but delicious sensation which was centred around my little dickie, and spread from my groin throughout my whole body. Gosh I had never felt anything like that before. I could never have conceived that it was possible to feel so good.

When it was over, I felt suddenly quite weak and floppy, and I was breathing real fast, like I had been running. I was so dizzy I could barely speak. I was only disappointed that this wonderful feeling had gone away and suddenly I felt the stinging between my legs where Kevin still had his fingers in my little hole. I realised that it was because he had his fingers wedged right inside and it was hurting more than ever.

I turned to look at him groggily.

`What happened?'

`You just had a boycum kid,' he said, with a satisfied smile.

`Ooh, that was so...'


I smiled weakly, realising that my little dickie was no longer hard. For the first time in my life, it wasn't aching and standing to attention and it felt satisfied. It was like it had been waiting for that boycum all my life.

After a bit, Tommy, who had been very patiently watching all this, got up onto his knees, still playing with his big boy boner, rubbing it up and down quite firmly in his fist.

`That was real hot,' he said, breathlessly.

Kevin asked me to turn over and get up on my hands and knees. This gave him better access to my little hole, and I could feel him parting my little butt cheeks and rubbing his greasy fingers with the Vaseline all up and down my little ass crack. He would press his fingertips into my little hole as he did so, and it felt like my hole was really loose and slippery.

`Me now,' said Tommy, grasping his boner, and scooted closer to me on his knees.

Whilst Kevin was concentrating on my little hole, I could see Tommy bringing his big boy boner closer until he was right in front of my face, and when he pushed it onto my lips, I kissed it. I stopped wondering and questioning or even being shocked by anything these boys did. After my boycum I knew instinctively what they wanted, and their boners needed to have their own boycum. In one single act, I suddenly understood everything about how big boys play, and everything they had done with me so far made complete sense. The thing that did surprise me, more than anything, was how I seemed to know automatically what to do. So, when Tommy brought his smooth boy body close to my face, I just opened my little lips and let him push his boner in so I could suck it like a popsicle.

`Oh fuck,' he gasped, really loudly, and threw his head back in ecstasy.

I wanted to please him, so I took that as a positive sign. He held his hands up to my head as I was sucking on his dickie, but he resisted touching me. It was almost as though he was afraid to lay his hands on me. But he didn't need to. I bobbed my head and enveloped his big hot boy boner in my little lips and pushed my mouth onto it as far as I dared, as far as I could without choking, and he was thrusting his hips instinctively as I did so. Seeing the smooth boy muscles of his body flexing like that made my dickie instantly hard again.

`Oh Jesus,' Tommy was moaning, `Oh fuck, Pauly.'

Hearing him moaning like that, swearing and saying my name, made me feel really naughty. I sucked on his dickie even harder, and the harder I sucked, the more he moaned.

I didn't expect what happened next.

He was moaning and bucking his hips and I carried on sucking as hard as I could, and it got faster and faster until suddenly Tommy froze. He grabbed my head, pulling my hair roughly, and pushed his dickie in hard and deep into my mouth, almost choking me. I tried to pull back, nearly gagging, but he held me there for a moment and there was almost a delay before I heard a gradual little scream emanating from him and his boy boner started flexing in my mouth. Something hot and wet shot out in two little jets, hitting the back of my throat, and he was moaning `Oh fuck, oh fuck,' in time with the pulsing of his dickie.

I should have been shocked and horrified, but I wasn't. Instinctively, I swallowed it, gulping it down with some relish. It just made sense to me. He had shot something out of his dickie which I knew wasn't pee. For one thing there wasn't much of it, and for another it was somehow thicker and was not how I expected pee to taste.

`Oh fuck,' Tommy said one more time, as he slowly pulled his dickie out of my mouth, letting go of my hair, and even ruffling it a little by way of apology as he did so.

A long string of almost clear liquid came out, still attached to the hole in his dickie, and it broke across my tongue and down my chin. I licked it up and swallowed it. It didn't taste too bad.

Tommy sat back on his haunches, breathless from his boycum, and he stared at me in amazement. Then he looked up at Kevin and back down at me, his mouth hanging open.

`Christ kid, you're really somethin' else.'

`Pauly? You OK?' I heard Kevin ask.

Tired of being on my hands and knees, I turned over and laid back down on the jacket, smiling and feeling quite pleased with myself.

`He's OK,' said Tommy, bending down to kiss me.

So far I hadn't tasted Tommy's lips. His mouth was really wet and sloppy and his hot tongue licked inside my lips, leaving a trace of his spit all over my mouth and chin.

He straightened up, his tongue licking all around his mouth, as though he had detected a taste of something from my lips.

`Mm,' he said, `Good boycream.'

So that's what it was.

Kevin explained that I would be able to shoot boycream when I was older, and that it would get more and more as I grew up. Kevin said for now I would just carry on having dry cums. He said I should have as many boycums as I wanted and not be afraid to rub my little dickie whenever I liked. And he said I should swallow as much boycream as I could so I would start making my own soon. I looked forward to that.

I was lying back down on his jacket, with one hand up behind my head, and the other resting across my little belly, by now totally comfortable in my nakedness. Kevin was lying down alongside me, propped up on one elbow, stroking my little body. I loved the way he was lavishing attention on me, running his hand up and down my bare chest and even down as far as my little dickie and between my thighs. He looked at me with a grave and serious expression.

`Christ, you're so fuckin' cute,' he said again, `I wanna bust your little cherry so bad.'

I didn't know what that meant. I only knew that he looked at me in such a way that I could see in his eyes he wanted to do it real bad.

`Will it hurt?' I asked, not really afraid, just curious.

Kevin and Tommy looked at each other and kind of smiled. They though that that was sweet.

`It might hurt a bit. But I want you to be brave for me OK?'

`K,' I said.

I didn't know what he was going to do exactly, but I knew I wanted it just the same.

Kevin sat down on the jacket with me, his long legs stretched out in front of him, and his big boy boner sticking up between them. He reached over and pulled my little body onto him, so that I was sort of kneeling astride his lap, facing him. He hugged me tightly against his naked chest and I remember the fantastic feeling of his warm, brown skin against my little body. It was awesome, and my little boner was digging into his tight tummy.

Watching this, Tommy got up. His dickie was getting stiff again. It was so hard and red and he was rubbing it up and down with long, firm strokes. He went over to sit by the base of the bridge, leaning up against the grimy brickwork, and settled down as though getting ready to watch a movie.

Whilst Kevin was hugging me real close, I laid my head on his bare shoulder, and I could smell his scent. It was like a mixture of boy smells, cigarettes and leather, and I loved it because it was Kevin's smell. At the same time, he was playing with his boner, and I knew he was smearing it with Vaseline, his strong arm making smooth up-down movements behind me.

He held me in place, with one arm wrapped around my back, and with the other he started to probe my little hole again. It was still loose and slippery from before, and the Vaseline had become hot and greasy on my skin. He wiggled his fingers about in my hole, and it felt good, but it was also a little painful.

Kevin stopped and seemed to hesitate for a good long while, still holding my little body up against him, and still massaging his boner, and I could feel it poking real hard into my little ass crack below me. He started kissing me. He put his hot wet lips all over my little face, my neck, my shoulders, my temples, my hair, and he started talking, almost whispering to me, in very low, intimate tones.

`You're so fuckin' cute baby boy,' he was saying.

And as he said that, he pressed his dickie really hard into my ass crack and I was shocked that it actually slipped some way into my little hole. I tightened up from the shock and the pain, but I bore it. I trusted him. I knew he was not hurting me deliberately. I gripped his body with my little arms, panicking a bit, but I held my breath so I wouldn't cry out. He dug his dickie in a little further and he started breathing really hard. I knew it was because he was excited. But he stopped and kissed my head again, and whispered into my ear.

`You OK Pauly?'

`It's hurting,' I said, between breaths.

`Nearly there,' he whispered, `Be brave.'

No sooner had he said that, he thrust his hips upwards and at the same time pulled my little body down hard onto his dickie and it speared painfully up inside me. I cried out and the pain stung me so badly I could feel tears welling up in my eyes. He held me there, impaled on him, comforting me with kisses. I knew that his big dickie was up inside me all the way, cutting into my little body, and I felt like I was about to be split apart. But I held onto him bravely, and his kisses soon quieted me. He held me so tightly, so lovingly, I wasn't afraid.

`Oh fuck,' he gasped, ecstatically, `You're little ass feels so good.'

He kept his big boner in me for a long time, and didn't move for a while. So I waited. Then he started sliding it up and down in me slowly, helped along by the Vaseline. It really hurt every time he stabbed it up into me. I bit my lip, trying very hard not to cry out, and I could feel little tears starting to run down my face. But I wanted it. I didn't want Kevin to stop. I knew I wanted to do this for him. He was loving it, and I wanted to make him happy. In a strange way, I almost wanted him to hurt me. Before long it didn't hurt so much, and I was surprised that it actually started to feel good.

As he was moving my little body, sliding me up and down on his big boy boner, my little dickie was rubbing against his tummy, digging really hard into the tight, warm muscle of his stomach, and a now familiar sensation was starting to build. The combination of my dickie rubbing up against him and the feeling of having his big boy boner so deep inside my little body, excited me so much that it soon became conceivable in my mind that I could have another boycum. I jabbed my little dickie into him, rubbing the underside against his skin. This time I recognised that itch building, and because I recognised it, it seemed to hit me all the more suddenly.

I was shocked at how quickly my boycum arrived. As I impetuously bucked my hips into Kevin's tummy, my dickie seemed to grow thicker and harder and eventually burst into another boycum, pulsing wildly as it was pressed between us, making my whole body shudder violently. I squealed with the sheer pleasure of it. For a good long time I was dizzy from the waves of pleasure that wracked my little body, unable to contain the ecstasy of this wonderful new sensation which I had now learned to command.

Feeling my little body tighten in his arms, consumed with pleasure, Kevin seemed to increase his pace. As my little boycum gradually subsided, he held me firmly, ramming his dickie into me harder and harder, seemingly distracted by the pleasure that was building up in him. He was breathing really heavily, stabbing his boner  into me at such a furious pace that I could almost pinpoint the exact moment when his boycum was going to hit.

Just then, he made one final, almighty lunge into my little hole, as deep as he could penetrate, and held me down onto him, and gasped loudly, urgently calling out `Oh, baby boy!' I could actually feel his dickie start pumping inside me. It hurt, but at the same time it was my reward for bearing his energetic thrusting. He let out a series of loud moans, synchronised with each wave of his boycum, his eyes tightly shut. As his dickie burst forth inside me, I could feel the little jets of his hot boycream squirting deep into my hole, making it wet and sloppy. Of course, I couldn't see how much boycream he had squirted, but it felt like a lot more than Tommy.

When it was over, Kevin took a deep breath, still breathing very fast, and lifted my little body up off him. His dickie slid out. I was suddenly overcome with an overwhelming sense of disappointment at feeling my little hole being left vacant after being stuffed so full. It was still wide open and I could feel the coolness of the evening air on the wetness that Kevin left behind. It even started to leak out a little.

Kevin laid down, exhausted, and he gently laid me down next to him, so we were lying side by side. He draped one arm over his eyes.

`Oh fuck Pauly, that was the best,' he said, breathlessly, his chest still heaving from his exertions.

He turned to look at me as we were both laid flat on the ground, and he smiled encouragingly. Then he saw that I had tears in my eyes and my cheeks were wet where the tears were still drying on my face. He rose up, suddenly concerned, and leaned over me.

`Did I hurt you baby boy?'

I loved the way he called me baby boy, like I was something very dear and precious to him.

He reached over and wiped my eyes with his thumbs and leaned back, looking down at me lovingly. I could tell he really enjoyed looking at me. Then he closed in and started planting little kisses all over my face and neck and down my chest, nibbling a little on my tiny nipples and digging his nose into my tummy, licking my little innie belly button, causing me to squirm, erupting in fits of giggles.

Tommy, who had meanwhile been watching us intently, came over and laid down with us. He brought  over the box of cigarettes and I watched him do something I had never seen any adult do: he took out two cigarettes and lit them both, handing one to Kevin who was still laid flat on the ground. I remember thinking what a thoughtful and considerate gesture that was, and an indication of the regard these two boys had for each other. As they smoked, we laid there on the grass, my head resting on Kevin's jacket, and I remember how privileged I felt that I was here, lying between these two big boys, all three of us naked and happy.

- - -

True to his word, Kevin did buy me a burger in the end. And I can remember sitting in the burger bar afterwards with Kevin and Tommy, wearing Kevin's big heavy jacket, which smelled strongly of leather but also had Kevin's distinctive scent on it. That made me feel all warm inside. I was enveloped in this cool jacket which belonged to the nicest boy in the world, and he was going to be my friend forever. My body was hurting a little. My little hole was still stinging and my legs felt sore from where Kevin had stretched them wide across his lap. In fact my whole body ached from the things we had done. But it was a nice, gentle kind of ache, a pleasant reminder of our earlier exertions. As I sat there, munching on this enormous burger, which was almost too big to hold between my little hands, I was grinning from ear to ear. My hero Kevin was sitting opposite watching me, smiling and looking handsome, and that made me feel really happy. I knew that we had just done some naughty, naughty things. I had had my first ever boycums, which made my whole body tighten up so good, like I was flying, and he had put his boy boner in my little hole and shot his boycream in me, and I had swallowed Tommy's boycream, and they had kissed me on the mouth and everything. We had been so naughty and my mind was still in shock about all the big boy things we had done. It had been almost too much for my childish little mind to take in. Only now, sitting in that booth with Kevin and Tommy, did I start to realise the magnitude of what we had done, like in the cartoons when there's been a big explosion and the smoke starts to clear. I knew that things would never be the same again after today. I had been thoroughly corrupted and I loved it. I wanted to do it some more with him, and with Tommy as well. Thinking about that made my little dickie harder than ever. It had been the most momentous day of my little life, and because of that, I swear it was the best burger I had ever tasted.

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