Warning: The following is a work of fiction and does not relate to any real person or event. It describes explicit sexual activities between very young boys. If this is not what you are looking for, you have no excuse for reading any further. If it is, then enjoy.

Author's note: I want to formally acknowledge the many messages of gratitude and appreciation I received following the first part of this series. To all those who took the time to write me, and sent messages of support, thank you for your kind words and encouragement. This is for all of you.




`I'm so fuckin' horny,' Kevin exclaimed, grabbing at the front of his jeans.

`No shit?' said Tommy.

`I haven't touched my wiener in days,' Kevin went on, `I'm savin' it.'

Tommy did a double take and looked at Kevin incredulously, narrowing his eyes.

`Savin' it? What the fuck for?'

Kevin jerked his chin forward, gesturing to me.

`For him, whadya think?'

Tommy stared down at me, then looked back at Kevin, and slowly a crooked little smile crept across his lips.

`Fuuuuck!' he exclaimed, with a sly grin.

We had decided to go to Kevin's place and Kevin and Tommy were wheeling their big bikes up to the house talking, with me between them. I didn't know what they were talking about, but I knew it was naughty stuff. I was starting to like all the naughty boys stuff that Kevin and Tommy were teaching me. It had become almost their mission to teach me all the naughty boys stuff they knew, and the more I learned, the more I knew I liked it. I was an eager and willing pupil, who was only too keen to experiment with them and do everything they told me. I knew they liked me. They told me I was cute. I liked being cute. Being cute brought me a lot of pleasure. It meant I had the affections of these two big boys that I absolutely idolized. On the whole they were quite gentle with me, and they looked after me, always giving me lots of hugs and kisses. Kevin was a little rough with me when he forced his dickie into my little hole for the first time, but I knew he didn't mean to hurt me. Fucking, he called it. I liked it when Kevin had fucked me. It was cool when he squirted his boycream in me. In fact, I was looking forward to doing it again. I wanted him to put his dickie in me and fuck me real hard. I kind of understood why he was rough with me -- because I felt like that too sometimes. Sometimes my dickie got so hard I wanted to fuck too. I wanted to fuck real bad.

I was really excited about seeing where Kevin lived. They propped their bikes up against the wall of the house and we all three went in by the side door, through the kitchen. Nobody was home. Kevin said his mom was out and we could do what we liked. Both of them immediately started making themselves at home. I could tell that Tommy spent a lot of time here because he was noticeably at ease straight away. He knew where to go and seemed familiar with where everything was.

The first thing that surprised me was that as soon as we were inside, no sooner was the door closed, Kevin immediately pulled off his sweatshirt, like it was the most natural thing in the world. You could tell straight away that it was his usual habit. I liked the way he hooked the back of his shirt forward over his head, pulling it down, revealing his tanned body as the shirt rode up and off him, mussing his long black hair. Tommy did the same, and they were standing in the kitchen shirtless, showing off their boy bodies to me. They may have been only 11 and 12 years old, but their bodies seemed so mature compared to mine. They looked really slim and tight and muscly to me. Kevin had that delicious brown skin that made me feel like I wanted to lick him, and he had a defining line running down his chest and abs. Tommy's body was smooth and white and creamy and he too had the beginnings of a little six pack on his tight little stomach. They were so sexy that my dickie was instantly hard from their nakedness. Quite involuntarily, I licked my lips, grabbing my crotch to adjust my little boner which was now painfully distended in my jeans. Kevin saw that and smiled, touched by my unconscious reaction.

`You're such a horny lil fuckboy,' he said, smiling, and he ruffled my hair affectionately.

I didn't know what that meant, but it sounded like a compliment.

But they didn't stop there. Both Kevin and Tommy kicked off their sneakers, unclipped their belts and took off their jeans and the rest of their clothes, discarding items of clothing in their wake as they moved through the kitchen. It was as if no one cared -- as if they could do what they liked. I was stunned -- momentarily silenced by the idea that they wanted to walk around the house with no clothes on. More than that, I was ever more excited by the prospect of being able to look at their naked bodies. I could see their big boy dickies swinging between their legs as they removed and discarded their boxers. Even though their dickies were soft, they were still much bigger than mine, and of course Kevin already had a few thin hairs around his.

Kevin turned to look at me as I was standing there looking hesitant.

`Oh, y' know -- we have rules in this house,' he said, `We don't bother with clothes.'

`What, none?' I asked, looking up at him in wonderment.

They both laughed. But it was a friendly, good-natured laugh, and I knew they weren't teasing me.

`Nah, we like being in the nude,' said Kevin, unequivocally.

With that, he knelt down and drew me closer, looking deep into my eyes.

`I prefer you naked. Whadya think baby boy?'

`K,' I said, shrugging my little shoulders, deciding I might as well get with the program.

He helped me get my t-shirt off and quickly removed my little jeans. I liked him undressing me. He was so gentle and reassuring, in a big brother kind of way. In no time at all I was standing there naked with my little dickie sticking out insistently. I could see Kevin and Tommy look at my dickie and then at each other. I could tell they were thinking about what naughty things they were going to do with me -- what they were going to do to make my dickie have another boycum, and maybe they wanted me to give them boycums as well. I loved that we were standing there all naked and I was so excited thinking about all the naughty things we were about to do. My heart was beating so fast in my chest I could hardly breathe from the anticipation.

Still kneeling before me, Kevin looked me up and down, admiring my little body, and he was compelled to reach out and stroke me. He ran a hand through my curly blond hair, then let his warm palms run down my chest and tummy, giving a token tug on my stiff little dickie as he did so. Then he leaned in and gave me a single affectionate kiss on my forehead.

`You're so fuckin' cute.'

He was always saying that. I knew he was really into me, and enjoyed looking at me, but I always felt shy just the same. I squirmed a little, looking away bashfully. Looking down, my dickie was so hard I could actually see it pulsing with my heartbeat.

I saw Kevin and Tommy exchange glances. Every now and then they would look at each other in a very special way. They did that a lot. They would just exchange glances and it was as though they knew what the other was thinking. I envied that. They could almost communicate just by looking at each other, without actually saying anything. You could tell they had this genuine affinity, a deep and real affection which showed in the way they did so many things in unison and the way they regarded each other with a level of respect that I rarely saw in boys of their age. You could tell they were very much in tune with each other and I felt privileged that they both allowed me into their confidence and let me join in their games and be part of this exciting rapport they shared.

We moved through the kitchen into the family room, and Kevin asked Tommy to get us all a drink. There was an enormous silver refrigerator with double doors. It was quite the biggest refrigerator I had ever seen. Tommy grabbed both doors, throwing the refrigerator open as though he was about to step inside. He reached in and pulled out three beers from the vast array of drinks in there, and was about to open one.

`Better stick to soda,' said Kevin, glancing at me, `we don't want anyone passin' out.'

`Oh, OK, ` said Tommy, and put one of the beers back, grabbing a soda instead.

Apparently the soda was for me. Tommy proffered the can and I looked at it hesitantly.

`I'm not supposed to drink a whole one,' I said, reciting the rules that I was accustomed to.

Kevin smiled as though I had said something really quaint.

`In this house,' he said, unequivocally, `you can do what the hell ya like.'

I looked at him, and then back at Tommy, standing there with the soda in his outstretched hand. I accepted it gratefully.

`Gee, thanks,' I said, feeling ever so naughty at the idea that we could do `what the hell' we liked. Gosh, I don't think I ever drank a whole can of soda in one go.

As we moved into the family room, I saw that we had left our clothes littered about the place, some crumpled on the floor, or hanging over the backs of chairs. My little jeans somehow got kicked under the dining table and Kevin's boxers were tantalizingly draped over a table lamp where he had absent-mindedly tossed them. It was like a half-hearted, reckless attempt to decorate. They didn't seem to care.

In the family room, beyond the kitchen, there was a big plasma TV and a voluminous sofa, which Kevin and I sank into at the same time, bouncing back up on the big, plump seat cushions. It felt really luxurious to be sitting there on this big sofa, and it felt so warm and soft beneath my naked little butt. Kevin got comfortable, snuggling into the deep backrest, and he immediately pulled me onto him, so that I was sitting in his lap, cradled in the natural groove between his legs. His soft dickie was nestled in my ass crack. I could feel his smooth thighs under my legs and the warm skin of his chest and tummy pressed against my back as I leaned against him. My little feet jutted out over his knees and he cuddled me, pressing me into him real close. His hand rested on my lap, automatically grabbing my little boner, and wrapping his big boy fist around it so that I melted with the sheer pleasure of it. I let out an involuntary whimper, and he kissed the back of my head. He was so gentle, so affectionate with me, I had never felt so loved and wanted as I did when I was in his arms.

Tommy went over to the TV to find a DVD. As he stood there, I was able to trace the clear defining line of his spine all the way down his back, admiring the way his torso tapered down to his slim waist and narrow hips. I loved how his smooth, round butt was flexing, and how his ass cheeks hollowed as he shifted his weight from one foot to the other. He knelt down to feed the disc into the DVD player which was sitting beneath the TV, nestling amongst a tangled mass of cables, and as he did so he gave us a fantastic rear view glimpse of his tight little hairless balls tucked between his legs. I chuckled. Kevin kissed me again, this time on the neck, knowing full well what I was chuckling at.

Stepping back, Tommy handed Kevin one of the beers as he came to join us on the sofa. He sat down on the other end of the sofa, cracking open his beer and taking a good long slug, then he reached for the remote that was on the floor. Then Tommy did something which I shall never forget -- he leaned over towards Kevin, putting his face really close, and Kevin knew instantly what he wanted. He tilted his head up and they kissed resoundingly, touching lips ever so briefly, and ever so lightly. That simple gesture, which neither of them thought twice about, said so much about their relationship. They had such regard for each other and were such true friends, were so comfortable in each other's presence, that one could steal a kiss from the other whenever they wanted. I had never seen boys behave with such genuine affection. I knew then that I wanted to be just like them when I was older.

Tommy pointed the remote at the big plasma screen, as though to signal the start of the performance, and I could see him settle back on the sofa with one hand holding his beer, and the other went straight to his dickie. There was a sense of occasion about the way they were behaving, and I got the impression that they were building up to something, preparing themselves -- and me -- for what was to follow.

There was a soft click, and the DVD flashed its pictures up onto the screen. I couldn't tell what was happening at first, but I quickly realized that what we were going to watch was not a regular film. There were some close-up shots of some activity which I couldn't quite identify. It soon became apparent that it was a video of young boys. Naked young boys. Naked young boys fucking. Lots of them.

I gasped audibly.

`They're fucking!'

Both Kevin and Tommy laughed. I remember it because it was the first time I had ever said that word out loud. But I didn't care. It made me feel naughty when I swore. The fact that we were all sitting there naked was already an indication of what was to follow, so I fully expected things to get naughty. I wanted to be naughty when I was with them. I wanted to swear. I wanted to fuck. I wanted to do rude, bad, dirty things with them.

Kevin was still squeezing my boner as the film began. He momentarily took his hand off my little boner, cracked open his beer, and then put his hand back on my boner. It was cold from the coolness of the can, and I shuddered ever so lightly. Kevin felt it, and he scrunched his hand over my boner so hard that it hurt a little. It hurt, but at the same time it felt so good.

As we watched, we all went very quiet for a while, mesmerized by the antics on the screen. For a moment I was transported into the TV, totally entranced by what I was watching. There were boys of all ages fucking. Lots of them in a big room. They fucked in all types of positions, big boys and small boys together. The big boys were really fucking the small boys hard. After a while they would change positions and the big boys would turn the little boys over and stick their big boners back into the little boys' holes. Even some of the smaller boys were fucking each other! I was sure they couldn't have been much older than me. In one scene, one of the small boys was being fucked on a bed by a much bigger boy. The bigger boy had lots of dark hair around his dickie, and his boner was enormous, bigger even than Kevin's! The little boy had his legs drawn right up to his chest, so that his knees were pressed up against his shoulders, and the bigger boy was kneeling over him, gripping his thighs, holding his legs there as he was pushing his dickie into the little boy's hole. But the little boy was crying out plaintively, his eyes closed, thrashing his head from side to side on the pillow.

I looked around and up at Kevin.

`Is he hurting that little boy?'

`Nah,' said Kevin, dismissively, `It's cool. That kid's lovin' it, see?'

`Oh,' I said, turning back to the antics on the screen.

As we watched, Kevin drank his beer, and with his other hand he played with my boner. My boner was achingly hard from what I was seeing, all the stiffer because it was Kevin that was pleasuring me. I was in heaven. Here I was sitting naked with these two boys who I absolutely adored, drinking beer and soda, watching this breathtaking activity unfolding on the screen before me, and having my stiff little boner played with by my favorite boy in the whole world. I just couldn't think of anything that would make it more perfect.

As we were focused on the screen, I could feel Kevin's dickie become tangibly hard and it was digging into my little ass. It was burning hot. I caught sight of Tommy's fist in his lap, pumping his boner up and down with long, steady strokes. So all three of us were sitting there with the hardest boners ever. I felt hot and sweaty. My heart was beating fast and hard in my chest. The steamy goings-on on the screen were making me so excited, and feeling Kevin's boner in my ass crack made me start to pant. I squirmed a little on his lap, pressing my butt into him, rubbing his boner up and down so that it was cradled right into the natural groove of my little ass.

Kevin's hand on my boner was squeezing even tighter. I felt I could almost have a boycum from the way he was squeezing it so roughly and painfully. It made me dizzy from the sheer pleasure of it. My little hand was drawn to his, and I pressed his hand down into my crotch even harder. He responded by squeezing my little dickie harder than ever, like he knew I wanted him to hurt me, and he made me squeal. That made Tommy look over and he smiled, seeing my head tossed back in ecstasy against Kevin's chest. Kevin kissed the back of my neck by way of apology, which only aroused me even more. The back of my neck was very sensitive. I loved being kissed there. It made my whole body get goose-bumps all over. I shivered in sheer delight. I wanted him to squeeze my little dickie even harder. I wanted him to squeeze it until I had a boycum in his hand. I wanted him to give me lots of boycums and I didn't care if he hurt me. I even wanted him to hurt me. I wanted him to hurt me real bad.

Just then, Kevin took his hand away. I exhaled sharply, mostly out of disappointment, because I knew that I was heading for a big boycum. My dickie was super stiff, expectantly aching for more stimulation. Instead, it was left pulsing uselessly in mid air, and I was left panting in anticipation. I turned my head, about to ask Kevin why he'd done that. As I turned my head, Kevin kissed me on the cheek.

`Slow down baby boy,' he whispered into my ear, `Don't cum just yet.'

Until then, it had never occurred to me that this powerful urge could be restrained. But Kevin's calm, reassuring tone made me realize that he had the ability to pace the proceedings. I was so impressed by his presence of mind, and the way he had such control over the situation. In my immature little mind, I could never conceive that this excitement could be incremented.

We watched the screen some more. The bigger boy was really ramming his dickie into the smaller boy, thoroughly pummeling him into the pillow, and the smaller boy was crying out even louder, his eyes screwed tightly shut and grabbing handfuls of the bedclothes as he was being fucked. I guessed he was enjoying it, but I couldn't be sure because the bigger boy was so rough with him. This went on for a really long time and I found myself wondering how come these boys were doing these things in front of a camera. Suddenly, the bigger boy pulled out his big boner from the little boy's hole and he scooted in, jacking his dickie real fast, and shot several big squirts of boycream all over the little boy's chest. It was just like a water pistol. It squirted out so far, the first and most powerful squirt hitting him in the face. Gosh, it was a lot of boycream. There was so much of it, blasting the little boy in long, milky streaks, coating his nipples, pooling on his chest and running in little rivulets down his tummy. Gosh, it was the most naughty thing I had ever seen. I didn't even know it was possible for a dickie to shoot out so much boycream.

`Oh fuck,' I gasped, so incredulous that I didn't even realize I was saying it.

Kevin thrust his hard boner into the small of my back real hard and drew me back against his body, with an arm around my chest, burying his chin into my shoulder. I could tell he was as excited by that as I was. I could feel him panting against my cheek.

`You like that baby boy?'

Kevin was jacking my dickie real fast as he held me there, sensing that my boycum was perhaps overdue, and I was so excited by what I had seen on the screen, my little boner was aching for relief. With Kevin's expert hand on my dickie, and his own excitement evident from the way he was panting against my neck, I let myself abandon all control, surrendering my little body to the pleasure of being manipulated by this older boy who I idolized. I put myself in his control and let him usher me towards a really powerful boycum. I bucked my hips into his hand, thrusting up into his fist as hard as I could. His fist was really hurting me, tightening his grip on my little dickie, jacking it faster and faster, and that just seemed to accentuate my pleasure. I was shocked by how suddenly my boycum hit, and I cried out a single plaintive, high pitched squeal as it consumed me, bucking backwards into Kevin's warm body, and I instinctively reached back for his head. He leaned forward and did exactly what I wanted him to do: he kissed the back of my neck. This sent my body into waves and waves of pleasure and my little dickie pumped forcefully in his fist. Of course nothing squirted out, but it felt like it did. My whole body shuddered in ecstasy, and I exhaled sharply, catching my breath between each spasm of pleasure that ripped through me. Kevin kept pumping my little dickie and holding me tightly against him, never faltering for a moment, until he sensed it was over and I relaxed. Then he loosened his embrace and let go of my dickie.

`Oh fuck,' I said again, breathlessly, because I just couldn't think of anything else to say.

I collapsed back against Kevin's warm body, my head lolling uselessly on his chest. He held me close, propping me up, sensing that I had gone quite limp and floppy, as I usually did after my boycums. I felt safe and protected in his arms.

Tommy glanced over at Kevin. Again, they were just checking in with each other in that unique way of theirs. Tommy's face was noticeably flushed, and he had a serious expression on his face. His mouth was hanging open as though he was really making an effort. He had been watching what Kevin had just done to me, and his fist was curled tightly around his big boy boner. I could see the head of his dickie was red and shiny. I guess his boner was hurting him too and was desperate for relief.

`Oh shit,' said Tommy, a little breathlessly, like it was all a little too much for him.

Somewhere above my head Kevin smiled and reached out a hand to Tommy, sensing perhaps that Tommy needed his attention too.

`C' mere,' he said, beckoning him closer.

Tommy put his beer down and scooted over, leaning towards Kevin. They kissed for a really long time. This time they were really sucking, tonguing each other with their mouths open, turning their heads this way and that with their lips locked together at different angles. They gorged on each other noisily and hungrily for a good long time. I was sitting somewhere between them, a little squashed, but enjoying the closeness of all three of us together. The heat from our bodies was tangible and I could smell the beer on their breath. The sight of these two big boys getting so affectionate, so amorous with each other, made my dickie hard all over again. It was so cool.

As the antics on the screen continued, the video was almost forgotten. Kevin and Tommy kissed for a really long time, then broke away, as though anxious to avoid getting overheated. I really loved what they did next. As if to reassure me that they hadn't forgotten me, they both kissed me as well. Still safely ensconced in Kevin's lap, he kissed the back of my neck and my shoulders as he held me there. Tommy meanwhile kissed me on the lips, delving his tongue deep into my little mouth. He smelled and tasted of beer. He nibbled my lips, taking them between his teeth, and when I poked my tongue into his mouth he sucked on it. That felt real cool. With Tommy kissing me on the lips and Kevin planting kisses on my neck and my back, I was sandwiched between them in the most pleasant and delightful way.

Tommy continued kissing me, tracing all the way down my chest with his tongue, licking my nipples and my tummy, and even sucking on my little innie belly button. Then he bobbed his head right down into my lap and I felt the most wonderful feeling I had ever felt -- his hot wet mouth around my dickie. The first contact with his lips made me gasp audibly, immediately sucking all the air out of my lungs. As he closed his lips around my boner, creating a seal, he sucked hard. I nearly screamed, almost jumping from the unexpected pleasure. Meanwhile, Kevin held me tightly against his chest, his boner still digging into my ass crack. Tommy's cute blonde head enveloped my little boner right down to my little balls, deep into that warm wet cavern of his mouth. He bobbed his head a few times, taking my boner right into the back of his throat, running his hot little tongue over the head of my dickie. I couldn't help burying my little fingers into his thick blond hair. With Kevin's boner in my ass crack and his hot lips on the back of my neck, it was sensory overload. It was just too much for my little body and I couldn't help myself. My second boycum hit me straight away. Oh, the indescribable pleasure! This time it was much more powerful than the first. It happened almost in slow motion, rising up within me like an approaching train, and suddenly exploding in my brain, my whole body tightening up with the most delicious sensation. My little dickie jerked wildly in Tommy's mouth, and I could feel my little body shuddering violently for a good long time in the most exquisite of seizures. My eyes rolled back and everything went blurry, and then I don't remember anything.

It felt like a good few minutes had passed before I opened my eyes again, somewhat dazed and fatigued. I felt like that approaching train had run me over.

`You OK Pauly?'

It was Kevin.

`Hey kid, you OK?'

I felt something cold being pressed to my lips. It was the soda. I took a few mouthfuls of the sweet, biting drink, which helped to lubricate my dry mouth, and then I focused on Kevin's face, looking really concerned. I was laying on the sofa in Kevin's lap. Kevin was cradling my head, holding the soda to my lips. I took a look around and realized that all had gone quiet. The TV had reverted to screen saver, so I guessed the video was paused.

`Christ, you really felt that one, little buddy,' said Kevin, `I wish I could cum that hard.'

I smiled weakly.

`You just had your first BJ kid,' said Tommy, beaming at me with a self-satisfied smirk.

`It was awesome,' I said.

Kevin and Tommy looked at each other and smiled.

`Shall we carry on?' Tommy asked, picking up the remote.

For the first time I realized that even two explosive boycums did not signal the end of this little session, and they were obviously well versed in stringing it out as long as possible. I was learning so many things from Kevin and Tommy. Just being with them, observing the way they did things and being included in their little games revealed so many things which I probably wouldn't have got to know otherwise. I welcomed it, but at the same time I wondered just how much more excitement I could take.

`I need to pee,' I announced.

It was the soda, of course. Kevin pointed out where the bathroom was, and I ambled along in my nakedness, the tiled floor of the kitchen cool beneath my little feet, and one hand squeezing my dickie, which was now uncharacteristically soft.

By the time I came back, I could see that the video was running once more, and there were boys fucking on the screen again. This time the little boys were sucking on big fat boners. Some of them could barely fit these big boners in their mouths. The big boys were shoving their boners excitedly at the little boys' faces, and the little boys were kissing them and licking them and making them all wet with their spit. It was delightful to see the way those little boys relished sucking those big boy boners. Of course that made my dickie instantly hard again.

As I rounded the sofa, I saw Kevin and Tommy on the floor doing something I had never seen before, nor ever conceived of -- they were sucking each others boners! I was stopped in my tracks by this awesome sight. Tommy was laying stretched out on the floor, with Kevin above him on all fours, their heads at opposite ends, sucking their boy boners with great relish. Gosh, how did they think of that? It struck me as ingenious. They had discovered the perfect reciprocal arrangement. I stood there and stared for a good few minutes, utterly fascinated, roughly pulling at my boner. I admired the way Kevin was thrusting down into Tommy's open mouth, and I could see him bobbing away on Tommy's dickie at the other end. It was so cool.

When they saw me return, they stopped. I don't know why, but I was disappointed. I was enjoying their little show, maybe every bit as much as the video. Kevin turned over, pulling his dickie out of Tommy's gaping mouth, and sat on the floor with his knees drawn up. Tommy rose up and sat next to him. Once again, I thought they were showing great restraint. I didn't think I could have stopped. Kevin invited me to sit with them on the floor, reaching out to me as though inviting me to take his hand. I went over and sat with them. The rough fibers of the carpet were itchy beneath my naked little butt. Turning towards the TV, we were momentarily distracted by the antics on the screen. The film was still running, but pretty soon it was forgotten again.

Tommy was looking extremely flushed, and the reddishness was very prominent on his creamy white skin. He looked like his boner was becoming uncomfortable, and he was manipulating it this way and that as though unable to find a position that was satisfactory.

`I gotta fuck,' he said tersely, appealing to Kevin with a note of urgency in his voice.

Kevin turned to me.

`Whadya say baby boy? You wanna fuck with Tommy?'

I squirmed nervously, squeezing my boner real hard. I looked at Tommy. After I had already had a boycum in his mouth, it seemed only fair that he should fuck me. The truth is I had always wanted Tommy to fuck me. Tommy was beautiful. He was a gorgeous, blond little boy god that I absolutely adored. I looked down at his boner and saw how stiff and long and straight it was, and how neat and perfectly proportioned it was. His dickie was as beautiful as the rest of him. So beautiful I wanted it inside me. I wanted to feel that boner in my little ass, hurting me. I wanted him to squirt his boycream in me. I wanted him to make me cry out just like the little boy in the video. Of course I wanted Tommy to fuck me. I wanted Tommy to fuck me real bad.

I nodded slowly, looking away shyly.

Tommy smiled. For him, it was an endorsement from me. But I appreciated the way that Kevin had given me the power to decide.

`Go easy on `im,' said Kevin, looking at Tommy. It was more of a request than an order.

I was flattered that he was so protective of me.

`OK,' said Tommy, nodding.

He was moving towards me even before the words were out of his mouth. At this point I expected Kevin to take a back seat and let us get on with it, but I was pleasantly surprised that he didn't.

`Let's get you ready,' he said, and he reached for the ubiquitous jar of Vaseline that was sitting on the coffee table next to the sofa with his half-finished beer.

Kevin sat me down on the sofa and made me put my feet up on the seat with my knees up and my legs apart, so they had a clear view of my little hole. Then he and Tommy both knelt down on the floor and peered between my legs, scrutinizing my tight little balls and that small sensitive area of skin between my balls and my little hole. They both looked from my balls up to my face and back again.

`Jesus, I wanna root that little hole so bad,' said Tommy, grasping his boner in his fist.

`Not so fast,' said Kevin, always in control, `There's summat we gotta do first.'

And with that, he lowered his head right in between my little legs, his mouth directly over my little hole. I could feel his hot breath on my balls. Then he leaned in and poked his tongue out and started licking all around my hole. It was indescribably sensitive. I moaned loudly in my high-pitched voice, and swallowed hard.

Staring down at Kevin between my legs, my jaw was hanging open in shock and ecstasy. Kevin came up for air with an almost manic, evil glint in his eyes, and then he lowered his head one more time, thrusting his tongue firmly into my little hole.

`Oh fuck!'

I couldn't believe it was me saying it this time. It was so good, I felt like bursting into tears.

Kevin looked up.

`Yeah!' he exclaimed triumphantly, `No one's ever done THAT to you before, have they?'

Gosh, I didn't think things like that were possible! Just as I thought I was getting to know the measure of what these boys were capable of, there was always something new. Whatever fireworks they had stored in their arsenal for me, they kept bringing out yet bigger and more spectacular ones. I just couldn't believe it. My little boner was sticking up insistently between my legs and I deliberately flexed it several times, making it stiffen perceptibly just for the pleasure of it.

`Christ Pauly,' said Tommy, `You're such a horny lil fuckboy.'

That was the second time I had heard them use that term. I decided I quite liked being called a fuckboy. I knew it was a compliment of sorts.

After licking my hole all around, and having poked his tongue as far as he could, Kevin drew back and popped open the Vaseline. Then, with all the tender care and attention of a medic, he started applying the cold, greasy substance all around my hole, gently massaging it in with his fingertips. Pretty soon I could feel the familiar sting of his fingers entering my hole, and pushing against the resistant ring. I relaxed, and he was able to push two, then three fingers right up inside. I watched him intently, looking down at him between my knees, my little legs splayed open in invitation, and he shoved his fingers in real hard. He was fucking me with his fingers, digging into my hole several times, making me wince.

`Ugh!' I cried out.

For some reason that made Tommy smile.

His work seemingly done, Kevin got up and replaced the lid on the Vaseline, indicating that I was ready. Kevin moved away and Tommy took his place, scooting in on his knees. I laid back on the sofa expectantly with my legs still open. It was just the right height for Tommy to lean in and put the tip of his boner against the entrance of my little hole. I looked up at him and scanned his smooth body all the way down, taking in his pink nipples and his slim, almost concave tummy that was as tight as a drum. He was breathing really fast and I could tell he could barely contain his anticipation. He pushed in. I winced, bracing myself. He took one violent stab and I was surprised at how easily his boner slipped inside. After the initial push, he was easily able to glide right up inside my little hole. Suddenly, I felt very full, impaled on his big boy boner which was completely buried inside me. Tommy held it there, almost taken aback at how easily my hole had accommodated him. He closed his eyes and his jaw fell open. He was panting with his mouth wide open. He steadied himself on his outstretched arms. I waited. Then he opened his eyes and looked directly at me, and I could see the sheer pleasure in his face.

`Oh Christ Pauly!' he panted, `Your little cunt feels so good.'

Of course this was all new language to me. But I knew he was loving it, and the thought that I was bringing him so much pleasure was very gratifying. I wanted to please him. I wanted to make his beautiful boy body feel good. I wanted to give him a boycum and feel his big, beautiful boner fuck me hard and squirt his boycream deep into my little ass. These boys had got me so sexed up I was almost delirious.

Tommy's fucking wasn't as rough as Kevin. When he settled into it, and found a really good rhythm, he was actually quite good. He was less impetuous and slightly more gentle than Kevin, but he was still quite refined. He changed position slightly, shifting a few times as though trying to find the ideal angle to thrust into me. I loved the way he held my knees back against my chest, so he could get maximum penetration, just like the little boy in the video. Luckily, I was so small and flexible he could bend me literally any way he wanted. He folded my legs right back, so that my ankles were resting on his shoulders, and he was driving his big hard dickie into me relentlessly. He kept going for a good long time. I admired his stamina. Every now and then he would look up and offer me a vocalization.

`Oh fuck Pauly,' he would bark, and it sounded almost like a rebuke.

I loved the way he was saying my name, recognizing that it was me that was doing this to him.

I knew his boycum was close when his pace became ever more urgent and more insistent. His thrusting was rocking my whole body, forcing my head to bounce against the backrest of the sofa as he fucked me. When his breathing became quick and shallow, he seemed to take one enormous breath, preparing for the final assault, and he almost shouted out a single, animal grunt. Just then, he did something which I shall never forget -- because I was taken aback by the sheer magnanimity of it -- he swooped down with his lips and kissed me really hard on the mouth. He was doing it for me as much as for him, and I remember thinking how good it felt that, even in fulfilling this primal urge, he was able to show affection towards me in that way. He held that kiss there even as his whole body shuddered violently above me in the throes of his boycum, and I knew it was because it felt good to be doing both at the same time. I felt his dickie expand inside me and it was almost as though it had burst open, pumping little jets of his hot boycream deep inside me. It felt like a lot. It wasn't just two little squirts, like before, it was several good long ones, and it felt very squishy inside my little hole. He continued thrusting into me impetuously even when his boycum was over, like he wanted it go on and on.

Finally spent and exhausted, Tommy pulled his lips off me, giving me one last sloppy kiss by way of thanks, and slipped his dickie out of my tender little hole. He collapsed back down on the floor somewhat breathless, looking at me with an expression of wonder and gratitude. He was looking very flushed and sweaty and his cheeks were noticeably red.

`Fuck Pauly, you can really take it kid.'

`That was so hot,' said Kevin, who had been watching all the time, and was kneeling on the floor over by the TV, with his fist around his boner.

I hadn't moved and was still on the sofa with my legs open, leaking Tommy's boycream from my little hole. Absent-mindedly, I was pumping my little boner in my fist. Kevin got up and scooted in closer, taking Tommy's place between my open legs.

`Ya like that Pauly?' Kevin asked me, with a wicked gleam in his eyes, `Was Tommy a good fuck?'

I nodded shyly, still breathless myself from Tommy's energetic thrusting, and I was shocked to see that Kevin was closing in to fuck me as well, lining up his boner with my sloppy little hole.

`Let's see how much more you can take,' said Kevin, hunching over me.

It was the first time I had ever seen Kevin almost disregard my welfare and do something which paid me no consideration. It was almost like I was seeing another side to him, an aspect of him that was reckless and cruel and was concerned with doing only what he wanted. But in a strange way, I also understood it. He was by now so sexed up that I knew he just wanted to fuck. That was all that mattered to him. I knew exactly what that felt like, and by now I was only too familiar with the black, blinding desire that we boys were driven by -- the desire to stick our little dickies in each other as hard as possible and have a really powerful boycum. So, I let him. He stuck his big boy boner in me without any formality, and I actually enjoyed the thrill of his animalistic attack, sliding his hot, stiff dickie in my hole in one greedy lunge without hesitation. I was shocked that he was not at all discouraged that my hole was still wet and sticky and was already full of Tommy's boycream. I could feel Tommy's boycream spurt out as Kevin forced his dickie in, slapping his little balls against my ass cheeks. It hurt like hell. My little hole was already sore from Tommy's fucking, and the sudden sting of Kevin's invasion brought tears to my eyes, but I bore it. I bore it because I liked Kevin. He was my favorite boy in all the world. I would have done anything for him and to have his boner in my little hole, pushing into me so forcefully and brutally, was something I knew I wanted. I wanted it real bad.

I watched in dumb admiration as Kevin's lithe, brown body flexed in perfect rhythm, thrusting his slim hips into me. His technique was altogether more forceful than Tommy's. He was stronger, perhaps more impetuous, certainly a lot rougher, and he hammered away into my little hole at a speed that I couldn't keep up with. I was trying to pump my little dickie as he was doing it, but he was pummeling me so hard into the sofa that I could barely connect my little fist to the boner between my legs. Like Tommy, he was pushing my knees right up to my shoulders, but he was altogether more practiced, and it showed in the way he was confident enough to hold both my ankles in one hand, pushing my legs right up over my head, freeing up his other hand to grab my little boner and jack it for me even as he fucked me. I was impressed by his coordination, and also grateful that he had the presence of mind to consider my pleasure even as he pursued his own. I prayed that he was going to give me another boycum. He certainly knew what he was doing.

With Kevin's big boy boner in my little hole, and his fist squeezing my dickie like that, my boycum didn't take long to explode upon me. He was jacking my dickie so hard that it soon reached the pinnacle of my excitement and pulsed rapidly in his fist. I felt my whole body tighten up in the now familiar ecstasy that I loved so much, which was all the more accentuated by the sight of Kevin's smooth boy body pumping into me. I closed my eyes and couldn't breathe for a good few seconds, as I floated around, enveloped by the waves of pleasure that crashed through me. When that pleasure subsided, I relaxed and could feel my little body losing tension. As usual I went all floppy and limp. When I opened my eyes again, Kevin smiled. Still laboring away above me, his rhythm never faltered, and I smiled back weakly.

Pretty soon he was thrusting so hard that my neck was hurting. My head was being forced right into the backrest of the sofa and he was pushing my knees so hard into my shoulders it felt like he was going to snap my spine. He must have been desperate for his boycum because he didn't last long -- not as long as Tommy at any rate. His pace accelerated and his breathing reached fever pitch, until eventually I knew his boycum was imminent. Suddenly, he pulled out of my hole and spread my legs by pushing my knees apart, and he leaned in over me, jacking his big wet boner furiously, breathing really fast and I knew he was preparing to squirt his boycream over me. How did he know I wanted that? On the paradise stroke, he pushed his big hard boner into my tummy and shouted out `Oh Pauly!' I could actually feel his hot dickie explode against my yielding tummy muscle. A big jet of his boycream squirted out with such force that it disintegrated into tiny droplets, raining all the way up my chest. His boycream was burning hot. He carried on pumping with his fist, and that was followed by two or three more powerful jets of his boycream, and several smaller jets, and Kevin exhaled sharply with each one. He had squirted a lot of boycream, and there was so much of it that I couldn't believe Kevin had so much boycream inside him. I was soaking wet. I looked along my chest and tummy and I saw that I was covered in long glistening streaks of his hot boycream. It was running down my chest and dripping down my sides onto the sofa.

Still jacking his dickie, Kevin slowed down and swallowed hard. His jaw was hanging open. He gazed down at me, thoroughly saturated with his boycream, and looked almost incredulous at the amount he had squirted.

`Christ Pauly,' he exclaimed, `You're gonna be sensational when you're older.'

I didn't know what that meant, but I knew it was something good.

I could see Tommy leaning in over to one side, also admiring this amazing sight.

`Oh fuck Kevin!' said Tommy in disbelief, `Where do you get it from?'

`I told you I was savin' it,' said Kevin, with a self-satisfied smile.

I looked along the length of my torso as I lay there, and admired how wet and shiny I was, with Kevin's boycream splashed all over me. It was still very warm on my skin, and it looked quite thick and pearly. Without thinking, I scooped up a little on my finger and stuck it in my mouth. I wanted to taste it, but didn't know why. It just seemed like something I might enjoy. It was Kevin's boycream, and I absolutely idolized Kevin, so it just seemed natural to want to eat his boycream.

When they saw me do that, both Kevin and Tommy's jaws dropped open in unison, and they turned to look at each other with shocked expressions. I remember it vividly because it was the first time I had done something to shock them. That felt good. And because it felt good, I scooped up some more with my fingers and started licking them, just like I had been eating the proverbial fried chicken.

`Mmm, good boycream,' I said, with a sardonic smile.

Kevin and Tommy burst out laughing.

We were all totally spent, and at that point lost interest in the video. Tommy fetched a damp towel from the bathroom and they both took pleasure in wiping me down. I enjoyed they way they laid me out on the sofa and ever so lovingly wiped my little body clean. They wiped up all the boycream from my tummy and cleaned my little hole that was still greasy with the Vaseline and leaking boycream. They even wiped the sweat from my head and neck and between my legs. They dried me thoroughly and seemed to enjoy doing it. I certainly enjoyed all the loving attention they lavished on me.

Afterwards, Kevin and Tommy performed their now familiar ritual of lighting up cigarettes. They sat next to each other, with me laid out on the sofa between them, my head on Kevin's lap and my feet on Tommy's lap. We sat there in silence, enjoying the moment, not really feeling the need to say anything. Even after they had finished their cigarettes, we sat like that for a good long while in silence, thoroughly contented, nestling together on the sofa, still naked, basking in our togetherness and friendship. I had never felt so good as I did when I was with these boys, and I felt privileged and safe and happy.

`I'm hungry,' said Tommy, after a while, breaking the silence.

I watched him get up, his hand cupping his crotch, and walked around the sofa towards the kitchen. Kevin sat me up and put an arm around my shoulders, giving me another reassuring kiss. Shortly, Tommy returned with an oversized tub of vanilla ice cream and three large spoons. We all sat down in the middle of the floor in a circle, with the tub of ice cream between us. Leaning in, we greedily dug into it, scooping out big spoonfuls. Pretty soon we were all sucking our spoons and licking our lips as we coated our tongues in the sweet, frozen substance. And as we did so, we talked between mouthfuls.

Kevin looked at me admiringly, his mouth still full of ice cream.

`Did you enjoy yourself today Pauly?'

My attention was focused on the ice cream, but I answered him even as I helped myself greedily.

`Yeh, it was real cool,' I replied.

Kevin and Tommy both laughed at that. I looked up and saw them staring at me with amused expressions.

`You're such a lil fuckboy,' said Kevin, affectionately

He delved into the ice cream one more time, and then looked up again with an afterthought

`Wish I could have cum three times in a row when I was only six,' he added, enviously.

`Six and three quarters,' I reminded him.

I hadn't meant to be funny, but Kevin and Tommy burst out laughing. They laughed for a really long time as well. Pretty soon they had me laughing with them, until all three of us were rocking around on the floor roaring with laughter, our mouths still full of ice cream. I don't even know what we were laughing at, but it was a gentle, easy, rolling type of laughter, a friendly expression of relief, and I thought, of the solidarity between us. It felt so good to be laughing with these two boys, all of us huddled around the ice cream tub on the floor, so free to express ourselves, free to walk around the house naked, to drink beer, eat ice cream from the tub, watch sex movies, and to suck and fuck as we liked. I remember looking at Kevin and Tommy as they were laughing, these two big boys that I absolutely idolized, and thinking how great it was to know them, how much I appreciated their friendship and everything they had taught me. I was so happy at that moment, appreciating the fun I was having, and feeling so grateful that I had this wonderful dickie between my legs which could make me feel so good, and how lucky I was that I was cute, and how much pleasure that was going to bring me as I grew older. I thought about how great it was to be a boy, and most of all how great it was to be young, to have the rest of my life stretching out into the future, and knowing instinctively that the best was yet to come. And because of that, I swear it was the best ice cream I had ever tasted.

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