Warning: The following is a work of fiction and does not relate to any real person or event. It describes explicit sexual activities between very young boys. If this is not what you are looking for, you have no excuse for reading any further. If it is, then enjoy!








We were on our way to the secret place. It was after school and we were walking through the long grass by the river. I still had my school uniform on, gray shorts and starched white shirt with a neatly knotted tie. I didn't have my blazer because it was a hot day, but I was carrying my backpack with my schoolbooks in it. My shoes and ankle socks were getting dusty from the dry soil and the long grass was brushing against my bare thighs.

`Nearly there,' said Kevin, holding my hand.

He led the way. He was in his school uniform too. Being a bigger boy, he always wore long pants and I remember how his gray school pants made it look like he had incredibly long legs. But he had loosened his tie and, being the ornery boy he was, always had his top button undone. At school he never pulled his tie right up, the knot was always loose, and I admired that about him. Kevin was always a little subversive, and I remember how much I was attracted to that naughty, wild, rebellious streak in him. I was very fond of Kevin. Even tramping through the long grass, with him holding my little hand, seemed like bliss for me. It was heavenly to be so revered and idolized by him and to be so intimately taken into his confidence. Even though he was nearly 13, nearly six years older than me, he was my best friend. When I was with him he really cared for me. I know he was a little rough with me sometimes, especially when he fucked me, but he said he loved me. When he was squirting his boycream in me he always said he loved me. And he always said thank you. That made me feel really special. I didn't get much love at home. The isolation and lack of affection I grew up with only drove me even deeper into Kevin's arms. Kevin was the only person who ever made me feel loved. And I think I loved him too.

Kevin had been fucking me regularly for the last few months. I still remembered that very first time he fucked me at the secret place, on the riverbank by the bridge. Since then, we fucked at his house regularly, when his mom wasn't around. But mostly we did it at school. Kevin would pull me into the boys' restroom during recess. He would just push me roughly into the door without saying anything and when he did that I knew he just wanted to fuck. If we had time, he might take my pants off completely in one of the cubicles, so that I would still have my shirt and tie on, but my bottom half was naked. He would sit me on his lap, facing him. I liked it better that way because he was able to hold me and I could look into his beautiful face as he was shooting his boycream in me, just like the first time he forced his dickie into my little hole. That way he could kiss me on the lips as he was having his boycum. When he had a particularly big boycum, he would sometimes clamp his teeth down real hard and bite my bottom lip as he was kissing me. If there wasn't much time, he would just yank down my pants and tighty-whiteys and quickly fuck my little ass with me just kneeling over the toilet seat. Sometimes it was like he needed to shoot his boycream so badly he could barely whip his boner out of his pants quickly enough. More than that, he often wanted to do it again and again. He could have two boycums in a row if he was excited enough, although not much boycream came out the second time. There were occasions when he would do it at different times throughout the day, whenever there was an opportunity: at recess, at lunchtime, even after school. Most days he did it at least once. Many times he did it twice a day. On a few occasions he did it three times. And once - just once - he did it four times in one day: at recess, at lunchtime, and twice after school. By the fourth time he had no boycream left. It was a dry boycum, like mine. It was like he needed it. Or rather his dickie needed it. I think Kevin was a bit like me. His dickie was always hard.

As we walked, I stumbled a bit in the long grass and nearly lost my balance, inadvertently tugging on Kevin's hand where he was holding me. He stopped and looked around.

`You okay Pauly?'

I nodded bravely. Actually I was hot and tired. We had walked a long way and my feet were hurting, and the straps of my backpack were starting to cut into my shoulders, but I didn't say anything. I didn't want to whine and complain. I would have done anything for Kevin, and I wanted to suffer this for him because he said he had a surprise for me and I didn't want to seem ungrateful.

He seemed to detect my exhaustion and looked me up and down affectionately.

`Tired?' he said solicitously.

I nodded regretfully. He smiled, thinking that quaint. I loved it when Kevin smiled. You could see his pearly white teeth. They contrasted nicely against the tanned skin of his face, which was light brown in color, like caramel. He peered out benevolently from under the little curtains of black hair that were persistently flopping over his eyes, and his dark, mysterious pupils seemed to sparkle brightly. He let go of my hand and stepped forward to hug me. It felt good when Kevin hugged me. It gave me a nice warm feeling when I was in his embrace. I could feel his big boy arms around my shoulders, and the bulge of his muscly biceps tightening around me. He wasn't that big a boy really, but my diminutive frame always seemed so small and frail next to him. His embrace seemed so protective and powerful. I missed him when I wasn't with him. I wished Kevin was my big brother so I could be with him all the time.

`You smell nice baby boy,' he said, `So clean, like little boys should smell.'

I remember how his words gave me such a feeling of affection. I loved it when he called me baby boy. It made me feel very special. Only Kevin could make me feel like that. I wasn't used to words of endearment, so they were all the more tangible when they came. In my lonely little life, that was probably one of the nicest things anyone had ever said to me.

As we stood there in that prolonged embrace, Kevin rubbed his crotch up against me. His dickie was hard and I could feel it digging into my tummy through his tight gray school pants. He stabbed it into me quite hard a couple of times and he breathed heavily. He held me even tighter.

`Christ Pauly, I wanna fuck you real bad,' he whispered into my hair.

`You can if you want to,' I said meekly, quiescent as always.

Kevin laughed and stepped back, holding me by my elbows.

`You're such a lil fuckboy,' he laughed, `I wanna do it to you real bad, you know that? I wanna fuck your lil cunt all day and all night.'

I blushed, smiling and feeling flattered.

`But I think we better save it for later,' he went on, grabbing at his crotch quite hard, willing his boner to go down, `C'mon, the others'll be waiting.'

And with that he took my hand again and I fell in with him as he led me towards the secret place.

We continued scything our way through the long grass until we got close to the edge of the river. Then Kevin led me along the riverbank. Up ahead I could see the stone bridge where the others would be waiting. As we neared the bridge, I could just make out the golden blond head of Tommy. His thick mop of straight blond hair was very distinctive. He wasn't in school uniform. Tommy liked to skip school and this afternoon had evidently come straight to the secret place. He was sitting under the shade of the bridge, as usual, leaning against the grimy brickwork with his knees up and his shirt off. He was wearing his baggy combat pants, and was barefoot, nonchalantly smoking a cigarette. His arm was draped over one knee and he had the cigarette pinched between his thumb and forefinger.

I saw that Tommy was not alone. There were three others with him, all sitting around expectantly under the bridge. One of them was Piggy. Piggy was easily identifiable, and so called because he bore a close resemblance to the character in "Lord of the Flies". Of course I hadn't read the book, but Kevin had told me all about it. Piggy was the perfect match to the character he was nicknamed after. He was a little chubby, not fat exactly, at least not in an obese, unattractive way, but he was plump, with a round face and little round, wire-rimmed spectacles. He also had asthma. The similarities with the fictional character couldn't have been greater. His real name was Clayton, but nobody called him that. I think even he preferred to be called Piggy. I had never heard him called anything else. Piggy was always in full school uniform, including blazer, despite the hot weather, with his tie pulled up tight around his neck. I could see that he was sitting up in the grass with his stumpy legs stretched out in front of him. Beside him, nestling in the grass, was a rather expensive looking SLR camera.

The other two boys I recognized but didn't know that well. One of them was Jonathan. I knew Jonathan only because he was quite distinctive. He was a lanky, scruffy-looking black boy who always looked quite thin and underfed. He had this distinctive way of shuffling around, like he could never pick his feet up. He was always shambling about and had a liking for ineffectual practical jokes. I always thought there was something not quite right about Jonathan because I knew that he sometimes went for individual sessions with the special teacher who had a separate classroom on the other side of the school yard. I often wondered what went on in that classroom. Jonathan was very childlike in the sense that he behaved like someone much younger than he was. Actually, he was the same age as Kevin, but he seemed younger than me in his behavior. Because we knew him, he was more tolerated than despised. We didn't treat him as though he was stupid. He was a bit of a nuisance sometimes, always humming or making some kind of background noise, but that was about the worst that could be said about him. He was usually quite timid and reserved. He also showed an extreme fear of sports or games of any kind, and during swimming he was even afraid of contact with the water. This afternoon, Jonathan was sitting cross-legged in the grass with the others, with a furtive and wide-eyed expression and looking slightly out of touch with what was going on. As usual, his shirttail was hanging out of the back of his pants. I wondered what he was doing here. He didn't seem the type to be interested in anything we were doing.


The other boy was Tony Slater. I knew Slater only because he was something of a bully in school. He was known for pushing the other kids around, and was generally cocky and loudmouthed. Slater's appeal lay entirely in the fact that he was devilishly handsome. He had a neat arrangement of features on his face, with a narrow nose and gorgeous green eyes and bushy brown hair that was always brushed back off his face and spiked with gel. He was bigger than all of us, but then, at 14, he was also slightly older. He often used the advantage of his height and bulk to get his own way. I had seen him in the school yard, taking things off boys much smaller than himself, and he often made them cry. I wondered why Slater was here. He wasn't really liked by anybody and, although he never really bothered any of us, I couldn't say he was friends with any of us either.


`Bout time,' said Slater, with a sneer, `I thought you girls had chickened out.'


`Shurrup Slater,' said Kevin, impatiently, `We're here aren't we?'


Tommy got up and came out of the shade from under the bridge. He greeted Kevin and they bumped fists in that knowing and over-familiar way of theirs.

`Hey,' said Kevin, by way of greeting.

`Hey,' Tommy replied.

Then Tommy turned to me and gave me a friendly pat on the shoulder.

`Hey Pauly'.

He flashed me an affectionate smile, his bright blue eyes shining out from under that mop of straight blond hair, and when he wrinkled his nose it accentuated the cute little smattering of freckles across his face.

Tommy seemed genuinely pleased to see me. I liked Tommy. I was very fond of him. He was the only other boy who had ever really been nice to me and I idolized him almost as much as Kevin. I saw the way he had stripped off his green sweatshirt and tied it around his waist by the arms, so that he had a little bumflap hanging down over his ass. He loved showing off his body. Usually his skin was quite white and creamy, but today he had caught the sun and I saw how his body was browning nicely in the summer heat. He had a very tight, trim figure, with good definition and prominent musculature. There was a perfect groove right down the center of his chest, and the beginnings of a little six pack on his flat tummy. He looked very sexy.

`Okay, let's get started,' said Kevin, immediately taking control.

He stood behind me and rested his hands on my shoulders, almost as though he was proud of me, showing me off to the new boys in our group. Tommy hung back, hovering just under the bridge while he finished his cigarette. Piggy, Jonathan and Slater all assembled in anticipation and focused on Kevin and me, shading their eyes and squinting up at us. They sat down in the shorter grass, just out from under the bridge, directly in the glare of the hot sun.

`This is Pauly,' said Kevin, introducing me to the newcomers, `And we're gonna fuck him.'

`What that little thing?' said Slater, disparagingly, `He doesn't look like he can take it.'

`He takes it!' Kevin protested, `He takes it good!'

`Yeah, I guess you'd know all about that,' Slater scoffed.

`You wanna fuck him or don'tcha?'

`Yeah, course I do!' Slater shot back.

`Then be nice to him,' Kevin warned, `Pauly is my friend and I don't want you to hurt `im.'

I was flattered that this boy who I idolized not only considered me his friend, but valued me enough to want to proclaim it aloud to everybody. That made my heart swell with pride.

`Okay, okay, I get the picture,' said Slater, dismissively, `Just strip the little fucker so I can bust a nut in him.'

Kevin shot him a killing look.

`You're such an asshole Slater.'

`You want some of my gear or what?' said Slater.

`Sure we do,' Kevin replied, `That was the deal wasn't it?'

`Okay,' said Slater, `Strip the little fucker and I'll skin up.'

`His name's Pauly,' Kevin reminded him.

`Whatever,' said Slater dismissively.

I didn't know what they were talking about, but I didn't mind. If they all wanted to fuck me, that was fine by me. If Kevin said it was okay, and he wanted me to, I would have done it just to please him. But the truth is I liked having my little ass filled. If they all had hard little dickies they wanted to stick in me, and have their boycums in me, I was only too happy to oblige. In fact, the thought of it made my dickie so stiff in my pants that it was starting to ache.

Kevin took my little backpack off me, easing the straps off my shoulders, and he turned me towards him so that we were standing sideways on to our little audience.

`You ready Pauly?'

I nodded.

Kevin stepped towards me and knelt down, untying my shoelaces and slipping off my heavy shoes. I lifted each foot in turn. He tossed my shoes into the grass as though they were a superfluous inconvenience. Then he straightened up and loosened my school tie from around my neck, pulling the end out of the knot, untying it and stripping it off me. He then tossed that into the grass as well. I remember the way the tie lay coiled limply in the grass, and the way the silky red and black diagonal stripes of its colors were so iridescent in the afternoon sun. That was soon to be followed by my bright white school shirt, which Kevin pulled out of the waist of my gray school shorts and unbuttoned slowly. As he did so, he turned me towards the watching boys, and he even had the foresight to stand slightly to one side as he opened my shirt to reveal my body to them for the first time. Kevin opened my shirt, throwing it back over my shoulders, exposing my body. Jonathan and Piggy both gasped. Slater simply stared with a smug look.

I could hear Piggy fumbling about with the camera. I remember clearly it was a Nikon, with a silver and black finish and one of those really wide shoulder straps. I found out later it was his brother's camera, and he had taken it without permission. He stood up and started taking pictures, the shutter opening and closing with soft little clicking sounds. Piggy was winding it on quickly and snapping away continuously. He seemed to be more engrossed in taking pictures than enjoying the proceedings. Of course I didn't know he was going to have a camera with him, but I was so flattered by the fact that he wanted to photograph me that I almost relished being stripped naked for him.

Kevin let my shirt fall off me by pulling it down my arms, and it fell to the ground behind me. Then he unbuttoned my gray school shorts, lowered the zipper and pulled them down along with my tighty-whiteys. My stiff dickie popped up, bouncing a little as it was freed from my underwear. Piggy shot more and more furiously with the camera. I was already excited from the moment Kevin untied my shoelaces, and although I was shy, I knew that everyone enjoyed looking at me. I was the center of attention. Ordinarily I didn't like attracting attention to myself, but the attentions of these boys, who were staring at me with studious fascination, excited me more than anything. I knew that they all had stiff little dickies in their pants from looking at me. For some reason that made my dickie super stiff.

Last of all, Kevin pulled off each of my socks and added them to the little puddle of clothes on the grass. I was standing there now completely naked, and I could feel the cool grass beneath my toes. The sun was warming my back. Kevin's gentle touch undressing me, and the lens of Piggy's camera glinting in the sunlight, the soft clicks of its shutter smoothly capturing my image, gave me a heady, dizzying feeling, and I knew then that I got a buzz out of all this attention. This was the first time I discovered that for shy, retiring boys like me, the adrenalin rush brought on by being in front of an audience, convinced me of something I had always half suspected: that all shy boys secretly crave the limelight.

Kevin got behind me and reached around, leaning over me, and took my stiff little dickie between his thumb and finger. It was too small for his fist. He pinched it quite hard and I squealed, not from pain but from the sheer pleasure of having someone else's hand on it. It was aching to be touched. He jacked it a few times in his fingers and I melted backwards into him. He breathed heavily into my ear as he hunched over me. Piggy was down on his knees snapping away at my crotch, getting close-ups of my little boner as Kevin's fingers worked the thin elastic skin back and forth.

Behind Piggy, I could see Slater distracted by some other activity. He was sitting up in the grass with a box of cigarettes and other paraphernalia on the ground between his legs. I watched the way he took out some little bits of paper and stuck them together. I recognized them of course. They were the little bits of paper that some of the older boys used to make their own cigarettes. Slater stuck a few of them together to make a larger one. Then he took one slim cigarette from the packet, licked it along its length, rather like he might have licked a gummed envelope, and peeled a thin strip away from the cigarette, splitting it open. He emptied the stringy tobacco onto the cigarette papers. I didn't see what he did next because Kevin came around in front of me and kissed me. He leaned in and pushed really hard into my lips, smearing my mouth and chin with his wetness. I loved it when Kevin kissed me like that. It was almost as though he could swallow my whole jaw in his big boy mouth. He pulled away, leaving his wetness all over my face and he whispered into my ear.

`Christ Pauly, you're so fuckin' cute. I'm gonna blow such a big load in you later.'

The others didn't hear. Kevin's words were like poetry to my ears. It was true I loved it when he fucked me, but the promise that he was going to fuck me extra hard excited me beyond belief. The thought that he wanted me so badly, that I could have that effect on him, made me feel very special and filled me with nervous anticipation.

Kevin looked up and addressed the little group.

`Okay, who wants to go first?'

Slater was still preoccupied, fashioning his homemade cigarette, and didn't even bother to look up. Piggy and Jonathan looked at each other.

`I don't wanna do it,' said Piggy, chickening out, `Is it okay if I just take pictures?'

He had a frightened, embarrassed look in his eyes. The fact that he was still fully dressed, with his blazer and tie, even in this hot weather, told me that he wouldn't have been comfortable even getting undressed, yet alone fucking me. I could tell that his agenda was to get the pictures and then furtively scurry off home with his spoils. No doubt he would have plenty of boycums looking at them later.

That just left Jonathan. He seemed a bit confused, looking around at Kevin and me, not sure what to do. But as he sat in the grass, I could see he was busy manipulating the big lump in his pants. His dickie certainly knew what to do, even if he didn't.

Jonathan stood up and started taking his clothes off. Kevin laid me down in the cool grass. It tickled my back and my ass crack. I rested my head, and placed my hands on my tummy obediently. Kevin reached over for my backpack, which was next to my pile of discarded clothes, and unzipped the pocket. There, secreted amongst my schoolbooks and pencils, was the little jar of Vaseline that Kevin had given me for safekeeping.

Jonathan took off his somewhat grubby looking shirt. It was rumpled and the collar was frayed. So were his pants. He didn't even have a proper belt, just a piece of chord that was knotted at the front. His underwear was a rather manky looking grayish-white, and was worn and holey. Something told me that Jonathan was a rather neglected boy from quite a poor family. That was accentuated by the fact that he was so thin. He was not skeletal, but was definitely underweight and always looked malnourished. No wonder his eyes always looked so big against his thin face. The whites of his eyes really stood out against his black skin. It was a shame because he wasn't a bad looking boy. He had almond shaped eyes and hair that was shorn fairly short, so it accentuated his high forehead. His body was actually quite well proportioned, very lean and wiry. But his ribs showed, and when he dropped his pants you could just see the points of his boney hips on either side of his concave tummy.

As Jonathan was getting undressed, Kevin popped open the jar of Vaseline and reached in between my legs to grease up my little hole. I raised my knees and spread my legs for him. I liked this little ceremony that Kevin performed before he fucked me. We didn't always have time for it, but when we did, I loved it. It had stuck with me since the very first time he fucked me, right here under this very bridge all those months ago. The application of the Vaseline became almost like foreplay for me. So much so that even when I had my own boycums by myself, I needed to play with my little hole, just like Kevin did when he was getting me ready. Kevin's fingers probing my hole and greasing me up ready to be fucked was almost as much a part of it as the actual fucking. What I liked best was that he always looked me in the eye when he did it. I laid there, submissive and obedient, and he smiled down at me lovingly, admiring me even as his fingers were digging deep into my little hole. He was caressing me with his eyes and his fingers at the same time. It was the best feeling in the world.

I was almost disappointed when Kevin stopped. He went to take his hand away, but I reached down to stop him. I wanted him to keep on doing it because it was making my dickie swell up real hard and it felt like he was going to give me a boycum just by rubbing my little hole. Kevin gave me a knowing smirk.

`You like that baby boy?' he said, looking down at my little hand keeping his fingers against my hole.

And with that, Kevin leaned over me and kissed me right on my bare tummy. His nose in my soft flesh made me giggle. He looked deep into my eyes and fixed me with a serious, intense stare, at the same time digging two greased fingers quite hard into my little hole. They went all the way in. Then he waggled them about and dug them into the sides of my hole. It felt good, like he pressed something inside me. I flinched, emitting a quiet little squeal, and opened my mouth in a silent gasp of ecstasy.

`Christ Pauly, you're such a horny lil fuckboy. You like having your lil button stroked?'

`What's that?' I asked, fascinated.

`I'll show you later,' he said, `I'm gonna fuck your lil button so hard your lil stiffie is gonna burst.'

And with that he dug his fingers back into my hole real hard, gritting his teeth with the effort. When he saw me wince, he smiled. His expression told me that he enjoyed doing that to me. I loved it when Kevin did things like that. It hurt, but in an exciting way. His fingers embedded deep in my hole gave me such a thrill. I liked him hurting me. I almost wanted him to hurt me. I didn't know what he was going to do exactly, and I didn't really know what my little button was, but Kevin was such a sexy, dirty boy, he knew all sorts of things about sex, and the thought that he was going to fuck my button so hard that it would make my dickie burst sounded both painful and erotic and excited me beyond imagination.

Eventually he pulled his greasy fingers out of my hole and turned to the others.

`Okay, ready,' he announced.

Kevin got up and went to sit with the others. He joined Tommy and Slater and they all looked as though they were getting ready to watch a movie. Piggy sat off to the side somewhere, away from them, his camera poised and ready. I didn't mind them watching. I even liked the idea of having an audience. The first time Kevin fucked me it was in front of Tommy, and of course they had both been there the first time they ever got me naked. The three of us had always fucked about together since we started our little sex games. Whenever we were at Kevin's place it was always the three of us.

Jonathan walked over to me, his slim black body totally naked and his little dickie protruding outwards from his crotch, already stiff with anticipation. His dickie waggled from side to side as he came towards me. It was very long and thin, and a little pointed at the tip, almost like a pencil. I was relieved. It wasn't as thick as Kevin's, so I knew he wasn't going to hurt me. I noticed as he knelt down between my knees that it was very wet. It was already leaking, and the skin had slid back so that the shiny, wet head was poking out, and it was very light pink in color. That surprised me because Jonathan's skin was a deliciously dark chocolate brown color, and yet his cockhead was lighter in color even than Kevin's. Kevin's cockhead was a reddish purple color, even though his skin was much lighter than Jonathan's. I remember thinking how strange that was.

I instinctively raised my knees and folded my legs up against my chest with my little feet pointing up in the air somewhere above my head. Jonathan got down on his knees and scooted forward, then Kevin let him grease up his dickie with a little more Vaseline. Jonathan had this wide-eyed, almost disbelieving look in his eyes as he closed in to fuck me. Either he was very scared or he couldn't quite believe that he was actually going to do it. He took hold of my ankles, I guess so he could steady himself against my ass, and placed his stiff dickie at the entrance to my hole. He pushed, and it slipped inside easily. In fact, even I was surprised at how quickly it went in. I gave a little gasp, always thankful to have my little hole filled with a boy's dickie, even a thin one like Jonathan's. He let out an involuntary squeal of excitement. When he felt his dickie disappear into me so easily, and he heard me gasp in pleasure and surprise, he looked shocked. He stared at me. Intense pleasure mingled with panic in his expression, and he closed his eyes momentarily savoring the ecstasy of having his dickie engulfed in my warmth. It must have been like nothing he had ever felt before. He gave a few tentative virgin stabs, which hurt a little as my hole adjusted to his invasion, and he threw his head back, emitting a little squeal each time he pushed it into me. I wasn't sure if he was aware of the noises he was making. As he worked in and out of me slowly, I got a whiff of Jonathan's odor. He had a kind of earthy smell about him. I quite liked it. It was a very alluring, boyish scent.

Jonathan only lasted a few strokes. He stabbed into me a few times very inexpertly, his little squealing sounds getting louder and faster, and within a very short time he seemed to take on this almost pained expression. A look of surprise and delight washed over him as he gave one last, desperate squeal and almost doubled up, hunching over me urgently in a fit of ecstasy that made his little dickie waggle wildly inside my hole. It looked like he was taken by surprise at how quickly he had his boycum, and I could already feel his warm boycream filling up my hole. There wasn't much of it, just a little trickle really, but at least he had experienced what it was like to fuck a boy. I felt almost privileged that I was able to afford him the pleasure of being his first.

As soon as it was over, Jonathan looked disappointed. I could tell it was all over too quickly for him. When he stopped huffing and puffing, he pulled out. He watched his softening dickie as it flopped out of my hole and he looked down at me.

`Sorry,' he said, in his very childlike voice, looking almost sheepish.

`What for?' I asked.

`I wanted it to last longer.'

`It's okay,' I said.

`Was I any good?' he asked, sounding terribly guilty.

`You were great,' I said, `Thanks.'

He was lousy, but I felt sorry for him.

Jonathan got up and started getting dressed, rubbing the head of his now floppy little dickie, wiping the excess moisture off the end with his fingertips. When he was fully dressed, he fastened his pants once again with the piece of chord but didn't bother tucking in his shirt.

`I'm going,' he said, a little downbeat.

I could see that for him the fun was over. Maybe he was regretful and even felt a bit guilty about what we had just done. Everyone waved him off, but didn't bother getting up.

While they had been watching Jonathan fuck me, Kevin and Tommy were busily sharing Slater's cigarette and they were passing it around between the three of them. They seemed to inhale on it much more deeply than usual, and savored the smoke for longer. It also smelled funny. Piggy didn't seem to want any. He was strangely disapproving of their smoking, which struck me as odd because, by associating with us, and so readily photographing the proceedings, he was in no position to be lofty and judgmental. I wondered if it was because of his asthma.

I felt a bit abandoned that Jonathan had fucked me and just left me lying there on the grass. The boycream he had just pumped into me was seeping out of my sloppy little hole and I felt a little unfulfilled. I wanted to be fucked some more. A lot more. I wondered why the others weren't as eager to fuck me as they usually were. Now that Jonathan was gone, it struck me that I was the only one who was completely naked. Tommy still had his shirt off, but I wondered when Kevin was going to get naked. He was the one I really liked looking at.

Kevin saw that I was looking a bit dejected and that I was watching them as they passed the cigarette around. Kevin took a few long drags on the cigarette and then looked over at me. He said it was a joint and asked me if I wanted some. I wasn't sure.

`It'll relax you and make you feel real cool,' he coaxed, holding out the smoldering joint towards me.

If Kevin said it was cool, I believed him. If he thought I should do it, I always did. I would have done anything for Kevin. So I scooted over, dragging my freshly fucked bare butt across the tickly grass, and joined them. We all sat around in a circle and I took a quick toke of the joint. Kevin seemed to have a look of admiration in his eyes as I did so. Even Tommy had a smirk on his face. As soon as the smoke reached my lungs, I felt momentarily dizzy. I could feel the joint spreading through me, giving me gooseflesh all over, penetrating deeply throughout my whole body.

`Good?' asked Kevin.

I nodded.

I took one more drag and gave it back to Kevin, then laid back down in the grass, staring up at the sky. We all carried on lying in the sun, basking in its warming rays and feeling very mellow. Suddenly my arms and legs felt very heavy. I felt very sluggish and lazy and overcome by an incredible feeling of wellbeing. As I laid there, everything started swirling around me and, although I knew I was resting on firm ground, I felt like I was losing my balance. It was powerful stuff.

As we laid there, Tommy started giggling. He was looking up at the sky and spluttering with laughter, apparently at nothing at all. He started humming to himself. I recognized the tune. It was a song that Tommy sang all the time. A song I knew he loved. He hummed and then broke out into subdued singing, giggling at the same time. `Two little boys had two little toys...' and he could barely get the words out because he was laughing so much. His hand was strategically groping his crotch as he laid there, wriggling about in the grass. I knew he must have had a boner in there. `Gaily they played, each summers day...' he hummed. Kevin laughed.

`I know what toys you wanna play with,' Kevin joked.

Tommy got up and started being silly. He sang even louder, wailing up into the air: `Two little boys had two little toys...' He seemed quite lively and high-spirited suddenly, and was dancing around down by the edge of the river, singing his silly song. He launched into a tremendously fast shimmy, and was clapping and throwing his head around with his eyes closed, half humming and half singing `...there's room on my horse for two...' I had never seen him like that. Piggy followed him around with the camera. All he was interested in was taking pictures. Tommy saw the camera lens there and unfastened his combat pants, revealing his patterned white boxers, playing up to the camera. He looked a bit unsteady on his feet, but he was still laughing manically. He reached in and took out his stiff little dickie so that it was sticking out of the slit in the front of his boxers and he swayed his hips for Piggy's camera.

`Suck me Pauly!' he called out, taunting me in a half humorous way, `C'mon Pauly! Come and play with my little toy!'

His stiff little piece of pink flesh waggled about, nestling in the opening of his baggy boxers. Piggy was snapping away continually, capitalizing on Tommy's sudden exuberance.

I looked at Kevin. He seemed very relaxed and was reclining in the grass up on one elbow, with an incongruous, vaguely amused look on his face. But he didn't seem too perturbed by Tommy's odd behavior. In the absence of any direction from Kevin, I assumed I was free to do as I wished.

I crawled over to Tommy and knelt by his feet, kissing the tip of his stiff little dickie. He grasped my head, pulling my hair, and pushed my face into his crotch, squishing my lips against the underside of his dickie. He ground his pelvis right into my face and I could feel the warmth of his hardness against my lips. I kissed it and licked the tip. Tommy moaned, still digging his fingers into my hair. But he had stopped singing.

`Oh fuck Pauly!' he moaned.

I loved it when Tommy swore. I loved it when he said my name. He was really into it, and I knew then that I just adored this boy and I wanted to suck his pretty dickie as hard as I could and swallow all his boycream. Tommy's boycream was the first I ever tasted. I still got to swallow it from time to time when we fucked about at Kevin's house. It was delicious and I never got tired of it.

Tommy grasped my head by my ears, and started fucking into my mouth. I sealed my lips around his little shaft and sucked as best I could. I formed an O with my lips for him to fuck into, letting him do all the work.

`Jesus Pauly,' he was moaning.

I could tell Tommy was very horny. He stabbed away into my lips, hunching over me and thrusting his pelvis at me violently. It was incredibly arousing to see his lithe boy body so sexed up. I sucked him even harder. My dickie was very stiff in my crotch as I was doing it, and I could feel it pulsing away on its own. I had one hand inside the opening of Tommy's boxers, with my palm under his smooth balls, squeezing them. With the other, I was scrunching my own little dickie. Somewhere off to the side Piggy was still snapping away.

Tommy pulled away, breathing heavily, almost as if he had been running and impetuously took down his pants and boxers so they were around his knees. Naked from the knees up, he thrust his pelvis out, his dickie unencumbered and stiffly standing to attention, and his tight, hairless balls exposed. He stood there with his arms out, inviting me to gorge on his boner once again. I was only too pleased to oblige. He carried on holding my head and stabbing into my mouth, almost as though he was fucking my head. It hurt a bit because he caught my bottom lip a couple of times, but I didn't mind. I was a bit numb from the joint anyway and I was too excited at the prospect that I was going to make Tommy have a boycum. I desperately wanted to feel his little dickie squirt in my mouth. I wanted to feel it pulse with his boycum and shoot his delicious cream right into the back of my throat. I wanted to suck all the warm boycream out of him. I wanted to suckle on his dickie until his hairless balls were empty.

Suddenly Tommy gasped quite loudly. He let out a little scream and froze, with his dickie jammed right into my throat, and his whole body seemed to go into spasm.

`Oh fuck Pauly!'

In the height of ecstasy, it was my name he was screaming, and as the sound of it echoed in my ears, his dickie finally let go, pumping wildly a couple of times in my mouth and squirting a good volume of boycream onto the back of my tongue. As he did so, Tommy cried out breathlessly.

`Take my spunk Pauly!'

He thrust a few more times as his boycum receded, and he was suddenly gasping for breath. Then he stepped back, removing his still hard dickie from my eager lips, and a few drops of his watery boycream escaped onto the grass. It tasted thick and starchy on my tongue.

`Let me see it! Let me see it!' Piggy clamored.

I knew instinctively what he meant, almost as if I'd done it before. I hadn't of course, but somehow I just knew what to do. As Tommy pulled his dickie out of my mouth, I stuck my tongue out. Piggy pointed the camera at me for a few close-up shots of Tommy's boycream on my tongue before I swallowed it. It was warm and gooey on my tongue and I could taste its distinctive pungent sweetness as I reeled my tongue back in and gulped it down with great relish.

`Oh fuck Pauly!' Tommy exclaimed one more time, and stared at me in disbelief, still catching his breath.

He looked incredulous, but I wasn't sure if it was because he couldn't believe how good I was, or whether it was just because it was such a powerful boycum. He certainly looked worn out by it. He threw his head back, looking up at the sky with his hands on his hips, and took a few deep breaths.

`Oh man, you gotta cum after a few drags of that joint,' he said, looking at Kevin.

Then he turned to Slater.

`That's good shit man,' he said.

Slater grinned smugly.

`Yeh, it is,' he said, conceitedly, `so this little fucker better be worth it.'

I assumed he was referring to me.

`Oh, he is,' said Tommy, pulling up his boxers and combat pants, `He'll take you to boy heaven.'

I remember feeling so flattered by that comment. Not only was it coming from Tommy, who I idolized so much that I would have suffered anything for him, but he was also massaging my ego by extolling my virtues to Slater.

Slater seemed to be deep in thought.

`Don't know whether to stick it in his ass or his mouth,' said Slater.

I was still on my knees, sitting back on my haunches, propped up on my ankles, and still totally naked. I was a bit spaced out by the joint, still dizzy and a bit numb from sucking off Tommy.

`C'mere,' said Slater, beckoning me over.

I got up and went over to him obediently, standing before him with my dickie still hard. My eyelids were heavy and I was swaying slightly, my head still buzzing from the joint. Slater was sitting in the grass with Kevin. Slater looked me up and down lasciviously and then got up on his knees, so that he was almost at eye level with me. Then he reached out to feel my ass. For such a big, clumsy lunk like Slater, his touch was oddly gentle and arousing. He cupped my ass cheek and squeezed.

`I sure would like to bust a nut in your little ass, kid.'

I didn't say anything. I was excited but apprehensive. I had never been fucked by a boy as big as Slater.

Kevin proffered the jar of Vaseline.

`Here, you'll need this,' said Kevin.

`I'm not using that!' Slater protested.

`You gotta,' Kevin insisted, `You'll hurt `im otherwise.'

`He tight?' asked Slater, with an evil glint in his eyes.

`Yeah, he's tight,' said Kevin, `Whadya think? He's only seven.'

That information seemed to excite Slater. The glint in his eyes glowed ever brighter.

`Okay,' he said at last, `I'm gonna fuck your little buddy. But I want some privacy.'

`You what?' said Kevin

`I'm gonna take him over there and fuck him,' said Slater, pointing to some bushes that were some distance along the river bank, where the undergrowth afforded some cover.

`You okay with that Pauly?' Kevin asked me.

I wasn't sure. I didn't understand why Slater wanted to get me alone away from the others. I figured maybe he was just shy about getting naked. I didn't really know. But I knew that Kevin had some kind of agreement with Slater and I didn't want to let him down, so I nodded.

`That's good, baby boy.'

Kevin was pleased, so I knew it was what he wanted.

Slater got up, holding onto the smoldering joint in his fingers.

`Here,' said Kevin, holding out the little jar of Vaseline.

Slater took it, but grudgingly. I knew he had no intention of using it.

Slater pushed me on ahead of him towards the cluster of bushes that were way along the riverbank away from the bridge. They were far enough away to be clear of the others, and they were thick enough to hide us from any passers-by. I thought maybe Slater was concerned about being seen, though in all the time we had spent down by the river, no one else ever came past. Even the bridge itself was rarely used.

When we reached the bushes, we were able to step through an opening and there was just enough room behind there for us to lie down and be completely hidden from view. I liked the shadiness of the little clearing in the middle of that cluster of bushes. The grass was cool and damp there, because it was almost completely shaded from the sun.

Slater stepped into the little clearing after me, allowing the frond of broad leaves to spring back into place, like a door closing behind us. He stood facing me, clutching the joint and the jar of Vaseline. I stood there, still naked, and my dickie still hard and sticking out from my crotch, pulsing away in time with my heartbeat. I was half scared, half excited.

Slater took another few drags of the joint in quick succession, looking at me contemplatively as he did so. He didn't say anything and I didn't know what he was thinking. I just stood and watched him exhaling smoke. Then he offered me the joint, strategically turning the unlit end towards me.

`Here,' he said, `finish it.'

I looked at it hesitantly. I wasn't sure if I wanted it.

`Go on,' he said, coercively.

So I took it. There were perhaps two or three drags left in it, so I smoked the rest of it. No sooner had I taken the last drag, Slater stepped towards me and took the spent joint from me almost as soon as it was out of my lips. He snatched it and threw it contemptuously on the grass. Then he grasped me roughly by my shoulders, spinning me around so that I was facing away from him. Without saying anything, I could hear him bend down and breathe heavily into my ear.

`Now you listen to me you little cocksucker,' he said, threateningly, `I'm gonna hammer that little ass of yours and see for myself why they rave about you, and I won't be needin' this.'

Slater tossed the jar of Vaseline down onto the springy grass near my bare feet. Then I saw his hand reach around from behind me and put something hard against my balls. I looked down. There was a little knife sticking out of his fist.

`Don't scream,' he said quietly, into my ear, knowing the others couldn't hear, `You make any noise at all and I'll slice your little wiener clean off. Got it?'

I nodded slowly, staring down at his knife. It was only a little penknife, not more than a couple of inches in length, but the point was just scratching my balls at the base of my dickie. The way he held it, and the way the shiny blade glinted in the afternoon sun, scared me.

`That's it. Do what you're told and you won't get hurt. Well, except by my cock,' he laughed.

He threw me down onto the grass. I fell down, knocked off balance, and hit my face hard on the ground. My nose stung from the impact, making my eyes water. I remember how I shuddered at the feel of the cold damp grass on my chest and tummy. Then he pressed his foot down onto my butt. His sneakers had rubber soles and it hurt when he pressed my pelvis down hard, grinding my crotch into the ground. I could hear him hurriedly shedding his clothes, slipping off his shirt, and I clearly remember the jingling of his belt buckle as he was removing his jeans. He was breathing heavily. I didn't know if that was from excitement or just because he was a heavy smoker. When he was undressed I could hear him fumbling about above me. I didn't dare look up.

Next, I could feel his warm, hard body as he settled himself above me. He laid on me, his full weight bearing down on me, pressing me hard into the ground. I could feel his trembling breath on my cheek which smelled strongly of cigarettes. He parted my legs with his knees and spread my legs out to give him access to my hole. I could feel the hot, solid mass of his heavy dickie stabbing into my ass crack. He was trying to find my hole, and not doing a very good job of it. I puffed with the effort of bearing his weight and I let out a little moan of protest because he was hurting me.

`Shurrup!' he said angrily, and I saw the blade of his little knife which he held up to my face at ground level, `Just do as I say.'

`But you're hurting me!' I protested.

`Good!' he said cruelly.

And with that he simultaneously found my hole and stabbed his hard dickie into the opening. It hurt. It didn't go in. His dickie was too big. Even though my hole was still well greased from Jonathan fucking me, and I still had some of his boycream smeared inside it, Slater couldn't get his dickie all the way in.

As I lay face down on the grass with Slater on top of me, I was thankful that the last few drags on the joint made me very numb. I was dizzy and my head was thumping with every heartbeat. I was a little hazy and detached from what was going on. He stabbed a few times with his dickie and it hurt. I winced beneath him, but it didn't deter him. He kept trying until he had the head a little way in. I could feel my hole being stretched. It felt like it was opening wider than ever before, and it was hurting even more urgently. I gasped for breath and was emitting quiet little moans, muttering `ow, ow' under my breath. I braced myself as his dickie invaded me even further. It was inconceivable that it was actually going in, but I found that the more hazy I became, the more I could feel my hole relaxing, and although it was hurting, his big dickie was going in even further.

`That's it,' he breathed into my ear, `You like that don't you? You like taking cocks up your butt? Dirty little fag.'

I closed my eyes and concentrated on making my hole relax because that was the only way it didn't hurt so much.

`See how you like this, you little fag,' he went on.

He raised his pelvis off me as far as he could without letting the head of his dickie slip out of my hole completely. He held his dickie right there, poised at the entrance, and he waited. He took a deep breath, then he unexpectedly put his big hand over my face, covering my nose and mouth, gripping me so hard that I couldn't breathe. Before I had time to protest, he brought his pelvis down with all his might and stabbed his dickie real hard all the way up into my hole in one swift thrust. I screamed into his hand, but no sound came out. My hole was hurting savagely and it felt like he had ripped it open, like he had torn my legs apart. I struggled to get out from under him, but he was too heavy and too strong. I knew his big dickie was firmly engulfed inside me and it was embedded deep and thick in my little hole.

He started thrusting in and out. After the initial penetration, the stinging didn't get any worse. I didn't struggle anymore. It was easier to lie still and let him use my little hole. The sooner it was over, the sooner I could get back to Kevin and Tommy, who I knew were not very far way, just on the other side of the bushes.

`Oh yeah!' Slater moaned, as he worked his thick dickie in and out, `Take that you little fag. You like that?'

I didn't realize he was expecting a reply.

`You like it? Huh?'

He took his hand away from my mouth. I cowered beneath him, totally at his mercy. I had tears in my eyes from the pain. I sobbed silently into the grass.

`Yes,' I said quietly.

`Yes what?'

`Yes, I like it,' I sobbed, because I knew that was what he wanted me to say.

`That's right,' he went on, as he continued using my hole, `Say "I'm a dirty little fag".'

I hesitated.

`Say it!'

`I'm a dirty little fag,' I said, through my tears.

`That's right. And dirty little fags need to be taught a lesson.'

I closed my eyes. The tears were still seeping through, and the pain was unbearable. I was also frightened and humiliated and I knew I just wanted it to be over. I braced myself to his impetuous thrusting and waited. I bore the pain and his weight and just wanted him to finish. It really didn't feel like he was fucking me because he liked me. It was more like he wanted to use my body to have a boycum. There was no excitement with Slater. He was rough and inconsiderate and all he was interested in was using my hole for his own pleasure. I think it was the first and only time that my dickie wasn't stiff as I was being fucked. Usually my dickie was always inordinately stiff if another boy had his dickie in me. But it was not like that with Slater.

For a while there was silence, other than the muted puffs of his exertions, and he concentrated on making himself cum. Eventually I heard him build up to his boycum. He thrust into me faster and faster and started breathing more heavily. His pelvis was pounding into my butt. He gasped loudly. Then he released his boycream into me with a few gentle pulses, and he stopped. My little hole filled with thick liquid. There was a lot of it. Much more than Kevin ever squirted. It squelched inside me. Its warmth and wetness had an anesthetic effect, radiating into the walls of my little chute and soothing the savage sting of his attack.

When it was over, Slater pulled out. Even his withdrawal was painful. I moaned loudly as his big, thick dickie slipped out with an audible pop. He got up, pausing to wipe the tip of his slimy dickie on the grass, and he started getting dressed. I laid there, cowed and defeated, and feeling sorry for myself. When he was dressed, he came around to my face, still pressed into the grass and he held out a hand.

`C'mon,' he said quietly, `Let's get back to the others.'

I took his hand and he helped me up. His grip was firm and strong, and he was able to raise me up to a standing position with just one hand. I threw my head back in agony because my hole was hurting too much, and I didn't think I could walk. I sobbed from the pain. I looked at him through the tears in my eyes and he seemed strangely regretful and caring all of a sudden. I knew instantly that it was only his sexual urges that made him behave like that. Once he was sated, he seemed perfectly calm and considerate. But he had still hurt me and frightened me.

Slater helped me back out of the clearing, holding the branches back for me to step out. I noticed that he even remembered to collect the unused jar of Vaseline as we left. He took me back to the others with a hand on the back of my neck, almost appearing as though he was guiding me safely back. But it didn't feel like that. It felt more like he was keeping hold of me as a warning against what I might say to the others. I hobbled back jerkily. It was painful when I walked, and the sting of my little hole was causing me to limp slightly.

When we got back to the others, Kevin and Tommy were lying in the grass side by side. Kevin was face up, his shirt stripped off, revealing that golden brown skin of his. Tommy was lying next to him face down, still also shirtless, and with an arm across Kevin's chest. It was interesting to note Kevin's caramel-like skin tone contrasting against Tommy's whiter creaminess. They looked almost like they were about to go to sleep. There was no sign of Piggy. I figured he must have left. I guess he had got enough photos by now. Most probably he had run out of film.

`Okay Pauly?' Kevin asked, squinting up at me into the sun overhead.

I hesitated, not sure how to reply.

Kevin seemed to spot that I was looking none too happy and I still had tears in my eyes. He sat up, concerned, and looked up at Slater with a suspicious, annoyed expression.

`What did you do to him?' he demanded.

Slater laughed smugly.

`I fucked him!' he hissed, `I fucked him good.'

Kevin jumped up and stared at me solicitously. He put a hand on my shoulder and looked at me, genuinely concerned. His expression soon transformed into a horrified grimace.

`Pauly, you're bleeding!'

He gestured at my face and tentatively put the side of his finger under my nose. He pulled it away with blood on it, and he stood there looking at it. I wasn't aware that my nose was bleeding, though it was still hurting persistently from when Slater threw me down onto the ground. But the sight of the glistening red liquid on Kevin's finger frightened me. I hadn't realized that Slater had pushed me down quite so hard. Perhaps the joint had numbed the pain somewhat. I put the back of my hand under my nose to feel how much blood was coming out, and big thick glob of dark red blood fell onto it. It was dripping more profusely, and I could feel the wetness on my top lip where I had smeared it. The sight of the blood on my hand shocked me. The full magnitude of what had just happened suddenly hit me and I burst into a renewed fit of crying. That seemed to anger Kevin.

`You asshole, Slater!'

And with that he lunged at Slater, his clenched fist taking a swing at his face. Slater stepped out of the way and smirked smugly. Kevin's punch missed. But the message was unequivocal.

`Fag!' said Slater.

`Fuck you!' said Kevin.

Kevin wrapped his arms around me. It felt good to be pressed naked against his big boy body. It felt strangely arousing. I buried my face into Kevin's hard chest and sniffled a bit. I stained his smooth brown skin with my blood. But he didn't seem to mind. I remember thinking, it was probably just as well that he had taken his shirt off. My tears mingled with my blood, smearing his body, and as I cried, Kevin comforted me.

`Did he hurt you baby boy?'

I nodded, my face muffled against his warmth, and he held me tighter, rubbing his hands comfortingly up and down my bare back. Feeling Kevin's strong arms around me, and the hardness of his chest muscles against my face, made my dickie stand up stiffly. Kevin's mere presence, his warmth, even the sound of his voice, was enough to make my dickie stiff, and even as I was crying against him, I was wondering when he was going to fuck me.

With my face still buried against Kevin's chest, I watched as Slater collected up his things and prepared to go. He was no longer welcome and he knew it. He had spoiled the afternoon. It might otherwise have been idyllic if he hadn't behaved like such an asshole. But it didn't disappoint me. I just wanted to be alone with Kevin and Tommy, the way it should have been.

`You're just a bunch of fags,' said Slater, embittered, as he turned to go.

`Yeah, well you just had yourself some boy butt, so what does that make you?' Kevin retorted.

`Whatever,' said Slater, shrugging it off.

We watched him go, cramming his pack of cigarettes back into his pockets.

`Asshole!' Kevin called after him.

`Fuck you!' Slater replied, without even looking back.

Once he had gone, Kevin pulled me to him even tighter. I was relieved. Relieved and happy. At last I was alone with Kevin and Tommy. Maybe at last Kevin was going to fuck me and make everything alright.

Kevin and Tommy looked at each other, and they had this expression of sympathy in their eyes. They led me down towards the river's edge and knelt me down on the muddy bank. I leaned over so that I could see my reflection in the murky water. Tommy stayed with me, with a comforting arm around my shoulders, while Kevin went to get his school shirt. Then he did something which I shall never forget. It was a gesture which at the time struck me as being inordinately altruistic, and perhaps the highest example of how much this boy really cared for me: he twisted a corner of his shirt into a little point and dipped it into the water, then he started cleaning my face with it. I winced. It was icy cold, and my nose was still tender and stinging. Kevin carefully wiped all the tears from my cheeks first, carefully dabbing under my eyes. Then he wiped the blood from my nose, dabbing around my lips where I had smeared it. I noticed the way the clean, white fabric of his shirt was stained pink where he had mopped up the blood, and I wondered how he was going to get it clean again, or how he would explain it to his mom. All the time he was looking at me lovingly and caringly, in a very older brother kind of way, and his gaze would flit from my mouth to my eyes, as though he was fascinated with every detail of my face. There was a look in his eyes that told me this boy loved me. Of course everything that had happened was really his fault, because he was the one who had invited the other boys, after all. But I also knew that I could have said no at any time, and I didn't. I bore no malice towards Kevin, and I would have forgiven him anything. I loved him, and at that moment I could tell he loved me too.

I relished the attention that Kevin gave me. Even Tommy seemed strangely sympathetic and his presence was also reassuring. He was sitting next to me with a comforting hand on my bare back. I could feel the warmth of his palm on my spine. When they were finished, they helped me up and led me back up the grassy bank to where we had left my clothes. They stood me in the grass and Kevin reached over for my tighty-whiteys. He stood there proffering them to me, my limp underwear in his hand, indicating that I should get dressed. I stared at my tighty-whiteys in his hand and was disappointed. I didn't want to get dressed. I wanted Kevin to fuck me. I had been waiting all afternoon for that.

`Fuck me,' I said, quite spontaneously.

I surprised myself that I blurted it out like that, because I had never spoken like that before. I rarely used that word out loud, and I had certainly never before openly asked Kevin to fuck me.

Kevin seemed taken aback. He and Tommy looked at each other, with that knowing exchange of glances that was so characteristic of their relationship. They were both genuinely surprised. Tommy looked concerned. Kevin smiled and turned to me.

`What did you say?'

`Fuck me,' I said again, this time aware that I was saying it, knowingly and deliberately, in my high-pitched little boy voice.

Again he and Tommy exchanged glances. Kevin stepped towards me and hugged me. I threw my arms around him and buried my face into the side of his neck.

`You really want me to?' Kevin asked.

I nodded, my face still muffled against his collar bone. Kevin took a deep breath and squeezed me extra tight.

`I'm not sure Pauly,' said Kevin, `Looks like Slater was pretty rough with you.'

I raised my head and looked into his face, despairing slightly.

`But I want you to fuck my button and make my dickie burst,' I appealed to him.

Kevin gave a good natured laugh, then held me by my shoulders and looked at me.

`Christ Pauly, you're such a horny lil fuckboy. Tell you what. Let's try, but I'll stop if it hurts, okay?'

I nodded enthusiastically and smiled bravely, pleased that I was going to get my wish at last.

I got down on the ground and rolled over onto my back. Kevin saw how eager I was and gave his crotch a tentative squeeze through his gray school pants. I admired Kevin's body as he stood over me. Lying at his feet, looking up at him, I felt totally at his mercy. It was like he could do whatever he wanted with me. I played with my dickie, roughly scrunching it in my little fist as I watched him. The sight of Kevin's body always made my dickie stiff. His brown skin tone was delicious, and he had that perfect groove down his chest and tummy, just like Tommy. But Kevin's little six pack was more pronounced and his chest was bigger. When he took down his gray school pants and boxers, I could see the thin hairs that were sprouting at the base of his dickie. His dickie was already hard and it was straining upwards, with a slight curvature to it, and the little slit in the head seemed to be pointing skywards. It was quite big. Not as big as Slater's, but much more beautiful. It was so beautiful, I wanted it in me.

Kevin knelt down by my feet and put his hands under my knees, folding my legs right back, so he could get at my hole. And he started the ceremony of applying the Vaseline. My hole was still a little greasy, and it was tender from Slater's attack. When Kevin stuck his fingers in, it hurt like hell. My hole was very sore and stinging savagely. But I didn't flinch. I bore it because I wanted Kevin to fuck me so badly and I didn't want to discourage him. I knew it was going to hurt, but because it was Kevin, I didn't mind. I think Tommy saw that my eyelids were screwed up with the pain, and he sympathetically leaned over me, putting a lighted joint between my lips. Slater must have left it behind, and Tommy had started smoking it by himself. I took a few puffs, with Tommy alternately sticking it into my lips and removing it to allow me to exhale. With Kevin still fingering my hole at the other end, these two boys were attending to me in the most caring and intimate manner. I felt privileged. Pretty soon I was feeling the dizzying effects of the joint. My eyesight closed in slightly, as though the edge of my vision was blurring, and that familiar heaviness pervaded my whole body, making me sluggish and sleepy, but also giving me an incredible rush of euphoria and a level of horniness I had never felt before. It was good shit, just like Tommy had said.

When he was finished with the Vaseline, Kevin wrested the joint from Tommy's fingers and took a few drags himself. He seemed to crave its high and relished it almost as much as me. He threw his head back in appreciation as he allowed the smoke to penetrate all through him. He breathed deeply, almost as though he was psyching himself up for what he was about to do. At last he turned to me, and folded my legs back so that my knees were pressing against my shoulders. He laid on top of me, his strong arms propping him up either side. My feet were pointing up in the air and his head was between my ankles. He looked deep into my eyes as he forced his dickie to slip inside me. His face was only inches above me, and I liked this intimate face to face fucking technique of his. It was like he wanted to look into my eyes as he was fucking me. He studied my features in a loving and admiring way, at the same time concentrating on the energetic thrusting of his dickie in my hole, which he was stabbing forward into me, and making my little body rock beneath him.

`Okay Pauly?' he whispered.

I smiled and nodded, happy at last to be feeling his thick dickie stabbing into me.

`Not hurting?' Kevin asked.

`No,' I lied.

It was hurting, but in a good way. The familiarity of his dickie was comforting too. Jonathan's had been too thin. Slater's too big. But Kevin's was just right. It was like my hole had molded itself to his dimensions, so that it felt familiar inside me. His big boy thrusting into my hole had an oddly soothing effect, like he was scratching an unreachable itch. He concentrated for a bit, working up into a comfortable rhythm, and I could see he was starting to feel the pleasure too. Then he focused on my face again.

`Oh fuck Pauly, your lil cunt feels so good.'

His terms of endearment were always heartwarming to my ears, and the thought that I could afford him so much pleasure made me feel almost powerful. For as long as he was sampling the delights of my little cunt, it was like I had some kind of hold over him.

After a short spell of easy fucking, Kevin slowed down, and shifted into a lower gear, raising himself up a little so that only his dickie was connected to me, and he was maneuvering in and out slowly.

`You ready Pauly?'

I didn't know what he meant. I looked up at him, still a little glassy and vacant from the joint, and waited. Suddenly he altered his technique and started thrusting quite violently, hooking his dickie upwards into my hole at different angles, almost lifting my butt off the grass. He watched me intently, thrusting all over the place as though he was looking for something and suddenly I squirmed with a sense of acute pleasure. He had hit that spot inside my hole that he had earlier pressed with his fingers. My eyes widened momentarily and I exhaled sharply, like all the air had been sucked out of my lungs. He saw the pleasure on my face and smiled.

`You like that Pauly? Did I hit the spot? Did I get your lil button?'

I nodded, and swallowed hard, wanting him to do it again. He went on thrusting upwards violently, not always hitting the same spot, but pretty close to it, and every time he hit it square on I flinched with pleasure. My body rocked beneath him, and my head was lolling about loosely on the ground, almost drunk with pleasure. Kevin was good. Not only was his technique extremely refined, he knew so much about sex stuff, and I idolized him so much, and he was making me feel so good, at this moment I knew I was totally in his thrall. I just let him steer me towards some as yet unknown pleasure that I had never experienced but he seemed to know all about. My naked little body felt so submissive and vulnerable beneath him, and I was completely in his hands.

The violence of his thrusting continued until I started to feel the pleasure build up in my dickie. The more he hit my button, the more he made me squirm, until I was virtually trembling with pleasure. Something was happening that I had never felt before, like there was an unfamiliar but pleasurable sensation that was making my dickie stiffer than ever without even touching it. As Kevin fucked into me, when he managed to hit the spot dead on, my dickie would rise up from the pleasure, and it waggled about as though it was mounted on a spring. I had never seen it do that, even when it was as stiff as a pencil in my pants and I flexed it by myself. The urgency was building and building with the intense pleasure that Kevin was inducing with his thrusting. His big boy dickie was doing something inside me that only he seemed to know about and I wanted him to do it harder and faster. It felt like my dickie was growing thicker and thicker, like it was inflating, getting tighter and more engorged with every thrust and I started to feel an overpowering urgency. The urgency was my boycum rising up in my dickie. But because no one was touching it, it was like the impending pleasure was originating elsewhere, from somewhere deep inside where my dickie was rooted to me, somewhere behind my balls. It grew more and more insistent as Kevin pumped into me with ever more violent thrusts and he could see the pleasure in my face. It seemed to excite him too. He clenched his teeth, like he was trying to hurt me.

`Am I doing it baby boy?' he gasped breathlessly, `Am I striking your lil button?'

I remember specifically his terminology as he labored away above me. There was something about the words he used that took me over the edge. When he said `striking' my button, he simultaneously hit it in exactly the right place and it was like my whole body exploded. A vast and overpowering pleasure burst all through me and I tightened up in a kind of profound ecstasy I had never felt before. My dickie waggled so violently it was almost painful. It pulsed, trying to eject the boycream I didn't yet have, but it tried anyway, redundantly pumping away in my crotch on its own, without any hand touching it. And yet, it was just as pleasurable. Although my eyes were wide open, everything went dark, and my brain seemed to go into reset. For a long few seconds I could neither see nor speak. I gasped for breath almost as though I was suffocating and I trembled with intense pleasure, wriggling around beneath Kevin like I was having a seizure. I always felt my boycums very keenly, but I had never felt one like that before.

It seemed like it took a long time for that boycum to pass, rather like the turbulence left behind by a passing truck. I was still shaking even after it had gone, trembling with the remnants of the intense pleasure. I focused my eyes again and Kevin was still above me, propped up on his arms, smiling down and looking pleased with himself, his dickie still hard and still firmly embedded in my little hole.

`You okay Pauly?'

I nodded and smiled up at him. He seemed reassured by that.

That was a signal. It seemed to spur him on to finish off. When he resumed his fucking, I realized that he had held off his own boycum just for me. He had concentrated on pleasing me first and made sure he brought me off before he had his own boycum. Without ever allowing his dickie to go soft, and without withdrawing from my hole, Kevin carried on fucking me. He reverted back to the easy rhythm with which he had started out, and then I knew it was my turn to please him. I clenched my little hole for him. He liked that. He smiled, acknowledging my gesture. It worked. Kevin must have been fairly close to his boycum all along, so it didn't take much for him to reach it. He pumped away inside me for a bit more, then seemed to stop abruptly, his eyes closed, overcome with the impending pleasure which he could feel approaching. He thrust once more, and suddenly his whole body jerked violently. He held his breath, then opened his mouth in a silent gasp of pleasure, and then his dickie pulsed tangibly inside my hole, waggling about with the force of its squirting. In the confines of my tightness, his warm boycream filled my hole. There was nothing like the feeling of Kevin depositing his cream deep inside me. He stabbed it into me quite hard, like he wanted his boycum to go on and on, and I could feel the profundity of his pleasure as his body rocked violently with the force of his boycum. He dug his dickie in so deep as he was squirting it into me, that it felt like he was shooting his scalding hot liquid right up into my tummy. Only Kevin went in that deep. Kevin was good. He knew how to use his dickie better than any other boy.

When it was over, and the pulsing of his dickie slowed and then stopped altogether, he gazed down at me once more, looking a little hot and sweaty.

`Christ Pauly,' he said, tersely.

I took it as a compliment, and understood that he was just expressing general approval.

He lowered his head and kissed me hard on the lips.

`I love you baby boy, you know that?'

I don't know why Kevin said that. He never said it as we were fucking. He only ever said it afterwards. But this time it seemed different. It seemed to mean more when he said it with his dickie still inside me.

`I love you too,' I whispered.

`Thank you Pauly. Your lil cunt is the best.'

And with that, he pulled his dickie out. It was still rock hard even as he withdrew. I was a little disappointed that it was over. My hole was left vacant and dilated, and I could feel the wetness of his boycream leak out a little. I clenched my hole tightly shut. It was hurting a lot now, and once the pleasure of Kevin's fucking had ceased, it only left behind the pain from the punishment it had received from Slater earlier. I clamped my hole tightly shut because I wanted to hold onto Kevin's boycream and keep it inside me for as long as possible.

I stretched out on the grass and closed my eyes against the blinding sun overhead. Kevin sat next to me for a bit just looking at me. When I opened my eyes again I could see his gaze roving all over my naked body, and I remember thinking how flattering that was, this big boy who I idolized, sitting there admiring the little boy he had just fucked. For some reason that made me feel so happy and proud of myself. It was good to be so appreciated by him. I laid there, spent and exhausted, but sated and happy.

Tommy sat down with us, bringing the joint with him. I couldn't tell if it was the same joint that he was smoking. I had lost track of time. Maybe he had relit the same joint, or maybe he had carried on smoking it even while Kevin was fucking me. It didn't matter. There was plenty left for it to pass between us several more times. After a few more drags of the joint, I was sleepy. I snuggled back down into the grass and yawned quite rapaciously.

`Tired?' asked Kevin.

I nodded, jiggling my head in the grass, but smiling contentedly.

`You did well this afternoon, baby boy,' said Kevin, `You deserve a treat.'

`I'm hungry,' I announced, without any hesitation.

Tommy and Kevin burst out laughing.

`First the giggles, then the munchies,' said Tommy, `that's good shit.'

`C'mon,' said Kevin, `Let's get dressed and get summat to eat. What're you hungry for Pauly?'

`Pizza,' I said, again without even thinking.

Kevin and Tommy looked at each other like I had just uttered some kind of profound truth. They seemed to nod agreement at each other.

`Pizza it is then,' said Kevin.

* * * * * *

I remember sitting in the pizzeria with Kevin and Tommy afterwards. We all squeezed into a little semicircular booth, all scrunched together at the apex of the curve as we waited for the pizza to arrive. Kevin and Tommy squeezed up against me quite insistently, one either side, trapping me between them. Then they each took one of my hands and placed them firmly into their crotches, inviting me to squeeze their boners through their pants. I couldn't believe they were both hard again. I squeezed as hard as I could, grabbing little fistfuls of their dickies swaddled in the folds of their pants and boxers. I played with their hard little dickies under the table, and they pressed my hands even deeper into their crotches, flexing their boners through the loose folds of their pants. They both squirmed in their seats and I knew they were enjoying what I was doing. Kevin started thrusting up into my hand, trying to get more pleasure from my ministrations. Tommy was giggling. He was still a little spaced out from the joint and sat back slightly, allowing me free reign with his boner. He was humming under his breath `two little boys had two little toys...' and Kevin and I laughed.

When the pizza arrived we were so hungry we pitched into it without any formality and for a while there was total silence as we gorged on the hot, tasty offerings before us. We stuffed our mouths eagerly, smearing tomato sauce around our lips, our cheeks bulging greedily as we chewed. And even as I sat there, my teeth tearing off little pieces from a large floppy slice of pizza, my hole was hurting, stinging savagely from the pounding and stretching of those boys sticking their dickies in there. My hole felt loose. I tried to keep it tightly closed. But every time I clenched, it hurt. I wanted to keep Kevin's boycream inside me. Kevin's boycream was like a secret, intimate gift that he placed deep into my body, like a personal token of his love for me, and I wanted to hold onto it for as long as possible, because all the time the most personal liquid of his beautiful body was inside me, I knew he loved me. It connected us, in the most intimate and erotic way. All the time I sat there eating the pizza, I could feel Kevin's cream seeping out of my loosened hole, and it was soaking into my underwear, making my tighty-whiteys very wet. I squirmed about on the wooden bench of the booth, enjoying the sensation of his boycream making my little hole slippery, almost as though it was expecting to be fucked by him once more. I looked at Kevin sitting next to me, and felt very privileged that he had chosen me to squirt his boycream into. I wanted him to do that to me again. I wanted to feel him forcing his dickie in me and having his boycums with it deep in my little ass. I wanted him to fill me up with his boycream, squirt it in my mouth as well so I could taste it; to give it to me in every way, even squirt it all over my naked little body until I was dripping wet. As I looked at Kevin, breathless with awe at how much I idolized him, I let out a little giggle to myself. I sat there giggling and chewing on a big mouthful of pizza. I loved Kevin so much, I would have done anything for him. And I knew he loved me too. He said so. And because of that, I swear it was the best pizza I had ever tasted.

* * * * * *


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