The Light (Book II) Chapter 07


The Light Chapter II-7

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Previously, Chapter 6 (Matt's POV)

The man reached in the crate, grabbed me by my belt hooks then very roughly sat me up to a full sitting position. He then sat bowls of food and a dish of water next to me. He said some gibberish that I did not understand then walked away. The sound of a door closing was the only thing I heard from that moment forward... until...

I smelled Antoine's aroma. His smell is distinct. While I couldn't swear to it, his aroma was just as strong as when we cuddled at night... you know when we were naked... I smiled then grimaced remembering the hateful words I had said to him... yet at the same time my dick stirred inside my underwear... he has that effect on me.

Tears flowed freely. I was both scared, and glad my guy was in close proximity. I wish I could have taken my words back... but I wasn't given the opportunity to think for more than a few nanoseconds before a very big hand covered my mouth then squeezed it closed – it didn't hurt but the grip was very, very firm.

Not knowing what else to do... I simply nodded. No words were exchanged. Although I had no idea as to what was going on, I didn't feel afraid, and those hands – nothing felt malevolent about them. I somewhat relaxed knowing I wasn't going to be hurt.

Those hands then left. I heard nothing more than a groan from wherever the food had came from earlier. Then I heard a loud thump... maybe that had been a chair? Then I heard a scream, then two, then another crashing thud, several of them and then it was quiet save for some hushed whispers coming closer and closer.

Antoine's POV
Quietly, very quietly, I followed Juan up the stairs one at a time even though I wanted to take them two and three at a time. Somehow I restrained myself... I still don't how I did that...

Blindly, we made our way around the perimeter after reaching the landing then turned left to climb yet another flight of stairs. It was totally pitch black. Not a single strand of light was to be seen until we reached the top floor. There, rays of light were slightly illuminating the stair case from underneath the door. The door was closed. Voices were overheard. They were laughing and carrying on.

Immediately, all senses became acute, I was ready to spring... just say the word.

Juan pulled me beside him. If you were not listening very, very carefully, you wouldn't have heard him whisper ever so slightly, "You go right, I'll go left." He put his hand on my head... I nodded my understandings. We met at the door where the light was coming from. He nodded at me. I returned the gesture and then immediately became focused. He then reached for the door knob... after one more confirmation as to our readiness my body went to full alert, my muscles became ready, my senses sharpened, my vision went acute despite the darkness of the area, and my hearing sharpened to where I could have heard a gnat fart.

The element of surprise can be advantageous, or it can be fatal.

Juan whispered, "Go!" Then he crashed open the door – the moment of hell arrived for those responsible for Matt's disappearance... the enemy was easily and swiftly neutralized. There were four men in that room. I paid no attention to their size, or what they were brandishing, or what their reactions were – except for one idiot that pulled a gun, a big, big gun from his lap. He never had time to aim it... he took his last breath on the way to the floor. There was no time to glamour with his untimely demise because another man jumped up toward me. He was castrated, or should have been (I didn't check), then his head was swiveled around into a most unnatural position.

I ducked with precise timing as a body went flying over mine, crashing into the wall. When he arrived in a heap he moved toward his pocket... that was the very last thing he ever did.

When all was said and done, Juan and I met in the middle of the room where we surveyed damage to each other. Juan had been hit hard on the side of his head, a bruise was forming rapidly but he shook it off as just being a part of the territory. Likewise, my ankle was swollen. When I paid attention to it then it hurt, otherwise it didn't. Juan reached down, touched my ankle then announced, "It's broken."

"Yeah, it's okay though. Let's go find Matt. He's somewhere close by. I've sensed his presence since we got up here. He's close by."

Just then the door knob turned. The sound was unmistakable, and it was very close by us. Quickly, we launched into action. When I jumped toward the closet door I instead landed hard on my backside... my foot gave way. Putting that aside, I got up on my knees then finished cleaning house after Juan sent them my way. There were two of them. Both had submachine guns but because both guys were quickly neutralized those guns never had the opportunity to rein havoc.

Juan quickly searched the room looking for any other place where an enemy could be hiding. While he was doing that, I intensely meditated, and during the process the pain in my ankle subsided to a dull ache.

I rechecked the area just to make double sure no other threats were present. Satisfied the scene was secured I headed onto the landing. Matt's smell was getting stronger and stronger. His aroma peaked out inside of a shipyard crate located at one end of the area.

After determining the area was clear of explosives and other malevolent entities, I reached for and turning on a light switch. Thankfully, the light bulb worked and the area became lighted.

I then heard some muffled sounds coming from that crate. Immediately, my senses went on full alert once again. I assumed an attack stance, Juan immediately walked over. He too assumed the position then together we peered inside the box.

I immediately recognized the top of Matt's head. He was looking up. Our eyes met... unable to stop myself, not wanting to stop myself... I wasn't even thinking about stopping instead my thoughts were directly solely to he whom I would give my life for. Within one second I reached into the box and made contact. I was unstoppable.

Matt's POV
The hushed whispers continued then all hell on earth occurred once again. Then, once again, it was quiet. I hunkered down despite the fact that I was shaking out of my boots.

When the quiet continued, I stole a look up. Antoine, with his face as solid as stone, his hands in an offensive stance, and his eyes as big as huge saucers greeted me. At first I was scared out of my mind but then calmed at seeing the guy I loved the most in the whole wide world.

Because my mouth was gagged and unavailable, Antoine then quickly softened his stance, pulled my face to his then kissed me on all of all places—my eyes. He then reached his hands around my head, felt my body from the top of my head down to my toes. He left no stone unturned. He then explained he was looking for explosives or weapons of some kind. Satisfied, he called to Juan.

Together they removed the gag and other restraints so that I could once again move. Juan, without effort then lifted me out of those imprisonment confines.

Once my arms were freed, I grabbed Antoine into a stranglehold all the while pleading for forgiveness. "I'm so sorry baby. Please forgive me. I didn't mean..." I said apologetically.

"Hush baby, we'll talk about it later. We've got to get out of here. Juan, did you bring your knife?"

"Nah, I travel light. Shit, I knew I'd forgotten something. I'll be right back."

I began laughing hysterically once I saw that both Antoine and Juan were totally naked. Antoine shrugged his shoulders. He deadpanned replying, "Well, bright clothes are a dead giveaway. Hold still."

That said, he lowered his head and began chewing at the restraints holding my legs captive. At about the same time, I heard lumbering steps coming up the stairs. Antoine said, "That's Juan." Then he continued gnawing... that is until Juan arrived. Juan fished in his pockets until he pulled out an assault knife that had to have been at least 8 inches long. Antoine moved aside as Juan efficiently sliced the ropes with one single swipe of that razor sharp blade. I'm glad he didn't sneeze or otherwise get distracted...

When I was free, I reached and got Antoine's clothes for him. He quickly got dressed, as did Juan.

After they were dressed, I headed in the direction of the room but both Antoine and Juan stopped me, Antoine said very, very seriously, "Don't. Let's get out of here."

I didn't question their seriousness. Once we made it downstairs Juan said, "My car is parked two blocks over and one block up from this location. You boys stay here."

Antoine replied, "I'm okay, we're going with you. Come on Matt."

Juan replied, "No. Stay here. You're hurt, son. You have no business walking anymore."

At the same time, Antoine put more and more weight on my shoulders. I immediately looked, pulled his pants leg up with great difficulty. I felt his ankle. It was swollen to at least, if not more than twice its normal size.

I started to say something but Antoine put his fingers to my lips, "Don't. Please." He then nodded to Juan. Juan took off on foot. I helped Antoine to the ground where we sat up against the brick wall. I took his hand in mine then looked around to make sure nobody was watching... the coast was clear. I leaned over, kissed Antoine quickly but passionately then said, "I'm sorry. I guess it all got to me. That first guy - he was going to hurt you... I didn't realize that at the time... I just saw his dead body. I freaked out."

"Matt, I will go to all ends of the earth to keep you and my family safe. You were in mortal danger. I'm sorry I didn't get to you soon enough. My heart is heavy for failing. My heart is happy though that you're okay – this is all that matters."

A few minutes later, Juan pulled up in an old beat up vehicle then clanked to a stop in front of us. He got out then came over to us, scooped Antoine up in his arms then sat him in the backseat. I climbed in and shut the door.

After Juan put the car in a forward gear he said, "You boys are coming to the hotel where Kevin and I are staying. I'll order an adjoining room for you to sleep in."

I nodded and began to say but Juan said first, "I've talked to your dad. He's presently booking the first two available seats out of Singapore – you guys will be on that flight."

"Here's the game plan: We're going to pick up Kevin at the hotel then we're going to find a hospital so you can get your ankle looked at by a doctor. Your ankle is bad, Antoine."

Reluctantly, Antoine nodded.

Juan drove just as crazy as the locals drove. I came very close to shitting my pants several times.

"Can we wait here for you, Juan?" I asked.

"No, we must stay together. I promised your dad that you'd never leave my sight until you get on that airplane home."

Despite only mild protests from Antoine, Juan picked him up, put him in the "fireman's carry" then we headed down the street for Juan's vehicle. It took about an hour to arrive at the hotel. As the bellman took off with the vehicle, Juan carried Antoine to their room then sat him down on the bed after making entry with a special cardkey. Kevin came walking out of the bathroom wearing only a smile and a small, skimpy pair of bright yellow bikini underwear. Determining what he had been doing did not require a degree in rocket science.

Juan said to Kevin, "Get dressed son. Antoine is injured. We need to take him to the hospital. Scoot."

While Kevin was getting dressed, I sat down next to Antoine, pulled him into my arms and held him protectively. Juan, meanwhile, made a call to the hotel switchboard and ordered an adjoining room for one night.

Almost at the same time, my cell phone rang. Dad's ring was heard, and his picture popped up.

"Hi Dad. God, it's good to hear your voice."

"You don't know how good it is to hear yours also. The whole family's here. Everybody's relieved now. We were worried sick."

Before I could reply, mom's voice came across the phone. She said, "Hey son, I have half a notion to blister your butt. I haven't yet talked myself out of doing just that, young man."

"Mom, you're probably going to have to get in line. Sorry. I was just going to walk away for a little while so that I could cool off. I said some things that shouldn't have been said. I'm really sorry <I was really talking to Antoine – I had his gaze>." I replied.

Dad said, "Boys, I have you on an 8:40am flight from Singapore. Don't miss the flight no matter what. Go to General Aviation instead of the main terminal. A limo will pick you up at 6:15am, so be ready."

"We'll be there. I love you guys. Thank you for loving me. I mean it."

Antoine reached for the phone. I handed it to him. He said, "Hi Dad."

"I love you too. I'm sorry we got ourselves in a bind making you and mom worry."

"Yes sir."

"Yes sir."

"No sir."


"Yeah, it hurts. Juan and Kevin are taking us to the hospital."

"Yes sir."

"Oh, sorry sir, I mean dad."


"Okay. I love you too. See you tomorrow evening, I mean today... we'll be crossing the IDL."

"Okay, dad, I will. Love you too. Bye."

Antoine closed the connection then handed me the phone. I put it in my pocket, noting that it needed to be charged.

When we arrived at the University Hospital, the attendant paged Dr. Wong. About 15 minutes later she entered the treatment room where she sat down then looked intently at Matt and I, she said to Matt, "Where have you been? I've been waiting for you."

I spoke up, "Uhm, sorry Dr. Wong. We saw Antoine's Sensei... he gave me acupuncture or something. I'm really good. Sorry."

Dr. Wong smiled. She then got up, pulled my shirt out and noted that I'd been good and had followed her orders to stay out of the sun as much as possible. She then took my hand in hers then pinched a small area between my thumb and index finger. I pulled back then said, "Uhm, Dr. Wong, we're actually here for Antoine. He's hurt his ankle."

She got a surprised look on her face, let go of my hand then turned to Antoine, "I'm so sorry. Please forgive me. What can I do for you?"

Antoine replied, "I turned and twisted my ankle while running. I think it's broken."

Dr. Wong lifted the leg of Antoine's jeans up, looked then immediately took his hand in hers. She pressed several areas between his fingers. The pain clearly written on his face quickly changed to a more relaxed state. He looked like he was just about asleep but helped Dr. Wong lie him down on the hospital bed. She then, with much difficulty because of the swelling, removed his socks and shoes. I looked down at his ankle and saw the end of a bone nearly penetrating the skin... thankfully it hadn't broke through the skin.

Dr. Wong said to Antoine, "Your ankle is indeed fractured. With your permission, I'm going to put you to sleep and then reduce the broken bones into their normal position."

Antoine sleepily replied, "Okay. Do what you have to do. I trust you."

"Close your eyes child. Think positive. You will feel me touching your neck."

Expertly, Dr. Wong's hands went to Antoine's neck. She began, what appeared to me to be massaging in certain places. Antoine's worry and discomfort lines disappeared. He began lightly snoring. His hand, which had been holding mine, went totally limp. Dr. Wong then inserted a hair like needle into Antoine's skin next to the area where her thumb was located.

She beckoned for me to help her take Antoine's jeans and underwear off. Once that was accomplished she urged me to leave but I refused to leave my man because that's what got Antoine injured in the first place.

Seeing that I wasn't leaving, she then liberally sprayed Antoine's leg and groin with, what I assumed to be antiseptic solution and then she inserted large needles into his ankle. I had to turn away because I thought surely that would hurt Antoine grievously... but his eyelids never once moved, and the peaceful expression on his face never left.

When all needles or whatever they were, were in place, she then manipulated his ankle causing the bones to pop and crunch until his ankle looked like it was in the normal position again. She then cut the tips of the needles off so that the only evidence remaining was a dark red mark where they had penetrated his skin.

Next, she reached into her bag, retrieved a box then opened it up. Several needles, some small, some large were in it. She chose two needles that were middle size then inserted them into areas behind his knee, in front of his ankle, and then the last two she placed in that fold of skin that separates scrotum from thigh.

She then removed the needle from Antoine's neck. Very soon thereafter, within 5 minutes no more, he became conscious. He reached for my hand, took it then squeezed it firmly. He looked at me then said, "When am I going to go to sleep?"

I giggled, "You doof ball. She's done. And yes, you snore!" Unable to stop myself, I stood up, leaned in and quickly kissed him on his lips. Dr. Wong looked at us carefully then smiled knowingly.

She then said, "Your ankle is in the correct position. It will heal. You must wear a cast on it for 4 weeks. I put titanium needles into your join to stabilize your injury. The fixations are permanent though western medicine usually thinks otherwise especially in a not yet adult boy. They will also expose you to radiation to confirm what they know or should know already. Be wary, young man. Be safe, and be well in your travels.

When Dr. Wong left the room, I reached down and definitely showed my Antoine the level of love I had for him and promises that'd I'd do better when we got back to the hotel room. The attention I'd given to him had predictable results. I found a sheet in a cupboard and used it to cover his midsection just as a young guy, maybe 15 or so years old, entered with a kit of casting materials.

Expertly, deftly, he casted Antoine's ankle and put a walking apparatus on it so Antoine could move around at will.

Antoine asked the cast technician "Is it okay for the cast to get wet?"

The boy assured us that getting the cast wet was no problem, that the materials were impervious.

With no further questions, the boy left the room just as Dr. Wong entered. She said, "You're free to go now."

Antoine sat up taking care to keep his midsection covered. He asked, "Do I need crutches?"

"No. Crutches weaken muscles and put the human body in a most unnatural posture. You'll be fine. Weight bearing helps to promote new bone growth and healing. Step down on your foot. You'll see."

What that, Antoine worked his way off the gurney then cautiously put his foot down to the floor. All the while I just knew that he'd scream from pain... but he didn't scream at all. In fact he walked back and forth in the treatment room just like normal.

Ever being his caretaker, though it certainly was not necessary as he can take care of himself, I asked Dr. Wong, "Doesn't he need pain pills?"

"No, no pain pills. They are bad for you. Are you having any discomfort?" She asked Antoine.

"No, I have no pain. I feel fine."

"Very good. I want to see you in 2 days. Return to the clinic, have me paged."

Antoine replied, "Doctor, we're leaving for home in America tomorrow. We need to return sooner than we'd planned."

"Oh my, you'll have to see western medicine practitioners. Do not let them operate on your ankle; it will heal just fine in 4 weeks. It will be as good as new."

"Okay, thanks."

I asked, "Are you sure he won't hurt?"

"No. I have given him a treatment that will last approximately 6 weeks. Don't worry, it won't `wear off' as you Americans say. He'll have no side effects.

With no further unanswered questions Dr. Wong left. Quickly, I kissed Antoine in a way that he wouldn't soon forget. When he sat on the gurney to put his jeans and underwear back on, I suck a kiss on his rather excited prong then assured it I'd give it a good `treatment' once we got back to the hotel. Antoine just giggled.

When Antoine and I entered the waiting room where Juan and Kevin were seated, Juan looked at Antoine with surprise. He said, "No crutches?"

Antoine replied, "Nope. It feels very fine. It doesn't hurt."


By the time we arrived at the hotel, several empty stomachs were churning and gurgling their protests of being without food for a very long time. The hotel had a nice restaurant where we ate to our content then had desert which pushed me over the edge into being uncomfortable.

Juan then took us to our old hotel where we gathered up our things and took off. The new room we had at their hotel was much nicer than the one we had originally. Lucky for them, the hotel was clothing optional so without further adieu we all went to the pool, shed our clothes then went swimming for a couple hours until Juan said we needed to get out and get to bed because of the early flight to America.

After saying our good nights, Antoine and I headed to our room, took a long leisurely hot shower then called to the front desk and ordered one hour massages for each of us. They promised to provide that service without a wait.

After getting off the phone, we put on a pair of running shorts each, fixed a soft drink, and kissed quite a few times but not enough where we'd have any kind of major wood when the masseuses came to our room.

15 minutes later, two guys probably our age arrived. They were dressed casually in Khaki's, polo shirts, socks and shoes. Their hair was neatly arranged. One guy, his name was Alejandro offered that he was 15 as was his brother Miguel... they were twins. They smiled a lot. Both had dark brown hair, deep dark eyes, beautiful skin, trimmed nails, early pubescent signs of unshaved mustaches – but just a little bit – they were not stubble. My dick twitched its approvals but did not bone up completely. I noticed Antoine was checking them out very carefully too. He looked at me, shrugged his shoulders casually then we made payment arrangements, decided on an aromatic therapy for no extra charge, and they suggested deep muscle massage and stimulation since we appeared very stressed to them. If only they knew just how stressed we'd been that day... when all arrangements had been made and agreed upon they went out into the hall where they retrieved massage beds on wheels. I suggested that we receive our massages on the veranda overlooking the strait. Alejandro and Miguel readily agreed to our requests after they determined that adequate privacy would be maintained.

After lying down on the massage table, Alejandro placed two towels across my midsection then carefully reached under them and removed my underwear after telling me to hold on to the towel.

With absolute dignity and privacy he commenced to work seemingly every muscle in my body until I felt like a bowl of jelly. He kneaded my butt muscles like they were loaves of bread but at no time did his fingers wander into my most private of places.

Expertly, efficiently, all the while maintaining my dignity and privacy he assisted me to turn over on my back. He then worked on my face, neck, pectorals, my belly to the level of my pubes at which time he announced he was finished. He told me to continue to lay where I was and relax while he helped Miguel to finish with Antoine.

Alejandro and Miguel both announced that they were going to use our restroom for washing their hands and arms of the massage oils and scents, that we could get up at any time, and that we didn't have to be in a hurry.

When they left the room, we got up, put on a pair running shorts commando style. When they returned, we paid our bill, they gathered up their stuff and left very pleased with their nights' work and a generous tip.

I walked to the Jacuzzi, turned its jets on, adjusted the temperature to `just right' then urged Antoine to join me in the shower. Antoine declined the shower... instead we embraced then absent mindedly we began rubbing our hands up and down our backs that were still somewhat oily from the massage materials. As my hands trailed down onto Antoine's butt I noticed he had a ridge of an oily substance inside of his crack. He moaned when I began rubbing that into his crevice. He moaned even louder when my fingers found their mark. Easily, without any resistance whatsoever, first my index finger then both my middle finger and index then finally all three entered his cavern of love.

Together, we moved to the bed, lay down on its soft pillow top mattress where I energetically continued my assault on his nether regions.

When he began gently raising and lowering his hips... I knew from experience that he was receiving tremendous pleasure from my ministrations and that he was nearing his completion point so I lined myself parallel with him then slid up and deeply into his waiting dick squeezer. Unable to stop myself, I began pummeling his tunnel like never before. After only a short while, I went over the edge like I was traveling on a rocket ship to Nirvana... I was indeed traveling on a rocket ship headed for Nirvana. I lost all sense of being and awareness when the ship arrived. Luckily the ship took its time returning to Earth as aftershock after aftershock shook my body to its core.

When I recovered enough sense and awareness, I scooted over on my stomach after placing the pillows under my hips. Antoine's smart. He caught the meaning without a second thought. Soon, he'd snaked his ample maleness deep into my bowels. Instead of pummeling, he did it very, very slowly, savoring each and every in and out stroke. Surely that was his prick tickling the back of my throat on each deep in-stroke then the sensation would leave as he'd almost completely withdraw his tool then the sensation would return as soon as I felt his bush on my butt cheeks.

I was in heaven. By the sounds emanating from Antoine's breathing in my ear, he too was in heaven, or beyond. If I had to die at some point in my life, which at some time I will, then I want Antoine's pleasure pole deeply embedded to the hilt just like it was doing right then.

Antoine's breathing became more and more frequent and much deeper with each stroke. As he usually does when he's about to blow a load, he wrapped his arms around my chest then pulled me deeper onto him. His thrusts were becoming more and more rapid as his impending orgasmic bliss was just about ready to blast him off to Nirvana. Thankfully, two seats were reserved on Nirvana because he took hold of my dick, began rhythmically and vigorously stroking it all the while pummeling my not-so-virgin boy twat.

Then it happened.

I began blasting yet another load into the pillowcase, and at the same time, as it always does, my butt muscles clenched tightly together which squeezed my lovers' cock to the breaking point. Antoine began whining intensely in time with his breathing. It was then that I knew my baby was white washing my insides with his paint ejector... and he damn sure was enjoying it to the maximum limits.

At some point in time, orgasm seems to have that effect on us, we fell asleep.

A couple of hours later I awoke to Antoine removing his gifted spear from my recess leaving it with that `empty' feeling.

"What ya doing babe?" I asked sleepily.

His response was simply a giggle. Not wanting to move... I didn't. The next sound was the telltale sound of a boy peeing full force into a toilet bowl. When that sound pervaded the silence in the room, something triggered an internal realization that I too needed to evacuate more than one place in the worst possible of ways.

I pushed the pillow soaked with spermies off the bed then raced to the bathroom. Antoine was shaking his wand free of any remaining drops. I quickly moved him aside, sat down then blasted away contrails of sewer gas, spermies, and other refuse from my dual purpose, all in one single orifice, until nothing of substance was left to donate.

After brushing his teeth, Antoine had returned to our suite. I decided to take a quick shower to finish getting the oil and other gunk off my body. Finished, I quickly dried off enough to not leave water trails to the Jacuzzi. I kind of figured he'd head to the whirling jets of water. He had. He looked so comfortable. His eyes were closed. His muscles appeared to be rippling instead of the water, but it was the water and not his muscles that were rippling.

I worked my way into the bubbling water then sat down beside my lover. He put his leg over mine. We scooted and moved and rearranged and adjusted our positions until we were totally comfortable.

Sometime later, I halfway awoke from a very pleasant dream. In it Alejandro and Miguel had expanded their excellent, expert massage to my most private of places. Quickly, I looked up then in the very dim light Antoine kissed me on my lips snaking his tongue deeply in my mouth.

"I love you." Were the three words I really wanted to hear from his succulent vocal cords. All the while kissing me passionately he moved around so that he was facing my front. Gently, he raised my legs then scooted up. Immediately, his ample love tool knocked on my back door. Needless to say, without a technical invitation I pulled him up close then placed his cock in line with my waiting and wanting orifice. I then urged his entry. He didn't hesitate to stuff me totally and completely.

He took me to new ecstatic heights. Antoine was in no pain evidenced by his high pitched squeals of delight. Once he jettisoned his sweet nectar he immediately slinked down in the water then took my tool and ratcheted me up tight. He then completely stripped my gears.

We stayed in the water for maybe another hour. Antoine exclaimed, "We're going to be two prunes side by side if we don't get out now."

"Uhm, I like prunes." I said reaching down to his pride and joy. I then ran my fingers over and thru the skin of his pecker. Giggling, I said, "Yep. You got a nice prune there oh lover boy."

Likewise, Antoine reached over, grasped and groped my prong with his expert motions until and during another colossal orgasm.

With that we dried off then got into bed where we went to sleep.

Too early the alarm woke us up with a start. In my fog filled brain I recall reaching over and banging the clock into submission. It fell off to the floor and I fell back to sleep. 10 minutes later the alarm once again shattered the stillness and when I reached over to bang the snooze once again – it wasn't there.
By the time I realized it was on the floor, it was too late – I was wide awake. Antoine reached over and urged me down to turn that dang thing off. In the process we fell to the floor laughing like crazy.

When we recovered from yet another love making session (I was bent over the bed while Antoine plugged me from behind) we showered, got dressed, put our stuff together then knocked on Juan's door. He and Kevin were up and dressed. We went down for breakfast with them then they escorted us to the limo and saw us off.

Once we were airborne there really wasn't anything to do so we napped sitting up for as long as we could stand it. The two passengers beside us had gotten up... and hadn't returned so we lifted the arm rests then spread out, spooned together then we were out like a light until we were on the final approach to Tokyo. The landing was perfect.

We had a 3 hour layover in Tokyo. The first thing we did was to hit a cinnamon roll place where we pigged out then hit the bathrooms with real running water. The only problem was that the toilets were open air with no dividers so there we were with 10 other people taking shits. Antoine said that kind of bathroom wasn't all that unusual. Whatever, duty called with urgent priority.


Once we took off from Tokyo to Honolulu we were airborne for the duration. I'm not sure how we did it because the airplane's bathroom was so small but we made love for the second time in flight.

Quite a few people in isle seats looked at us real strange like as we returned to our seats. The steward looked at us approvingly. He smiled broadly then went on with his duties.

Once again we spooned together and fell asleep. The plane's captain announced we were beginning to descend into Honolulu and that we should prepare for landing.

With a deep exhalation I sighed audibly as we were very close to home.

*** To be continued

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