The Little Egg

by Larkin

Fictional Story, sexual content, male/male Copyright Larkin 2006

The Little Egg

by Larkin

It looked like a silly putty egg only smaller with a wire coming out of it.
Pooky and I looked carefully at the blister pack and all read the instructions. They really didn't say very much other than, "Do not swallow it."
This was only some of the loot that Halo had gotten when they made the paraphernalia store close down. He got boxes and boxes of stuff. He has an incredible bong collection in every color of the rainbow.

"Pooky, let me use your cell."

He grabbed his lady bug cell phone off the coffee table and pulling it close, curled up like a sow bug and screamed, "Noooo!"

When I got closer and began to probe him physically for the cell, he tighten up even more and screamed like murder "Noooo, Dusty,Nooo!"

I crossed my eyes in exasperation, "Pooky, what's the matter with you? I just want to call Halo."

Pooky took sometime but gradually calmed down and then grudgingly gave me his red ladybug cell phone.

"Hi Halo, what's up?"

Pooky went back to his gameboy.

"Halo, you know all that stuff you gave from the store that closed?"

I held up the blister pack containing the little pink egg. I was snapping the pack open freeing the egg. It fell into my lap, wire and all.

I said, "Yeah, it's got a wire coming out of it and a little battery pack.

Halo gave an ahh of recognition, "Oh, that's a vibrating egg."

I said, "Duh, I figured that much out but what do you do with it?"

He told me and Pooky looked up from his gameboy and saw my eyes getting bigger.

I said, "But what if I don't have a pussy?"

His voice buzzed in my ear and gave me chills. "My what!"

Even Pooky could hear Halo laughing on the other end of the cell.

I said, "No way."

Upset about not having his cell even for a moment, Pooky snatched it out of my hand even before I could give it to him.

I swung the little egg back and forth. I said, "You know what you do with this?"

Pooky's interest had shifted over to the gameboy, that is until I said, "You stick it up your butt and turn it on."

Pooky slowly turned his head towards me and sat there looking puzzled.

I said, "Yeah."

I said, "You want to try it?"

He wasted no time having second thoughts and immediately said, "No."

I got up and started gutting the TV and cable remotes for batteries.

I said, "Comon, Halo says it awesome." He says that he used it a few times to jerk off but now he says he likes the life-like dildo.

Pooky folded his arms in front of himself and said "No."

To be emphatic, he tightened his lips and shook his head from side to side.
This was going to take strategy on my part. I stowed the egg for the moment.

"Ahhh, poor Pooky, did I upset you?"

We started kissing like we did several times every day. We kissed with our tongues deep inside of each other's mouths. Then we lay, tete beche (head to foot) and sucked.
We love each other. It is as simple as that.
If one of our parents come and see us, they go out and come back later. They don't seem to mind at all.
I knew that as soon as he got stiff he'd be much more receptive to do a little experimenting.
Pooky sat up. Oversized sweat shirt still on but pants and underpants gone, he lifted his legs up in the air.

I said, "Not yet, let me use my finger first."

I wet my finger and then slowly and carefully pushed it up Pooky's butt.He plays with himself while I wiggle my finger around inside of him.
I covered the egg with Hawaiian sun block to make it all slippery and then pushed it up Pooky's butt hole. To my amazement, I disappeared leaving only the wire showing.
I picked up the battery pack and pushed one of the buttons up. Pooky erupted in a gale of laughter and it continued until I turned the egg off.
Immediately realizing how much fun this was I turned it on again and Pooky started up again and wouldn't stop until I shut it off.
Before he could catch his breath, I turned it on again. Now we were both laughing.

Our Mom poked her head in the door. "Dusty, don't tickle Pooky so much, you know he'll throw-up."

The little egg turned Pooky into a laughing machine. After a bit, he relaxed enough to tolerate it without having a fit. We had a wonderful time taking turns with it for the rest of the day.

The next day we had school. Pooky and I and several other kids stood at the bus stop waiting.

I looked at Pooky and said, "You know, I couldn't find our little egg this morning? Have you seen it?"

Pooky shrugged his shoulders and said. "search me?"

The bus came and we all lined up to climb on. Pooky was ahead of me. When he climbed the stair into the bus, I saw it. His shirt had pulled up and I saw the wire that connects to the egg.
Pooky was wearing the vibrating egg up his butt hole to school.
Why didn't I think of that?