The Little Egg-3

by Larkin

Fictional Story, sexual content, youthful, male/male Copyright Larkin 2009


Dusty and Pooky meet Halo

by Larkin

"Pooky look over there."


I said, "Don't be cranky, look over there, there's Halo."

Pooky had his usual frown on his face. "So?"

"I don't know, do you think we could get him to come over?"

Now we were both looking at him. Pooky said, "Why would he want to come
over, he's an eighth grader and we are just grammar school scrubs to him."

I said, "I don't know, I think he likes me and if he likes me how can he
not like you?"

Halo was tall and skinny like a string bean. His hair was light brown,
wavy and long. He was wearing a sock hat that had a red fuzzy ball on
top. It made him look cute and it sort of kept his hair under control.
He was three years older than me and that made him five years older than

"Hi Dusty, what's up?"

"Halo, this is my brother Pooky. He says he wants to meet you."

Pooky snapped at me. "I didn't say that, you said that!"

Then he shoved me. I saw Halo beginning to laugh. I didn't want Pooky
to spoil everything so I had to calm him down.

"Okay, okay, I wanted Halo to meet you. Now are you satisfied?"

The last thing we needed is the Miniboss right out here in public
having a Pooky meltdown.

If this was going to work, I was going to have do it myself.

I looked up at him and said, "You think you might like to come over to
our house?"

I think Halo looked sort of puzzled. Still frowning, Pooky was looking
up at him too, only he said, "Are you growin a mustache?

Halo started to laugh again. "No, I haven't started shaving yet. it's
just sort of been sneakin in. I might shave it soon, I don't know."

He looked around to see if anyone on else was coming near. "Why do you
want me to come over?"

I said, "I don't know, I thought you might be fun."

I put my hand on his arm and both of us went silent and then we looked
at each other. I think we both felt it. It was a strange feeling like
electricity flowing between us.

"Pooky blurted out. "You could come over now!"

He turned and started tugging Halo by a belt loop on his pants. Halo
was just a little uncoordinated but he dropped all resistance and came
along with us willingly.

Once home, we both ran upstairs to our room with Halo following us not
knowing why or where he was going. Once in our room, we made him sit
down on one of the beds. I sat on one side of Halo and Pooky sat on the
other side of him. When we started cuddling with him he looked first at
Pooky and then at me.

Halo said suspiciously, "Hey, what's goin on?"

Pooky and I both snuggled closer.

I said in my usual high voice, "Nothing."

Halo looked at me when I said it. Then Pooky pulled his pants out of
the way so that you could see his boner sticking straight up. I
laughed. When Halo turned to look, Pooky had already covered himself up
but he was having trouble not giggling. When Halo was looking at Pooky,
I pulled down my pants so you could see my boner sticking up. Halo saw
it before I could hide it.

He sat up and said, "Hey, what if someone comes in like maybe your
Parents? They'll think I'm making you guys do stuff like that. I don't
want to get blamed for it."

Pooky and I pulled him back down on the bed and both of us climbed on
him. Pooky blew raspberries in his face. Poor Halo had no idea of what
he was dealing with.

"Our Parents aren't home. Mom gets home at 6 and Dad is away again and
anyway, they don't care."

I was up staring right into Halo's cute face. Pooky was trying to pull
Halo's belt open.

He was looking all worried. "Hey, you guys aren't supposed to be doing
stuff like this."

Well, if he was worried, he didn't do nothing about it. He just laid
there like he was our prisoner.

Pooky managed to unbutton Halo's pants and pull down the zipper. I was
too curious so I got down and started to help Pooky. Halo was wearing
red underpants with white poka-dots and there was a big hard lump in
them. Pooky stretched his underpants out and Halo's penis popped out
and then stood straight up.

All I could say was, "Wow, Look how big it is."

I looked up at Halo and said, "Were you born this way?"

Pooky and I grabbed it and started playing with it. Halo was looking at
us and at what we were doing. His mouth was open and he had a surprised
look on his face. We were both playing with his penis. I opened my
mouth and put it in as far as it would go. Pooky pulled it out of my
mouth and he started sucking it. I waited and then I pulled it out of
his mouth so I could suck on it. Then he pulled it out of my mouth
again and if that wasn't bad enough, he pushed me away.

I said, "You know what you are, Pooky? You're selfish, that's what you

I crawled back up to Halo and cuddled closer so I could look at him. I
said, "You are growing a mustache."

He said, "No I'm not."

I saw something silvery in his mouth. "Oh, let me see!"

Halo stuck out his tongue and I tried to grab the silver ball with my
fingers but it was slippery. Then he showed me that it was connected to
another ball under his tongue. I looked down and saw that Pooky was
totally involved with Halo's boner. I knew our plan was a success when
Halo pushed his tight pants down. Pooky and I help him tug them all the
way off. Then we quickly took all of our clothes off and jumped back on him.

I got up really close so I could look into his eyes and Halo stuck his
tongue into my mouth, silver ball and all. I grabbed his hand and
pulled it over to my boner so he would play with it.

Pooky and I didn't smell like anything or maybe we were just used to
each other but Halo smelled so good. Maybe he was more intense than
us. His hair smelled good, his under arms and his spit tasted sweet and

Unlike Pooky, Halo seemed interested in my dickie. I lifted my legs to
show him my butt hole. I wanted him to stick his finger up there so I
pulled my legs back further to make it easier. He started doing it but
then had to put spit on his finger. He stuck his finger all the way up
my butt and I was smiling up at him and playing with my boner while he
did it. Now Halo started jerking off and Pooky laid his head on his
belly and watched him while he did it. The more he poked his finger in
and out of my butt hole the faster he jerked off. he was breathing
through his mouth and making sort of moaning noises. Then he cried out
and Pooky moved out of the way just in time. Both of us looked at Halo's
boner. It was squirting sex juice. It was the first time either one of
us had seen it before and we weren't even sure what it was. Halo closed
his eyes and went still and quiet.

Pooky yelled out, "He's dead!"

We both were looking into his face hoping that he was alright. his eyes
opened and he started laughing.

All three of us looked down at the mess on Halo's belly. I moved some
of it around with my finger. It was syrupy. I tasted it.

Pooky yelled at me, "You're not aposed to eat it!"

For the moment I acted like I did something wrong.

Halo said, "No, you can eat it, I do it all the time."

He collected a gooey gob with his fingers and dropped it into his mouth
and then showed us it on his tongue. Then he swallowed it giving us a
pleasing smile after. Pooky started to taste some but quickly changed
his mind.

Halo went on "I mean, sometimes when I jerk off, I'll lift my legs up
and over so I can squirt my cum right into my mouth. I like it, it
tastes good, only I imagine someone else doing it to me."

Pooky wanted to make an intelligent contribution. "The only thing we can
cum is pee."

Halo started to put his clothes on. I grabbed his underpants and Pooky
was having a tug of war with Halo and his pants.

"Come on, your Mom is going to be here soon and I don't want to get into

We both hugged Halo's legs and cried, "Please don't go. Please stay. We
like you Halo!"

With the two of us hanging onto him it was a struggle for him to make
his way back down stairs.

The front door opened and in walked our Mom.

"Dusty, Pooky! I have told you over and over again that when you have
company, at least wear your underpants! Now go upstairs immediately."

Not wanting to miss anything we ran up and came back down wearing

"Hi, I'm Star. My sons have no manners, what's your name?"

Halo answered, "Halo."

"What a nice name. Well you look like an angel so it fits. Look I'm
sorry about the boys, they are allowed to be naked around the house, but
not when the maid is here or we have company. It's their Father's idea,
he very progressive."

Halo was nervous, "It's nice to meet you Mrs. Cloverfield but I have to go

My Mom smiled and said, "You can call me Star."


Pooky and I had boners all evening. They just wouldn't go away.

After dinner our Mom said, "Dusty, I have to go to Seattle with your
Father next week for 4 days. Do you think Halo would be interested in
babysitting sitter you two?"
Pooky said, "I'm not a baby!"

But then, we looked at each other and laughed with excitement.

Mom said, "I mean, do you think he would be responsible?"

Not wanting to ruin anything I got serious. I shook my head, yes.

She said, "How old is he anyway?"

I said, "I don't know, maybe 14."

One Hour Later:

Pooky's lady bug cell phone rang.
I lost mine so the cell was under Pooky's total control.
He answered it.


The voice on the other end said, "Who is this, Pooky or Dusty?"

"It's me, I mean, it's Pooky."

He listened and then whispered to me. "It's Halo, he says our Mom called
his Mom and asked if he could babysit for us."

Pooky amazes me. he spoke calmly into the phone.
"Yes,...okay,...sure....I don't care."

I couldn't take the suspense and I grabbed the phone from Pooky.

Quickly I yelled into it before he could get the phone away from me.
"Halo, please, please, please do it. Please, babysit us!

Angrily he grabbed his cell back from me and then continued his calm and
measured conversation with Halo. After awhile he hung up.

"What did he say! Tell me everything."

Pooky was pissed at me but he told me that his Mom says it is ok and he
said that he will do it.

He had a disgusted look on his face when he said, "Sometimes I can't
believe that you are older than me because you act so stupid."


Our Mom said, "Pooky and Dusty, both up and march to the bathroom to pee. I don't
mind but it would be nice if it only happened once in awhile instead
every other night, so go pee, please!"

We did and then hopped naked into bed together. I just love Pooky and
even though he can be cranky I know he loves me too. With boners up
and stiff, we lay cuddled up facing each other.

I said, "Guess what I have."

Pooky was clueless.

"Look what I got." From under the pillow I pulled out Halo's red and
white polka-dotted underpants.

I let Pooky hold them. "Smell the part where his dick goes. It smells
stinky but I kind of like it. It gives me a boner when I smell it.
Then smell the part that rubs against his butt hole. I like that too."

I would smell one part and Pooky the other and then we would trade.
When I did, I would close my eyes and I could see Halo standing there
when we saw him that day after school. He was wearing s sock hat to
keep his hair under control and he turned and smiled at us.