More from Pooky and Dusty, earlier times.

by Larkin

Fictional Story, sexual content, male/male/Copyright Larkin 2009

More from Pooky and Dusty, earlier times.

by Larkin

I reached forward and elevated his behind and then, I pushed down on his fore quarters putting his face into the pillow. "Pooky, don't be such a jerk, go with the flow."

I don't think he knew what I meant but he did give in. "I want to see your butt hole. Reach behind yourself and spread your ass,"

He did. Boys that we were, I was not surprised to find him slightly untidy. Shit and poo are supposed to be a no no, but I was in the moment and for some reason, I just didn't care. There was almost nothing that separated us least of all, our buttholes. I put my finger in my mouth gathering spit around it and then poked at his butt hole. His scrotum was neat and as textured as mine. I tugged at his small cock. He looked behind himself at what I was doing. When I did, I intentionally put the taste of his insides in my mouth. His cock was stiff like a piece of school chalk and that was always more important to me. It always made me happy. I pushed my finger in deeper. In my mind, I imagined my finger in there, all dark, dirty and dangerous. It made it all very exciting.

Just a Bit of Back Story:

Pooky and I were brothers but not really. I was just a baby at the time, but I think Mom ran away and fell in love with someone else. When she came back, she was pregnant with Pooky. So I guess we have different Dad's. Dad was so happy to have Mom back that he became Dad to both of us.

Our bed room has twin beds but we are always in the same bed together. Occasionally one of us or sometimes both of us peed the bed in the night. When that happens, we just move over to the other bed and by the next day, our bed is all clean again. Mom thinks it's cute when she comes she sees us all cuddled up in the morning before school. She is happy that we are like real brothers. So am I. I love everything about him and even though Pooky can get cranky and bossy, I know he loves me too.

To say he sucks my dickie or I suck his is an understatement because we do it any number of times every day. We are always naked when we are home whether in our room or downstairs in the living room. Whenever he gets a boner he climbs over me and makes me suck him. Even though he is younger than me, I can't always make him do it to me because he likes to be the Miniboss.

Mom and dad don't seem to mind unless we have company or the maid is here. They say that they are progressives, whatever that means.

Back to Pooky's Backside:

So you could say it was only a matter of time before Pooky and me started to experiment with our buttholes. I leaned forward and licked Pooky's butthole. You might think it would taste bad but it was the exact opposite. It tasted good. I licked some more running my tongue around and around his hole. When I did it he started playing with his dickie, I pushed my tongue on his hole and little by little it opened up. I pushed all my spit on to the end of my tongue and pushed it into his hole. I felt like I had really accomplished something different for a change. You might think the next step was totally obvious, but not to us. In spite of being sexually free for our age, no one gave us actual instructions. I guess we're supposed to learn all this stuff on our own. I got up on my knees behind Pooky's behind and rubbed my stiff dickie all over his butt hole. Then I pushed. Pooky looked behind himself. I saw that he had a suspicious look on his face.

I said, "Don't worry Pooky, this is a scientific experiment."

He wasn't sure if he liked what I was doing but he put up with it. My dickie needed more spit so I pulled it out and spit into my hand and rubbed it all over my twitching boner.

When I pushed it back up his butthole I leaned forward to hold on to him and said, "You can do it to me if you want."

Still figuring out whether or not he liked what was happening to him, he nodded yes but lay still letting me have my way. Gradually, it became easier and easier. I adjusted his position so I could go as deep as possible and pushed harder and pulled his body up against me. In and out, in and out, faster and faster and in and out, in and out. I decided that I had found something special. It was completely unexpected when he disengaged himself and turned towards me.

He said, "Ok, Dusty, It's my turn, I want to try it!"

He had a snarl on his face. Uh oh, I had released the Miniboss. Pooky pushed me down on my back. It was the opposite from how I had approached him so I lifted my legs high and then pinned them back with my elbows. He started poking my butt with his boner.


I must have a hurt look on my face, "Pooky, You have to spit in it and use your finger first."

I was surprised when he held my butt in both hands raised me up and spit directly into my butthole. Then he pushed it in with his finger.
I said, "Put some on your dick too."

He didn't, instead, he climbed on me and pushed it into my mouth. After I covered it with spit then he repositioned himself back at my butthole and pushed. My mouth dropped open. I felt his boner going in and out of me.

I thought, "Is this what it is like to be on the other side of what I did to Pooky?"

It took Pooky no time at all to get up to my speed when I was doing it to him and it didn't look like he was going to stop anytime soon. My boner was so stiff and twitching up and down. Every time Pooky came forward, his belly was bumping on my balls and my whole bottom felt warmer and warmer. Something peculiar was beginning to happen. It was making me feel so good and I wrapped my arms around Pooky to keep him doing it. Then I realized that I was going to cum and I wasn't even touching my boner. It was happening all by itself. I held on to him so tight and wouldn't let go until I felt him cum too.

We lay there holding each other for the longest time. When we got up we both pretended that nothing at all had happened.

I tugged on Pooky's arm and we looked at each other, face to face.

I said, "Pooky, you can be the Miniboss forever."