Miles and the Little Egg

by Larkin

Fictional Story, sexual content, male/male/Copyright Larkin 2009

Miles and the Little Egg

"Boys, boys! Wendy is coming over so I want both of you to put some clothes and she's bringing Miles."

Miles was Wendy's kid. Pooky and I had never met him before so we didn't know what to expect. The door to our bedroom flew open.

"Dusty, Pooky, put some clothes on right now! I can't have you running around naked when company comes over, you know the rules."

Sitting on the floor, Pooky lifted his legs in the air and pulled on his underpants. I did the same. A tee shirt and underpants was as far as we were willing to go.

About an hour later, we heard a commotion downstairs and Pooky and I came out to see. Wendy was my mother's best friend and they hugged and started up with excited chatter.

Following her in the front door was a boy with neatly combed blond hair. He was wearing a white shirt and blue shorts. I guessed the he was a little older than Pooky and a little younger than me. This would have made him nine. He was very skinny and his bare knees seemed to knock together.

Mom called up to us. "Dusty, Pooky, this is Miles!"
Then she looked at Miles and said, "Go on upstairs and Play with the boys."

Mom and her friend took their act into the living room leaving a cautious and confused Miles standing there looking up at Pooky and me. Slowly he began to climb the stairs having no idea what he was in for.

Miles stood in the middle of our room looking at all our stuff. We exchanged basic information between us like age, what grades we were in and what some of our likes and dislikes were.
Miles seem to have very large blue eyes and he spoke in a funny high voice.

He said, "I have a Platinum Rising Rivals #110, and I also have Diamond and Pearl Stormfront Single. What good ones do you have?"

Pooky and I looked at each other and then back at Miles. Not being completely sure, I said, "Pokemon cards?"

He pulled out a small stack to show us. "Don't get them dirty because they are very rare."

We encouraged Miles to sit on the bed. Pooky quickly sat next to him and I quickly sat on the other side of an unsuspecting Miles.
Miles started to go on and on about his impressive collection. Neither one of us were interested but since he was a guest, we pretended.
Leave it to Pooky to pull down the front of his underpants exposing his boner and making it jump up and down. Caught off guard, Miles stopped in mid-sentence. Pooky just smiled at him and went even further by pulling it down and letting it spring back up. Boing, boing, boing, boing, boing.

"Hey, you're not supposed to be doing that. You're going to get into trouble."

He looked to me for support only to find me doing the same thing. Boing, boing, boing, boing, boing.

Even though Pooky was the youngest his voice was scratchy, rough and commanding. "You have to show us yours because you got to see ours!"

Miles suddenly realized he was in a situation. "I'm not showing my penis to anybody, that's private property!"

Pooky went on. "You have to, isn't that right Dusty?"

I quickly answered, "Yeah, Pooky is right."

Miles was looking tense. "I didn't ask to see your penis and I don't want to see it because doing that stuff is dirty."

I said, "It doesn't matter, you could have looked away but you didn't"

Pooky pulled off his tee shirt and underpants leaving him completely naked with a boner. Miles was stunned. Pooky, still sitting up next to Miles spread his legs and started playing with himself.

Pooky laughed, "I saw you, you looked!"

I took off my clothes too, leaving Miles stuck between two naked boys.

Miles jumped up and then said, "I think I better go downstairs.

Pooky and I realized that our plan wasn't working very well.
I said, "Don't go, we'll get dressed and be good, we promise."

Pooky reluctantly pulled his up his underpants hiding his vertically stiff boner.

He said, "Yeah, you don't have show us your dick even though we want to look at it and you saw ours. "

He did his best to make Miles feel guilty. We got back on the bed but this time we gave Miles a little space between us.

Now Miles talking about school! It was all boring us to death. Pooky and I had our hands down our underpants slowly jerking off.

Pooky exposed himself like before and looking at his boner, said, "You could touch it if you want."

This time Miles didn't say anything. He just sat there watching Pooky's boner move up and down.

"Come on, I want you to touch it."

Pooky turned on his side facing Miles and moved closer. "Come on, touch it."

I could see that Miles was considering it but was still unsure.
I said, "It's okay, you could touch it."

I reached across Miles and pulled up and down on Pooky's penis. Pooky giggled. I was showing Miles how it's done to encourage him. I sat back and started doing it to myself. Miles cautiously reached out and touched Pooky's penis. Pooky giggled again, pulled off his underpants again and moved closer to Miles.

He got up on his knees next to Miles and announced, "Okay, it's our turn."

Miles looked up at Pooky. He had a worried look on his face but when Pooky leaned forward and stuck his hand down his pants, Miles didn't do anything.

Pooky looked over at me and said, "It's still little."

It became obvious to us that Miles didn't know that boner and fun go together.

Pooky looked at Miles and said, "Don't you ever give yourself a boner?"
Miles sat there with a confused look on his face. Pooky slid his blue shorts down and then pulled his underpants out of the way. Now Miles not only looked confused, he looked embarrassed. His penis was even smaller than Pooky's.

Not to be discouraged, Pooky pulled up and down on it. All's we were trying to do was to share our fun but nothing seem to be happening. Maybe he was nervous?

I said, "I have an idea."

Pooky was not going to give up and I got up close to Miles and whispered in his ear, " Close your eyes and think about the most rarest, valuable Pokemon card ever and imagine that you just found it."

Almost instantly Miles boner stuck straight up. Now he had a surprised smile on his face. Pooky and I took turns playing with his boner. He seemed to take to it right away. We took off his pants and white underpants and he spread his legs and let us do what we wanted. I put his dick in my mouth and licked his balls. Miles was much cuter when he was smiling than when he was all serious. Pooky was trying to stick his finger up Miles's butt.

He said, "Don't do that, it's dirty."

Pooky said, "Yeah, we know but we don't care, do we Dusty?"

I said, Yeah, we don't care."

Miles rose out of his trance and said, "What are you doing? What's that thing?"

Pooky dangled the vibrating egg by it wire and said, "Oh, it nothing."

The wire led back the pink battery pack that he held in his other hand.
He spit a big gob on the egg and rubbed it all over then went back to trying to push the egg back up Miles's butt hole. Miles gave out a an almost musical cry. and the plastic egg disappeared up his butt leaving only the wire trailing out as evidence.

Miles opened his eyes again and said, "I think I have to go to the bathroom."

Pooky quickly answered, "No you don't."

He then pushed the on switch of the vibrating egg. I kept jerking him off going faster and faster. Miles's mouth was open wide and he was making all sorts of funny noises. I knew we were getting somewhere when his whole body started moving up and down. It was like a cool music video and we were all in it.

Suddenly Miles pushed my hand away from his boner and then said, "Oh no!"

Pooky and I watch Miles moving up and down and his penis stand and drop and stand again. We knew he was cuming and probably for the first time. I guess the first time it last longer because we just sat there waiting.

After laying there, breathing hard he finally looked up and said, "Take it out."

We guessed he meant the egg. I pulled on the wire and it snapped. The wire came out without the egg attached.

Pooky looked angrily at me and said, "You broke it!"

Miles said, "Take it out!"

I showed him the wire.

He said, "You have to get it out!"

Pooky and I lifted both his legs up and each pushed a leg back and encouraged Miles to push. He grunted. The egg popped out of his butt hole and noisily rolled across the floor.

Pooky looked at me again and said, "You broke it!"

Miles stood up and was trying to step into his underpants and pull them up. He looked dizzy and still confused. I took his blue shorts and held them so he could step into them. We dusted him off and hugged him so he wouldn't feel bad.

His Mother called from downstairs, "Miles, time to go, come on!"

Before leaving our room he turned and looked at us but didn't say anything and then left.

I lifted up my legs and showed Pooky my butt hole and said, "It's your turn."

A Few Days Later

Pooky's ladybug cell phone rang.

He answered, "Hello?"

The voice said, "Is that you Pooky?"

He said, "Yeah."

"This is Miles, remember me?"

"Hi Miles, Dusty is here too."

Even though I wasn't on the phone I recognized Miles's high voice.
Miles said, "Could you do me a favor? Would you ask your Mom and I'll ask my Mom if I could stay over this weekend? I think she'll let me if it okay with your Mom."

Pooky said, "Okay. Anyway, I know she'll say yes."

"Can I ask a question? Where would I sleep cause you only have two beds."

"Well Dusty and I always sleep in the same bed together."

There was a pause and then Miles said, "So I'll like sleep in the other bed?"

I was already excited at having Miles come to stay overnight.

Pooky said, "No, you'll sleep in the bed with Dusty and me because sometimes I pee the bed in the middle of the night."

There was silence on the line until Miles said, "Then what happens?"

Pooky said, "We all get up and get into the other bed. It like a spare."

Miles said, "Doesn't it get your pajamas all wet?"

Now Pooky was silent.

He gave me a strange look at me and then said into the phone, " We don't wear pajamas, we like to be naked because we play with each other."

Miles said, "I just asked my Mom. She said it's okay so I'll be over on Friday after school, good-bye."

Pooky looked at me and said, "You broke my egg."