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Everything you read below is fiction, except for the parts that are completely true.  None of the characters are real, except for those that are real.

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The Moment - 1

            Have you ever experienced one of those defining moments in life?  You know what I mean, one that changes the way you look at yourself, and the way you look at life?

            Well, I had one of those moments just a few days ago.  Let me tell you about it,

            We played a hard game.  We always did.  Soccer was my game.  I had tried several other games.  Football, baseball, track, even wrestling, none of them held my interest for very long.  Soccer however, now that held my interest, and had for years.

            Sharks is the name of our team.  I had been on the sharks for two years now and only this year had we finally gotten good enough to be a real contender for the championship.  I was one of the oldest on the team; this would be my last year.  Next year I would try out for the sophomore team at school.

            Anyway, we played a hard game, finally winning when Matt scored the winning goal about 35 seconds before the end of the game.  This win put us into the playoffs and we celebrated like a normal bunch of 13-15 year olds, we went for pizza!

            When the pizza party was over I had 4 of my friends over for the night.  This is something that we did from time to time.  We usually played Gamecube or Nintendo, or watched a movie.  The den usually looked like a tornado hit, with clothes, games, sleeping bags, and bodies everywhere.

            Tonight was going to be no exception.  The 5 of use arrived at my house around 4pm, full of food, but still hot and sweaty.  Luckily, I had a cure for this.  A pool! 

            We all flung ourselves down the basement stairs into the den.  Immediately clothing began to be discarded, shirts and socks quickly being flung throughout the room as we prepared for a dip in the pool.

            Things were crazy in my life.  I am 15 years old and very confused things.  This was a perfect example of my confusion.  The other four were laughing and talking about girls.  Ones they likes, ones they had gone out with, and ones they wanted to go out with.  I talked along with them but I certainly didn't share their desires.  While they were talking I was busy trying my best to NOT look around me.  I failed.

            Josh was my best friend, had been for at least 10 years.  I can't remember a time when I didn't know him.  I watched him strip down to get into a swimsuit.  Josh is 15, like me.  Unlike me he is dark headed and tall.  Standing at 6'1 at 15 was often a burden to him.  Combine that with a lanky 175 pounds you have a tall lanky, nicely defined body.  His real defining features though were his hair and eyes.  He has jet black, slightly wavy hair, right now cut in the current fade style.  His eyes were the most startling color of blue that I had ever encountered.  His facial features are masculine yet nicely defined.  I think that he could easily get a job as a model. 

            The problem was that I LIKED looking at him, and Matt, and Jack, and his brother (twin) Jason, and this bothered me.  Not only did I like looking, but I wanted to touch as well.

            So, as they undressed I couldn't help but watch them, my eyes swiftly moving back and forth to take in as much of what I could see as possible.  None of us were in the least bit modest about or bodies and this wasn't the first time I had seen all of them naked at one time or another.  But things seemed to change fast.  Me Matt and Josh were all 15, Jason and Jack were both 14.  Seems like every week there was something new to look at.          

            My eyes paused for a bit longer than they should have on Jason.  When I looked up to see if I had been discovered Jason was looking directly at me.  I think I blushed; he had an odd look on his face.  Like someone had told him something he was confused about.  I quickly looked away, embarrassed I had been caught.

            Even though I was staring at the ground I could still see him in my minds eye.  Jason stood at about 5'5" and weighed about 120 pounds.  His legs were very nicely muscled from playing soccer.  His blonde hair and chocolate brown eyes looked good on him.  Standing only several feet away I could see his modest growth of blonde pubic hair, in contrast to my own blonde hair and brown pubic hair.  Of course the thing I found most engrossing was the fact that he was uncut and his brother was.  There's a story behind this but it's really not all that interesting.

            As I pulled up my suit I looked up at Jason.  He was looking at my crotch.  Something that I'd never seen him do. He glanced up at me and had a thoughtful look on his face, but he didn't seem embarrassed about being caught at all.

            Running up the stairs that emptied into the backyard everyone jumped into the pool.  Horseplay ensued for a long while.  Around dusk I was at the edge of the pool watching the colors of the sunset with the noise of my friends behind me.  I felt the water ripple beside me but I didn't bother to turn to see who it was.

            "It's pretty isn't it?"

            A startling statement really, guys don't usually don't say things like that.  I turned and looked at Jason, he was looking at me closely.  Closely enough that I felt a little weirded out by it.

            "Umm, yeah."  Ok, ok, not the most charming of replies I admit.

            We both leaned against the side of the pool, the water up to our shoulders, our feet swaying in the water beneath us.  We just talked.  I can't remember what we talked about, nothing earth shattering obviously.  I do remember thinking how odd it was that we were having this conversation though.  We were friends, but only of a sorts.  I don't think I'd ever really talked to him about anything before. 

            Eventually though someone called to him.

            "I'll be right back.  Don't go anywhere." He said.

            I stayed there, thinking about the fact that we were having a conversation.  I was also thinking about how attractive he was and how much it bothered me that I felt this way at all.  I never realized though how smart and thoughtful he was before.  I think I had been guilty of thinking him just a typical jock.

            While we were talking the sun had set and the backyard and pool were dark.  No one had bothered to turn on the pool light, and since no one seemed to mind I didn't bother either.

            From behind a pair of arms wrapped around my chest.  I grabbed the side of the pool so whoever it was couldn't pull me under.  I struggled slightly.  Whoever it was was tightly wrapped around me causing our bodies to come together.  I was very uncomfortable with how good it felt, to feel the arms around me, the body pressed to mine.

            Suddenly my captors' crotch came into contact with my butt.  I felt his dick, and it was most definitely hard!  I didn't know what to think or what to do.  I struggled more but was waging an internal war over how comfortable it felt.

            A voice whispered in my ear softly, "I told you I'd be right back."

            I sighed audibly, not meaning for it to be heard.

            He released his grip and pushed gently away from me.  When he did I felt what could have only been his hard dick dig into my ass cheeks.  Without intending to I pushed back to prolong the contact.

            He was again leaning against the pool wall beside me.  I could feel the warmth of his body he was so close.  I didn't dare look at him after what had just happened.  I was scared that he would laugh at me and tell the others what had happened.

            In the silence between us I felt his leg brush mine, and then his hip bumped my own.  I didn't attempt to move away or towards him.  The feelings inside me were at the boiling point.  I didn't understand what I was feeling or really what I wanted.

            We were leaning on the edge of the pool with our chins resting on our crossed arms when I felt his arm touch mine.  It didn't move away, I liked it.  Suddenly something brushed the tips of my fingers lightly.  That touch sent shivers down my spine.  I hadn't ever encountered anything like that.  The pressure on my fingers grew more.  I turned my head slowly and looked down at my hand.  His fingers were touching mine.  They moved further up my hand and one two fingers wrapped around my hand. 

            Jason was now holding my hand.  I was scared to death.  I raised my eyes.  In the reflection of the porch light I could see him looking at me.  I hadn't ever seen him scared before.  I was confused, I was nervous, and I was happy, all at the same time, and I couldn't explain it. I smiled at him.  He smiled back.  I moved my hand just enough that there was now no question that we were holding hands!  We both resumed looking straight ahead.  We remained that way for what seemed like years, but were only minutes, holding hands, our legs and hips touching beneath the dark water of the pool and our hearts beating ninety miles an hour.

            All too soon the moment passed as we were interrupted.  We parted as the group got out of the water and toweled off. 

            Neither Jason nor I could keep our eyes off one another while we were drying off. 

            By this time my mom had brought all the eats out and set the patio table.  We all grabbed a plate and sat down to eat.  Jason ended up on my right. 

            Five teenage guys sitting around a patio table eating grilled cheese sandwiches and drinking coke, the noise was loud and the crude jokes were in abundance.  I guess my mom had quit trying ages ago to censor our speech.  Too many of us, against one of her!

            I laughed and joked with them but was watching them all.  Each, shirtless, and oddly shadowed in the porch lit darkness.  Each one was an example of teen innocence and beauty.  When I realized that I had been staring at Jason too intensely I looked up and I caught my mother's eye.  She had been watching me!  She had that mom look on her face.  The one that says, `I know you're up to something I'm just not sure what."

            Thirty minutes later we all fled back down the basement stairs into the den.  The air was cool but not cold, since our suits had mostly dried, no one bothered to change or put on a shirt.

            For the next several hours we rotated between the two TV's with game machines, each playing someone different, and the pool table.  The stereo was on loudly and we were all just having a good time.

            Finally everyone agreed to play cards.  Cards were something that we did every now and again.  None of us were very good so were never really bet money.  Mostly playing cards was a time that we all just talked about serious things.  Everything that someone admitted to was always said as a joke but we seemed to have an unspoken rule no lies during cards.  So far I was aware of no violations!!

            Around midnight Matt suddenly suggested that we watch a video he had brought.  Everyone tried to get him to tell what it was but he just insisted that we would have to watch it. 

            We all agreed, finally, to watch it, but decided to set up for bed first.  Doing this required much laughing and joking.  Finally all the sleeping bags were spread out, the lights were off and the tape was in.  Jason had ended up by me tonight.  For some reason that excited me.

            Matt pressed play on the remote and we all laid there in the darkness waiting.  Very quickly it was obvious that we were watching a porno!!  A guy was on the screen pounding away on this large busted blonde girl.  I had never seen a porno before; indeed I'm not sure any of us, except obviously Matt, ever had.