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Everything you read below is fiction, except for the parts that are completely true.  None of the characters are real, except for those that are real.

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The Moment - 2


            I was shocked at how deadly silent it was for the first five minutes.  I looked around and the others were staring intently at the screen, attempting to absorb every action they saw!  When I turned to Jason, he wasn't watching the screen though, he was watching me.  In the darkness I could see a slight smile form on his face.  I returned it.

            Within minutes the tension in the room had risen.  Everyone was trying, in vain, to hide erections.  Most were attempting to rub themselves without being to obvious.  They were obvious.

            Matt suddenly paused the tape, "I have four videos like this."

            Immediately the guys are asking to have one.  Talking all over each other.

            But with five of us and only four videos that left us with a problem.  Someone would have to lose out.

            "I have an idea." Josh said.

            I turned to look at him, as we all did.  He looked at me.

            "Go get a piece of bread."  I guess he could see how confused I was at this request.

            "Just do it!  And hurry!"

            I didn't understand why he wanted a piece of bread but I dashed up stairs after one, my boner tenting my suit obscenely.

            I was back in a flash.  "Here," I said as I tossed him a baggie.  "We must have eaten all the bread.  Will these do?"

            Josh opened the baggie and pulled out a biscuit from this morning's breakfast.  He smiled.  "Perfect."

            As Josh outlined the plan I was shocked, and so were the others.  I was also kind of excited by the prospect as well.

            The plan was we were to all stand around this biscuit that he placed on a coffee table, and masturbate.  The first four would get a video.  The loser would have to EAT the biscuit!

            Can you imagine the groans from everyone!  Well, we moaned and groaned about it but finally everyone agreed.  Josh flicked on a floor lamp. 

            "So we can see the biscuit." He said.

            He started the tape gain then positioned himself so he could see it.  He dropped his suit to the ground around his feet.  He was sporting wood and I couldn't help but look at it as I stood almost opposite him with my back to the TV.

            Matt was 15 like me.  He was a decent looking guy I guess.  Not hard on the eyes but not exceptional though.  He stood about 5'10" and weighed in at a muscular 190 pounds.  You could see the definition in his legs and chest.  He had hair so black it bordered on blue.  He sported a healthy happy trail that led to a very bushy pubic mound, also almost blue.  His hard cock was a sight though.  Easily the largest of us all in that department at what I guessed to be six and a half inches.

            As the other got into position and dropped their shorts I eyed them all.   Josh I had seen a million times naked, but never with a woody.  He was cut and looked about my size, around six inches.  Jason took up next to Matt.  Maybe so we could watch each other?  I mean that's certainly what I wanted to do.  Jack was next to me, and he was a carbon copy of his brother except for a small scar below his right eye, and his circumcised dick.

            I looked down at the biscuit lying on the table.  I could not BELIEVE I was going to do this!

            Everyone was probably as painfully erect as I was.  Matt said get ready, and we all grabbed our hard cocks.  When he said go everyone started pumping their meat like their life depended on it!

            I pumped mine, up and down, damn it felt good.  I looked at Jason; he was staring at my dick.  As I glanced around the room the others were either focused on the TV behind me or had their eyes closed.

            Only 45 seconds or so had gone by and already Josh was moaning.  "SHIT!" he said and his eyes opened and he began to cum.  I had never seen another guy cum before.  It was fascinating actually.  Josh's first spurt flew across the table and hit Jason square on the dick!  Jason just used it for lube.  The next few spurts Josh mad a point of hitting the biscuit, though plenty missed as well.

            Josh collapsed onto his bag, continuing to gently milk his still hard dick.  Jack was not far behind.  He began to moan and groan.

            I looked at Jason, our eyes met and some form of communication happened between us. 

            I looked back at Jack just as he began to shoot.  He was obviously not a distance shooter, but he made up for it in quantity as he soaked the biscuit on the table.

            That left Matt, Jason, and me.  Matt was pumping furiously.  I had to keep myself from giggling; I couldn't help but think he would hurt himself if he wasn't careful!

            With no warning Matt let loose a volley of cum that hit me in the leg!  That really excited me.  I reached down and scooped it up and used it as lube on my own cock.

            I looked at Jason, he was watching me.  I nodded just barely and he nodded as well.  We both sped up.  I was working hard to not cum yet.  I was waiting.  Finally, Jason looked at me with a wild look and nodded.  I let go.

            We both shot at exactly the same moment.  It was awesome.  It was like I could feel what he was feeling.  We both pushed our cock down and aimed for the biscuit.

            When I had calmed down enough to rejoin reality the first thing I saw was the cum covered biscuit sitting in the middle of the table.  I looked at Jason.  Ever so slightly he licked his lips.  I smiled.  The others were standing close, still with hands absently fondling their cocks, and talking.  Suddenly Matt turned to us both.

            "Since you tied, you BOTH have to eat it."  I've never seen him grin so much!

            Jason and I made all the appropriate noises about not wanting to and it not being fair, but both of us knew we wanted to do it. 

            Finally we `reluctantly' gave in.  I bent down and grabbed the soggy biscuit.  My fingers were quickly covered in these boys' juices.

            I held it up for Jason to take a bit of.

            "No," Josh said.  "At the same time"

            I thought about how we could do this.  I bent over and grabbed a pen from the coffee table and stuck it into the biscuit.  I held it up like a corn dog.  We faced each other.  The other three were watching intently.

            Both Jason and I leaned in.  We paused right before our lips would touch the biscuit.  He winked at me, I smiled.

            We both opened our mouth wide and together we bit into the biscuit.  Thankfully I yanked the pen out just in time or we might have eaten ink as well!

            Out lips brushed as we both bit down.  I could faintly hear the other three groaning loudly and exclaiming our grossness.  I didn't care.  I chewed the biscuit and tasted cum for the first time, and from my best friends!  Again I looked at Jason; he seemed to be enjoying it as much as I was!

            We swallowed at the same time.

            For the next 15 minutes I listen to how disgusting that was from the other three.  Jason and I just played it off as a bet we lost and we had to pay up.

            As the noise died down everyone returned to watching the still playing porno.  No one had bothered to get dressed.  In the dim light of the TV I could see that Josh seemed to have fallen asleep, dick in hand, Matt and Jack were jacking off again.

            Jason and I were so close that our legs were touching.  I was looking at the TV but wasn't really watching.  I was thinking about what I had just done and what it meant.

            Was I gay?  I liked Jason more than a little, I loved looking at him.  I enjoyed eating the biscuit.  I enjoyed Jason's suit clad dick pressing into my butt crack.

            Suddenly Jason's hand grabbed mine.  Suddenly I noticed that the TV was off.  Someone had turned on the stereo and it was playing softly, just loud enough to mask Matt's quiet snores.

            Jason turned on his side towards me.  His other hand began to explore my chest.  I was nervous, but when his hand caressed my semi-erect cock it sprang to full life.

            I moved my hand and touched is warm velvety hard dick.  We laid there for a time.  His head on my shoulder, his chlorine smelling hair in my nose, rubbing each other until his movements slowed and finally stopped.  He had fallen asleep.  It felt so right.

            Sometime later I woke up suddenly.  We were in a spoon position with his cock nestled in my crack.  It felt so sexy.  I began to move against his dick.  I could feel it begin to harden.  By the time he woke up his dick was slick with precum.  He reached around me and took my tool in his hand.  He timed his hand strokes with his thrusts.

            Neither one of us were totally prepared for these new feelings.  I couldn't hold out any longer and began to shoot.  I was very difficult to stay quiet.  I could feel his cum spurting across my back and in my crack. I pushed back against him, not even knowing what I really wanted.

            Some time later I woke up, our position unchanged.  I could see the beginning of the sun through the window in the outside door.  As much as I wanted to stay this way forever I knew that we couldn't be found in this position.

            I squeezed Jason's arm.

            "I really like you" he whispered.  Obviously he had already been awake.

            He pulled away and I turned onto my back.

            "I like you a lot to Jason." I whispered back.

            He giggled quietly, "Your breath smells like cum!"

            I smiled, "Yeah, I can't begin to imagine why."

            I propped myself on one elbow and surveyed the room.  The others were sprawled on their bags, all still naked.  Josh with his hand still on his dick!

            I looked over at Jason.  He was staring at me intently.  His lips were glistening, and they looked to inviting.

            I leaned in and took the first kiss of my entire life.  It didn't last for long, and I was scared as well.

            We lay there just holding hand for a while.  Soon I heard Jason breathing regularly.  I gently pulled my hand away.

            Hours later I woke up, it was morning now.  I heard an odd noise so I turned slowly towards it.  Josh as jacking off again.  I just watched.  When he shot it coated his stomach.  He scooped up glob and seemed to tentatively taste it.

            I closed my eyes and pretended I was asleep.

            Well, that was my defining moment.  Jason and I talk a lot, but not about that.  We kiss and rub each other when we get the chance.  He is spending the night tonight!